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July 20, 2004

2004 July

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
Held Tuesday 20 July 2004
At the United Church Hall

Attending: Executive: President – Jim Calvin,
Vice-President – Cindy Day
Secretary – Elise Huffman
Directors: Liz Crothers, Carol Doyle, David Colburn

Members: Linda Van Hal, Chris Angenent, Sandy
Hunter, Dan Mosier, Jarda Zborovsky,
Margaret Knott, Nancy Steele, Mostafa Ismail,
Brian MacDonald, Betty Ann & David Field

Guests: Samit Sharma, Gaia Power Inc,
Benoit Fortin, SkyPower Corp,
Betty Rozendall, Ortech Env (CREC)
Reverend Chris Carr

Meeting commenced at 7:05 pm

July 2004 meeting minutes in MS Word format

1. President’s Remarks: Jim wanted to acknowledge some of the activities of the Association noting that it had been a most active spring:

(i) Information Centre - Chris Angenent added a new awning to the front of the building and his wife Sophie sewed the new curtains and bench cushion. Steve Roy built and donated the counter and is finishing a storage cabinet as well. Elise Huffman refreshed the paint and display areas and Beth Caldwell has marshaled a dedicated group of volunteers. The Centre portrays the Island in a positive and professional fashion and represents the Association very well. Thanks for all the work.

(ii) Art in the Garden Tour – Liz will deliver a complete report later, but for a first time event that drew almost 300 people it was a great success. Positive compliments have been coming in from many people. He congratulated all those who work so hard on this project and will write a special letter to both Diane Kerbel and Cathie Harroun to express the thanks of the Association.

(iii) Classic Road Race – Sandy once again produced a first class run, the organization, number of participants and the weather were all great. Sandy will provide a report later in the meeting. Congratulations to all on 3 home runs!

2. Agenda Amendments: The following items were added to the agenda:-

Nominating committee
Community Asset Mapping Project
K-Rock proposal

The presentation on the Community Centre Board plans will be deferred to the Sept meeting.

3. Minutes: Margaret Knott did not receive the minutes from the June meeting. Secretary will forward them and double check the email address. Elise noted that the several items regarding congratulations and funding for several members had been left out of the minutes as well as an attachment of the full page add run in the Spotlight for the Art in the Garden Tour. The website link regarding the water regulation was corrected by Linda Van Hal and wanted to clarify the information in para 5e on the parks committees and deadline for OSTAR ideas, para 5c. An amended copy of the minutes would be re-issued to all members. Motion: Liz Crothers moved that the minutes, as amended, be approved. Seconded by Margaret Knott. Carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Linda Thomas was unable to attend the meeting at the last minute. Sandy was able to report that the Road Race had raised approximately $5000.00. Cindy raised the idea again of investing some of the money and it was noted that Linda was researching this idea and would report on it at the next meeting. Elise reported that the Executive had discussed continuing to support several community organizations agreed to donate $150.00 to the Music Fest, Horse Club, Fire Department and Chili Fest (in February). A $200.00 donation will be made to the United Church Hall for the use of the facilities during the past year.

5. Guest Presentations: Jim welcomed back Samit Sharma of Gaia Power to present an update on the restructuring of the company. He also welcomed his wife Reshma, who accompanied Samit to the meeting. Gaia is currently involved in several projects in Saskatchewan, Kingston and Wolfe Island. The province has set the criteria for awarding a 100 megawatt project to a company with experience in power plant construction, finance and management and so Gaia has now entered into a joint venture with Sky Power. Gaia is the manager of the project with SkyPower and Hearthmakers, the partners. All the studies have been done, 1400 acres of land has been optioned and Gaia is ready to respond to the provincial RFPs with both the 100 and 36 megawatt projects.

They are currently looking for approximately 1500 more acres of land west of the winter dock. Land east will be viewed on a case by case basis, as long as it is in line with the plans now in place. Samit felt that Gaia was in a favourable position for the 25 August bid date and took the time to thank Brian MacDonald and David Colburn for their kind assistance. Samit then introduced Benoit … a representative of the new partner, Sky Power.

Benoit noted that SkyPower, owned by the Adler family, has an aggressive mandate to produce, by the end of 2009, 5000 megawatts generated by wind power. Their motto is “go big or go home.” Gaia was selected as a partner because the Island project was a good site according to the wind maps and years of wind measurements collected, the project was advanced and had been awarded first slot in the IMFO for a connection and met it the criteria for the RFP.

Sky Power is also associated with Citizen Energy, an American company, which allows greater access the US market. The location of Wolfe Island to the US provides future possibilities for energy deals directly to the US. Benoit reassured the members that the company was a true and invested partner with a definite 10-15 year commitment to the community with renewal for many years into the future. The company also believes in giving back to the community by supporting local charities and projects and offered to help fund projects on Wolfe Island.

Jim took the opportunity to practice his French and thanked Benoit in his native language. Questions and discussion from the members clarified that CREC was working toward the single 100 megawatt project on Wolfe Island while Gaia was submitting for both the 100 and 36 megawatt projects. The government altered the project so that now long-term power purchase can be made only with the province. Ontario Power Authority will administer the project. Cables and transmission lines will be a combination of new underground installations and using existing poles. The environmental assessment for the cable line to support the 36 megawatt project has been completed.

6a. Fundraising Committee: Liz reported that although not all the final numbers have been collated the Art in the Garden event had been a total success. It appears that financially, the event broke even and the Association will take about $3000.00 to the bottom line thanks to the OSTAR refund that covered some of the expenses. Plus there were several assets acquired that can be used for other events, ie four canopies, pennants and sign boards. These canopies can be rented by members, for $10 each with a $25 damage deposit, for other events. Cindy and Liz will create the rental forms and manage the canopies, David will design a web page on the rental procedures and instructions for use.

The Art in the Garden Committee feels it knows now how to turn a considerable profit in the years to come. All the feedback forms had been positive, several lessons were learned and will be put to use next year. Liz wanted to give a special thanks to Cathie Harroun and Diane Kerbel for their unwavering enthusiasm, energy, creativity and determination to make this event happen. Also thanks to Pat Sanford for her huge contribution organizing all the artists and endless hours of help with the program. To summarize the fundraising to date:
Take the plunge $1500.00
Book sale 814.00
Garden Tour/OSTAR 3300.00
Bird Raffle 480.00

Total $6094.00

The bird raffle is picking up and it is hoped that it will raise another $3000.00 and the fall book sale to bring in another $1200 - $1400.00.

Linda Van Hal asked if the committee was still going have pictures for the website and a summary of the event, good promotion for next year. Liz will look into it. Margaret Knott has a number of pictures of the garden tour. It was noted that CKWS had produced a segment on Pykeview Farms and the Garden Tour.

6b. Classic Road Race: This year there were 411 paid registrants with 340 being pre-registered. The cap of 500 runners was set because 400 was close to the boat’s capacity. Sandy felt that the event could make $10,000.00 without a lot of extra work, by means of more advance organization and sponsorship. There was about the same number of Island runners but the number from Ottawa was growing.

The pre-registration worked very well, it reduced the chaos of race day. The Island Grill provided breakfast to 130 runners to entice them to arrive on an earlier boat. The Running Room donated a $100 draw prize at the breakfast. Next year, potties will be located in the laneway closer to the start line of the race. Lisa DeAngelis was designing the thank you letter to Islanders and an ad for the Whig Standard. David Colburn is designing a slide show for the website. Sandy provided a detailed report of the revenue and expenses to the Executive.

Elise noted that a picture and article about the 24th running of the Classic had been published in the Heritage.

Jim thanked Sandy and Barb for all their hard work in developing the race into professional event known across the province, establishing the association with K-Rock and the running room and introducing innovations like online registration and the new timing devices, all of which reflects so well on WIBTA. They would be missed and so far, no one has been located to fill their shoes. Sandy said he will do a handover to the next coordinator and create a binder outlining the events and committee responsibilities and would be willing to take on some of the advance work with the new committee.

6c. Brochure Committee: Elise reported on several opportunities that gave WIBTA a chance to showcase our community, events and businesses.

(i) Hospitality & Tourism Expo 2004 and Boldt Castle Open House – Linda Thomas and Elise Huffman attended, 19 May 04, and spent the day exchanging brochures and ideas with about 26 other organizations, both US and Canadian. The general public also toured the tables and picked up information on the Island. Our table displayed various works of local artists as well as flyers of events and activities. Our table was considered the best at the show. We donated a loaf of bread from the Wolfe Island Bakery for their end of day raffle!

(ii) 1000 Island Region Annual Brochure Swap & Picnic – Liz Crothers and Elise Huffman attended, 27 May 04. It was an open air affair with 65 cars/vans in the parking lot displaying their brochures. We made up bundles, tied with bows, of the main WI brochure plus various flyers/posters highlighting activities and events on the Island. Liz “shopped” the other cars for information and handed out our bundles which received lots of interest and compliments.

(iii) Muskoka art show – Last week Bruce Mellon asked for information to take to this show, so 100 brochures were made up. Included were several flyers of upcoming events on the Island ie. Events calendar, Bizarre Bazaar, Scene of the Crime, Artisan Auction, Big Sandy Bay. In order to provide information on the various businesses, ie B&Bs, restaurants… laminated copies of members individual brochures were made and fastened to a chain for display at Bruce’s table. In this way, the information was available for all to see and visitors could take the main brochure to make future contact. This reduced the cost to the businesses of reproducing their costly coloured brochures but put the information out on public display. The laminated copies will be returned to the Information Centre for use there and for additional out of town events. Secretarial note: Nancy Steele will also be making use of the brochure bundles and laminate copies at the Art Fair in Kingston 13-15 Aug 04.

(iv) Kingston B&Bs/Hotels - brochure packages of 10-50, some including flyers have been delivered and will be restocked later in Aug/Sept to include the fall/winter events.

The What to Do On Wolfe Island brochure is doing well. Margaret Knott has also completed the new bird list brochure called Herons, Hawks and Humming Birds.

6d. Website Committee: Linda Van Hal reported that the committee had met and identified a number of minor deficiencies on the site and contracted David Colburn to fix them. Members will notice that the calendar is easier to read, printing pages is more user friendly as is updating business directory information. The guidelines for promoting special events on the site are being finalized and members ideas are sought.

The Executive discussed the purchase of a digital camera instead of the $2000-$3000 webcam that was approved under OSTAR. The cost for a Fuji camera with memory upgrade was researched and Camera Kingston offered an excellent one in the range of $700-$800.00.

Discussion: The original idea was a webcam for virtual tours, the digital camera could be used for still photos and be connected to a laptop to present a short video clip of an event on site. It could be used to generate revenue by having Information Centre staff trained to produce virtual postcards. It could be taken to brochure swaps/events to show video clips. A marketing plan should be designed to make the best use of the camera. Pros included taking pictures of special events, creating travel logs/videos, potential revenue. Cons included more “stuff” for the Association to take care of and built in obsolescence of the equipment. Linda wants to discuss the change with the OSTAR analyst and David will write up a paragraph detailing the uses and benefits to the Association of such a purchase.

Motion: Linda moved that the Association purchase the Fuji camera from Camera Kingston with a memory upgrade in the amount of $800.00 once OSTAR approval has been received. Seconded by Liz Crothers. Carried. Jim noted that the camera would be the responsibility of the Website Steering Committee.

6e. Tourist Info Centre: Elise reported that there had been approximately 404 visitors to the Centre in May, 1880 in June (300 for the Garden Tour) and 2005 up to 2o July (250 for the Road Race). The work on the Centre continues, Steve Roy is still building the storage cabinet and Jeremy Balint has started building the outdoor planters, benches and table. New brochures include CREC wind information and books, birdlist and the Wolfe Island Boat Shop. Members are encouraged to send more copies of their brochures.

Welcome to Marjorie Crothers a new volunteer and welcome back to Helen Jeannette now that her health has improved. A group of US bicyclists on their annual tour of the area, arrived last week only to find that their campground was closed. They spoke with Marjorie Crothers at the Centre in search of accommodation for the young troop and Marjorie and Liz generously offered the use of a section of their waterfront property at the head. They not only received the thanks of the young campers but the parent group from the Catskills called to express their delight at this unusual and kind offer. We add our thanks as well.

Linda Thomas is working with the students at the Centre to finish transcribing the interviews into “products” for the Association’s use. More information at the next meeting.

6f. Bylaw Revisions: Cindy reported that the bylaws were mailed to all members, there had been 3 readings and now a motion to adopt the revisions was needed.

Discussion: Alter the conflict of interest in section 10.02, need to write a policy on competitive bidding, the Board will meet in Aug to discuss the policies and how to implement the new bylaws, the membership should be invited to participate in the creation of the policies, section 6.02 to include those engaged in business projects on the Island.

Motion: Margaret Knott moved that the bylaws prepared by the bylaw revision committee, chaired by Cindy Day, be approved subject to changes to be made to section 6.01 and 10.02 as discussed at this meeting. Seconded by Liz Crothers. Carried.

6g. Parks Committee: Elise reported that 3 members of the current committee have expressed an interest in remaining, while 2 have declined and 2 are undecided. Further discussion on the committee and its restructuring is deferred to the September meeting.

6h. Student Bursary: Elise researched various bursary programs but further discussion will be deferred to the September meeting.

6i. Canal Project: Linda Van Hal, the project coordinator, reported that the committee had made a presentation to Council and have been directed to continue discussions with landowners regarding other options for use, determine general guidelines for boat access, culvert types and sizes and financial costs. The committee is still moving forward on the discussions but until the next presentation to Council, nothing has been formalized.

7. New Business:
(i) Provincial Water Regulations – Cindy reported on the meeting sponsored by the County of Frontenac and WIBTA, held on the Island 22 Jun 04 to discuss how business owners will be affected by the new Ontario Drinking Water regulations. Jim Mahoney from the Ministry of the Environment presented a summary of the regulations and William Vander Wilp from McLellan Water Technologies provided ideas on the costs of compliance and continuous testing. The general feeling from participants was that compliance was an extremely onerous task and many rural businesses will not remain be able to remain in business with these additional costs.

Designated facilities have already enforced the regulations but for others, time has been given to provided input on the impact to the government. It is important to note that no facility can elect to opt out of these regulations simply by putting up signs warning not to drink the water. The next step is a letter writing campaign from the affected businesses. There is an online survey and hard copies of the survey available at the Town Hall. Cindy and Karen Fischer, from the County, will convene a meeting in September to engage those businesses affected and interested community members to formulate a collective response to the government.

Discussion: It should be a government responsibility to inspect the supply of safe water once the business has complied with the regulations. Linda Van Hal noted that the Women’s Institute has raised this issue to their head office. It may be of benefit to look into this for ideas to include in the letter writing campaign. Jim reported that the Council had been briefed on the regulations and suggested that a letter of endorsement from the Council may help the campaign.

Secretarial note: A summary of the water regulations presentation is attached to these minutes.

(ii) Nominating Committee – Jim will source the members of this committee to begin the preparations for the next election.

(iii) K-Rock - Jim reported that a representative from K-Rock had approached several businesss and himself, to discuss a joint advertising package. In a similar situation in Gananoque, the businesses paid for a portion of the package and the Chamber of Commerce paid for the rest. The series of ads would be divided in half, the first would be a generic presentation of information on the Island, the second half would then advertise a specific business or group of businesses. The Board discussed this at their July meeting and decided that for $2500.00 and the late start to the season, it would not be advisable to participate this year. K-Rock was informed that early next year would be a better time to make a presentation to the members. Linda Thomas suggested that it would be good to have the presentation before the final discussions of the WIBTA budget.

Secretarial note: The Key to Kingston and GTA Restaurantour have also been in touch to discuss cooperative advertising efforts for next year.

(iv) Community Asset Mapping - The CFDC project is aimed at producing brochures that target different categories of events/activities/businesses etc throughout the county. The ideas it to highlight tourism related assets and businesses to attract visitors to the area. To produce individual brochures is expensive and time consuming, so a collective approach would be beneficial, ie a brochure about all the biking trails in the area, or the B&B’s.

The CFDC is looking for funding sources and volunteers for this project from the Land of Lakes Tourist Association, CFCD, Frontenac County and Wolfe Island. If WIBTA is interested in participating, a donation of $1000-$1500.00 to the project would be reasonable. The cost for the entire project has been estimated at between $50-$60,000.00.

Discussion: Concern that we are a well-organized but small group and our contribution might be based on population to avoid paying an inappropriate amount. We are currently identified with the Thousand Islands rather than the Land of Lakes and we should consider how we want to brand ourselves. This could enhance our profile as long as we don’t lose our current identity. There was some concern that the county was an inappropriate level to collate the information, it is better done at the local level. This project is similar to the successful one done for the Prince Edward County. Cindy will bring more information to the Sep meeting. Note that the production of the package is to be completed by Feb/Mar 05.

8. Other Business:
(i) Photo Contest – The money for entries will be handled through the Information Centre. David Colburn and Elise will meet to discuss the procedures.

(ii) French Festival - Jim was invited to sit on the reviewing stand for the opening events at this year’s festival. He attended, spoke French, met with several people who had attended the WIBTA BBQ last year, ate pasteries and enjoyed the day!

(iii) Annual Fox Hunt – A concern was raised that the fox hunters were having difficulty holding the hunt on the Island and that they bring $10-$12,000.00 to the Island every year and could use WIBTA’s support. Jim, in his councilors hat, summarized the situation: In order for the fox hunters to use the area with ATV’s, the Big Sandy Bay (BSB) Stewardship Committee discussed with their partners, the creation of a special permit for the event. This would allow the hunters to use the area, have 3 ATV’s for the judges use only and to go no faster than a walking pace on designated areas for the hunt period. This permit would cost $300.00, which worked out to 100 people for 3 days at $3.00 per person. The permit has been sent to the Fox Hunters Association for signature and the BSB Stewardship Committee is awaiting their response. Members felt that this situation did not require WIBTA intervention/support.

(iv) Member’s moments – Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Tony Rego, he is limping along on a broken foot, but back to work. Congratulations to Cathie Harroun on another successful project, she has passed her Canadian Citizenship test! Congratulations to Marysville Public School and Scene of the Crime on their receipt of funding from the Communtity Foundation of Greater Kingston. SOTC received an arts and culture grant for the Crime Festival, “Grant Allen Project, special events for crime writers and the general public”. Marysville received the YAC Investors Group Kickstart! Mini-Grants for the “Marysville Garden Improvement Plan: This grade ¾ class has involved the community and local businesses in their garden and wishes to buy tools and seeds.”

(v) No August Meeting: There will be a short summer break, no general monthly meeting in August. See you in September.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 21 september 2004

Upcoming events:

Annual Artisan Silent Auction 5 Aug 04
Wolfe Island Music Fest 7 Aug 04
All Western Horse Show 14 Aug 04
Scene of the Crime 14 Aug 04
Molly Brant 20 Aug 04
United Church Pork Roast BBQ 21 Aug 04
WI Fire Department Golf/Dance 21 Aug 04
Close of entries for WI photo contest 7 Sep 04
WI Plowing Match 11 Sep 04
Mini rally/scavenger hunt 11 Sep 04
Beauty of WI Photo Exhibition 25 Sep 04