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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

November 25, 2005
Howe Island Bridge EA Set Aside, FOR NOW

In attendance at Frontenac Islands November meeting was Totten Sims Hubicki consultant Guy Laporte, who announced to council, that the Ministry of the Environment’s Assessment and Approvals branch, was requesting a conclusion to the Howe Island Link Environmental Assessment (to what seemed the delight of some Howe Islanders in attendance).

MOE suggested a letter and a resolution from the municipality indicating they wish to withdraw the EA and end the Class EA process for the time being, or if not that, that they proceed with further study to address the many “bump up” concerns which in turn would lead to a full Class EA and a tribunal hearing.
TSH was retained to do a bridge feasibility study in 1997 when it was deemed ferry service was a municipal responsibility, and in part, because of ferry service deficiencies. The EA study report with an addendum was filed in 2003.

In July of 2003 Frontenac County, Frontenac Islands and MTO agreed to partner on improved ferry service to Howe Island.

Laporte said MOE had not ruled on the bump up’s (some 97 including the City of Kingston which never supported a bridge). “MOE’s position is that there is insufficient information to rule on them, the long passage of time and the changes to the transportation services on Howe Island (new ferry) that the EA should be withdrawn,” he said. Councillor Calvin wondered aloud, “ if council had Kingston’s support, “would we go forward?”

Council authorized TSH to inform MOE that the Howe Link EA will be withdrawn, allowing closure of the file with an option to open it at a later date.

The subject led to a discussion about the lack of progress, after 9 years, with regard to Wolfe Island ferry service enhancement. “Improvements have been slim. How do we get the W.I. ferry issue rolling?” the Mayor asked. “The proponent needs to be the province but to date there has been little response to our correspondence.. We need to draft a letter that there is a long range issue ahead about W.I. transportation.”

Other comments noted: a bridge is a drop in the bucket; previous 9 years would have built a bridge; international link not in the cards.

The issue of trailers, a carry over from July was on the table as council heard from Lynn Moore about By Law 28-2003, now in force, and the resulting severe restrictions for trailers and mobile homes. “The bylaw is not transparent,” she said. “Can’t use a trailer. Can’t park or store a trailer. There is no trailer licensing and you are counting on people to register a complaint to enforce the by law. There needs to be language on how it is enforced,” Moore said.

There followed a lengthy discussion where councillors themselves questioned how the by law could be enforced. It was noted that some people build a garage and never a house. Councillor Calvin is prepared to look at licensing. Councillor Norris is concerned about storage. Deputy Mayor Hobbs suggests a need for a phase-in period.

In the end council requested that staff obtain information about licensing and storage of trailers and mobile homes and their use during the construction of a residence, once again, to the pleasure of residents in attendance.

Carol Leonard who resides at the head Simcoe Island on Nine Mile Point Road is the only full-time resident on the road not winter serviced. (A 1km section of the road, at her end, was re-designated as a Limited Service Road on appeal and OMB approved in August 2005.)

Ms Leonard wants council to reconsider the designation, which she says no one was aware of, and provide road maintenance and snow removal. According to Leonard, the entire road was ploughed before 1990. Ed Griffiths spoke in support of Leonard’s request.

According to the mayor, the road designation change came about with the Official Plan, which was presented at public meetings. Staff will provide council with information on how snow removal on that road was dealt with in the past.

A presentation on the Source Water Protection act was made by R. McRae and S. Knetchel, Cataraqui Conservation Authority who were seeking support in a source water protection study. Mayor Vanden Hoek said, “ we will work with you, but I think the province will say, “we have to work with you.”

The Township adopted Frontenac County’s Accessibility Plan; passed a bylaw for the transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues; gave approval in principle to a request by A. Driscoll and V. Vrandenburg to open a portion of Howe Island’s Baseline Road subject to a Licensing agreement, but cautioned that opening of the road does not automatically get them a severance. ”You could end up with someone objecting,” the Mayor said.

In a letter Gene Manion asked that the township now complete the 18th Line Road upgrade and maintain the 18th line extension in exchange for the one acre of land adjoining the right of way, the land transfer and survey as agreed. The township will honour the agreement at some point.

The next regular meeting of Frontenac Island Council ;Dec. 12th, 6:30 p.m. on Howe Island

Around Town: * Christmas on Wolfe Island 2005, a CD produced by Vincent Mosier is selling at Mosier’s for $10.00, of which $6.00 is contributed to the Community Centre Board for the rink. It will be for sale at the festivities at the Fire Hall following the Santa Claus Parade. Some 36 singing, playing islanders are part of that CD. * The Frontenac Paramedic Services (Wolfe Island) have been collaborating with Chum 960 Radio’s Toy drive for 2 years and will be collecting NEW toys and donations at the Emergency Services Building also after parade or bring new toys (no violent or battery operated toys) to the Building between now and then. (They hope to fill the ambulance). The Paramedic Service is ALWAYS looking for volunteers from the Wolfe Island community. If interested, please call Sally Kane-385-2821.* Chief James White invites you to take a look at their Emergency vehicle at the Fire Hall. Also their calendar just might be on sale after the parade on Dec. 5th.*Septic Solutions, a W.I. based septic removal service, owned and operated by Darrell Niles, is now operational. For information and/or appointments call/fax: 385-2351

Coming Events:
1. Christmas Art and Craft Show Wolfe Island Town Hall Sunday Dec. 4th 9a.m.-3 p.m. Contact Pat Sanford at 385-1585ad-ad.jpg

2. Cards (euchre or bridge),St. Philomena's Parish Hall (Howe Island) Friday, Dec.9th at 7 p.m. Cover charge $3.00

Posted by Margaret Knott at 01:41 PM
November 11, 2005
We Will Remember Them

In this Year of the Veteran it was two Wolfe Island Merchant Navy veterans, Mr. R.F.Fawcett and Mr. Vern Yott who laid wreaths at the island's annual Remembrance Day Observance.
“Many of our Wolfe Island veterans (including Captain Fawcett and Mr. Yott) were members of the Merchant Marine. The coastal culture of the island made it a natural choice,” Colonel Patterson, Director of Reservists at Fort Frontenac said in his annual “news of Islanders remembered” address on this occasion.

Colonel Patterson spoke of the bitter Battle of the St. Lawrence (1942 & 1944) and the part Merchant mariners played in it. He noted they had to fight for recognition as veterans, finally achieved in 1992 when there were only 3,500 left. “As this year comes to a close, we who have benefited from their courage and sacrifice, need to take this time to say thank you.”

The names of Wolfe Islanders who lost their lives and also all those who served Canada, during war and in Peacekeeping times were read by Mrs. Sophia Angenent, a child in Holland during its liberation by Canadians.

Prayers were offered by the island's clergy Rev. R. Vickers, Sacred Heart of Mary; Pastor Terry Wood, W.I. United Church and Rev. Canon Chris Carr, Trinity Anglican.

Children from Sacred Heart School and Marysville Public led the singing which included the National Anthem. Poems of Remembrance were recited by the 3 school children, and Major Billy Allan; the act of Remembrance was read by Mrs. Theresa Fargo.
Escorted by Officer Cadets from Royal Military College, wreaths were laid by Frontenac Islands.Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek; St. Lawrence Women's Institute: Mrs C. Fawcett; Wolfe Island Women's Institute; Mrs. E. de Vette and children from both schools. The Last Post and Reveille were played by island musician Robert Graham..

Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O'Shea was emcee for the event organized by island resident Maureen Lollar. A reception followed.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:33 PM
November 10, 2005
November on the Islands

November is that time of year when islanders take note of the weather and plan for the long winter months. Truck loads of wood are a daily sight boarding the ferry these days along with the many oil trucks that service the island. Our farmers are clearing off the last remnants of what may be on the land turning and raking the soil, and will soon bring their dairy herds in from the fields. Boats and fishing nets have been stored. Snow ploughs wait in readiness. Generators are primed.

The sound of hunters guns can be heard in the early morning hours as the ducks and geese suddenly take flight. Islanders remain vigilant, waiting for the sudden appearance of deer crossing the roads, always, it seems, when the ferry traffic is heading home.

Trees have been pruned. Gardens cleared and larders and freezers filled with the fruit of the earth. Hummingbird feeders have been replaced in order to welcome back winter’s wonderful wild birds.

Big Sandy Bay has closed after a most successful season but not before the Friends of BSB and the BSB committee did some tree planting, tree cover up and general cleanup before the snow falls.

Men, women and children came out in great numbers for a free flu shot at the recent clinic held on the island. Many thanks to the Medical Clinic for organizing this important event.

Busy hands are working, knitting, sewing, quilting, painting, carving, making ready for Christmas arts and crafts events and family gift giving. Fall Turkey suppers have begun. One recently held at the Wolfe Island United Church was attended by over 200 people. (My husband noted that the pies were excellent.)

Amid all this, clocks have been set back one hour and November weather has come with vengeance bringing strong, cold winds, frost on the windows, and rain. Thus far, we have not experienced much damage or long power outages.

And on those days when the sun does shine, beautiful clouds of every shape and size race across the brilliant blue sky. And on clear nights, in the uncluttered darkness of the island, the sky shows off its sparkling brilliance.

The event that Marysville residents businesses, and perhaps most people, particularly those on the west side of the Wolfe Island canal DREAD is the move of the Wolfe Islander III to the winter dock, which could happen anytime. MTO is watching the water levels and while still 8” above what is required, everyone knows it’s coming. Just not when.

But what is also coming is the island’s Dec. 11th, Santa Clause Parade, the best anywhere; Chilifest sometime in the new year; A Kite (sailing) festival in February, and a host of other events, including skating and kite sailing on the river, that make winter on the island the place to be.

Sadly, the island has lost a number of long time residents this year. One, which affected me most, was the loss of the well loved and respected Clifton Fargo who owned and operated Fargo’s General Store for more than 35 years. Everyone who knew him has a story to tell, about his kindness and generosity, about “putting it on the tab” and about his strong faith and incredible love of family.

During our first year on Wolfe Island, (we arrived November ’89), it was Clifton who through the long winter months gave me a smile, always a word of encouragement, a story or two, words of wisdom and a sense of belonging and who said to me one day, as I made my daily trek to the store for the papers, “Well Margaret, spring has come and you made it.”

Around Town: The W.I. Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Santa Clause Parade takes place Sunday Dec. 11th beginning at the Fire Hall at 1:15 p.m. Floats are welcome. It’s the best Family Santa Clause Parade around. * Artist, Pat Sanford, continues to look for donations to help pay for supplies for the next Island mural. Receipts will be provided and the books made available when each mural is finished. Contact Pat at 385-1585 * Dick Berry, son of Elaine and the late Jim Berry was the carpenter and craftsman who recently removed, repaired and refurbished the original 3 part wooden window frame and re-installed the new, 3 part stained glass window at the W.I. United Church. Dick’s parents were close friends of the late Fr. O’Reilly to whom the window is dedicated. * The Island Grill is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary with a party on Sat. Nov. 19th. Music with Emily Fennell & friends begins at 9:30 p.m. Specials all day.* This years Family Ecumenical Advent Service is at Trinity Anglican on Nov. 27th at 7 p.m. * The successful event recognizing the 90th Anniversary of 4H organized held in Glenburnie, was organized by the island’s Maureen Lollar, Federation of Women’s Institutes, Rose Program co-ordinator. The Women’s Institute and 4H have a long history on the island, all recorded in the local Tweedsmuir books. *Makes you wonder why Wolfe Island has never been asked how they feel about the LVEC going to the North Block across the road from the Wolfe Island ferry terminal. Nor has there been any indication that MTO’s opinion has been sought either. When you think about it though, the ferry terminal is a choice city property in the heart of downtown Kingston. And while we know Kingston views the Wolfe Island Ferry as an important Kingston tourist attraction, one can’t help wondering now that the LVEC has the possibility of ending up across the road, whether the city sees the water front ferry property as a place for a Bus Terminal, Tourist/Ticket Info Centre, and perhaps a water front hotel and restaurant and of course, that always illusive parking, all things commented about in a recent Whig article. Makes you wonder….

Coming Events:
1. Nov. 19th Trinity Anglican’s Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall Doors open 4:30 pm.
2. Family Advent Ecumenical Service, Trinity Anglican , Sun. Nov. 27th, at 7 p.m. A donation for the Partners In Mission Food Bank please
3. Christmas Art and Craft Show Wolfe Island Town Hall Sunday Dec. 4th 9a.m.-3 p.m. Contact Pat Sanford at 385-1585
Cards (euchre or bridge),St. Philomena's Parish Hall (Howe Island) Friday, Nov. 25th & Dec.9th at 7 p.m. Cover charge $3.00

Posted by Margaret Knott at 02:00 PM
November 03, 2005
Wolfe Island United Church Dedicates Window to the Late Fr. Eugene O'Reilly, CSB

In a moving tribute to the late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, CSB, pastor of Sacred Heart of Mary Church (1999-2003), a newly created stained glass window was stained-glass.jpg dedicated, in his memory, at the Wolfe Island United Church, Thanksgiving Sunday. That gesture in itself expresses in a beautiful way how the Wolfe Island community loved this gentle man.

Jane and Frank Coffey wanted to do something in memory of Fr. O’Reilly whom they described as teacher, pastor, islander and friend, and approached the United Church Board to accept a window as a gift in the church. The United Church congregation accepted the window in memory of Fr. Gene’s Ecumenical spirit and as a reminder of the bond that is shared between all islanders regardless of denomination.

Addressing the congregation which included not only members of the United Church but parishioners from Trinity Anglican and Sacred Heart of Mary parish, Pastor Terry Wood spoke of first meeting Fr. O’Reilly. ”When you met him, you remembered,” he said. “He welcomed me as a full colleague, me at the beginning of my career and he at the end. While I only knew him for 10 short months, knowing him for a day was enough to change my life.”

To prepare for the dedication, Pastor Wood was in touch with Rev. Anne MacDirmaid, a former pastor who spoke of Fr. O’Reilly’s strong belief in Ecumenism, recounting her story of the arrival of the World Youth Day Cross on the island and Fr. Gene’s invitation to her, Canon Alex Wakeling, then Pastor at Trinity Anglican and the children from Marysville Public School to join the Sacred Heart community on the walk with the cross and to the church service. “He wanted them to feel part of it,” Wood said.

The stained glass window was created by island artist Linda Sutherland who designed it, based on input from Fr. Gene’s sisters, Theresa Fargo and Rose Coffey and family members.

The window is in 3 sections with three symbols, a dove with a laurel leaf denoting Fr. Gene’s peaceful way of meeting people and his ecumenical efforts; a cross, a reminder of his commitment to his ministry and to Jesus Christ; a tree, representing the many trees he planted on the O’Reilly family farm, his island home, and his concern for the environment.

“In remembrance of Fr. Gene we dedicate this window to the glory of God,” said Pastor Wood.

An ecumenical choir led the singing during the dedication service which was followed by a reception in the United Church Hall. Fr. O’Reilly was born and raised on Wolfe Island.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:19 PM