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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

November 30, 2003
Handicap Ramp Dedicated at Sacred Heart of Mary Church

The late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly wanted to see a handicap ramp at Sacred Heart Church but he wanted it to be special, something that blended into the beauty of the church itself and a community project.

PB220014.jpgRecently such a ramp was dedicated to his memory and blessed by Archbishop Francis Spence at a brief outdoor ceremony following Sunday Mass. In his opening remarks before the blessing Archbishop Spence spoke of Fr. O’Reilly enthusiasm for the project.

Parish Council member Walter Knott outlined the process from the choice of the ramp’s location, its design, construction, interior development and finishing touches and the beautiful hand crafted railing surrounding it. He named the many parishioners and community members who gave time, materials and expertise noting as well the many financial contributions ”It was as Father wished, a community project.” The ramp was completed before Fr. O’Reilly’s untimely death.

PB220002.jpgPresent for the dedication were manyfriends, parishioners and relatives including Fr. O’Reilly’s sisters Mrs. Rose Coffee and Mrs. Theresa Fargo and his brother Francis and sister in law Noreen. Also present was John Hutchison from the T. Andre Company and Dave Joy. With the plaque in place and the blessing complete parishioners and friends gathered for cake and coffee.

The Business & Tourism Association Holds Annual Meeting
A well attended meeting saw the re-election of Jim Calvin as president of the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association. Some members felt there might be a conflict of interest for Calvin, recently elected to Frontenac Islands council.

Following a lengthy discussion however (Calvin left for a walk in the rain), members decided he would have no difficulty. Linda Van Hal presented a slate of officers: Calvin -President, Cindy Day -Vice President, Linda Thomas remains as Treasurer, Elise Huffman remains Secretary and directors Liz Crothers, Carole Doyle and Dave Colburn. The new executive fills the vacancies left by outgoing members, Maureen Lollar, Tom Wroe and Ken Keyes,

Calvin in his first annual report summarized what had been accomplished by the association from the road race to the web site to fund raising and praised the work of the many committees.

Treasurer Linda Thomas presented a healthy financial report. The Scene of the Crime had taken in $915.00 not $300. as previously noted .

There was a motion to thank Maureen Lollar for her work. “I have seen few people who take on work for the community the way she does. Maureen more than anyone epitomizes what makes the community work,” according to Jim Calvin. Maureen commented that unity is a big part of the word community and hopes the association and the community continue to work together.

The annual meeting was followed by the regular November meeting.

David Colburn presented a website update and outlined opportunities for businesses and members to make use of the website to assist in publicizing their businesses.

Logo Committee chair Pat Sanford said a plan for a new WIBTA logo competition lasting 30 days only will be presented at the next meeting.

Steve MacIntosh noted some progress has been made with regard to small park development. It was suggested that partnerships would work well.

Cindy Day reported that the Wolfe Island ferry calendar is no longer a WIBTA project. The $3,500 originally dedicated by WIBTA for the calendar has been cancelled.

The annual brochure has ‘maxed out’ according to Elise Huffman. Linda Van Hal commented that the new executive must rationalize the brochure to decide which way to go. Karen Fisher, Frontenac County Devlopment Officer is interested in becoming involved.

Cindy Day will undertake possible update and revisions of the WIBTA constitution, by laws and standing committees.

Linda Thomas explained that a Queen’s student has been hired under a means based bursary for employers. WIBTA will receive 200 student hours ( $2.50 an hour). Using her skills, the student will undertake interviews with a number of senior island citizens who have personal stories to tell about island life. These stories will be recorded into booklets and on the web site. Brian MacDonald and Ken Keyes have agreed to introduce the student to the citizens. “A wonderful project. Very good value,” Thomas said.

Jim Calvin introduced Ed Kenney, invited to talk about water levels and the Hydographics Canada survey results. Kenney is opposed to the early departure of the ferry to the winter dock particularly when in his view, it can be proven there is no need to do so.

Kenney said that council had been in touch with MTO when the ferry was removed early last fall because of an incident and Hydrographics did undertake the underwater survey etc.

“Their study says that there is sufficient water at the village dock. They say we are being penalized.” Kenney took people out in his boat last year to show them water depths. “There is no need to take the boat out until there is ice.”

In response to a question about buoys, Kenney said “MTO says it is a safety concern. Good radar and chart plotters will tell you if you are off line. The industry is telling the Coast Guard they no longer need buoys.” Kenney has taken all of his information to MPP John Gerretsen.

WIBTA’s policy is that the ferry should be in the village until the ice is unsafe. It was suggested that the weak link has been the township. “They should be jumping up and down,” Keith Walton said. David Colburn encouraged members to write their MPP.

WIBTA has invited MTO to the December or January regular meeting.

PB210001.jpgAround Town:
*Best wishes to the Ghiacy’s who recently moved from the island. *Christmas Elves have been at work decorating the village. * Wonderful knowing Mary MacDonald is on the job for Christmas. * The Mosier’s combined LCBO/ Beer Store opening is early December. No need now to carry supplies from Kingston which means a busier village even when the ferry moves. Now if we could just increase ferry runs, the village might be even busier all year.
* Please note: Frontenac Islands Council Meeting , Mon. Dec.8th Howe Island 6:30 p.m.

Coming Events:
1.Wolfe Island’s Annual Christmas Parade Sunday, Sunday, December 7th at 1:15 pm
3. Ecumenical Advent Service, Sun., Dec. 7th , 7:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Church.
4. Marysville Public School Christmas Concert Dec. 16th. at Sacred Heart School at 6:30 p.m.
5. Sacred Heart School Advent Celebration Dec. 17th at 6:45 p.m. at the school.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:54 PM
November 14, 2003
Big Sandy Bay Land Use Permit By-Law Passes

remembrance1.jpgAt the outset of the November Council meeting Councillor Mattson spoke against an agenda item to pass a by-law to authorize agreement for a Land Use Permit for Big Sandy Bay suggesting it was premature and should not be dealt with at this time. However the agenda was approved.

Applications for consent for 3 severances and an easement of property made by Carol & Donald Doyle, C. Bagi and James, Michael & Marion Klarich have caused concern for Pleasure Point Lane residents
One application is to sever the existing Doyle lot into two parcels each with 100 feet of frontage. Another to sever a lot to be combined with the1st to be used for septic system purposes; the third is to sever a lot to be combined with the other lot for gardening; the last application is for an easement to install a sewer line under the existing road for one of the news lots.

The Health unit has no objections to the severances provided they are approved as lot additions to the two newly created parcels and added to the retained Doyle lot. Nor do they object to the easement through the right of way however it must be extended for future sewage disposal needs on the retained lot.

Speaking on behalf of Pleasure Point Lane residents Neil Bryson, Pearl & Sherman Niles and Inge & Helmut Schmidte, Ruth Bryson stated that the severances and easements could set a precedent for development along a private road noting that: gardening is not included as a use in either the Official Plan or the Zoning By-Law; the proposed lots are not in compliance; the road is inadequate; there are three new lots as well as the retained lot because the road separates the proposed lots.
There is concern about the possible uses of the back lots-, storage buildings- home industry etc. as well as the zoning designation. Mrs Bryson wondered about the possibility of arriving at a compromise situation between the applicants and the neighbours.

Just prior to the meeting Mrs Doyle presented a letter to council responding to letters council received from Pleasure Point residents. Mrs Doyle refuted some of Bryson’s claims.

Council will review the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law requirements and the Doyle letter. The applications will be on the agenda for the next regular meeting of Council.

Final decisions on two further severance requests by made by M. Yull and S. Christ have also been deferred to the next meeting. Brian MacDonald was present to represent both applications.

Mrs Linda Van Hal Frontenac Islands Project Co-ordinator repeated the OSTAR project update as presented at the October meeting on Howe Island.
With regard to the Canal Project, Councillor Mattson asked for an amendment to the presentation to acknowledge the resolution council made with LOK prior to the establishment of the Council Canal Committee. Council will review the resolution but an amendment will be included.

Van Hal was aggressively questioned by a resident about the financial makeup of the OSTAR grant and specifically how the coordinator is paid.
In response Mayor Vanden Hoek said that it was a council decision about how that money allocation was to be met. He said that over the course of 2002 until 2004 or potentially a little bit further than that, the Project Co-ordinator is paid based on the 10 or 12 project milestones to be achieved. Van Hal is not an hourly, weekly or salaried employee the Mayor said. In other words, the project coordinator could get nothing for a term, or $10,000 for a quarter or “if we happen to get lucky and meet success on these projects you could take any number between 0 and $80,000 over the course of the project. The project coordinator gets paid on performance.”
Vanden Hoek went on to say that council felt that the job criteria was significant and the municipality had engaged an outside agency to assist in the hiring process.

Another resident questioned why he was told at the Tourist Office not to go to Big Sandy Bay. In response the Mayor it was he who had asked the staff at the Tourist Office not to divert people to the beach because construction was going on and the infrastructure was not in place. “We discouraged people from going anywhere near there while work was in progress.”

Once again prior to voting for a by-law to authorize an agreement for a land use Permit for the Big Sandy Bay property, Councillor Mattson questioned a section pertaining to liability and indemnity against claims and is not happy that the municipality is taking on full responsibility for the park. It was noted that the township is insured. The resolution passed.

Council authorized the By-Law Enforcement Officer and the Township Planning consultant to prepare an inventory of properties and structures related to the seasonal residential zone, to investigate those sites if directed to do so and submit a report prior to adopting the new Zoning By-Law for the Township of Frontenac Islands.

The Township will appeal the City of Kingston’s decision to approve the development of the Queen Street dock based on increased traffic.

Next Meeting: Dec. 8th Howe Island at 6:30 p.m.

Around Town: *Thanks to Maureen Lollar for the well organized Remembrance Day Ceremony.* Feb. 21st is the date for the Sacred Heart School Council Social. *The Community Foundation of Greater Kingston granted Wolfe Island $3500. to organize a “Friends of Big Sandy Bay Committee. *Dedication of the Handicap Ramp to the late Fr. O’Reilly after the 9:30 Mass, Nov. 23rd. *Winners of the Howe Island Scare Crow Contest are: Best Overall, Sue Byrne; Best Original, June Forsythe; Scariest, Mary Allen,; Funniest, Glenys Elliot; Honourable Mention, Irene Ellerton.

Coming Events:
1. A Scouts Canada Information Meeting, Thurs. Nov. 20th at 7 p.m. Marysville Public School. Scouts now open to boys and girls.
2. Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association’s Annual General Meeting,Tuesday 18 November 2003, 7:00 pm, United Church Hall.
3. CWL Christmas Bake Sale (Fun Activities for Young Children) Sat. Nov. 22nd, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Sacred Heart School Gym
4. Wolfe Island Artists and Craftsmen Christmas Festival at The Factory, Sat., Nov. 29th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
5. Wolfe Island’s Annual Christmas Parade Sunday, December 7th at 1:15 pm
6. Ecumenical Advent Service, Sun., Dec. 7th , 7:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Church.

Good Turnout for Councillor Elections on Howe & Wolfe Islands
Voter turn out on Wolfe and Howe Islands for 4 councillor positions was good. Running on Howe Island, incumbent Pat Norris, Geoff Hobbs , Paul Beseau and Carl Lippert.
On Wolfe Island incumbent Wayne Grant, Chris Mattson, Jim Calvin, Dan Hogan and Lori Minton.
Jim Vanden Hoek was acclaimed for a second term as Mayor of Frontenac Islands
When the voting was over and the ballots counted it was Geoff Hobbs with 284 votes and Pat Norris with 172 votes who garnered the two Howe Island seats. Number of votes cast on Howe Island 416 of the 693 eligible voters. (60%)

Jim Calvin with 411 votes and Wayne Grant 361 captured the seats on Wolfe Island. Votes cast on Wolfe Island 764 of the 1694 eligible voters. (45%)
Total ballots cast on Frontenac Islands 1,180 out of a possible 2387 that is 50% overall.
Frontenac Islands Council will meet Dec. 8th on Howe Island at 6:30 p.m. at which time the new council members will be sworn in.

We Will Remember Them
remembrance2.jpgIn 1994 a plaque proposed by John O’Shea then Deputy Reeve of Wolfe Island, to recognize Islanders who had served Canada in the military was put in place by the Township. Every year since then a Remembrance Day Service has been held.

This year once again the community gathered in the chilling rain to remember their own in an event organized by Maureen Lollar. Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O’Shea as emcee spoke of that early history.

Surrounded by children from both island schools and a group of RMC Officer Cadets, Rev Canon Chris Carr, Pastor of Trinity Anglican read an opening prayer from the Muslim faith as an expression of the diversity of our nation and our identity under one God. Rev. Carr in his reflection spoke of his childhood at the outbreak of war and how he as an adult finally came to terms with his father’s military experience.

Mrs. Joan O’Shea President of the Frontenac District Women’s Institute read an extensive list of the known names of Wolfe Islanders who lost their lives and those who had served Canada during war and in Peace Keeping, some of whom were present wearing their decorations.
Lt. Colonel David Paterson, Director of Reservists, Fort Frontenac, a Military History buff, spoke of researching the lives of six island casualties of war whose names he had heard read at a Remembrance Day Service in 1999 and visiting four out of the six memorials or graves of the men in Europe.

He spoke of John Rogers killed in 1915 at the Second Battle of Ypres, noting the names of Arden McRae and Edward Walters also casualties of the 1st Great War.
He spoke of 2nd World War casualties Millard Horne who died in a Lancaster Bomber in 1945, Earl Joslin, a conscript whose boat was machine gunned in Germany in 1945 and Francis Payne killed in 1943 while on armed reconnaissance over the Mediterranean Sea.

Poems of Remembrance were recited by the school children, Island writer Renie Marshall and Officer Cadet Rebecca Wilkinson who read ‘In Flanders Fields.’ Musician Robert Graham played the Last Post and the Reveille and led the singing of O Canada.
United Church Pastor Terry Wood offered the Act of Remembrance and wreaths were laid.
Service in the Military in to-days troubled times was addressed by Major Billy Allen.
Archbishop Francis Spence closed the ecumenical event with prayer and a final blessing. A reception followed in the community hall.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:35 AM
November 07, 2003
Transportation Remains Greatest Concern for Wolfe Island

More than 130 Islanders turned out for an All Candidates Meeting to hear the five candidates running for the two Frontenac Islands Council seats in the Wolfe Island Ward.
Also present were three candidates running for the Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic School Board Bill Cawlishaw, Kimberly Riddell and Terry Shea who briefly outlined their platforms.

Following introductory remarks by Mayor Vanden Hoek, the moderator, Peter Millar introduced the candidates, incumbents Wayne Grant and Chris Mattson and Jim Calvin, Dan Hogan and Lori Minton.
Candidates responded to a series of prepared questions regarding Transportation, Big Sandy Bay, sewage disposal, the Community Centre, re-opening the Wolfe Island Canal, waste re-cycling and village parking.

In summary: Chris Mattson: *against paying for any improvements to the ferry service. “Its up to the province. We have to convince the government it is an essential service and we have to get the best deal;” *indicated that the future of the island can be sustained without drastic changes to the cultural heritage (hunting \ fishing) of the island; *Big Sandy Bay should be open to all. No public money should be spent unless promises to hunters are kept and ATV trails are put in place. *Community Centre needs more help. * Waste disposal needs close study; get compactor * noted the canal project was originally to improve the fish habitat (LOK) but the Council Canal committee brought in the idea of small motorized craft and “I’m against it.”

Wayne Grant: *any improvement to ferry service will require that we offer some financial support. We have asked for improvements but it is MTO’s ferry. That’s the way I want to keep it. *Big Sandy Bay going on for years. Committee has worked hard. MNR will partner with Frontenac Islands. “While there are things that need review I believe we are going in the right direction towards opening It.” *need more education about recycling. *favours opening of canal for better water flow. * Re sewage disposal, Council should help some one get started in the business (truck, lagoon) but not be in the business themselves. * Noted the community centre has received funding from council and will receive more annually. Anxious to see all projects completed.

Lori Minton: * The ferry cannot be an essential service. It has to be exempt from labour disputes. * Community Centre with hockey arena for the kids “is my priority” to keep kids at home * Big Sandy Bay should be open but hunters and fishers have rights, should stand behind promises; *Canal opening good for water flow, fish. Motorized craft not a good idea. * We need to get something going for our sewage problem and create employment. *Better recycling.

Dan Hogan: * Transportation biggest issue. Have to do something to get better service or young families won’t come. Council should do whatever it takes; *Big Sandy Bay an important part of the economy, we should look after our own first but need to deal with transportation first; *doing well with re-cycling but could do better, maybe a bag limit, * need to act immediately on waste disposal issue, *need to support Community Centre board, make centre safer, maybe covered ice. * Supports opening of canal also opening it for small craft. * Need extra parking in the village and more government funding for road upkeep and safety of residents using the roads.

Jim Calvin: * encouraged we have provincial minister in the event of labour dispute to speak on our behalf: * no magic potion for transportation, the best way forward is the community and council speaking with one voice; hard choices, shorter route from Dawson to Vimy, need Kingston, Federal and Provincial governments on side and continue building partnerships with MTO; * wants to see canal open with small craft access or we are loosing a business opportunity. Fish, waterfowl and boats have to find ways share it; * In the past only way to access Big Sandy Bay was to trespass, islanders couldn’t get there without a boat. No supervision, ecological damage. Now we have controlled access. Increased ferry traffic yes; find ways to accommodate hunters-yes but more importantly have to find ways of making it cash positive, work out warts and take care of everyone’s needs and complete project in 3years * Council must support Community Centre Board, offer financial planning, search for other funding. Come up with a 10-year plan for multi-use facility. * Recommends user friendly landfill site with covered steel sided building to make sorting easier in bad weather and begin planning for a new site. * a long-term plan for road equipment replacement is essential. * need to solve sewage issue but council should not be in sewage business.

Lori Minton provided some humour in what could have been a too serious debate even suggesting the island become a reserve.

All candidates said council should support the school boards on issues of concern to the community. They support a village parking by law and enforcement; the need for improved road equipment ploughs etc.; better communication between council, governments and the community and a rapid solution to sewage problem. Wayne Grant would like to see a retirement home on the island.

To a final question about transportation the candidates agreed it is the single most urgent issue facing the island.

Dan Hogan: “Transportation should be addressed before anything else.

Jim Calvin: “Transportation is a long term project. We must have one voice, know what we want and work methodically to get it. When we find Kingston and Provincial (government) partners they will know what we want. No mixed signals, Wolfe Island wants this, a plan clear to all levels of government. I can’t promise I can fix the problem in 3 years other than to clarify what Wolfe Island wants.”
Ontario Municipal Elections take place Monday, Nov. 10th

No All Candidates Meeting was held on Howe Island. The candidates running for the two Howe Island Ward seats are incumbent Pat Norris, Carl Lippert and Geoff Hobbs

Candidates running in the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic School Board unable to attend the meeting were Wilf Garrah, Ray Doyle and Jack Coleman

Special thanks to Tom Wroe and Peter Millar for organizing the well attended meeting.

Around Town: Vincent Mosier has received approval for the opening of an LCBO at Mosier’s Grocery & Convenience Store. Grand Opening soon.

Coming Events:
1. Remembrance Day ceremony Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003 at 10:45 a.m. Wolfe Island Town Hall Square

2. Trinity Anglican's Turkey Supper Nov. 15, 4:30-7:00 p.m. St. Margaret's Hall Doors Open 3:30 p.m.

3. Free Flu Shot Clinic at the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic Monday, Nov. 17th from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. If unable to get to the Clinic call Mildred at 385-2461

4. Christmas Festival at the Factory, Hwy 96E, Saturday, Nov. 29th 10-5 p.m. Call Pat at 385-1585

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:01 PM