by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

December 19, 2003
Frontenac Islands Seeks Underserviced Heath Care Designation.

Since the sudden departure of Dr. Perry Mayer the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic Board has been attempting to respond to the health care needs of the community.

Part of the task is the preparation of an application for the designation of Frontenac Islands (Wolfe and Howe) as an “Underserviced Health Care Area Community.”

The board is also preparing an application for the Ontario Nurse Practitioner program. These applications require the submission of a HealthCare Needs Analysis. (One previously done in 2001 needs to be updated.) With and “Underserviced” designation there is a better chance for funding to improve situation. The Board also continues its search for a physician.

At a Public Forum held recently on Wolfe Island Mr. Bryan Bower from the South Eastern District Health Council outlined the requirements for the applications indicating its willingness to assist in the application preparation.

The Health Council will provide the required letter indicating the DHC’s support or recommendation for an Underserviced Designation to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
Requirements include the addition of testimonials from island residents outlining their health need and situations which have occurred in their lives because of doctor unavailability. In other words what has been the impact on their lives with the present closure of the Medical Clinic.

photo: Margaret Knott

To complete the application and to be eligible for funding these testimonials are required no later than Jan. 7, 2004. They can be mailed or left at the Town Hall, Attention CAO Terry O’Shea or Duncan Day.

If you require further information call Duncan Day at 385-8505 and leave a message. He will return your call.

(Designation of communities as “Underserviced” is an ongoing self-assessment where communities identify themselves to the ministry as being in need.)

Sacred Heart School Gym Named to Honour Fr. O’Reilly
A plaque was unveiled at the Sacred Heart School’s annual Advent Celebration to honour the late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, much-loved Wolfe Island pastor. The plaque dedicates the school gym in memory of Fr. O’Reilly. Present to unveil the plaque was Fr. O’Reilly’s grandnephew Sammy Coffey.

In his remarks Principal Harry Murphy spoke of Fr. O’Reilly’s unfailing interest in the children reminding them that Father had been with them last year at Advent.

photo: Margaret Knott

The plaque includes an image of Fr. O’Reilly and reads: “Sacred Heart Catholic School, Our gym is named in memory of Fr. Eugene O’Reilly C.S.B.” Mr. Murphy noted an image was included so the children would not forget what Father looked like.

He also thanked and congratulated the teachers for helping the children to make the Advent Celebration a memorable event.

And a Blessed Christmas to All
Strolling through Marysville after the recent fall of snow I was struck by the picture card loveliness of Marysville decked out in Christmas finery and Sacred Heart of Mary Church glowing like a beacon in the night sky. And I began remembering what brought Walter and I to Wolfe Island.

To all our friends and neighbours, to all those we meet and greet, we extend Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2004.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:03 AM
December 16, 2003
Busy First Meeting for Frontenac Islands Council

The first order of business at the inaugural meeting of Frontenac Islands Council attended by many Howe Islanders was the Declarations of Office and Oaths of Allegiance. That was easy.

However the appointment of the Deputy Mayor for a 3-year term became a contentious issue with the two eligible councillors Geoff Hobbs and Pat Norris unable to arrive at an agreement among them as stated in the By Law or if split who would take the first term.

photo: Margaret Knott

The Deputy Mayor position allows that the Deputy Mayor will have the same authority as the Mayor in situations where the Mayor vacates his duties. and ratification by council. There is a salary differential of $2000 a year. With the change to 2 councillors and both wanting the job one might assume that the one with the most votes would get the job.

That’s not what happened. Votes for Councillor Hobbs outnumbered those received by Norris in the recent election. Norris had held the position since the amalgamation of Wolfe and Howe Islands.

Mayor Vanden Hoek noted he had tried to resolve the issue but both parties were passionate about what they wanted. He did allow however that council does have flexibility in the process and that the candidates could vote for themselves.

Councillor Hobbs with a 150-signature petition said he should have the job to fulfill his election commitments to Howe Island. “I ran on the basis of the fact that we needed some changes in the organization that if I did not get the total number of votes that exceeded anyone else’s that I was probably handicapped in bringing about any change and received 68 percent.

Councillor Norris stated his wish to continue as Deputy Mayor to see projects related to transportation presently underway through to their conclusion. Both men stressed their experience as municipal council members. Hobbs served Howe Island some years ago. Both wanted the first term of an 18-month split.

photo: Margaret Knott

Councillor Jim Calvin reiterated a previous comment. “The democratic process should lead to who ever receives the most votes seems to have the will of most of the people, so I can’t understand why we would not at least nominate the person for the first 18 months. Councillor Wayne Grant said he would like Norris to finish up what he started on the ferry.

Mayor Vanden Hoek noted the intense ongoing work with regard to replacing the Howe Island Ferry and the desire to get the job done. “I have lived on Wolfe Island a long time. It is extremely difficult for islands to take advantage of opportunities. They always disagree and the opportunity disappears before you can get it nailed down. I am not biased toward any individual. I am biased toward getting the job done,” he said.

A resolution to amend the by-law to designate the Deputy Mayor be based on election votes was defeated. A resolution to designate a Deputy Mayor was passed. A further resolution to appoint Pat Norris as Deputy Mayor for an 18-month term was passed. Comments from the crowd as they left indicated their displeasure with the decision.

In other business Council approved applications for consent made by Wm. Gravely Sr., Neil Gravely and Mrs. H. Lippert of Howe Island subject to a series of conditions, for example a site plan agreement showing the location of all Lot 22 buildings, as outlined by the Town Planning Consultant Bob Clark. Much discussion followed. Mrs Lippert noted her lawyer had wanted to be present but had not received notification.

Consultant Bob Clark presented the Comprehensive Zoning By Law for Frontenac Islands, which was adopted. Clark noted that by adopting a new zoning by law you do not make any current illegal situation legal. They must still be dealt with.

Equipment assessment reports prepared by Jonathon Watson Marine Surveys Inc. for the Simcoe and Howe Island cable ferries was accepted. The reports go to MTO with whom an agreement for their operation will be entered into.

2004 Appointments to Committees and Boards
W.I.’s Big Sandy Bay Committee — Jim Calvin;
Canal Committee & Volunteer Fire Department — Wayne Grant;
Community Centre Board — Wayne Grant & Jim Calvin;
Medical Clinic Board — Jim Calvin.

Calvin indicated his desire to chair the Canal Committee because he campaigned on it. Mayor Vanden Hoek said that he had given considerable thought to the selection. Calvin and Grant accepted his committee selections for one year.

There is a commitment to reconstitute the Canal Committee to include LOK and the Wildlife Association according to the mayor.

Christmas bonuses were approved for staff ($50.) and permanent employees ($25.)

Project Coordinator Linda Van Hal was present to discuss parking by-laws for Big Sandy Bay. (Rules re: Parking & ATVs). She is looking to enforce 'no parking' on the 3rd Line or Reeds Bay Road as urgent.

A comprehensive parking by-law is in the works, village parking, where to park etc. “It is time to consolidate all parking issues on Wolfe Island,” says the Mayor.

Other Business:
*Councillors urged to attend ROMA conference. *A Howe cable ferry incident saw an overweight truck unwilling to leave the ramp. Police were called. Weight posted at 9 tons. *Assessment roles will be available Dec. 16th. *Ed Hickie to update council regarding deer kills as requested by Wildlife Association.

Howe resident Dennis Bremner said that with sewage overload at Ravensview Station it’s pumped out of a pipe that is too short. People are finding more solid sewage debris at their shorelines. Councillor Hobbs recommends residents document and contact city and MOE. Council will write to the city.
Next Meeting: Jan. 12, 2004 Wolfe Island, 6:30 pm

photo: Margaret Knott

Around Town: Great Santa, Great Parade. *Marysville Public Grade 3 children were on a float carrying a pioneer barn replica they built with help from Jeremy Balint and Eric Beers using wood plugs and few nails. *Sacred Heart’s Advent Celebration was a wonderful hour for all who attended. *Congratulations Mayor Vanden Hoek, now Warden of Frontenac County.

Coming Events:
1. Marysville Public School Christmas Concert Dec. 16th. at Sacred Heart School at 6:30 p.m.
2. Scared Heart School Advent Celebration Dec. 17th at 6:45 p.m. at which time the school gym will be dedicated to the memory of the late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:21 AM