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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

April 20, 2004
Garden Buds, Mini Parks, Garden Tours & Big Sandy Bay

Spring was certainly in the air as Frontenac Islands Council was presented with a requests for tourist signs on Howe Island, assistance with an “Art in the Garden” Tour and for partnering in a scheme for mini parks on Wolfe Island, as well as an update of the 2004 operating budget for Big Sandy Bay.

But the passage of the Comprehensive parking by-law has been deferred until budget talks take place between now and the next regular meeting and further documentation is received from the township’s solicitor regarding the bylaw.

Garden Buds: Ms. Marilyn McCauley representing “Howe Island Garden Buds” presented updated information regarding the size, design (computer generated) and costs of the 2 (2’x3’) Howe Island Road map signs to be located at or near the Howe Island ferry docks with the total cost estimated at $1,275.00.

“It’s up to Howe Island councillors to decide as a matter of policy if and how to do this,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Are 2×3’ signs big enough? Should it be a RFP project?”

He noted that signs at the 3 Wolfe Island ferry sites were designed and painted by local artists who received compensation for materials only. Howe Island District Council members and treasurer Carol Dwyre will work with Ms. McCauley on designs, costing and donations for presentation at the June meeting.

Garden Tour: Representing Wolfe Island Business & Tourism’s (WIBTA) Tour Committee, Liz Crothers advised council of a 1st Art in the Garden Tour to be held on Sunday, June 27th from 10a.m. to 5p.m. and asked council to ensure that roads travelled by the tour be graded; that the allowable number of passengers on the Simcoe Island ferry be increased and fares waived that day.

It is expected that all roadwork will complete by then but maybe grass cutting contracts could begin a week earlier on tour roads. However capacity on the ferry is a Transport Canada Marine decision and cannot be varied and out of respect for Simcoe residents the fee will not be waived.

Mini Parks: Ms Cindy Day, WIBTA’s Vice President said the association wants to include mini parks in their strategic plan “WIBTA is able to do a lot of work towards developing and maintaining these parks but some of the issues are outside our capacity so we need to have some kind of working relationship with the township.

First it might be in identifying with the township where appropriate sites might be, (township property, line road ends, etc).” she said. “We want to develop a prototype park (small roof structure, environmentally suitable toilet, fire pit, small boat launch depending on location with waste container, picnic table, bench, signs describing habitat all outlined in her written presentation), and if successful with a first park, construct one park each year.”

She said that partnering with the municipality makes it possible for WIBTA to access other funds and resources for capital costs. After some discussion Mayor Vanden Hoek, said that council members need to review the project and get comfortable with the township’s responsibilities in it.” Ms Day will do some further work on the proposal for the May council meeting.

In other Business: While more could be done to increase the longevity of Wolfe Islands Waste Disposal site, Totten Sims Hubicki’s Doug Prisen presented a favourable 2003 operations report.

In 1993 remaining site capacity was extended by 10 years to 2007. For this report based on usage and recycling, the lifespan has been estimated at 13 years to 2017. Ground water samplings indicate improved conditions. Water samples collected from the neighbouring residence area show no impact from the site.

An agreement for additional monitoring will provide early indication of problems to the neighbour’s domestic water supply. The report also calls for increased cover. TSH will forward copies of the report to the Ministry of the Environment, Ms. Theresa James and Wilf Ruland.

Council approved a request by Joe Montgomery and Jan Hasselaar on behalf of Victoria Street property owners for the installation of water lines along the municipal right of way from the St. Lawrence River.

All property owners must be notified that this is a one-time approval and respond in writing if they will or will not participate. Before the project can begin, the township must have a written agreement that all costs and obtaining of permits (with copies to the township) will be borne by the participating land owners, that all excavation of township property, water line locations and restoration of the property will be done under the direction of the Township Road Superintendent and that there be an individual line for each residence. All to be confirmed in writing to the municipality by each property owner.

Councillor Jim Calvin presented an update on 2004 Big Sandy Bay operating budget. Two changes have been made to meet the revenue neutral expectation. Buses to BSB will only operate from the village on weekends (June 26-Sept.6) and there will be a fee for parking vehicles at the BSB parking lot.

Calvin spoke of fee structure, passes and the need for 2 village parking spaces for buses. The BSB Stewardship committee is authorized to set up a bank account and was allocated $5000 – working capital (to be returned at year end) to handle day to day running of the BSB management area.

At the request of Councillor Hobbs, a Howe Island Recreation and Culture committee will be reactivated consisting of one council member and at least 5 members from the community to run recreational, social and cultural events and advise on park matters. The initial committee will draft terms of reference for council approval.

Councillor Hobbs noted an increase in administrative work and the many non-recompensed work hours of the volunteer Fire Chiefs. Council will examine fire service delivery requirements. Hobbs wants a thorough discussion of Howe transportation, and repair of Township ferry building. Norris states need for porta- toilet at County dock. Next Meeting May 10th, 6:30 p.m. Wolfe Island.

Coming Events:
1. April 24th Trinity Anglican Ham Supper, St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 p.m.
2. Now Collecting Used Books for the WIBTA May 29-30th Book Sale For pickup call Linda @ 385-1947 or drop off at The Factory 385-9994.
3. WI Early Years Centre’s used “children’s stuff” sale, April 24th Community Hall 10am
4. Dr. Westenberg at the Clinic 2-8 pm Thursdays.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:02 PM
April 08, 2004
Wind Power on Wolfe Island

CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) President Ian Baines said at a recent meeting in late March that CREC had the financial backing of an UNNAMED Alberta company for the 150 turbine, 300 mega watt, wind farm on Wolfe Island. Well, now we know Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. of Calgary is the financial backer for the $400-million project.

We already knew that the Provincial Government is looking for 1350 mega watts of electricity from renewable power sources and that CREC hopes to win a bid once the province issues a request for proposals.

At that same meeting Baines noted the possibility of many jobs coming to the island as well as new business interest.

CREC has applied for a 350 mega-watt underwater transmission cable from the island to Kingston and with Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. financial support and a successful bid to the province, CREC will move to construction of the cable ($13-million+++) and the turbines on the 4 previously announced areas of the island (central and highland plains, W.I.’s Bateau Channel and the Big Sandy Bay area). It’s a waiting game.

According to an article in a local paper along with Gaia Power, Vector Wind Energy Inc of Ottawa is a 3rd company considering a Wolfe Island wind farm.

Listen to the Whispers, an evening organized by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute to raise awareness about ovarian and cervical cancer brought together over 60 women, many from Kingston ready to LISTEN. The program is part of the Rose Health Program, an initiative of the Ontario Federated Women’s Institutes.

A video produced by the National Ovarian Cancer Society outlining signs, symptoms and tests and including the stories of women who had suffered from Ovarian cancer was shown.

The video led to a question and answer period with Dr. Peter Bryson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Gynaecologic Oncology, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen’s University. Dr. Bryson responded to questions related to Trans Vaginal Ultra Sound, bimanual recto-vaginal exams and the Ca 125 blood test used to detect the disease. He noted no parallel test exists for ovarian cancer like the Pap test for cervical cancer however he said the ultra sound is a good detection tool because the probe allows for a closer look.

“Let your family doctor know if you have symptoms. Ask for a referral to a specialist if symptoms persist and if you have no family doctor go to an Urgent Care Clinic,” he said.

Islander Dan Hogan, RN, shared his experiences as a Primary Nurse Oncology working at the Kingston Regional Cancer Centre which serves South Eastern Ontario including Peterborough.

A wealth of information was provided for the taking by the Canadian Cancer Society, the Ontario Cervical Screening Program along with a medical display from Rose Mary Corrigan RN.

Those who contributed to the evening’s success included Institute organizers Maureen Lollar, Linda Van Hal, Theresa Broeders, Ellie Devette and Joan O’Shea. Thanks to Jan Fitch, Bruce Mellon, Linda Sutherland, who provided door prizes, and also to Hulton Bus Line, John Muikow (audio system), and Rose Mary Corrigan.
The organizers have since received many calls forthis important information from those unable to attend.

Evensong held recently at Trinity Anglican Church on Wolfe Island brought not only parishioners to this beautiful service but also members of the wider island Christian community.

At the invitation of Rev. Canon Chris Carr, Canon Bill Clarke, rector of St. Luke’s, Kingston led the service and gave the homily. St. Lukes Choir and organist Ms. Kathy Kelly provided the music and led the singing.

A touching moment in the service was the presentation by Rev. Wayne Varley rector of St. Mark’s Barriefield of a processional cross from the now closed St. James Church in Pittsburg to the Trinity Anglican Parish (which was without one) for continued use and safekeeping.

Water Regulations: FYI Frontenac County met with a representative from the Ministry of the Environment to discuss Water Regulation 170/03. The regulation refers to all facilities open to the public which fall under the regulation ”small municipal non-residential systems.”

A public facility is defined as any place where the general public has access to a washroom, drinking fountains, showers, or food preparation. Municipalities must undertake an evaluation of “public facilities.”

Further information regarding new drinking water system regulations for all categories is available: or Public Information Centre 1-888-565-4923.

Around Town: * WIBTA member Liz Crothers was on hand to present Todd Sorfleet, from the Island Grill with a cheque for $1,572.50. He is the winner of the 50/50 “Guess the Van sinking (date/time) in the ice” draw. (it sank April 1st at 1:47 pm. winning ticket said 1:52 pm.) Todd is saving for a back-packing tour of Europe in 2006 and will add the cheque to the cause. * When Fire Chief James White informs council that there should be no obstruction on the side streets and expresses concern about parking in front of the Old Fire Hall, can the Comprehensive parking by-law be far behind? Pat Sanford (Stone Heron Gallery) says 12 island artists thus far will be displaying their work at the Community Hall this summer. Work has begun to prepare the building for its gala opening in June. Pat would welcome other Island artists and fine craftsmen to the Gallery co-op. * The WI Early Years Centre’s is looking for Donations (clean, good condition) children’s used clothing, books, toys for sale at the Community Hall April 24th , 9am. Call Paula: 385-1488. Work goes on for the opening of Big Sandy Bay. *Spring is surely here (in spite of this extended April Fool’s day joke)with both our local golf courses advertising * Welcome Fr. Stewart Laverty OFM, home for Easter * W.I.’s Scene of the Crime announces Howard Engel, author of Benny Cooperman series as the winner of the 1st Grant Allen award honouring crime writing pioneers.*Words to remember: “There will no tolls on Hwy. 69 because there is no alternate route.” Minister of Northern Affairs.

Coming Events:
1. Ecumenical ‘Good Friday’ Service Sacred Heart Church, 3 p.m. April 9th
2. Easter Egg Hunt begins promptly at 1pm. Community Centre Grounds, Sat. April 10th (ages 4-10)
3. April 24th Trinity Anglican’s Ham Supper St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 p.m.
4. Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools annual Community Cleanup Thurs. April 22 at 10 a.m..
5. Euchre continues Thursday evenings at the United Church Hall

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:23 PM