by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

April 14, 2008
Proposed Land Sale Causes Councillor Grief

Following an in-camera portion of the April Frontenac Islands Council, council passed a resolution to offer for sale a waterfront lot, Part 5, North Range on Howe Island for an asking price of $225,000. Although Councillor Doyle felt that the sale price should be higher, the resolution was supported by all members except Councillor Matt Fiene. “I am not happy about this,” Fiene said. “There is no further waterfront land at that end of the island. Once sold there is no access to the water. I think the land is a more viable investment than the money we might make from selling it” he continued, “and I do not agree with this.” Deputy Mayor Norris wants the money from the sale placed in a reserve fund for future parks. HIRA ( Howe Island residents Association) will be informed of council’s decision to sell the property.

Councillor Fiene also defended the possibility of retaining the former Catholic school (circa late 1800’s) and property declared surplus by the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic School Board and offered for sale. While Councillor Norris believes the school building is beyond saving with possible mould, etc., Councillor Fiene believes the building and the site may have some historical value. “Many Howe Island residents attended that school and perhaps they should have a say as to what happens to it,” he said. The property is described 364 North Shore Rd, Part of Lot 9, North Range. Council will return to the issue at their June meeting.

In other business:1. Totten Sims Hubicki’s Guy Laporte presented the Wolfe Island Waste Disposal Site annual 2007 report on monitoring and operations. Laporte indicated that the site is operating in compliance with its certificate of approval although it is recommended that site covering operations should be improved and recorded. He noted that the measured usage of the site is about one half of projected; that 21,590 vehicles visited the site in 2007,(the lowest number recorded in 5 years) and 89% of those used the recycling facility. In 1993 the site was predicted to close but reduced usage and recycling has extended its life to 2018. Ongoing current usage levels will extend its life even further. Laporte said that the township and the adjacent property owner negotiated a solution to a non-compliance issue by increasing the size of the leachate attenuation zone, a proposal currently under review by MOE. Laporte said that household hazardous waste (HHW) and special waste including electronic waste is considered a major issue and that KIMCO has set up collection of HHW and perhaps it is time for Wolfe Island to set aside certain hazardous items (batteries, computer parts etc.). report.

2. A discussion took place regarding the location of a public dock in Marysville where water activities for young people will be organized. Peggy Smith, who secured a grant for this purpose will be invited to the May meeting to help resolve certain issues.

3. Once again wind power was on the agenda. Jennifer Current, Clark’s Consulting presented an overview of the Site Plan Review and noise protocol. Wind Plant comments of interest:
A. The firm of McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. will coordinate the municipal responsibilities related to the approval and construction of the Wind Plant.
B. Applications for site plan approval will be received by McIntosh Perry.
C. Public meetings will be arranged geographically.
D. With approval building permits will be issued.
E. During construction complaints will be received by coordinator and directed to appropriate agencies.
F. Once project is completed and operational, the coordinator will no longer be retained by the township.
G. “Where to direct complaints” information eg. Councillor Doyle’s protocol will be available and a record kept.
H. Most complaints involve noise and natural environment and are better dealt with by MOE.
Before council moved to hear from island resident Lynne Moore they perused the March Council minutes to determine if she was to be on the agenda. deciding she was. In her presentation Moore said, “there never has been closure on my original request that council look at Grey Highlands Official Plan amendment 10 for inclusion in our own municipality or to consider a peer review and protocol to protect against noise and to pass a noise bylaw. That’s what I was asked to bring back this month.”
Rob Miller, CHD Project engineer said that they have enforcement and noise measuring capabilities. He noted that the model in the ERR demonstrates compliance and they will attempt to meet the approved requirements. A motion to develop a noise bylaw had no mover or seconder. Councillor Doyle’s dispute resolution protocol along with Ms. Currents report will be given to the McIntosh Perry consultant for further development. Council passed a resolution to enter into a Pre-Servicing agreement with Canadian Hydro Developers. Pre-servicing generally involves things not requiring a building permit (site clearing, services, etc.) In attendance were representatives of WIRE and CHD.

In further business: *Council will acknowledge with thanks, MPP John Gerretsen for the $652,296. announced for Frontenac Islands roads and bridges. *The search is on for Senior of the Year nominees.
*Council will meet with Ministry of Natural Resources regarding hunting.
*A budget meeting will be held May 6TH,10 am.
* Spring is “Pitch-In” time (community clean-up). Gloves, bags available.
*Frontenac County’s Paul Charbonneau will be asked to review truck protocol for the county ferry. Council meets May 12th, 6:30 pm Wolfe Island.

Around Town:* The April 23rd Official Plan Review meeting is at the WI Community Hall (not the school) at 7 pm.
* The Wolfe Island Women’s Institute & WIBTA “Growing Up On Wolfe Island” book launch is Sat. April 26th 1-4 pm, Wolfe Island Community Hall.
* St. Lawrence Women’s Institute is organizing WI’s, Sat. May 3rd, “Pitch In Day,” roadside clean up from 10 am-12 noon. Gloves and bags available during the week at the Township Garage. Con tact: Geneva Keyes 613-385-2377 to volunteer
* “Seedy Saturday” an opportunity to swap seed, plants, transplants, tree seedlings and sale is Sat. May 3rd, 11 am- 3pm, WI Community Hall with special guest presentations, live entertainment, kids entertainment and a reasonably priced lunch. Admission by donation to the Early Years Centre. Information : Nicole Clark 613-385-2641:
* New information regarding the Wind Plant is available at under the news/events tab.
* Would a community garden in Marysville be a welcome addition? Any Ideas? *A petition to MPP John Gerretsen requesting an Individual Environmental Assessment for the WI Wind Plant was circulated on Wolfe Island recently.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:54 AM
April 07, 2008
WOLFE - The Green Island !

Wolfe Islanders really do care about the future. That was evident at a Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation economic development consultation held on the island recently.
FCFDC Consultant Rob Woods, who led he meeting, asked residents, some in business, others representing organizations and still other interested citizens to offer their perspective on what they could see as opportunities for future economic development and to suggest personal ideas or projects that they believed the community could or should support.
Also in attendance was FCFDC’s Executive Director Anne Prichard, Jennifer Little, student intern and board member Linda Van Hal.

“Wolfe Island should become a tourist destination, not just a place you come to for a day…. A package deal. We need to work on that,” one person said. Another acknowledged the need for island jobs. “How about Ethanol, not from corn but from switch grass, we have a lot of it..” “Build on the impetus of the Wind Plant and go a little further in becoming a Green Community,” said another and so it went. Wineries. Green industries. Support for existing businesses. More storefront businesses. Market Garden. Focus on agriculture. Support for young families. Attract artists, creative people. “We need better communication between ourselves our businesses, our organizations so we can support one another in our endeavours. High speed as a model for the future. Work from home.”
Kathy Rothermel, local vegetable grower and entrepreneur (Vegetables Unplugged) talked about sustainability and the growing need for organic food, a local market on the island and the spin off’s from such an endeavour, processing capability, cold storage for holding over crop, etc.
One clear focus was that the island should be what it is and not attempt to be what it isn’t; that somehow it must create jobs and become independent and use what is has to its advantage, water, land, wind, natural habitat , agricultural know how, as well as its long and fascinating history and richness.
Wolfe Island is a commuting community for work, education, medical needs, recreation, sports etc., and transportation was clearly identified as the key issue affecting everything the island attempts to do. At the same time, Marysville, the heart of the community needs to deal with issues of water and sewage if it is to grow, attract new businesses, new families as well provide some of the amenities that will keep young people on the island, such as a recreation and community facilities, after school care and concern for seniors.

Mayor Vanden Hoek spoke of some issues, waste management, transportation, infrastructure and the higher financial commitment. “No one can deal with the big issues alone. There should be a collective way of doing things,” he said.

Councillor Doyle, also in attendance believed the island must become a green sustainable community. “ Wind towers will bring people. We should build on that,” he said.

Many ideas for events, activities, signage and communication were noted. It was determined the island must become self sufficient, it must be well advertised and well marketed and finally, there was a consensus that the island should move to, and become identified as, “Wolfe – the Green Island.”

Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. Greet the People: Wolfe Island residents, friends and neighbours were invited to a “meet and greet” event at the Scott Industries Building (formerly Kraft) where CHD Inc. has opened an office. According to Rob Millar, Wind Plant Project Engineer, it was time for CHD to establish a more visible presence on the island. The office will be used to meet the public, contractors, engineers and technicians prior to CHD Inc. constructing and opening their own Operations and Maintenance Building when they move forward with the Wind Plant.
Greeting the public who drifted in and out of the office throughout the afternoon and early evening was CHD CEO, John Keating; John Forster, Landowner Liaison and his wife Jane; Mike Jablonicky, Operations Manager and his wife Samantha; Ed Ma, Corporate Counsel, and Krista Cameron, Office Manager at Melancthon, as well as Rob Miller.
There was no agenda for the occasion other than to meet people and answer questions if asked. And, of course, there was a delicious variety of food organized and prepared by Maureen Lawlor and members and friends of the WI Women’s Institute who were there to replenish it as it quickly disappeared.
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. (CREC) is waiting for the conclusion of the Environment Review Process, (before the end of March?). CHD remains optimistic.
For Your Information: The Friends of Big Sandy Bay (FOBSB) is not considering a position on wind turbines. Their intention is to be aware of comments and concerns expressed by the partners who own the Big Sandy Bay Management Area. The partners are the Ministry of Natural Resources, Canadian Wildlife Service, NCC and Ducks Unlimited. FOBSB feel employees of these agencies have far more expertise than most of their members and trust that they will act in the best interest of Big Sandy Bay. The membership of FOBSB (most of whom live on Wolfe Island), is ready however, to offer help to these agencies if monitoring is required within the management area.

Around Town:* Frontenac Islands Township announces Official Plan Review meetings: 1. Howe Island , St. Philomena’s Parish Hall, April 16th at 7 pm.; 2. Wolfe Island, Sacred Heart School, April 23rd at 7 pm. As of 2007, an Official Plan Review is an every five year requirement of the Planning Act. Fronteac Island’s was last done in 2003 and since then a number of issues have risen to the forefront. Topics for review/discussion include: growth management, agricultural designation, waterfront development, lot sizes, frontages, water, sewer services (Marysville), conservation of water resources, criteria for consents etc. The Township is looking for your input.. If unable to attend submit comments ,concerns to township’s web site at:
* Wolfe Island Community Euchre is held Thursday’s at 7 pm, UC Hall. Great Fun. Everyone welcome. Contact G. Sjonger 613-385-1921
* Frontenac Islands Council April 14th, Howe Island 6:30 pm
*Wolfe Island Business & Tourism meeting Tuesday April 15th, Wolfe Island United Church. Everyone welcome.
* The Kingston Community Strings at Wolfe Island’s Trinity Anglican Church, April 20th 3-5 pm.
*The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) ruled in favour of the Amaranth Township portion (22 wind turbines and a second transformer station) of the Canadian Hydro Developers Melancthon II project..
*Please Take Note: Reported in The Frontenac Gazette-EMC (April 1st) but missed in an article in The Whig (March 29th), MPP John Gerretsen announced Frontenac Islands Township will receive $652,296 for road and bridge repairs under the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 12:02 PM