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December 11, 2002

2002 AGM

Date: November 19, 2002
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: United Church Hall

Download Adobe PDF version of 2002 AGM minutes

Directors Present: Brian Mac Donald, Linda Van Hal, Steve McIntosh, Maureen Lollar, Sharon Kane, Ken Keyes
The secretary, Nadine Greenwood was on vacation. In addition approximately 25 other members attended.


1. Call to Order:
The President, Steve McIntosh called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. Since Secretary Nadine Greenwood was not available, Brian MacDonald agreed to take minutes for the meeting.

2. President’s Remarks:
Steve McIntosh welcomed the members and noted that the association had a very successful year due to the hard work and commitment of the members and other volunteers.

3. Motion to approve minutes of meetings October 15, 2002

Moved by Ken Keyes, seconded by Sharon Kane. Carried.

4. Treasurer Report:
The treasurer, Linda Van Hal distributed copies of reports prepared for management purposes. Copies of these reports and her remarks form an attachment to these minutes. Ms. Van Hal explained the auditor would prepare statements that would be in a slightly different format and that these formal statements would be available in a few months.

5. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report
Moved by Linda Van Hal, seconded by Elise Huffman. Carried.

6. Correspondence:
There was no new correspondence.

7. Bill Payment:
A current telephone bill will be paid shortly.

8. Unfinished Business

David Colburn gave an update on the status of his investigation into the possibility of bringing high speed internet service to Wolfe Island. It seems that Bell Canada has recently installed a new fibre optics cable to Wolfe Island, so the high speed connection has already been made. David noted that the service would only be directly available to users within 3 miles of the distribution point (at the Bell Microwave Tower?) He said it was possible for others to get connected by having someone inside the 3-mile radius project it to them. This might require a few thousand dollars of equipment.

Linda Van Hal gave further details of the OSTAR funding as it applied to the WIBTA. She said that all the items that had been requested had been approved with the exception of some capital items. Expenditure must occur first and then reimbursement of 56% is applied for. A special meeting to approve the items to be included in each milestone was planned for November 27 at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall.

9. Ferry Relocation

Steve McIntosh said he had attended a council meeting where Ed Kenney had made a convincing presentation indicating that the early relocation of the ferry to the winter dock was unnecessary. Depth soundings had confirmed a minimum 10 ˝ feet along the ferry channel. Steve followed up by writing a letter to Ms. K. Moore, Regional Director for the Eastern Region, MTO.

10. Committee Reports:

Volunteer Appreciation Night
Maureen Lollar reported that the evening event was well attended and gave volunteers some well-deserved recognition for the roles they played in greeting visitors to the Tourist Information Centre, and/or assisting with WIBTA-sponsored events and activities.

Brochure Committee Report
Maureen Lollar, on behalf of Norma O’Shea, said that 30,000 brochures had been printed in 2002, with just 2,000 remaining on hand. It was noted that a space problem could develop this year as a number of potential new advertisers have expressed interest in business card ads. Alan Graphic will provide a disc with layout upon request.

Photo Contest Maureen Lollar
Maureen Lollar was pleased that the 2002 contest had attracted over 200 photo entries, some of which have been requested by Key to Kingston for possible use in future magazine issues. Maureen expressed her appreciation for the support of Don Sleeth of Camera Kingston, and Paul Greenwood of Fuji Photofilm for providing a roll of film to each contestant. Winning entries are on display at Fargo’s and Mosier’s.

Web Site Activities
David Colburn said we need to have parts of our site that are always being updated or changing so visitors will be more likely to keep returning. He noted that Rod & Martha MacDonald’s B&B site was getting a lot of traffic, a good percentage of which was accessing it through

Scene of the Crime
Maureen Lollar was happy with the success of the 2002 event and said plans are well under way to make 2003's Scene of the Crime, which will take place on August 23, equally as rewarding.

Village Beautification
Ken Keyes detailed some of the work his helpers (dubbed by Easy Lane residents as Ken’s Cons) had accomplished in 2002, including painting of the old firehall and community hall (formerly known as the CMBA Hall), as well as clearing brush for the proposed access to Big Sandy Bay. He was disappointed with the hanging plants he had put up because he was not always able to accommodate their daily need for watering.

Sharon Kane spoke on behalf of her committee of people who have been making sure Marysville is well decked out for the Christmas season. Starting with some donated decorations, they have been adding to their collection each year by taking advantage of after-Christmas sales with the help of cash donations.

Tourist Bureau Operation
Maureen recounted another successful year with visitors from every province and several countries around the world. She had praise for the many volunteers, co-ordinated by Geneva Keyes. She noted that Donna Morton does a great job maintaining the facilities.

Nominating Committee Report
Brian MacDonald reported that a Presidential candidate had not been found to replace Steve McIntosh, who had already completed the maximum 3 year term allowed. Brian and committee member Linda Van Hal were able to find candidates who were willing to allow their names to stand for the rest of Board positions, namely:
Vice President:- Maureen Lollar
Treasurer - Linda Thomas
Secretary - Nadine Greenwood (if no other candidate came forward)
Director - Ken Keyes
Director - Sharon Kane
Director - Tom Rowe

11. Election of Officers
Steve McIntosh declared all offices vacant and opened the election to nominations from the floor for the position of President. No candidates nominated agreed to stand. It was moved by Mostafa Ismail and seconded by Sandy Hunter, that Steve McIntosh stay on as President until the regular December meeting. Elise Huffman suggested that Jim Calvin might let his name stand for President, but she was unable to reach him by cell phone.

When the call came for nominations from the floor for the position of Secretary, Elise Huffman agreed to let her name stand. Since previous Secretary, Nadine Greenwood, had agreed to stand only if no other candidate came forward, Elise became the new Secretary when no one else contested the position.

Linda Thomas was declared Treasurer when no further nominations for that position were received from the floor.

There followed a discussion as to whether the Constitution and By-Laws allowed for a Board of Directors larger than the current 7 members. No copy of the By-Laws was available and on one was sure on the issue, but it was assumed that the Board could be expanded, but more would have to be present at meetings in order to have a quorum.

When further nominations for Director were summoned from the floor, Cynthia Day and Jarda Zborovsky were nominated, joining Ken Keyes, Sharon Kane, and Tom Rowe, whose names had been put forward by the Nominating Committee.

[It was discovered after the meeting that the By-Laws clearly state that the Board of Directors “shall be composed of seven Directors, including the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three regular Directors.” Further, the By-Laws state that “The quorum necessary to conduct business at any meeting of WIBTA shall be a minimum of 4 of the Directors then serving.” In light of this, the election process may need to be completed at the next meeting.]

12. New Business:

Bus Tour for seniors
Maureen Lollar indicated that, this year, the annual bus tour arranged for seniors to view Christmas light displays around the island would be held in conjunction with the lighting of the tree in the Town Square on December 15.
-Membership Drive
-Brochure Committee

1. Next meeting: Dec 17, 2002

2. Adjournment