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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

August 31, 2008
150th Anniversary Celebration

Wolfe Island recently celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Village of Marysville. Sponsored by the Wolfe Island Historical Society. The day began with a parade led by Kingston’s Town Crier Chris Whyman, consisting of the township’s amazing fleet of fire engines, horses and riders, antique buggies and cars, and an array of wonderful floats: White’s wagons and carriages, one carried a group of Senior Islanders, Rachel Horne,. Elzina King, Christine Kane and Bernard Muller, another Capt. Leith Davis , a great, great, grandson of Mary Hinckley Davis Hitchcock forr whom Marysville is named.
The guest of honour was Mary Hinckley Hamilton, a historian from Cape Vincent, NY, and a distant relative of Mary Hitchcock. The Township was represented by Councillors Wayne Grant and Dennis Doyle. Rev. Canon Chris Carr, pastor at Trinity Anglican along with Fr. Ray De Souza Pastor at Sacred Heart and Rev. David Higgs, WI United walked the route. The Wolfe Island and St. Lawrence Women’s Institutes, Canadian Hydro Developers, the Canadian and WI Ploughing Associations, a piper, drummer, men and women dressed in period costume, the McGlynn plow & trophy, the Riding Club, and many ploughs and plowmen all wended their way from the Fire Hall , past the Farmers Market to the end of the celebrated village.
At St. Margaret’s Hall, a framed copy of the original “Plan 1858” of Marysville was presented to Frontenac Islands by Society President Brian Johnson and Ms. Victoria Stewart and accepted by Councillors Wayne Grant and Dennis Doyle. A copy of “ Plan 1858” was also presented to guest speaker Mary Hamilton by Brian MacDonald.
Mary Hamilton, introduced by Captain. Leath Davis, said that Mary Hinckley Davis Hitchcock was a real person. “She was born in 1789 the year George Washington was inaugurated president and the French Revolution had just started,” she said. “Mary came to the island when she was 9, lived there a few years, went back to Rome, NY, returned to the island when she was 18, and married Thomas Davis. Following his death she remarried becoming Mary Hitchcock. She was the first postmistress from 1845 until her death 32 years later, lived in historic Hitchcock House, and was the island’s midwife and nurse. “
There was music by Robert Graham, a series of contests, an auction sale, historical displays, prizes and food. Guest Mary Hamilton cut the cake with its representation of Hitchcock House (made by Nan Keyes). The village churches were open for visitors. There were games and fun for the children and a walking tour of Marysville and the Anglican Cemetery. A mural of the late Captain Buck Mullin was on display. Thanks to the Historical Society for a memory filled day that ended with music by the Blue Grass band followed by our own Robert Graham.
Thanks to the many, many volunteers who contributed to making this historic event so successful and especially to the Wolfe Island Historical Society for reminding us of our important history.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:59 AM
August 20, 2008
Marysville Founded in 1858 Celebrates 150 Years!

The signs are waving in the breeze announcing the 150th Anniversary of the village of Marysville on Wolfe Island, and, the Wolfe Island Historical Society is completing plans for a wonderful day long anniversary event beginning at 11 am on Saturday , Aug. 23rd with an Old Fashioned Parade.
At noon, across the street from the island’s historic Trinity Anglican Church, there will be fun and games for the children at St. Margaret’s Hall at 12 noon, Food will be available and anyone named MARY is invited to register for a draw. In fact the name may be rented for $5 for the occasion. because Mary is a very important name on the island.
The Village of Marysville, with its vibrant history, is named after Mary Hinckley Davis Hitchcock, born in 1789. She was the first postmistress from 1845 until her death 32 years later, lived in historic Hitchcock House, and was the island’s midwife and nurse. On this occasion, guest of Honour Mary Hinckley Hamilton, Historian from Cape Vincent, will give a talk on Mary Hitchcock at 2 pm. Festivities during the day include a bonnet contest, a pie contest and an auction sale. For your entertainment Robert Graham will play throughout the day.
There will be a tour of Marysville given by local historian Marjorie Bousfield, followed by another of the Anglican cemetery, both beginning from Trinity Anglican Church. As well, the village churches will be open for visitors. And to end the day, the White Pine Blue Grass Band will play at St. Margaret’s Hall (7 pm) followed by Robert Graham’s Band playing 1940s-90s music.
The Historical Society invites you to ride the ferry, visit the island and join in the fun in Marysville. where “all the people are friendly, all the children are well behaved and all the girls are good looking!”.For further information, please call Vicki at 613-385-2934

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:24 AM
August 19, 2008
Author Joy Fielding, Grant Allen Award Recipient

New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding, a native of Toronto was presented with the Grant Allen Award in honour of Canada’s crime writing pioneer, at the 8th annual Scene of the Crime Festival on Wolfe Island. (Grant Allen born on Wolfe Island in 1848, is recognized as Canada’s first crime writer.) Fielding was born Joy Tepperman and changed her name as a young actress. She is the writer of 20 female-focussed mystery and page-turner novels (including her latest ‘Heartstopper’) which have been a real inspiration to Canadian crime writers. She currently lives in Toronto but spends more of her time at her home in Palm Beach, Florida The Grant Allen award individually created in the form of a kaleidoscope by local artist Linda Sutherland is designed to have particular significance to the winner. This year’s jewelled award was nestled inside a book and was presented by festival board member Rev. Canon Chris Carr.
Fielding acknowledged during an interview, conducted by festival director Orland French, (Wallbridge House Publishing, Belleville), that she writes about the conflict in women’s lives that usually comes from men, but her books appeal to men as well as women. Reminded that one of her earliest stories written as a young girl involved a 12 year old girl who murdered her parents she said, “my mother did admit to me many years later that oftentimes when her parents were sitting together, she would turn to my father and say what do you think she is thinking now?” She was quick to add, “ I had a fabulous relationship with my parents.”
Featured guest lecturer Peter Calamai, reporter, editor, foreign correspondent and active Sherlockian gave a brilliant presentation about Arthur Conan Doyle and Grant Allen.
Island librarian Sharon Hogan accepted not only the annual donation of books from this year’s guest authors( including Linwood Barclay, Mary Jane Maffini, José Latour, and Louise Penny) but a $500. cheque presented by Festival president Violette Malan for the purchase of more books for the Grant Allen collection. “Our hope is that Wolfe Island will become the place to look for the finest collection of Canadian crime writing in the country.” The library has a cabinet built to house and display selected works from the Grant Allen collection, including a first edition, donated by literary historian David Skene-Melvin. For more information on Grant Allen & Scene of the Crime Festival:

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:20 AM
August 18, 2008
Without Wind Power on the Agenda Frontenac Islands Council Meeting Ends Early

The August meeting of Frontenac Islands Council held on Howe Island ended early for a change. The Wind Plant project was not on the regular agenda, however, McIntosh & Perry’s Ivan Duffy, the township’s wind farm project consultant was present to provide an update. He noted that the turbines have begun arriving and will continue to do so steadily over the next few weeks. He noted also that CREC is determining ways to upgrade some of the township roads, plans that will need township approval. Duffy said that complaints about dust are being dealt with while a broken bell cable; though fixed quickly, took some time for the return of regular service. Councillor Grant wondered about the amount of water being used. (Tembine is not available and calcium chloride is corrosive with neither being used by CREC) It was noted that only a few homes are heavily impacted by dust. The mayor wondered about spot spreading of calcium. Councillor Doyle wondered if McIntosh & Perry had completed work on the “dispute resolution protocol” which he considers most important “as we getter deeper into the (wind) project.We need to have it ready by the time the first tower is spinning.”

Twenty-six turbine site plans will be coming into CAO O’Shea for approval. A notice will be posted and a meeting of council will be held for the purpose of removing the (H) Holding symbol on those lands.

Mayor Vanden Hoek has had two meetings on the subject of the contract with County Treasurer, Ms. Van Bruinessen about some of the details of the transition of the treasury function to the County. “A couple of things are easy and a couple of things are confused,” he said. “October 2008 is proposed transition date with Jan. 2009 for the pay roll component. The taxation module is a $35,000 bill. In that bill I remember $25,000 for education, training, travel and $ 10,000 for hard stuff. And there is no guarantee of what the uptake of the county would be of that $25,000. The county has not acquired anything because the township has to speak clearly about what it wants,” Vanden Hoek said.
“It won’t be more than that and it could be less,” Deputy Mayor Pat Norris added. The mayor said that some of these costs were not clear in the first instance which it is why it is back for discussion.. “So no contract is signed, you’ve got quotations and you have transition dates and a 5-year contract. That’s where we are at..” There was some anxiety expressed about the 5-year contract without a cancellation clause, and neither has Councillor Wayne Grant changed his opinion. “I think it is going to cost us more,” he said. CAO O’Shea also questioned the lack of a cancellation clause in the 5-year contract.
The mayor acknowledged that will be the case as the township is understaffed and moving the treasury function to the county and hiring a admin person is another way of solving the existing problems. “But why would you want to leave, poor service, high price? The fine points of the 5-year contract will be reviewed before signing.

Councillor Matt Fiene, a member of the Cataraqui Source Water Protection committee,i informed council that their report based on the Clean Water Act is on the internet. “What they are asking for is comments from the municipality,” he said. It was noted that an information meeting is planned with council members concerning source water protection and future water projects in the township in September./October.

Brought up as new business: Councillor Grant believes that rather than throwing liquor and beer bottles over the side at the dump they should be collected separately (for money) by a fund raising group. “It’s a money maker for someone ,” he said. The mayor said that there has to be a transparent way of doing this. There were a number of suggestions, ( ie. a number of boxes for different groups). The WI Landfill committee will be asked to look at it.(security, transparency, safety).

Deputy Mayor Pat Norris wanted reassurance that the Howe Island Township ferry will run all winter. Particularly in light of the County ferry going this fall for maintenance. Norris insists that additional service will have to be provided..
Councillor Doyle 1. notified council of a Big Sandy Bay signage problem. 2. requested written reports from Ivan Duffy 3. questioned about hunting/no hunting signs 4. Meteorological towers. (counted 28 wires on old ones). New ones will have no guide wires. (According to the mayor, council will have an opportunity to be satisfied with the Clark Consulting recommendation on that or ask for a bump up or accept or reject the removal of the holding provision). 5. Would like council to have input into what projects new person to be hired will be responsible for.
In other business: Regarding the sale of Lot 5 on Howe Island drive ( 2 rejected bids) council members will review the consultants opinion about the property drainage problem) which will come forward again at the October meeting on Howe Island.
Mayor Vanden Hoek asked about Howe Island’s Light House Lane park and its need for rock.. He noted having seen ideal rock at a location on Howe, to which Councillor Fiene replied ,”we have more of that right here.” The mayor also commented that the sign issue on Wolfe Island “just does not go away.” New Marysville signs including 1858 and an image of the Town Hall are being considered.
Councillor Fiene noted that the Terry Fox Run on Howe Island will take place Sun. Sept. 14th and everyone is invited to participate. The next regular meeting of Frontenac Island Council takes place on Wolfe Island Mon. Sept. 8th at 6:30 pm. The September agenda will include a discussion about a provincial initiative to recycle electronic waste.
Around Town: * Sacred Heart Church will be the scene of a “parish get-together” following Sunday Mass on Aug. 24th.
*WI Community Euchre Thurs. 7 pm,United Church Hall.
* Date of Wolfe Island’s 2nd Annual Apple Fest has been changed to Oct. 4th 1-4 pm
* The Canadian Plowing Match is being held on WI Wed. Aug. 27th- Sat. Aug. 30th, 2008 at Reeds Bay Rd & 7th Line.
* The Stone Heron Gallery closes Sept. 1st. Don’t delay your visit.
*CREC issues regular informative newsletters available

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:12 AM