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January 20, 2004

2004 January

Minutes of Meeting held
20 Jan 2004,
at the United Church Hall

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Attending: Executive: President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Cindy Day
Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors - David Colburn, Liz Crothers

Members: Linda Van Hal, Barry Woodman, Danny Mosier, Betty Ann & David Field,
Margaret Knott, Steve McIntosh, Brian MacDonald, Rod McDonald, Frank
Balint, Pat Sanford, Rudy Meier, Maureen Lollar, Angela & Ken Morin,
Sophie & Chris Angenent, Renie Marshall

Guests: Reverend Chris Carr, Anne Prichard (Frontenac CFDC), Karen Fisher
(County of Frontenac)

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm.

1. President’s Opening Remarks

Jim welcomed the guests to the meeting and noted that Anne Prichard would make a presentation early in the meeting in order to depart on the 8:30 ferry. He then reported on the results of a legal briefing to Council that reaffirmed his role as President would not be in conflict with his position as Councillor for anything other than discussion of finances that directly involved WIBTA. He could still promote the Association’s events, projects and concerns. He compared the situation to that of an environmentalist who, if elected, would not be expected to refrain from expressing personal views regarding the environment.

Jim reviewed the OSTAR related expenses for the new year; attached as Appendix A. The Executive had met to determine which of the projects would be included in the new budget. Discussion on the funding and these projects would be conducted during the Treasurer’s Draft Budget Report. He called for any additions to the agenda and Renie Marshall and Frank Balint indicated they had New Business and would speak at that time.

2. Review of Minutes

The Secretary asked for approval of the Minutes of the 16 Dec 03 meeting. Chris Angenent moved that the minutes be accepted. Pat Sanford seconded. All voted. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report3. (continued)

Linda Thomas presented the Draft Budget for 2004. The creation of a reserve fund to cover the Association’s operating costs was added to the budget. Discussion: Members determined that establishing a reserve fund would be a 3-year undertaking. As well the Website Steering Committee forecasted a need for more funds to cover planned website development projects. The Treasurer would revise the amounts for both the reserve fund and website development and present the revised budget at the February meeting for approval by the membership.

4. Guest Speakers

Cindy introduced Karen Fisher, Economic Development Officer for Frontenac County and Anne Prichard, Executive Director of the Frontenac Community. Futures Development Corporation. Anne then spoke about the CFDC, its mandate and potential value for WIBTA members. An information sheet is attached as Appendix B. The Frontenac CFDC will be conducting Strategic Planning Community Consultations and posters have been distributed alerting all interested parties to attend the sessions on Wolfe Island on Feb 2 and 12.

Karen reported on an upcoming project that involved creating an inventory of businesses in Frontenac County. A questionnaire is being developed to get a sense of the types of businesses, number of employees, barriers to expansion etc. The County and FCFDC may be able to work together to help businesses remove these barriers. The completed directory would be set up on-line as an interactive data base.

Karen also offered her expertise to assist in the development of the Association’s marketing strategies.

5a. Logo Committee Report

Pat reported that the contest had been launched with posters up and a digital camera had been purchased for the prize. The entries are to be mailed directly to Pat at PO Box 163, Wolfe Island, K0H 2Y0 by 15 Feb 04.

The contest is open to all full-time and seasonal residents of Wolfe Island and multiple entries, each in a full colour, 8×10 inch format will be accepted. The logo must represent the goals and purpose of WIBTA. The logo design has to be simple enough to reproduce monochromatically or in black in white, maintain its clarity when reduced from a 16×20 inch poster size to a lapel pin and can be scanned on a flatbed scanner. Artwork is not to be signed and for those technical people, entries with fades and gradients will not be accepted. All entries become the property of WIBTA.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the February meeting in order to have a large number of members present to vote on the winning design.

5b. Heritage Interviews Commitee

The student interviewer had not yet met with the first senior. It was recommended that a list be made of the people recommended for interviews for the next meeting. Everyone was encouraged to provide any additional names.

5c. By-law Revision Committee

Cindy reported that a draft of the revised by-laws would be presented at the February meeting. The committee had recommendations for changes in both the form and substance of the current by-laws to provide for the growth of the Association. The intent is to have all members review the revisions, make comments and then vote at the March meeting.

5d. Website Steering Committee

Linda Van Hal has taken up the post of Chair for this committee and presented a report on the work done to the site to date.
In 2003, David Colburn was contracted for the amount of $1,000.00 to complete the following tasks: convert the WI website design architecture to dynamic HTML including CSS style sheets & script work with the Bicycle Route Map Committee to provide a quality route map on the website create & post a website map of Wolfe Island create & post an easily updated website calendar of events that would interest both residents and visitors to the Island upgrade all aspects of the website with high quality photos create a special “Bird Watchers” web page¨ create an electronic mechanism to allow the business community to provide feedback that would enable future improvements to the site

Linda noted that David had completed all these tasks as well as introduced a SQL database content management system that allows selected volunteers to update and add new pages to the site with a minimum of technical expertise. She noted that the Association now had a very attractive and easily maintainable website and thanked David for all the hours of work that went well above the value of the contract.

Now that the structure in place, more content is needed, especially historical and community information. All members are asked to contact the committee for contributions and suggestions. In addition to the “50 word” text in the Business Directory listing now open to all active members, the availability of direct links to personal/business websites, WIBTA can now offer a “subdomain” within the Wolfe Island website. This provides in inexpensive way to promote a business or community organization.

The website would continue to be updated and improved and the volunteer members of the committee would be gathering information from the general membership and establish priorities for future changes. The committee would also be available to assist businesses establish or improve their presence on the Internet. The current members and responsibilities are: Marjorie Bousfield — Bird Watching Site; David Colburn — Webmaster; Nadine Greenwood, Brian MacDonald — Business Directory; Margaret Knott — Island News and Events; Elise Huffman — Member Services; Jarda Zborovsky & David Patterson — Military Heritage Site(under development);

David keeps track of the number of visitors to the site and said that for the month of January alone it had 100 unique visitors a day. The most frequently visited pages were, in order, the main events & calendar of events, ferry schedule and Margaret Knott’s column! Members are encouraged to contact the committee with their suggestions, questions or concerns.

5e. Brochure Committee

The committee is in need of new members. Allan Hughes, new member and graphic designer has offered to help but if the committee is to expand its mandate then more people are needed. A decision/prototype of the 2004 brochure will be presented at the February meeting.

5f. Fundraising Committee

Liz reported that the committee had decided to create a limited number of annual events, for example spring & fall book sales and sinking the van. The Take the Plunge event will see the van ready for positioning on the ice at the Chili Fest on 7 Feb 04.

Chris Angenent added his idea of a calendar and provided a copy of one that he had produced with colour pictures of the Island as well as several black and white historical ones. He also provided costs estimates. Another idea was to use a calendar format to showcase the various Island businesses. This idea and others would be discussed at the next committee meeting. Liz noted that the current members; Cathie Harroun, Diane Kerbel, Cindy Day, Linda Thomas, Elise Huffman welcomed new member Dan Mosier and were looking for more committee members! Contact Liz Crothers.

Secretarial note: Take the Plunge tickets are available at the village merchants and committee members.

5g. Parks Committee

Steve and the committee had identified one principal park and had met with the owners who were favorable to the idea. They wanted to discuss it with other family members before making a firm commitment. Once the okay is given the plans can be drawn up. Jim relayed information from the legal briefing regarding liability. The lawyer stated that in was necessary to take due diligence to make sure the area is safe or make sure people are alerted to any dangers. This could be done by posting notices and signs.

Members agreed that it was not the Association’s intent to own the park, the insurance would be far too expensive.

6. New Business
Scene of the Crime Festival Jim reported that a letter had been received from Maureen Lollar, Theresa Greenwood and Violette Malan, informing the Association that the festival would be leaving the auspices of WIBTA and establishing its own not-for-profit organization. The Executive met on 18 Jan 04, discussed the situation and determined that in order to support the continuing success of the festival and benefit the Island, David would be directed to transfer the authority for the SOTC website and name to them. As well all financial and administration forms created would be provided for their continued use.

The membership indicated that a discussion was required as some disagreed with giving away a WIBTA event. Maureen explained that the SOTC was growing and they felt that it was their vision and creativity that produced the festival and therefore they had the right to the intellectual content. It was noted that the revised by-laws would make it clear for all committees that the projects undertaken belonged to WIBTA. The new organization would be eligible for a donation from the Association like the Horse Club and Music Fest. WIBTA members and businesses would make their own decisions about whether or not they would continue supporting the SOTC next year like other community events. It was agreed that the Executive was being very magnanimous about the regretful situation.

Motion: Linda Van Hal moved to support the Executive’s decision to let the SOTC festival leave WIBTA. Seconded by Frank Balint. Carried.

7. Other Business
1. Renie related several experiences of a friend visiting the Island about dogs barring her way while bicycling and driving. A note attached to the Bicycle Route Map asked that incidents be reported to the Council. WIBTA is not liable for incidents of this nature as they occur on a public road so Rene was advised to have her friend write a letter to Council.

2. Frank related his experience of meeting a relative of General Wolfe when she visited the Island this summer from Paris France. He was happy to announce that Claire took her on a tour of the Island and made her welcome.

3. Betty Ann asked if the 5-year plan would be addressed. Jim reassured her that it would be on the agenda for the February meeting. It was suggested that one meeting be devoted to strategic planning for the Association.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.