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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

June 30, 2009
Frontenac Islands Favours Change in County Structure

Although the idea of Frontenac County structure changes had been set aside for the moment, the issue is not dead. At their June meeting,Frontenac Islands Council recommended that County council membership be increased to 8 members including the mayors of each of the four townships plus a council selected second representative, from each of the lower tier municipalities, and that voting be weighted to allow the Mayor of South Frontenac 2 votes. During the discussion it was noted that changes to the County structure has come up off and on over the last 10 years. (During restructuring, school board and townships numbers were reduced, and the County became the Frontenac Management Board later restored as Frontenac County). The question arises: Does the County serve the township or vice versa.?

It was a happy evening for the WI Historical Society when council approved the society’s proposal, presented by Brian Johnson, for the use of the LaRush house (WI’s oldest house) and property as a seasonal museum (July 1- Sept. 7th) and their plans for fund raising. Also present was Victoria Stewart and Pat Casey. The Society has been looking to establish a museum and anticipate a positive community response because of the increased interest in island history and genealogy. Mayor Vanden Hoek said it might be important to have a township representative on the Historical Society’s board.

In other business Ken Hook, General Manager of the Land O’Lakes Tourist Association presented an overview of the 200 member association and its activities. He referred council to the Land O’Lakes web site, their map (available at Info Centre & Township offices) and visitor guides which are distributed throughout the province. He also spoke of making it possible for everyone to travel if municipalities take advantage of Community Assessment grants to determine accessibility requirements.(ramps, doors etc) and Accessibility grants which offer a 40% refund on material costs.(money must be spent by March 31st).
Council passed resolutions setting fees for building permit and planning applications, as well as a resolution to adopt an Accessible Customer Service Policy. (All worth a read).
Mayor Vanden Hoek acknowledged MPP John Gerretsen’s letter to Minister of Transportation Bradley expressing the townships concerns about the Howe Island ferry service.
Council acknowledged the recent announcement of Federal, Provincial and Municipal stimulus money, $1, 027. million for Lower Side Road & Howe Island Drive Road Rehabilitation and $476,000 for WI Wind Plant Haul Roads Rehabilitation (over & above what CREC is doing).

Although members had in hand material to refresh their memories about the township’s trailer bylaw, its support and enforcement, the discussion was set aside until next month. “We need to enforce it,” the Mayor said.

In what appeared as a surprise announcement Councillor Wayne Grant was appointed Medical Clinic Board representative replacing Councillor Dennis Doyle who recently led the community through the WI Medical needs assessment. Grant was also appointed representative to the WI Volunteer Fire Department and Pat Norris representative to the Howe Island Fire and Rescue.
Council supported WIBTA’s application to FCFDC for Marysville enhancements; made a $75.donation to the WI Plowmen’s Association, will place an ad in the Frontenac County Plowing Match tabloid, and announced Electronic Waste Days for both Wolfe and Howe islands. Notices will be sent out. Trees will be planted at the Howe Island ball diamond. The 2009 Township budget will be adopted at a meeting on Howe Island June 30, 10 am. Council meets next July 13th on Wolfe Island.
Other News FYI: 1. WI Ferry EA: MTO hopes to announce the consultant for the WI Ferry EA at which time, possible dates for Public Information Centres can be established. The contract for work on the Barrack Street ramp has been awarded to Tomlinson Construction. MTO is working with them to identify the project schedule with ramp replacement in the fall. Work is scheduled to start on the ramps at Dawson's Point in mid to late summer followed by the Marysville ramp replacement. And finally, MTO will be re-tendering the dry docking of the WI Ferry before June’s end. Dry docking is scheduled for around October 13th to be completed by December 18, (subject to change).
2. Of interest to Wolfe Island is a $102,000 grant to Frontenac County for WI Volunteer Ambulance Service Accommodation. (A grant application was pushed forward as urgent to retain the service by Mayor Vanden Hoek.)
3. “Electronic Waste Days”, Sat. July 4th & Sun. July 5th at the WI Landfill Site. An area has been set aside to accommodate the Ewaste, all to be collected by the Scott Environmental Group (CD/disk drives, desktop/laptop computers, Fax machines, keyboards, monitors, printers TV’s, terminals etc.) .”So bring it on. We’re ready,” says Eva. The Howe Island EWaste day is Sat. July 4th, 8:30 am to noon.
4. Canadian Hydro (CREC) has set up an email address and telephone number (available June 26th) to receive any comments, complaints, observations residents may have about the Wind Plant project as it nears completion. Tel. 613 385-2752. Email:
5. Information about the WI rink was submitted to the “Cross Country Kraft TSN Celebration Tour” in hope of being chosen for one of ten $25,000 prizes for further rink development, according to Joe Taggart.
Around Town: The Marysville Makeover is underway with flower containers and spruced up gardens all over the village. Dave Staley continues to offer a great spot along the highway for visitors to stop and enjoy the island * Response has been good for ambulance service recruits. * Congratulations to all school graduates at all levels and to their ecstatic parents, family and friends delighting in their loved one’s success. Marysville Waterworks Class EA continues with a meeting with XCG Consultants regarding water supply alternatives and preferred option, Thursday, July 25th 4:30 to 7:30 pm Sacred Heart School Presentation at 6pm. (KFLA Health Unit at 4 pm)
Coming Events:* WI’s 1st Lobster Fest Sat. June 27th Sacred Heart School 7 pm. Tickets: Summer, Island Grill, Marine Museum * FOBSB Book Sale June 26th 5-8 pm Sat. June 27th 10-5 pm *Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul Ecumenical Event WI United Church Sunday, June 28th 4 pm. Welcome * WI Classic 5k -10k Road Race Sunday July 5th 9:30 am Info. Register or call Linda Thomas 613 - 385– 1947*WI Farmer’s Market Sunday July 5, 9:00 am-2:00 pm, Library grounds Info: Maureen Lollar 613-385-2540*WI Sailing children 8 to 14. July 20 to July 24, 9am to 4pm each day. For info. 613 385 2641.

Posted by M Knott at 09:16 AM
June 26, 2009
A Community Fundraiser- Help a Community- Eat a Lobster / Eat a Lobster-Help a Community

Georgetown, a small Prince Edward Island community has issued an appeal for help, “Help a Community - Eat Lobster / Eat Lobster –Help a Community” and Wolfe Island is perhaps is the first community outside of PEI to respond to that appeal.
Angela Morin, manager of the family owned and operated ‘Island Grill’ on Wolfe Island received the letter issued by the Municipality of Georgetown in partnership with the Dept. of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development asking for help, from a friend. “ Perhaps because I am interested in “not for profit” organizations, fund raising and have some familiarity with the Maritimes as a founding member of Kingston’s Maritime Festival,” Angela said in a recent interview at The Grill.
“Because of the recession, Georgetown has an oversupply of lobster at low prices and they are looking for communities across the country prepared to order a supply of lobsters for delivery, and then organize their own “East Coast Style” lobster supper fundraisers,” she said. “This struck me as a lovely grass roots approach to asking for help and it peaked my interest as a creative idea for a small community so I made a call and soon thereafter placed an order. Within a few hours an email arrived with the all the details. Then to my surprise, I heard from Georgetown’s Mayor Peter Llewellyn as well as the CBC and Can West Global. “
She went on to say that during the wind turbine plant construction phase many workers had come from PEI to Wolfe Island to work and while here, spent time at The Grill, so the idea of holding a lobster supper, and helping a Prince Edward Island community seemed a good fit for Wolfe Island, one island helping another. “ Now, everything is falling in place to make it happen. But this is not an Island Grill event,” she said.
“It will be a Wolfe Island community happening with volunteers doing the organization and the work with any revenues from ticket sales, door prizes etc. going back into the community. I can see this Lobster Supper to help another community becoming an annual event on Wolfe Island, Morin Concluded.
The ‘Eat a Lobster- Help a Community’ event will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic School (Hwy 95 Wolfe Island) on June 27th.
Tickets now available at the Kingston Marine Museum and on Wolfe Island at the Information Centre, The Summer Store and The Island Grill
$40.00 - Cash payment preferred

For further information:

Angela Morin
Wolfe Island LobsterFest 2009

Posted by Margaret Knott at 12:41 PM
June 11, 2009
Surprise Change of the Guard for Medical Clinic

A capacity crowd was in attendance for the AGM of the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic. Gavel in hand long time Board President Mildred Hawkins-Walton called the meeting to order ” We were extremely fortunate to get the services of a very qualified physician Dr. Deanna Daneshmend (a member of the Kingston Family Health team) this year. We really lucked in,” she said in her annual report noting the effort made by KEDCO’s Geoff Govera and Board Vice President David Colburn to recruit a doctor for the island. She spoke of the fund raising undertaken since the fire which totally destroyed the clinic, the generous donations and the over 669 individual contributions, gifts in kind, contractors, services, as well as gift certificates. “We met our $213,000 goal in November, because under the income tax act the clinic board is an independent not for profit, registered charitable organization must have its money up front before it can consider building. “We could not go to a bank for a mortgage or a loan. And, a “health needs assessment” paid for by the township and undertaken by a committee chaired by Councillor Doyle, while much appreciated, slowed moving on to construction,” she said. Following an in-depth comparison of building proposals for a new clinic, a Guildcrest Energy Star modular plan was chosen. Walton expressed thanks to Jim Hulton and Keith Walton who volunteered expertise for the new clinic oversite. Also to VP David Colburn (who replaced her when she was ill) and to all the directors Catherine Merry, Donna Ivimey, Colleen Woodman, Elise Huffman, Kathy Gilbert and Walter Knott for their efforts during the year.
Walter Knott presented the Secker, Ross & Perry audited financial report noting their ongoing interest in the Medical Clinic. Knott, a member of the building committee presented an overview of what has been going on to date towards new clinic construction. “Times have changed,” he said. “ There are new rules, new regulations and new requirements that must be fulfilled before a building permit is issued. The lot is staked out, a number of components have been ordered, all documents have been submitted to the building inspector and the board must wait for his decision before proceeding.”
VP Colburn clarified the advantages of rostering as a patient with a doctor who is a member of a Health Team and the “fee for service” model. Councillor Doyle provided an overview of the medical needs survey, the ambulance service needs and conveyed the importance of encouraging residents without a physician to roster with W.I.’s doctor.
A vigorous Q&A followed concerning the new building, its construction, uses, annual upkeep and fund raising for the privately owned facility. Concerns were also raised about the island’s ambulance service. Sally Kane reported a good response to the appeal for volunteers.There was a request for a public meeting to meet the new doctor.
It was at this point, when introducing her long time friend Everett Hogan to chair the election process with Councillor Doyle that Mildred Hawkins -Walton announced, to the complete surprise of everyone including fellow board members, that she was not letting her name stand for re-election. “I am retiring,” she said. “ I will be 75 years old next week. I am retiring from everything except my 52 year marriage to Keith.”
A list of nominations came from the floor. Elected to the board: Donna Ivimey, Michael Bromley, Barbara Springay, Kathy Gilbert, Sam Cluff, Liz Crothers, Sally Kane, Walter Knott. Chosen by elected members as officers: President- Kathy Gilbert, Vice Pres.- Barbara Springay, Secretary Donna Ivimey, Treasurer -Walter Knott. Continuing as council representative to the board Dennis Doyle. (This latter has since been changed)
Around Town: In another in a series offered by the WI Historical Society, Brian MacDonald, chair of the genealogy committee presented an in depth history of Wolfe Island, (Grande Isle, Alexander Grant, etc.) its ownership, early settlers and the interconnectedness of so many of today’s island families as well as his own MacDonald (McDonell) clan. His sister Anne Marie(MacDonald) Benson offered insights into where and how individuals can find and search out archival records (wills, deeds, maps, letters, etc.). and had many books, binders and documents on display, as well a list of resources for those wanting to search out their own ancestry. The president Brian Johnson, took the opportunity to thank the association’s sponsors, encourage membership and to announce that the township has offered the association the opportunity to present their to create a museum at its recently acquired Larush house in Marysville.
2. At a WIBTA (Business & Tourism) meeting Anne Pritchard, executive director of the Frontenac County Futures Development Corporation (FCFDC) announced an incredible list of business development opportunities to stimulate the economy for Frontenac County communities, not for profits’(NFP), businesses, entrepreneurs and students to apply for assistance grants to establish internships, new projects, businesses including agricultural or enhance existing ones in areas such as marketing, innovation and communication, local improvement, festivals, skills development . She invited members to contact FCFDC for information and support and to search their website.
3. Thomas Mohr, who hopes to establish a business refurbishing shipping containers for unique, short or long term solutions for housing, schools, multi housing etc. and Judy Greenwood Speers, an enthusiast in the proposed venture presented a case for such a business on Wolfe Island and how it could be accomplished, (land, work force, ferry use etc) Speers indicated the company will be registered with the Province of Ontario.
Councillor Doyle outlined the difficulties confronting the WI volunteer ambulance service (numbers & accommodation) and recruiting progress. Note also that planning for the annual WI Road Race, is underway and the Marysville Makeover Competition has begun.
At a public meeting on WI where Patrick Thompson (Thompson Construction Management)outlined the condition WI Community Hall and the Larush House (both buildings with much history), the consensus was that for continued community use of the hall, the heating and electrical systems including lighting should be upgraded subject to available financing. Its renovation and the future use and rehabilitation of the Larush house would be continuing project.
Coming Events: Kane-Mosier Golf Tournament June 13th .* Creatures 101 June 17th, UC Hall, 7 pm. (live creatures) * Friends of Big Sandy Bay Book Sale Friday June 26th (5-7 pm).Sat. (9-5) June 27th Old Fire Hall * Lobster Fest June 27th, 7pm, Sacred Heart School “Eat Lobster- Help a Community * Barrett’s Bay Regatta, June 21st. Island Grill Dock *Community Euchre now at 7pm Thurs. UC Hall.

Posted by M Knott at 05:56 PM