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September 30, 2003

2003 September

Minutes of Meeting held
16 Sep 03, 7:00 pm
at the United Church Hall

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Executive:President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Maureen Lollar; Secretary – Elise Huffman; Directors - Cindy Day
Members:Judy and Rudi Meier, Rod McDonald, Liz Crothers, Pat Sandford, Sandra McCready, Chris Angenent, Sharon Kane, Norma O’Shea, Margaret Knott, Brian MacDonald, Renie Marshall, Jarda Zborovsky, Carol Doyle

Guests: Theresa Greenwood, Violette Malan

Call to Order: Jim opened the meeting at 7:10 pm

1. President’s remarks
Jim welcomed guests, noted no additions to the minutes and indicated he would present the financial report on behalf of the treasurer who could not make the meeting.

2. Minutes
The minutes had not been completed and mailed out in time for everyone to read before the meeting, apologies from the secretary. It was decided that a copy would be circulated and proofed during the meeting and would then be revisited for approval later in the meeting.
Secretarial note: Once the winning raffle ticket had been drawn, we forgot to return to the minutes, therefore at the Oct meeting, both sets of minutes will need to be approved.

3. Treasurers report
Jim reported that there was approximately $12,000.00 in the account with $4.000.00 in receivables. In assessing the budget, it was determined that the association has to date, under-spent! The bike signage committee was still under budget, however they were still waiting for some outstanding bills. As well, some events had made more money than forecasted, like the Road Race that raised $2000.00 more than estimated. The Cape Vincent Appreciation BBQ was one non-forecasted event that did increase expenditures. In general, the Association is on track to have a surplus in its annual budget. It was therefore suggested that it may be timely to resurrect the park projects that had been deferred.

Violette and Theresa presented both a written and oral report on this year’s Scene of the Crime. Several new events had been added to the day’s activities which included a reception, luncheon, workshop, panel discussion and lecture. They felt that the goals of the event, which included raising awareness of the cultural and historical importance of the birthplace of Grant Allan and benefiting the community by bringing visitors to the Island in a friendly environment and provide them with a new experience, had all been successfully achieved this year. Theresa indicated that there had been overwhelmingly positive feedback from not only the participants but authors. Now the committee is receiving requests from authors to be included in next year’s event! Violette will be publishing a newsletter later in November which will report on this year’s crime festival and my include ideas for next year. Maureen will produce an financial report for the treasurer for next meeting. Jim expressed the Association’s appreciation for all the hard work done by a very dedicated committee.

5. Website
The committee had not met since July and the new site was still not out of the testing stage. Jim agreed that a concerted effort was needed to get things moving in the right direction. The committee would meet again and a more detailed progress report would be given at the next meeting.

6. Cape Vincent Appreciation BBQ
Jarda reported that the 1st annual BBQ had been very successful with a bright sunny day welcoming about 120 people from the Island and Kingston and 20 from the USA. The buffalo, pork and turkey were a hit as were the old classic cars on display. Thanks to Tom Wroe, the US Coast Guard Fireboat (built by Metalcraft Marine) arrived offshore and presented a wonderful display of its abilities and then offered adventurous guests a free ride! A financial report would be given to Linda when all the bills were finalized and would be included in the treasurer’s report for the next meeting. Special guests attending in person or through representatives included US Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine, Senator Charles Shumer, Congressman John McHugh, MP Peter Milliken, MPP John Gerretsen, Mayor of Frontenac Islands Jim Vanden Hoek, Deputy Mayors of Cape Vincent and Kingston, Tim Maloney and George Beavis, PC candidate Hans Westenberg and many trustees from the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce. Jim thanked Jarda, Walter and Elise for their work on a very successful event.

7. Fundraising
The committee had mailed out a small flyer to all residents and had copies inserted into grocery bags at the stores to help explain the various fundraising events.
(1) Vesey fall bulb order forms are available from committee members as well as located in Fargo’s and Mosier’s stores.

(2) A fall booksale will be held at the old Firehall on the October Thanksgiving weekend. Notices had been posted to inform everyone about the sale date as well as how to donate books for the sale. The books will be sorted at The Factory but can be dropped off at the Tourist Information Office too.

(3) Norma O’Shea has researched and produced a calendar on the different ferries that have serviced the Island. Discussion: It was decided that the calendar would be a black & white historical presentation versus a coloured one. The first run of 200-300 calendars should be ready by mid October with a second issue available in weeks time. The cost to produce is $14.00 and the sale price will be set at $20-25.00. Norma has accumulated enough material to produce another calendar with different photos. A notice will be posted so USA visitors are made aware of the sale and it will be advertised on the website when it is made current.

Motion: Brian MacDonald moved that up to $3500.00 be allocated to the fundraising committee for the production of an historical ferry calendar. Seconded by Margaret Knott. Carried.

(4) The Eagle Raffle had finished and the winning ticket was drawn at the end of the meeting by Muriel Harper. Tom Dickie and Sue Barker of Ottawa were the winners. They also resides on Wolfe Island during the summer so the Eagle will not be flying too far! The project raised approximately $2200.00 but a final accounting will be presented at the next meeting. A special thanks to all the volunteers of the Information Centre, the village merchants and Pat Sandford and family for all their hard work at selling the tickets.

Cindy reported that regretfully the cruise for July could not be organized due to a conflict in the dates. It has been deferred to next year. The committee would be meeting again to discuss new ideas to raise funds for this year’s budget goal and welcomes input.

8. Information Centre
Sharon reported that in general the number of visitors was down from last year. The Centre will remain open until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. A more detailed report will be made at the next meeting once the Centre had been closed for the year. The volunteer supper will be held this year and it was tentatively scheduled for the weekend before Halloween. Sharon and Maureen offered to organize an appetizer/dessert/coffee event. Chris will take the screen door in for repairs, check on what is causing the water leak in the ceiling and complete the necessary maintenance on the building before closing it for the winter.

Maureen raised a concern about the information being provided at the Centre on Big Sandy Bay. She felt it would be helpful to post a sign stating there was no public access to the beach. Jim noted that Chris Mattson was the Township representative and he would be attending the next meeting and could provide additional information on the situation

9. Photo Contest
Don Sleeth and Jack Chaing would be judging the 188 photos submitted by 50 contestants. The presentations would be made at the Township Community Hall on 18 Oct 03.

10. Signs
Liz reported that Tom had to order more bicycle signs in order to finish the red route. This would be done this fall. Again the feedback on the signs has been extremely positive. The signs for the cemeteries and playground would be dealt with in the near future.

11. Bicycle maps
Approximately $450.00 has been raised in the sale of the bicycle route maps. It was noted that all travelers were being encouraged to purchase the maps, not just cyclists.

12. New Business
(l) Nomination Committee: Linda VanHal required an additional person to help on the Nominating Committee. The election would be held at the annual general meeting in November. Brian MacDonald volunteered to assist Linda.

(2) Mini-Parks: It was felt that there was enough money in the budget to proceed with the development of at least one of the mini-parks. It has been noted that fundraising is difficult without a visible focal point an a park would suit that need. There is also a possibility that council will be providing money to hire a student next summer to maintain park areas and maybe assist Ken in his projects. The two sites originally researched were at Pyke’s corner and the Dawson Point triangle.
Discussion: A committee should be established to produce a master plan for the parks. More information was needed to establish a clear aim or vision for these parks. The committee needs to consider other sources of money available for these type of parks. According to OSTAR, the association has committed to 5 parks in all, however we only need to go forward on one this fall and use this success as the model for future parks. It was also noted that with the closure of Hi-Lo Hickory Campgrounds this fall, these parks must be protected from overnight usage. These parks could also provide people with a means of leaving their legacy to the Island by donating structures or memorial plaques or naming the parks.

Motion: Liz Crothers moved that a committee be established to formulate a plan to develop an Island mini-park. Seconded by Chris Angenent. Carried.

Jim would speak with Walter and Steve to see if they would be interested in participating on this committee. Rudy Meier, Cindy Day, Pat Sanford and Elise Huffman volunteered as committee members.

(3) Transportation Issues: The water levels were dropping and once again causing some concern. Jim agreed to write a letter to MTO requesting information on the results of their spring depth sounding of the bay. He would also invite a representative to make a presentation at the next meeting.

(4) Miscellaneous: A question arose about the Association sponsoring an all candidates meeting. It was decided that WIBTA would not be the group to organize this event.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.