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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

September 23, 2016
Frontenac Islands Meeting Review

Frontenac Island’s council welcomed Alison Vandervelde, Frontenac County Community Development Officer, & Anne Marie Young, the County Manager of Economic Development, to their September meeting to update them about the ‘Regional Branding’ for Frontenac County. “Frontenac,” the brand unifies the 4 county municipalities under one Frontenac umbrella with the logo used throughout the county as a promotional tool. ‘“The objective and the challenge of the branding is to promote Frontenac , its characteristics, its geography, its community, what it has offer and proudly to say I’m from Frontenac.”
Alison referred to the Frontenac logo, and the easy use of the “IN Frontenac” tag ( a natural hash tag) to advertise, promote anything anywhere in it. “ I have been tasked to bring brand Ambassadors on board. My goal is 100 businesses, community organizations who want to take part in celebrating the brand, collaborate to build the reputation of Frontenac as a desirable place to live, work do business work. We are also looking at starting a regional marketing plan.” Trips and trails, local food and beverage and recreational life style are the areas to be focused on in the next 3-4 years. Councillor Springgay asked about costs and available funding opportunities.. Councillor Grant said some Wolfe Islanders don’t even know Frontenac County exists, “you have your work cut out.” Mayor Doyle said islanders are more likely to say they’re from Kingston when asked.

Then in the business of the township: Public works manager Rob Dillabaugh’s report drew questions about having more grass cutting to fence lines with deer appearing at this time of year and winter coming. ^Councillor Higgs requested a reduced speed from 80 to 60 on Howe Islands Lower Side road, citing a number of safety concerns, with a decision following a review. ^A long range plan for HI’s Spit Head Road is to be added to ‘Actions Pending” October report. ^Council approved emergency requests for security cameras, to monitor the WI Fire Hall and Land Ambulance employee base, and at the WI Public Works garage to monitor it, the yard and fuel depot, as a result of incidents and thefts at both. Council will consider further security cameras at budget time. ^Accessible washrooms and WI municipal office renovations: Due to lack of bids staff will move forward, sole sourcing with Kevin Kane Contracting providing the appropriate services and materials to complete the project. ^Two Parker Hydraulic Units were approved for the Howe Islander Ferry, with funding from the HI equipment reserve. ^Also on Howe, term appointments with the HI ferry committee are changed to 2 years with the chair/vice chair elected annually (Sept.). ^ Improvements for Simcoe Island ferry docks closer with call for tenders. ^ Council did not endorse a Frontenac County Shared Service Delivery/Shared Communications Proposal. ^ Deputy Mayor Nossal noted HI’s strong support for their annual Terry Fox run (10 years) that has raised $67,400 for cancer research and requested a waiver of the required permit in keeping with the Terry Fox foundation expenses donated policy. October 2016 declared Public Library Month

In other Business: Councillor Grant praised WI Fire & Recue efforts in securing a Freightliner Pumper Truck for $13,000: that the”Friends of Ferals benefitted from the WI Transfer Site’s Bottle return policy to the tune of $2400 for the month of August.; Extended thanks to Cindy and Larry Greenwood for waste collection and recycling following the successful WI Fox Trial held recently at Big Sandy Bay. Special thanks given to Kristina Walker (WI Heroes Run):
Councillor Springgay raised the issue of water supply on Wolfe Island, and wants the 2017 budget process to include evaluating options to find a solution: Deputy Mayor Nossal said the two HI Fire & Rescue pumper trucks underwent and passed pump testing: HI’s annual baseball party organized by Mike Hart was a great success: Nossal to seek a future Trillium application submission concerning a possible HI community hall:

Public Comments at the end of the meeting included: A thought that the change of ownership at Metal Craft might lead to a cleanup of the site: Concern for low water levels and state of MTO’s WI winter bubbler system: A call for review of burning bylaw because of continuous WI burning/ smoldering fires: Importance of monitoring water supply ( due to dry summer/low water levels) highlighted: With low water concerns for possible ferry hull damage why has it not moved?: Concern over unauthorized WI camping with suggestion for (local person) Bylaw Enforcement: Sadly a resident identified an issue of vandalism at MacDonald Park (tables vandalized, dedication plates damaged, benches tipped into the water. Security cameras/signage suggested. Mary Lynn MacDonald will be notified.

Coming Events: Lunch Bunch Wednesday’s, (Oct-Nov.) 11:30 am Wolfe Island United Church Hall.* The 2016 WI Christmas Village, Sun. Nov. 27th. Interested in booking a table contact:

Posted by M Knott at 11:05 AM
September 15, 2016
Wolfe Island Planning in Advance of Improved Ferry Service

Frontenac county’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kelly Pender, attended the September council meeting to present the results of council’s request that the County’s Planning Service provide a list of planning tools to ensure “that the existing character of Marysville is maintained and able to accommodate the expected growth of the village over the next twenty years.” CAO Pender congratulated council for its proactive approach to planning for the proposed Wolfe Island ferry service expansion and future growth. The Township is obligated to consider the impacts of a second ferry (75 car) improving transportation services.
“The report offers four basic options and the one with the most detail is Secondary Planning, (SP)” CAO Pender said. “It would give council the tools to make decisions knowing that the first premise of the Ontario Planning act is to reward councils that do pre-planning, thinks in advance and says, this in the kind of community we want. It very much discourages the acting and reacting approach to applications, so you are very much in a position if you consult widely and make decisions about what you want the community to look like before growth happens. SP’s used across Ontario provide the tools to amend your Official Plan (OPA) so that council and the community can determine growth ” CAO Pender pointed out other regulations citing the interim control bylaw, or an H (holding) designation or expropriation. “all taking you to a study,” he said. With an SP the idea is that council in consultation with the community decides how growth will be accommodated. Maybe people want Marysville to remain as is, or in a larger sense looking at the Marysville and its boundaries you could probably triple its size over the next 20 years. Without a study you could be stuck with issues you hadn’t thought of, placing you at a disadvantage when faced with applications or presentations to the OMB. One way or another the Ontario government rewards those townships that do an SP in advance and consult widely with their community.”
The first phase of WI SP would include a data gathering consultative exercise to identify issues/ concerns/ project objectives and conclude with further public meetings that present policy options, based on the issues, leading to a proposal for the next phase, the development of a Secondary Plan. The SP in no way is intended to slow the process of the MTO Docking, ferry environmental assessment underway but to enhance the input for consideration. The township will submit a Seed Grant Funding Application to the Trillium Foundation to develop the Secondary Plan for Marysville.

2. Concerns Over Water Supply: WI resident Larry Bolton came forward to express his concerns and those of his neighbours regarding to the future use of Metal Craft Marine building ( former Kraft plant), which, based on rumours he had heard, is being negotiated for sale to become the site for a beer making and water bottling facility. (It was known for a plentiful water supply). And it was water that was of concern to Bolton, whose home is in close proximity go the plant. “Water is our most precious resource,” he said. He fears that his own water supply and that of his neighbours would be at risk as a result, basing his concern on increasing climate change, this year’s extreme drought conditions, low water levels with wells running dry, a changing water table and no township waste/water system. (All residents are serviced by wells (dug, drilled, shore) and water bought & brought over. He pointed out that MOE requires a permit to take water and such permit has not been applied for. Note: An MOE permit required if water usage exceeds 50, 000 litres per day. Below that amount a permit from KFLA Heath Unit is required. Bolton called upon council to guard the plant’s natural water resource and advise property owners of any development which would impact their water supply. However, the township will investigate the criteria provided in the protocols as requested by the public.

3. Spring Craft Brewery Project: Mayor Doyle asked Island Grill owner Casey Fisher and Rene Ziegelmaier (Brew Master) to provide an overview of the WI Spring Craft Brewery Project. Fisher , in final negotiations for the purchase of the MetalCraft building ( with an artesian well), stated that the project does not include a water bottling facility at this time, “only beer.” To his knowledge the well only services that site and the water to be used for beer (predicted between 2,000 - 5,000 litres. per day)making is far less than the 50,000 litres a day use requiring an MOE permit
“KFLA Health Unit will oversee water quality requirements and amounts used will be monitored and recorded,” he said. Committed to the WI community, Casey plans to hire locally “provided the expertise is there (3 for November) and local contractors if possible. Within the next few years I project employment could increase to 10-12.”
The bi-product from the beer making process will go to farmers as cattle feed ; local honey will be used for mead and possibly local apples for cider. Currently the Grill uses Okee Farms produce and DeRuiters beef. The Brewery plans to sell locally in bars and beyond.. Mayor Doyle noted that with the information provided the project does not exceed water taking amounts requiring an MOE permit. The Brewery is seen as a good news project for the community.
Much more Council news next time..
Coming Events: **LUNCH BUNCH is back! Wed. October - November, 11:30 a.m. at WI United Church Hall. **Take Back the Night 2016 Sept.22nd @ 6:30pm Kinston’s Confederation Basin Marina,

Posted by M Knott at 11:02 AM
September 07, 2016
A Great Lakes Island Adventure- By Bridge or Ferry

What ‘s there to do when they get here, is a question that comes to mind, as visitors make their way to Wolfe Island on the ferry. A question many of us may ponder now and again Perhaps that’s because we have forgotten what drew us here that first time. So it was wonderful to be reminded of what, not only of Wolfe Island, but the many Great Lakes that surround us have to offer visitors. This happened at an evening of book signing with Maureen Dunphy, author of “Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure.” The thrust of her book is the ability to reach all of the islands listed, by way of a ferry or a bridge.
The book covers islands on both sides of the international border, between the United States and Canada, and features islands in both the lakes and the waterways that connect them. As Maureen spoke, it became quite clear to the audience gathered at WI’s United Church Hall, that her love of islands had begun early in life. That although she resides in Detroit Michigan, and her career involves writing, coaching writers and teaching writing courses, she is an islander in her own right with a family cottage on Pelee Island since 1994, (an island in the western half of Lake Erie connected to the Canadian and United States mainland by ferry), and that she wanted to introduce those accessible islands to others.
“ In 2011 I took a few trial island trips–one in a month of trips visiting the 15 islands closest to my mainland home. After those 15 island trips, another two years passed before I had the money saved, and could take the time off to officially begin my island project,” Dunphy said.
“Between Memorial Day weekend of 2013, and Labour Day 2014, I made a total of 27 trips to 136 Great Lakes Basin islands. These were all of the islands I could find, in the Basin and including the connecting rivers/straits, as well as the five Great Lakes, with public access by ferry or bridge,” she said. “On each of these island trips, I was accompanied by a woman friend or relative, who provided another perspective of the island experience. What amazing island adventures we had.” As Maureen spoke of those visits, including her visit to Wolfe Island, her love of the islands , their history and environment , she brought alive her sense of island magic to those present. (Her book looks at over 30 of the Great Lakes Basin islands accessible by bridge or ferry and touches on more than 50 additional islands. Her presentation included maps and pictures.)
Maureen followed up by taking the audience on a journey of islands in Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake |Michigan and Lake superior. “Anyone can experience the islands if you live in the Great Lakes region, in one of the 8 Great Lake States, or in Ontario. You are not far from a ferry or bridge to have your own adventure. Those further away can plan a trip.”
Shirley Bailey, President Frontenac Heritage Foundation, presented Ms. Dunphy with a gift. Hank Connell president of the WI Historical Society thanked Maureen for her presentation. People stayed on to purchase a signed book, and talk to the author, quite willing to ‘wait for the next ferry’ . The book is available for purchase in Kingston at Chapters.

**Dunphy wrote about Wolfe Island's wind turbines, the Old House Museum, the Wolfe Island Historical Society's Marysville Walking Tour, Café Tenango, the Stone Heron Gallery and Wolfe Island historic mural series.
Each island visited gets a chapter about special events it hosts, resources or learning more about them and suggestions about ways to support the island communities.

Coming Events: ***The WI Plowing Match will be held Sat. Sept. 10th beginning at 9 am at the farm of Henry and Janine Posthumus. 1227 Reeds Bay Rd, Wolfe Island. Contact: Janine Posthumus 613-985-5732 or Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732 Free Space is available at the match for Vendor Market Place promotions. Bring you own display tables/ booths. *** Frontenac Islands Council meets Mon. Sept.12th, 6:30 pm WI Town Hall. ***VON’s New Free Group Fitness Program Wed & Fridays 1:00 – 2:00 pm St. Margaret’s Hall Registration: Wed Sept. 14, – 1:00pm Classes (led by a certified fitness instructor) start Friday Sept. 16th- 1pm *** 'Skin Flick' by Norm Foster, Domino Theatre, Wed. Sept. 21st. WI Medical Clinic fundraiser) Ticket $20

Posted by M Knott at 10:05 AM