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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

September 26, 2003
Terry Fox Brings Out Best

Unbreakable Spirit- Terry Fox Brings Out Best
Eight year old Andrew Easton of Wolfe Island was determined to roller blade the 36 km from the head of Wolfe Island to Marysville as his way of participating in the Terry Fox Movement and, he did it. “I wanted to do this because I just love Terry Fox and what he did,” he said.

Like so many children he saw the Terry Fox story on video and wanted to become involved. Andrew raised $1,933.04 which will be turned over to the National Cancer Institute of Canada. “Some people even came out onto the road as I rolled by and handed me money.”

Andrew wearing his Terry Fox shirt which sports the words “Unbreakable Spirit “ started his run by dipping his blades into the St. Lawrence and ended it the same way in Marysville at the Wolfe Island Ferry Dock where he was greeted by family and friends.
A Wolfe Island Fire Truck driven by Tim Hawkins travelled ahead of Andrew for the last 2 km. heralding his success. Andrew had practised for a number of weeks before undertaking the run and has bruises on his legs to prove it. “I just knew I could do it,” he said. Andrew is the son of Pam and Mike Easton.
Wolfe Island’s Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools held their combined Terry Fox Run Monday, Sept.29th.

Four Year Old Youngest Plowman at Wolfe Island Match

Very dry conditions greeted participants to Wolfe Island’s 47th Plowing Match held at Broederdale Farm. Judges for the event were Ross MacGillvary and Berry Timbers. Eugene Hulton judged the Best Dressed/Best Plow Team.

The youngest Plowman at the event was 4 year old Hunter Chown riding a tractor in the Novelty Class. The tractor was built by his grandfather Dennis Mosier, well known ploughing match judge. Farm machinery was on display including an antique corn sheller owned by Frank Van Hal. Awards were presented on site following the match. Organizers extend thanks to the ladies in the canteen, to Paul Lollar for supplying a meal for all participants and to Tri-Heat Anglin for supplying fuel.

Wolfe Island Match Results (For complete results contact W.I. Plowmen’s Association)

Class #1 HORSES- Jointer Plows
Marwin Antoine, (St. Lawrence Vet Services Trophy)

Class #2 Juniors Tractors (boys/girls under 14)
Joleen Stinson, Richmond, Ont., (Kingston Farm & Garden Trophy)

Class #3 Junior’s Tractors under 18
Allison Posthumus, W.I., Wolfe Island Farmers Trophy

Class #4 Tractor- Two Furrow Plows (Island residents)
Brian Hulton (Township of Frontenac Islands Trophy)

Class #5 Two furrow Plows- Open Class -
Ron Stinson-Richmond, Ont. (KIMCO Trophy)

Class #6 3-Furrow Plows-
Garry Posthumus (George Pyke & Family, Pykeview Meadows Trophy)

Class #7 4 or more Furrows- 14” or more
Tom Woodman; (Woodman Machines) Trophy

Class #8 Ladies Open Class & Furrow Queen Contestants
Joyce Buckley; (Pyke Farms Landscaping)

Class #9 Antique Tractors & Equipment (14 entries)
Howard Chant; (Mosier's Service Centre, Mosier’s Grocery, Ernie’s Café)

Class # 10 Novelty
Hunter Chown

Special Awards:
Best Dressed Team: Elswood Gamble
Best Plow Team: Marwin Antoine
Youngest Plowman: Harvey Hawkey Memorial Trophy: Hunter Chown
Oldest Plowman- Wolfe Island Plowmen’s Special: Lyle Streight
Champion Land- Lorne Hulton Memorial Trophy: Ron Stinson
Best Finish (Horses) Hulton Construction Trophy: Kaye Fawcett
Best Finish (Tractors) Hitchcock House Trophy: Dennis Mosier
Best Crown- Hartington Equipment Trophy: Ron Stinson
Best Individula Effort- Morning Sight Farms:Raymond Shannon

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:09 AM
September 12, 2003
Wolfe Island Mourns Loss of Dedicated Pastor

Wolfe Island Mourns Loss Of Dedicated Pastor

It is with a heavy heart I tell you that Wolfe Island’s dearly loved Pastor Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, CSB died on September 9th. We knew Father had not been feeling well for some time. He had been admitted to hospital for tests, the results of which were not the greatest. But to lose him so quickly came as a shock to every one.

Father O’Reilly, a priest of the Order of St. Basil was born and raised on Wolfe Island and maintained a life long love for the island, the place of his family, his youth, his friends. He left the island to study, began teaching in 1952, was ordained to the priesthood in 1957 returning to Kingston in 1991 after a long teaching career that had taken him to many places in Canada to become Chaplain at Queen’s University and the St. Thomas More Community. He also ministered to the Religious sisters in Kingston. In 1999 Fr. Gene returned to the island as pastor of Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart of Mary Parish when we needed him most.

Father Gene brought home his committed priesthood, love, humour, stability, intelligence, a strong sense of family, of friendship and of community along with an incredible spirit of ecumenism. We will miss his gentle touch, his sense of church and sacrament.

Friends were received by his family, his sister Theresa Fargo and brother- in- law Clifton, sister Rose Coffey, brother Francis and sister-in-law Noreen, his many, many, nieces and nephews at Sacred Heart Church.

A Mass celebrating the life of this gentle priest was celebrated by Most Rev. Anthony Meagher, Archbishop of the Kingston Archdiocese. The Most Rev. Francis Spence, Archbishop retired of Kingston, presented the homily, a moving tribute to Fr. O’Reilly, a friend and fellow priest. Rev.Hod Marshall, CSB from Toronto represented the Basilian Fathers. Many, many priests, religious, relatives, students young and old, children from Sacred Heart School , ecumenical friends Rev. Canon Chris Carr, Rev. Rudy Meier, Canon Alex Wakeling, and Rev. Anne MacDermaid were all there.

The Mass of Christian Burial was held in Toronto with the Rite of Committal at the Basilian Plot at Holy Cross Cemetery among his Basilian brothers. To know Fr. O’Reilly was to love him.

WIBTA Barbecue Celebrates Good Friends, Good Relations……..
Remember the Horne’s Ferry Scare last Spring when proposed new customs/immigration requirements might have closed down the privately operated ferry service from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent, N.Y.?
The Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association recently hosted a BBQ on the Horne property ,(just behind the island’s Canada Customs building) to acknowledge Wolfe Island’s long time connection with Cape Vincent and upper New York.

The BBQ was held to celebrate the past, the presentand the future excellent relations between the citizens of Wolfe Island and those of Cape Vincent and upper New York State. The two have been connected by ferry, family and common interests for over 150 years. More recently the relationship was further strengthened on both sides of the St. Lawrence with the current resolution of customs issues facing the Horne’s Ferry Service.

The event attended by more than 120 persons included from the US Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine of the State of New York, representatives of United States Senator Charles Shumer and United States Congressman John McHugh, Cape Vincent’s Deputy Mayor Tim Maloney also representatives from the office of the Honourable Peter Milliken, MP for Kingston and the Islands. Also present was MPP John Gerretsen, PC candidate Hans Westenberg and Kingston’ Deputy Mayor George Beavis.

Following introductions by WIBA President Jim Calvin, Mayor Vanden Hoek of Frontenac Islands, and John Defrancesco, Cape Vincent Village Trustee addressed the guests, both acknowleding the close ties between the two communities.

Good food, good fun, good weather was the order of the day with lots of good talk and socialization. A beautiful cake showing Wolfe Islands’s unique location between the US and Kingston said it all. The organizing committee included Jarda Zborovsky, Elise Huffman, Walter Knott and many WIBTA members.
While the barbeque was held to remember the Horne’s Ferry issue and Cape Vincent’s facility dilemma, the Business & Tourism Association is considering making this an annual event to celebrate the windup of their mutual tourist seasons and their close ties as communities.

For Your InformationWolfe Island Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek Seeks Re-election True to his promise Mayor called to let me know that he will seek re-election as Mayor of Frontenac Islands in the forthcoming Municipal elections in November. ” There are a number of issues that I wish to see to completion, “ he said in announcing his candidacy.
At this time no other candidates have indicated whether they will seek re-election for Frontenac Islands (Howe & Wolfe Islands )nor am I aware of any one interested in the job. Personally I find it exasperating that we are left wondering . But I suppose our present council members have their reasons for waiting.

Local resident Keith Walton will receive on Sept 24th the Ontario Volunteer Award for his outstanding contribution to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture over 25 years.

Our 2nd Wolfe Island Golf Course, Alston Mooor Golf Links had a preview opening last weekend in advance of the Grand Opening May 2004. For information call 385-2461 or 2462.

Council Highlights: At their Sept. 8th regular meeting Council decided to make a request to Frontenac County for an exemption for truck restrictions on the county ferry while Miller Paving are hauling material to Howe Island for the resurfacing of the roads.

Council also decided to hold a special council meeting on Howe Island for the roads issue and they referred the two Applications for Consent for severances on Howe Island to Bob Clark of Clark Consulting Services.

Council approved the Wolfe Island Roads Superintendent to implement the purchase of a recycling compactor with a maximum expenditure of $25,000. The intent is to have the compactor installed by December 31, which should reduce the number of trips of recycled material and haulage fees.

Around Town: Things are quieter but the ferry continues to be over full peak hours leaving and coming home to the island.* Water level watching has begun in Marysville.*The tourist bureau remains open weekends.

Coming Events;
1. Great Pumpkin Weigh- In Oct 4th. More Next time. Size, colour, shape, weight, etc. You know the drill.
Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Oct. 25th

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:33 AM