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October 30, 2003

2003 October and AGM

Minutes of Meeting held
21 Oct 03, 7:00 pm
at the United Church Hall

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Executive: President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Maureen Lollar; Secretary – Elise Huffman; Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Directors - Cindy Day, Tom Wroe
Members: Rudi Meier, Rod McDonald, Liz Crothers, Pat Sanford, Sandra McCready, Chris Angenent, Sharon Kane, Margaret Knott, Brian MacDonald, Jarda Zborovsky, Linda Van Hal, Frank Balint, Steve McIntosh, Keith Walton, Danny Mosier, David Colburn, Kerryn Graham (and Scarlet), Cathie Harroun, Roly Jansen, Diane Kerbel.
Guest: Chris Mattson, Frontenac Islands Council representative

Call to Order: Jim opened the meeting at 7:11 pm

1. President’s Remarks
Jim welcomed Chris Mattson to his first meeting of WIBTA.

He reviewed his letter to the members regarding the decision to run for Council while remaining the President of the Association, reaffirming his commitment to the membership and the ongoing projects. Discussion ensued regarding conflict of interest and forging a stronger relationship with the Council. Jim noted that the results of the municipal election will determine whether or not further discussion will be required. The November Annual General Meeting will be the forum for the membership to discuss and elect their new executive.

2. Agenda
Under New Business, Cindy Day requested time to discuss the Land of Lakes Communication Network. The Website Steering Committee report was placed first in order for David Colburn to make a presentation.

3. Minutes
Minutes from the 15 July and 16 September 2003 were reviewed. David Colburn moved to accept both sets of minutes, seconded by Liz Crothers. Carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report
As of the date of this meeting, the bank balance was $9099.49. Total payments outstanding equalled $1,800.00. Total revenue outstanding was $3329.71, which included the $1000.00 Township grant, $1200.00 HRDC final payment for summer student employment and $1129.71 from OSTAR matching payments for 30 June milestone.

Linda reported that after expenses the Scene of the Crime events had made a profit of $356.05.

Secretarial note: A complete breakdown of revenues and expenses is available upon request.

5. Agenda (a) Website Steering Committee
Jim reported that the committee had met twice in the last month and provided David with lots of material which he was converting to the new website format. In general things were progressing very well.

David Colburn demonstrated several pages from the new site and explained how they differed and how they would continue to develop in the future. The Heritage newspaper has given us permission to reproduce Margaret Knott’s column which is entitled “Island News.” Not only will the most current stories covering a 2-week period of time be on the main site, but past issues will be archived and accessible to readers. David and Margaret are working on inputting all of the news coverage from past years.

The minutes from the Associations monthly meetings will soon be made available on the site. Other community groups will be able to update their information directly, once they have received a tutorial and secure password from the committee. David assured the members that a secure method of protecting passwords and access to our site is in place. The new updated version of the website will be up and running by 23 Oct 03. David noted that the main page would remain the same, but each item on the main page would be linked to another page that could easily be changed in order to regularly update information.

The question about selling items through our website was raised, however this had not yet been directly addressed by the Steering Committee. It would be discussed at their next meeting but providing a contact name or number when promoting items that were being sold, ie the calendar, could be done.

All members are encouraged to view the new site and direct their comments, complaints and compliments to the Steering Committee.

5. (b) Fundraising Committee
Cindy Day commended the membership at large and the Committee members in particular for all the work done to raise funds over the past 8 months! Total funds raised to date, less $607.00 in expenses, is $8766.25. Looking to next year’s efforts, Cindy provided a summary of the OSTAR commitments and suggested that it would be easier to raise the necessary funds if there was a visual/tangible project. Discussion included how to group various OSTAR projects together and holding larger events to raise funds for multiple projects and focus the fundraising on the development of mini-parks. Steve McIntosh reminded members that the Community Centre Board and Council were responsible for the community park while the Association’s mandate was to increase/improve environmentally friendly tourism opportunities so there was no conflict regarding fundraising initiatives for the new parks. Jim also noted that the municipality, province and Association had signed as partners committed to proceed with the projects outlined in the OSTAR agreement and that the development of the parks was a part of that agreement. He also noted that at the Annual General meeting, the milestones would be reviewed to determine what projects were still considered pertinent and those that required adjusting. As well, the need to continue fundraising for next year and the development of the mini-parks would need further discussion.

The calendar project was discussed and it was decided that Cindy was to confirm with Norma and Camera Kingston, that if they were not completed and available for sale by 15 Nov 03, then the project would be deferred until next year. As well, the committee was to proof the product before final agreement to print.

There was some discussion on how the presentation of the Eagle to the winners could have been improved. Several members were under the impression that the sculpture should have been mounted when presented however it was clarified that the raffle was for the Eagle itself and the shipping costs if necessary.

Secretarial note: Subsequent to the meeting, the winners e-mailed a photo of the mounted Eagle.

5. c) Photo Contest
Maureen reported that 55 people had submitted a total of 175 photos. The winning photos were ready to be uploaded onto the website. The judges Don Sleeth and Jack Chaing along with John Mulikow who provided the sound system for the presentation had all be given gifts in appreciation for their time.
Diane Kerbel requested access to the pictures in order to select some for the creation of postcards. Elise asked whether or not large posters of the winning photos would again be produced for the Information Centre. Maureen indicated that this should be discussed at the next meeting to determine if this practice should continue and where the previous year’s posters should be stored.

5. (d) Tourist Information Centre
Sharon noted that the Information Centre had received 9,392 visitors during its season from mid-June to mid-Oct of this year. The monthly breakdown was as follows: May 545, June 1320, July 3064, August 3508, September 798 and October 157. The numbers were slightly lower than last year.

During this season, Chris had installed a new screen door, microwave and water cooler. Donna was diligent in keeping the kiosk cleaned each week and her work was greatly appreciated. Two summer students were hired to assist the volunteers and work on special projects. They also helped with the Classic Road Race and Scene of the Crime events. Once again the volunteers provided a wealth of information about the Island along with new brochures and map to all who visited.

A dinner for the volunteers had been arranged for Wednesday 29 Oct 03 at 6:30 pm at the United Church Hall. Diane Hawkins agreed to cater the event and Sharon asked for funding. The executive of the Association was invited.

Motion: Margaret Knott moved that the Association expend $300 for the volunteer luncheon. Seconded by Brian MacDonald. Carried.

5. (e) Signage
Nothing to report at this time.

5. (f) Parks Committee
Steve noted that the committee had met and submitted an application for funding but had not been approved, however there were other organizations to be contacted regarding funding. Other ideas for local funds included family sponsorships for a park or donating items for the park with plaques noting the participants. The committee would continue to meet in order to research and develop the parks and present a plan to the Association. In brief, five sites had originally been identified for development. Most included waterfront access and had enough land to house a rudimentary public washroom, a roofed shelter and educational signage. It had been estimated that each park would cost approximately $15,000.00. Discussion included plans for title searches, meeting with landowners to secure the land and the selection of one site to be fully developed to serve as a model for the other parks. Steve was asked to report on the committee’s plans for developing the model park at the next meeting.

5. (g) Nominating Committee
Linda reported that there were currently 2 vacancies on the executive. She would be contacting members of the various committees to see whether or not there was anyone interested in filling those vacancies. A notice regarding the election would be sent out with the minutes. Linda also asked anyone interested in serving to contact her directly.

6. New Business
(a) WIBTA Logo
The executive had discussed the need for a logo earlier in the year but had deferred it to a less hectic time. The production of numerous brochures and the website improvements highlighted the importance of having an identifiable and consistent logo that was representative of the spirit of WIBTA. It was decided that the membership should be consulted and the logo be designed before February of next year so that it could be included on any new material being produced. Discussion included having a contest to design the new logo and striking a committee to oversee the contest.

Motion: Linda Van Hal moved that the Association pursue the creation of a new logo. Pat Sanford seconded. Carried.

Decision: A new Logo Committee was created. Pat Sanford as chair with Margaret Knott and Frank Balint as members.

6. (b) OSTAR milestone amendment
Jim reported that various discussions had taken place regarding the continued production of the various brochures and how the Association could afford to continue this without OSTAR funding. The executive determined that by purchasing a high quality colour printer it would be cheaper to produce the brochures and smaller runs would mean that information would be more timely and current. The cost for such a printer is approximately $5,000.00, a portion of which, would be offset by the OSTAR funding. A request has been made to OSTAR to adjust a current line-item to facilitate the purchase of the printer. A response has not yet been received.

6. c) Land of Lakes Broadband Communication
Cindy explained that that this organization, with funding from Industry Canada, was attempting to develop high-speed internet access for rural communities. A sample letter to be forwarded in support of the Land of Lakes initiative would be emailed to each member. This is a non-profit organization and the support of other rural communities would be appreciated.

7. Other Business
(a)Steve requested that a new position of past-president be initiated. Jim noted that the current bylaws were being reviewed and that the position would be incorporated in the revisions before discussion by the membership.

(b)Margaret asked if the letter to MTO regarding the sounding of the Bay had received a response. Jim apologized that the letter had not been forwarded as of this date, but will be done soonest.

c)Elise read several letters of thanks from members of the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce who had attended the BBQ and the “Pumpkin Committee” of the Community Centre Board.

(d)Jarda had a short slide show of the pictures taken from the BBQ for anyone who wanted to remain for a few minutes after the meeting.

Liz Crothers moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Next meeting - Tuesday, 18 November 2003 – Annual General Meeting

Reminder: the November meeting is the Annual General Meeting. The election of the new executive will take place as well as a discussion on the president remaining as such for the next year.

Membership dues: Yes, this is the time of year that all members are asked to pay the annual $20.00 fee for 2004. We will collect only those dues at this meeting!

Input from members will be sought in order to design one or more brochures for next year and costs for them will be determined at that time.