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March 21, 2006

2006 March

WIBTA General Meeting
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pat Sanford, Linda Thomas, Margaret Knott, Betty Doyle, Linda Bruckmann, Mike Bromley, Brian Macdonald, Liz Crothers ,Colleen Woodman, Wayne Grant, Bruce Horne, Mildred Hawkins-Walton, Keith Walton, Pat Saulnier, Nancy Steele, Frank Balint

Call to order by Pat Sanford at 7:02 PM

Review Agenda and Ask for additions and deletions. Linda Thomas added under “Other Business”: “Oral History” and “Summer Employment”

Review Minutes from February 21st: No additions, corrections or deletions.

Committee Reports:

· Website: Pat asked for volunteers to keep the website up to date. If anyone is willing or knows somebody who might be, please call Pat.
Linda Thomas suggested a bright young computer literate young person.
· Tourist Visitors Centre:
- Betty Doyle has put together a walking tour of the village using a lot of Dawn Wallace’s material. Suggests compensation for Dawn.
- Betty proposes purchasing the material from Dawn and re-selling in the centre
- Perhaps combine this with the bike map
- Betty and Linda suggest a port-a-potty in the village for when the centre is closed.
- Suggested a port-a-potty on the dock, supported by MTO but Wayne Grant reminded us that MTO paid out a “one time only” payment of $5000. when the tourist centre opened
- Student weekend coverage is a must …volunteers don’t seem to want weekend hours
- There will be a meeting of the volunteers on April 5th
- Linda Thomas has applied to HRDC for support for students
- Pat explained to Linda, Betty and the rest of the group that WIBTA executive is trying to meet all requests but it is a question of finding the money.
· Art in the Garden Tour
Liz reports that we are still lining up gardens but it looks good and we are on target to have the tour on June 25th.
The committee is pleased that many of last year’s sponsors are re-subscribing

· Wolfe Island Classic road Race:
- There are already 30 registered to run
- Sponsors are lined up
- 500 runners expected
- Appears another success is in progress
Policing / Neighborhood Watch:

Wayne Grant and Colleen woodman came to discuss citizen policing on Wolfe Island. The program includes posting “Neighborhood Watch” signs up in the village to discourage misbehavior mainly from people who come over on the ferry to party and cause mischief.
WIBTA is being asked to sponsor these signs for approximately $300.00 (total for 6 signs) [see NOTE, below]
Pat explained that there were not enough executive in attendance so a vote could not be held tonight but they would get back to the township ASAP.

Tourism Inventory and Development:
Pat Sanford explained this project as the putting together of an inventory of everything available that there is to do on Wolfe Island. Hunting, Fishing, Golf, Bed and Breakfast etc. People in these businesses may or may not be members of WIBTA but the inventory should be noted. From there, packages can be assembled and marketed.

Pat has a proposal in for a group of 30 women in the tourist business to come and do a half day tour of Wolfe Island in September. If they come, they will tour different businesses that cater to tourism and eat a meal at one of our restaurants.

Pat is now on a TIAC committee, which is a sub committee of KEDCO concerned with building the tourist industry in this area. (Kingston and the Islands). It will be helpful for us to have her in the loop on what is going on.

Frank Balint: Pros and Cons of the Wind Turbines:
Frank gave us a list of what he feels are the pros and cons around the wind turbines coming to Wolfe Island. While Frank is very” pro” for renewable energy, he is worried about the visual impact and property values mainly, as well as what it will do to the tourist industry.
After much discussion around the room, Pat reminded that is not the job of WIBTA to be for or against the windmills but to make the best of whatever situation evolves with them.

At this point, Wayne Grant congratulated WIBTA on all the good work they do.

Oral History: Linda and Sarah presented what they have to the Community Foundation and they absolutely loved it.
Students: Linda is in a quandary as to how many to apply for but after discussion, it was agreed that we could use three.

Mike Bromley: Introduced himself. He has moved to Wolfe Island with his family from Pickering and he is in the sign business

Pat Soulnier introduced himself. He is retired from the Air Force.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

NOTE: The executive was subsequently polled on this proposal. It was approved and announced to the Council meeting held Monday, April 10th.