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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 28, 2005
Frontenac Islands Council Supports Community Centre Board Application

Frontenac Islands Council passed a resolution to support the Wolfe Island Community Centre Board application for funds to complete a water line to the community centre, started last year, and capped half way due to lack of funds. Presently the centre’s building has a small, very costly to refill, holding tank for fresh water.

The Community Centre board recently applied to the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation for $30,000 for the waterline extension project but required a resolution of support from council (as a funding partner) before Industry Canada can consider the release of funds for such a project.

The CCB sponsors the Family Baseball Tournament, Mixed Slow Pitch, Music Festival, etc. and has an active Horse Club, youth baseball and hockey/skating at the rink. They were involved in installing the first section of the water line, new lighting at the B Diamond, improved tile drainage at the A diamond, and the Ernie Allen Playground upgrade.

Council held a special meeting with the CCB to look at their application for funds. If approved, the starting date for digging the line would begin 2 weeks after the funding is received and take about 5 weeks to complete with a pump at the source and a hydrant at the receiving end. A goal of the CCB is to replace the 11 year old rink with a new ice pad which would require a good source of water for flooding . The long range plan is for a banquet hall also requiring a reliable water source. The CCB believes such facilities would provide significant economic benefit for the community.

“The CCB is looking at an exciting project,” Mayor Vanden Hoek commented following the meeting. “ Certainly in 2001, the development of the Community Centre was one of the Township’s strategic plan priorities. When the CCB has completed its vision, it will be important that we have everyone trying to meet the same objective,” he said.

It should be noted that the Community Centre Board will also meet XCG Consultants, retained recently to conduct a scoping study to determine the most suitable and cost effective approach to deal with the water needs of Marysville (which includes the Community Centre, the Fire Hall and Medical Clinic etc.); municipal duties and liabilities; costs involved; studies required and funding options and sources.

The scoping study came about as a result of the oil line rupture at the Wolfe Island Town Hall which impacted two shore wells, both subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act and Ontario regulation 170/3, one involving 3 municipal buildings and 4 private residences and the other 8 residences. It is possible that other similar systems in Marysville do not meet the requirements of regulation 170 and have not been identified which led the Township to be pro-active in determining a long range approach to water needs.

W.I.’s 2005 Pumpkin Weigh In A Great Success
For the second year in a row the weather for the Great Pumpkin Weigh-In was not the greatest but it did little to deter the enthusiasm that this particular event generates on Wolfe Island. As hundreds of people gathered at the Town Square, a feeling of excitement filled the air as adults and children competed in a series of events leaving judges hard pressed to determine winners when, each year, entries become bigger and bigger, better and better. pumpkins-onstep.jpg

Music, provided by local musician Robert Graham, food outdoors and inside the community hall (where winners were announced) and refreshments were all part of the occasion along with face painting, a spectacular Lady Clown creating wonderful balloon creatures, as well as other fun and games for children, which included of course White’s horse drawn wagon rides.

Rose Mary & Doug Corrigan are the organizers of the Great Pumpkin Weigh In and they, along with host of volunteers, are to be commended for the ever increasing popularity of this great, annual, family event and the fun it generates.

Winners in the Pumpkin Events:

1. Andrew Simonsen ~ 364 lbs
2. John Posthumus ~ 167 lbs.
3. Holly Niles ~ 138 lbs.

Biggest Circumference
1. Andrew Simonsen ~ 84”
2. Dave Woodman ~ 73½”
3. John Posthumus ~ 69”

Best Colour
1. Patrick Sammon
2. Mairead Corrigan
3. Ed Cormack

Best Shape
1. Heather Posthumus
2. Blake & Emma Mosier
3. Carol Cormack

Best Decorated
1. The Devos Family
2. Spencer Goodfellow
3. Jack Little

Best Carved
1. Allison & Skeet Leeman
2. Klaus B.
3. Nikki Tesar

Other Categories

Best Scarecrow
1. Jen, Sue & Bernie
2. Blake & Emma Mosier
3. Tom Zborovsky

Under 8 years
1. Kate Woodman
2. Hunter Chown
8-10 years
1. Emily Woodman
2. Adam Moodie
1. Cohen Samson
11-13 years
1. Matthew Woodman
2. Rachel Lindgren

1. Leann Cunningham
2. Kristine Mattson

Honourable Mention:
1.Kelly Bockholtz

1. Heather Posthumus
2. Ann Overvelde
3. Theresa Fargo
1. Theresa Fargo
2. Dianne Hawkins
3. Heather Posthumus

Honourable Mention:
1. Tony Vingar

Around Town:*Rumour has it that there plans are underway for a Kite Festival on Wolfe Island, sometime in February, sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association.Watch for details as they become available.* Most island property assessments are on the rise. Complaints and concerns are expressed regularly but perhaps most by those who live on water front properties that increasingly carry the load and drive the municipality in terms of tax dollars. Increases in the Frontenac County Budget (10-12% last year) which makes up a third of what islanders pay in taxes doesn’t help matters much. * The Remembrance Day Service on Wolfe Island has become an important annual island event, perhaps never more important than in this, Year of the Veteran and 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. See you there.
Coming Events:
1. Annual Remembrance Day Observance, Wolfe Island Town Square, Nov. 11th at 10: 45 a.m.
2. A night of cards (euchre or bridge),St. Philomena's Parish Hall (Howe Island) Friday’s November 11th, 25th and December 9th at 7 p.m. Cover charge $3.00 Refreshments. Everyone is welcome.
3. Workshop: Siblings without Rivalry, Nov. 3 rd 7 p.m., W.I. Early Years Centre
4. Nov. 14th, 10a.m. Early Years. Infant Nutrition Expert: Introducing your baby to solid foods

Trinity Anglican Turkey Supper, Nov. 19th, St. Margaret’s Hall , Wolfe Island. Doors Open 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:02 AM
October 16, 2005
Island’s 5th Annual Photo Contest Another Success Story

Wolfe Island’s 5th annual Photo Contest sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association and Camera Kingston saw more than 300 photos submitted in a variety of categories.. Prizes were awarded by Camera Kingston’s Don Sleeth. Judges were Jack Chiang and Ian MacAlpine from The Whig. .

WIBTA’s Maureen Lollar, event coordinator, presented Don Sleeth and Jack Chiang with black stained glass replica’s of a 35mm camera created by Wolfe Island artist Linda Sutherland, for their continued support of the photo contest.

The lens of each “camera”, circled with silver, held their permanently installed picture. Their first name’s were inscribed in place of a manufacturers label. They also received copies of the island’s 1st mural from artist Pat Sanford, who set up the 300 photo display.

The event also included a 4H. 90th Anniversary display of 4H in Ontario by members and leader Linda Hulton, who also spoke about 4H on this occasion.
Refreshments including a 4H cake were served.

Wolfe Island Photo Contest Results 2005 (Prizes were gift certificates donated by Camera Kingston)

Wolfe Island in Action Category

1. Diane Kerbel
2. Bart Moodie
3. John Posthumus

Honourable Mention
Chris Leeman
Maureen Kane
Diane Kerbel
Nancy McIntosh
Len Skinner
Ed Kirk
Cindy Byrum
Jamie Fox
John Posthumus
Con Gaudet

Historical Wolfe Island
1. Wendy Hoekstra
2. Elizabeth Schweigart
3. Maureen Kane

Honourable Mention
Arlie Campbell
Lisette Johnson- Stapley

Youth Category
Meriah Moodie
Devon Millar
Mary Alicia Millar

The People’s Choice Award Recipient:
Diane Kerbel received a photo quality Lexmark Printer donated by Jarda Zborovsky of PC+Net Solutions

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:13 PM
October 14, 2005
So the Question is “Who is an Islander?”

Frontenac Islands Council heard that question from Howe Island’s Joan Fawcett who along with Earl Pryor is compiling a list of Howe Island veterans who served or died in the defence of Canada in past wars or as Peace Keepers. When complete, the list will be completed by calligrapher Sue Sorenson, mounted, framed and presented to the Township.

“ But I need councils input, Who is an islander?” Ms Fawcett asked. “Some believe that only those who were born and raised on the island should be listed while others believe even those who have moved to Howe Island should be included.

Mayor Vanden Hoek turned the question over to Councillor Calvin (Colonel retired) who expressed pleasure with what Ms. Fawcett was doing and said, “ it is always better to be more inclusive than less.” A sentiment expressed by all council members. No one should be missed. Everyone should be recognized. It must be complete. “We are all islanders,” the mayor said. Councillor Norris asked that Dr. Fred Sorenson’s name be added to the list. (Contact Joan Fawcett at 613-546-2307)

Doug Corrigan (Wolfe Island Community Centre Board) informed council about a $30,000 grant application submitted to the Community Future Development Corporation (without council’s knowledge) to extend water lines into the community centre. Corrigan did not elaborate regarding the full CCB plan beyond water.

“CFDC has recommended the project ($27,000 and CCB to raise $3000) to Industry Canada.” Industry Canada requires a council resolution supporting the project and assurance the Township will cover costs over $30,000.

Councillor Calvin said the proposal was in keeping with original proposal although council should have been brought in, while Councillor Grant said he can’t approve it unless water goes to Fire Hall. Deputy Mayor Hobbs wonders if the CCB project will impact the water study now underway.

The Mayor noted the good works of the CCB. “We are fortunate to have you, working hard for the community, but Council deserves to be asked if they are willing to be a funding partner and to see an application before it goes forward. I have question,” he said.

“Call me a rookie,” Corrigan said, “ but there was no intent to deceive the council, there was a deadline.”

Council wants to step back, meet with the CCB and XCG Consultants ( presently doing a drinking water scoping study for Marysville) quickly to move the application forward.

Council Acting as Committee of Adjustment council heard two consent applications, one approved with 8 conditions,(G.Hobbs represented by W. Viner); the other (W.Daechsel) advised to sever one parcel to meet frontage requirements (two lots not 3).
Both applications and others had been referred to Clark Consulting Services. Council decided to pay only $200 for each consult, ( the original price suggested by the consultant) rather than the billed, higher costs ($ 1,736 for 3 Zone Amendments and $1,634 for 2 Consent reviews) outlined in the October payment voucher.

“We need to brainstorm on this to come up with a solution,” Deputy Mayor Hobbs commented. There are 4 outstanding severance consults according to CAO O’Shea. Bob Clark will be invited to November meeting to clarify billing and other issues.

B.Allison and R. Vradenberg were present to further discuss opening a portion of Howe’s Base Line Road. A site visit with the Road Superintendent will determine extent of work. Applicants will provide cost estimates and accurate road length.

In other business: 1. Guy Laporte, Totten Simms Hubicki will attend next meeting to discuss his recommendation to withdraw the Howe Island Link (bridge) EA ending the Class EA process as requested by MOE Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch and to review options.
2. A request for private road snowplowing by the Township from the Holiday Point Road Committee was turned down as have all requests for private road snowplowing.
3. Should it be an addition to the old Howe Island fire hall or should it be a new building, both proposals outlined by Chief Mike Quinn ? Councillor Norris favours a new building through creative financing , debenture fund raising. “I don’t think it will happen unless we do much of it ourselves,” he said .

The Mayor sees the Fire Hall as a big part of the community and favours new facility concept. “You need to vet the issue on Howe Island.”
4. Councillor Grant noted 15-20% assessment increases and is concerned about mill rate increases which will cut deep.
5. An application for a tax adjustment by M. Hawkins, Wolfe Island was approved.

Next Frontenac Islands Council Meeting Nov. 14th 6:30 p.m. on Wolfe Island.
Around Town: * Pat Sanford is looking for sponsors for 2 more W.I. murals planned for May 2006. Mural Themes include the laying of the Bubble System (8 x16 ft.) to keep a winter channel open and the Scene of the Crime (8×12ft) which will include Ardath House and a portrait of island crime writer Grant Allen. Mural locations in Marysville have not been finalized. Supply costs are estimated at $2000. and $1500,respectively (includes framing and installation).Sponsors names will appear on lower right corner of each mural. Contributions to this on-going project can be combined, financing one or both murals. Financial statements will be available with left over funds put toward mural #4, “Sunday Picnics at Brophy's Point” Pat wants to borrow photos (to be scanned and returned) and, signed Release forms granting permission for their use in the art work. The artists work is free of charge. If you can help with funding, photos, ideas or have questions call Pat at 385-158.
* Transportation to the Oct. 29th Free Flu Shot Clinic, is available by appointment, call Mildred Hawkins-Walton at 385-246.*Of interest to Islanders is a Frontenac Womens Institute sponsored event, recognizing the 90th Anniversary of 4H in Ontario, Nov. 5th Glenburnie United Church Hall 1- 4pm.

Coming Events:
1.Workshops:Siblings without Rivalry Thurs. Evenings 7 p.m. Oct. 6-Nov. 3 rd W.I. Early Years Centre
2.W.I. Early Years Centre 10 am Oct. 25th Seatbelt Safety
3.W.I. Early Years AGM Tuesday Oct. 25th, 7:00 p.m
4.Sat. Oct. 29th 9:15 - 11:30 am KFL&A Health Unit, Free Flu Vaccination Clinic at the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic
1.Sat. Oct. 29th Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors Open at 4:30 p.m.
2.Annual Remembrance Day Observance, Wolfe Island Town Square, Nov. 11th at 10: 45 a.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:37 AM
October 09, 2005
Wolfe Island Gathers to Remember Liberation of Holland

The Wolfe Island community gathered recently to remember the ‘Liberation of Holland,’ an event of special significance to the many families of Dutch origin on the island. The event was hosted by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute.

“This is part of my heritage,” Frontenac Islands Mayor Vanden Hoek said in his words of welcome. “ I am very happy to be here . I am happy my parents are here.”

Dr. Hans Westenberg, Official representative of the Netherlands in the region, gave a brief overview of the geography and history of the Netherlands and his Friesland home. But more significantly he remembered his years between the ages of 4 and 9 when the Germans occupied Holland. “There were resistance fighters but others who followed the rule. In 1944 the Germans were still there,” he said as he reminisced about the atrocities and sadness of the time. Dr. Westenberg remembered the Canadians soldiers as English and French speakers, bilingual Canadians who liberated the country and will always be heroes in Holland where 6000 are buried. Dr. Hans and Marion Westenberg came to Canada in 1961.
The correct format is:

Guest speaker Lt. Col. David Patterson, Director of Canadian Battlefield Operations and Director of Reservists at Fort Frontenac in his presentation described the events of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Liberation of Holland which he attended. He also presented an historical overview in picture and word of the role of British General Montgomery and Canadian General Harry Crerar “whose job it was to protect the left flank all the way to Holland”, the battles and the role of the Canadian military leading up to the liberation of Holland and after.
But perhaps the most touching part of the evening came in the personal stories of the hardships of the war, resistance and occupation, of starvation and fear, the bombings, the many lives lost and the liberation emotionally told by islanders who were born and lived in Holland before coming to Canada.

Telling those stories were John Posthumus, Gepte Sjongers, Chris Angenant and Wiebe Huekstra. Books, albums, and items from their past and their arrival as immigrants in Canada were on display.

The first Dutch immigrant family on Wolfe Island arrived in 1948 and by 1954, 19 families owned and operated farms on the island with more families arriving into the 60’s. Among the familiar names you will hear are Broeders, VanStrien, Huekstra, DeRuiter, Sjongers, Posthumus, Angenant, deVette, Hasselaar, Van Hal, VandenHoek and many more.

The evening was organized and hosted by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute as a ROSE event. President Maureen Lollar opened the evening . Mrs Theresa Broeders introduced the guest speakers. Each guest was presented with a book entitled “Fighting for Home & Country” Women tell the stories of World War II. Refreshments were served by members of the institute.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:48 AM