by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

September 03, 2009
Successful Book Launch held on Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island’s Historical Society recently hosted the successful launch of Barbara Wall La Rocque’s long awaited book, ‘Wolfe Island - A Legacy in Stone.’ .The book is the result of La Rocque’s personal commitment to her late father, Charles Wall (once a lay pastor to Wolfe Island’s Anglican Parish) to complete a history of Wolfe Island which began to take shape for him in the 1930’s. The recently released book follows the island’s development to the emergence of its own unique identity. Present with the author to greet the many interested visitors, guests, friends and relatives and relatives was the publisher and president of the Dundurn Group, Kirk Howard and Beth Bruder, VP Marketing & Sales.
In his words of welcome, Historical Society President Captain Brian Johnson spoke of the island as a ‘magical place’. He talked about its history of woodlands and farmlands, the peoples who came to its shores and stayed and about Charles Wall “ who heard the whispers of the island’s stories on the wind and wrote them down” and of the daughter Barbara who completed his dream to write a book about the Island.
La Rocque spoke of her father’s love of the island, of her mother Kathleen Kenney an “island daughter” and the encouragement she received from her family and friends to complete and expand upon her father’s project. Collecting material, researching and writing it began in Wall’s retirement years (1964 to mid 1980’s) and when he died he had only completed two thirds of the manuscript. Barbara said “I have done further research, with the hope that readers recognize the importance of Wolfe Island in Canada’s history.” Rev. Canon Chris Carr, pastor at Wolfe Island’s Trinity Anglican offered some further insight into Charles Wall noting that his daughter Barbara had paid the same attention to detail in her writing as her father had.. As Barbara signed books, refreshments were served and members of the Historical Society mingled with the many guests. Books available at island business, Chapters, Indigo, & Amazon.
Mayor elected to AMO Board: Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek (Frontenac County) was elected to the AMO Board of Directors at the recent 110th Annual Conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). As a member of the Board and the Rural Caucus, Vanden Hoek will help set policy for the Association and serve as a key municipal leader in the Province.
AMO is a non-profit organization representing almost all of Ontario’s 445 municipal governments. It promotes the value of strong and effective municipal government in the province. It is focused on achieving fiscal sustainability for municipal governments and their legislative authority to advance local economic well being and environmental sustainability.
Thanks to MTO Summer Students. This year, perhaps more than any other in a long time we owe a debt of gratitude to the summer students hired by MTO to direct ferry traffic. They have kept the long ferry lines fair for all, preventing cars from cutting in and keeping them moving. They frequently put their lives at risk on the busy road in Marysville and often were on the receiving end of verbal abuse from frustrated travelers. Through it all they remained pleasant and courteous. This year a couple of them were bilingual. With us this season were: Mark Ottenhoff, Ema Hamilton, Kelsey Hunt and Mike Coté-Di Pietrantonio. As they leave us to return to college and university, we extend A Big Thank-You from a grateful community. Good Luck in your studies.

And speaking of Transportation: The dry docking of the Wolfe Islander III (being done in the off-peak season) is mandated by Transport Canada and can not be delayed. The Wolfe Islander will go in to dry-dock during the week of October 12th. It will be replaced by the Frontenac II (The Amherst Island ferry). Water levels permitting, the Frontenac II will operate from Marysville. Otherwise, it will operate from the Dawson Point dock. As summer draws to a close, water levels have noticeably declined.
‘Priority’ ferry loading for emergency services, doctors, nursing services, and sewage trucks, etc. will remain the same as it is now. All other vehicles are loaded onto the boat from their sequence in line. (Council recently received a request that trucks coming to the island to pick up agricultural product be added to the priority list-.I am unaware at this time if this request has been considered by MTO) The ramp repair slated for the Barrack Street dock will happen when the Wolfe Islander is in dry-dock.
Regarding the WI Transportation Study EA, the ministry is in the process of finalizing an agreement with a consultant (URS Canada Inc.) to examine and measure current operational characteristics of the existing WI Ferry Service, to determine the island’s future transportation needs, and to generate and assess planning alternatives to meet those needs. The study will consider a 20 year span with sensitivity analysis to reveal the impact on the future of the recommendations. It is anticipated to be completed in 2011 .Official notification of when it will start will be published. . And finally, earlier there was concern about the possibility of a strike that might affect provincial ferry workers. Fortunately, an agreement between both parties has averted the threat of a public workers strike.
Around Town: Planning is underway for the Sept. 12th WI ploughing Match at Hultonvale Farm 9th Line Rd. beginning at 10am. Prize money has been increased . Crafter's, market produce people, flea marketers etc. welcome to set up wares or demonstrations at no charge (Bring your own tents & tables) For info: 613 385 2672 or e-mail, or just show up.* WI’s Anglican Parish summer service held in Phyllis and John Eves Simcoe Island garden included Melanie Campbell singing the Irish Blessing acappella.. Marysville Makeover Garden Contest winners :1st Residential: Joanne & Ray Bornais 1184 Road #96 Business:The Island Grill 2nd prize: Doris MacDonald 27 Going Street . Special Community Appreciation award to David Staley & Sherry Zborovsky for providing the rest stop for walkers and cyclists. Special recognition to the children of Marysville Public School.

Coming events: *Accompanied by the Old Eighteen,Pipes and Drums, Col Britton Smith(ret'd) will unveil a display panel honouring Gen. James Wolfe, (sponsored by WI Historical Society) , Sun.Sept 13th 2:30 PM, WI Town Hall. * Big Sandy Bay Senior’s Day Sept. 16th Info: Ed Kirk 385-8585 * WI Applefest Sept. 19th 11-3pm Horne’s Orchard Road #95 Admission by Donation * BSB Book Sale Sept. 25 & 26th * WI’s 2009 Photo Contest Entries close Oct. 12th (

Posted by M Knott at 08:18 AM
September 01, 2009

Is it time for a Lion’s Club on Wolfe Island ?
Did they know that Lions Club members carry out vision screening for children at local elementary schools? They have begun to do hearing tests as well? That Lions’ Club members raise funds, hold blood donor clinics, are family oriented, support community projects and offer assistance to other community groups and national organizations. Their motto, “To Serve.”
All this came to light at a recent meeting when Lions Club members from different regions and at different levels within the organization came to talk about setting up a Lion’s Club on the island. Among others coming from Amherstview, Newburg, Nappanee were Lions and Lionesses Bill Rose, Earl Oliver, Dick Smith, Ken Butler, Larry Martin, Victor Smith, Lioness Butler. The members had met with community members beforehand to determine interest.
To get a club started, a number of informational meetings are held to build membership, (a charter requires 20 members) and determine project ideas. Following a video presentation the Lions organization the members offered personal statements, reasons for joining, volunteer time and activity level. A question and answer period followed which included information about club fees. The Lions Club is non-denominational.. They do not interfere but support what others are doing, Fund raising is an important Lions Club function. Once incorporated a club has liability insurance etc. The Amherstview Lions Club would be an island clubs sponsor.
”If we were to develop a club the knee jerk reaction would be we don’t need anymore competition in fund raising, the island’s Keith Walton said, “ but other organizations and churches are getting to a position where the aging populations are having trouble keeping fund raising going because they haven’t go the people power to do it. I think we would have to stress to the community we would be a group of volunteers that would cooperate with other organizations.”
“If islanders were aware of what Lions clubs do, their focus on children and the community, more people would have been here,”Victoria Stewart said. The Grill’s Angela Morin added “a personal invitation is the right way to go with islanders.” It was moved and seconded that the island take further steps to form an island Lions Club supported by the Amherstview Lions. Ken Keys offered a vote of thanks to the visiting Lions and Lionesses. Another Lions club . meeting will be held in September atSt. Margaret’s Hall. Watch for posters.

Posted by M Knott at 05:04 PM