by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 20, 2006
Bike, Run, Walk for Cancer Research at the Great Ride 'n' Stride

The organisers of Wolfe Island’s 2nd annual Great Ride ‘n’ Stride fund raiser for cancer research to be held Sunday August 13th on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, are hoping to match the number of runners who recently participated in the Wolfe Island Classic Road Race. (Kingston & the Islands has a history of supporting any event related to finding a cancer cure.)

“Most of us have experienced the loss of someone to this dreaded disease,” according to Linda Thomas, Wolfe Island’s Ride 'n' Stride event chair. “We know cancer research has led to many successes but it can only be beaten if we continue to raise funds to find a cure. The Great Ride’n’Stride is one way to do that,” she said. “Runners, walkers, cyclists are invited to take up the challenge. Invite your family members, co-workers, friends and other local groups to participate, pledge or donate.”

The Wolfe Island Great Ride 'n' Stride is a non-competitive family event which this year offers shorter and longer routes: a 15 km or 50 km Ride and a 5 km or 15 km Stride with the 4 routes ending at the island’s Corn Maze on Hwy. # 95 where a barbecue and closing ceremonies will be held at 2 p.m. Hay rides back to the ferry will be provided.

Remember the date Sun. Aug. 13th. Registration begins at 11 am at the Wolfe Island Town Hall where snacks and entertainment will be provided. To be on time means coming from Kingston on the 10:30 a.m. (or earlier) ferry. Better to leave your car behind and walk up to the Town Hall.


For more information or to obtain registration and pledge forms contact the Canadian Cancer Society, 2795 Princess Street (613-384-2361) or call Linda Thomas at 613-385-1947.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:34 AM
July 13, 2006
Wolfe Island Ferry Travel Gets No Easier for Island Residents

What a month it has been on Wolfe Island. With school out for the summer, Canada Day, the 4th of July, Pyke’s Strawberry Season, the spring opening of Big Sandy Bay, the Tourist Information Centre, Stone Heron Gallery, Ferry Lane and the Summer Dock studios, the Wolfe Island Bakery, Horne’s Ferry, the W.I. Day Camp along with golf, fishing, boating, sailing and biking Wolfe Island has been open for business big time.

As well, two major annual events, the 3rd annual W.I. Art in the Garden tour and the WI Classic Road race were successfully completed. And more are slated to happen including a number of specific golf tournaments, the WI Music Festival, the Family Ball tournament, the annual Scene of the Crime Festival and the Cancer Society’s Great Ride & Stride.

Local businesses are booming, bed & breakfast’s are filled and happily, Big Sandy Bay is increasingly becoming a destination point for visitors to the island. All Great for Tourism and the island’s economy.

University students and summer residents have returned more than doubling the island’s 1,350 population. Out of town ferry riders (cars, motorcycles, etc.) on their way to the United States or Kingston frequently stop and stay awhile. Day trippers come by the hundreds.

But at the same time the full time population of the island, a majority of whom work in Kingston, shop in Kingston, seek medical attention, entertainment, theatre, movies etc. in Kingston continue to travel on the Wolfe Islander III and daily they face the problem of not being able to get on (unless of course they sit in line turning a 25 minute trip into 3 hours or more return).

The ferry, already unable to meet the regular transportation needs of the resident population of the island (September-May) is now filled to capacity with cars always left on the dock. Canada ‘s Birthday weekend was a case in point when each ferry trip left at least a load plus on both sides and continues to leave many cars behind. Many more residents are forced to park a car in Marysville, ride the ferry and keep a car at the Kingston dock so that they can get to work etc.

There is no bus service on Wolfe Island nor is there a city bus service to accommodate walk-on travelers from the island at the Kingston dock. Add to this the road work going on in Kingston and the extra time it takes to unload the ferry and the disruption to the ferry schedule as a result.

The Township of Frontenac Islands recently called upon the Minister of Transportation to look at the Wolfe Island ferry service and to determine the best way to increase capacity. According to Frontenac Island’s Mayor VandenHoek MTO is doing just that. Whether it is to complete the EA started by the Township some years ago, whether it is to develop options in the 1994 IBI study or come up with something new, it now rests with MTO. As in the past however MTO will want a consensus from islanders.

The recommended option offered then, and rejected, was lengthening the Wolfe Islander ferry to increase its capacity by 35 cars (supposedly filling the needs of the community until 2001) operating from its present location but doing little to save time. A shorter route option (doubling hourly capacity and saving time) and an expensive bridge option (in the future), although supported by many, were rejected in favour of the ferry remaining in Marysville.

One thing is sure however, with the Island’s focus on TOURISM, developing new businesses, new home and cottage construction and the soon to be developed wind farm on Wolfe Island, both of those (shorter route, future bridge) seem immensely practical.

Does Wolfe Island need increased ferry capacity? Absolutely. What happens if the Wolfe Islander is taken out for lengthening? I hate to think about it. Is there a ferry to replace it in the interim? With ever increasing capacity problems, the Frontenac II is not a solution. Is there an fast solution? I sure hope so.

Around Town * Wolfe Island United Church hosted their Pastor Terry Wood at a pot luck supper following his reception as a Lay Pastoral Minister in Oshawa last May.
* Big Sandy Bay is now open 7 days/week from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. Big Sandy Bay is providing employment for 4 students this season. Guided Tours are available Wednesday to Sunday starting 1:30 p.m. at the gatehouse with group tours upon request.
* Sacred Heart of Mary Parish bid farewell to their pastor, Fr. Ray Vickers at an outdoor gatheing following Sunday Mass recently which was also attended by Pastor Terry Wood & Rev. Canon Chris Carr.

*A service of Thanksgiving for the completion of renovations to Wolfe Island’s Christ Church (15th Line) and Trinity Anglican churches, St. Margaret’s Hall and (on going )at the cemetery vault will be held on Sunday July 23rd beginning at Christ Church at 9:15 a.m., move on to the Marysville dock, on to Trinity Church and the Cemetery vault concluding at St. Margaret’s Hall.
* Tickets for the Anglican Parish Renovation Fund Raiser are available from parish members and local merchants. Draw Aug. 1st, St. Margaret’s Hall at 8 p.m.
* For information regarding W.I.’s Summer Dock Studio’s full-half day July-August pottery classes call Kerryn 613-385-1868.
* Walter Sepic, Outdoor Educator and Canoe Guide Instructor is offering day, overnight and wilderness canoe trips. Call 613-544-4451, .
* Wolfe Island holds its 21st Annual Family Ball Tournament the long weekend in August (4-5)
* Wolfe Island Annual Summer Music Festival Aug 11th (8:30 p.m.) St. Margaret's Hall & 12th (3 p.m.) Community Centre Grounds. Contact: Sarah McDermott 613-385-1562 For detailed information:
* Canadian Cancer Society’s Great Ride ‘n’ Stride fund raising event will be held on Wolfe Island Aug. 13th Walk, run or ride your bike for a great cause. Pledge some one. Volunteer. Get involved. Register on line For more info: Linda Thomas 613-385-1947
* The Wolfe Island Annual Scene of the Crime Festival will be held Saturday, August 19th when Canada’s top mystery writers and readers’ unite on the island where Canada’s first crime writer Grant Allen was born and raised. For information go to: (Captain’s Log) For information regarding costs/registration, Call 613-385-2540 or email

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:16 AM
July 06, 2006
Hundreds Run in 26th Annual Wolfe Island Classic Road Race.

It was a great day for 26th annual Wolfe Island Classic Road Race 5k and 10k races in spite of the humidity. A remarkable 510 persons registered for the event with more than half of them making their way to Wolfe Island from the US and from many environs in Canada.

The actual race was preceded by light breakfast and some instruction about the event at the Island Grill. And for the second year a successful Kiddy Kilometre (a 250 metre event) for children 2-6 years organized by Peggy Plunkett that included medals, ribbons, freezies, face painting and kites was held at the Community Centre grounds where more than 60 children accompanied by a parent participated.

From Sports Stats, Marc Roy was on site for the main event recording the times of the racers/walkers, many of whom chose to go for a swim in Lake Ontario as they finished. Post-race activities (prizes, medals, food, beverages) were presented near the finish line at the home of Pat Downing and Tom St. Laurent with Ken Keyes as Master of Ceremonies. (One runner Doug Knowles in his 60th year of running has participated in all 26 Wolfe Island Classic’s.)

Race Directors Wolfe Island’s Linda Thomas and Jim Gore from Kingston extend thanks to the many local volunteers and businesses for their time and support. Major sponsors include The Running Room, Whig Standard, K Rock, Mizuno and Scott Environmental Services. Next year. Same time. Same Place.

Bret Burns, Kingston 16:26
Patrick McDermott, Kingston 17:27
Richard Raaflaub, Amherstview 17:49

Christine Coulter Kingston 19:03
Suzette Taggart Kingston 19:45
Helena Fiore Newmarket 20:37

Rob Miller Kingston 38:32
Paul Southwood Brooklin Ontario 39:18
Cody Murray Sydenham 39:31

Suzanne Garrett Kingston 40.:57
Melissa Anthony Roseneath 41:09
Cindy Lewis Kingston 41:29

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:06 AM