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September 21, 2004

2004 September

WIBTA Minutes of Meeting held 21 Sep 04, 7:00 pm at the United Church Hall

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Executive: President: Jim Calvin;
Vice-President: Cindy Day
Secretary: Elise Huffman;
Treasurer: Linda Thomas
Directors: David Colburn,
Carol Doyle,
Liz Crothers

Members: Pat Sanford, Chris Angenent, Brian MacDonald, Linda Van Hal, Frank Balint, Jarda Zborovsky,
Cathie Harroun, Diane Kerbel, Barbara LaRocque, Nancy Steele

Call to Order: Jim opened the meeting at 7:12 pm

1. Presidentís Remarks:

Jim, in his role as Councilor, had recently attended a series of seminars hosted by the provincial government that were of interest to WIBTA.

1. The Trillium Fund offered a dynamic program of grants in two areas, sports/recreational and art/culture. One program has $7 million to dispense. As the Association moves forward it will need to partner in its projects and it has become clear that it is a struggle, witness the difficulties with the parks. It may be possible to partner with the Community Centre Board and they are interested, but in order to fund a large project, it may be an idea to apply for a sports/recreation Trillium grant.The Community Centre Board will be presenting their master plan to the Council, after which it would be a good time to consult with them. They will then hold a public meeting for community input.

2. The Premier Ranked Destination project is a provincial program aimed at cataloging regional attractions/events/activities and then developing a marketing plan to benefit that particular region. The 1000 Islands Marketing Group was involved in this project and it may be a good idea to get hooked up with them.

In terms of WIBTA business, Pat Sanford and Brian MacDonald have agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee and they will be canvassing members interested in serving on the new board.
Jim announced that he would not be seeking a third term as the President as he had found that Council and Big Sandy Bay required a lot more of his time than he had realized.

2. Minutes

Minutes were reviewed. Motion: Pat Sanford moved they be accepted, seconded by Jarda Zborovsky. Carried.

3. Treasurerís Report

Linda noted that this was going to be a shorter year due to the new term beginning 1 Oct 04. The general account stands at approximately $20,000.00 however the OSTAR grant money has not yet been received nor the annual insurance bill. A reserve fund of $2500.00 has been established.

Motion: David Colburn moved to accept the Treasurerís report, seconded by Brian MacDonald. Carried.

Secretarial note: Copy of treasurerís report is attached to these minutes.

4. Fundraising Committee

Liz reported that this yearís bird sculpture had raised $1465.00. Linda Van Hal then drew the winning ticket; Sherri Orr!

The next event, the book sale will be held but its location depends on the boat being at the summer or winter dock. Jim will check with MTO as to the location for the weekend of 9-10 Oct 04.
Diane Kerbel made note that a poster was being circulated looking for interested gardens, gardeners and volunteers for the 2nd Art in the Garden Tour. Next year the tour will take place from the canal to the foot of the island. Contacts are Diane Kerbel and Cathie Harroun.
Discussion: The community needs to see the purpose of the fundraising efforts, how we help other organizations, a visible project. One idea is to highlight the groups WIBTA has assisted in a fall newsletter to the community. It was suggested that other organizations be made aware that we welcome a presentation on their needs and how we can assist them. It would be a good idea to have a bulletin board/case on the boat to post WIBTA information. Jim will check with MTO on this as well. It is important that fundraising efforts versus festivals is clearly defined, budgets are more closely monitored and people understand what they are doing.

Secretarial note: MTO is willing to put up a case if WIBTA supplies the design.

5. Tourist Information Centre

Elise noted that the volunteers continue to work hard and the schedule for Sept and Oct has been set. In July there were 2847 people, August saw 2920 and for the first few weeks of Sep 889. The volunteer appreciation luncheon will take place sometime at the end of Oct but no date or location has been confirmed at this time. The benches and planters for the kiosk have been stained and put into place. Now the gravel will be arranged from the township.

6. Photo Contest

David reported that the public viewing of the photos took place at the Community Hall on 5 Sep 04. The 2004 prize winners are as follows: First place: Marilyn Grise; Second place: Sandra McCready; Third place: John Posthumus. Runners up: Henriette Hoekstra, Marilyn Grise, Emily Hawken, Ellen Napier, John deVette, Chris Leeman, Theresa Broeders, Jennifer Bell, Deidre Reddick, LeeAnne Sammon and Maureen Kane. The winner of the new category, the Peopleís Choice went to Marilyn Grise - a triple crown!

7. New Business

7.1. Jim reviewed the upcoming Frontenac CFDC grants that were available based on on the Eastern Ontario Economic Renewal Fund. The Executive met and decided to apply for a 3 grants as follows:

(a) Marketing Plan for 2005:

The Township plans to complete an advertising campaign for Big Sandy Bay and thought that instead of focusing on one aspect of the community, it should broaden the campaign to include the other start up businesses ie. the golf courses, Island Grill, Wolfe Manor and Woodman House. In partnership with the Council, the grant application was expanded to $50,000. with Council putting in $5000.00 and WIBTA $5000.00 of which $2000 would come from the Association and then $3000 from participating businesses. The grant would be used to hire a professional marketing firm to redefine Wolfe Island as a destination in its own right and to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for 2005 in consultation with local businesses. A portion of the money would pay for this consultant and the remainder would pay for the advertising. David Colburn is the contact person for this grant.

(b) Community Asset Mapping:

This project is being initiated by a consultant "Making a Difference". They have been to Wolfe Island and other communities hosting focus groups to help build the strategic plan for the Frontenac CFDC. In a coordinated effort to help profile the county, the FCFDC, Frontenac County, Land of Lakes Tourism Association and WIBTA are partnering with this consultant to produce a community asset map brochure and webpage with the theme of Arts, Culture and Events in the Frontenacs. The application is for a $22,000.00 grant which must be expended by 31 Mar 05. The LOL Tourism Association will be the main distributing organization due to their wide ranging contacts across Canada and the US. Cindy Day is the contact person for this grant.

(c) Cycle Wolfe Island:

This has become a popular attraction and so it a grant in the amount of $10,000.00 was submitted to purchase a number of adult and child bikes along with helmets, bike stands and locks. This project builds on the bike route maps and signage already completed. The money also covers the cost of some repairs. Linda Thomas is the contact person for this grant.

Putting on his Council hat, Jim reported that the Township has also applied for funding to hire a consultant to create a business plan/study for a local sewage/pickup service. If some local entrepreneur decided to launch such a business, the skeleton plan would be ready for consideration. As well, they have applied for money to hire clerical help to continue the archiving project. Jim viewed our chances with optimism as the FCFDC election of the new board was upcoming and Greg Caldwell was staying and with luck, Liz Crothers would be replacing Cindy Day.

A note of caution, the CFDC has not yet received federal money for these grants, so we may not get as much as has been applied for or anything at all.

7.2. Pat Sanford had information on several projects. First she announced that the Art Across the Island gallery hosted over 20 artisans and was a success. She thanked WIBTA for its support. An application to use the Community Centre next year is already in the works. An interesting factoid, more art was sold to Islanders than tourists!

The Christmas at the Factory event will be held this year on Saturday, 27 Nov 04 from 9:30 to 3:30 pm.

A new project being developed is the Historic Murals. Two murals in different locations will be painted using old photos of the Island by local artists Linda Sutherland, Kim Woodman and Pat herself. The target date for unveiling the murals is May long weekend. Financial support from WIBTA will be discussed later as costs are determined.

7.3. Barbara LaRocque noted that her interviews are ongoing and the residents have been very receptive. She will be spending the winter writing.

7.4. Elise suggested that the poster board at Horneís Ferry on the US side should be included in discussions for next years advertising. As well as maybe having one on the Island side to showcase events/activities. Linda T. relayed a suggestion from Sarah, one of our summer students, that an information board be placed on the window at the Kingston ferry terminal. (Sarah is an active, outgoing individual and was a great hit at the kiosk. A photo of her other activities is attached to these minutes.) The board could show a large map of the Island with special interest sites and events and have a place for flyers too. It should have a lock on it. Jim will inquire about this too when he meets with MTO representative.

7.5. Jarda recommended that WIBTA should do something to support local businesses that may otherwise not be directly tourism related. A discussion and plan for next year should be considered as the Association is the equivalent of a Chamber of Commerce for the Island. Discussion: A committee should be created to bring concrete ideas to the board on how it may better support those businesses. A focus group of interested people/businesses should be convened to address that specific issue. An invitation should go out to every member. Cindy and Jarda will try to organize a meeting.

7.6. The Pumpkin Weigh In will be 16 Oct 04 and the kiosk will be opened for their use. After that, the information center will have a final clean and will be closed for the season. 7. David Colburn is to be congratulated. He has won the contract to design the new Frontenac County website!

7.8. Congratulations to Pat Downing and Tom St. Laurent for achieving Hollywood status! An article about the Wolfe Island breeders and their renowned golden retrievers recently appeared on the front page of the Whig Standard. A copy is attached to these minutes.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:01 pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 19 Oct 04