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December 14, 2004

2004 December

WIBTA Minutes of Special Meeting held December 14, 2004

At 5:30PM at the United Church Hall

Download these minutes in Word format

Note: There are no separate minutes of the General Meeting held on the same date

Executive: President: Cindy Day;
Vice President: David Colburn;
Secretary: Cecilia Ellis;
Treasurer: Linda Thomas
Directors: Liz Crothers; Cathy Harroun;
Linda Van Hal

Members: David Joy; Maureen Lollar; Nancy Steele;
Neil Bryson; Tom Wroe; Jarda Zborovsky;
Ward McCready; Margaret Knott Ed Kenney; Paul Monroe; Frank Balint

Guest: Lance Gibson,
Frontenac Community Futures
Development Corporation

Call to Order:

Cindy opened the meeting at 5:30PM

Purpose and Procedure of the Meeting:

The topic of this special meeting is "Planning our Future". This is the second of 2 sessions intended to acquire membership input to determine a strategic plan for the Association. An outline of discussion points was provided as a guide (attached to the minutes of the first session). This session resumed the Round-Table discussion, led by Lance Gibson, at item 5 of the outline: Members/Membership

Summary of Comments:

Membership Dues Structure

1. We should consider some form of ‘prorated’ membership fee. Should look at costs to service the membership...perhaps look at similar memberships around Kingston as a guide.

2. Perhaps we should look at some level of involvement, or corporate vs. individual. We have to be careful how we justify pro-ration...or even an increase. We don’t want to discourage ‘general’ members who occasionally come to meetings.

3. Other groups in the Island charge between $15 and $35. In Kingston, some dues are as high as $50, but we should keep ours below that, but $20 is too low.

4. $20 is fine. We don’t want WIBTA to become an exclusive club WIBTA has other ways of raising money.

5. Fees have not increased since inception. Perhaps a good structure would be
· general interest member w/ email $20
· general interest member w/o email $30
· business member w. email $30-$35
· business member w/o email $35-$40
We will be doing a lot more promotion and the website is a very good value. There are administration costs, mailings, Information Centre. Do we want to use our fundraising $$ for administration costs or special projects?

6. The mandate of the new Membership Committee should look at the structure. Perhaps consider a sponsorship level as well; a lot of companies come over here to do business such as fuel and sewage disposal.

Outreach and Member Services

1. We should have a newsletter telling people what we have been doing since a lot don’t know what we do. It could be updated on an annual basis. It’s important to tell people what we have to offer and what we can do for them. We should have another website workshop.

2. There are a lot (about 30) of other organizations on the Island, and not all know what each other does, e.g. misinformation about WIBTA that WIBTA needs to fix. Also, WIBTA should break the ice – liaison with other organizations. Perhaps there should be an association that includes all of them.

3. We shouldn’t be telling people what we might do; rather what we have done and we should really promote it.

4. Maybe we could have a membership directory or list. We have to be careful about privacy issue, though.

5. Mass mailings are way to publish our goals and achievements. Also, going door-to-door especially with new residents (there are new homes always being built), e.g. personal approach. We must keep our membership happy and recognize each of them.

6. We should acknowledge life-changing events, milestones, etc.

7. How do we attract younger people? When 55 is one of the younger people, we have a problem. There are WIBTA members who could function in a mentoring capacity.

8. There are still a lot of businesses that aren’t represented in WIBTA. Outreach is very important.

Community Development

Liaising with other organizations

1. How to we connect with other organizations. WIBTA must take the first step. Perhaps we should host an organizations night and find out what we all do.

2. We should set up a data base of all other organizations, highlight each others business, and make sure we invite them onto the website.

3. We should have a WIBTA representative on the Canal, Big Sand Bay, Community Centre etc.

4. We must encourage other organizations to have a presence on our website

5. What is WIBTA’s role in the community? What influence do we have.

6. Never see anyone from WIBTA at certain events, like the Rodeo

7. We should approach 4-5 organizations this year and see how we can help them promote their events. Have to make sure we convince them it is still their event. WIBTA could be seen as a central stream of information for all other businesses on the island.

8. We must encourage people to support our businesses, e.g. buy local

Advocate & Influence

1. In small businesses, we have to do everything big businesses do. We should host professional development sessions on things like taxation, bookkeeping, etc. There are probably a lot of topics people would be interested in. CFDC likes to facilitate these kinds of things.

2. We should also set up a reference library for businesses.

3. We should decide what we stand for, and we should only take on challenges that are winnable.

4. We have to remain true to our mandate and our goals


1. Support other organizations with our donations

2. Perhaps encourage other organizations to work for it, e.g. co-sponsor events, or select an additional beneficiary or project.

Planning Expectations

Year 1

1. Encourage people to use the website. Look after our core business which is getting out the brochure and the Info Centre.

2. Tackle community relations problem – seen as though we are just gathering money which doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. We have to spend some money in the community.

3. Outreach, build relationships with other organizations

4. Make sure members have basic services they need from us.

5. Build partnerships outside the Island

6. Honor our volunteers.

7. Find a bricks & mortar project. Hockey Rink repairs?

Longer Term

1. Someone to solicit business for Wolfe Island.

2. Develop a marketing strategy and a catalogue of marketing materials

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9 PM