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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 28, 2005
Province Opens the Door to More Green Power

The Province of Ontario issued its third Request for Proposals (RFP) for renewable energy and is looking for up to 200 megawatts from small and medium sized projects which puts Wolfe Island in the renewable energy ‘Spot Light’ once again.

In the last RFP both GAIA Power and Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. submitted separate wind power proposals (kept a 100 mega watts) according to ministry of energy guidelines which did not allow them to share information or work together. Neither company’s bid was successful.

This time however, the province has changed the rules and the two companies can work together for this RFP. Thus Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. and GAIA Power with their strategic partners Sky Power Corporation and Citizens Energy, (for this project known as OWEP, Ontario Wind Energy Partners ) will bid the island wind farm projects together as ONE large cost competitive project for the RFP, due date of August 15th.

In this way they are not competing with each other, but with land based projects from other parts of Ontario. They have combined forces, insight and information and anticipate winning the bid on scale, because it is very expensive to get the power across under water to the mainland, (240kv with a 150-200 mw capability).

Instead of two environmental assessments there is one; instead of two hydro connection studies there is one etc. etc. As GAIA’s Samit Sharma put it, “In the end everything will be bundled into what we will seek as a price per mega watt hour from the province. So if we can reduce that cost and bid at a lower price then it increases our chances of benefiting all 70 landowners and the island as a whole.”

Acres International Ltd. has been retained by Canadian Hydro to prepare and finalize an integrated environmental screening process and report as required by the Environmental Assessment Act. These will become available to stake holders for review and comment. Should the bid not be successful, the joint arrangement is terminated and the companies go their separate ways. They expect to hear the outcome of their bid in November.

Wolfe Island property owners with land optioned by were notified by letter what the companies were doing and why, and were invited to a landowners meeting. The meeting provided the opportunity to meet and listen to company officials, to ask questions and look at a map showing the optioned land (land owner received one time option fee) as well as the land still available for option. The map also showed some optioned land and other land areas no longer deemed suitable for wind turbines because of environmental constraints (birds, noise, wetlands, distance from homes etc.). It was surprising to see how little land is really available because of these constraints.

Both GAIA and Canadian Hydro are looking to option more island land. With a successful bid the landowner receives a yearly payment based on the number of turbines on their property over the length of project (20-25 years).

The map did not show the exact location (sightings) of the wind turbines on the properties at this time because turbine power size has yet to be established.

The mega watt size of the turbines (1.5 or 2.3 or 3.0 mega watt) effects the number required for this project, so it could mean from 65 to a 135 wind turbines placed strategically throughout the area for this overall 150-200 mega watt renewable energy project.

Certain planning, technical and environmental constraints to the project were presented, along with advantages to the community in terms of short and long term jobs, routine operation and maintenance, improved roads, service buildings, local construction, local purchase of supplies, etc.

It was noted that if there is any impact on island services these would be dealt with. Further meetings with council, landowners and the public are planned.

Present at the meeting were from Canadian Hydro founders John and Ross Keating, Gavin Ross –Wind Division, Geoff Carnegie–Ont. Projects, Ian Baines, Fred Siemensen –Kingston; Casey Ripp – Project Manager, principal Canadian projects Ltd. and Samit Sharma, Director GAIA Power.

The Cancer Society’s 1st Great Ride’n’Stride to be held on Wolfe Island:

The Frontenac-Lennox & Addington Unit- Canadian Cancer Society will hold its first Great Ride’n’Stride fund raising event Sat. Sept. 24th 7:30 am-noon on the island.

Ride’n’Stride, a non competitive event, encourages participants to enjoy a day of fun and exercise while raising funds for the Cancer Society. Participants collect pledges to walk, run, ride or skate on (5k-10k) island routes.

The Cancer Society has invited the Wolfe Island community to help make the event a success. They need island volunteers to serve on the planning committee, help fulfill sponsorship needs, encourage participation by Kingston and the Islands family, friends and neighbours and to volunteer on Sept. 24th itself. Registration and pledge forms soon will be available in Kingston and Wolfe Island.

To volunteer or support the Great Ride’n’Stride event call Linda Thomas 385-1947 (Wolfe Island); Danielle or Kate at the Canadian Cancer Society office in Kingston at 384-2361.
Funding and support for the Cancer Society comes from private donations and the hard work of volunteers. Plan now to Volunteer, Make a Pledge, Participate in the 1st Great Ride’n’Stride .

Around Town: *Wolfe Island ‘Corn Maze’ opens daily at 10 a.m. Reservations required for Evening Outings, also for Group Visits (day/evening). Please call 385-1998

Coming Events:
1. Aug. 5th- - 6th Wolfe Island Musicfest, St. Margaret’s Hall Aug.5th 9 p.m. (Advance tickets $10.) & Sat. Aug 6th, Community Centre, 3p.m. Advance Tickets $15.00 Fargo’s, Mosier’s Variety& city locations. ($20. at gate) Contact: Sarah 385-1562)
2. Aug. 5th 4-8 p.m. & Sat. Aug. 6th 10am- 4pm Book Sale at the old Fire Hall sponsored by Friend’s of Big Sandy Bay.
3. Aug. 6th St. Philomena’s Parish Hall (Howe Island) Summer Steak Fry Sat. Aug. 6th St. Tickets ( Steak Dinner-Adults $12.00 Children 12 & under $6.00.) Advance tickets Howe’s Township Office or from Parish Council members.
4. Aug. 7th - W.I. Art Auction & Wine & Cheese 1-5 pm Wolfe Manor. Advance tickets $15.00 Summer Dock Studio,WI Bakery Kingston. Proceeds:W.I.Early Years Centre. Call: 385-9964.
5. August 13th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. Events all day. Call Maureen (613) 385-2540
6. Aug. 20th. Golf Tournament. WI Riverfront Golf Course & Dance Sponsored by WI Volunteer Fire Department Contact Joe Taggart 385 2233.
7. Aug. 20th. Wolfe Island United Church Pork BBQ & Silent Auction. United Church Hall. Doors open 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:17 PM
July 15, 2005
2005 Senior Of the Year Award Presented on Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island resident Mrs. Joan O’Shea was the recipient of the 2005 Frontenac Islands Senior of the Year Award.

Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek presented the framed certificate to Mrs. O’Shea on the steps of the Wolfe Island Town Hall where family and friends had gathered. In honouring Joan, who was nominated for the award by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute the Mayor said he knew of no one more deserving.

Throughout her life as wife to John, mother, grandmother, teacher (during which time she earned a Batchelor of Arts degree Queen’s in 1985) she has been an active member of the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Women’s League (50 years) and the Frontenac District Women’s Institute (Life member), the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute (Life member) and an active participant in the community serving on many committees.

In accepting the award Mrs. O’Shea noted her roots in Frontenac Islands run deep with her great great grandfather John Ledford coming to Wolfe Island from England in 1840 and marrying islander Catherine Lyons. Their son George lived on Howe Island and married Anna Marie Mahoney.

“The islands set a tone of neighbourliness and hospitality which has carried on over the years. I am proud to accept this award on behalf of Frontenac Islands,” she said.

The Senior of the Year award was established in 1994 to give each municipality in Ontario the opportunity to honour one outstanding local senior who after age 65, has enriched the social, cultural or civic life of the community, without thought of personal or financial gain.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:09 PM
Wolfe Island Community to Study Volunteer Community Policing

A group of Wolfe Island citizens has begun discussion about establishing Community Policing on the island. “We are starting to have a lot more problems over here,” Wolfe Island resident Wilma Sjonger said speaking on behalf of herself, Tom Berry and Colleen Woodman and the community at large at the July meeting of Frontenac Islands council.

“Anyone reading ‘The Whig Standard’ will recognize that there is a misconception in Kingston that because we don’t have police presence 24-7, anything goes. What we hope is that council along with the OPP will support the setting up of a Volunteer Community Policing Service. We want a presence here.”

The request was opportune because OPP Inspector Jeroen Meinen and Sgt. Matt Hensman were also present to give an overview of OPP work on the island including 2003- 4 statistics occurrences and policing costs.

Regarding Community Policing, Inspector Meinen said it can be very effective if everyone participates. The OPP would assign a liaison and work with a committee to get Community Policing establishrd (ground rules, scope, liability issues, identification of volunteers etc.) under the auspices of council. The township will review the request and set up a first meeting between the OPP and the interested group.

Committee of Adjustment: Council held a marathon meeting before a full house to deal with a backlog of severance applications, (many had been referred to Clark Consulting.) Most were approved subject to a variety of conditions, one was deferred, one was denied.

An application by Shore Acres Ltd. represented by Gene Manion for a series of severances (8) residential lots on the water & right of ways generated much discussion particularly with regard to the 18th Concession road as the access road for the lots. The owner had permission to bring the road up to certain standards (now 2/3rds finished) at his own cost. The owner wanted the township to finish the road and take over maintenance. Councillor Calvin could see no long term benefit for all residents if council picks up the road tab. “If there is something we can work out like a future boat ramp at the end of the road and inland land for parking then I have no trouble with us taking on the road costs, otherwise I don’t think so. There is no public boat access on the South Shore. This is an opportunity to do that,“ Calvin said.

Mr. Manion was not pleased with the concept (land for road work) however after some discussion, (survey costs, land location etc.), a resolution passed that the applicant apply to rezone certain lots “ Limited Service Residential”, and two others “ right of ways” only and that the municipality receive a surveyed one acre parcel of land fronting on the 18th line road which will then be completed by the township.

Senior of the Year Award: Mrs. Joan O’Shea was presented with the Frontenac Islands Senior of the Year Award on the steps of Town Hall by Mayor Vanden Hoek in recognition of her many volunteer hours to Wolfe Island and Kingston organizations and charities.

CFDC: Ms. Anne Pritchard, Executive Director Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation outlined funding initiatives undertaken to and the new round of funding announced for new business initiatives and local small projects.
The information is on the CFDC website at:

Kingston Sewage Approvals: Richard Lindgren Counsel for the Canadian Environmental Association wants Council to acknowledge the municipalities concerns about the Kingston sewage spills that have affected the island’s shoreline to the City of Kingston and /or the Ministry of the Environment.

The Mayor informed Lindgren that after his first presentation there was a meeting with Utilities Kingston President Jim Keech who had since written outlining capital projects being undertaken regarding sewage treatment in Kingston and their willingness to give alerts. Council deferred further action until the Aug. 8th regular meeting.

Horne Cottages: The Horne’s have a problem accessing two of their cottages. Bruce Horne informed council that access to an unopened Township Road allowance in Lot 12 between Concessions 8&9 which the Horne’s use to reach the cottages is being denied by a property owner and blocked by parked vehicles. Horne asked council to “exert their ownership of this part of the right of way or it will be gone.” Council will seek a legal opinion on status of the road allowance and the rights of others to use it.

Trailer Rights: Mrs. Margaret Conley will not be required to move a trailer on her lot, determined in contravention of a zoning bylaw if she can provide a sworn declaration that it has been there since 1977 (which predates the by law) making it a legal non-conforming use.

Next Regular Council Meeting Howe Island Aug. 8th 7:30 p.m.

Around Town:*Rebecca Broeders received the Baker Award presented annually to a Regiopolis Notre Dame graduating Wolfe Island student and the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario Student Award. Congratulations to all island graduates.* Jazzy Minton, 25, son of Scott and Lori Minton left for Kandahar in Afganistan to serve a 6- month civilian posting as a cook with the recently a deployed Canadian Military contingent.* W.I. Fire Chief James White extends thanks to all who donated prizes for the Fishing derby. A great success. * Acacia Gold’s annual puppy reunion at Pat and Tom’s Aug. 6th *Kerryn delivered her baby boy at home, a first on Wolfe Island in 17 years. Congratulations Graham’s.

Coming Events:
1) July 29th, 30th, Family Baseball Tournament, WI Community Centre Grounds
2) 2. Aug. 5th- - 6th Wolfe Island Musicfest, at St. Margaret’s Hall Aug.5th 9 p.m. featuring the Tony Scherr Trio; Jill Barber, and Luther Wright (Advance tickets $10.) & Sat. Aug 6th, Community Centre, 3p.m. featuring: Sarah Harmer & Acoustic Band, plus many other groups Advance Tickets $15.00 Fargo’s, Mosier’s Variety& city locations. ($20. at gate) Contact: Sarah 385-1562) Proceeds to Community Development Fund.
3) Aug. 6th St. Philomena’s Parish Hall (Howe Island) Summer Steak Fry Sat. Aug. 6th St. Tickets ( Steak Dinner-Adults $12.00 Children 12 & under $6.00.) Children $2.00 Hot dog& drink Purchase advance tickets at Howe’s Township Office or from Parish Council members.
4) Aug. 7th - W.I. Art Auction & Wine & Cheese 1-5 pm Wolfe Manor. Advance tickets $15.00 Summer Dock Studio & WI Bakery Kingston. Proceeds:W.I.Early Years Centre. Call: 385-9964.
5) August 13th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. Events all day. Call Maureen (613) 385-2540

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:55 PM
July 14, 2005
Wonderful Weather For the 25th Wolfe Island Classic

Runners (389) came from as far away as Surprise, Arizona; Pennsylvania; Sackville, New Brunswick; South Carolina; California and New York state as well as many parts of Ontario for the 25th Anniversary Wolfe Island Classic Road Race. The race owes much of its longevity and success to the work of the many local volunteers who annually step up to make it work.

Jim Gore from the Kingston Running Room provided much insight and expertise into the organization of this year’s race.

Awards were presented by Cindy Day President of the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association with Ken Keyes as master of ceremonies. Running for the 24th time in 25 years was Doug Knowles (running in the 70+class.) Results by Sports Stats available on line at

A kiddies race (2-6 year’s) sponsored by Wolfe Island Early Years preceded the actual race with the children wearing running bibs and equipped with (not activated) timing chips was a new feature this year.

Race Results

Men 10k
1. Ken Neill, 34.54.6 Kingston
2. Ryan Melcher 36.49.0 Sonora, California
3. Rob Rowlatt 37.53.6 Kingston

Women 10k
1. Suzanne Garrett 40.59.9 Kingston
2. Margareta Svijina 41.48.0 Kingston
3. Tammy Romanidis 45.26.9 Kingston

Men 5k
1. David Clinkad 17.10.7 Kingston
2. Bruce Pardy 17.13.5 Kingston
3. Randy Zabukovac 17.22.9 Kingston

Women 5k
1. Amy Sheebey 18.43.5 Kingston
2. Andria Smith 19.09.4 Aurora. Ont.
3. Erin Sask 19.14.0 Kingston

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:14 AM