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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 25, 2013
Busy Island Mayor Talks About County and Local Issues…

Busy Island Mayor Talks About County and Local Issues…
Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle keeps up a busy pace with meetings at the County, on the Islands, with the city and of course with certain provincial departments and officials.

Howe Island Transportation: In a recent update of activities, Mayor Doyle spoke first about that island’s transportation study in the hands of AECOM. The study’s purpose is to assist the township in Howe Island long term transportation planning. Most recently the mayor and members of council met with AECOM to review the consultant’s findings to date and to prepare for a public meeting on Howe Island to discuss the study outcomes sometime in August…

Wolfe Island Rink: Mayor Doyle spoke hopefully about the $75,000 Trillium Grant applied for by Wolfe Island’s Community Centre Board. “I was asked to sign more papers recently, a positive sign, Maybe,” he said. “We hope to hear if it is approved in early August. IF it is approved it will be a great addition to the money already in the rink roof fund, thanks to all the fund raising efforts and hard work of so many Islanders over the years including Music Fest, Hockeyville organizers and so many others..” Then Mayor Doyle noted that the Project Manager Patrick Thompson continues to prepare for the construction tendering process. “He recently had a design engineer over to the island to finalize the plans and do a site inspection. Councillor Grant, Paul Hogan, Glen Mossier, Steve Fargo, and I also met with Patrick and the engineer July 22nd, and are impressed with how well the project is going.” Mayor Doyle pointed out that Council has agreed that taxes will not be increased for this project to go ahead, and, ”we are still hopeful that final approval will be given for solar panels on the roof, in which case we could make money on the rink operation,” he said.

High Praise for Volunteers- Mayor Doyle was enthusiastic in his praise of the many willing and dedicated volunteers in the township, in this instance those maintaining the flower beds and equipment around the Wolfe Island Information Centre and the Town Hall, as well as the flower containers at the Wolfe Island ferry dock and other community facilities, and on going efforts at the Centre Street Community Garden on Centre Street. He noted made by MTO at the Wolfe Island ferry dock of the new shelter, benches and flower containers. “And last, but not least, a big Thank You on behalf of the Community to the volunteers who run the WI Tourist Centre and the Old House Museum Wolfe Island and to all of Frontenac Islands dedicated volunteers. Our Council feels so fortunate to have so many people willing to pitch in and help. “

What’s Up at Frontenac County: Mayor Doyle had this to say… “Deputy Mayor Jones and I continue to be very active at County Council. We are pushing hard to complete a County Service Delivery and Organization Review important for all taxpayers.” KPMG was selected as the consultant to carry out the review, and Doyle was appointed by county council as Project Manager, the prime day to day contact for KPMG. A kick off meeting for the Project was held July 22nd with project completion expected by mid-December. “At a high level this project is for County Council and by Council, who want to ensure that those who pay for, and use the services that Frontenac County provides, are getting value for their money, the services they want and need, and that activities and programs no longer required are eliminated. My business experience tells me that it is important from time to time that all businesses bring in someone from the outside to determine what efficiencies can be implemented and what best practices can be used to reduce costs and improve services.” Doyle said. Mayor Doyle made the point that Kingston receives (and pays for) approximately 80% of the services provided by Frontenac Paramedic Services, and 60 % of the Fairmount Home services. “ As our biggest customer I have asked the Consultant to include representatives from the city in the one on one interviews they plan to carry out” he concluded.

Around Town: * A recent summer service at Wolfe Island’s Christ Church Anglican (15th line) included a visit by their Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Oulton, who dedicated a new stained glass window for the church created by WI artist Linda Sutherland, and given by the Pearl and Sherman in memory of their son Pernell. *Another summer Anglican Sunday Worship Service was held on Simcoe Island at the home of Duncan and Judy MacDougal on July 21st.

Coming Events: Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH Tickets: Fargo’s * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09,10th * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th For info on all : * Take Note that the 2nd Annual Fibre Fest will be held on Wolfe Island Sept. 14th & 15th Fleece & Fibre, Spinning, Felting, Hooking, Quilting, Demos, Workshops.

Posted by M Knott at 10:48 AM
July 18, 2013
Wolfe Island's Annual 5k-10k Run brings many to Wolfe Island

For the first time in its more than 30 year history the annual Wolfe Island Classic 5-10 k Run is under the direction of the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic (WICMC). The directors of WICMC and volunteers were pleased to welcome the 268 participants to the run always held on the first Sunday in July. (In its first year 1981, the run was 11.5K, then became an 8K run before finally settling on the present 5K-10K number and was reprised by the WI Business & Tourism Association until this year.)
This year’s runners from as far away as Hawaii, joined Wolfe Islanders for the friendly competition which ended by the water offering relief to those prepared to jump in. WICMC President Liz Crothers, who completed the 5k run herself, observed that “The weather was very merciful this year with the sun staying off the course until everyone crossed the finish line. In fact,” she said, “ everyone was treated to a 5 minute cooling rain shower as the last few runners completed the race.”
A delightful addition to the 5k-10k race, offered prior to its official start was the “Kiddie Kilometre”, sponsored by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute. Thirty very serious competitors, ages 2-6, ran in this event and all were awarded medals and freezie pops on the spot for completing the course.
The 5K- 10K medal presentation was held (as it has been for years) near the finish line at the home of Pat Downing and Tom St. Laurent with Ken Keyes as Master of Ceremonies.
Following the road race, WICMC president Liz Crothers noted with thanks the efforts of Race Directors Wolfe Island’s Linda Thomas and Jim Gore, RRResults’, the many volunteers, local businesses and major sponsors including the Running Room and the WI Wind Farm for their ongoing support. “The board of the WICMC is already working on plans for next year’s run,” Liz said. “So, watch the Wolfe Island Classic 5/10 K Run Facebook page for any announcements as the year unfolds. The goal is to welcome 350 racers next year to this really fun day.”
The proceeds from the run go to support the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic whose board is working hard to bring increased and improved medical services to all Wolfe Islanders.
Wolfe Island 5k-10k RESULTS N.B. Complete Results Available at RRResults
Winners 10 K male

Winners 10 K female

3 Carolyn HAWKES 48:37 KINGSTON, ON

4 Lauren BUTLER 50:48 TORONTO, ON

Winners 5k male
1 5827 Matt ELIOT 17:50 KINGSTON, ON
2 5819 Jacob TRIVERS 18:27 KINGSTON, ON
3 5806 Benjamin SIMON 18:46 BURLINGTON, ON
4 5796 Eldon PAISLEY 19:56 PERTH, ON

Winners 5k female
Margarita BABKOVA 21:11


3 Laura BAYNE 22:45 OTTAWA,

4 Kristina WALKER 22:54 WOLFE ISLAND, ON

Posted by M Knott at 10:43 AM
So Where was I when I left off about Frontenac Islands?

So Where was I when I left off about Frontenac Islands?
One of the larger events that happens on Wolfe Island aside from the annual 5K-10K Classic Road Race and the Family Ball Tournament, is the Wolfe Island Music Festival. The Music Festival, because it brings so many people to the island , many of whom stay overnight , has many extra requirements to consider. So the visit to council by long time Music Fest Coordinator, Virginia Clark, and partnering with her this year from Wolfe Island, Michelle Joy, was very opportune.
Some of the issues finalized at the July council meeting included a resolution to allow overnight tenting at the Wolfe Island Community Centre Grounds for two nights from August 9th to August 11th. Tenting must be booked in advance ( as far as I can determine from the festival web site), and there are some reminders to campers who will be camped in an area adjacent to full time residents, e. g. no campfires, no loud music or drumming. And, of course, there is the matter of no littering. Recycling bins for the event are on loan from the city of Kingston, and the township provides many refuse cans. A further resolution allows a ‘Vendors Village’ on the grounds for the day of the festival , August 10th.
Liability and policing for the event were raised as a big concerns for the festival organizers. Policing includes on site only, and dock and village patrols. It was concluded after much discussion and clarification that the township’s Wolfe Island ward will cover 50% (fifty per cent) of the cost of policing the 2013 Music Fest providing the cost is not more than the 2012 costs. Township will also make the application to the OPP.
The township’s Noise Bylaw, led council to pass a resolution exempting the Island Grill, the General Wolfe Hotel and St. Margaret’s Hall, (all 3 holding music events on Friday evening Aug.9th) from the 11:00 pm curfew in the bylaw to no later than one a.m. (Aug.10th) and that the Saturday Aug. 10th Community Centre grounds curfew be extended to no later than 11:30 pm.
There was no mention made of how MTO plans to handle the crowd of Music Festival attendees walking on the ferry for the Friday August 9th events on Wolfe Island. However you will remember that last year, passes were issued to persons in cars, on bicycles and walking on, up to the maximum number of persons 300 (including crew members) allowed on each ferry crossing. The approach worked well.
*Increased vandalism, burnt mail boxes and trashed cottages on Wolfe Island came to light at the July council meeting. Council will consult with the OPP on how best to deal with these situations at a forthcoming meeting perhaps in September.
* By Law enforcement will be contacted to ticket people disregarding the “No parking in the ferry line” unless going on the ferry signs, and other no parking regulations in Marysville at this very busy time of year. Marysville welcomes visitors to the island, but the ferry is its lifeline and whatever messes up the ferry, messes up life for islanders….
FYI Fire & Rescue Chief Chesebrough of South Frontenac, where he manages 9 fire stations, not only worked with Wolfe Island’s Fire Chief Tim Hawkins in evolving the Medical Tiered Response Program in coordination with the ambulance services on the island, but he is also coordinating the RFP for a new radio communications system study for all Frontenac township chiefs and road maintenance heads. Once the preparatory work is done, Chief Chesebrough will issue the RFP. County council has agreed to reimburse the various townships for their shares of the cost of the study.
The next Township of Frontenac Islands council meeting will be held Mon. Aug.12, 2013 Howe Island , 6:30 pm.
Around Town: *Islanders have like everyone else been looking for a cool place to go. And of course the library on Wolfe Island has been open for that purpose. Some people may have even dropped in to the Town Hall also air conditioned… * But the heat never deters the ardent golfer, does it, and…. The Wolfe Island Riverfront Golf Course is lovely, and perhaps the coolest golf course around, overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway with its steady breeze … For more information:

Coming events: Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH Tickets: Fargo’s * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09,10th * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th * Euchre 7pm Thursday’s WI United Church For further event information visit:

Posted by M Knott at 10:36 AM
July 11, 2013
Frontenac Islands appoints New CAO Clerk – Treasurer

The Township of Frontenac Islands recently announced the appointment of George Luhowy as Chief Administrative Officer Clerk/Treasurer. Luhowy originally from Winnipeg/ St. Boniface began his career with Coopers & Lybrand Chartered Accountants.

“ It was a difficult search but we believe we have found the right person,” Mayor Denis Doyle said following the meeting. “The first task will be to recover the financial services from Frontenac County which were outsourced to them five years ago at a cost to the township.”

Already on the job , George comes to Frontenac Islands from Municipality of Rankin Inlet where he served as Director of Finance. Prior to that he had experience with the Nunavut Territorial Government working in several municipal leadership positions including in Iqaluit. Broadly travelled he has worked with international companies (auditing) and as an experienced accountant, and financial manager in building/development projects.

“At the present time I am attempting to familiarize myself with the many areas the Township is involved in as well as its many areas of concern. Luhowy said. , “ In applying for the job, it seemed to me that Frontenac Islands naturally followed what I have been doing in the past in finance and in development as well. Bringing back financials to the township means we are not relying on other people for information and working more autonomously. “

Aware of certain concerns Luhowy noted that the township relies on the county to provide certain services. ” I think the role between them has to be clear. The county maybe steering one direction and the township steering in another.” he said noting the many township variables, including its different logistics and transportation needs, its changing demographics and opportunities for growth. “ I am looking forward to the many challenges of the job in the days ahead.” Luhowy plans to make his home on Wolfe Island.

Posted by M Knott at 10:31 AM
Frontenac Islands Fire Fighters stole the show at the Frontenac Islands July Council meeting

Wolfe Island’s Fire Chief Tim Hawkins along with Howe Islands Chief Mike Quinn and South Frontenac Chief Richard Chesebrough, all spit and polish, were the evenings first delegation at the council meeting on Wolfe Island. They brought forward issues of importance, not only Frontenac Islands Fire and Rescue Services, but to the County Paramedic Services as well.. “The Agreement for Frontenac County Medical Tiered Response Program in your package came from the County’s Paul Charbonneau, and was set up for us by Chief Chesebrough,” Hawkins said. (The intent of a medical aid tiered response program is to promote a faster response to patients with certain types of medical conditions, ( vital signs absent, unconscious patients, absence of breathing and motor vehicle accidents) by partnering with allied emergency service agencies.) “We are interested in helping out the Ambulance Service, not taking over but to be called in certain situations. Right now it is hit and miss because we are not in program, “ Hawkins said. The Fire Service would be called if the ambulance response is greater than 15 minutes and there is a real response time advantage.
“We were more interested in knowing if you think it is fair for you to give your time to this. On Howe Island it’s different. All calls are over 15 minutes,” Mayor Doyle said. Chief Chesebrough said that if council chose to endorse the program Frontenac Islands would be consistent with departments in Frontenac, and Lennox and Addington, “ which makes it super for dispatch and ambulance service, while the program sets out response criteria and how to get started.” The agreement sets out the responsibilities of the township. “We already have 10 guys trained in this,” Hawkins added. Council passed a resolution to endorse the program. ( outlined in part 1 of the agenda posted on the Frontenac Islands website.)
2. Radio Communications Study. In his presentation, Chief Quinn expressed the need for a “Radio Communication Study” to be undertaken on behalf of the 4 lower tier townships in Frontenac County. According to Quinn the current (emergency services) radio systems (tower sites, base and portable radios) are old and do not provide full coverage in each municipality with gaps and glitches in the system. “Municipalities are using a variety of radios and sites with varying rage levels, with dead zones, not compatible with other fire or roads departments. We have very real issues becoming more evident . We are looking for our council’s support for a propagation study.. We believe there are benefits to a (15-20 year) analysis across the county,” he said. “We have to interconnect.” The process Chief Quinn outlined would be that the five Fire Chiefs and the 5 Public Works managers meeting together will develop the criteria for the study, issue the RFP, review all submissions and award the contract for the study, (estimated cost: $25,000). They will ask Frontenac County to fund the study and receive the study’s analysis. Chief Chesebrough spoke of the benefits of a study for all 4 townships funded by the county.
A discussion followed with Councillor Norris noting that the projected cost of the study is minimal but the costs to implement the results ( new equipment, towers etc ) could be very high, “ but as it is four townships, it might be okay.” Councillor Springgay wondered why this issue had suddenly come up. “Why have we not heard this before ? Is this something we can afford?” Mayor Doyle noted that there is Federal Gas Tax money available at the county to pay for a study. Chief Quinn believes the township should enter into the study since gaps in the radio communications system have been identified. “It is an opportunity to partner with the other municipalities to look at what is required across the county to have a sustainable county system.”
Council received the report and request, from the Chiefs and Road Superintendant Leo Greenwood for the study and passed a resolution requesting that Frontenac County fund a Radio Communications study on behalf of the four lower tier townships. All four township councils will receive the same request ‘for support of a Radio Communications study.’
3. Other business:1. Chief Hawkins informed council with the funds set aside for the purchase of a tanker truck, they may be able to place the order in December or January 2014. Estimated cost: $260,000 2. Frontenac County planner Peter Young presented a review of the township’s cash in lieu of parkland policy, with a by law (5% of 2/3rds of the sale value of a waterfront property)as posted on the web site. 3. Planner Joe Gallivan presented first draft of Frontenac County Official Plan. Open Houses to review the plan will be held on Howe Sept. 10th and on Wolfe Sept. 12th. 4. WI Music Festival: Virginia Clark and Michelle Joy were present to clarify their requirements ( policing, waste disposal, insurance, Friday concert venues, stage, vendors village, etc,) Council clarified their requirements and responsibilities as well. (who pays what, who does what, fund raising, site preparation, etc.). Resident Rick Lindgren was also present. 5. An island resident noted the wonderful condition of the landfill site and congratulated Mae and staff for their efforts. 6. Council members had some local concerns. 7. George Houwey, the township’s new CAO joined the meeting, taking his place beside Mayor Doyle. BUT I’m out of space and will do a Council Catch up plus the WI Classic next time. Sorry about that.
Coming events: * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date-July 22nd at the WI Community Medical Clinic. * Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09, For further event information

Posted by M Knott at 10:29 AM
July 03, 2013
More Health Care Service on Wolfe Island … Less ferry chaos?

Wolfe is gearing up for the third in a series of relatively new and exciting Paramedicine Wellness Clinics at the WI Community Medical Clinic . The Paramedicine Clinics are a Frontenac County Paramedic Services a pilot program . The program is in
support of islanders efforts to stay in their homes longer, reduce demands on emergency services and hospitals and maybe even reduce health care costs.

The service includes Paramedics taking and recording vital signs as well as answering client questions within their scope of practice, and working with other community health members. The Paramedicine Clinic’s are held on the island every 6 weeks, in conjunction with the regular island foot care clinics initiated by the Seniors Association. The next date is July 22nd 10:30 am-1;30 pm

Paul Charbonneau, Director of Frontenac Paramedic Services announced Wolfe Island as the location for Frontenac County’s first Paramedicine Wellness Clinic at a WI Community Medical Clinic AGM held in May.
“The goal of Paramedicine Wellness Cinics is to reduce 911 calls . That’s what it is all about,” Charbonneau said at the time. “What can we do as part of the health care system to prevent more emergency calls? “Paramedicine can be visiting seniors in their homes, or offer heart rehabilitation programs,” he said citing a program held at a local school gym in Renfrew, (instead of having to travel to Ottawa). “Or a wellness clinic as a place where people can find a comfort level, to have simple things done.. Much like what you are trying to do here so that people do not have to take the ferry off the island for services that could be offered under the watchful eye of the paramedic, We are often called when there is no one else to call, often the first person people see, Some clinics have identified diabetics who didn’t know,’ he said.

Charbonneau noted the program was not eligible for land ambulance grants but is fully county supported at this time “as a proof of concept pilot project, a first foray into health care as a Paramedic Service.” (The possibility of Paramedic led clinics was identified by the WI Clinic Board as a logical initiative for the isolated island community.)

The clinics are free of charge and operate on a walk-in basis. First visits can last up to 25 minutes, less at subsequent check-ups. First time clients receive a Health Booklet to record personal information, and list medications. Vital signs (BP,pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose and body weight) are taken and recorded by the paramedic.The booklet is kept by the client between visits and can be used as a reference at physician appointments..

It should be noted that if a client experiences a medical emergency during a visit, or has a serious health issue that requires immediate attention, paramedics will deal with that situation accordingly - performing on-site care and transfer to the hospital as required.
The first Paramedicine Clinics was well attended and it is anticipated islanders will use the service on a regular basis to avoid a trip on the ferry. Remaining 2013 Paramedicine Clinic dates including July 22nd are August 26, October 7, and November 8. All Wolfe Island residents are welcome. As a member of the clinic board so aptly put it: “Use it or Lose it…”

Around Town :In spite of the weather the island is very busy. Many cyclists, walk on's coming to the island, The Island \grill has opened with a bang.. New bright inviting décor. The WIPP always busy as is |Fargo’s and Niles, the WI Bakery, Terango’s, the General Wolfe, and Cycling Rentals. * A cottage auction was held where many of us didn’t even know a cottage existed. * Work continues at the community garden.* The Old House Museum has opened for the summer. Newly renovated.. looks great…* The Stone Heron Gallery is open. Great place to visit as is The Craft shop…
Coming Events: * Wolfe Island Classic 2013 Sunday July 07, 2013 * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date- July 22nd. For further events *Taste of Wolfe Island Farm to table dinner July 27th Tickets: Fargo’s, TARA Kingston * Euchre 7pm Thursday’s WI United Church * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th. Register Scene of Crime

Posted by M Knott at 10:24 AM