by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

November 18, 2004
An Extra Ferry Run . Small Part of the Solution

With the Frontenac II operating from the winter dock, the difficulties arising for Wolfe Island commuters are immense. The bad news is that the Wolfe Islander III will be out of service until well into December (possible date Dec. 20th). Snow is on the way, the parking at Dawson Point is inadequate, parking along the roadside where there is a ditch is treacherous and now travellers have even begun parking out of the way on the ferry line-up side.

It is good to know that Mayor Vanden Hoek had what he termed a good meeting with MPP John Gerretsen to look for a solution suggesting the use of a private passenger boat operating from Marysville to Kingston during peak periods mornings and evenings.

At the same time many residents have begun to question why there can be no bus service at least on a trial basis at peak periods to Dawson Point.

According to the mayor, the township is in touch with MTO on a regular basis, which accounts for the step taken to ease the early morning problem by establishing a 5 a.m. ferry run on a trial basis while still maintaining the regular ferry schedule.

While the township has dealt with Howe Island and Simcoe Island ferry service improvements, the Wolfe Island ferry service remains as the greatest single issue facing the island as more and more residents work off the island. In fact the economic future of the island depends on improved transportation. But are we ready; is the province ready to find a solution that takes into consideration not just issues of capacity but time as well? Bridge, shorter route, passenger ferries, lengthened boat, the where, how and who pays???

And Speaking of Ferries: Mayor Vanden Hoek was the MC at an event to mark the arrival of the new ferry at Howe Island. Dignitaries included from the Minister of Transportation’s Office, P.A. Lalonde; MPP John Gerretsen; Kingston’s Mayor Harvey Rosen and members of Frontenac Islands Council including Pat Norris and Geoff Hobbs from the Howe Island Ward.

W.I.’s Remembrance Day Service: organized by Maureen Lawlor once again paid tribute to islanders who served in the Great Wars, Korea and in Peacekeeping and those presently serving Canada in the military.

Island clergy, Lt. Col. David Patterson, Major Bill Allen, as well as RMC cadets, children from both schools and Robert Graham offered prayer, stories, poems, music and song to the event hosted by CEO Terry O’Shea.

Frontenac Islands Council Information: Councillor Jim Calvin presented a briefing note on the requirement for a Safety Vehicle for the Big Sandy Bay Management area.

The BSB committee believes a better system of evacuation of medical casualties needs to be developed. It notes that while safety protocols meet the basic requirements of the BSB area it has shortfalls which pose challenges to the Volunteer Ambulance Service and suggests potential solutions (trail improvement; appropriate evacuation vehicle) recommending that the Township attempt to resolve the safety issues before the 2005 season by supporting the acquisition of a vehicle or vehicle /trailer combination, seek funding support from the Frontenac County Land Management Committee and share in the cost if an agreement can be reached for the vehicle’s use for routine duties at the BSB site.

Fuel Supplies: Tri Heat Anglin will supply all fuel supplies for the township beginning Dec. 1, 2004 to Nov. 30, 2005.

Wolfe Island Community Hall: Rental has been established at $35.00 plus a $50. Returnable cleaning deposit for community service/non profit groups and $100. rental + $50. For private functions/ users.

MTO Letter: Council discussed the letter from Peter Ginn, Operational Services Manager outlining the scope of the added work required for the Wolfe Islander (to the hull, navigation lighting system, wiring etc.) and its delayed Dec. 20th date of return to Wolfe Island.

Mayor Vanden Hoek re-iterated a positive meeting with MPP Gerretsen to alert him to the traffic problems that have arisen on the island.

Wind Farm Economic Impact Analysis: There was some discussion regarding the Clark Consulting Services Wind Farm draft report outlining minimal tax gains for the Township based on the tax relief offered by the Province of Ontario. The township’s role is to deal with Official Plan amendments with the mayor urging a slow and steady approach. The report and options will be further discussed with the consultant at their December meeting.

Road Work: A request from Howe Island for median line painting on Howe Island Drive will not happen this year but will be reviewed in the 2005 budget discussions.(Councillor Hobbs noted that quite a number of people have complained) Also Council will not waive the penalty charges for a Howe Island resident on outstanding tax bills. Next Meeting Dec. 13th Howe Island 6:30 p.m.

Around Town: Ms Cindy Day, owner of The Factory, was elected President of the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association. At the annual General meeting. * W.I. Fire Chief James White wishes to thank all those who participated in the Volunteer Fire Dept. annual golf tournament, which raised $7,000 that will be used to upgrade vehicle equipment. Chief White is also looking for you opinion on whether next year’s parade should be held in the evening since he has had inquiries. * W.I.’s Christmas Elves have been decorating Marysville. Great Job! * Congratulations to St. Lawrence View Nurseries celebrating its 10th anniversary Nov. 27th & 28 th. Wouldn’t it be great if Tom Wroe could bring his business Metal Craft to Wolfe Island. Boat Building on the island seems like a natural somehow. *Have you noticed the stone benches outside the W.I. library as promised by Shirley Gibson-Lagille?

Coming Events:
1.“Christmas at the Factory” a one day event, Saturday, Nov. 27th 10 a.m.-3p.m. features Arts& Crafts, Hockey Table, & Early Years fund raisers, etc.
2.Standard First Aid &Basic Rescuer CPR on Wolfe Island Tues., Thurs., Nov.23, 25 6-9 p.m. & Sun. Nov. 28th 9 a.m.- 4p.m.Call Perry-385-2972 or Peter 385-2428 for info & to book space.
3.Annual Ecumenical Advent Service Sun. Nov. 29th 4 pm W.I. United Church. Homilist: Fr. René Labelle.
4.W.I.’s Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Santa Clause Parade, with ROC Pipe Band Sunday Dec. 5th leaving from the Fire Hall @ 1:15 pm. A wonderful family event. Hot chocolate, hot dogs to follow..
5.Frontenac for All Seasons Photo Contest deadline Dec. 1st

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:33 AM
November 04, 2004
Flowers Make Beautiful

“Garden Buds”, an organization of women dedicated to making Howe Island beautiful was not idle while they waited for the new Frontenac Howe Islander ferry to arrive.

Instead the group began the process of creating 2 new flowerbeds on both sides of the Howe Island ferry dock planting evergreens, day lilies and roses. With the assistance of the home owner they also landscaped along the long fence up from the ferry with hydrangeas, roses, evergreens, and bushes as well as mulching in hundreds of spring bulbs all under the direction of their Special Projects co-ordinator Faye Mueller who designed it all.

An automatic watering system was installed by David Higgs, son of Assistant Director Dorothy Higgs. Dorothy noted there is still work to do there with plans underway as well for a Howe Island welcome sign and gardening work at the small ferry.

The Garden Buds with some 30 members meet monthly to share gardens and gardening information and hear guest speakers. Their Director is Shirley Burgess. A highlight was the visit of the head gardener from Kingston’s Bellevue House who arrived in period costume.

But that is not all they do according to Higgs. To carry out their projects the Garden Buds must fund raise. A Lawn Garage Sale &Bake Sale raised $1300 and bulb sales raised $1100.

The group extends a “big thank you” for all the personal donations ($1300 so far) towards the Special Ferry project. Frontenac Islands Township also donated $500. For Information call Dorothy at 548-8378.

And More About Howe Island: Members of the Howe Island Fire & Rescue Auxiliary Services are anxious for the community to be aware of their role in assisting Howe Island Fire & Rescue.

The auxiliary was established in 2001 and is an organized group of 25 plus volunteers. Under the direction of Fire Chief Mike Quinn, they assist in supporting basic health and safety needs of firefighters and the community during a larger scale emergency.

The Auxiliary has been meeting and training with the fire service on a regular basis since their establishment. Kristie French is President. For further information visit the Howe Island Fire & Rescue website at or email them at with questions or concerns.

Wolfe Island’s 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Weigh: In was another successful event in spite of the rain. First prize winners in all categories included for Biggest Pumpkin: Dave Woodman 77 ½”; Heaviest John Posthumus ~ 137 lbs; Best Colour Taylor Kyle; Best Shape Keith Jeffrey; Smallest Heather Posthumus; Best Decorated Sarah Posthumus; Best Carved Kristine & Blake Mosier; Best Scarecrow Heather & John Posthumus; Poetry Kelly Buckholtz; Pies Pumpkin Ann Taggart; Apple: Theresa Fargo. Second and Third plus Honourable mention prizes were also awarded.

Special thanks are extended to the volunteers, judges, prize donors and the many participants for making it another great event.

*The W.I. Medical Clinic: The clinic closed due to the illness of Dr. Westenberg has re-opened now that he is well again. Clinic hours are Thursday’s 2:30-5:30 p.m.

The Clinic has undertaken a survey to determine if there are enough blood donors to offer islanders access to a blood donor clinic. The Canadian Blood Services mobile clinic needs some assurance that there would be enough donors to warrant providing the service.

If you are interested call Keith or Mildred at 385-2461. And a reminder that a Flu shot clinic will be held at the Clinic Nov. 20th 9am-11: 30 am.

Paddle for Aids: Trinity Anglican Parish congratulates and thanks all those who attended a recent Pot Luck luncheon hosted by the group who canoed around the island this summer. The luncheon raised
the ‘fine amount’ of $412 to contribute towards the work of those dealing in many different ways with the AIDS pandemic.

WIBTA Volunteers: Browns Bay Inn was the scene of the annual volunteer appreciation event sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association honouring the many citizens who served as volunteers at the Information centre.

In his words of appreciation outgoing WIBTA president Jim Calvin spoke of their dedicated effort in welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to the island. He singled out Beth Caldwell, volunteer coordinator; Chris & Sophie Angenent, Kiosk fixer upper’s; Steve Roy, cabinet maker; D. Morton for cleaning and Elise Huffman the Information Centre’s coordinator thanking them for their service to the community.

Photo Contest: The Kingston Heritage, Frontenac Gazette newspapers and Frontenac County are the originators of a multi category “My Frontenac for All Seasons “ prints and digital Photo contest which runs until Dec. 1st. With Wolfe Island’s own photo contest experience there could be some winners.

Contest rules can be found on the County website. FYI contact Cara Hunter at 548-9400 ext. 331

Gas Tax Money & Bus Service on Wolfe Island. The recent announcement that municipalities will receive a portion of the gas tax for public transit (any municipality with a plan for public transit may apply) compels me to talk again about the need for an island commuter bus service.

It is apparent that the use of the winter dock for up to 6 months a year is becoming a regular feature of living on Wolfe Island. But Dawson Point is a cold and miserable place in winter with few amenities and a parking lot that is too small for the increasing number of vehicles.

Suburbs elsewhere offer free parking and increased commuter bus service to accommodate the working public at peak hours and citizens without transportation. We do not have such a service. We should have. But we do have adequate parking in Marysville, our prime business location and at Sacred Heart Church that could serve as a bus turn around location. So what about it Council? Why not?

Coming Events:
1.Thurs., Nov. 11th Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, Wolfe Island Town Hall Square at 10:45 am
2.Sat. Nov. 13 at 12 noon C.W.L. Christmas Bake Sale & Basket Raffle at Sacred Heart School
3.Flu Shot Clinic Nov. 20th 9am-11: 30 am at the WI Medical Clinic.
4.Trinity Anglican Turkey Supper, Sat. Nov. 20th, St Margaret’s Hall. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
5. “Christmas at the Factory” a one day event, Saturday, Nov. 27th 10 a.m.-3p.m. features Arts& Crafts, Hockey Table, & Early Years fund raisers, etc.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:22 AM