by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

May 30, 2013
Its all about money!

The May meeting of Frontenac Islands council included a number of presentations, outlined in the May 22nd edition of The Heritage. One was with regard to the Wolfe Island Information Centre (now fully the responsibility of the township) included a request that it continue to be open and operational all summer with township funding and through donations

and the hiring of two students. The presentation was supported two business owners, who noted the importance of the Info Centre to the island because of it benefits to business through tourism. The discussion concluded with Mayor Doyle saying plans were underway to keep the Information Centre operating and a grant from Frontenac County through its sustainability funding sector would be requested for that purpose.

At the end of the meeting it came

up again when Mayor Doyle, as he usually does, called for any questions from public. A citizen asked that since residential and business tax rates are the same would it be out of order to ask island businesses if they might be willing to pay a slightly higher tax rate to help pay for the Info Centre and public washroom operation, a s they are the main beneficiaries identified in the presentation. Treasurer Carol Dwyre in response said that any change to the tax rate had to be made

at the county level and all the townships would have to agree. Or, she said, it would have to be a business improvement tax or a special levy, adding that the county had decided to hold the tax rates at the same level in order to encourage new business development. CAO Burns said that, to his knowledge, Frontenac County is the only county in Ontario that has the same rates for both residential and commercial properties.

Made Another point of interest was 613-

with regard to the Noise bylaw proposed for the Township (posted on the township we site) that will receive 3rd reading at the June 10th council meeting on Howe Island. Marysville resident Ken Keyes commended council for its efforts in this regard. One area of concern was that often times bylaws that affect Wolfe Island come up and are presented and passed at meetings on Howe Island and visa versa.

And finally , with little fanfare Council passed the Budget ……. Because the township is waiting for the final charges from Frontenac. County.. but initially for Wolfe (&Simcoe) the increase will be 2.81%, and for Howe ward, 2.02%. Here is some information regarding this year's (2013) use of Wind Power dollars. The year started with $262,000 in the Wind Reserve fund, plus $300,000 already invested. The township will receive a further $645,000 this year giving council a total of $907,000 to manage.

They will invest another $100,000, and set aside $220,000 for future costs that include fire and road department trucks, and a roof for the island's rink. They intend to use $81,000 for administration overheads, and $32,000 on culture & recreation (for instance $10,000 at the community hall, and money for the Historical Society, Early Years, and the Community Medical Clinic), and $270,000 generally to keep the tax rate down. At year end that will leave Wolfe Island with $204,000 in the Wind There's YOUR AD 613.546.3607 To Be in the Classifieds

Reserve fund, and $400,000 invested. Note that the funds set aside this year towards the rink roof and departmental vehicles will not cover their full costs.

FYI In 2012, $1.1 million was spent on roads on Wolfe Island (of which $344,000 was directly assigned from wind power money). This year $ 894,000 is budgeted for WI roads, without wind power $ assigned.

Around town: *Intense reconstruction continues at the Island Grill. (it will be a while yet.) * The Café Tenango , the WIPP, W.I. Bakery and the General Wolfe Hotel are open for the season. * Bicycle rental is available.. * WI welcomes back the summer students who work at keeping the ferry line moving. *The Community Garden is nicely taking shape.

Coming events: May 30 at 7 pm Osteoarthritis (speaker) WI Medical Clinic .*Rummage Sale WI. United Church June 1st 9am-2pm *Shell& Sails WI Boat House Sat. June 8th * WI Barrett Bay Regatta Sun. June 23rd.

Posted by M Knott at 09:15 AM
May 23, 2013
It was delegation after delegation at Frontenac Islands Council meeting

Holding their council meeting in the Wolfe Island Community hall rather than the much smaller council chambers was a good idea considering the size of the crowd that had turned up.

*1. Representing Frontenac County's 150th Anniversary Planning committee, (South Frontenac's) Phil Leonard and Jim Vanden Hoek advised council of the planning underway for the 2015 (3 day) anniversary event. “We have a great Frontenac community and we would like everyone to come together to celebrate it.” Leonard said. “We are visiting all the communities and committees to encourage their participation.” Mayor Doyle suggested island groups who might be interested. VandenHoek reminded council of a 1988 well attended WI Country Festival, brought out the Lt. Governor, included a costume ball, tried to relive the past a bit. “That's part of what we are trying to do in the county.” A questionnaire to raise interest and ideas has been issued for response by council and citizens. (available on the township's web site and municipal buildings) *2. Council received a report from the County's Sustainability Advisory committee. The committee will attend the June meeting on Howe Island.

*3. KPMG's Vicki Leakey outlined the Asset Management and Road Study, a provincial requirement to be completed by 2013 year end in order that the township remain eligible for provincial infrastructure funding ($21,000). “Every municipality must evaluate all of their assets in terms of life expectancy costs and their current status (roads, trucks, buildings etc.) They want to know where you are in assets and road assessments, your 10 year game plan for replacement, and if there new projects in the works and how does that all fit. You have to do this to get provincial funding. We work together on long term strategy. Build your plan remembering that every year at budget time that plan may change, and determine how you are going to do it, build reserves etc.” Council accepted the KPMG proposal. Also accepted Interim CAO Burns' asset management report and passed a further resolution that the AECOM fee will be prorated between Howe &Wolfe Islands. Leakey will assemble the final report from the road work, be done by the AECOM Group, and work with council and township staff.

*4. WI Fire Chief Tim Hawkins and Deputy Chief Tom Berry were on hand to discuss the purchase of a “a very good, essentially brand new, with safety and extras”'1996 Rescue Unit from Front Line Fire. Chief Hawkins said taxpayers are asking why it should be paid for through donations and not by the township. “The township has never bought fire trucks but this is more than a fire truck (assist ambulance, etc.) and I think it should be paid for out of Township reserves, ($20,500) $18,000 with tax back),” Councillor Grant said. “Sounds good” Mayor Doyle said. “I thought you were going to ask for a $300,00 fire truck. “. Hawkins quick retort , “in a minute Mr. Mayor.” In fact they would like to look into a pumper truck utilizing reserve money, thus eliminating one pumper truck and one tanker. Council approved the first ($20,500) request from fire reserves. Regarding the 2nd request the WI Fire Department will confirm prices for a used larger tanker truck, to be presented at the July meeting on Wolfe Island. Information regarding use of Development Charge funds will also be clarified *6 Simcoe Islands Yelda Miedema presented a proposal to save the island's Nine Mile Point Light House. He was looking for “an expression of interest” from Frontenac Islands Council that the township is “considering working” with the (NMPLPS) Nine Mile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, a group of citizens wanting to save the lighthouse. The request was in order to meet the government June 1st deadline date for plans to be identified. Council agreed that the NMPPS may say the township “is considering” the NMPPS proposal, (with no commitment at this time). They will see the letter and proposal from the

NMPPS proposal before it is submitted to DFO.

The proposal was a partnership where Frontenac Islands would buy the lighthouse for $1.00 (becoming the legal organization owning the lighthouse) and the MPLPS, a non profit group (eligible for grants) become its caretakers, fund raising ,restoring, maintaining and preserving it voluntarily on an ongoing basis into the future.

*7. Wolfe Island resident and business owner Marianne Anne Walker presented a case for maintaining the island's Information Centre. Opened in 1988 (formerly operated by WIBTA) and was staffed by summer students and a few regular volunteers. She outlined tourist and visitor numbers, economic benefits to the community in providing information as well as providing toilet facilities. She indicated her willingness to undertake management of students. Mayor Doyle noted that there are fewer government supported student positions eligible for hire for this year. Councillor Springgay noted an increased number of public toilets (portapotties) available around the village. Ms Walker asked that the council support the salary of a student. Councillor Grant wondered aloud about county sustainability funding. Planner Gallivan indicated there are grants (not for salaries) he would look into. The cost to the community has always been pump outs. *8. And finally there was a request made by WI Community Medical Clinic board members, Liz Crothers and Hugh Cowan, that Council approve a request for a Priority Loading Ferry Pass from MTO for use by

ONE VEHICLE (and a trained volunteer) Saturday, June 08 every second Friday, to facilitate the transport of blood and other specimen samples from the Medical Clinic to the Life Labs patient care centre at 800 Princess Street and the vehicle's return only if unable to board the next ferry coming back. Council approved the request.

That was it for delegations…

Around Town, Euchre , WI United Church Hall every Thur. at 7 pm. Coming events:*WI Horseshows , Community Centre Sat. May 25th, June 22nd , 9:30 am WI Community Garden Car Wash Fund Raiser May 26, 10-3 pm Gen Wolfe Parking lot *Osteoarthritis Take charge. WI med. Clinic May 30th 7:00 pm.+WI United Church Rummage Sale Sun. June 1st 9-2pm SHELLS & SAILS TRY-IT DAY @the Wolfe Island B O AT H O U S E

Posted by M Knott at 09:10 AM
May 10, 2013
Frontenac Islands April meeting leaves issues for May…

Members of Frontenac Islands Council are gearing up for a busy May Council meeting on Wolfe Island. At Last months meeting on Howe Island Interim CAO Gordon Burns brought forward a number of issues calling for resolution, a couple which were set aside to allow council members more time to consider them.
Since then budget deliberations have been completed and council expects to approve the budget perhaps as the first order of business at the May meeting.
Council members have had time to study the noise bylaw used in South Frontenac and will revisit the idea of a noise bylaw for the township, having made up their minds by now, for or against the value of a similar bylaw.
Considering the size of Wolfe Island’s Marysville, with its mixed residential and commercial character, its location as the heart of the community where everything happens, and where almost every event creates noise and every sound beats off the water, it will not an easy task. Do the benefits of the noise generated by the very nature of the community outweigh complaints with regard to noise? Council could extend the 11:00 pm (noise) time for special occasions.
Another wrinkle, as every resident of Wolfe Island will have noted by now, is the island’s landfill site usage area has suddenly become smaller, or at least it looks that way. The 16 times yearly coverage of garbage got caught up, and the size of the site was levelled to its actual footprint. The area fully covered no longer requires further covering. Only that portion of the site that is now in use for garbage must be covered every two weeks during the summer and monthly thereafter.
Having received and accepted a proposal by AECOM to undertake a Waste Recycling strategy under the WDO (Waste Diversion Ontario) funded with a WDO grant of $15,000 to the township, a as well as Small Program Promotion and Reduction fully funded up to $5000. . The township will reapply for funding for collection depot upgrades and compaction bins again, when the opportunity becomes available. It is interesting to note that with the very effective recycling that already goes on, the landfill site will continue to serve Wolfe Island for an unspecified number of years. The initiation of a waste strategy at this time however, can help prepare the way for the conversion of the waste disposal site to the possibility of waste transfer facility, should that time come.
In order that the township remain eligible to receive provincial infrastructure funding the Province requires all municipalities to file an Asset Management plan. At the April meeting, interim CAO Burns advised council that KPMG’s Vicki Leakey, who is working on the Asset Management plan, has concerns that the township’s current ‘Road Needs’ study does not accurately reflect the needs of the plan and must be updated. (AECOM who had done a similar study in the past submitted a new proposal to do the work.) The decision was deferred. Auditor Leakey is to be invited to the May meeting.
Howe Island: *After some discussion the tender ($252,470.00 plus HST) by Millar Paving, to surface treat portions of Howe Island Drive, was accepted. *The infield at the Howe Island Ball Diamond is to be resurfaced. Deputy Mayor Jones has obtained 3 quotes for the job (approximate cost $15,000.) *Mayor Doyle a and Deputy Mayor Jones are to follow up on the Howe Island (ferry) Alert System at Frontenac County. The township will request that it proceed.
Following an In Camera meeting resolutions with regard to additional remuneration for administrative staff; a 2% increase for council, and all staff positions retroactive to Jan. 2013.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will act as a sub-committee to receive and review job applications for the CAO/Clerk-Treasurer position and short list candidates for interviews. They will provide council with a list of the candidates and their qualification. Council meets next Mon. May 13th, Wolfe Island Town Hall, 6:30 pm.
Around Town:*Restoration work has already begun on Wolfe Island’s Old House Museum with the advance of $5000. from the township, requested by the WI Historical Society to carry out the work. *Restoration of the Island Grill continues at a great pace these days. * The Island’s WI Bakery is now open. *Summer students have arrived to work at making life for those waiting in the ferry line up less frustrating. * Horne’s Ferry is back in service (don’t forget pass ports). *The HI Ratepayers and Thousand Islands township thank Howe Islanders who ‘Pitched In’ to keep our island clean. *WITTY stands for Wolfe Island Theatre Training for Youth *Take note of posters on the ferry. A very important event for much loved Deb Knox is coming up… A dance and Silent auction, May 18th 7:30-1pm Sacred Heart School. Tickets at Fargo’s. Check events
* Coming events:*WITTY & the Lake Ontario Playhouse present: ZOMBIE
CHICKEN performed/created by the W.I.T.T.Y., May 16th , 7pm, Sacred Heart
School. * FOBSB Mother's Day Walk starts BSB Gate House Sun. May 12
10:15 am-12:00 pm *Marysville Public School Open House & Kindergarten
Registration May 17, 1:30-2:30 pm *Fish Fry WI United Hall May 18,
doors open 4:30 pm. *WI Horse Assoc. 1st Show Date May 25th 9:30 am
posted *WI Car Wash Community Garden Fund Raiser Gen Wolfe Parking Lot
10am May 26th

Posted by M Knott at 03:49 PM