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December 16, 2003

2003 November

Minutes of Meeting held
18 Nov 7:00 pm
at the United Church Hall

November 2003 meeting minutes in Adobe PDF format

Executive:President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Maureen Lollar; Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors - Cindy Day, Tom Wroe, Ken Keyes

Members: Isabella O’Shea, Steve McIntosh, David Colburn, Pat Sanford, Keith Walton, Chris Angenent, Sophie Angenent, Linda Van Hal, Ed Kenney, David Clark, Cathie Harroun, Diane Kerbel, Liz Crothers, Carol Doyle, Norma O’Shea, Margaret Knott, Brian MacDonald, Jarda Zborovsky, Cathie Harroun, Frank Balint, Sharon Kane,Barry Woodman, Colleen Woodman, Dan Mosier

Guests: Betty Anne Field, Beth Caldwell, Joe Calnan

Meeting commenced at: 8:12 pm

Agenda Items

1. Presidents Remarks

Jim thanked the membership for the vote of confidence in his remaining as the President and welcomed the new executive: Vice President Cindy Day, Treasurer Linda Thomas, Secretary – Elise Huffman, Directors – Liz Crothers, David Colburn and Carol Doyle.

Jim also thanked Ken Keyes and Tom Wroe for their hard work on the Village Beautification and Signage committees. Their efforts had been a welcomed addition to the Island and had been positively received by both residents and visitors. He also thanked Maureen Lollar for her tireless efforts on behalf of the numerous events including the very successful Scene of the Crime and Photo Contest. Her participation and support of various other committees including the brochure and bicycle route map were greatly appreciated. Jim noted that even though there had been differences of opinion in managing various projects, Maureen had continued to share her expertise and time on behalf of the Association. as well as her involvement in other community events like the Remembrance Day ceremony.

1. Agenda

There were no additions to the agenda.

2. Minutes

Motion by David Colburn that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted. Seconded by Liz Crothers, carried.

3a. Website Steering Committee

David Colburn outlined the upcoming changes to the website business directory that would offer more services to the members in order to promote their businesses. There will be a 3-tiered service offered; (1) As part of the membership dues, each member will be able to provide a 50-word description of their business or service which will be added to the website directory. Forms for submission of this information will be provided. (2) The next level of service would provide each member the opportunity to hotlink to their own website from the business directory.(3) Finally, a business logo or photo could be added to the information contained in the directory. The fees for the additional services is still be discussed but it will be a nominal charge compared to services elsewhere. David asked members to start working on the information they would like to post to the website. The layout of the directory would follow the brochure for continuity. Jim announced that he would no longer be the chair of this committee and asked the members to consider taking over this task.

3b. Logo Committee

Pat Sanford reported that a contest would be organized in January for a period of 30 days. It was planned that the winner would be selected by the Feb meeting. More discussion about the how this would take place at the Dec meeting.

3c. Parks Committee

Steve reported that the committee had been working on identifying future park sites and discussing the choices with the various landowners. There were some controversies regarding the sites and landowners agreeing to the proposed use of the land, signing of lease agreements etc. More details at the Dec meeting. Discussion ensued regarding the feasibility of landowners entering into leasing agreements with WIBTA, the need to build the costs of the parks into next years budget, creating partnerships with the community, township and landowners and the availability of funding and funding partnerships.

3d. Fundraising Committee

Cindy noted that the one outstanding project, the Ferry Calendar, had not been able to meet the deadline for production as set out by the members, in a motion, at the last meeting. After various discussions regarding how the project could be assisted in its production, Norma O’Shea the project coordinator, through Maureen Lollar, informed Cindy that she was withdrawing the project from WIBTA and would take it on as her own. Norma indicated that the proceeds would go to the creation of a non-profit Wolfe Island Annual Ferry Calendar organization in order to develop the heritage and history of the Island.

Jim reviewed the situation regarding the calendar with regards to the need to communicate with members when taking on projects on behalf of the Association, the commitment of funds made towards the project making it a WIBTA project, the promotion of the calendar on flyers and the concern that Camera Kingston had been approached by the Association rather than an individual to undertake the production of the calendar and now, may not have a favorable impression of the organization which would preclude future participation in WIBTA events. It was suggested that there was another option of printing only a few calendars for this year and then reproducing them for the following year. This was not an acceptable alternative so a motion was made by Liz Crothers to nullify the $3500.00 committed to the production of the ferry calendars. Seconded by Diane Kerbel, carried.

3e. Brochure Committee

Elise indicated that a new and expanded committee to consider the numerous brochures that were produced last year. Linda Van Hal noted that Karen Fisher from KEDCO had offered to attend a meeting to help the committee. Liz Crothers offered to join the committee. Elise would contact other members and Karen Fisher to create a new committee.

4a. New Business: By-laws
Jim noted that Cindy Day, the new Vice-president had taken on the creation of a committee to review the current by-laws and come forward with proposed amendments. Volunteers for the committee include Linda Van Hal, Margaret Knott, Walter Knott and Brian MacDonald.

Cindy requested that David load the by-laws onto the website, Elise to provide a copy for David.

4b. New Committees

It was decided that new committees would be discussed at the next meeting.

4c. Boat Relocation

Ed Kenney spoke on the relocating of the boat to the winter dock in mid-Oct was not being done as a result of the ice and was not necessary. He had researched the situation, presented it to Council and they wrote a letter to MTO. This resulted in MTO conducting a study, a copy of which was forwarded to Ed. He provided a copy for Jim to read.

The study confirmed that the early move to the winter dock was not a necessity. He noted that the boat had operated for 27 years without an accident and that the older ferry, which drew more water, had also been accident free during its operation. Ed informed the members that there was no need to dredge the bay, that wind direction did not reduce the water level enough to prevent the boat from operating and that as part of the boats design criteria, it would be able to continue at the village dock until the ice prevented it from maintaining the schedule. He noted that the boat is also equipped with two radar sets and the new electronic chart plotter so that if the boat moved more than 10 feet off its course an alert would be given. This information had also been provided to John Gerretsen’s office. Steve McIntosh thought that the Association had at some point in the past, made a policy supporting the boat remaining at the village dock until it was unsafe to do so. Elise will try to locate the policy statement.

Jim reported that a letter had been sent inviting a member of MTO to attend the Dec or Jan meeting to discuss the study and how it would affect the movement of the ferry services and also explain how they would improve the channel. He thanked Ed for all of his work on this matter and offered others a chance to read the report.

4d. Island Heritage Interviews

Linda Thomas explained that Queens University had a program/bursary available for not-for-profit organizations that would pay a Queens student $10.00 per hour, of which we would pay $2.50 per hour, for a maximum of 200 hours of work.

The student would interview various members of the community with the idea of collecting their oral histories of life on Wolfe Island. It is hoped that the student would complete 10 interviews during this project. Linda Van Hal had begun a similar project centered around Big Sandy Bay.

The student will begin the project next week, and the committee would like to arrange for sponsors to help with the initial meeting of the student and person selected for the interview. As well, suggestions for additional people to be interview would be welcomed. Committee chair is Linda Thomas with Linda Van Hal and Elise Huffman as members. Brian MacDonald offered to be a sponsor and work with the committee.

4e. New Members

Elise welcomed Joe Calnan, Betty Anne Field and Beth Caldwell as new members. As well the new owners of the Sportsman Restaurant, Ken and Angela Morin have joined the Association.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:20 pm