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February 17, 2004

2004 February


Minutes of Meeting held
17 Feb 04
at the United Church Hall

Attending: Executive: President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Cindy Day
Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors - David Colburn, Liz Crothers

Members: Linda Van Hal, Danny Mosier, Brian MacDonald, Rod
McDonald, Pat Sanford, Chris Angenent, Sandy McCready,
Cathie Harroun, Jarda Zborovsky, Keith Walton, Sandy

Guest: Sam Jarvis, Owner/Publisher of The Spot Light

Meeting called to order at 7:09 pm.

Appendix A 2004 Budget in Microsoft Excel format
Appendix B Spotlight Ad pricing
Appendix C Spotlight Ad page
Appendix D Spotlight Front Page

1. President’s Opening Remarks
Jim welcomed Sam Jarvis, guest speaker for the meeting. Sam will be presenting information about his business newspaper, The Spot Light, which he would like to circulate to Wolfe Island residents.
Jim announced that the van had been placed on the ice and he had already sold 2 books of tickets. Cindy promptly provided him with another. All members were encouraged to sell tickets for this year’s Take the Plunge.

2. Review of Minutes
Elise noted that the welcome of 2 new members Alan Hughes and Cathy Devlin had been left out of the last minutes and this should be amended.
Motion: Linda Van Hal moved that the minutes, as amended, be accepted. Seconded by Chris Angenent. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Linda Thomas reviewed the proposed budget for the year ending 31 Oct 2004. She also noted that the current account balance was $16,500.00 and that the first OSTAR milestone payment had been received.
Motion: Sandy Hunter moved that the 2004 budget be adopted as presented. Seconded by Dan Mosier. Carried.
Secretarial Note: The budget is attached to these minutes as Appendix A.

4. Guest Speaker
Sam Jarvis is the owner and sales rep for a new a regional business newspaper called the “Business Spot Light” – The Local Voice of Business”. It is a monthly publication that provides business owners with a vehicle to voice their successes and learned experiences. The newspaper is distributed through Canada Post with a circulation of 5600 papers mailed directly to homes and businesses to various communities as far north as Denbigh, west to Northbrook, east to Sharbot Lake and south to Wolfe Island (proposed). During the summer season, extra copies would be made available to Island businesses for direct distribution.
Sam indicated that he tried to have stories reviewed prior to printing by the parties involved. In this way information was accurate and up-to-date. He conducted various interviews himself and proposed that the WIBTA would be able to provide articles on the various tourism activities and Island businesses. Special flyers/inserts could be arranged to be sent to specific addresses ie. the Annual Calendar of Events could be enclosed for Wolfe Island residents. As well a special events page would be provided for free with the surrounding ads costing $20 each.
Members were very favourably impressed with the newspaper and the potential to advertise the Islands business and tourism activities.
Secretarial Note: The cost for advertising and a sample page from the newspaper are attached to these minutes as Appendix B and C.

5a. By-Law Revision Committee
Cindy reported that the revisions were 75% complete. The draft revisions will be presented for discussion at the March meeting. Members will be able to take them away for consideration and then they will vote on the revisions at the April meeting.

5b. Logo Contest
Pat presented the various entries and the members present selected one. The winner of the contest was Nancy Steele. Pat will speak with Nancy and have her finalize the design.

5c. Heritage Interviews Committee
There was discussion regarding the need to define an end-product versus stock piling various interviews for future use. The student interviewer was to complete the interviews and transcribe them as well as part of her task. It was agreed that the interviews themselves were valuable and that their future use would be determined by the committee once the transcriptions had been reviewed.

5d. Brochure Committee
Members who want to advertise are asked to complete the information sheets that were forwarded to them and return them to the Secretary by Friday 27 Feb 04. The basic brochure style will remain the same as last year with new photos and information being added as directed by participants.

5e. Mini Parks Committee
Jim related that he had discussed the parks with the Major and that the Council may be amenable to partnering with WIBTA on the creation of a park.
The members discussed the need to make plans for the parks whether the land had been procured or not. It was suggested that the Committee prepare a plan on the partnership and management of the park/parks. It was suggested that the Association get approval in principal for the parks and once an area of land became available, the plan could be implemented.
Motion: David Colburn moved that the Executive begin consultation with the Township Council on the issue of mini-parks. Seconded by Pat Sanford. Carried.

5f. Fundraising Committee
Liz reported that they were working on 5 main projects.
(1) Take the Plunge – Tickets were now on sale and all members were asked to help out by selling a book. Call Liz or Cindy for books.
(2) Book Sales – Two sale dates have been set for the end of May and mid October. More volunteers are needed to help with the sales as well as the pre-sorting of the books. A flyer will be sent out soon to advertise the event. Donations of books will be accepted now and can be stored at The Factory.
(3) Bird Raffle – This year a rooster will be raffled off. It will be situated at Mosier’s Service Station (to match the one that Danny already owns.)
(4) Calendar 2005 – The calendar will contain various photos of the Island, both historical and scenic. Postcards, notecards and posters are also being discussed. One ideas is to have samples framed and displayed in the Island restaurants.
(5) Garden Tour – This first tour will be conducted at selected gardens on Simcoe Island, the Head of Wolfe Island and Marysville. The date will be either 17 or 23 Jul 04. Volunteers are needed for this committee and they don’t have to be WIBTA members. Contact Diane Kerbel.

5g. Photo Contest Committee
David Colburn has taken on this event and is looking for additional help. He noted that all members of WIBTA, except the Executive, could participate in this year’s event.

6. New Business
Due to the time, the discussion on the 5-year plan would be deferred to the next meeting.

7. Other Business
The March meeting date was during the school March Break and many members would not be able to attend the meeting. It was decided that the general meeting be delayed by one week to 23 Mar 04.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:14 pm