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January 24, 2006

2006 January

Minutes of General Meeting
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Margaret Knott, Christopher Angenent, David Joy, David Colburn*, Jarda
Zborovsky, David Clark, Nan Keyes, Ken Keyes, Bernard Muller, Clair Muller, Chris Carr, Linda Van Hal*, Betty Doyle, Linda Bruckmann, Eldon McCready, Sandra McCready, Brian MacDonald, George McAllister, Frank Balint, Nancy Steele, Pat Sanford*, Linda Thomas*, Liz Crothers*, Anne Prichard, Margaret Pyke, Cindy Day*.


Call to Order
Cindy Day called the meeting to order at 7:10PM.

No changes or additions.

Minutes of Last Meeting
Motion to accept by David Colburn, 2nd by Liz Crothers to approve with
no changes or additions. Approved.

Treasurerís Report
Linda Thomas presented draft statements prepared by Secker, Ross & Perry for the period ended September 30, 2005, which showed expense over revenue of $3,361, and a cash balance of $12,376. Regarding the draft, Linda said there remain classification issues that need to be resolved. Final statements will be issued mid-February. Motion to receive final statements by Ken Keyes, 2nd by?? Approved. Interim statements for the current year were not presented, however, the Treasurer reported current assets of $16,000 in cash and receivables of $7,045 (from OSTAR).

Committee and Project Reports

Art in the Garden Tour
Liz Crothers (committee chairperson) provided a report showing a comparison of the first two years (2004 and 2005) of the annual event. Both years were a great success in promoting Wolfe Island and our artists, and raising funds for community projects. Based on participant feedback a few logistical changes will be made in 2006. The event is scheduled for Sunday, June 25th, however, planning this yearís event is dependent on additional volunteer involvement.

Wolfe Island Classic Road Race
Linda Thomas (committee chairperson) reported that this yearís event will be on Sunday, July 2nd. Co-chairing is Jim Gore from Kingston with assistance from Sandy Hunter. The brochure has been designed, and prize donors and sponsors are being sought. The Running Room website is up. John Stanton, President of the Running Room will attend this year.

Oral History Project
Linda Thomas reported that 14 interviews have been completed. Of an original grant of $3,500 from the Community Foundation, $1,300 remains which will enable an additional 7 or 8 interviews. Sarah __________ has done a great job, and will continue to do as many as possible.

WCNY Travel Auction
Linda Thomas reported that one package was submitted for the current year (versus 4 packages last year) which includes 2 nights at a B&B, $100 in meals, golf for 2 and a pass to Big Sandy Bay.

Kite Festival
Officially dubbed KiteJam, Linda reported the event will coincide with Chilifest on February 11, with alternate date set on March 11 if there is no ice. Event coordinators, Stan and Annie Claude, will provide demonstrations. Funding for childrenís kite-making kits was provided by CREC.

Linda Van Hal submitted a final report regarding expense reimbursements to OSTAR. While some funds remained unused, it was a very worthwhile program for both WIBTA and the Township by providing funding to initiate and develop sustainable community assets, events and promotional materials. A final report to WIBTA will follow.

Other Business

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45PM. Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21, 2006.