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June 27, 2004

2004 June


Minutes of Meeting held
15 June 04
at the United Church Hall

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Attending: Executive: Vice-President – Cindy Day
Treasurer – Linda Thomas; Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors - Liz Crothers, David Colburn, Carol Doyle

Members: Ward McCready, Chris Angenent, Linda Van Hal, Angela
Morin, Rod McDonald

Guests: Barbara LaRocque – writer of Island history
Tom Eldridge – President, Internet Horizons

Meeting commenced at: 7:08

Appendix for the June minutes available for download in PDF format

Appendix re Jan Fitch for June minutes available for download in PDF format

Appendix for Spotlight ad page for June minutes available for download in PDF format

1. President’s Opening Remarks

Cindy noted that Jim was attending a Council meeting and there were a number of members absent due to other conflicting commitments.

2. Minutes

The approval of the minutes from April’s meeting had been deferred. One addition, the conference attended by Cathie Harroun was entitled “Beyond the City Lights” and was one of a series of Rural Tourism conferences.

Motion: Chris Angenent moved that the amended minutes be approved. Seconded by Linda Van Hal. Carried.

The minutes from May required amending, Cindy Day was listed as present but, it had been in spirit only.

Motion: Linda Van Hal moved the minutes as amended be approved. Seconded by Liz Crothers. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report

The account balance is approximately $21,000.00. There are several Art in the Garden Tour expenses to be paid as well as the brochure. Elise noted that the final payment of the brochure was under discussion with Allen Graphics as the final bill did not include the disc copy of the brochure as was originally negotiated.

4. Guests:
Barbara LaRocque

Barbara is the daughter of Charles Wall a resident of the Island .He began a comprehensive research project during the 1930’s when he first resided on the Island and then continued it in his retirement when he returned to the Island from 1965-1993. Barbara has now taken up the challenge of completing the history and publishing a book. She is attempting to bring the information up to date and is on the Island until the end of June to interview residents. She would like to establish a hotlink from our website to hers which would last about a year or until the project is completed. It is her intention to become a member of WIBTA and hopes to receive the Association’s endorsement for the project and perhaps form a future partnership in producing a quality book for display.

Discussion: Linda Van Hal will contact Margaret Knott to see if she could interview Barbara to get the word out that she is on the Island and looking for information. The proposed link on the website is a little unusual because it is not a one time event and would require additional work to place it appropriately. The material in the book is not exclusive in that the oral histories being collected by the Association can and will be used without any conflicts with Barbara’s project. Barbara noted that hers is a not for profit project. She may be contacted by email at

Motion: Liz Crothers moved that David as webmaster, establish a temporary link as soon as possible between our site and Barbara’s to provide a means of informing people about her project. Seconded by Angela Morin. Carried.

Members welcomed Barbara to the Association and expressed their interest and support for her project.

Tom Eldridge

Cindy welcomed both Tom and the development of high speed internet service to the Island. Tom is the president of Internet Horizons and has been operating for 10 years, with offices in Kingston, Gananoque and Napanee.

The project to link a line of sight system from Kingston to Wolfe Island is under development and as a result of his flyer to the Island last week, there are enough subscribers to see this project put into place within the next 2 months. Tom stressed the versatility of this system in that it can bend around trees and will therefore reach more subscribers. Handouts showing the technology of the system, the equipment necessary for home/business owners and the costs were distributed. This same information may be accessed on the Internet Horizon’s website at There are separate pages entitled wireless/technology, wireless/equipment and wireless/fees. There is a $50.00 labour charge for equipment installation.

Discussion: Members present were very interested in gaining the high speed service. The County was also pursuing a high speed access solution for the Island due to the ambulance service and Tom indicated he has been speaking with the County on the issue. Several Howe Island residents have also expressed an interest in participating in the system on Wolfe Island. Using the service in the United States would not be a problem. This system would leave the phone lines open, a new concept for those with teenagers! Fog conditions would not affect the service however very heavy ice could cause temporary interruption to the service.

Members may contact Tom through the website or phone the Kingston office at 613 634-0690 or email

Secretarial note: Ian Baines of Canadian Renewable Energy Resources (CREC) emailed a note indicating that the use of the budgeted $400,000 fibre optic cable to be installed between Kingston and the Island stations will also be offered to high speed carriers. (from famine to feast in just a few years!)

5a. Brochure Report

The new version of Things to Do on Wolfe Island is in the design stage and requires input from members who wish to be included. Contact Elise if you are interested. Linda Van Hal noted that she would like to see Big Sandy Bay included.

As well, there is a need to establish a new Brochure Committee Chair and Members to begin to develop ideas and designs for next year’s brochure/brochures. Contact Elise if you are interested.

It was suggested that the To Do brochures be distributed to the Island businesses and some of the downtown Kingston B&B’s.

5b. By-law Revision

Cindy noted that she and the committee members are quite proud of the work done and was pleased to forward it to Linda VH before she left on her trip to have it distributed to the members. The only oops was that she forgot to attach the file. The by-laws will be sent to members by next week and the discussion/vote will be deferred to the July meeting.

5c. Website Steering Committee

Linda Van Hal noted that the committee discussed several issues identified for improvement. The calendar of events required more contrast to separate the numbers from the background colour and there was some difficulty printing of some of the pages from the site. Others noted that the size of the font could be enlarged to make it easier to read. It was thought that a “tips on using the browser” may be added to the site.

Motion: Linda Van Hal moved that the Association contract with David Colburn to amend the website calendar accessibility, improve the style sheet to enable viewers to automatically print pages from the site and improve the font size for a sum of $100.00. Seconded by Elise Huffman. Carried.

Linda also noted that these improvements were included in the OSTAR section on web enhancement and that there was still money available now and in September to conduct workshops etc. Members are asked to email Linda at with ideas on how to use these funds as the deadline for use is the end of December.

David reported that he is working with Frontenac CFDC integrating our database into their new central database of county businesses We would also have access to all the information once it has been completed.

5d. Classic Road Race

Sandy Hunter was unable to attend the meeting so Linda Thomas reported that she had approximately 100 entrants so far, however most would register through the Running Room. No one has volunteered to understudy with Sandy this year in order to become the coordinator for next year’s race. All members are asked to seriously consider this matter and either volunteer themselves or put forward the name of an interested person very soon. This is the Association’s primary means of fundraising to ensure the annual operating costs are covered. Elise is to contact Sandy to get an update as this is the last meeting before the actual race.

Secretarial note: Sandy reported that the number of registrants both directly and via the Running Room totals 130, which he says, is more than last year’s numbers at this time. He is confident that there will be 300 runners. Lisa DeAngelis will be designing the post race notices and newspaper acknowledgements. Volunteers on race day are needed and some are needed now to help put together the runners packages. Please contact Sandy directly at 385-1507 to offer some of your time.

5e. Mini Parks

Cindy suggested it was important for the Association to do strategic planning with the members and the community in order to determine what should be done with regard to the development of the mini-parks.

Linda Thomas outlined the options that had been raised by the members at the last meeting and discussed by the executive the previous night regarding projects that could be undertaken now while the mini-parks situation was being reviewed.

(1) Memorial park – This would be a larger project that would need Council and community support both for the concept/design and financing. A detailed plan and illustration of the concept would be required before seeking partnerships. To build the community’s level of confidence in WIBTA as successful project is needed.

(2) Picnic spots – One of the most frequently asked questions at the Information Centre is where to have a picnic and swim, within walking distance. Linda noted this had not been one of the options put forward for discussion however, it may be something that could be accomplished in a short amount of time.

(3) Community Centre Board – They are working on two projects, water and lighting. The Association could help with the Board’s fundraising of the $11,000.00 needed to finance their 1/3 of the lighting costs. The area is utilized for various community events and would fit with a park project theme.

(4) Big Sandy Bay – The idea of helping with the

park at the gatehouse area was discussed, however the

Friends of Big Sandy Bay were in place to do this. Linda Van Hal presented the drawing of the plans for the entry and reported on a successful open house weekend. She also noted they would be looking for donations of trees

native to the Island and large rocks for some of the landscaping projects this fall. Members interested in making a donation are to contact Linda VH at 385-1521 or

Discussion: It was noted that the Community Centre Board has developed a plan for the municipally owned area but has not put it forward to the community and this should be done before WIBTA decides to provide funds. The Community Centre Board should come to the July meeting with the plan and a proposal for partnering with the Association. The WIBTA Parks Committee must be re-established to go out to the community at large and other organizations to determine what it is they want. A call to chair this committee was made but no one stepped forward.

Decision: Elise will invite the Community Centre Board to attend the July meeting to present their plans. Elise will also contact members of the original WIBTA Parks ommittee to determine whether one of them would become the chair and who was interested in remaining on the committee.

5f. Fundraising

(1) Art in the Garden Tour – Liz reported that 111 tickets had been sold to date and they were confident that there would be 150 participants. Several permanent assets had been purchased through the tour including 4 large portable canopies, 6 sandwich/display boards and banners to be hung from the canopies entitled “Wolfe Island – Naturally”. These could be used for a variety of events on and off the Island to promote Island events and products. All these were covered under the OSTAR grant. It was suggested that rules for the use of these items, in particular the canopies be established. Attached is full page ad that appeared in the June issue of the Spotlight..

(2) Wonder Bird Raffle – Elise noted that she had not had time to gather the tickets/money before the meeting, but some had been sold which put the raffle ahead of last year. Liz noted that the sandwich boards promoting the raffle would be placed at the Information Centre and Mosier’s Service Station.

(3) Book Sale – It had been a very quiet weekend but the sales still netted $805. The remaining books would be given to the symphony and a fresh collection started for the fall sale. Everyone is encouraged to start setting aside their books to donate to the next sale. Elise will ensure this is added to the next Things to do on Wolfe Island brochure.

5g. Information Centre

The volunteers are working out very well and seem happy with the Centre and their responsibilities. Beth wanted to note that it has been a delight working with the volunteers. Many of their suggestions have been utilized.

The work on the cabinet and wall maps continues and should be completed within the next week. The new bench, carpets, curtains and brochure board are in place. Island brochures are placed at the top of the board for maximum exposure. The colours selected for the Centre are Canadian Heritage colours and were chosen to match the cherry desk designed and donated by Steve Roy. The exterior sign stand constructed by Dave Joy using Cindy Day’s stainless steel from the old cheese factory, has been erected. Thanks again to Dave and Bruce Mellon for a wonderful job. Donna Morton did a wonderful job of cleaning the Centre from top to bottom for the opening and continues on a weekly basis to keep it in shape.

David Colburn reported that Jeremy Balint was selected to complete the carpentry work for the sitting area to the side of the Centre. He would be funded directly by Ian Baines. Again thanks to Ian for his generous donation.

Marjorie Bousfield has offered to assist in selecting just the right plants for the planters. Volunteers will be needed to help stain the benches and planters once they are done.

Secretarial note: In May there were 325 visitors and as of the 15th of June there were 599!

5h. Beauty of Wolfe Island Photo Contest

David Colburn reported that the new rules had been developed and Margaret would be reformatting the flyers. The contest has been simplified to adult and youth categories. Cameral Kingston and Fuji were continuing to sponsor the contest and Jack Chiang would once again be the judge. It was noted that the rules specified that the photos must be unique to Wolfe Island and that Jack was aware of this requirement when judging. The contest end date is set for 27 Sep 04.

6. New Business:

(1) United Church Hall – It has been suggested that a donation be made for the use of the Hall for our meetings.

Motion: Liz Crothers moved that $200.00 be donated to the United Church for the use of the hall this year and that a donation be built into the WIBTA budget for next year. Seconded by Chris Angenent. Carried.

(2) Hospitality Expos - Due to the lateness of the meeting, this report will be deferred to the July meeting.

(3) Upcoming Events: The Music Fest has been set for 7 Aug 04 and the Molly Brant Show will be held 21 Aug 04. This show involves a small.l dedicated group of actors and they will make use of several Island participants. Reverend Carr is the contact person for this event.

7. Other Business:

(1) Bursary: This had been suggested and approved by the membership at the last meeting and it should be designed in order to be in place for this fall.

Decision: Elise would research the criteria for bursuries and present it for discussion at the July meeting.

(2) CKWS will be visiting the Island this Friday, specifically Bob Pyke’s garden to do a report on the Garden Tour and then visit Pykeview Farms.

(3) Ontario Drinking Water Regulations Frontenac County and WIBTA will be sponsoring a public meeting regarding the new regulations. Jim Mahoney from the Ministry of the Environment and William Vander Wilp from McLellan Water Technologies will be on hand to answer questions. The meeting is set for Tuesday 22 June 04, at the Community Hall at 7:00 pm. Pre-registration is advised and you may contact Cara Hunter at 548-9400 ext 331.

Secretarial Note: An online economic impact questionnaire has been designed to gather critical information to help understand the impact these new regulations have for rural communities. It was initiated because it was felt the government has not made an effort to assess the economic impact of their regulations on tourism and rural businesses. This study is being hosted by, Acrobat Research Ltd, an independent data collection firm. All responses will be confidential. The study is designed for anyone who serves the public and draws water from a private drinking-water system, not a municipal water system. The website for the questionnaire is

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm NEXT MEETING: 20 JULY 04