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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

March 24, 2011
So, Who finally gets the Money?

It has taken some months for the residents Frontenac Islands, Wolfe Island ward to hear council’s answer to the question of ‘who gets the money’ from the wind farm amenities agreement. They did not get the answer in December or at a Frontenac Islands special January council meeting to deal with the agreement where a resolution ‘to have the amenities money remain in the Wolfe Island district for its benefit for the term of this (present) Council, was laid on the table,’ till the March meeting
FYI the agreement is the financial contract between Canadian Hydro Developers (CREC), now TransAlta, and Frontenac Islands over the life of the WI Wind Power project (20 years +) as a form of compensation for loss of taxes expected from the 86 turbines. The money was never identified by the previous council as a pooled amount in the Township budget, or clearly Wolfe Island specific.
Before “taken from the table,” at the March meeting, WI Resident Allan Hulton addressed council “I would like to see the money spent on the community or on an old age home. As far as investing I do not see enough return,” he said. Hulton also expressed displeasure with how the motions at the January meeting were handled.
It was clear as council returned to the subject, Councillors Springgay and Grant wanted the money allocation voted on in favour of Wolfe Island while the concerns of both Howe Island Councillor Pat Norris and Deputy Mayor David Jones against the vote remained the same. Norris has been consistent that the assessment based administration allocation, between the two wards needs be adjusted according to use, and that area rating is maintained. “I don’t want to talk about this until then,” he said.” Deputy Mayor David Jones believes that amenities money should be set aside as a legacy “until we understand compensation as a safe guard to what may happen if our tax base is eroded by devaluation. No one I represent is looking for a pay day,” he said.
Throughout, Mayor Doyle carefully stick handled the discussion, noting his concern that the original resolution extended only for the life of present council, and should instead extend through the full term (20 years plus) of the agreement, and that there were legitimate reasons to study the present administrative cost split between the 2 wards based on use of staff and services.
In the end, there was an amendment to the original resolution and two further resolutions passed, (3-2 in each case recorded with the mayor breaking the tie). The agreement reached is that the ‘amenities money’ remain in the Wolfe Island District for the benefit of Wolfe Island for the term of the “Amenities Agreement “and that Council commission a study of the district split of administrative fees. The review is to include the establishment of appropriate position descriptions for all staff, and a document outlining specific activities and that the changes will be used to determine percentage of admin expense charge backs during each budget cycle. What has not been settled is how the funds will be used. (by the way- a dictionary definition of amenities is “agreeable ways.”
In other business: * AECOM’s Guy Laporte presented the 2010 Wolfe Island Waste Disposal Site annual report a requirement for the (1994) Certificate of Approval and expressed his delight at having such a large crowd on hand to hear his report and that of Golder Associates, Lauren Bekeris and Paul Smolkin’s ground, drinking and surface water monitor program for the site. Laporte noted good compliance, continued good stewardship and recycling decreasing the site’s use, which might extend its lifespan beyond 2020 . However the township has not been meeting covering requirements (once a month in the winter time and twice a month in the summer (May-August) as pointed out by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) . The Golder report identified areas of concern and possible ways to achieve compliance. Council authorized submission of the report to MOE and to the neighbouring property owner and accepted Golder’s 2011 cost estimate for water monitoring.
*Linda Thomas, President of the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association presented a review of the Associations 2010 activities and some of the proposed activities for 2011 and submitted a copy of WIBTA’s budget which included a request for a grant from the township. She advised council that the Taste of Wolfe Island group received funding for a July food festival. Council supported WIBTA’s application
to the Community Foundation for Kingston and Area for plaques for a Marysville Walking Tour now in the planning stage (text, brochure etc,). The intent is to encourage people to walk on the ferry to make the village tour. Thomas noted the possible availability of funding for a future cenotaph identified by a WIBTA member. She also noted a series of letters in support of Development Intern Jeremy Neff and the work he has accomplished in the community. His island term is coming to an end.
*Representing WI’s St. Lawrence Street property owners, Alex Quist wants a solution to the consistent flooding of the street and private properties from heavy rains and a fast snow melt coming downhill from the community centre property causing serious drainage problems. Quist also asked the township to replace the sidewalk on the west side. The matter was referred to the Township Road Superintendent Leo Greenwood for recommendations.
*With regard to concerns raised by WI’s David Cruickshank re the foot of Allen Street, a plan for steel fencing with gates is being considered. Shore well owners will be advised . At the same time the OPP is prepared to meet with council to advise on this issue and others facing the township.
* Building permit application fees have been revised. * Half load signs have been posted in the township. * Budget meetings continue : Wolfe Island Town Hall. Friday, April 1st. 10 am
Frontenac Islands Council meets next Monday , April 11, Howe Island 6:30 pm
Around Town: Wolfe Island made it to the top five in Kraft Hockeyville 2011. Voting began March 19th and ended at 11:59 pm March 21st. Now the island waits. The CBC will be filming in the top 5 communities and broadcast live for Hockey Night in Canada, April 2nd when the winner of Kraft Hockeyville 2011 will be announced.

Posted by M Knott at 06:55 AM
March 14, 2011
Frontenac Islands Agenda for March 14th, Wolfe Island , 6:30 pm

Monday March 14, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Wolfe Island Town Hall

1. Call to order.

2. Adoption of agenda.

3. Approval of minutes of Regular Council Meeting of February 14, 2011, & Special Meeting of Feb. 25,2011
4. Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest.

5. Application for Consent: B-02-11-H made by Temperall Refrigeration Limited.

6. G. Laporte, AECOM, Wolfe Island Waste Disposal Site 2010 Annual Report.

7. L. Thomas, WIBTA 2010 review, 2011 grant request.

8. St. Lawrence St. residents re: flooding.

9. Allan Hulton re: Amenities Funds.

10. Motion to retable Resolution # 2 from January 21, 2011, re amenities funds. Attached a letter from T. Botten regarding this issue.

11. By-Law to amend By-Law No. 20-98 to increase building permit fees.

12. Payment Voucher # 2.

13. Communications: - D. Cruickshank re: Allen St. vandalism (from February 14 meeting)
- David & Lori Verton re: Carpenter’s Point Road speed limits
- M. Chan, Ministry of Tourism & Culture re: Heritage Conservation - Township of Woolwich re: Aggregate Resources Act.

14. Items for Council Information:
- AMO re: Gas Tax Funding
- T. Kontra, Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act complianc
- J. Gallivan, Frontenac County, re: Green Energy Task Force
- S. McDonald, resignation from Howe Island Schoolhouse Committee - — Ducks Unlimited re: Thank You for donation.
- MNR re: Emergency response
- Land O’Lakes re: 2010 activities & 2011 programs
- Cowan News
- AMO re: January Board Meeting
- OGRA Board Brief
- OSUM re: 2011 Conference
- FCM newsletters Feb. 7, 14, 21 & 28
- Kingston Community Foundation Newsletter
- Switch newsletters Feb. 15, 22, Mar 1, 8
- Water Levels.

15. Other Business.
16. Resolution to adjourn to In Camera Session if necessary.
17. By-law to confirm proceedings of Council.
18. Motion to adjourn.

Posted by M Knott at 05:48 PM
March 10, 2011
Hockeyville & Fr. De Souza in Nazareth

Fr. Ray De Souza, pastor of Wolfe Island's Sacred Heart Parish travelled to Nazareth recently wearing his Wolfe Island Kraft Hockeyville 2011 baseball cap. And in to-day's National Post he also mentioned Wolfe Island's “among the top 10” selection.
Now its time to vote.. vote often and have a smile at Fr. De Sousa's picture.


Posted by M Knott at 07:11 PM