by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

May 19, 2004
New Parking and Traffic Regulations By-Law for Frontenac Islands

Frontenac Islands Council has passed a parking and traffic regulations by-law for the township. The by-law will become effective once signs are in place and citizens have received a flyer from the township outlining important sections of the by-law.

Much of the by-law is generic. However there are sections dealing with the Marysville and Dawson Point ferry lines, village parking etc. and fines, illegal parking and other bylaw offences, for instance a $300 fine for parking in a handicap spot without a permit. Enforcement officer Ken Gilpin will be hired to enforce the by-law.

The township must make a formal request to Provincial Offences to authorize the collection of standard funds. Until approval is received, payments are voluntary.

The lease agreement for parking at the Sacred Heart Church parking lot has not yet been finalized.

Water Line: Representatives from the W.I’s Community Centre Board and W.I. Outdoor Education Group, Bill Joy, Dan Hulton and George McAllister asked the municipality to install a 2 inch water line up from Victoria Street to the Community Centre Grounds (at an estimated cost of $10,000) in conjunction with residents who are already involved in a water line project on Victoria Street.

Councillor Grant noted this would be the opportune time to do it while the street is already being torn up. Mayor Vanden Hoek suggested it might be a two phase project, one to get water up the hill now and later the pipe from there to the grounds.

The municipality will install a line in the Victoria Street trench and participate in its cost to as far as the most southerly participating home owner. Council will debate the issue at ongoing budget talks.

Deer Tags: W.I. Wildlife Association’s Scott McClaren requested a revisit of the deer tag program to cull the herd and public safety. Council will ask the Ministry of Natural Resources to issue a minimum of 50 site specific anterless archery tags for the Wolfe Island (Div. 69A3) for a period of three years and to implement a yearly monitoring and evaluation program.

Howe Island County Ferry: A letter from Howe Island resident Gary Hall expressing concerns about the County Ferry has been forwarded to Frontenac County CAO Liz Fulton for a response to council.

Other Business: Mayor Vanden Hoek restated that all items for council agenda must be received on the Wednesday prior to the meeting (unless an emergency issue) allowing councillors time to consider issues in advance.

Following a pros and cons discussion (new, repair, trade, lease) Council authorized the purchase of a new road grader with a maximum expenditure of $221,600. plus taxes

Council will consider written complaints about noise making devices used to scare cormorants, etc on Black Ant Island.

Another discussion took place regarding the proposal for Mini Parks on Wolfe Island, with sites and washrooms major concerns. More information requested from WIBTA for July meeting.

Councillor Calvin brought council up to date on the opening of the Big Sandy Bay Management Area (May 22nd) and the flyer to be distributed to all residents.

Budget meeting dates, also a meeting for Township Water Regulation guidance were set.

Next Regular Meeting Howe Island TUESDAY June 15th 7:30 p.m.

For your information prior to the regular Council meeting Mayor Vanden Hoek responded to a question about that the OMB appeal initiated by the township which has recently been dropped with the City of Kingston agreeing to a number of initiatives. The OMB appeal was related to the possible effects on parking and other transportation issues resulting from the proposed hotel on the dock beside the W.I. Ferry dock.

“The city is studying the timing sequence of the lights on Ontario Street for possible time improvements and has agreed to having someone sit on an Environmental Assessment committee for a Wolfe Island EA for transportation enhancement, once one is initiated by MTO,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Some people may think our appeal was ‘frivolous’ but transportation is the greatest single issue facing Wolfe Island and must be taken seriously. It is an issue that Kingston needs not only be reminded of but to understand and acknowledge. Whatever happens in downtown Kingston has an effect on the citizens of Wolfe Island and what happens to the ferry service,” Vanden Hoek said.

With regard to Kingston’s large venue entertainment centre initiative (LVEC) the mayor noted general support for the concept. “There is an opportunity for the city in the downtown location and it is a good location from the island’s perspective. But more importantly those types of facilities do have an impact on economic development. Economic development being the driver of the tax base. Our experience generally is that residents expect you to move forward. They understand the relationship between economic development and opportunity. Local opposition is a given,” he concluded.

Around Town: Local author Renie Marshal had a story about a St. Lawrence River hero read on the BBC recently.* Much happening at the W.I. Information Office in preparation for tourist season.* Horne’s ferry to the USA is back in service.* Not an eagle but a metal rooster, crafted by local artist Bruce Mellon that is the prize in the upcoming “Wonder Bird” WIBTA raffle.* New sound system at Sacred Heart Church.*Compactor at the W.I. landfill site closer to being in use.* Keith Walton was interviewed for CTV regarding wind farms and power planned for the island. * MOE information regarding water regulations was provided to local churches and the township.* Wolfe Island well represented by residents at grand opening of Frontenec Community Futures Development Corporation *Rather scary stuff with under cover police, attack dogs, agents and helicopters searching the ferry, cars and the islands looking for an escaped KP prisoner.

Coming Events:
1. Summer Sunday Services at Christ Church (15th Concession) 9:15 a.m., June 13th, July 11, August 8th & September 12th . Services at Trinity are at 9:15 a.m.
2. May 22nd Trinity Anglican’s Bake Sale, St. Margaret’s Hall 11 a.m. –1 p.m.
3. May 22 Fish Fry, Wolfe Island United Church Hall Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
4. W.I.Tourist Information Bureau Opens May 22nd
5. May 29th and May 30th WIBTA’s (1st of the season) Used Book Sale at the Old Fire Hall 10 a.m. 5:30 pm Early Bird Friday May 28th 3-6 p.m. ( to donate books call Linda 385-1947)
6. June 6th Trinity Anglican Parish Festival

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:09 PM
May 04, 2004
Trees for Peace


Some 70 Grade 6 & 7 students accompanied by their teachers from Kingston’s Ecole Cathedrale descended on Hank Connell’s Sugar Woods location on Wolfe Island for a hands on “Trees for Peace” planting experience.

Prior to planting the 2000 (white pine, white spruce, red osier dogwood & nannyberry) seedlings which were purchased by Mr. Connell ($0.50ea), the students had participated in a classroom presentation focusing on the importance of trees in the ecosystem, the creation of wildlife habitat, water quality, erosion control and a discussion about reducing prejudice which encourages the students to link respect for the environment to respect for fellow human beings.

Joining the students were Field Supervisor Kevin Hansen who demonstrated the tree hole digging method for the students, Susan Moore and Bret Coleman coordinator of the Frontenac Stewarship Council. Armed with shovels the students and teachers spread out over the property to the sites designated for planting (including 2 wetland areas) and with enthusiasm and energy got down to business completing the work.In pairs the students dug the holes and planted the seedlings in rows, much to Hank’s delight.

The Trees for Peace program began in 1998 when Irish and Canadian youth traveled together across Canada planting over 600,000 trees helps implement an environmental stewardship prgram for local school boards whic stresses sustainable natural environments, youths working together etc.

From April 26 to May 21, 2004, over a thousand Grade 6, 7 & 8 students from area schools will plant 30,000 seedling trees on 18 sites nearest to their schools in Lennox & Addington and Frontenac Counties. Since its inception, local students have planted 80,000 trees on 60 sites in the region.

Trees for Peace is a partnership of non-profit community groups working together to build a healthier environment including the Lennox & Addington and Frontenac Stewardship Councils, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, Children of Ireland Foundation (Canada) and both the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic and Limestone District school boards. Local landowners can apply to have trees planted.

Pastor Wood Installed as Minister of Wolfe Island United Church
Rev. Terry Wood, who has been serving the Wolfe Island United Church congregation for some months was formerly installed as its pastor at a recent celebration. The new ministry is a covenant between the Wolfe Island Pastoral Charge, Pastor Terry Wood, the Kingston Presbytery and the Bay of Quinte Conference.

Presiding over the ceremony was Mary McColl, Chair of the Kingston Presbytery who in her opening remarks noted the presence of members of the Sacred Heart Catholic and Trinity Anglican parishes and remarked on the strong ecumenical nature of the Wolfe Island community.

Search Committee member Keith Walton presented Pastor Wood. “Terry has been called to a ministry of the Word, Sacrament and Pastoral care in the Wolfe Island Pastoral Charge,” he said. “We believe he is qualified and has been prayerfully and lawfully selected.”

Many parish community members were involved in the service of signs and symbols, the renewal of baptismal promises and a statement of new ministry. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Elaine Smith. The Wolfe Island Ecumenical choir with Geneva Keyes at the organ provided the music.

Garden Tour
Plans for Wolfe Islands 1st Art in the Garden Tour sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association are well underway. Buses have been hired. Tour guides are getting ready. Tickets are selling fast. Sponsors have come forward. And the many multi-talented artists and gardeners from Wolfe & Simcoe islands are preparing for this unique event to be held Sunday, June 27th, 10 am-5pm, rain or shine when guests will be transported from garden to garden, from one artist to another while tour guides describe the history and lore of the island.

Visit the WIBTA web site at:, follow the links for more information and ongoing updates. For further information contact Diane Kerbel (613) 385-9917, e-mail:

Around Town:* The Horne’s ferry to Cape Vincent, NY is back in service. WIBTA’s Tourist Kiosk May 24th holiday weekend as does Big Sandy Bay * In advance of the WIBTA Infornation Kiosk*Note on your events calendar that the annual W.I. Summer Music Festival takes place August 7th. *Big things happening at the Island Grill. *The Summer Dock Studio is now open weekends. *Lots of questions about new water regulations beginning to surface. *Ballads, Folk music with the Troubador at the General Wolfe May 14& 15th. *There is a call for new and returning volunteers for the WIBTA Tourist Information Centre. . A n “after dinner” volunteer information/training evening will be held at the community Hall, Tues. May 11th at 7 p.m.For info contact Elise Huffman 385-1486

Coming Events:
1. Trinity Anglican Parish announces Special summer Services at Christ Church (15th Concession) at 9:15 a.m., Sunday’s, May 9th , June 13th, July 11, August 8th & September 12th .
2. May 22nd Trinity Anglican’s Bake Sale at St. Margaret’s Hall 11 a.m. –1 p.m.
3. May 22 Annual Fish Fry, Wolfe Island United Church Hall Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
4. May 29th and 30th WIBTA’s (1st of the season) Used Book Sale at the Old Fire Hall 10 a.m. 5:30 pm Early Bird Friday May 28th 3-6 p.m. ( to donate books call Linda 385-1907)
5. Hulton Construction Slow Pitch League (18 years)
For Info call R. Rixton385-1277, Scott Hulton 385-2444

Posted by Margaret Knott at 03:59 PM