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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

June 29, 2012
A dock, a proclamation, county planning, public meetings all on Frontenac Islands agenda

It is not often that anyone comes to a council meeting to say “Thank You.” But it happened at a recent Frontenac Islands council meeting on Howe Island. Resident Mike Quinn, representing in this instance not the Fire Department, but the Howe Island Dock committee (Don Thompson, Joe Beattie and Mae Squires) and island residents who saw the value of a small dock at the east end, township property, boat ramp used for recreational purposes for the launching of small boats, personal watercraft, etc.. The self appointed committee worked to have the dock project happen seeking the advice and direction of Councillor Pat Norris, the support of Deputy Mayor David Jones and finally council's approval. Through that initiative to complement the use of the boat rap, the dock happened

“We came here to thank you for the (public) dock which you now own,” Quinn said. “We got together and saw the value of a dock as part of the recreational activities of Howe Island. We thank you for seeing our point of view on this project. It is being well used and is making the launching and taking out of watercraft much safer, better organized and in our view a worthwhile project. Our commitment as a committee is to work with the township to make sure the dock is taken out each fall, safely stored and put in each spring there after.” Much laughter accompanied Mike Quinn's presentation of a picture to Council taken the day the dock was installed of the workers who accomplished the task (wallet sized photo for Councillor Norris).

*In May council was advised that at the invitation of the WI Business & Tourism Association (WIBTA) Les Voltigeurs de Quebec, (celebrating their 150 anniversary) are coming to Wolfe Island to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 at a number of events July 21st and 22nd. WIBTA requested that a Proclamation document be prepared extending 'Freedom of the Island' to Les Votigeurs, and that Mayor Doyle and present it and a ceremonial key to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment,. To that end Council issued a proclamation which grants “Freedom of the Island and all its rights to enter and march there with Regimental Colours, music playing and bayonets fixed, as long as the waters of the St. Lawrence lap its shores” at the June meeting. It should be noted that a portion of Road #96 in front of the Town Hall in Marysville will be temporarily closed on July 21st to accommodate WIBTA's outdoor dinner with Les Voltigeurs.

*Frontenac County Planner Joe Gallivan was on hand to update council on the progress of the County's Official Plan (OP). ” I am here and will be out in other community's to make sure that everyone is up to date about the Official Plan. Approval to develop an OP came with conditions so now I have a road map. Gallivan said. One being that the plan recognize that (the County's) 4 Township Official Plans are all up to date, another that it be truly regional in nature and, that once approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, County Council becomes the official authority for any amendments (ie.. subdivisions, condominiums, etc.) The advantage being that two of the eight members making the decisions will be from your township. The direction endorsed was that there be a draft plan ready for adoption by 2014 during the tenure of the present members,” he said. (A 'basis' document is available on the county web site.) “Now its all about consultation (on line survey, information booths) and in August, Open House meetings. OP timeline: 1st draft (released)-spring/ summer, 2013, 2nd draft - late 2013, draft for adoption-spring 2014 at the latest, giving the province time to review it. Our message is that we are trying to deal with the problems we have here recognizing we are truly a rural community,” Joe said. “We don't want create policies that are not necessary,” he concluded.

*Deputy Mayor Jones sees the value in having Town Hall meetings (maybe on a weekend to include summer people) where residents can air grievances, question their elected representatives, look to the future, “or throw tomatoes.” He also suggested Town Hall meeting dates: Howe Island- Sat. August 11th, 2-4 pm, Wolfe Island - Sat. August 18th, 2-4 pm . A Notice will go out with tax bills

In other business:

1.A discussion about the WI Music Festival, its value to the community, OPP presence and use of the Community Centre grounds, led to a decision that until the (OPP) policing issue is resolved with the organizers, council will not pass a by-law to close a part of Rd.#96 2. The draft Entrance by-law regulating entry/access, to township roads now under review returns to July agenda. 3.Work on WI Investment Fund continues with One Investment. 4 . D.Cruickshank's letter concerning staffing changes at WI's Marysville Public School will be forwarded to the School Board without comment. 5. The $294,210.10 payment voucher was approved (but not without questions). 6. The McLellan Water Systems report regarding the WI Library and Howe Island's water treatment system where iron causes the alarm to go off and the system to shut down led to a request by council that staff obtain other opinions on the options available for improving the water treatment system. If light left on water from treatment systems runs hot. (WI Library staff will be advised to run water/ flush toilets on arrival to flush out hot water. 7. Deputy Mayor Jones and Councillor Norris will work with Joe Gallivan on the HI Transportation Study 8. Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement Services has submitted a new contract proposal. Council wants a summary of their activity on the islands and information about enforcement options. 9. A Volunteer Parking sign to go up at WI Craft Shop entry (old tank removal), a larger washroom sign on Rd. 96 in front of Public washrooms, a parking bylaw amendment to deal with the many parking issues comes up in July. Council Meets next: Wolfe Island, July 9th, 6:30 pm

Coming Events:* Sun. July 1st- The annual WI Classic 5K-10K Road Race begins at 9:30 am * Friends of Big Sandy Bay Annual Book Sale begins July 6- July 8th at the WI Old Fire Hall. * Les Voltigeurs de Quebec coming to Wolfe Island July 21-22nd. For info:

Posted by M Knott at 01:19 PM
June 28, 2012
Island's new accommodations building formally opened

It was a perfect day for the ribbon cutting ceremony held on Wolfe Island to celebrate the completion of the new accommodations building built to provide the volunteer paramedics who serve the island community the amenities of home during their long shifts An essential service in this rural, isolated community, the Wolfe Island volunteer paramedic service is one of only six of its kind in Ontario.

As the community gathered for the event, dignitaries including Gordon Brown Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville, Janet Gutowski, Warden, Frontenac County, and other members of County Administration and Council including South Frontenac Councillor John McDougall arrived at WI's Emergency Services area and the new facility in a horse-drawn wagon.

Paul Charbonneau, Frontenac County's Director of Emergency and Transportation Services welcomed the guests and introduced speakers at the ceremony held outside the new building.

“Volunteer paramedics provide a vital service to local residents and thanks to Canada's Economic Plan, Wolfe Island volunteers now have a comfortable, safe and secure space to call their own,” said Gord Brown, Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville, on behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “Our Government is proud to invest in infrastructure projects that contribute to the local economy and promote to the health and safety of families in this region.”

(The governments of Canada and Ontario each contributed $34,000 through the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund toward eligible project costs. The County of Frontenac contributed the balance of the total project cost of $236,402. )

The Frontenac County Warden Janet Gutowski , wearing the county's elegant Chain of Office round her neck had this to say, “the ambulance accommodations building has improved the quality of life for Wolfe Island volunteer paramedics and in turn has made it easier to attract quality volunteer paramedics to the service. “The project is a great example of successful collaboration between the three levels of government.” She noted this occasion as another in the quest for the county's sustainability Project.

While John Gerretsen, MPP for Kingston and the Islands was not in attendance Warden Gutowski read from his written statement that the province is committed to investing in infrastructure projects and in this instance, the importance of the new building to the volunteer paramedics and the community.

And last but not least was Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle (Frontenac County Deputy Warden). “This building in very important to our ambulance service. It's a rule if you want to volunteer you have to be within 7 minutes of the station and few can make it,” he said “Paramedics coming from Kingston now have a place to stay during long shifts.With our medical clinic next door and our volunteer ambulance service, people will be less nervous and not feel (as they age) they have to move off the island to receive good medical care. He noted the importance of volunteers to the island. “They make it what it is today.”

A ribbon cutting ceremony followed. (The new building includes sleeping space, washrooms, a small kitchen and a common room.)

The celebratory cake was cut, a plaque to mark the occasion unveiled, and an incredible luncheon, prepared by the Island Grill served.

(In conversation with Chief Charbonneau he said that six new college trained, fully certified volunteers are slated for Wolfe Island. He will also further pursue a discussion (begun last year) regarding services that the Paramedic Services could offer in collaboration with the Community Medical Clinic.)

Posted by M Knott at 05:34 PM
June 26, 2012
Wolfe Island author launches 1st book

Wolfe Island resident Rebecca Broeders will launch her first book at the Frontenac County Library, Wolfe Island Branch on June 23rd. Rebecca, 25, is the author of a number of children's books. However, “How to Survive a Thunder Storm” is the first to be published by authorHouse Book Publishing Company.
Rebecca Broeders, holds a copy of her book, 'How to Survive a Thunderstorm'

The book was illustrated by Samantha Granger, Becca's Regiopolis Notre Dame Highschool friend. Presently Sam is 'somewhere' out west tree planting.
The book launch will be held outside the library (weather permitting) beginning at 10 am. Rebecca will sign copies and read from her book, a paperback selling for $18.00. She will be donating some of her sales to Kingston Literacy for Kids.

Rebecca, is the daughter of Theresa and Jack Broeders and one of eleven children. Can you just imagine the stories she has to tell? A graduate of Queens, with an honours degree in Religious Studies Rebecca has travelled and worked in Scotland, toured Ireland, Germany, France and Holland and made service trips over the years to Jamaica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Her Book , “How to survive a Thunder Storm” is the first in what is to be a series of “How to ” books for children.

Posted by M Knott at 07:57 AM
Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 with The Voltigeurs de Quebec - July 21st-22nd

It now has all become very official , the Township of Frontenac Islands Wolfe Island ward will honour the 150th anniversary of the formation of Les Voltigeurs de Quebec who are coming to Wolfe Island July 21st-22nd to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812.

Frontenac Islands issued a proclamation on June 11th granting all members of Les Voltigeurs the Freedom of the Island and all its rights “to enter and march there with Regimental Colours, music playing and bayonets fixed, as long as the waters of the St. Lawrence lap its shores.” All this in recognition of the regiment's service in war and peace and all those Voltigeurs who gave their lives during the war of 1812. .” The proclamation issued by the Township of Frontenac Islands also states the Voltigeurs Canadiens saw service on Wolfe Island in 1814.

The Voltigeurs de Quebec is a primary reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian Forces. The name of the regiment commemorates an older Provincial French-Canadian light infantry unit, le corps des Voltigeurs Canadiens (the Canadian Voltigeurs) disbanded in 1815. Since then, the Voltigeurs de Quebec now consists of a light infantry unit and a regimental band.

The July 21st arrival of Les Volitgeurs to the island marks the beginning of number of public events organized in conjunction with the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association and members of the island's Historical Society.

Come out to the first event (July 21st), a 'dinner celebration with music by Les Voltigeurs,' to take place ( under canvas) at the Wolfe Island Town Square in Marysville, a short walking distance from the ferry. A reception starts at 5:30 pm with dinner to be served at 6:15 pm. Dinner tickets, ( $45.00 each) and includes a souvenir gift! Tickets are available from the Kingston Tourist Office and at Fargo's on Wolfe Island or by email: or by calling 613-385-2507.

AT 10 am on Sunday July 22nd, led by their CEO the Voltigeurs de Quebec will march to the Wolfe Island Town Hall, where the CEO will ask for the Freedom of the Island. Once granted they will then move on to Sacred Heart Church for a ceremony with music by the Voltigeurs de Quebec Band.

For more information contact: Martine Chercuitte, Coordinator of the 1812 celebration on Wolfe Island 613-385-2507 email:

  • Interesting to note that the Voltigeurs Canadiens was a regular, uniquely Canadian unit of full-time soldiers and was not part of the regular British Army. Early in the war they were assigned to the defence of the Eastern Townships. The units assigned to Kingston were to assist in the defense of Upper Canada.

The Government of Canada thanked the Voltigeurs de Quebec for more than 100 years of loyal service to the country on November 2000 by formalizing the release of a stamp and a coin bearing the image of Voltigeurs de Quebec.

Around Town: * Wolfe Island's 7th Annual Barrett's Bay Regatta, sponsored by the WI Boat Club is Sunday, June 24th and begins with 8:30 am registration ($15.-non members, $10.-members, kids free with 1st race at 9:30 am) at that the WI Boat Club “HOUSE” located in front of the Marysville Village dock, (close to the General Wolfe Hotel ). The 'kid friendly' regatta includes 3 sailing races, 1 human powered race, and along with that lunch, prizes, medals and trophies. More info at: or call 613-385-2222 / 1762. * WI's Old House Museum will host a new exhibit co-ordinated by Barbara Brown of the many various forms of needle work, (knitting, crocheting, tatting, redwork,embroidery, macrame, crewel, petit point, candlewicking, samplers,created locally that you are prepared to lend to the exhibit, to be on display from July 1- Sept. 3rd. Call Theresa Broeders @ 613-385-2729 if you have items for display and/or for pick up. * The Friends of Big Sandy Bay are looking for help(to set up/take down and/or volunteer) at their annual “Big Sandy Bay Book Sale” fund raiser, to be held the July 6 -8th weekend at W.I.'s Old Fire Hall fund raiser for the year. Volunteers are needed for each time slot. (Good student volunteer hours.) For info contact V. Johnson: *Wolfe Island students at Regiopolis Notre Dame scored high at recent Athletic Awards event in a variety of sports. They included: Jake Hulton,Senior Athlete, Devon Joy, Erin Corrigan,(both senior letters), Anthony Broeders, MVP (jumps). Erin and Anthony both received Paul Halligan Alumni Cup Awards for students contributing the most for athletic endeavours and exhibiting the best qualities of a Regi student. Congratulations to all. Included in the numbers recognized were sons and daughters of Wolfe Islanders living in Kingston. *The Grand Opening Ceremony of the
WI Ambulance Accommodation Project takes place Friday, June 22nd, 10:00 a.m. at the Emergency Services (Ambulance-Fire Hall) building.* Lots of activity by the “Bloomin Gardiners” going on in Marysville.

Posted by M Knott at 07:21 AM
June 14, 2012
MetalCraft Marine U.S. and partner Brunswick Commercial awarded contract

EMC news -About the same time as MetalCraft Marine founder and president, Wolfe Island resident Tom Wroe was being inducted into the the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame in the visionary category , it was also announced that MetalCraft Marine US Inc (MCM) and partner Brunswick Commercial and Government Products (BCGP) had been awarded a United States Coast Guard (USCG) High Speed Patrol Boat Contract. The contract is for the design and production of the new generation Long Range Interceptor II (LRI II) for the Coast Guard The boats will be an integral part of the National Security Cutter's 'Over the Horizon' Program. The five year contract is valued at $10,189,166.00. (10 boats at approximately $800,000 each). To qualify for U.S. federal contracts, the major components of the hull and superstructure must be built in the U.S. (Metal Craft Canada will provide design and engineering, etc.)

The LRI II is powered by twin Cummins Tier III 6.7L diesels and Ultra 305 waterjets with electronic joystick controls and can reach 42 knots. The engines are JP-5 or alternative Bio-Fuel optional and have a 5 minute run dry feature. All systems are designed for equatorial and arctic conditions and has a fully integrated standard Coast Guard Furuno electronics package. MetalCraft Design has incorporated a heavy duty Gilman Corp closed cell foam fendering system. For a complete description of the LRI II and specifications visit : or contact Bob Clark at 613-542-1810 or

“We are very pleased with the contract and what it means to our Cape Vincent location (metal and propulsion construction) as well as for our Canadian operations ( engineering, sub-assemblies, etc.)” Tom Wroe said. “But it is one boat at a time When the prototype is completed , it will be delivered to the (US) Coast Guard for testing. If any modifications are required we will do them before we can move on to do the other nine.”

MetalCraft Marine of Cape Vincent NY where in part these boats will be crafted is a designer builder of high speed aluminum patrol, fire & rescue boats and is designer of the Brunswick Line of Sentry Patrol Boats. They moved to the larger location from Clayton in 2011. (U.S. Senator Charles Schumer toured the facility, acknowledged the company's contribution to the economy and vowed to encourage federal investments and contracts for them.

Brunswick Commercial & Government Products (BCGP), owned by Brunswick Corporation, has been providing crafts to commercial and government agencies including homeland security, law enforcement, special operations and combat, and fire and rescue agencies.

“We joined forces BCGP the world's largest boat builder in 2010 Wroe said “In the US, they rely on the Boat Builder. If it works they want more, and the best for their buck.” Wroe added that in Canada the process to achieve a contract is much more complicated with many layers of oversight .He noted a more recent approach to who was doing what in Canadian boat building suggested an improvement to the process. MetalCraft is awaiting word on a further possible lucrative US boat building contact.

These days anything that happens at MetalCraft Marine-Kingston or at MetalCraft Marine- Cape Vincent, a short trip on the Horne's ferry from the island, impacts Wolfe Island where the Research and Development component of the firm continues to evolve. The Grand Opening of an Apprenticeship Training Centre for current and prospective employees is slated to take place at the island location in late June. Islander Joe Calnan will coordinate the program.

“MetalCraft which had it beginnings in 1978 will continue to grow in Canada and the US I am sure, Wroe said. “We are looking at hybrid technology, diesel electric, prototype hulls. We want to diversify and determine what is the newest market and we continue to build a strong committed, workforce.” MetalCraft Marine Inc. celebrates its 25th Anniversary Sept. 14, 2012. Watch for details..

Posted by M Knott at 02:09 PM
June 07, 2012
A new book club blossoms on Wolfe Island

The “Bloomin Gardeners” club, an enthusiastic and energetic group of men and women has sprung up on Wolfe Island. Responding as it were to this year's very early spring they are ready and raring to bring flower power to the village of Marysville and around the island. Through word of mouth the club already has 18 members who have come together to exchange gardening knowledge, successes and failures, extra plants and to hear more from guest speakers. They have had information sessions on growing directly from seed as well as a session on Ontario's wonderful wildflowers.

Most recently club member Suzanne Paquette presented a very informative session on the growing and drying of a variety of herbs and using herbs in cooking whether meat, vegetables, fruit or fish. Suzanne grows a variety in her own garden and was able to show them to fellow gardeners new to herb growing.

Wolfe Islander Linda Thomas who initiated the first meeting of the Bloomin Gardeners noted that they will be undertaking beautification projects in the village, tree planting, flowering pots, etc. Generously funded by the Township of Frontenac Islands and the WI Business & Tourism Association they have also begun a landscape clean-up at the Information Centre and the Town Hall. “We want to help show off our community at its best” Thomas said. “New members of all knowledge levels are welcome and encouraged to join us,” she added. For more information contact Linda at 613 385 1947 or Suzanne 613 385 2929. FYI- Howe Island has its own Garden Buds who for a number of years have undertaken and continue to undertake many beatification projects on Howe.


Its hard to believe that this year, 2012, marks the 32nd year for the running of the very popular 5k 10k run or walk on Wolfe Island. This year's race, with its beautiful lakeshore route and optional dip at the end, falls on Sunday July 1st Canada Day. It starts at 9:30 am. Register on line at: - or applications are available from the Running Room Kingston, and on the island at the WI Information Centre and Fargo's General Store. If you wish to receive an application by mail or email, send a request to or call 613 385 1947. Registration is $25 until June 30th - $30 on the day of the race.

There are medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in all categories - lots of door prizes - a fun day for all.

Registration is free for a Kiddie Kilometre, open to all kids ages 2 - 6 begins at 9:00 and includes bibs and medals. Come early for the free breakfast. When coming from Kingston, plan to leave your car behind which guarantees leaving the island without a long wait


A few weeks ago Frontenac County held their annual sustainability breakfast in support of their Integrated Community Sustainability plan (ICSP) and in acknowledgement of sustainable development initiatives already undertaken (and financially assisted) by a variety of groups, associations, businesses and individuals as well as plans for the future involvement.

Of special interest to this column was Frontenac County's Economic Development officer Anne Marie Young's reference to a $50,000 “small initiatives fund” under her direction dispensed in $5000 amounts available for community projects on a first come basis and meet certain criteria. The Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic was the recipient of a $5000 for the development of a washroom (presently under construction)in the lower level of the clinic facility made available for rent to support ongoing clinic expenses (heat,power,internet,water, insurance, etc.) WI resident Walter Knott, represented the WI Community Medical Clinic Board, updating for the ICSP group, the progress being made at the clinic, their long term hopes and their vision for the future. The WI Community Medical Clinic (The WI Community Medical Clinic, a not for profit charity facility, owned and operated by an elected board of directors, depends on fundraising, donations, etc. to remain open )

Also at the very informative event County Planner Joe Gallivan spoke of a county Official Plan now under discussion, and Consultant Laura Bradley gave a presentation on broadband availability in Frontenac County thus far.


Rain , rain at last..

Coming Events:* Music with TREVOR WALSH Live Wed. evening's 8 p.m.-12 p.m. at the W.I.P.P. * Mosier-Kane Memorial Golf Tournament June 9th * WI United Church Yard & Bake Sale, June 16th -9am to 2pm WI United Church Hall * Barrett Bay Regatta, Sun., June 24th, 9:00 am Registration . *Les Voltigeurs de Quebec coming to Wolfe Island July 21st All this and more at:

Posted by M Knott at 02:07 PM