by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

August 23, 2012
Frontenac Islands Council Faces Residents at Town Hall meeting

A first question directed to Frontenac Island's Mayor Denis Doyle at a town Hall meeting on Wolfe Island pertained to the use of the funds from the WI Wind Plant. The meeting was held to provide the public with the opportunity to quiz council members, ( the mayor, Deputy Mayor David Jones, Councillors Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant), outside of a regular council meeting.

A portion of the money has been used on island roads in lieu of collecting taxes for that purpose and on the rink. “We are also putting $100,000 of it every year into an (AMO) investment fund to cushion the blow when there is no wind power money.” said Mayor Doyle. (The wind power contract is for 20 years with a renewable clause.) Some island organizations request and receive small amounts. “The first year of receiving the annual $645,000, taxes were reduced by 12%” he added.

- What about the original questionnaire regarding its use? The results were prioritized indicating roads first, WI rink improvements and savings in that order. Road resurfacing comes in at approximately $70,000 a kilometre. Wolfe Island has 150 miles (240 km) of roads, none of which can be closed. “The township's major investment (spending) has been in roads,” Councillor Springgay said. “We have a Capital Roads Plan to keep up with the required road surfacing since roads require renewal.” Mayor Doyle also confirmed that before the Wind Plant money the township was running out of money particularly for roads which would have led eventually to major tax increases. The planned bike paths on Rd.#95 (both sides) did not go ahead when it was determined that the road sides would requiwre rebuild and pavement on the paths, different and far more expensive compared to the resurfacing material used on the roads. The $30,000 budgeted for bike paths would have paid for only 30 metres.

- What about for Senior Housing? The file remains open. A Frontenac County study report suggesting different models was recently tabled and will be made public.

- What is the longevity of the island's landfill site? “The MOE will direct over the cliff or off the island,” according to the Mayor. “The costs are always there.” While much that could be recycled or composted still goes over the side, credit for the success of the Recycling Centre site was noted for Site Manager Mae Etmanski, and also to Megaly's store for accepting for return more bottles than it sells. A Land Fill site committee is being formed, (re-activated.) Mayor Doyle will be promoting the idea of an incinerator suitable for a municipality “our size” at the Green Energy Task Force.

- Is there a long range plan for the Community Centre site and rink (funding, land use allocation)? Linda Van Hal asked. The community needs to know.” FYI The township's Community Centre Board (CCB), a committee of council is responsible for the site, the only major township owned piece of land other than road ends, and 1 or 2 island properties. The CCB will be submitting a federal grant proposal for a rink roof with solar panels, costing $1.5 million, with the idea that the revenue from the panels would recover the repayment of the roof and the operating costs within 8 years. The federal grant of one third would be $500,000. If not approved the roof alone would cost between $6 -700,000, with a maximum grant of $200,000, the rest to be raised.

- Do we still have a Volunteer Ambulance Service? Yes and No. Recent fully qualified college graduates coming from Kingston serve the island as volunteer paramedics along with only two local volunteers. It was noted that all properties must have a visible '911' address.

- Ferry Service came up as the island's most glaring problem. The discussion ranged from drive way markings in the ferry line up lane, restarting the Transportation Committee, to establishing an Islands Bridge Authority. Will things ever improve without a 2nd ferry or a bridge? But with either which route from where to where?

As the meeting concluded Dep. Mayor Jones expressed frustration with some Frontenac County dollar allocations, for instance to the KP trail, not part of Frontenac Islands. He and Mayor Doyle negotiated 10% ($26,000) of it for local purposes. He is also concerned with the $150,000 budget for a Frontenac County Anniversary party. He noted also that the county planning services are of benefit to the islands.

Frontenac County Official Plan meetings will be held: Wolfe Island, Wed. September 5th, WI Town Hall,

6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and Thurs., September 6th at the Howe Island Office, 55 Baseline Road 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

A similar Town Hall meeting will be held on Howe Island, Thurs. Aug. 23rd, in conjunction with the Howe Island Ratepayers Association AGM 6:30 pm at St. Philomena's Parish Hall .

It would be a gamble, but Maybe, just maybe, the answer to all of this IS a destination Casino on Wolfe Island!

Coming Events: - WI Historical Society AGM with Guest Kim Lunman: Island life in the 1000 islands. Wed. Aug. 22nd WI United Hall 7 pm - The 3 A's for Anaphylaxis (Life Threatening Allergy), a presentation with Carol Sleeth (Allergy Association) & Sally Kane, WI Paramedic Services Thurs. Aug. 23rd , 7 pm at the WI Community Medical Clinic. - HIRA AGM/Town Hall Aug. 23rd, 6:30 pm, St. Philomena's Parish Hall. - Wolfe Island Ploughing Match, Morningsight Farms, 1227 Reeds Bay Rd. ,Sat. Sept. 8th. 2012. Vendors welcome.

Posted by M Knott at 08:28 PM
August 17, 2012
Scene of the Crime 2012

Wolfe Island's 2012 Scene of the Crime festival celebrating the island's heritage as the birthplace of Canada's first crime writer, Grant Allen, once again brought together a wonderful group of, always Canadian crime and mystery writers including this years Grant Allan Award winners, ' The Ladies Killing Circle'. They are Joan Boswell, Vicki Cameron, Barbara Fradkin, Mary Jane Maffini, Sue Pike, and Linda Wiken of award winning anthology fame. The ladies were joined by guest authors YS Lee, (young adult mysteries), DJ McIntosh,( Mesopotamian Trilogy), John Moss,( Toronto based detective series), and Thomas Rendell Curran, (Stride mysteries). Festival goers included writers, would be writers, READERS and guests

The Ladies Killing Circle began as a writing critiquing group more than 20 years ago which led to anthologies that included short stories by Canadian women writers, the first being, The Ladies Killing Circle followed by Cottage Country Killers, Menopause is Murder, When Boomers Go Bad and a number of others.

On this day prior to the presentation of the Grant Allen award each member of the circle, all introduced by (Scene of the Crime) President Violette Malan, described their life and times with the Killing Circle, the laughter among them as fellow writers, the fun, and the lasting friendships. They were dressed in Sunday Best and all sported a Fascinator. The audience was reminded that the original Circle consisted of Audrey Jessop, Linda Wiken, Joan Boswell, Vicki Cameron and Sue Pike as well as 'Fred' (for a time) replaced by Mary Jane Maffini. Following the death of Audrey Jessop, Barbara Fradkin joined the group.”We are like a sewing circle,” Linda Wiken said. Joan Boswell noted “We are being thanked for making it possible for women writers to publish”. “I have come to appreciate the short story. Like a box of chocolates it has one for every taste,” said one. “We are still a critiquing group. If it's no good toss it,” said another. The words , “Creativity, fun, fear, friendship, and laughter, that's what we are all about,” was the consensus of the Ladies Killing Circle. “

The Grant Allen Award(s) were presented by Scene of the Crime Board members, Violette Malan , Ken Keyes, Christopher Carr, Betty Doyle and Vicki Delaney . The awards created by local artist Linda Sutherland, consisted once again in the form of a kaleidoscope, unique for each author, this year in the form of a writer's pen encased in a box created in the form of a book titled , “The Women's Killing Circle”, with the Circle logo and the individual member's name. (A kaleidoscope is seen on the desk of Grant Allen in a mural hanging at WI's community Hall.)

It was a wonderful day held on what was perhaps the island's busiest and began with Scene of the Crime board member Vicki Delaney's (author, (Burden of Memory, More than Sorrow) workshop , Chapter One devoted to getting a novel of to a good start.

Readings by guest authors YS Lee, DJ McIntosh, John Moss and Thomas Curran were followed by a panel on writing a book led by Vicki Delaney that included questions regarding book prologues, why or why not, blood and gore in the opening pages of crime novels, yes or no, series books how much background in subsequent books, among others which led to a lively discussion among the authors and a question period with festival participants.

This year's short story writers, all from Ottawa included: 1st Prize: Mischief, by Kelly Quinn. 2nd Prize: The Beret and the Bank, by Wynn . 3rd Prize: Ginger Cates Garden, by Denis St. Jean of Ottawa, ON

The day included lunch (with pie) at the United Church Hall and dinner at St. Margaret's Hall provided by the Guild. Thanks go out to the many volunteers for their help throughout the festival. For more info:

Posted by M Knott at 08:18 PM
August 16, 2012
Wolfe Island's Family Ball Tournament felt the heat

Once again the August long weekend saw family members and friends from far and wide return home to Wolfe Island for the 27th annual Family Ball Tournament Twenty-seven teams were registered to play. And as has been the case all summer it was not easy. The traffic was heavy, line- up's long and a full parking lot saw people carrying their gear and running to get on the ferry to meet their game schedule. Wolfe Island is one of the few remaining communities where a tournament is held and it is said the Family Ball Tournament sponsored by the Community Centre Board (CCB) is an event, bigger even than 'coming home' for Christmas.

Play began Friday evening in the A & B Divisions and ended late Saturday as dusk began to fall, cheered on to the end by the many visitors to the games. Perhaps the hottest tournament in its 27 year history, temperature wise, players in the final hours of play were visibly tired but happy. Happy with the tournament. Happy with the results and ready for the rest of the weekend.

At the awards ceremony CCB board member Amanda Kyle presented trophy's to “A” Division winners, the Brian Hulton family team. The “B” Division winner was the Geoff Sheridan Team. The Bill Kyle Sportsmanship Trophy was presented to the Janzer/McAllister family. The Joe Reitzel Memorial Trophy for Oldest Average Team was presented to the Hulton Team, (Gene and Rita).

A highlight this year was the presentation of the '1st annual Frank Lollar Family Trophy for Volunteerism on Wolfe Island. Its first recipient was Ben Woodman, a member of the CCB who devoted every spare hour to the care and maintenance of island's new rink. baseball-2012-034.gif

baseball-201241.gifbaseball-2012-045.gifbaseball-2012-048.gifFYI the Family Baseball Tournament was founded by Jim Kyle, Bernie Fargo, Elwin McKenna. Teams consist of 9 members each plus back-up. Four women must be in the field at one time. A larger (Melon) ball is used for play.

Please also take note:Wolfe Island’s Community Centre Board invited Todd Muller, a professional photographer to take pictures of all of the teams, plus more, at this year’s Family Ball Tournament held recently. To view and obtain prints, please contact Todd Muller Photography:

Posted by M Knott at 10:51 AM