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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

September 29, 2013
Frontenac Islands takes up Invitation to borrow from province

At a recent special meeting of Frontenac Islands Council, council dealt with the by-law to authorize the submission of an application to the Ontario Infrastructure and lands Corporation (OILC) requesting financing for certain Frontenac Islands capital works projects, specifically the Wolfe Island arena Roof at an estimated cost of 600,000, (1st and 2nd reading). The application to OILC is seeking long term borrowing through the issue of debentures to OILC and temporary borrowing pending their issuance. The amount of the loan request was $600,000. The resolution received a third reading and was passed. However the actual amount of any loan will be determined at a later date, when the total of donations is known, and the final costs are fixed by contract. A question was asked regarding lump sum payments of such a loan, and also of any prepayment of the loan. The CAO was to obtain such details for council.
Council also passed further resolutions regarding the Wolfe Island rink, as recommended by Project Manager Patrick Thompson, all in an effort to reduce some costs and determine the best bids. For instance they will negotiate with Custom Forming (sole bidder) to determine if savings can be realized to lower the costs of $73,000 for framing (cement) for the rink roof. (discussion is underway with Lafarge). WI Community Centre Board spokesman Paul Hogan was present to speak to the issues, and noted that discussion is underway with Lafarge for a possible lower cement pricing. They will also be re-issuing the tenders for the steel and erection component, with some modifications to the plans in order to bring that pricing lower. There were 5 original bids received. He pointed out that CCB money has already been raised and received through grants (Trillium, CFDC, Hockeyville, Music Fest etc.) Exciting times…..
2. Further to Wolfe Island Grill owner Casey Fisher’s request for a noise exemption, CAO George Luhowy presented a package of material with regard to noise and hearing outlining effects of db levels on hearing as well. It included Ministry of Labour guidelines ( anything above 85 db’s is not acceptable from a work standpoint etc.) and 3 examples of noise bylaws from other townships and different levels based on times of day and days of week. Village spokesman Ken Keyes reminded council that the upcoming planning & zoning commercial-residential designation recommended for Marysville makes it unusual to come up with an answer. Deputy Mayor Jones suggested that possibly an APP for checking db levels might be available when the question arose of how to check on this aspect. A person in the public section checked and showed there was. That lead to laughter when someone else suggested indiviuals wandering up and down with cell phones listening to the music. Fisher noted that The Mansion in Kingston is also in a commercial- residential area and has a 85 db level limit. Ken Keyes and Casey Fisher will continue to work on finding agreement to determine the right db level and time frames for any exemption to the township’s noise bylaw for the next council meeting Oct. 15th on Howe Island.
3. There was some discussion about the recent visit of the By Law Control Officer Ken Gilpin and some concerns that have been raised.
4. Council approved the purchase of a 1997 pumper truck for the Howe Island Fire and Rescue Department at a cost of $25,000. Funds were transferred from the Howe Island Fire Reserves. Council meets next Tues. Oct. 15 , Howe Island -6:30 pm.

Around Town: WI Medical Clinic Speakers Series. Alzeimers Sat. Oct. 5th 1-2pm at the Clinic. *Movement for Life at the Clinic begins Oct. 7th 1pm., * Lunch Bunch Fall series Oct. 2nd WI United Church 11:30 am Annual Flu Shot Clinic Nov. 3rd… The Corn Maze is Open.. Community Euchre Thurs. 7pm WI United Church Check out events at

Posted by M Knott at 12:34 PM
September 27, 2013
Funeral held on Wolfe Island for Rev. Stewart Laverty OFM

Franciscan Friar Rev. Stewart (Tod) Laverty OFM (ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR) loved to come home to Wolfe Island. He came when he was needed, for special family occasions, to spend time with friends.. And he was determined to get home one last time to say good bye. He made it, if not to the Island, at least to KGH where he died of the cancer he was battling a few short days later
And Friar Laverty did come home to Wolfe Island where his body lay in state at Sacred Heart of Mary Church where a steady stream of people began arriving to say their final goodbyes that was prior to a Funeral Mass of Christian Burial celebrated by Father Leo P. Byrne,
At the door of the church a tribute to Friar Laverty read : “Remembering our brother. We thank you for your humility, guidance, friendship and compassion.” And story boards filled with pictures of his life and times were in different parts of the church allowing perfect moments to quietly remember. Fr. Stewart’s family, (brother) Patrick and Jacqueline, his niece Kimberley and nephew Kyle and their families, the O’Shea and Lollar family members welcomed the mourners. The son of the late Frank and Doris Laverty, Friar Stewart and his brother , a small family, grew up on the island, surrounded in lifelong friendships within the Parish community and the community at large
Following the Funeral Mass, that included participation by family members (readings, music) and the community, a reception was held at Sacred Heart School where memories along with tears and laughter flowed ..
According his friends, Stewart always wanted to be a Franciscan Friar, loved Franciscan spirituality and lived it, so much so that for more than 18 years he led pilgrimages “in the footsteps of St Francis” with the Franciscan Pilgrimage Program to Rome and Assisi.
Following his solemn profession in 1969, he was ordained to the priesthood on the island in 1972. Over the years he served as a pastor, a counsellor, a teacher, gave retreats, was a spiritual director and more. His health problems began in 2011 . At the time of his death at 69 he was pastor emeritus of St. Aloysius and St. Patrick Parish in Detroit,
Who could resist Father Stewart ”Tod” Laverty, familiar to us in his Franciscan habit , with his engaging smile and bright blue eyes, his sense of humour, enthusiasm for life and genuine love of people? He will be remembered. The Rite of Committal will take place in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan.

Posted by M Knott at 12:46 PM
September 20, 2013
Last weeks of Summer Offered Much Activity in Frontenac Islands

A trip away, through a part of Canada I had never seen, opened my eyes to the size of our country. . Travelling from Edmonton to Whitehorse and onto Dawson City, where populations are not measured according to persons per square mile but by how many square miles of land there are per person. That’s the Yukon. Where tourism is as important to the economy as it is to us here on Wolfe Island, and where there is much concerted effort and activity to create welcoming communities that tell the stories, the why and how they came to be. Much to our surprise many of even the smallest of communities had a facility of some sort or another for seniors, had water and even in some areas, sewage, encourage cycling as well as recycling, and are conscious of protecting the environment. I was overwhelmed by the bigness and the beauty on our travel. In our absence however events of interest were missed. Here’s a bit of a catch up.
1. There was: The Sacred Heart Parish Social held following Sunday Mass the week before Labour Day, when many of Wolfe Island’s cottagers leave the island for another year. The annual social, again organized by Leslie, provided the opportunity for the parish family to get together one more time.
2. The Wolfe Island Historical Society held their annual AGM with more than 50 people attending, according to Treasurer Brian MacDonald. “The same four people, Denis Cherquitte, Judy Greenwood–Speers, Brian Johnson and John O’Shea were returned in the same four spots. Hank (Hendry)Connell is President, VP Mike Bromley, Secretary Judy Speers,” he said. A highlight of the evening was the continuation of “Ferry Tales” with Captain Brian Johnson, who with his wealth of information and easy style, always draws a crowd eager to hear the stories of days gone by on the waters of Lake Ontario and the mighty St Lawrence River. (Captain Johnson was a recent guest speaker at the Ontario Genealogical Society Kingston Branch). “Ferry Tales” is the title of his book.
3. And then there was the WI Ploughing Match held at the Henry Posthumus-Janine Handforth Farm, where 33 persons participated along with 6 celebrity ploughmen including Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle, Abby Anghelescu, Councillor Barbara Springgay, Mayor Gary Davison (South Frontenac) , MPP John Gerretsen and ELVIS. The island’s Queen of the Furrow – Morgan Roy attended. There were 5 horse ploughmen this year according to association secretary Wilma Sjonger, “the match was a great success and a number of our own will attend the International Match.”

4. In conversation with Mayor Doyle, I heard that the Frontenac County Official Plan meeting on Howe was well attended providing great feed back for County Planner Joe Gallivan. He added that the September Council meeting on WI included an Open House on the proposed Community Improvement Plan (CIP) brought out about 50 persons, moving it to the Community Hall where he noted acoustics are a problem. Frontenac County’s Peter Young and Anne Marie Young presented the program and received the feedback. According to Mayor Doyle, $70,000 has been allocated out of the Federal Gas Tax funds received by the County to assist in Village of Marysville improvements.
“Several village business owners and residents were present for the discussion, which was all positive,” he said adding that two By-laws were presented. “ The first, which passed, defines the area covered by the CIP from the water front on the north, to the Community Centre grounds on the south, 7th line on the east, to the end of Hillcrest Street on the west. The second, that the council enact the CIP for the redevelopment, and beautification, etc. of Marysville, and received first and second reading allowing time for further public review and comment before the final reading at the October 15th Council meeting,” he said. The CIP can be viewed in detail at the WI Town Hall.

5. Many in attendance had come to support Island Grill owner Casey Fisher’s request for on going exemptions to the recently passed ‘Noise Bylaw’ to allow for music as part of the business and its sustainability (out door live and indoor live (closed doors) at specific hours (days and evenings) dependant upon availability of musicians.
At the same time, according to Mayor Doyle, Marysville resident Key Keyes was there as spokesperson for village residents who had collected over 50 signatures to express concerns about changes to the by-law without some restrictions.
“Both parties had people out to support their position a good open debate took place,” Doyle said. “It was generally agreed that our approach should be to specify the level of decibels (db) that could be allowed at various times of the day in our by-law. Staff will meet with our By-law Enforcement Officer to investigate what db levels are typically used in other jurisdictions, and in other by-laws he is familiar with. It was also agreed that when the proposed changes were received that a meeting would be held with Casey Fisher and Mr. Keyes to discuss the acceptability.”

6. Doyle added that a back of the village east side (Plan 65)lot owner Christi Hayhoe attended the meeting to discuss how a road could be put in to allow access to her lot, get a building permit and build. “We agreed t get a cost estimate for a road and to organize a meeting with all parties including the Plan 65 major property owner.”

7. According to the Mayor, Wednesday October 30, 2013 has been declared “Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day”. “The discussion leading up to the resolution recognized that Child Care Workers are very important to the islands. Without this service a lot of people would have to take their children to the city, using up spaces on the ferry during busy commuter ferry trips.”

Finally Mayor Doyle noted that the rink project is moving along but the awarding of major contracts is still pending. Council meets next Oct. 15th Howe Island, 6:30 pm

Around Town: * Thurs. Sept. 26th the St. Lawrence Women’s Institute will present the 1995-2012 Tweedsmuir Books at a reception from 6-8 pm at WI Public Library honouring late Institute member Mrs. Connie Woodman. * Apple Fest Bruce &Peggy Horne’s Orchard Sat. Sept. 28th 12-4 pm.

Plowing Match SPECIAL TROPHIES 2013
BEST EFFORT –UNDER 18 - Morningsight Farms COLE CHOWN









BEST CROWN - Gateview Farm Equipment WENDY GRANT


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