by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

June 27, 2013
When you have come this far.... you really can't stop!

That certainly seemed to be the consensus at a meeting held to consider the possibility of a roof over Wolfe Island's artificial ice pad presently exposed to the elements. The meeting drew residents from across the island anxious to see possible designs, dream dreams. And of course talk about money, costs to date and costs for moving forward or not…..

Wolfe Island's history includes building rinks, making ice, encouraging and supporting hockey and skating programs dating back a very long time, and raising the money to do it themselves. It dates back to playing hockey on the river The island's NHL sized ice pad and building, housing the ice plant and Zamboni ice surfacer, was made possible through the ongoing fundraising efforts of the WI Community Centre Board, very generous financial donations, in kind (cement, trucking, etc.) donations , CBC-Kraft Hockeyville, support from (Canadian Hydro) Trans Alta and, many budgeted dollars from the Township of Frontenac Islands, and thousands of volunteer hours by island residents and friends to help make it happen..

“One of the driving factors in considering a roof for the ice pad at this time are high electricity costs,” Mayor Doyle said in his opening remarks. We can save

$15 to $20,000 a year if we have a roof to keep off the sun, snow and rain that all cause the compressor to run more often. We would see much less time wasted, shovelling and an extension of the season by two weeks at either end maybe more. It was also suggested to me that a finished ice pad might encourage young families to stay on the island,” Mayor Doyle noted that while there has been much discussion at council about financing the project over and above what has been set aside in reserves as well as many generous donations, there is still a $400,000 shortfall.

“So we really need to get a campaign going to raise maybe $200,000. We talked to Infrastructure Ontario, and with good borrowing rates we could perhaps finance it over a 10 year period.” Roof solar panels are also being considered.

“Our job was to do a thorough research on what we have at the rink facility at this time and what we hope to see in the future to make it last.” Glenn Mosier said, who then named the members of the ad hoc 'Roof Committee of Council', Steve Fargo, Sharon Kane, and Marilyn Hawkins. “Thanks to Paul Hogan (Community Centre Board chair) we had all the information we needed to get to this point. It's a difficult decision to spend that kind of money but when you look at how quickly we put the rink project we already have together, at a quarter of its actual cost certainly makes a roof a worthwhile project and we will advise council to move forward. It will be their decision. What we are looking for here is feedback from the community.” All were encouraged to fill out a questionnaire , offer suggestions, indicate support or not.

Patrick Thomson, of TC Projects (structural engineer/project management) has been involved with the roof project through the management design process made possible through a grant. “What I do for townships is the assembling of project tender documents ,costs, quality assurance etc., so at a project's completion the project is a valued asset.” A design poster of a roof was on display indicating a concrete continuous perimeter foundation, and with posts the roof overhang begins 14 feet from the ground up to the 24 ft height roof. Lighting proposed are 35 high beam LED 's. One resident suggested visualizing the gym ceiling (the gym we were in) as the rink roof dropping down to the height of the basketball hoops (14') from the floor.

FYI:-All of the information boards and roof proposals will be posted on the Frontenac Islands web site. Council will plan a formal question and answer meeting at a later date. For more information , contact Glenn Mosier 613-385-2189 or Around Town: *The Island Grill has finally opened after many months of renovation. *The Stone Heron Gallery is now open at the Wolfe Island Community Hall. * Planning is underway to install location plaques for a village walking tour.

Coming events: FOBSB ANNUAL BOOK SALE At the Old Fire Hall at the Dock begins, June 28th-30th * Wolfe Island Classic 2013 Sunday July 07, 2013 * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date-July 22nd. For further events

Posted by M Knott at 08:16 AM
June 13, 2013
All about summer on Wolfe Island... Do Come Visit

-It happens every year right about now… Wolfe Island prepares for the fast event filled rather short summer and equally short tourist season…. It begins it seems when the summer students return to begin the task of regulating ferry traffic for MTO and ends with their departure for fall classes… usually on the 24th of May weekend (that came early this year) followed on its heels by the American Memorial Day weekend. It is that period when boats return to the water, convertible's return to the streets, cottages are opened up for the season, the landfill site is busier than ever, and concern begins to mount about making the ferry once in the line up or finding parking in the village.

Fargo's Store raises the Canadian and American flags … so appropriate if one takes a look at Wolfe Island's history, its proximity to Cape Vincent and the State of New York, the skirmishes surrounding the war of 1812 and so on. At one time just a walk , or sleigh ride across the ice to attend a local dance or a matter of taking the Horne's ferry to visit family living at the Cape. (Now of course with Customs on both sides).

Self reliance is important to islanders. It is a reliance based on its identity first, as an island, and secondly as an isolated rural community with one ferry, a community that must be responsible for itself, in spite of its dependency on Kingston and the province, or perhaps because of it. And as such it has its schools , churches, library, volunteer fire and ambulance service, Community Medical Clinic and a number of independent businesses and services supporting island residents and the agricultural community.

And for its population, as well as for visitors and tourists it offers many opportunities (Cycling, Big Sandy Bay (beach, birds, walking) , Wind Tower visits, Art Gallery (opens June 21st), Historical Museum, stores, restaurant, hotel, bakery, B&B's, restful repose, food , ice cream, entertainment and Horne's ferry to the USA.

So what is coming up during these important summer months 1. 8th ANNUAL BARRETT BAY REGATTA will be held Sunday, June 23rd. Plan to Row sail. paddle or enjoy at the WI Boat Club on Main street in Marysville Further Boat Club events are listed at: 2. The Friends of Big Sandy Bay ANNUAL BOOK SALE will be held at the Old Fire Hall at the Dock on Wolfe Island. June 28-30th 3. Wolfe Island Classic 2013 5-10 km Annual Road Race takes place this year Sunday July 7th beginning at 9:30 am Register on line with the Running Room (Check Out ,Click on WI Classic 4. WOLFE iSLAND'S fAMILY BALL TOURNAMENT will be held weekend of August 2ND and 3rd. at the Community Centre grounds. Interesting to note it is perhaps the only remaining Family Ball Tournament in Ontario. Watch for sign up DATE AT: A Pancake Breakfast is held Saturday am 7:30 am-10:30 am All proceeds to support the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic. 5. Taste of Wolfe Island Presents a Farm to Table Evening 5:30 pm. July 27th at Henderson Farms. Tickets are available at Tara Natural Foods, Aqua Terra, Fargo's, and Niles General Store.

6.The WOLFE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL AUGUST 9 & 10, 2013 Visit the web site Early Bird tickets on sale until June 15th. more information about Wolfe Island visit 14 JUNE to FRIDAY JUNE

www.wolfeisland.comS 7. Scene of the Crime Writers Festival Sat. Aug. 17th For further information and to register visit the Scene of the Crime web site at:*August and September also include Farm Tours, Church Suppers, & the Wolfe Island Ploughing Match. Watch for dates.

Posted by M Knott at 08:12 AM
June 06, 2013
Wolfe Island Boat Club looks to future

Who knew then that the first Wolfe Island Barrett Bay Regatta held in 2006, would become a popular annual event and in its wake give birth to the full fledged Wolfe Island Boat Club (WIBC), the long held dream of a number of islanders including Peggy Smith, Bruce Horne, David Clark, Leanne Cunningham and of course Metal Craft Marine's Tom Wroe and other boating enthusiasts. Leanne had a boat and lots of enthusiasm. Tom who works with aluminum loves wooden boats.

That first Regatta was held at The Island Grill Dock on Wolfe Island in 2006. and for the following 6 years and organized by none other than Leanne and Tom. “Have a Regatta and they will come,” was the hope. The notice read that there would be races for boats with sails plus races for everything else (canoes, kayaks, and anything that could float). And they did come. Even from Kingston they came. And there were winners and awards and hopes for the future and lingering dreams of the island surrounded not simply by water but by a boat filled harbour..

Now, sponsored by the Wolfe Island Boat Club (WIBC) this year's 8th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta will be held Sunday, June 23rd at the Boat Club's own site, located beside the Township dock at Victoria Street in Marysville., where many more boats with sails, paddles, and oars are becoming a very familiar site. This season, club member Yveta Tesar is

taking over from Leanne and Tom as the organizer of the 2013 Regatta.

Nicole Clark, treasurer of the WIBC, reminded me that it was Peggy Smith, who in those earlier years promoted the need for a village 'community' dock to the township. There was no community dock. “Peggy successfully bid for a provincial recreational grant that built the dock and supported our early programs like the Boom Learn to Sail camp for Kids. So much has happened since then.,” she said.

(Boat builders and sailors moving to the island, children learning to make paddles and boats, Walter Sepic from the Ryan Centre encouraging canoe trips, raising money by paddling, rowing with Peggy in the bay. There were social events and water based activities to draw members for the small but growing Boat club. Children going to the city to learn to sail and coming home to the island instead for the Boom Sail program. And a memorable day when one little guy in the Boom program shouted across the bay to a watching grandfather. “Grandpa, Grandpa, I'm sailing! “That surely says it all.) “The WIBC was incorporated in 2011 as a 'not for profit' organization with Tom Wroe as Commodore, Dan Creighton volunteer coordinator, Peter Van Vliet membership, and myself and other volunteers including David Clark, Donna Ivimey and Peggy,” Nicole said. “We have a team of boat builders, Paul Fiorello, Jeremy Balint, Michael George, Hugh Taylor, Bruce Horne, David Field, and Carlyle Crothers who repair and maintain

the WIBC fleet that now includes 4 albacores, a 4 person rowing scull, (with 2 more coming) and rack, and a Dragon boat. This last coming to us through donations from Tom, Peggy and a partnership with the Kingston Rowing Club. (Peggy continues to run a rowing program for youth and adults.) An FCFDC grant will provide a safety boat, with its required equipment and including training .” she said. “a major step in creating a strong, safe framework to offer kids sail programs.

Another step forward for the WIBC was its acceptance into the Shells &Sails program, a Trillium supported 4 year Provincial program supporting boat club development through partnerships and community outreach and participation, partnering with the Kingston Rowing Club to host YMCA Nautical Adventures Camp.

“The Shells &Sails Mobile unit will be at the WIBC, Saturday, June 8th hosting a fun, 'Try It' day, when everyone is welcome to come out for a sail or a row. Its also an opportunity to learn more about their Wolfe Island summer camp in July ,” Clark added. (Also the same day, at the same place, Open House and registration for WIBC programs.) “Since that first 2006 Regatta much has transpired. There are more boat moorings in the bay, racks and dollies for the fleet boats, event manuals coming, a Weather Station (courtesy Community Foundation) and many programs/events confirmed for the season and membership is growing. “She noted that much landscaping HCJ EMC-5.15×6.75

has been done by Mel MacDonald and volunteers to provide a safer boat club space behind the club house. “A lot of work by many people .” she said.

“But now we also need a finger dock to launch canoes, kayaks, rowing sculls, and sailboats. To accomplish our goal, we are holding a fund raising blitz in Marysville on Sat. June 22nd Help Sustain our Sailing School for Kids -'Buy a Plank' Fundraiser. Our goal to sell 500 planks at $10.00 each. A kind of “build the dock plank by plank” approach. If we can do that, we will have that new dock for exciting water sport events and activities.”(To make a donation directly to the Boat Club make

cheque payable to Wolfe Island boat Club),mail to: Wolfe Island Boat Club, PO Box 242, Wolfe Island, K0H 2Y0 (Tax receipts are issued for donations over $25.) Join us on Sunday June 23rd for the 8th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta. with three categories: Sailing, Paddling Poker Run (Canoe/Kayak), and Rowing (3 teams of 4 (BC Skulls available) Registration @8:30 am sharp at the WIBC For more info: B_Layout 1 5/21/13 Around Town: * *TWO successful Community Garden projects: Car Wash $452 *WITTY (Youth Theatre) Zombie Chicken $500.The WI Community Garden Committee thanks the community for their support.

Coming events: *SHELLS &SAILS a FREE TRY-IT DAY WI Boat House Sat. June 8th *Frontenac Islands Council Meeting Mon. June 10, 6:30 pm. Howe Island *The Ad Hoc Wolfe Island “Roof for the Rink ” Committee, invites you to “Rink Roof OPEN HOUSE, Thursday June 13th , Sacred Heart School 6:30-8:30 pm. Purpose: community feedback.

Posted by M Knott at 08:07 AM