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February 21, 2006

2006 February

Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association
Minutes Feb. 21, 2006

Pat Sanford*, Liz Crothers, Jarda Zborovsky*, Margaret Pyke, Margaret Knott, Brian MacDonald*, David Joy*, George McAllister*, Chris Carr, Frank Balint, Linda Thomas*, Cindy Day*. *executive

Call to Order
Pat Sanford called the meeting to order at approximately 7PM.
No changes or additions.

Minutes of Last Meeting (Jan. 24, 2006)
Motion to accept by Margaret Knott, 2nd by Liz Crothers with no changes or additions. Approved.

President’s Remarks
Pat Sanford, newly elected president, welcomed everyone. She stated that going forward, meetings would continue on the 3rd Tuesday at the United Church, but doors will be open at 6:30PM in order to promptly begin the meeting at 7PM. Meetings will be short, to the point and on topic in order for a timely adjournment. Pat outlined the following direction and priorities for 2006:

1. WIBTA will concentrate on building strong community relations through partnering with other organizations, actively listening and providing financial support when appropriate and possible. WIBTA members and volunteers possess a wealth of skills, talent and knowledge which we will attempt to “inventory” in order to suggest as additional community resources.
2. WIBTA will continue with its two primary events: the Classic Road Race and the Art in the Garden Tour. Together, they raise about $8,000 for the purpose of providing working capital (info center, web site, etc.), and supporting other community events and objectives. We will consider seeking participatory partners in these events.
3. WIBTA will continue to support and enhance its communication and marketing efforts:

· The significant asset produced in 2005 with EODF funds must be fully utilized and made available/accessible to all Island stakeholders. The marketing pieces/tools, opportunities and partnerships developed through that initial effort must be carried forward.

· The “business” brochure produced annually (in the last few years) will not be reproduced this year due to an abundant surplus of those of previous years. Instead, we will produce an insert (to 2005) of additions and deletions. Instead, also, we will plan to produce a business directory.

· We will produce and distribute a (seasonal) newsletter highlighting events and businesses on the Island.

Treasurer’s Report
Linda presented the final draft of the auditor’s report. Motion to accept by Dave Joy, 2nd by Liz Crothers. Approved.

Committee Reports and Projects

Art in the Garden Tour
Liz reported that sponsorships are well underway and that the fire department/association may do the lunch.

Classic Road Race
Linda Thomas (and Jim Gore who is co-chair), reported that plans are well underway. Sponsorships and prize donors are in the process of being sought. Chris Carr asked about the impact on the Island (e.g. is it measurable, and if so, how do we measure?) This is important information and perhaps we could measure the impact through a systematic survey when we welcome folks to the Island (e.g. “tell us how you heard about us” etc.) The Early Years would like to continue its co-event…. medals and bibs are available – perhaps kids in Kingston would like to be included as well.

Linda reported that it is still slated for coinciding with Chilifest. However, if there is no ice, March 11 is still an alternate date. We have small kites for the kids to color and assemble, and perhaps the large kites could be donated to the Community Centre Board to raffle.

Committee Development
WIBTA Bylaw requires three standing committees:
· Membership. Having led the most recent nominating committee, Dave Joy heard the criticism of the organization. This committee is key to engaging the community through listening to and including all sectors of Wolfe Island.
· Communication. Cindy Day said we must support and enhance the tools we have developed to promote the community (e.g. marketing project, website, info center, etc.)
· Audit. Linda explained that the function of this committee is to provide oversight (e.g. good governance) to the financial matters of the organization.
· Other committees. Classic Road Race, Art in the Garden Tour, Fundraising, etc., as well as sub-committees of those listed above, are Ad-Hoc committees, and always looking for volunteers.

Other Business

Advertising Video
Gary Leadbetter, video producer, has offered his services to create a promotional video for the Island. He will present his ideas at the next WIBTA meeting.

Frank Balint asked whether WIBTA has a stated policy on the wind turbines and their impact on the Island. Frank said he would research effect on birds, noise, etc., in Belgium. Pat noted that impact statements, environmental studies, etc., on the Island are already history, and that opportunities to object to the project have passed. However, an estimate of the $$$ impact to the community will be provided at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15PM. Next meeting at 7PM, March 21, 2006.