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December 20, 2003

2003 December

Minutes of Meeting held
16 Dec 2003,
at the United Church Hall

December minutes in Adobe PDF format

Executive: President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Cindy Day, Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman, Directors - David Colburn
Members: Linda Van Hal, Diane Kerbel, Jarda Zborovsky, Eldon McCready,
Chris Angenent, Cathie Harroun, Jim Vanden Hoek

Meeting called to order at 7:14 pm.

1. Presidents Remarks
Jim welcomed the small group and noted that the attendance was expected to be small due to the Marysville Christmas Concert and the Medical Clinic meeting being held at the same time.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 pm

President: 385-1486 or
Secretary: 385-1486 or

Next meeting - Tuesday 21 January 2003

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Putting on his councilor hat, Jim updated the members on the appointments made at the December Council meeting; he was representative to the Medical Clinic Board, Big Sandy Bay Project and along with Wayne Grant, the Community Centre Board. Wayne was taking on the Canal Project and the representative to the Wolfe Island Fire Department.

Regarding the Medical Clinic, the Board will be submitting an application to the ministry by 7 Jan 04 in order to be first in line to receive funding for a nurse practitioner from the Province in the new fiscal year funding envelope beginning 1 Apr 04.
To support this application, they would like the opinions of the residents about the Island’s needs, for example clinic hours, prescriptions, direct care etc. To help them gather this information they have provided a series of questions to stimulate ideas and responses.

Decision: The list of questions will be included with the minutes. Responses are to be dropped of the Terry O’Shea at the Township office or may be emailed directly to Dr. Duncan Day, Vice-President of the Medical Clinic Board at Members are encouraged to respond as soon as possible to ensure their input is included in the application proceedings.

In response to the Association’s invitation to MTO to attend a meeting, a letter from Roger Harrison was received. It included a copy of last year’s letter to the Council outlining the criteria by which the decision to move the boat from the village is made. It indicated that there was 4 feet of water below the boat however this was further reduced by the natural draw of the moving boat and high winds. It also noted that on the shoulders of the channel there were areas in which there was only a 12” clearance. The letter also stated that the ferry will move to the Dawson’s Point dock annually when the lake level drops to 244.2 feet above sea level (ASL). It was felt that this information did not reflect new and more accurate information regarding the channel or answer to questions of the membership.

Decision: Jim will speak directly to Roger Harrison in the new year.

Brian MacDonald noted that current information on water levels could be obtained through a website, which he would relay to David. Decision: David will provide a link to this website from ours. Members could then monitor water levels and judge when the ferry was would likely move.

The executive had discussed and decided that it would benefit all parties involved to reimburse Tom Dickie and Susan Barker $110.00 to cover the cost of mounting the eagle sculpture. Members agreed.

2. Agenda Items
Three items were added to the agenda, KEDCO visitor guide, OFAC seminar, Frontenac CFDC.

3. Minutes
Elise noted that the handing over to the new executive was recorded in the AGM minutes and did not reflect in the regular monthly meeting. This information should added to the November minutes to disseminate the information to all members. Motion: Linda Van Hal moved that the minutes be adopted as amended. Seconded by David Colburn, carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Linda reported the opening balance of the account was $7228.00. The is almost $17,000.00, which includes the Wolfe Island Classic funds, to begin the new year. Receipts for membership dues will be mailed out with the minutes.

The new executive will meet early in January to review the OSTAR commitments in order to prepare for the new budget. Linda Thomas and Linda Van Hal will also be completing a summary of the OSTAR projects and expenditures. Decision: Linda Van Hal will provide the executive with copies of the completed summary and the 2004 OSTAR project milestones.

5a. Fundraising Committee
Cindy explained how WIBTA had reserved a table to at The Factory for the Christmas Sale to sell calendars, which did not happen, so Diane Kerbel and Cathie Harroun, created seasonal notecards, pens, gift tags and fridge magnets as replacements. They used various photo contest pictures and raised $170.00! All the material as well as their time was donated. Cindy also encouraged members to take advantage of the display of the remaining items! For those not at the meeting, contact Cindy if you would like to purchase any of the items for Christmas.

5b. By-Laws Committee
Cindy put on her other hat and reported that the committee had met and raised several points during the discussion regarding by-laws and policies. For example, when WIBTA commits people, time, effort and money to a project, it should then become the property of the Association. The model used for the by-law revisions was the newly created Frontenac CFDC (Community Futures Development Corporation) organization. A draft of the revisions would be presented at the January meeting at which time all members would be asked for their input.

Additional discussion included the use of the Photo Contest photos by all members for their businesses. Ideas included the brochure committee selecting the photos for their use then declaring the rest available, possible make the photos available for a nominal fee, include a disc of photos in the business kits that were being developed and a policy on photo use should be established and noted in the by-laws. It was agreed that any policy would be subject to change over the years as the Association gained experience in such matters. Decision: It was decided that with regards to the photo issue, the executive would determine the policy for their use.

Elise will forward the current by-laws to David to load them onto the website.

5c. Website Steering Committee
A new chairperson for this committee has not yet been appointed. The fee structure for advertising on the website was still being formulated and a package would be ready for the January meeting.
Secretarial note: Subsequent to the meeting, Linda Van Hal has accepted the appointment as chair of the Website Committee.

David Colburn reported that he had been testing submission form procedures in order to allow all members to submit information directly to the site. This would include upcoming events and for the business directory to allow members to input their 50-word description, link to another site and photos or logos. He had also completed the upgrading of the site so that it now meets HTML standards so that anyone can access our website including visually impaired visitors.

As a gesture of thanks to Don Sleeth for all of his hard work and his cooperation and understanding regarding the calendar project, it was agreed that his logo would be added to the Photo Contest website page. David Colburn noted that his site was already linked from the Photo Contest page but that he could add a special thanks directly on our site along with the logo.

5d. Heritage Committee
Linda Thomas reported that Melinda had reviewed the interview tapes from the Big Sandy Bay project and some historical information about the Island in order to familiarize herself with the project. Ken Keyes had made arrangements for Melinda to meet with Elsie Keyes to begin the interviewing process. Ken will also assist her with meeting Herb Armstrong. It was hoped that 10 people could be interviewed during the 200 hours given to this project. Five people selected for the first round of interviews were Elsie Keyes, Herb Armstrong, Dolly Hogan, Cliff Fargo and Gladys Pyke. Many other people have been listed for future interviews and should anyone wish offer to sponsor an interview or to add their ideas or a person to interview, forward the names to the Secretary. Jim Vanden Hoek recommended Jan Hasselar as an excellent source of information both through his years in office and his work in the hospitality field. Everyone agreed this was a terrific idea and his name would be added to the list.

5e. Logo Committee
Elise Huffman reported on behalf of Pat Sanford who could not make the meeting. The draft of the contest rules would be ready for the January meeting and the contest would then commence the following day. It would end before the February meeting at which time the winner would be announced. Some of the requirements for a winning logo included that it could be used in black & white as well as colour, it would be suitable for brochures, letterhead, signs etc, and it would become the property of WIBTA. David Colburn asked that Pat contact him to ensure the logo also met web requirements. Pat requested $150.00 to purchase a digital camera for the winning prize.

Motion: Cindy Day moved that $150.00 be committed to purchase the first place prize for the logo contest. Seconded by Diane Kerbel, carried.

5f. Brochure Committee
Elise reported that several people have indicated their interest in working on next year’s brochure. Susan Paquette had put together a sample of a booklet style rather than a folding brochure. It would include additional information on special events and a handy reference contact list. The current format was at its maximum so a new approach was needed.

Discussion included the need to make the brochure stand out so that it is more noticeable at information centers like Kingston, was it necessary to change the brochure each year, should the tourist brochure be separate from a business directory, the membership must decide what it needs and wants to do, the brochure must pay for itself, keep the artwork or logo the same for easy identification but add new information on the inside, and a phone committee should contact each member directly to solicit their ideas and attendance at the meetings to discuss this and other issues.

Those interested in taking part on this committee should contact the Secretary . The committee will be meeting early in January.

5g. Parks Committee
Steve McIntosh was unable to attend the meeting so a report on the parks would be made at the January meeting.

6a. New Committees
It was proposed that the Sign committee would be disbanded. It had originally been mandated to create signs for the bicycle routes, cemeteries and parks, all of which involved capital costs and therefore did not qualify for OSTAR partial funding. The bike signs had been successfully completed however it may not be possible to complete the other aspects of the project. This will be discussed again at the January meeting.

It was also suggested that the brochure committee be renamed as the Publications Committee. This would bring the various maps, flyers and brochures under one roof since many of the same people are involved.

For the other committee ideas, a list is attached as Appendix B to these minutes. It outlines the various proposed committees and some of the members who have agreed to remain as members. As well, some of the names listed are included as members but are working strictly on a single project that falls within the area of responsibility of a committee. This too is a welcomed arrangement for those who have limited time to attend meetings or assist with projects. Some committees require chairpersons and all require interested members so contact the Secretary ASAP if you are available.

6b. Draft 5-year Plan
Jim introduced the proposal that the Association develop a 5-year plan to permit adequate planning and more potential for applying for grant money. Attached at Appendix C to these minutes is a very rough draft list of project that cover a period of the next five years. Jim felt that the Association should focus on one major project each year and have them outlined well in advance in order to allow for planning time. Major projects might include having another Country Fest that was last held almost a decade ago. This would require two years to plan, apply for grant money and gather Island resources and personnel. It is important to lay the groundwork for future projects. This list was just a means of stimulating ideas and discussion for the January meeting. All members consider what projects they believe WIBTA should undertake in the future and communicate them to the President or Secretary. Over the next three months, beginning in January 04, the Association will refine the 5-year plan.

Discussion included the availability of funds through the OSTAR partnership, the need to include all other Island organizations in a project such as the Country Fest, send a flyer to all residents to include information on plans for the future, how to meet their needs and recruit new members other than those who have businesses and clarify the misinformation that $17,000.00 had been spent on website improvements when in fact that was the total for all 3 projects of which the improvements was the first to be done.

Decision: Cindy Day and Linda Thomas would create a flyer to send out to all Islanders in January. It would include WIBTA’s year end report, the proposed 5-year plan, questions on how to meet members needs, introduce the new executive, attract new members. Jim will write a paragraph about the 5-year planning idea. A draft of the flyer will be circulated for comment

6c. Frontenac CFDC
Cindy Day announced that as of 10 Dec 03 the Frontenac Community Future Development Corporation had officially opened their doors. There are over 300 CFDCs across Canada, 58 in Ontario itself. The primary mandate of the organization is to:
(1)provide counsel and advise to small businesses,
(2)promote economic and community development projects
(3)to lend money to small businesses.

These services are to be provided specifically to rural communities. Early in January the Frontenac CFDC will start their strategic planning process and WIBTA members are invited to provide input on their economic development ideas. Funding comes from Industry Canada but each region is unique and served directly by their office. The Frontenac office is located in Harrowsmith.

Secretarial note: WIBTA is particularly lucky to have Cindy Day a member of the Frontenac CFDC board and Linda Van Hal as a regular member to provide current information.

6d. OCAF Seminar
David Colburn and Elise Huffman attended a seminar presented by the Ontario Cultural Attraction Fund to discuss Cultural Tourism Marketing. It was amusing to discover that when the workshop split into small groups to brainstorm how to market a specific, 2 of the 5 groups elected to use the Scene of the Crime event! A presentation on the seminar will be ready for the January meeting.

6e. KEDCO Brochure
Linda Van Hal had received the forms for advertising in the Kingston Economic Development Corporation’s brochures. The costs was very high, so it was unlikely WIBTA would be able to make use of this offer. The forms were was passed to the Brochures Committee for reference.

7. Other Business
(1) Jim Vanden Hoek suggested that Anne Pritchard, the executive directory of the Frontenac CFDC and Karen Fisher, Economic Development Officer for the County of Frontenac be added to the flyer. It was noted that Karen and Anne would be attending the WIBTA January meeting and that Karen had offered to assist the Brochure Committee, which was quickly accepted!