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April 18, 2006

April 2006

Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association
Minutes of General Meeting
Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pat Sanford*, Liz Crothers, Brian MacDonald*, David Joy*, Nan Keyes, George Scott, Michael Lavelle, Kevin Matthews, David Clark, Jarda Zborovsky*, Dennis Mosier, Frank Vanstrien, Nancy Steele, Frank Balint, David Colburn, Ed Taggart, Jim Vanden Hoek, Mostafa Ismial, Keith Walton, Fran Van Hal, Linda Van Hal, Maureen Lollar, Sandra McCready, Mary Hulton, Jim Iacurci, George McCallister*, Sam Kimmett, Dixie Kimmett, Margaret Knott, Linda Thomas*, Jim Calvin, Elise Huffman, Cindy Day*.


Call to Order
Pat Sanford called the meeting to order at 7:06PM.

David Colburn added the topic of Advertising to the evening’s agenda.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 21, 2006)
Motion to accept by Liz Crothers, 2nd by Brian MacDonald with no changes or additions. Approved.

WIBTA Update
Pat Sanford reported on the topics discussed at Executive Meeting held Sunday, April 9, 2006:
· A proposal to contract for porta-potties during July & August in order to augment the stress on the Info-Centre’s washrooms will be taken to the next Township Council meeting;
· Work has begun on a walking map of Marysville; and a new Bike Route map will be issued with the addition of a 4th route to Big Sandy Bay;
· Jarda Zborovsky will work with David Colburn to assume the Administrator function of the website;
· The Classic Road Race and Garden Tour events are well into their planning stages and each event is seeking volunteers;
· On April 25, 2006, a “Business Mixer” is planned to take place at the General Wolfe Hotel. It will be a drop-in event from 6-9PM, and WIBTA will provide snacks and refreshments, and will feature new and existing businesses and highlight ways WIBTA can assist with the promotion of business on Wolfe Island. Everyone is welcome.

OSTAR Report
Linda Van Hal presented the Final Report of the Wolfe Island Tourism Based Economic Development Project of which the Township and WIBTA were co-applicants. The project began on January 1, 2003, and concluded on March 15, 2006. There were six overall objectives summarized as follows:
1. Develop a “world class” eco-tourism destination;
2. Develop an enhanced website;
3. Encourage and study increased water flow through the canal;
4. Develop top quality marketing materials;
5. Enact a plan to make the community more attractive and tourist-friendly;
6. Develop a site plan for municipally owned recreational property.
While the majority of the project funds were earmarked for the Township, WIBTA did undertake the following:
· Promoted and organized festivals;
· Enhanced website and member services;
· Communication with local community;
· Promoted attendance at local events;
· Developed bicycle routs and map;
· Promoted tours of local churches;
· Provided funds for mural project.
The actual cost of WIBTA’s activities was $27,005, and the OSTAR reimbursement was $15,234. Even though not all budgeted funds were expended, the OSTAR program proved to be a major success. (see attached OSTAR Project Summary).

WIBTA would like to thank all of the volunteers whose hard work made these projects a success. As well, a special thanks to Linda Van Hal for her work in administering the Program. Jim Vanden Hoek noted that the significant outcomes and benefits to Wolfe Island are even recognized in communities outside of our own.

The entire Final Report is available at the Town Hall.

George Scott
In December, the Factory was sold to a company owned by George Scott, a Kingston business owner (Scott Industrial Services). George introduced himself, and discussed his plans for the properties (which includes the ‘spray field’ on 100 acres adjacent to 10th line):
· Currently, general repairs are being made to the building as well as improvements to house a rug cleaning operation;
· Proposed is a facility to reprocess organic waste and produce biogas and bio-solids. The gas to be used to heat the facility (including a potential cooperative greenhouse), and the solids to provide organic fertilizer for a proposed sod farm at the spray field. At present, a proposal is being reviewed by the Kingston City Council for Scott [] to contract with the City for pick-up of organic waste.
George also expressed his interest to continue with plans developed by Cindy Day to establish Island service-based businesses: the coin laundry, and water bottling.
George will also continue with the remediation program begun by the previous owner that deals with contamination left by Kraft Canada; however, his approach will also include an “in-situ” methodology. George explained his philosophy with respect to a balanced and sensible approach to environmental management. He also answered a number of questions and dealt with concerns regarding any additional contamination resulting from the processing of wash water.

George hopes to provide new job opportunities: 7 full time, and 15 seasonal.

A motion was made by David Colburn, 2nd by Cindy Day, for WIBTA to write a letter to the Kingston City Council in support of Scott Industrial Services’ proposal to pick up and process organic waste in the City. Motion approved with one abstention.

In connection with the Marketing Initiative (completed last year), David Colburn inquired about the current year advertising program: e.g. what have we done, and what are we planning? Pat explained that we are planning to be in the Key to Kingston and Summer in the City. She also reminded us that because of our membership in KEDCO, we will have a presence in the two Tourist Info Centres in Kingston.

David also reminded us that marketing CDs are available. Thank you, David.

Adjourned at approximately 8:10PM.

Next meeting at 7:00PM, United Church Hall, May 16th, 2006.