by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 25, 2012
Concern for ferry operator weighs heavily with islanders

Wolfe Islanders as well as residents of Cape Vincent, NY are in a state of shock and disbelief over the accident which occurred on the Horne's Ferry near the Cape last week. The Horne's ferry service located on Wolfe Island is owned and operated by brothers George and Bruce Horne.

The accident involved a vehicle , empty at the time which, according to news reports, was left in the neutral position and rolled off the ferry. The crew's quick action caught the vehicle with a rope and with the help of a Cape Vincent Seaway Pilot Boat got the ferry, still with power but with affected steering due to extra weight, to a marina on the Cape Vincent side.

More concerned however is the closely knit Wolfe Island community over the condition of George Horne, Captain of the ferry, the MS William Darryl, who suffered what appeared to have been a serious heart attack on the ferry at some time during the accident and who was transported to Watertown's Good Samarian medical center and later to Syracuse. According to blogs, emails, calls, news items etc residents and friends, relatives cottagers on both sides of the river, and frequent travellers are praying for George's quick return to good health, to the island and to his ferry once again.

Islanders are concerned also about the future of the ferry service so important for tourism, international travel and to the economies of both Wolfe Island and Cape Vincent. The Horne's Ferry service is spoken of as an international link (with customs, immigration facilities , now known as Border Security Services, since its very beginning in 1802 ), between Canada and the United States. The Horne's have invested heavily into providing the required facilities for the ongoing operation of the ferry service annually from May 1 to the end of October.

A Horne has been at the helm of the service, which has seen many changes over the years, since its very beginning. George and Bruce joined their Uncle William Horne on the MS William Darrell in the 70's following the death their father George Darrell Horne and have maintained the family's heritage at Point Alexandria now known as Horne's Point since then. The ferry resumes service May 1,2013.

Marysville Community

Improvement Plan Meeting Nov. 1st

Frontenac County's Peter Young will be hosting a public meeting about a Community Improvement Plan for Wolfe Island's 'Marysville' A CIP is a (Planning Act) tool used to stimulate development and community revitalization. Marysville with its commercial activity, pubic facilities, tourist appeal, and waterfront make it eligible for consideration

According to Mayor Doyle the County has been working this CIP process for a few years and have done work in Verona, and are now in Sharbot Lake. “We lobbied for Marysville to be next on the CIP list, and there is money in the County budget already levied from the townships, for some work towards community improvement projects,” he said. (ie store's front's, accessibility, commercial building improvements, etc.) “The actual work would not start until at least next year, but there will be some pre-planning to be done to see if village merchants, and others are interested in participating. The way it normally works is the people who want to participate have to put up 50% of the cost of the improvements. We need to determine local interest.”

Residents and business owners are encouraged to attend the meeting Thursday, November 1st, Sacred Heart Catholic School 6:30pm - 8:00pm to discuss their vision for the future of Marysville and if there are those interested in participating. Come prepared to shareyour vision on the future of Marysville and how to support economic development in the village.

Wolfe Island Wind

participates in United Way

Mike and the staff of WI Wind continue their ongoing support and participation in the Wolfe Island Community. Recently they held a Anniversary barbecue at the Community Centre grounds for Wolfe Island residents providing lots of food , fun for the children, and gifts for all in the form of bright GREEN bags. It was a great day..

Now WI Wind staff are raising money for the 2012 United Way campaign. Join them at the Wind Plant facility, 4th Line road for a “CHILI ” LUNCH between 12-2pm on Thursday, October 25th Cost for Lunch is by Donation.. As much as you can… Everyone Welcome! Let's support this effort…

Anniversary Bash

Congratulations to James and Linda and to the WI Pub & Pizzeria, on 2nd Anniversary/ Halloween Bash to be held Sat. Oct. 27th at Sacred Heart School with Rudy& Saddle Up Band, buffet,, prizes for Best Costumes (not a requirement) Tickets: $15.00 at the WIPP.

Coming Events: * Turkey Supper, WI United Church Hall, Sat., Oct. 27th, *”Walk Talk & Art” Big Sandy Bay, Oct 28th. Meet at Gate by 11:15 am. Contact Nancy: 385-9949 * Musical Afternoon WI United, Sun. Nov. 4th 1:30 pm Living Titanic & More with Rosalee Peppard . Tickets $20 -Fargo's & Niles Store or Margaret Pyke 613-385-2900 *WI's Flu Shot Clinic at Community Medical Clinic, is on Sat. NOV. 3rd 9-12. FYI- All Events are posted at:

Posted by M Knott at 09:47 AM
October 20, 2012
Keeping public informed of council decisions of concern to councillor

Frontenac Islands Councillor Barbara Springgay is concerned that news about council decisions are not sufficiently made public . In this instance bylaws. ” How do citizens become aware of the by laws,” Councillor Springgay asked. “If people are charged with a violation how can it be enforced if they don't know there is a bylaw or what regulations are in effect? Are we just creating another bylaw we can't enforce?

The question came after the passage of a bylaw to regulate the deposit of any waste (rubbish, refuse,) and its removal from township roads including sidewalks, and in particular the immediate removal of animal excrement, (horses, dogs, etc.) and proper disposal to avoid health hazards.

At the present time Bylaws are posted on the township's web site at,, at the municipal buildings, on the ferries, at the post office, bulletin boards etc. “We will also list them as they come up in the Township's newsletter that goes out with tax notices,” Mayor Doyle added. A resident suggested that if a passed bylaw is of particular significance such as the one above, it should be announced in the newspaper.

Frontenac County Report: Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor Jones (Howe Island ward) does not consider the issue of rescheduling the July Frontenac County council meeting to accommodate another County Councillor's “last minute a fishing trip” over yet. In his report to Frontenac Islands council he reiterated his discontent with the rescheduling resulting in his inability to attend , having planned his schedule around the original meeting date. Both he and Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle represent the township at the County, (the Mayor as County Deputy Warden). Reading from a prepared statement Jones said that a number of County councillors share his concern.

According to Jones, the Warden Mayor Janet Gutowski trivialized council and acted presidential when she arbitrarily rescheduled the July meeting for another councillor's last minute fishing trip. He said previous council's had what has been loosely referred to as a gentlemen's agreement not endorsed by the present (county) council. “And besides I did not sign up for an old boys club,” he added noting that Council's standing orders were disregarded and the definition of quorum as defined in the Municipal Act was transgressed. “Warden Gutowski said the Procedural bylaw is due for review, I will keep you informed,” Jones said.

(FYI: A July 26th Frontenac News' article quotes Frontenac County Warden Janet Gutowski in response to a question by Deputy Warden Denis Doyle regarding the procedural bylaw re changing the date saying, “I made the call. I am aware it isn't in the procedural bylaw. We might want to reconsider our procedural bylaw to give clear direction on this kind of situation.”)

2, Deputy Mayor Jones also informed council that he and Mayor Doyle had lobbied for the establishment of a Finance Committee to enable more detailed discussion, transparency and awareness of County expenses, why so much in reserves. The committee will meet October 15th. Deputy Mayor Jones will represent Frontenac Islands and will keep council informed.

3, Finally Jones noted that the County's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) workshop was well attended and included more than a dozen persons from Frontenac Islands. “Our contingent made it clear what it thought of the array of tax absorbent projects, many which are mainland centric or just plain irrelevant, “he said.

In other Business, Paul Hogan, WI Community Centre Board chairman informed council that that a grant application has been submitted for a federal grant for a roof on the rink. “If we are successful we would like to put a roof over the rink and put solar panels on the whole roof surface (300 kilowatts),” Hogan said. “To do that we would apply to the FIT program and in order to apply to the FIT program we have to have a resolution from council supporting the project as part of the process. The grant application for this round must be in by Nov. 30th.” The township passed a resolution in support of the FIT application.

“What we are going to have to get our heads around, if that doesn't fly and we don't get the government grant is that we are going to have to lay our commitment on the table in support of this project,” Councillor Springgay. “We have already spent a lot of money on the rink, we have to make a decision, I'll say myself, to support it and put a plan together to move forward,” she said.

The November meeting of Frontenac Islands Meeting will be held on Wolfe Island - Mon. Nov. 12th- 6:30 pm

Coming Events: Music Friday Oct 19, General Wolfe Hotel with Chris Brown& Kate Fenner (7-9pm) Other guests to follow Turkey Supper, WI United Church Hall, Sat., Oct. 27th, Doors open at 4:30 *”Walk Talk & Art” event Big Sandy Bay, October 21st & 28th. Meet at Gate by 11:15 am. Contact information: 385-9949 (Nancy Steele) * At the WI Community Medical Clinic a talkon 'Cancer Screening and Prevention - what you need to know, Tues. October 23. 7:00pm. * Musical Afternoon WI United Church, Sun. Nov. 4th 1:30 pm Living Titanic & More with Rosalee Peppard . Tickets $20 -Fargo's & Niles General Store or Margaret Pyke 613-385-2900 *WI's Flu Shot Clinic at Community Medical Clinic, Sat. Nov. 3rd 9-12. FYI-All Events are posted at:

Posted by M Knott at 09:00 PM
October 14, 2012
Gardening Expert Ed Lawrence welcomed to Wolfe Island

Gardening guru Ed Lawrence, who recently retired after 30 years as Chief Horticultural Specialist at Rideau Hall and for the NCC's six official residences was a recent visitor to Wolfe Island. Lawrence is the voice, so familiar to the many listeners of CBC radio's Ontario Today's, Monday noon time gardening phone in, where he continues to offer gardening information and advice.

He came at the invitation and to the delight of the members of the island's newly established Wolfe Island Blooming Gardeners Club and an interested audience including many Kingston residents among them Marg Forbes ( who loves roses).

“I met Ed Lawrence 20 years ago at a Garden Show at Rideau Hall in Ottawa when we were both younger and I wanted to come and hear him again” Ms Forbes said, prior to the evening's presentation, with a photo in hand of their original meeting. “Can you believe this?” Ed said as he laughingly enjoyed the picture (“Lots of black hair . I was slimmer then”), and the memories.

Ed, introduced by the club's Linda Thomas, wowed the audience gathered at the Wolfe Island Community Hall with his knowledge of plants, trees and shrubs, (Latin names and all), offering soil, planting and pruning advice in his own friendly and enthusiastic way. Lawrence stayed to answer every question posed to him by the attentive an equally enthusiastic audience. The information he offered was down to earth, of value to all gardeners at every level of experience.

Without a doubt , a wonderful evening for all. Ed's book “Gardening-Grief and Glory”, was available for sale and willingly signed by the author. Great gift for anyone interested in gardening.

Around Town: 1. Fibre Fest was another wonderful event held recently on Wolfe Island at the Community Hall . It brought members of a variety of creative groups including the Kingston Handloom Spinners & Weavers, Cornerstone Fibres, Topsy Farms, VanWagner Farm, Wolfe Island Shetland, Wolfe Island Quilters, Pullans Woolans, Ambleside Farm, Sheperd's Hill Farm, Whats Weft, and many more, who demonstrated their craft, spinning wheels etc. and offered unique and beautiful items for sale.

Just as people are going back to growing their own food or buying locally, so too are people returning to the natural fibres for creating beautiful things by hand. For Further information about Fibre Fest and possible future events contact Nicole at:

2.Wolfe Island Christmas Art & Craft Show, Sunday, November 18th 20123St Margaret's Hall

Vendor Registration is required Or mail to Bx 163 WI K0H 2Y0

Posted by M Knott at 08:52 PM