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October 18, 2006

September 2006

Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association
Minutes of General Meeting held Tuesday, September 19, 2006
General Wolfe Hotel – 7:00 PM

Dave Joy*, Linda Thomas*, Liz Crothers, Jarda Zborovsky*, Margaret Knott, Victoria Stewart, Cindy Day*, Chris Carr.
* Executive

Call to Order
Vice President, Dave Joy, called the meeting to order at 7:10PM.

Review Agenda
Announcements were added to the agenda regarding the FCFDC Bursary, Big Sandy Bay grant proposal, and Land of Lakes Tourism Assoc.

Review Minutes of Previous Meeting (June 20, 2006)
Motion to accept by Liz, 2nd by Margaret to accept without additions or changes. Accepted.

Committee Reports

Financial Report
Linda Thomas, treasurer, provided a preliminary hand-out on revenue and expenses by category. The Garden Tour and Road Race netted approximately $2,500 and $6,000 respectively. Overall, our cash balance declined by about $8,000 from the previous year which resulted from meeting our outstanding OSTAR obligations. The year end is September 30th, after which a final report will be available.

Art in the Garden Tour
Liz Crothers, chairperson, reported that net proceeds of $2,500 were down from $4,000 the previous year. In general, ticket sales were down from approximately 250 to 175, and expenses were up primarily due to printing and buses. The Tour does promote the Island, and Island businesses do benefit from goods and services purchased by and for the event. Overall, the feedback from guest participants was extremely positive. While we don’t want to lose our dedicated sponsors, going forward, the viability and/or format of the tour must be examined with respect to the work involved vs. the benefits derived. For now we will continue to locate gardens for a 2007 event.

Classic Road Race
Linda Thomas, co-chair with Jim Gore, reported a record number of participants – 502. Also, this year about 85 participants and organizers had lunch at the Island Grill (which normally takes place in Kingston) and several others went to Big Sandy Bay.

Jarda reported that the average daily “hits” from May through August approximated 300, and What’s Going on on Wolfe Island was most often checked.
To date, not all administrative rights have been transferred to Jarda from David Colburn, which is a matter that needs to be pursued. Jarda made a motion that WIBTA must re-establish the Website Committee, 2nd Liz. Carried.
(note: the motion was amended by Cindy to appoint Jarda the chairperson, 2nd by Margaret. Carried) Volunteers are needed.

Membership Committee
Again, this committee must be re-established. In accordance with the By-law, it is a Standing Committee of the organization. Volunteers are needed.

Nominating Committee
Officers and directors of the organization are elected at the AGM in January. A Nominating Committee must be established with the next two months in order to present a slate of officers and directors to be voted on by the membership at the AGM. Again, volunteers are needed.

New Business

Customs at Horne’s Point
Many complaints have been circulating the Island regarding the treatment of tourism guests and residents, both permanent and seasonal, by certain Customs officials assigned to Horne’s Point. One result of the overly aggressive detentions, searches and GST collections is the deterrent of business and tourism dollars spent on the Island by legitimate visitors. A motion was made by Liz, 2nd by Margaret, for WIBTA to write a letter of overall complaint, along with specific examples, to be sent to a list of appropriate authorities and advocates. Carried.

Historical Society
Victoria Stewart of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, requested that WIBTA include their organization on our website page (not just a link). There were no objections, however, such an addition is an administrative function currently unavailable to Jarda (see above re: Website) Victoria announced that Barbara Bonner, a genealogy specialist, will be at the Town Hall on Wednesday night to discuss the Grimshaw and Staley families. She also asked whether WIBTA would be interested to associate with the Society in their 2009 James Wolfe promotion. This will be discussed.

WIBTA Canopy Tents
Cindy agreed to write a policy regarding the use of the tents by community members.


Student Bursary
Liz reported that The Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation annual Student Bursary was awarded to Wolfe Islander Allison Posthumus which will enable her to attend an accredited training program. She was selected from a county-wide slate of applicants.

Big Sandy Bay grant proposal
Linda Thomas reported that BSB is submitting a grant proposal to the Community Foundation for the creation of a Plexiglas sign detailing map, flora and fauna of and for the BSB area. They are looking for a partner organization and are requesting a $200 contribution from WIBTA for the project. Motion to approve by Liz, 2nd by Dave. Approved.

Land of Lakes Tourism Association
Cindy reminded WIBTA that as a member of the LOLTA, our own members have access to their broad information distribution system. Also, Terry Shea, the executive director of LOLTA is interested in attending the next WIBTA general meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Margaret, 2nd by Dave at approximately 8:30PM.
Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 17, at the United Church Hall.