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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 31, 2013
End of Era for WI Crime Writerís Festival

After 13 years the WI Scene of the Crime Writer’s Board of Directors has determined there will be no festival in 2014. This year’s Scene of the Crime Writers Festival inspired by Grant Allen, the patron author of the festival and acknowledged as Canada’s first crime writer was the last . The first was held in Sept. 2002) . Time constraints, fewer volunteers work over loads led to this decision. Members instead will fulfill commitments to out reach programs they established over the years. Most recently the board held a re-dedication event of the newly restored (on their behalf) of the Longueuil Family monument located in the island’s Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery.
Grant Allen, whose father Joseph Allen was the first Minister of of Trinity Anglican was the grandson of the last Baroness de Longueuil. The Baroness and many of his relatives are buried in the cemetery. Trinity Anglican Church itself as well as the land it rests on was a gift from the Baroness de Longueuil.
“The Scene of the Crime Festival has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Wolfe Island community as a whole, and the Trinity Anglican Church in particular,” board president and well known writer Violette Mallan said prior to the rededication event. “As part of our effort to give back to the community which has always been so supportive of us, we commissioned the restoration of the Longueuil monument.”

The well attended event brought out clergy history buffs interested residents, and visitors to the island.. Mayor Doyle and Rev. Canon Chris Carr welcomed all..including restorer Gary Foster Campbell Monument Co. Mayor Doyle and Councillor Grant were in attendance as were many members past and present.

The monument built in the 1800’s of local stone, considered unusual for the time when normally the stone would have come from Europe. Many in attendance took time to visit the Crypt restored a few years ago, before joining guests at a reception held at St. Margaret’s Hall,

The idea for the Wolfe Island Crime Writer’s festival originated with Island natives Therese Greenwood and Maureen Lollar along with crime writer Violette Mallin. Therese felt the island was the perfect place for a crime festival and was even more convinced when the connection was made between Grant Allen and the island’s Longueuil family.. A further distinction for Grant Allen was his friendship with Arthur Conan Doyle.
The guest writers that first year 2002 included Canadian mystery writers Peter Sellers and Mary Jane Maffini, and local writers the late Renee Marshal and of course Captain Brian Johnson. Ken Keyes , Rev. Canon Chris Carr of Trinity Anglican, Denis Mosier, Betty Doyle and many other islanders from the festival’s beginning were enthusiastic volunteers along with many more over the 13 years.. The Grant Allen Award honouring Canada's crime-writing pioneers was established in the 3rd year. Well received in the community, the festival became an important Canadian crime writing event bringing an impressive list of Canada’s top mystery writers to the island It will be missed.
Upcoming Events*WI Historical Society Nov. 6th withJane (Greenwood) Hall, UC Hall 7:30 pm.*Turkey Supper - St. Margarets Hall Doors open 4:30 pm…. * Remembrance Day Nov. 11th Town Hall 10:45 am. *VON Foot Care Clinic at WI Clinic Nov. 18th Call Lisa at VON for appt. (Paramedecine Clinic also same day) “ Frontenac Islands Council meeting, Wolfe Island, Tues. Nov. 12th 6:30 pm. *Wolfe Island's Christmas Market Dec. 1st WI Community Hall 10-3 pm (

Posted by M Knott at 02:02 PM
Islanders dislike Dangerous Goods Act changes! Can you blame them?

Islanders dislike Dangerous Goods Act changes! Can you blame them?
- Visitors will always come to Wolfe Island whether it be to travel to the US or to Big Sandy Bay, the Shanti Retreat, to golf at the Riverfront course, to cycle, look at wind towers or visit the Corn Maze. And they will come to enjoy all that Marysville has to offer in the way of art, history, events, entertainment, food and a 1st class skating rink. They will continue to come to the island simply for the ride on the ferry…
At the same time workers, goods and service providers in every area essential to the sustainability of Wolfe Island and its residents .. will also come. And the ferry service is excellent but already lacks capacity for the number of islanders who rely on city services for work, education, health and entertainment to survive and regularly travel off the island.
So the loss of the 2:30 pm ferry trip to Kingston Tuesday’s and Friday’s announced last week, is causing much grief to island residents who would normally take THAT ferry to go to work , keep appointments…. who can no longer do so if there is a truck (full or empty) defined as carrying dangerous goods returning to Kingston. (The 6:15 am ferry from Kingston to the island carries dangerous goods and drivers Only those days.).
This new regulation from Transport Canada while legitimate, strikes islanders as rather surprising since cars, pedestrians, oil and gas trucks empty and full, have been travelling together for years..
To loose two, 55 car trips from Wolfe Island weekly, is a big deal for a ferry service that presently doesn’t meet the needs of the community not just at peak periods, but more and more , all the time.
The island is not self sufficient thus residents have to “go to town.” Increasingly they park and walk or cycle on to the ferry, some may even car pool. But that is not enough to ease the capacity problem. The question is what to do now ?
Is there a way of fitting in an extra ferry run during the day….. ? Could there be an extra ferry on hand? From Glenora perhaps? Maybe a pedestrian only ferry? Can you imagine the wait at the winter dock…?
Watching the boarding process last Tuesday and Friday… for the 2:30 ferry from Wolfe Island, I couldn’t help wondering, “What happens if there is an ambulance call? Who has priority then?” The answer always is the ambulance has priority. Can you imagine the length of the ferry line up for the 4:30 ferry if that should happen.? Will it be past the Land Fill Centre ? At the door of the Metal Craft ? Wherever it is, there will be at least a 2-3 hour wait. Without an ambulance call the 3:30 left many cars behind.
Thank goodness for our own (MTO’s) Lori Minton. She sure has a way of handling unhappy islanders and anyone else for that matter…
At this point it seems the only option is to get used to this new wrinkle in ferry service…… Grin & Bear It ????? What else can we do?

Posted by M Knott at 01:56 PM
October 24, 2013
Already Strained Wolfe Island Ferry Service takes a hitÖ

of the Wolfe Island ferry service were recently advised of changes to the policy regarding the carrying of Dangerous Goods According to the notice issued by MTO, the federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act requires that dangerous goods in bulk quantities may only be transported to and from Wolfe Island on designated Dangerous Goods trips. On these voyages no passengers other than the operators of the mobile units carrying the dangerous goods will be permitted aboard the ferry. So, as of October 25th , MTO’s policy changed
Dangerous Goods Trips take place on Tuesdays and Fridays: From Kingston at 06:15 AM and from Wolfe Island at 2:30 PM. No passengers, will be allowed on the 2:30 pm trip from Wolfe Island on dangerous goods trip days. The operators of empty but un-purged mobile units that previously carried dangerous goods (over to the island) will be permitted to make the return trip.
“We heard a few days ago that MTO is required by Transport Canada to put these regulations in place, Frontenac Islands Mayor Doyle said. “This order comes in the wake of the terrible Lac Megantic train accident in Quebec. MTO was given no choice in the matter.” he said adding that the entire regulation, as it also pertains other substances classed a dangerous goods will be posted on the Township of Frontenac Islands web site, on the ferry and in Marysville.
According to the notice on regular ferry trips, small quantities of substances classed as dangerous goods may be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations:. They include gasoline, medical oxygen and propane , all to be in appropriate regulation containers, in specific amounts, properly secured. (Foot passengers are not allowed to carry gasoline on board). For questions about the policy and other products, please refer to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations prior to contacting the ferry terminal (613 548 7227).
Obviously it will be hard to get one’s head around the regulation and the further loss of capacity on the ferry. According to long time Islanders the ferry has carried dangerous goods and passengers at the same time for years . Considering the wait times during the summer season and all holidays, it is hard to accept even though it is understandable… On a happy note, work continues at the rink, footings are poured for the setting of poles to hold a roof over it. There is excitement in the air after a very successful October Festival and winter is in the air…

Posted by M Knott at 01:50 PM
Frontenac Islands accepts Waste Recycling Strategy report

Two items of interest to Howe and Wolfe Islanders were presented at the October meeting of Frontenac Islands Council. One was the Township of Frontenac Islands Waste Recycling Strategy report. The other the Howe Island Transportation study . Both were presented by AECOM Canada’s Guy Laporte.

The Recycling study focuses on the township’s garbage/ recycling services and waste management practices different for the two islands. Wolfe Island has a waste disposal site with an attendant. The site is also a recycling transfer station for selected waste and recyclables. Howe Island has road side collection of waste taken off the island and a recycling transfer station but no attendant. The Waste Strategy is a comprehensive assessment of existing recycling programs operated by the township, initiated this year with the assistance of, and funding through the Waste Diversion Ontario’s Continuous Improvement Fund and the township’s general tax roll and an indication Township’s commitment to maintaining and improving services.

Moving through the report Laporte said that Wolfe Island is doing well diverting 29% of their waste stream (CIF average 21%) and operates a very effective waste transfer site with 85 % of those using the site also recycling.. .” Howe Island is generating waste in excess of CIF’s typical waste generation, and is worse than average at recycling.,” he said Laporte noted other municipalities have a bag limit and charges a fee.. “With no fee, I think you are importing waste.. Howe Island could expand its collection services to include recyclables and consider closing their depot., in bad condition when I saw it,”
Continuing through the report he noted Waste Diversion Ontario has identified 3 successful landfill waste diverting recommendations: user fees; clear bags; service reductions. adding that the “the e latter two are not easy for the islands..”
.Next steps in the process include direct consultation with selected groups of the public; review by council , promotion of the strategy and public education on the importance of recycling including the services offered by the township.

Please Note: that the report was adopted by council, and submitted for review to the CIF. It will be posted on the Township’s of Frontenac Islands web site.
The Howe Island Transportation Study which includes a review of the island’s present ferry service, an assessment of future conditions, and alternatives to fix problems was next on the agenda. However it will have to wait till next time as will the review of the 2012 financial statements by KPMG’s Vicki Leaky.

Council meets Tuesday, Nov. 12th on Wolfe Island at 6:30 pm

Coming Events: 1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall; 2. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon, 3. Remembrance Day Nov. 11th.

Posted by M Knott at 01:46 PM
October 17, 2013
Dedicated Councillor Pat Norris Resigns

The first act carried out at the October meeting of Frontenac Islands Council was to accept the resignation of long time politician Councillor Patrick Norris. Norris, who had indicted his intention to Mayor Doyle, submitted his resignation in advance of the meeting. It was with apparent regret that Mayor Doyle made the announcement appropriately on Howe Island. “Paddy spent nearly forty years serving the public and was instrumental in obtaining the amenities on Howe Island we enjoy, such as this municipal office and garage, the fire hall, the larger County ferry and the ball diamond. He also worked very hard at keeping Howe Island property taxes among the lowest of any municipality in Ontario. We accept the resignation of Councillor Norris with sadness , wish him well in his retirement and declare his position now vacant.” he said.
According to the mayor there are two options available to the township in filling the position, through a by-election or by appointment. “Most municipalities we have researched would not go for a by election this late in a term of office. The most practical and cost effective way of doing this is to go for an appointment, in which case the question is how do we do that? Other municipalities would open it up to the public and ask people to indicate their interest in serving,” the mayor said.
“How about we call for nominations for a period of X months and then meet to decide,” Deputy Mayor Jones said. “We’ve got 60 days, two months from tonight. I’m sure there would be a handful of people here who would be interested,” he added. (No hands went up). The township will prepare and issue a public notice asking if there are people from the Howe Island ward interested in finishing the term. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, call the Howe Island Office at 613-544-6348 or email Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Carol Dwyre: (Ontario. municipal elections are October 27, 2014.) The regular council meeting continued with the hearing of delegations and regular council business. *The Noise by law will be dealt with at the November meeting on Wolfe Island.. More council news next time..
Pat Norris served the Howe Island community where he farmed among other things for 40 years, all of his adult life really. During those years he was Warden, Reeve, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor. He had a strong commitment to improving ferry transportation to the island and saw a bridge as a long term solution. In 1993 , his then 25 years of service were recognized by the province, as well as the township. He was the 1st recipient of Howe Island’s Proclamation Day award in 2012. At the same time it was determined that the Howe Island Ball Park on Howe Island Drive be renamed the “Patrick Norris Community Park”. Paddy brought wisdom, experience and honesty to the table, was prudent with the taxpayers dollars and careful in decision making… always trying to balance the needs of the island’s important agricultural community with those of the growing residential community.. Happy retirement… Pat Norris.

Posted by M Knott at 01:39 PM
If itís not one thing on Wolfe Island, itís another

-Can you believe this… The liquor store on Wolfe Island has closed. With little fanfare a sign was posted on Nile’s main street store that the Liquor Store part of their business is Closed. Take bottles to the city, it says.
There is much significance to that statement. The Recycle Centre’s Mae Etmanski, had developed a wonderful fund raising plan involving bottles. A bin for glass was one thing but a bin for wine, beer and liquor bottles was added. Mae sorted and separated them. She had a list of all ‘not for profit’ island organizations required to fund raise to operate, and determined how funds raised from bottle returns would be distributed monthly to a different non profit organizations . The organization of the month was required to assist in the process of sorting, packing, loading and transporting to the local store for eventual trucking to the city. The idea caught on, and islanders very willingly returned their bottles to the site offering them as a donation to benefit the community. And, of course, the beneficiaries of the largesse such bottles provided for their organization were ecstatic. What happens now…? No one knows at the present time.. Until something does, the store’s closure can only be seen a major loss to the community. In the meantime a big Thank You to Mae. It was wonderful while it lasted.
And if that was not a big enough surprise, how about this- Mosier’s Garage has shut down its gas pumps, (including diesel). “The 30 year life of the tanks have expired and when they are empty today that’s it,” Danny Mosier said to a number of patrons who had stopped by for gas. “ It’s sad but that is way it is.”
Mosier had discussed the situation with MPP John Gerretsen some months ago but there is no simple solution to the problem, nor is there funding available to replace the tanks. “We had an estimate done and replacing the tanks would cost anywhere between $225,000 to $300,00. I cannot do it, and I will not do it. Our proximity to the water could also pose a risk as well,” he added. “ I am sad about it. I have many loyal customers who will find this hard. “ Danny had other concerns about cottagers and residents waiting in the Kingston line up for the ferry with 20-30 gas filled cans to take to the island for their boats and equipment (mowers, generators etc.) “How will MTO handle that…? Will that count as a flammable or dangerous goods trip?” He noted that major customers, Hulton’s and the WI Wind Plant have been notified. “They will do what they have to do. It’s the regulars I’m sorry for..” He had high praise for the government inspector who regularly made sure that the facility remained in compliance with the rules (environmental etc. )
“Measuring gas each day and keeping accurate daily records has been a lot of work for Theresa and I over the last 22 years but it has been good. Maybe now is time to retire,” Danny said.
“The township can start pumping gas,” Danny’s son, garage operator Colin Mosier quipped.. “They have new tanks and maybe more money.” FYI The garage, (car truck, boat) repair and maintenance ) remains OPEN for business. So there you have it folks… What a surprise.
Around Town:* WI Community Euchre, St. Margaret’s Hall, Thursday’s at 7pm. . *Movement for Life Mon.& Thurs at Medical Clinic 1:10 pm
Coming Events: 1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall; 2. Turkey Supper – Craft/ Bake/ tables, WI United Hall, Sat. Oct.26, Opens 4:30 pm; 4. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon:

Posted by M Knott at 01:37 PM
October 11, 2013
Howe Island Proclamation Plaque Unveiled

A large bronze plaque, solidly erected in a cement pad, was recently unveiled on Howe Island in Sunset Park near the Island’s foot ferry. The plaque, beautifully crafted, commemorates the date of July 16, 1792 when General John Graves Simcoe (Upper Canada's Lieutenant Governor) named by proclamation the island “Howe” after General Sir William Howe. The plaque was unveiled by Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor David Jones and Jim Mills both from Howe Island. Mayor Denis Doyle was also present for this event..
Jones reminded the audience of occasion at the park in 2009 when he suggested celebrating the island’s history and its proclamation as Howe, calling for volunteers to make it happen. “I was quite moved so many put up their hands to get involved. After a couple of meetings it was recognized little could happen at that time . However the committee reconvened in 2010, Jim Mills stepped up as Chair, and historical research and event planning began in earnest.
Howe Islanders will recall the rousing success of the first Proclamation Day Event held on July 16, 2011 at the grounds of the islands Municipal Building and Fire Hall. At that time a replica of a proposed plaque (to be crafted in bronze) was dedicated. “Who can forget Bruce Burgess as General Howe on that day, hobby horse in tow…” Jones said.
“The rest is history. The event was a smashing success,” he said. “But today is about the plaque and as we dedicate it, it is appropriate to thank those who played a part in getting us here.” The Deputy Mayor went to name and thank all volunteers, far too many to list here. He had high praise for them all and their individual roles, and once again thanked Jim Mills for the important role he played. He spoke of wonderful ticket sales, the many donations at the time and major contributions from Gene Manion, Steve Sorenson, The Harrison and the Murray Families . Jim Pritchard and Brian Humphries were recognized as having much to do with the historical research for the plaque and the words it contains, and Robin Craig “ for the firm base upon which it rests.”
There were exclamations of approval as the brilliant blue plaque, embossed with the words of the proclamation , and a raised replica of Howe Island was unveiled. “Let’s not forget July 16th in perpetuity is Howe Island’s Proclamation date,” Jones concluded. FYI- Councillor Patrick Norris was the recipient of Howe Island’s 1st Proclamation Day Award on that occasion.
A Comment: Last week an article about the death and funeral of Friar Stewart Laverty from Wolfe Island, was not published in the Kingston Heritage, probably due to space, and I should not have been surprised There are just too many funerals for Kingston paper to handle with so much other news. It was Friar Laverty’s his wish to get home to Wolfe Island that struck a cord with me and prompted me to write it. …Living on Wolfe Island is different. It is a ferry dependant, small, very visible community . The truth is everyone knows everyone else at least to say hello, on the ferry, in the ferry line up, in the village, the post office, at local meetings, school and community events or at church. Islanders know if residents are cottagers, or new comers, if they are born and raised on the island. They welcome visitors yet at the same time they are very aware of strangers. And more than anything else they know when Islanders travel by ambulance, are in hospital or die… They know what’s happening, good or bad within minutes and that before the advent of the “social media.” Each illness is of concern. Each death is deeply felt . And the loss of life-long islanders, the holders of the Island’s history, is keenly acknowledged.… So this week I mention the Dr. George Merry Family, and offer the sympathy of the community on the passing of much loved, wife, mother, grandmother and Nurse, Mary Catherine Merry. Our sympathy. Older islanders remember the Medical Clinic trailer located on Merry property and Catherine’s care and concern for many. She will be missed.
Around Town:*Howe Island Councillor Pat Norris has resigned from Frontenac Islands Council effective Sept.30th. Norris, a lifetime resident of Howe Island has served the island, Frontenac County and now Frontenac Islands in one capacity or another for nearly 40 bringing wisdom and experience to the task. “What a shame…” * The relationship of the WI Scene of the Crime Festival to the community is well known as are their efforts to give back to the community. Most recently they commissioned the restoration of the Longueuil monument in the Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery. Grant Allen , patron author of the Festival was the grandson of the last Baroness de Longueuil who is buried there. His father Joseph Allen was Trinity’s first minister. The re-dedication of Grant Allen's family monument will take place on Sunday, October 20th,at 11:00 am, in the Trinity Anglican Church cemetery. * FYI- WI Community Euchre has moved to St. Margaret’s Hall, Thursday’s at 7pm. * Horne’s Ferry season ends Oct. 20th .
Coming Events:1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall. 2. Turkey Supper – Craft/ Bake/ tables, WI United Hall, Sat. Oct.26, Opens 4:30pm 4. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon WI Medical Clinic.

Posted by M Knott at 09:17 AM
October 03, 2013
Tweedsmuir Books keep Island history alive

Wolfe Island’s St. Lawrence Women’s Institute formally presented a set of Tweedsmuir History books, to be housed at the Wolfe Island Library, to Librarian Sharon Hogan at an event that celebrated not only the books but was an occasion to honour the work of the late Connie Woodman, the Tweedsmuir Curator.

The St. Lawrence Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir history collection compiled over many years “represents a history of Wolfe Island- community events, historical people and happenings from 1930 to -2012 the most recent books covering the period 1995-2012,” Sec/Treasurer Lynda Hulton said in presenting the books . “And it was Connie Woodman’s labour of love. How pleased we are to have Connie’s husband Elwood and many family members here on this occasion.”
“While most of us remember Connie as the face in the kitchen of Wolfe Island United Church directing so capably the Turkey Suppers, the Fish Fry’s, and other events at the of Wolfe Island United Church we did not know how diligently she worked at home, along with her good friend Doreen Joslin- after taking on the position of Curator in 1991, to put together all of this information. How fitting that the Collection will be housed in this building for the benefit of all Islanders who are welcome to explore the wonderful history of this amazing place Wolfe Island,” Hulton concluded.
Institute member Linda Joy read a letter from Joanne Stanbridge, Librarian Local History and Genealogy Kingston Frontenac Public Library, expressing thanks for the valuable authentic local history the Tweedmuir History Books provide.. and their availability. Linda personally commented that on her arrival on Wolfe Island , the books provided valuable insight into the history of the community that is now her home.
Many guests were in attendance including Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle and Councillor Grant, Women’s Institute Area President Maureen Lollar, and Patricia Enright,, Chief Librarian of the Frontenac Public Library. Refreshments followed the presentation.. Books previously stored at the WI Library by both the St. Lawrence Women’s Institute and the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute date back to the 1930’s. All the books offer a wealth of information to anyone interested in Wolfe Island. The earlier books have been saved on Microfiche and are in the library. Those beginning in 1995 are being saved on disc.

FYI- The idea of Women’s Institute members writing and compiling histories at the local level began in the mid-1920s. An agreement was made with the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) to digitize these Tweedsmuir Collections making them accessible on line. Tweedsmuir books continue to be compiled by all levels of the Women’s Institute’s structure .
Coming Events: * WI Flu Shot Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd * Check out events at

Posted by M Knott at 12:53 PM