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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 28, 2014
Been there! Done that ! So, What’s up?

Been there! Done that ! So, What’s up?
A recent public meeting of the Frontenac County Seniors Housing task force, was held on Wolfe Island with Ken Foulds and Ed Starr, the SHS consultants looking to complete the development plan for a Senior Housing project on the island. The village of Marysville has been selected as the location for the first of four county projects
Present at the meeting were Task Force committee members Chair Mayor of Frontenac Islands and County Warden Denis Doyle, County Councillors John McDougall and John Purdon, and Frontenac Islands representative Councillor Wayne Grant.
Senior Housing was chosen as a priority by Wolfe Islanders a number a number of years ago. It has been discussed on many occasions and has remained an important issue and a priority for the island.
You will remember that there have been public meetings held throughout the county to determine the need for senior housing. And Marysville was chosen for this first seniors housing project under the auspices of Frontenac County. It will be followed by a seniors housing project in each of the other three county townships, north, south and central, using a similar model or plan. The county has dedicated over $300,000 for each of the four projects.
Prior to these decision Task Force members and the consultants visited a variety of seniors accommodation in Sharbot Lake. Issues such as subsidized rental versus market rental, availability of water and septic, building new or using existing building, costs, green initiatives, other options, etc. are part of the study. All buildings suggested for use on Wolfe Island were also looked at as well as other vacant island lands. All of this information plus further input gleaned from the October public meeting on Wolfe Island will result in a Business Plan for the Marysville Seniors facility. It was noted there is land in the village, it has water and there is room for expansion.
A survey a number of years ago indicated a sufficient number of interested islanders ready to fill one. However following the October task force meeting a number of those same islanders in attendance see the project going backward instead of forward, looking at things they are not looking for. They suggest the concept of an affordable five (5) unit seniors facility in the village, operated locally, and offering safety, independence, socialization and the opportunity to remain on the island, is getting lost. Perhaps another survey to prove the need would move the process foreward?
It was a worthwhile meeting on Howe but the Election is over.
A well attended All Candidates meeting on HOWE Island sponsored by HIRA brought together the 2 Frontenac islands mayoral candidates from Wolfe Island, incumbent Denis Doyle and Mike Bromley, and from Howe Island seeking a seat on council, were incumbents David Jones and Natalie Nossal and candidate Randy Pilszak also vying for one of the two Howe Island seats. It was important meeting for the community. There were many questions and concerns raised all to be made available to the members of council. So as you read this, the race is now over . The votes have been cast and tallied and the winners declared. Good Luck to the Mayor and Councillors who will represent Frontenac Islands during this new 4 year term of Office. Thanks to all those who let their names stand.

Around Town: ** Mayor Doyle responded to a request about council minutes missing on the Frontenac Islands website. “All minutes to date are now up. However the minutes of the October meeting will not be posted until they are approved at the November meeting and November’s minutes in December, and so on,” he said.

Coming Events: ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays 11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st WI Medical Clinic 9am 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** WI’s Remembrance Day Service at WI Town Square Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.** WI’s Anglican Parish Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm*** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. Vendor space call Linda: 613-385-1947. Christmas Fair at Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm. Vendors invited. contact ** The Wolfe Island Christmas Parade 1pm Dec. 6th. ** And there is Euchre Thursdays St. Margaret’s Hall 7pm

Posted by M Knott at 11:29 AM
October 27, 2014
2014 Election Results: Frontenac Islands

Here are the unofficial final results for the 2014 Frontenac Islands Municipal Election

BROMLEY, Mike: 262
DOYLE, Dennis: 1184

JONES, David:257
NOSSAL, Natalie: 354
PILSZAK, Randy:106

FRANKS, Doug: 70
GRANT, Wayne: 527
HULTON, Chad: 403
SPRINGGAY, Barbara: 515
ZBOROVSKY, Jarda: 377

Limestone District School Board
BIDINOST, Pam: 259
CRAWFORD, Elaine M.: 397

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
COSGROVE, Gavin: 292
PAGE, Patricia: 96
REINELT, Lindsay: 183
ROMANY, Kirk: 49
SHEA, Terry: 258
SUMMERS, Catharina: 157
TURKINGTON, Kathy: 174

Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario
LAFOREST, Rachel: 4
MAJOR, Claudia: 2

Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Voter turnout was 1,467 out of 2,201 eligible voters (66.7% turnout)

Posted by Admin at 10:18 PM
October 22, 2014
OPP explain 2015 Billing Policy at Frontenac Islands Council Meeting

You might expect things to slow down for township councils this late into the election period but that was not the case at the busy though shorter October Frontenac Islands council meeting that also welcomed a roomful of interested citizens to Howe Island.
Considering the new procedure and hefty increase for financing OPP police services in communities, council also welcomed OPP Inspector BJ MacDonald and Staff Sgt. Cary Churchill what it all might mean for the municipality since , as they say, the new policing formula is a done deal.
Inspector Mac Donald explained that sixty percent of the costs are fixed. Forty percent of the costs are based call for service. This year already there have 148 calls for Frontenac Islands, that is about one per day. The overall cost is increasing from $70.00 per household to $110.00 in 2015 and over the next 4 years will increase to $257.00 per household. Keeping in mind that this cost includes the 40%, based on calls for service, this is somewhat controllable within the township. In other words how much we use them is how much we pay for that 40% portion. “We can reduce some of that by having a tranquil community,” Inspector MacDonald said. “It is your break-ins, robberies, accidents, etc. that raise costs. All calls are weighted, primary, secondary.”
In response to CAO Plumley’s question about what the municipality will get from the 60%, MacDonald said, “We don’t have more people. We have to be strategic about what we do with our resources, when and where we put them. You will have to ask and it will fall to us in our planning. You will also need to establish a Crime Prevention plan just as you have Emergency preparedness Plan,” he said.
The OPP are doing more analysis of needs according to the Inspector. Their intention to be proactive. They will consider within the base program more seatbelt checks, the Ride Program, speed checks , etc. with more good things coming. Mayor Doyle noted that even the presence of an OPP vehicle on the islands make a difference in the community.
A couple of things to note. For public and officer safety there are usually two officers per call. The OPP are also moving to a “Closest to Call” system meaning regardless of territory, the closest vehicle will respond to the call. They will also be encouraging self reporting of incidents in their move to improve service. Much of this to be underway in the new year.
2. In further business Council supported a motion to decrease the speed limit 790 Howe Island Drive to the Lower Side Road on Howe Island to 60 km/hour.
Deputy Mayor Jones requested that the scope of work regarding the Howe Island foot ferry be clarified to include its replacement. He also thanked CAO Plumley for her questioning of the OPP regarding their new plan. “you drilled right into it. Do take them up on the ‘what can you do for us sooner than later.
In the same vein, Councillos Nossal noted that with the increasing policing costs, it would be good to have figures on the costs of comparable police forces for budgeting purposes. Mayor Doyle suggested it is time to look to prepare a crime prevention plan, perhaps with county support since all townships will have to one.
Councillor Grant noted that Frontenac Islands will receive $33,000 annually for 4 years from Ontario Rural Affairs, Agriculture and Food. Further details will be coming as to possible uses of these dollars from the province. He asked on behalf of the WI Fire Hall if they can sell a fire truck no longer in use. Council supported a resolution declaring the fire truck surplus, decommissioned and posted for sale.
Howe Island Chief Mike Quinn informed council that as of October 15th, Ontario has made carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in every all homes and residential buildings. Chief Quinn said that both Island Fire Departments will announce a blitz in the very near future to inform and assist residents .
Council meets next: Mon. Nov.10th 6:30 pm, Wolfe Island.
Coming Events: Turkey Supper & bake sale, Sat. Oct. 25 2014 WI United Church Hall Doors open 4:30 ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays 11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st at The WI Community Medical Clinic 9am 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** WI’s Remembrance Day Service at WI Town Square Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.** WI’s Anglican Parish Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. To book a vendor space call Linda: 613-385-1947

Posted by M Knott at 11:26 AM
October 16, 2014
Wolfe Islanders turn out to hear candidates

An All-Candidates meeting attended by more than 150 people was held on Wolfe Island, the Township of Frontenac Island’s Ward 1. Frontenac Islands made up Wolfe and Howe Island (Ward 2) separated by water, a stretch of highway and 2 ferry rides holds the record as being one of Ontario’s smallest townships. And what better than such a meeting for communities to meet the candidates and to hear what they have to say where ferry transportation is the single most pressing issue.
The meeting, moderated by Wolfe Island resident Denis Chercuitte, brought together seasoned politician Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle seeking re-election and mayoral candidate entrepreneur-business man Mike Bromley, a 20 year island resident, the two incumbent WI councillors Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant and the three candidates vying to fill those two positions, Jarda Zborovsky, Chad Hulton and Don Franks. Every candidate had an opportunity to speak about themselves, their candidacy and their primary objective in running and to answer every question posed from the floor.

1. Councillor Springgay spoke of accomplished road work, new vehicles, her ongoing support for the new rink . Transportation was her No.1 priority working with MTO for an improved ferry service and towards the promised second ferry, referencing particularly the important tourist season (May-Sept) vital for the survival of island businesses and community life. She supports a 5 unit Seniors apartment , “tastefully constructed.”
2. Yarda Zoborovsky owns/operates a computer business. Priorities Improved ferry service , Seniors housing perhaps, improved home health care with nurses at the clinic/home visits.. He supports maintaining the Simcoe Island Lighthouse with township support. Township transparency a must.
3. Mayoral candidate Bromley spoke of his arrival on WI and expressed dissatisfaction with the large amounts of money it will cost the township in the future as dentified in the Asset Management review report but offered no solution.
4. Don Franks, 13 year resident sees township public park develop as important ( little Sandy Bay/ Winter dock). Also any that which have become inaccessible should be opened or sold. Sees importance of a fire truck at the foot of the island, Favours a bridge over a ferry “but I’ll take a ferry ,” he said.
5. Denis Doyle grew up on Wolfe Island worked away (35 years) returning 12 years ago. He announced township goals/ accomplishments are outlined in his brochure/newsletter, Transportation is a major priority .He has been working with MTO regarding a 2nd ferry. In the meantime finding ways to reduce ferry vehicular traffic (park & Ride)will be ongoing.” Careful spending of money in the township will continue, also at the county.”
6. Wayne Grant is a lifelong WI resident. Road maintenance is a priority for safe travel as is improved ferry service for Wolfe/Simcoe islands through MTO. Sees a need for gas station ‘ It would help reduce ferry traffic He will work to keep to a minimum any tax related to the land fill site change over to recycling and transfer station. Values participation with Community Centre Board
7. Chad Hulton 28. was born, raised, works and owns a home on the island, His concerns relate to transportation and tourism. Using the word ‘think’: improve transportation-tourism; Health-home care including seniors; improvements-ideas; needs-networking and keeping the community together. To encourage tourism sees a WI Info Centre in Kingston to promote the island, park and ride.
Throughout the Q&A that followed, candidates responses were consistent with their opening concerns:
The 1st question came from Tom Wroe: How to protect the village from a slow death if the proposed new ferry can only operate from the winter dock due to depth of hull. A common thread included a bus service running to the village, perhaps private enterprise and township supported (Bromley); two ferry’s during summer (Doyle); tourist info centre in Kingston promoting tourism (Hulton). Keep pressure on MTO about village in their deliberations. (Grant); May-Sept walk on ferry in the village (Franks-Zborovsky); Summer ferry in the village (Springgay).

Responding to the question, Are you ready to be mayor? directed to candidate Bromley by Deputy Mayor Jones Bromley said: “I present myself as a commonsense person. Campaigning I am learning a lot about the issues, about the job.. Do I have the experience. No, but I think I can pick it up pretty quickly with support from council and the qualified staff to guide.
A question re lack of information & home care by Nurses drew positive response from all candidates. Use of information technology a must. Improvements are /will happen at township, and through public participation, but no specifics offered. Support by all for Seniors facility, need for Nurses on site at clinic, home visiting.

A question re why no school board reps were present: What was identified was that both schools have low enrolment. Many island children attend specialized programs in Kingston. The general consensus of the majority suggested merging schools and local specialized program development. There was some unsureness about rights.
Further questions revolved around the ferry.. the “what if’s” when it is taken out of service for refit, its move to winter dock, village survival. There were also questions about the landfill site, financial management, sewage, motorcycle boarding and “What is development?”

Coming events: **Movie night Series WI Medical Clinic, The Mystery of Lyme Disease with David Suzuki Fri. Oct.17th 7-7:45 pm **Specimen Clinic Oct.17th WI Clinic 8:30-10 AM *Turkey Supper & bake sale, Sat. Oct. 25 2014 WI United Church Hall Doors open 4:30 Adults $14:00 Children under 6 $7:00 Ferry leaves Kingston on the hour. ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays -11:30 am WI United Church Hall Oct. 22nd It is |Budapest
** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st at The WI Community Medical Clinic 9am- 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday: 8 am - 2 pm Thursday: 2 pm - 7 pm Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 or email at

Posted by M Knott at 11:22 AM
October 08, 2014
Campaigning has begun in Frontenac Islands

Way Back in 2010, 60 % of Frontenac Island voters cast a ballot for the election of a Mayor and council members to represent Howe Island and Wolfe Island, including Simcoe Island, the islands that make up the township. Dare I say, the smallest township in Ontario based on population . And it was in December of 2010 that Wolfe Island’s Denis Doyle assumed his role as Mayor of the township, together with Councillors Pat Norris and David Jones from Howe and Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant from Wolfe. At that first meeting , a member of the public sought clarification regarding the appointment of Deputy Mayor, which, according to the amalgamation agreement specifies that the candidate from the island in which the mayor does not reside, receiving the most votes, becomes Deputy Mayor and represents the Mayor with the same authority under certain conditions. David Jones was named Deputy Mayor at the time and as such would join the mayor as the 2nd representative to Frontenac County Council for the 4-year term.
And it has been a busy four years. Frontenac Islands representation at the Frontenac County level has led to major changes in the township’s relationship with the county and its recognition of the vast differences between the isolated (by water) island communities and the rest of the county. A ‘one size fits all’ county solution does not work for Frontenac Islands in every situation. We must always find our own way.
The Township Of Frontenac Islands began its (2011-2014) 4 year mandate with improving “ Ferry Transportation’ and road maintenance headlining its priority list, both issues of major and ongoing island concern. And these past four years have been filled with many local concerns, changes, events and situations for the island communities sometimes good and bad, turbulent and sad, frustrating, sometimes joyous and satisfying . The present council has worked hard. Much has been accomplished. Some things have not. Some issues are pending. Many things are wished for. Others, like the promised new ferry from MTO are longed for. What ever the election results, no doubt similar situations and events will occur during the new 4 year mandate. Will we see the promised new 75 car ferry by the end of it? I wonder.
Campaigning has begun in earnest for the (2015-2018) Frontenac Islands Municipal Election.
For Mayor: Incumbents Mayor Denis Doyle is seeking re-election. Mike Bromley is running for Mayor
Councillors - Wolfe Island Ward— Seeking re-election: Councillor Wayne Grant and Councillor Barbara Springgay. Candidates for Council: Doug Franks, Chad Hulton, Jarda Zborovsky
Councillors - Howe Island Ward— Seeking re-election: Councillor David Jones,
Candidates for Council: Natalie Nossal, Randy Pilszak
A few signs are up. Letters and brochures are arriving with the mail. Door to door campaigning is under way An ‘All Candidates’ meeting on Howe Island will be held Oct. 16th. A Wolfe Island Candidates meeting was held Oct. 7th at the W.I. Community Hall.
If Sixty percent of the island voters came out for the last election, with the new approach using a pin number, extended voting days and electronic voting, hopefully numbers should really increase. For all those islanders who have in the past used proxy voting to cast a ballot now they can do it themselves by phone. Just wait for that pin number to come!
Around Town: *Congratulations to islanders Kaitlyn Woodman and Duncan Pyke, who along with Tony Hamilton of WI Ferry staff, were recently awarded awarded St. John’s Ambulance Loyalist Branch Silver award plaques. These were given by Gord Hunter, branch manager, at a Kingston Council meeting, for saving the life of WI’s Gus Brown who suffered a near fatal heart attack on the ferry . *With summer holidays over ferry traffic is diminished somewhat but remains consistently overcrowded at peak periods - mornings and evenings pretty much every day. With this burst of summer like weather, cyclists in droves are enjoying the island..
Coming Events: *Due to Thanksgiving Holiday Frontenac Islands Council will meet on: Tuesday, October 14th, 6:30 pm Howe Island . ** Flu Shot Clinic 9-12 pm, Sat. Nov. 1st for Wolfe Island- Simcoe residents. Bring OHIP card. For transportation call Liz 613-385-2121 *Frontenac Paramedecine “WELLNESS” Clinic First Friday of each month 8:30 - 12:30 pm also at the WI Medical Clinic. ***Lunch Bunch Wed. at 11:30 am weekly till Dec. 3rd WI United Chuch Hall **Movement for Life Exercise with Judith Kinghorn Mon. &Thurs. Session 1 begins Oct. 16-Nov. 6th; 2nd Session: Nov. 10-Dec. 4th 1:10 pm to 2:10 pm WI Community Medical Clinic- Register with Seniors Centre : 613 - 548-4710

Posted by M Knott at 11:18 AM
October 03, 2014
Time to Eradicate European Water Chestnut on Wolfe Island

The Heritage news- Invasive European Water Chestnut has been identified on Wolfe Island in Bayfield Bay and Button Bay, posing a threat to local wetland habitat and also to Ontario’s bio-diversity. That was the news brought to islanders by Justin White, Conservation Technician with Ducks Unlimited Canada at an information meeting on Wolfe Island. Justin is DUC’s European Water Chestnut Coordinator who with support from the Invasive Species Centre, the Ont. Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, has been monitoring the European Water Chestnut on Wolfe Island .
“The European Water Chestnut is so new to Ontario, so new to the island most people don’t know what it looks like,” Justin said. “And it is important to know what you are looking for and why it has to be observed, removed and destroyed.” He went on to describe the aquatic plant as an aggressive annual that quickly form dense floating mats on the water, becoming dense decaying mats that cut the amount light penetrating the water impacting native plant growth, causing a lack of oxygen and stagnant water leading to fish kills and no food for them, waterfowl and wildlife.
Brought to North America in the 1800’s as an ornamental plant, it rapidly spread through parts of the USA and has reached the south shore of Lake Ontario.
“As of 2014 it has been found along the Ottawa River at Voyageur Park, here at Wolfe Island’s’ Button and Bayfield Bays,” Justin said. “It is a plant like no other with large green floating sharp-toothed leaves, producing up to seven rosettes per plant that appear in May or June, flowering in June with four white small petals. The plants spread wide and thick , killing off everything around and under, and produce seeds that are very sharp with four barbed spines. They mix in with the water lilies,” he continued.. “Their hard nutlike black spiked seeds are free floating and can cause injury. They are a danger to people, pets and other animals. Plants appear when water temperature stays at 10*C, in nutrient rich areas, in sheltered lake bays, ponds and rivers (less than 7 feet). The European Water Chestnut is like a virus. A true invasive species. But there is hope.”
White went on to describe what he and 3 summer students had been doing to help control and eradicate the outbreak. “The Wolfe Island outbreak is relatively small so it is possible to control it hopefully before it can spread into Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence system,” he said. “ Since early June to the end of August DUC and the supporting agencies have been monitoring Island’s outbreak of the species. “With boats first and finally 3 canoes, students and myself have been working our way through the 1700 acres where we have been physically pulling each plant from the water along with its roots, all by hand, with a goal of preventing the plants from producing seeds that can be dormant for years. We brought in loads each day, bagged and composted it away from the water. We need to keep looking. We need to continue our control efforts, Public Education and engagement. We need to develop a volunteer-led eradication group, 15-20 people, BYOB (Bring your own boat) White introduced Eric Fargo, one of the summer students who had arrived during the meeting expressing thanks for his hard work. For more information on European Water Chestnut and volunteering opportunities contact DUC in Kingston Call toll free 1-866-389-0418
White also directed the audience to EDD Maps Ontario and their EDD (Early detection& distribution) mapping system online or with a mobile device, (See it.-Map it). at or call 1-800-563-7711 for information or to report a species sighting “With your help we can eradicate this invasive species and keep Wolfe Island’s wetlands clean and healthy,White concluded. Justin White can be reached at:613-389-0418 ext,31 or Email

2. Frontenac Island Municipal Elections:: Things are beginning to warm up as “Vote for Me “ literature begins arriving in the mail. A Candidates meeting will be held at the WI Community Hall Tuesday, Oct.7th at 6:45 pm. Watch for Posters . Candidates for Mayor: Mike Bromley , Denis Doyle . Councillors Wolfe Island only: Doug Franks, Wayne Grant, Chad Hulton , Barbara Springgay, Jarda Zborovsky.

Around Town: *The Frontenac Paramedic Wellness Clinics held on the first Friday of every month will resume at the WI Medical Clinic on Friday, Oct.3rd The Wellness Clinics are held in conjunction with the first (of two monthly) Life LAB Specimen Collection Centres, and run from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm. A wonderful opportunity to have Vital Signs and weight checked regularly. If you have your record book, bring it. If you have never attended but are interested please come. ** A further note about the WI Community Medical Clinic. Certified Athletic Therapist Colleen Kane has rented space and will offer an Athletic Therapy Clinic, Tuesday’s, 8am - 2pm and Thursday’s, 2pm- 7pm Beginning Oct.2nd on a three-month trial basis to see if there is sufficient need for such a service on the island to justify carrying it on into 2015. Colleen presently runs a practice in Kingston. Watch for posters.

Coming Events: Lunch Bunch Wed. Oct. 8th Habitat Honduras Trip with Liz Crothers. WI United.* Fall Harvest Day, Sunday, Oct. 5th, 11:00am, WI Community Garden. ** Lots of Good Stuff happening at Shanti Retreat, Check it out.

Posted by M Knott at 11:14 AM