by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

June 19, 2008
Wolfe Island Temporary Land Use Bylaw Deferred

Many Wolfe Islanders came, (some by bus), to the June meeting of Frontenac Islands council held on Howe Island. They were there primarily to hear the outcome of a request by CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) for a Temporary Land Use bylaw involving applications for 3 Wolfe island properties to be used for the storage of turbine components, supplies and construction equipment for use during the construction of the Wolfe Island Wind Plant, allowing the project to move forward.

An earlier special public meeting of council held on May 28th provided the required opportunity for the public to make representation with regard to the proposed bylaw and the use of the properties. At that time, Planner Jennifer Current of Clark Consulting Services presented a draft review of the application by CREC to obtain approval of a temporary use of lands bylaw amendment, which council accepted. CREC had hoped the zoning bylaw amendment would be passed that evening but in the end, following an extensive question and answer period, it was determined that Clark Consulting would review the concerns and the bylaw request would be brought back to the June meeting. However with the arrival of Bob Clark and Jennifer Current at the June meeting, Council passed a resolution that an application to amend by-law No. 28-2003 to allow temporary zoning on certain lands in the Township of Fontana Islands be deferred. Mayor Vanden Hook announced that he had received a call from CREC at 5:15 asking that the bylaw agenda item be deferred. “We really don’t understand this,” he said. “We do know that CREC had received permission to use the three properties in question on a temporary basis.” Planner Clark confirmed that he had also received a late call from CREC requesting a deferment while they considered a withdrawal of the application. Clark said they had studied the comments from the May 28th meeting and were prepared to make certain recommendations but with a withdrawal of the request by CREC, they would focus on the required turbine site plan reviews and providing mechanisms for public input possibly at cluster meetings. This turn of events left the audience with nothing to say. Most left.

On June 4th Canadian Hydro Developers (CREC) was informed that based on a decision by the Director of the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch of the Ministry of Environment, confirmed by the Minister that an Individual Environmental Assessment and mediation are not required for the Wolfe Island Wind Project and that the Statement of Completion will be submitted clearing the way for CREC to proceed subject to any other required permits and approvals. (Heritage readers have followed this process over the last 5years.)

In other business:1. Ivan Duffy, (McIntosh Perry Engineers) the Township’s Wind Plant Project coordinator provided an update of activities to date and he or a representative will do so at every council meeting. Duffy has done a preliminary review of the site plans; determined culvert sizes for CREC and apprised CREC of a number of particular approval certificates required. CREC is waiting for the Totten Simms Hubicki road assessment report before beginning any work on the roads and will hold a start-up construction meeting in the near future. Presently Duffy spends part of his time on the island with an office behind the WI Community Hall at 385-1212 and the remainder at the Kingston offices of McIntosh Perry. He will be on the island full time when work on the wind plant begins in earnest.

2. Before passing the By-Law to levy taxes in the Township of Frontenac Islands for the year 2008 council members adjusted some budget detail and discussed a possible cost for moving some functions “back office work” to private sector. Council set the tax levy for Howe Island 3.3% (per 100,000 =$13.00) and for Wolfe Island 1.55% ($13.00 per 100,000). The Mayor announced that Treasurer Chris Lott was moving on and congratulated her on her career change and move to a larger municipality, noting that her success was Frontenac Islands loss.

*Council waived the building permit fee for the construction of a viewing stand at Big Sandy Bay for the Stewardship Committee.
*Frontenac Islands will participate in Partners for Climate Protection five-milestone program. Deputy Mayor Pat Nlorris was appointed as the Elected Official to oversee milestone implementation with Carol Dwyre appointed as the Corporate Staff person both acting as points of contact for the PCP program. *Council also supported the nomination of Mayor Vanden Hoek as the Director of the County Caucus of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
*Dollars from the working capital reserve ($ 66,595.) will be used to clear the 2005 Wolfe Island oil spill liability.
* CEO O’Shea will respond to a letter from Howe Island resident Dave Munroe questioning the governance of the township mentioning in particular the Howe Island quarry and the Wolfe Island wind farm decisions, Howe’s minority position, amalgamation of the two islands etc.
*Council talked about ways to resolve residents fears of damage to water lines at the new township dock location. Councillor Doyle thanked Chris Lott for all her efforts particularly her work on Big Sandy Bay development.
*Mayor Vanden Hoek had a good meeting with the chair of the LHIN about the WI Medical Clinic who is aware the clinic is not the responsibility of the township but does see it as a medical opportunity in their networking.
Council meetson Wolfe Island, July 14th.

Around Town: The Canadian Plowing Championships will be held on Wolfe Island Wed. Aug. 27th to Sat. Aug. 30th. Events Include a Gathering for Canadian Competitors; the Wolfe Island Plowing Match; Opening Ceremonies for the Canadian Plowing Championships, Provincial Flag Raising, Canadian Junior & Senior Plowing Competition, Frontenac County Plowing Match, Silent Auction & BBQ, Canadian Junior & Senior Plowing Competition Aug. 29th. The Canadian Senior Plowing Competition, Closing Ceremonies & Awards Banquet Aug. 30th. There will be Antique Farm Machinery Displays, Arts & Crafts Fair, Antique Auto Displays and local product sales. If you have never been to a plowing match this is the time. For Information contact: Wilma Sjonger 613-385-2672 It is sponsored by the Frontenac County & the Wolfe Island Plowmen’s Associations.
2. The environmental assessment, approved in the budget for water& sewer in Marysville is moving ahead. Two property owners were approached for a donation, (each contributed $25,000) YCG will do the work.
3..Barrett’s Bay Regatta June 22nd Call: Leann 613-453-8438.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 01:57 PM
June 04, 2008
One Step at a Time for Wolfe Island Wind Plant as Community asks Questions

A special public meeting of Frontenac Islands Council was held on Wolfe Island to consider a proposed Zoning bylaw amendment made by Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC). The purpose of the amendment is to permit the temporary use (3 years) of three island properties for the storage of construction equipment and supplies required for the WI Wind Plant The properties include Corus(now owned by CREC) 0S Lot 12; Scarthing Moor Farm (Lot 5 North of Baseline Con.8) and Scott Industrial (Part of Lots 3& 4, Con.8). An extension of up to a maximum of 3 years can be given.

Clark Consulting’s Jennifer Current and Bob Clark were there to describe the process and what was to happen at the properties. Representing CREC’s application was Stantec’s John Uliana and Scott Hossie who wanted council to approve the zoning bylaw that evening.
Current described the review process to date, noting copies of a draft report are now available at the Town Hall. A road survey by Totten Sims Hubicki has been done. The township has retained a consultant Ivan Duffy (Mackintosh-Perry) to oversee the ongoing process. She also described what was to happen at each site , top soil removal, compact textile installation , gravel and fencing requirements, low impact lighting, and access routes. With regard to the Scarthing Moor property she noted CREC is aware of the Osprey fledglings, nesting close by where nothing will happen until the birds have left the nest or are flying. And finally she spoke of the appeal process on the part of the community or the applicant (20 days from the date of the passage or the denial of the bylaw amendment) plus other appeal opportunities.

Mayor Vanden Hoek’s call for questions about the amendment most of which were answered by Current ,Clark and Uliana related to: natural heritage (birds, wetlands); possible brown fields; soil contamination; who pays for OMB appeal; specificity of what is stored (flammable, dangerous etc); affect of transformers; security; location of the temporary cement batching plant (not part of the zoning bylaw amendment); return of sites to original condition; violations; storage of fuel/oil for vehicles; hours of operation; return of sites to original state; washroom and parking facilities, etc.

Mayor Vanden Hoek called for a motion to accept, reject, or defer and ask appellant for more information. Deputy Mayor Norris was satisfied with the information and prepared to support a motion to move forward. Councillor Doyle felt there was much good information but wants a number of conditions attached to any motion i.e. hours of operation 7am-7pm; hazardous materials; answer for local resident’s concerns about theft/break ins at his business, identification of brown fields, no disturbance of Osprey’s; need for safety officer. Councillor Fiene although happy with information is looking for some specifics and a deferral.
“We have heard from the public, we have heard from members of council. This will be brought back to June 9th meeting on Howe Island,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. The public can send/email their comments to ClarkConsulting.

Around Town:1. Smoke alarms alerted the Kerbal family to an early morning fire in their home at the eastern end of Wolfe Island on Road #96, some 20 miles away from the Wolfe Island Fire Service in Marysville. Roly Jansen, who lives near the Kerbal home, became aware of the fire, and went for the pumper truck he bought and keeps for a number of uses, always full of water in a heated barn to be brought out in situations such as this. Roly was able to contain the fire before the Fire Department arrived, which, according to Chief James White saved the house. He commended Jansen on his efforts. Later Chief White, said that the Staley family was also alerted to a fire in their home through smoke alarms a few days later, and he reminds residents of the importance of WORKING smoke alarms and in the event of fire, fumes, to immediately call 911.

2. Take note, Wolfe Island’s Community Policing group is back on the job for the summer months. If you observe a problem call Councillor Wayne Grant 613-385-2981 or Colleen Woodman 613-385-2001.

3. In spite of a cool entry into spring, Frontenac Islands is gearing up for a busy summer season. Marysville celebrates its 150th birthday while Wolfe Island’s historic Town Hall is 149 . On Howe Island, St. Philomena's Church celebrates its 150th Anniversary in July.

4. Friends of Big Sandy Bay, Semi-Annual Book Sale at the old Fire Hall Sat. June 21st 10-5 pm Early Bird welcome Friday evening from 5-8 pm. Come find your summer reading.

5. 2008 Barrett's Bay Regatta Sunday June 22nd (modern, traditional, paddle, oar) Call: Tom 613-385-2222 or Leann 613-453-8438.

6. June 27th, The Stone Heron Gallery, opens for the summer season at the Wolfe Island Community Hall. Many well known artists will have their work on display. As well, Ferry Lane, a studio gallery is just a 3 minute walk up from the ferry. Call 613-385-9949

7. Wolfe Island’s 29th annual classic 5k-10k road race, Sunday July 6th, “a must do event.” Race Information and Registration form is available on the WIBTA web site. Visit the Running Room. Call Race Director Linda Thomas, 613-385–1947.

8. July 6th A Market Day ( historical Island Market ) will be held at the Wolfe Island Library. Anyone interested in offering goods (flowers , produce, honey, etc.) for sale or presentation is to call Linda Thomas 613-385-2436 to reserve a spot. After a very successful “Seedy Saturday” it is clearly evident that people would love to have access to local food and products. Kathy Rothermel, “Vegetables Unplugged” will be on hand with information, some produce for sale. Rumour has it, that if the weather turns warm, and the island’s strawberries turn red, a Strawberry Social to celebrate Marysville’s Birthday might happen. Watch for further info.

9. Reference to a cement plant should come as no surprise. It is identified in the ERR “Temporary Concrete Batching Plant A concrete production plant does not exist on Wolfe Island, therefore, a temporary concrete batching plant will be utilized. There are two possible locations for the plant; the final location will be selected during the detailed design phase. The potential locations are the existing Greenwood Quarry west of Marysville on Highway 96 and the existing Pyke Pit at the south end of Highway 95”

Posted by Margaret Knott at 12:09 PM