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May 22, 2004

2004 April

Downloadable items:

Fundraising Report in MS Word format
Spotlight article -- Alston Moor in Adobe PDF format
Spotlight article -- Mosiers
Spotlight article -- Frank Coffey
Garden Tour Poster
Garden Tour sponsorship information in Microsoft Word format

Agenda Item
1.President’s Opening Remarks
Jim reminded everyone that there were a number of activities to discuss but there was also a hockey game on at 8:00!

2. Minutes
Margaret noted that the last item regarding ideas for the 5-year plan had been omitted, so to amend the minutes the following should be added: “ turn the Town Hall parking lot into a garden/park/sitting area”. Motion: Pat Sanford moved that the minutes, as amended, be accepted. Seconded by Margaret Knott. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Linda reported that the general account stood at $14,1716.00 and the road race account at $5,778.00. The bank had suggested that the Association invest in a certificate at 1 3/4% that would be totally cashable when we needed. Linda will investigate further and it will be discussed at the next meeting. Motion: Liz Crothers moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Seconded by Keith Walton. Carried.

4a. Brochure
A draft of the brochure was circulated for comment and corrections. This year it will be a bright blue, glossy format. Again it was filled to capacity. Payments were continuing to be received. There had been a few structural changes made to make the information more easily read and categorized.

4b. By-laws
Cindy noted that she had received 2 written responses on the by-law revisions. Members will have another month in order to send in their written comments. The plan is to approve the revisions at the June meeting and then phase in the changes over the summer. The new bylaws will go into effect at the end of the fiscal year. There have been changes made with regard to standing committees, a membership committee has now been included. The amended document has been attached to these minutes and should be included with the package of revisions members have already received.

4c. Heritage
Linda confirmed that 6 interviews had been completed; Theresa & Cliff Fargo, Elsie Keyes, Gene & Rita Hulton and Olga Kyle. Brian is coordinating a more interviews to take us to the end of April. Linda also noted that there is program available to hire a summer student to continue working on this project and will provide more information at the next meeting. Cindy remarked on the number of people who drop into The Factory to talk about their experiences working there. She would like to pursue a project to document the cheese factory’s history through those who worked there. It was suggested that John O’Shea be contacted and interviewed. The HRDC grant application for the summer students has been forwarded and a response should be received sometime in early May. Three student positions were requested, the same as last year, and it is hoped we will get 2 again for this summer.

4d. Website
David has circulated a poster to the community to outline the new format and access to the online events calendar. It is hoped that other community organizations will take advantage of this online resource to post their events. The committee is also looking to expand the mini sites to include the local schools, churches, fire and ambulance services and will assist them in setting up their sites. David has offered current and new volunteer editors an opportunity for a working session on updating their sites. Contact David to make arrangements. This session is open to any interested members. Flyer is attached. A new form has been created so that any individual or business wishing to upgrade their information in the business directory may now do so online. Check out the form at: In general, March statistics show that the traffic on our site is picking up as we approach the spring/summer season. It would be nice to have more events posted to attract those online visitors.

4e. Classic Road Race
Linda and Elise reported on the race as Sandy and Barb were still in France. The registration forms had been mailed. Krystal Deschamps and Megan Calvin volunteered to stuff the envelopes as part of their volunteer hours for school. All runners since 2000 received registration forms. The limit for this year’s race is 500, due to the boat loading restrictions and number of last minute registrants, so pre-registration is being encouraged.

4f. Mini Parks4f.
It has been suggested that before work could commence on building a park, the Association should establish a working relationship with the Township. There are certain aspects of the project that fall outside of WIBTA’s capabilities, ie. township bylaws, ongoing maintenance etc. The committee, therefore, made a presentation to Council to seek an agreement in principal about forming a partnership and outlining the areas of responsibility for each organization in both the building and operating of the park. WIBTA would provide the capital costs for the park construction and provide volunteers, including the summer students, to operate the parks while Council would maintain them. The Township would own the park with WIBTA in a supporting role. Council is considering the proposal but it looks like it may take a few months of discussion before development takes place.

(a) The committee feels that the partnership and the parks would benefit both Island residents and businesses.
(b) Howe Island has a mini park on the mainland side of the ferry with swings and benches etc.
(c) Signage on local flora, fauna and history of the area would be part of the design for each park.
(d) Suggestions for research on the use of environmentally friendly toilets included parks in NY state (composting toilets), Big Sandy Bay and Frontenac Park.
(e) The township has several sites that have a right of way to the water or are located on the water. These may provide the land for parks. The original idea was to locate the parks around the Island rather than have one centralized park.
(f) Parking would be covered under the new bylaw coming into effect.
(g) Law enforcement means calling the police or the Bylaw Enforcement Officer from Kingston. Big Sandy Bay will be testing the authority of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer but in addition have created a staged response plan that starts with and Island Warden. It was noted that many areas are already being used unlawfully and without supervision.
(h) In the past MTO had placed tables in various locations, ie Horne’s Ferry, Van Hal’s, Pykes Farm and Pyke’s Corner, Mill Point and at the foot. Their staff cleaned those sites every Monday and Friday and mowed the grass every second week. This same plan could be put into place again this summer. It was noted that for some residents it was not a good situation with the garbage not being picked up on a regular basis and MTO no longer has road crew stationed on the Island. Many agreed that picnic table and garbage can along the bike paths would be beneficial.
(i) The community center area is in need of upgrading, maybe the park there should be refurbished. The Association could improve the current structure or build a pavilion as mentioned at the last meeting and Council would continue to maintain it. Members are encouraged to think about whether or not they believe that the parks will benefit the community and are a worthy project to pursue. If they feel it is, then letters to the Council voicing their support of a partnership and building of the mini parks should be sent as soon as possible.

4g. Information Centre
Elise and Beth Caldwell, the new volunteer coordinator, will be mailing out a flyer to alert previous volunteers and seek new members to participate in a volunteer information evening. This is in preparation for the season opening on Saturday, 22 May 04. Improvements to the Centre will include a new counter, interior painting and an exterior awning. Dave Joy will be constructing a sign stand to replace the large wooden board that has been used on the roadside to indicate the Centre is open for business. Volunteers will just hook the board to the stand rather than carry the whole board to the road. The approval of Council will be required to construct the stand. Ian Baines of CREC has generously offered $500.00 to finance the construction of several benches for the Centre. Ian is also looking for someone who is willing to coordinate this project on his behalf. As well, he is looking for someone to design several brochures about wind power and the project etc. which would be made available to the public at the Centre. Books and other literature about wind power and environmentally friendly power sources will be available at the Island library as Ian plans to donate a reference library to them as yet another project. If anyone is interested in taking part in these plans, see the Secretary for contact information.

4h. Fundraising
Liz Crothers provided a very comprehensive report on the various fundraising projects underway. The summary is attached to these minutes. The Art in the Garden Tour event is progressing well. A summary of the projected revenues and expenses for three potential attendance scenarios is attached. Each shows a profit for WIBTA. Some of the ideas being pursued by the Committee include having bus guides presenting the history of the Island areas, gardens, landmarks etc encountered during the tour. Setting up canopies for shelter in the gardens and making use of them in the future by advertising on them, ie silkscreen WIBTA on them. It was suggested that flyers be sent to various senior’s residences. A letter for each member about the tour and the opportunity to enclose their business material in the information bag, at no cost, will be enclosed in these minutes. As well, anyone may sponsor the tour and/or advertise in the Garden Booklet being published for the tour. Letters regarding sponsorship are also enclosed in these minutes.

All members present agreed that the brochures, flyers, tickets and letters were all done in a high quality and professional manner.

5. New Business
(1) Cathie Harroun reported on her attendance at a Tourism Conference on WIBTA’s behalf. The day had been both enjoyable and informative and Cathie returned with a huge package of various brochures and pamphlets. One of the keys to success that was discussed at the conference was the need to partner in projects. This was particularly important for small communities where various businesses cooperated to conduct tours, festivals etc to increase tourism to their area.

(2) The Frontenac CFDC has invited members of WIBTA to attend their Grand Opening event to be held Wednesday, 5 May 04. The office is located at 4917 Highway #38, in Harrowsmith. It begins at 4:00 pm, with the formal ceremony at 5:30 pm. Refreshments will be served. Liz Crothers offered to attend as the WIBTA representative. Elise will RSVP.

(3) Correspondence:
(i) Elise welcomed 3 new members to the Association. Mary McDonald of St Lawrence View Nurseries, Nicholas Taggart and Joseph Taggart.
(ii) The Spotlight on Business newspaper had indeed been delivered to Wolfe Island and WIBTA was featured on the front page. A slight error in spelling it Wolf was corrected, however, in the 2 articles about Mosier’s Grocery and Alston Moor Golf Links! Copy is attached.
(iii) Congratulations to Frank Coffey for his acknowledgement in the Whig’s educational excellence issue! Copy is attached.
(iv) Another congratulations to Tom Wroe for the construction of his patrol boat that graced the Island dock for a few days. copy is attached.

6. Other Business
Pat Sanford asked the executive to review the simplified logos from Nancy Steele in order to select one that can be finalized. Comments are to be forwarded directly to Pat.