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March 23, 2004

2004 March


Minutes of Meeting held
23 Mar 04,
at the United Church Hall

March Minutes in MS Word format

Attending: Executive: President – Jim Calvin; Vice-President – Cindy Day
Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors - Liz Crothers

Members: Linda Van Hal, Barry Woodman, Betty Ann & David Field,
Margaret Knott, Brian MacDonald, Rod McDonald, Frank
Balint, Pat Sanford, Chris Angenent, Sandy Hunter, Cathie Harroun, Ken

Meeting commenced at 7:10 pm

Agenda Item Discussion Action By
1. President’s Opening Remarks Jim reminded members that the meeting was going to concentrate on two items of discussion, the draft revision of the by-laws and consideration of the 5-year plan. Other items would receive a quick review. It was a nice surprise to read the April issue of the Harrowsmith Country Life magazine and discover Wolfe Island being mentioned. The article entitled My Kind of Country, began as follows: “If you could pack up and move to any rural location in Canada, where would you go? How about one of our ten picks in this our seventh annual tribute to the best in country living?” The fourth community selected was Wolfe Island!

Secretarial note: Harrowsmith article in Adobe Acribat format. Steve was unable to make the meeting so Jim updated the members on the situation. To date the negotiations with various landowners for the right to use specific areas of land for the mini-parks has been unsuccessful. In order to continue their work, the committee has taken a new approach and will make a presentation to Council at the April meeting. At that time they will seek an approval in principal for the creation of a partnership between the Association and the Municipality for the construction of mini-parks. It was agreed that the Association is not in the business of owning land. More discussion is required to determine the best division of responsibilities for the ownership, construction and maintenance of future parks. As well, Steve has indicated he will not be able to continue as Chair of the committee, so other members are asked to voice their interest in assuming this role.

Discussion: Cindy noted that a prototype plan for a park was submitted as part of the funding proposal for the Community Foundation grant and could be used to prepare for the Council presentation. It appears that the Township owns some waterfront properties that might be developed as a park. It was agreed that if the partnership went forward, then research would begin into available properties. Several road allowances were noted and in particular at the end of the 21st you can see a sunken ship. All members were asked to jot down ideas for discussion at the April meeting. Parks CommitteeAll

2. Review of Minutes Motion to approve the minutes by Liz Crothers, seconded by Margaret Knott. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report The current balance is approximately $18,000. Chris Angenent requested $80.00 in order to repair the screen door at the Information Centre. Linda T.

4. Revision of Bylaws Many thanks to the committee members, Linda Van Hal, Brian MacDonald, Walter Knott and Margaret Knott and their chairperson Cindy Day for all the hard work on this project. Cindy reported that the current by-laws and those of another newly established not-for-profit organization were used as models for the revisions. In general, two changes have been made: (1) the form of the bylaws (more statutory looking), and (2) the substance of various sections. Members are asked to carefully review the bylaws package and provide Cindy with their written comments as soon as possible. Cindy may be reached by mail through the WIBTA PO Box 132 or by email

The membership will vote on these revisions at the May meeting and they will be implemented at the next annual general meeting.

Discussion - Revisions to note and consider: Regarding the approval of the bylaws, it may be done at a monthly general meeting, however under the new bylaws this must be done at an annual general meeting. This will make it more difficult to change the bylaws, but these are the governing documents for the Association and as such should require more of the memberships attention and participation when they need altering. Wolfe Island ward is a new term in effect since the amalgamation. Consider direct family memberships. The financial year was changed to the end of September to allow more time to audit the financial statement before the annual general meeting. Governance: General meetings will be called a minimum of 6 times per year. The committee is not proposing that the way we operate changes, this number is simply a minimum requirement. There will be a 10 day notice given for a meeting. This is normally done by announcing the next meeting at the end of each meeting. Meetings will continue to be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month but this guideline will be contained in the policy manual rather than the bylaws. The quorum for a general meeting requires a majority of directors or 10 members to be present. Board of Directors: The board/executive can make decisions for the Association on their own. The board also has a minimum number of meetings per year as outlined in the policy manual. A number of policies will determine the items that may be dealt with by the board and what must go before the membership. Liability of Directors: This came from another model and requires more research to ensure it applies to us. Linda Thomas will check into the Association’s insurance policy. The number of years an officer may hold a position is still under discussion. The duties will be covered in the policy manual. Standing Committees: New. It is best to keep the number of these committees to a minimum as it will be more difficult to amend. Conflict of Interest: New. This was added to address any future situations. AllLinda T.

5. 5-Year Plan Jim noted that it was almost impossible to receive grant money for any project unless the application was submitted a year in advance. Before you can do that, you need to have all the documentation in order therefore some advance planning is required. He asked for direction on what the Association wanted to accomplish, ie create several mini-parks, be the sponsor organization for a country fest, further develop the Information Centre, create an annual student bursary or scholarship?

Discussion: Some of the ideas put forward for inclusion in the 5-year plan included:
(1) Partner with the Big Sandy Bay Stewardship Committee(Council) to landscape the new park entrance
(2) Partner with the Community Centre Board (Council) to build a sitting pavilion at the Community Park
(3) Build more picnic tables for placement around the Island and have WIBTA police them to ensure they are kept clean and free of garbage
(4) Improve on existing structures like the Township Community Hall
(5) Contribute to the United Church, we have been using their facilities for meetings
(6) Sponsor an eco-challenge event, like a boat race between Kingston and Wolfe Island or circle Wolfe or Garden Island
(7) Place some benches in front of the Information Centre
(8) Build a shade screen in front of the kiosk.
(9) Host a scuba diving reunion, they explore and clean the bay
(10) Do a horse-drawn house tour on the Island
(11) Purchase the house beside the General Wolfe dock and make it a museum and park
(12) Participate in the Communities in Bloom eventMembers are encouraged to submit more ideas to the Secretary as the 5-year plan will continue to be refined over several future meetings.

Secretarial note: Submissions may be made by mail to WIBTA PO Box 132, Wolfe Island, K0H 2Y0; phone: 385-1486; email –

6. Other Business Elise welcomed Lynda Wilde as a new member to the Association.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm



1. Attached is a copy of one of the flyers for the upcoming Art in the Garden Tour. Please pass the information along to all who may be interested in attending the day’s activities!

2. The Summer Dock Studio will be opening on Saturday, 10 Apr 04 and invite members to celebrate with a twilight evening of art, music and refreshments.

The festivities begin at 5:00 pm. As well, the Studio will be open on the
weekends from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The summer will see their hours
extended so watch for more posters!

Happy Easter to all!