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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 23, 2012
A Roof for the Rink- "Let's Do It !"

Frontenac Islands - Wolfe Island ward, in conjunction with it's Community Centre Board, will attempt to meet a funding application deadline of 5:00 p.m. August 24th, to the recently announced new Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund in Ontario, (Fed Dev Ontario) . Community and recreational facilities are now eligible for repairs and upgrades through the Fund on a 50/50 basis.

Wolfe Island wants a roof over its new rink but as yet has no firm plan or firm costs of such an endeavour. However Mayor Doyle indicated it was a project worth pursuing, noting the support of Councillors Springgay and Grant to move forward.

Eligible projects must leverage a minimum of 50 per cent of funding from other sources. Priority may be given to projects that leverage 66.6 per cent or more, and be substantially completed by March 31, 2014. If the Wolfe Island ward wants a roof on the rink it has to come up with the money but how, and how much. (township dollars, grants, donations of money, materials, & in-kind?)

WI's Community Centre Board representative Paul Hogan stated that there would be a 'cooling plant electrical cost' savings with a roof, and he had received one quote of $185,000 for such. “Delivered on the ground, with no construction, lighting, anchors etc,” He offered a ball park figure of a total of $600,000 plus, plus, for an engineered roof (not including solar panels). “Is council looking seriously at this?” Hogan asked.

” I think so,” Mayor Doyle said. “Sixty six percent of that would be $400,000, (or at a $900,000 cost, some $600,000), and there may be other sources of funding. Solar panels would certainly be an advantage to the application.”

Hogan, along with an engineer and staff, will put together as many of the required figures as possible, including a plan for presentation at a special council meeting in a concerted effort to move forward with an application. While the process does not preclude a 2nd application from the township, Councillor Norris suggested that Howe Island might forego applying and instead of a ward split of the $26,000 gas tax dollars they could go to Howe (this year) for a trail ready project.

Back to the roof….

A roof over the WI rink with its ice making (refrigeration) equipment is a priority right now. First to reduce power costs for its operation, and second to maximize its community use, start earlier and last longer in the year.

If the township meets the deadline in a bid for the most recent grant opportunity but it is rejected, will a roof continue to remain just a dream with no end in site? The question is, do we have to rely on a grant to make it happen?

I say not. What we need to hear is that the Township is ready to make it happen NOW. Surely between the township and the community the level of funding required can be put together to do the job. MK

Posted by M Knott at 07:54 AM
July 22, 2012
Wolfe Island Music Fest - Township will pay extra policing costs

In spite of concerns islanders support the Music Festival held on Wolfe Island. “We recognize that the festival has become an important part of the island's summer schedule and we have tolerated the noise etc,” said resident Rick Lindgren at the July Frontenac Island council meeting. His homes sits next to the festival site.

A road closure request was set aside in June until security issues were clarified with event organizer Virginia Clark . The township had asked that the festival provide security beginning at 5:30 pm,

“We are not here to shut it down and appreciate council's efforts regarding OPP presence (low keyed, highly visible) at last year's event resulting in fewer off site problems.” The community wants more OPP presence (3:30 pm to last boat).” Regarding who pays for OPP services, Lindgren noted 3 options: organizers pay, the township pays or, they cost share.

Mayor Doyle said it was important to respect the community's 3:30 pm request. “Like Rick we all want to keep Music Fest going,” Doyle said, noting the possible $100,000 it has brought in over the years, ” but we have been trying to deal with the policing issue for some time. “Much is said about the Don Cherry and Ducks Unlimited contributions to it, but little is said about the festival's. Should we pay for the extra hours? “

Festival organizer Virginia Clark was present with friend and supporter Mark Mattson.

Matson reminded council of the festival's history (1997) and of the relationships and handshake partnerships that have led to its success as national musical event ( with attendance constrained by the ferry) and its benefits to island businesses, etc. He recommended the township take more ownership of it.

Ms. Clark outlined her requests to the OPP (beginning 5:30 pm, 2 cars, etc). She has also engaged private security at per hour rate. She noted increasing costs, location requirements, licences , liability and stage insurance, etc

Business owner Steve MacIntosh urged council to support Music Fest, (perhaps through a cost sharing formula) noting its value to the business community. “Visitors frequent businesses during Music Fest,” he said, ” but it is often repeat business.” Deputy Mayor Jones questioned the land lease and township liability.

Council passed resolutions to support of part closure of Road #96 , (7:30-10:30 pm) Aug. 10th, payment by the township for 2 extra hours of OPP services, camping (2 nights), and a 'Vendors Village' on the CCB grounds.

Council agreed it is time for the township,with the CCB and Festival organizers to go over their relationship, ( financial, hand shake agreements, budgets, insurance, liabilities, etc) and requirements for the festival's continued success, well in advance of 2013's event. The WI Music Festival is a commercial, unincorporated event undertaken in cooperation with the township's Community Centre Board.For further information about this year's event:

Concerns over HI Transportation Study

The draft RFP (request for proposal) and supporting resolution for a Howe Island Transportation study brought forward differing opinions by HI councillors Pat Norris and David Jones. The RFP for a Technical Study that looks at the limits of the ferry over the next 20 years and how to minimize expected ferry demand with the expected growth was presented by Frontenac County Planner Joe Gallivan.

Presumably to be undertaken by transportation engineers studying population projections, vacant / severed lands, township policies etc. and finding solutions based on existing ferry service, with results offering a heads up for MTO (no data after 2009) in planning the next decade.

Councillor Norris did not agree with the approach. “The present ferry can't be there for 20 years . There have to be upgrades to the system . You can't stop growth to accommodate present service . A bridge has to be considered in any solution.,” he said

” We are damned if we do and if we don't,” said Deputy Mayor Jones who brought the issue to the budget table because of residents concerns about growth and ferry capacity. “The study will give us the analysis to know impact of growth and come into any discussion regarding a bridge . While not a proponent of a bridge, I'm all for a study.” Jones said.

Discussion revolved around the study's ' frame of reference' and the proposed resolution supporting it. Deferred to the August meeting on Howe allows time for HI councillors to meet with Planner Gallivan (as originally intended) to “hash things out” and rework the RFP and resolution.

Marysville proposed for CIP: Planner Gallivan also presented a Community Improvement Plan proposed for Marysville, endorsed under the sustainability banner by Frontenac County inviting the township's endorsement. A CIP is a (Planning Act) tool used to stimulate development and community revitalization. Marysville with its commercial activity, pubic facilities, tourist appeal, waterfront make it eligible.

Gallivan said the CIP process has benefitted other communities financially and community wise (improved physical appearance, new investment, etc,)

After all requirements for meetings with the public, stakeholders agencies and a public workshop are met, to move forward requires a decision by the Township. Council endorsed the invitation from the County to form a CIP for presentation in September. Also present from the County Anne Marie Young, and Peter Young.

In other business:1. Ducks Unlimited Canada's Erling Armson presented DU's plan to rebuild and certain existing wetland areas at the Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area. Recent funding and the township's support allows them to move forward. They will also renew agreements (now 25 years old), with affected landowners as part of the renewal project. Much of the work will focus on rebuilding the dyke and control structure, adding a pumping station to keep habitat moist, clearing culverts, etc.

2. WI's Youth Engagement Strategy project coordinator Kelly Maracle presented a plan for a park at the Community Centre. Planting trees part of the initiative and defining boundaries, usage, maintenance, etc. with CCBoard.

3. The bylaw enforcement officer Ken Gilpin will be invited to August meeting to further discuss contract arrangements. more signs needed along ferry line up. FYI Leaving cars parked in the ferry line up, and unattended , is a fineable offence.

4. The township will look into issues raised in a residents letter related to signage, brush/ditch clearing, cleaning up after horses,(bagging),etc etc.

Council meets next- Aug.13th- Howe Island.

Posted by M Knott at 07:43 AM
July 12, 2012
All about the Ferry Ride - Café Tenango & the WI Classic Road Race

A ride on the Wolfe Island ferry seems to be what people are doing these days to cool off from the extreme heat of this 2012 summer. GREAT FOR TOURISM ON Wolfe Island and encouraged for the region (Kingston -Wolfe Island-Cape Vincent) to promote businesses, events, and activities, just waiting for people to attend. The Wolfe Islander III, as well as Horne's ferry service to Cape Vincent, NY, welcome visitors, those coming by car, walk-on's, cyclists and just passing through, to stay awhile to enjoy their sounds, sights, and flavours. The outcome of the invitation to Linger Longer these days is that the ferry is constantly full, and sails away, and more often than not, leaving vehicles behind whether coming to or leaving the island.

The 'down side' for islanders (who must board the ferry in a vehicle) are the very long waits, quiet frustration and anxiety. The ferry ride, a tourist attraction for visitors, and a boon for business, is for Islanders “the highway” to and from their isolated rural community home to work, school, hospital, etc. Howe Island is seeking ways now to deal with future island growth and ferry capacity requirements. Wolfe Island never has, while allowing annual housing growth, encouraging tourism, opening Big Sandy Bay (all good in and of themselves),but leaving it to MTO to deal with the ferry. Maybe it is time for our council to come up with a plan to deal with the ferry capacity problems before they get worse, and to work with MTO and the province in resolving them. Now, not later….

New business opening on Wolfe Island

Café Tenango will open its doors to the public on Wed. July 11th at 9:30 am.

Islanders have been watching with interest the extensive renovations going on to an existing building in the village, aware for some months that it was to become a take-out coffee shop and wondering, if in fact it would really happen. And it has

Café Tenango will open its doors to the public on Wed. July 11th at 9:30 am. Located three doors to the left from the ferry dock the Café will feature eco-friendly,fair trade, organic coffee and offer brewed coffee, hot and cold espresso drinks and organic tea.

Islanders have been watching with interest the extensive renovations going on to an existing building in the village, aware for some months that it was to become a take-out coffee shop wondering, if in fact it would really happen. And it has. Congratulations and Good Luck

And that's not all. Café Tenango will join a number of island establishments in offering ice cream cones, an acknowledged feature of any trip to Wolfe Island. Their's Slickers pure homemade. Owned and operated by Mike Phillips, the Café will also feature local organic milk, water, quality soft drinks and a variety of cookies, muffins and squares. Café Tenango take-out is open seven days a week from 9:30 am - 8 pm. For more information contact: Mike Phillips, 613-391-3402

Another Year, another successful Wolfe Island Classic 5k-10k Road race.

This year's 32nd annual race brought 305 runners to the island coming from places in Ontario, Quebec, New York State,Massachusetts, Delaware, California and Shanghai. Runners ranged in age from 8 to 80 years. “Thank you to all the participants. volunteers and spectators who made the race a success. Jim Gore race director said, “but we have to live up to our reputation tough course, great people.”

Hot weather greeted the runners, very hard on the way out, better on the way back and wonderful for all those had a swim at Pat and Tom's shoreline. Thanks to Tom and Pat also for once again offering their front lawn as the place for water, fruit, etc. as well as for the presentation of awards by an enthusiastic Ken Keyes along with Linda Thomas and Celina Walker. In fact not only the runners, but the volunteers and island residents were happy with the race and enthusiastic in their praise. Special Thanks to the many generous sponsors, volunteers and to all who contributed to the success of the event, Joe Sanford for road work, and as always Jeanne and Donna. Special Thanks to the “Running Room” and the Cataraqui Optimist Club who donated the beautiful medals for the increasingly popular “Kiddie Kilometre”, and to Doug Franks caretaker at Marysville Public School “for all of his help early on a holiday Sunday morning and to the school for hosting the event once again.” (For full race results :

Around Town: * Due to the arrival of the Voltigeurs de Quebec and an Ecumenical Service at Sacred Heart Church with the Regimental Band at 11 am on Sun. July22nd, Sunday Mass on this occasion only will be celebrated at 9 am. * Sign up date for the WI Family Ball Tournament: Sat. July 21st at the Town Hall *For further events: * As always Euchre Thursdays 7 pm WI United.

WI Race results
Wolfe Island Classic 5-10K RACE Results 1st 2nd 3rd (For full race results :

5K Men

Clay Patterson, Kingston 16.25

Gregory Fennell, Sandiego, CA 19:38

Jay Yakabowick, Toronto, 19:42

5K Women

Seanna Robinson, Toronto, 19:20

Nadia Tatlow, Toronto, 20:42

Helene Fiore, Toronto, 21:18

10K Men

Kevin Coffey, Kingston, 35:05

Nick Cosman, Kingston, 38:09

Richard Raaflaub, Amherstview,39:37

10K Women

Megan Kiley, Kingston, 44:26

Margarita Babkova, Kingston, 44:52

Lesley Quinlan, Kingston, 47:47

Senior Runners:


Female: Marilyn Wardrop 79 Kingston

Male: Robert Beeney 80 Amherstview


Female: Mary Cousineau 60 Burlington

Male: David Wilson 81 Kingston

Youngest runners 5K:

Jennifer Howse 8,Wolfe Island

Patrick Wood 8, Ottawa.

In the 10k, youngest runners were in their late teens, 18 and 19

For complete race results:

Posted by M Knott at 05:53 PM
July 05, 2012
Long time 'vision' becomes reality for MetalCraft's Tom Wroe

MetalCraft Marine Inc. is in the news. The company has partnered with the New Zealand Marine Industry Training Organization to begin the first aluminum specific boat building apprenticeship program in North America.

MetalCraft president Tom Wroe made the announcement at their Wolfe Island Research and Development Centre at a gathering to highlight the opening of a new, high tech training area developed for the program. He also acknowledged financial support from the Community Futures Development Corporation for the project.

“All boatbuilders do some training ,” Tom said . “But we've been trying to have a formalized program at MetalCraft for decades In 2005 I met with the Nova Scotia Boat builders Association who had a New Zealand (wood, fibre glass, metal) program but we wanted specifically aluminum. In 2008 we made contact with New Zealand's Marine Industry Training organization, world teachers in the art of boatbuilding, partnered with them, and bought their program. The classroom portion will be offered right here in our new training area and, I always had islander Joe Calnan, a classically trained (wood) boat builder(Bristol, England) in mind to coordinate the program,” Tom said. “He has a certificate is a high school teacher, and he said yes.”

“Tom has talked about a training program for years,” Joe said. “I always said, yea sure and here we are ready to go I am proud to be its coordinator. I had a positive experience in the boat building training which led me to teachers college. Working in various boatyards and with tradesmen from New Zealand I was impressed with their competence and level of technical skill. Now having seen the program I know the secret.”

On hand was Keith Hammond- Team Leader Field and Training, N Z Marine industry Training Organization . “New Zealnd has fantastic boatbuilders, known because we had an intense boat building program. Being so far away we had to build everything ourselves eventually developing with industry the required standards and the program in all aspects of boatbuilding MetalCraft will experience,” Hammond said.. “Good things will come out of this partnering not only for the company and the trainees but the community as well. We will continue to support MetalCraft Marine in any way we can.”

Prior to the aluminum ribbon cutting to formally open the training facility Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle commented on the value of MetalCraft to the economy of the community. “We are fortunate to have them in the area Kingston, Wolfe Island and Cape Vincent,” he said, noting the presence from Kingston Councillors Dorothy Hector, Bill Glover and Sandy Bird. “We congratulate Tom on this new apprenticeship program and ongoing development of the WI location. Mayor Doyle suggested MetalCraft may now be the island's largest employer. The ribbon cutting was followed by cake and tours of the building. (MetalCraft acknowledged receipt of a CFDC grant for the building project.)

MetalCraft Marine Inc. is the first individual company licensed to administer the New Zealand Marine apprenticeship first to employees and later to candidates outside the company, (apprenticeship for trainees includes on the job experience, classroom sessions, self study (on line courses), all preceded by a 6-month Boatbulding Foundation Skills program. For more information: Joe Calnan, MetalCraft apprenticeship coordinator,: joe.c@metalcraft

Posted by M Knott at 01:27 PM