by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

December 19, 2003
Frontenac Islands Seeks Underserviced Heath Care Designation.

Since the sudden departure of Dr. Perry Mayer the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic Board has been attempting to respond to the health care needs of the community.

Part of the task is the preparation of an application for the designation of Frontenac Islands (Wolfe and Howe) as an “Underserviced Health Care Area Community.”

The board is also preparing an application for the Ontario Nurse Practitioner program. These applications require the submission of a HealthCare Needs Analysis. (One previously done in 2001 needs to be updated.) With and “Underserviced” designation there is a better chance for funding to improve situation. The Board also continues its search for a physician.

At a Public Forum held recently on Wolfe Island Mr. Bryan Bower from the South Eastern District Health Council outlined the requirements for the applications indicating its willingness to assist in the application preparation.

The Health Council will provide the required letter indicating the DHC’s support or recommendation for an Underserviced Designation to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
Requirements include the addition of testimonials from island residents outlining their health need and situations which have occurred in their lives because of doctor unavailability. In other words what has been the impact on their lives with the present closure of the Medical Clinic.

photo: Margaret Knott

To complete the application and to be eligible for funding these testimonials are required no later than Jan. 7, 2004. They can be mailed or left at the Town Hall, Attention CAO Terry O’Shea or Duncan Day.

If you require further information call Duncan Day at 385-8505 and leave a message. He will return your call.

(Designation of communities as “Underserviced” is an ongoing self-assessment where communities identify themselves to the ministry as being in need.)

Sacred Heart School Gym Named to Honour Fr. O’Reilly
A plaque was unveiled at the Sacred Heart School’s annual Advent Celebration to honour the late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, much-loved Wolfe Island pastor. The plaque dedicates the school gym in memory of Fr. O’Reilly. Present to unveil the plaque was Fr. O’Reilly’s grandnephew Sammy Coffey.

In his remarks Principal Harry Murphy spoke of Fr. O’Reilly’s unfailing interest in the children reminding them that Father had been with them last year at Advent.

photo: Margaret Knott

The plaque includes an image of Fr. O’Reilly and reads: “Sacred Heart Catholic School, Our gym is named in memory of Fr. Eugene O’Reilly C.S.B.” Mr. Murphy noted an image was included so the children would not forget what Father looked like.

He also thanked and congratulated the teachers for helping the children to make the Advent Celebration a memorable event.

And a Blessed Christmas to All
Strolling through Marysville after the recent fall of snow I was struck by the picture card loveliness of Marysville decked out in Christmas finery and Sacred Heart of Mary Church glowing like a beacon in the night sky. And I began remembering what brought Walter and I to Wolfe Island.

To all our friends and neighbours, to all those we meet and greet, we extend Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2004.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:03 AM
December 16, 2003
Busy First Meeting for Frontenac Islands Council

The first order of business at the inaugural meeting of Frontenac Islands Council attended by many Howe Islanders was the Declarations of Office and Oaths of Allegiance. That was easy.

However the appointment of the Deputy Mayor for a 3-year term became a contentious issue with the two eligible councillors Geoff Hobbs and Pat Norris unable to arrive at an agreement among them as stated in the By Law or if split who would take the first term.

photo: Margaret Knott

The Deputy Mayor position allows that the Deputy Mayor will have the same authority as the Mayor in situations where the Mayor vacates his duties. and ratification by council. There is a salary differential of $2000 a year. With the change to 2 councillors and both wanting the job one might assume that the one with the most votes would get the job.

That’s not what happened. Votes for Councillor Hobbs outnumbered those received by Norris in the recent election. Norris had held the position since the amalgamation of Wolfe and Howe Islands.

Mayor Vanden Hoek noted he had tried to resolve the issue but both parties were passionate about what they wanted. He did allow however that council does have flexibility in the process and that the candidates could vote for themselves.

Councillor Hobbs with a 150-signature petition said he should have the job to fulfill his election commitments to Howe Island. “I ran on the basis of the fact that we needed some changes in the organization that if I did not get the total number of votes that exceeded anyone else’s that I was probably handicapped in bringing about any change and received 68 percent.

Councillor Norris stated his wish to continue as Deputy Mayor to see projects related to transportation presently underway through to their conclusion. Both men stressed their experience as municipal council members. Hobbs served Howe Island some years ago. Both wanted the first term of an 18-month split.

photo: Margaret Knott

Councillor Jim Calvin reiterated a previous comment. “The democratic process should lead to who ever receives the most votes seems to have the will of most of the people, so I can’t understand why we would not at least nominate the person for the first 18 months. Councillor Wayne Grant said he would like Norris to finish up what he started on the ferry.

Mayor Vanden Hoek noted the intense ongoing work with regard to replacing the Howe Island Ferry and the desire to get the job done. “I have lived on Wolfe Island a long time. It is extremely difficult for islands to take advantage of opportunities. They always disagree and the opportunity disappears before you can get it nailed down. I am not biased toward any individual. I am biased toward getting the job done,” he said.

A resolution to amend the by-law to designate the Deputy Mayor be based on election votes was defeated. A resolution to designate a Deputy Mayor was passed. A further resolution to appoint Pat Norris as Deputy Mayor for an 18-month term was passed. Comments from the crowd as they left indicated their displeasure with the decision.

In other business Council approved applications for consent made by Wm. Gravely Sr., Neil Gravely and Mrs. H. Lippert of Howe Island subject to a series of conditions, for example a site plan agreement showing the location of all Lot 22 buildings, as outlined by the Town Planning Consultant Bob Clark. Much discussion followed. Mrs Lippert noted her lawyer had wanted to be present but had not received notification.

Consultant Bob Clark presented the Comprehensive Zoning By Law for Frontenac Islands, which was adopted. Clark noted that by adopting a new zoning by law you do not make any current illegal situation legal. They must still be dealt with.

Equipment assessment reports prepared by Jonathon Watson Marine Surveys Inc. for the Simcoe and Howe Island cable ferries was accepted. The reports go to MTO with whom an agreement for their operation will be entered into.

2004 Appointments to Committees and Boards
W.I.’s Big Sandy Bay Committee — Jim Calvin;
Canal Committee & Volunteer Fire Department — Wayne Grant;
Community Centre Board — Wayne Grant & Jim Calvin;
Medical Clinic Board — Jim Calvin.

Calvin indicated his desire to chair the Canal Committee because he campaigned on it. Mayor Vanden Hoek said that he had given considerable thought to the selection. Calvin and Grant accepted his committee selections for one year.

There is a commitment to reconstitute the Canal Committee to include LOK and the Wildlife Association according to the mayor.

Christmas bonuses were approved for staff ($50.) and permanent employees ($25.)

Project Coordinator Linda Van Hal was present to discuss parking by-laws for Big Sandy Bay. (Rules re: Parking & ATVs). She is looking to enforce 'no parking' on the 3rd Line or Reeds Bay Road as urgent.

A comprehensive parking by-law is in the works, village parking, where to park etc. “It is time to consolidate all parking issues on Wolfe Island,” says the Mayor.

Other Business:
*Councillors urged to attend ROMA conference. *A Howe cable ferry incident saw an overweight truck unwilling to leave the ramp. Police were called. Weight posted at 9 tons. *Assessment roles will be available Dec. 16th. *Ed Hickie to update council regarding deer kills as requested by Wildlife Association.

Howe resident Dennis Bremner said that with sewage overload at Ravensview Station it’s pumped out of a pipe that is too short. People are finding more solid sewage debris at their shorelines. Councillor Hobbs recommends residents document and contact city and MOE. Council will write to the city.
Next Meeting: Jan. 12, 2004 Wolfe Island, 6:30 pm

photo: Margaret Knott

Around Town: Great Santa, Great Parade. *Marysville Public Grade 3 children were on a float carrying a pioneer barn replica they built with help from Jeremy Balint and Eric Beers using wood plugs and few nails. *Sacred Heart’s Advent Celebration was a wonderful hour for all who attended. *Congratulations Mayor Vanden Hoek, now Warden of Frontenac County.

Coming Events:
1. Marysville Public School Christmas Concert Dec. 16th. at Sacred Heart School at 6:30 p.m.
2. Scared Heart School Advent Celebration Dec. 17th at 6:45 p.m. at which time the school gym will be dedicated to the memory of the late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:21 AM
November 30, 2003
Handicap Ramp Dedicated at Sacred Heart of Mary Church

The late Fr. Eugene O’Reilly wanted to see a handicap ramp at Sacred Heart Church but he wanted it to be special, something that blended into the beauty of the church itself and a community project.

PB220014.jpgRecently such a ramp was dedicated to his memory and blessed by Archbishop Francis Spence at a brief outdoor ceremony following Sunday Mass. In his opening remarks before the blessing Archbishop Spence spoke of Fr. O’Reilly enthusiasm for the project.

Parish Council member Walter Knott outlined the process from the choice of the ramp’s location, its design, construction, interior development and finishing touches and the beautiful hand crafted railing surrounding it. He named the many parishioners and community members who gave time, materials and expertise noting as well the many financial contributions ”It was as Father wished, a community project.” The ramp was completed before Fr. O’Reilly’s untimely death.

PB220002.jpgPresent for the dedication were manyfriends, parishioners and relatives including Fr. O’Reilly’s sisters Mrs. Rose Coffee and Mrs. Theresa Fargo and his brother Francis and sister in law Noreen. Also present was John Hutchison from the T. Andre Company and Dave Joy. With the plaque in place and the blessing complete parishioners and friends gathered for cake and coffee.

The Business & Tourism Association Holds Annual Meeting
A well attended meeting saw the re-election of Jim Calvin as president of the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association. Some members felt there might be a conflict of interest for Calvin, recently elected to Frontenac Islands council.

Following a lengthy discussion however (Calvin left for a walk in the rain), members decided he would have no difficulty. Linda Van Hal presented a slate of officers: Calvin -President, Cindy Day -Vice President, Linda Thomas remains as Treasurer, Elise Huffman remains Secretary and directors Liz Crothers, Carole Doyle and Dave Colburn. The new executive fills the vacancies left by outgoing members, Maureen Lollar, Tom Wroe and Ken Keyes,

Calvin in his first annual report summarized what had been accomplished by the association from the road race to the web site to fund raising and praised the work of the many committees.

Treasurer Linda Thomas presented a healthy financial report. The Scene of the Crime had taken in $915.00 not $300. as previously noted .

There was a motion to thank Maureen Lollar for her work. “I have seen few people who take on work for the community the way she does. Maureen more than anyone epitomizes what makes the community work,” according to Jim Calvin. Maureen commented that unity is a big part of the word community and hopes the association and the community continue to work together.

The annual meeting was followed by the regular November meeting.

David Colburn presented a website update and outlined opportunities for businesses and members to make use of the website to assist in publicizing their businesses.

Logo Committee chair Pat Sanford said a plan for a new WIBTA logo competition lasting 30 days only will be presented at the next meeting.

Steve MacIntosh noted some progress has been made with regard to small park development. It was suggested that partnerships would work well.

Cindy Day reported that the Wolfe Island ferry calendar is no longer a WIBTA project. The $3,500 originally dedicated by WIBTA for the calendar has been cancelled.

The annual brochure has ‘maxed out’ according to Elise Huffman. Linda Van Hal commented that the new executive must rationalize the brochure to decide which way to go. Karen Fisher, Frontenac County Devlopment Officer is interested in becoming involved.

Cindy Day will undertake possible update and revisions of the WIBTA constitution, by laws and standing committees.

Linda Thomas explained that a Queen’s student has been hired under a means based bursary for employers. WIBTA will receive 200 student hours ( $2.50 an hour). Using her skills, the student will undertake interviews with a number of senior island citizens who have personal stories to tell about island life. These stories will be recorded into booklets and on the web site. Brian MacDonald and Ken Keyes have agreed to introduce the student to the citizens. “A wonderful project. Very good value,” Thomas said.

Jim Calvin introduced Ed Kenney, invited to talk about water levels and the Hydographics Canada survey results. Kenney is opposed to the early departure of the ferry to the winter dock particularly when in his view, it can be proven there is no need to do so.

Kenney said that council had been in touch with MTO when the ferry was removed early last fall because of an incident and Hydrographics did undertake the underwater survey etc.

“Their study says that there is sufficient water at the village dock. They say we are being penalized.” Kenney took people out in his boat last year to show them water depths. “There is no need to take the boat out until there is ice.”

In response to a question about buoys, Kenney said “MTO says it is a safety concern. Good radar and chart plotters will tell you if you are off line. The industry is telling the Coast Guard they no longer need buoys.” Kenney has taken all of his information to MPP John Gerretsen.

WIBTA’s policy is that the ferry should be in the village until the ice is unsafe. It was suggested that the weak link has been the township. “They should be jumping up and down,” Keith Walton said. David Colburn encouraged members to write their MPP.

WIBTA has invited MTO to the December or January regular meeting.

PB210001.jpgAround Town:
*Best wishes to the Ghiacy’s who recently moved from the island. *Christmas Elves have been at work decorating the village. * Wonderful knowing Mary MacDonald is on the job for Christmas. * The Mosier’s combined LCBO/ Beer Store opening is early December. No need now to carry supplies from Kingston which means a busier village even when the ferry moves. Now if we could just increase ferry runs, the village might be even busier all year.
* Please note: Frontenac Islands Council Meeting , Mon. Dec.8th Howe Island 6:30 p.m.

Coming Events:
1.Wolfe Island’s Annual Christmas Parade Sunday, Sunday, December 7th at 1:15 pm
3. Ecumenical Advent Service, Sun., Dec. 7th , 7:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Church.
4. Marysville Public School Christmas Concert Dec. 16th. at Sacred Heart School at 6:30 p.m.
5. Sacred Heart School Advent Celebration Dec. 17th at 6:45 p.m. at the school.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:54 PM
November 14, 2003
Big Sandy Bay Land Use Permit By-Law Passes

remembrance1.jpgAt the outset of the November Council meeting Councillor Mattson spoke against an agenda item to pass a by-law to authorize agreement for a Land Use Permit for Big Sandy Bay suggesting it was premature and should not be dealt with at this time. However the agenda was approved.

Applications for consent for 3 severances and an easement of property made by Carol & Donald Doyle, C. Bagi and James, Michael & Marion Klarich have caused concern for Pleasure Point Lane residents
One application is to sever the existing Doyle lot into two parcels each with 100 feet of frontage. Another to sever a lot to be combined with the1st to be used for septic system purposes; the third is to sever a lot to be combined with the other lot for gardening; the last application is for an easement to install a sewer line under the existing road for one of the news lots.

The Health unit has no objections to the severances provided they are approved as lot additions to the two newly created parcels and added to the retained Doyle lot. Nor do they object to the easement through the right of way however it must be extended for future sewage disposal needs on the retained lot.

Speaking on behalf of Pleasure Point Lane residents Neil Bryson, Pearl & Sherman Niles and Inge & Helmut Schmidte, Ruth Bryson stated that the severances and easements could set a precedent for development along a private road noting that: gardening is not included as a use in either the Official Plan or the Zoning By-Law; the proposed lots are not in compliance; the road is inadequate; there are three new lots as well as the retained lot because the road separates the proposed lots.
There is concern about the possible uses of the back lots-, storage buildings- home industry etc. as well as the zoning designation. Mrs Bryson wondered about the possibility of arriving at a compromise situation between the applicants and the neighbours.

Just prior to the meeting Mrs Doyle presented a letter to council responding to letters council received from Pleasure Point residents. Mrs Doyle refuted some of Bryson’s claims.

Council will review the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law requirements and the Doyle letter. The applications will be on the agenda for the next regular meeting of Council.

Final decisions on two further severance requests by made by M. Yull and S. Christ have also been deferred to the next meeting. Brian MacDonald was present to represent both applications.

Mrs Linda Van Hal Frontenac Islands Project Co-ordinator repeated the OSTAR project update as presented at the October meeting on Howe Island.
With regard to the Canal Project, Councillor Mattson asked for an amendment to the presentation to acknowledge the resolution council made with LOK prior to the establishment of the Council Canal Committee. Council will review the resolution but an amendment will be included.

Van Hal was aggressively questioned by a resident about the financial makeup of the OSTAR grant and specifically how the coordinator is paid.
In response Mayor Vanden Hoek said that it was a council decision about how that money allocation was to be met. He said that over the course of 2002 until 2004 or potentially a little bit further than that, the Project Co-ordinator is paid based on the 10 or 12 project milestones to be achieved. Van Hal is not an hourly, weekly or salaried employee the Mayor said. In other words, the project coordinator could get nothing for a term, or $10,000 for a quarter or “if we happen to get lucky and meet success on these projects you could take any number between 0 and $80,000 over the course of the project. The project coordinator gets paid on performance.”
Vanden Hoek went on to say that council felt that the job criteria was significant and the municipality had engaged an outside agency to assist in the hiring process.

Another resident questioned why he was told at the Tourist Office not to go to Big Sandy Bay. In response the Mayor it was he who had asked the staff at the Tourist Office not to divert people to the beach because construction was going on and the infrastructure was not in place. “We discouraged people from going anywhere near there while work was in progress.”

Once again prior to voting for a by-law to authorize an agreement for a land use Permit for the Big Sandy Bay property, Councillor Mattson questioned a section pertaining to liability and indemnity against claims and is not happy that the municipality is taking on full responsibility for the park. It was noted that the township is insured. The resolution passed.

Council authorized the By-Law Enforcement Officer and the Township Planning consultant to prepare an inventory of properties and structures related to the seasonal residential zone, to investigate those sites if directed to do so and submit a report prior to adopting the new Zoning By-Law for the Township of Frontenac Islands.

The Township will appeal the City of Kingston’s decision to approve the development of the Queen Street dock based on increased traffic.

Next Meeting: Dec. 8th Howe Island at 6:30 p.m.

Around Town: *Thanks to Maureen Lollar for the well organized Remembrance Day Ceremony.* Feb. 21st is the date for the Sacred Heart School Council Social. *The Community Foundation of Greater Kingston granted Wolfe Island $3500. to organize a “Friends of Big Sandy Bay Committee. *Dedication of the Handicap Ramp to the late Fr. O’Reilly after the 9:30 Mass, Nov. 23rd. *Winners of the Howe Island Scare Crow Contest are: Best Overall, Sue Byrne; Best Original, June Forsythe; Scariest, Mary Allen,; Funniest, Glenys Elliot; Honourable Mention, Irene Ellerton.

Coming Events:
1. A Scouts Canada Information Meeting, Thurs. Nov. 20th at 7 p.m. Marysville Public School. Scouts now open to boys and girls.
2. Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association’s Annual General Meeting,Tuesday 18 November 2003, 7:00 pm, United Church Hall.
3. CWL Christmas Bake Sale (Fun Activities for Young Children) Sat. Nov. 22nd, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Sacred Heart School Gym
4. Wolfe Island Artists and Craftsmen Christmas Festival at The Factory, Sat., Nov. 29th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
5. Wolfe Island’s Annual Christmas Parade Sunday, December 7th at 1:15 pm
6. Ecumenical Advent Service, Sun., Dec. 7th , 7:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Church.

Good Turnout for Councillor Elections on Howe & Wolfe Islands
Voter turn out on Wolfe and Howe Islands for 4 councillor positions was good. Running on Howe Island, incumbent Pat Norris, Geoff Hobbs , Paul Beseau and Carl Lippert.
On Wolfe Island incumbent Wayne Grant, Chris Mattson, Jim Calvin, Dan Hogan and Lori Minton.
Jim Vanden Hoek was acclaimed for a second term as Mayor of Frontenac Islands
When the voting was over and the ballots counted it was Geoff Hobbs with 284 votes and Pat Norris with 172 votes who garnered the two Howe Island seats. Number of votes cast on Howe Island 416 of the 693 eligible voters. (60%)

Jim Calvin with 411 votes and Wayne Grant 361 captured the seats on Wolfe Island. Votes cast on Wolfe Island 764 of the 1694 eligible voters. (45%)
Total ballots cast on Frontenac Islands 1,180 out of a possible 2387 that is 50% overall.
Frontenac Islands Council will meet Dec. 8th on Howe Island at 6:30 p.m. at which time the new council members will be sworn in.

We Will Remember Them
remembrance2.jpgIn 1994 a plaque proposed by John O’Shea then Deputy Reeve of Wolfe Island, to recognize Islanders who had served Canada in the military was put in place by the Township. Every year since then a Remembrance Day Service has been held.

This year once again the community gathered in the chilling rain to remember their own in an event organized by Maureen Lollar. Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O’Shea as emcee spoke of that early history.

Surrounded by children from both island schools and a group of RMC Officer Cadets, Rev Canon Chris Carr, Pastor of Trinity Anglican read an opening prayer from the Muslim faith as an expression of the diversity of our nation and our identity under one God. Rev. Carr in his reflection spoke of his childhood at the outbreak of war and how he as an adult finally came to terms with his father’s military experience.

Mrs. Joan O’Shea President of the Frontenac District Women’s Institute read an extensive list of the known names of Wolfe Islanders who lost their lives and those who had served Canada during war and in Peace Keeping, some of whom were present wearing their decorations.
Lt. Colonel David Paterson, Director of Reservists, Fort Frontenac, a Military History buff, spoke of researching the lives of six island casualties of war whose names he had heard read at a Remembrance Day Service in 1999 and visiting four out of the six memorials or graves of the men in Europe.

He spoke of John Rogers killed in 1915 at the Second Battle of Ypres, noting the names of Arden McRae and Edward Walters also casualties of the 1st Great War.
He spoke of 2nd World War casualties Millard Horne who died in a Lancaster Bomber in 1945, Earl Joslin, a conscript whose boat was machine gunned in Germany in 1945 and Francis Payne killed in 1943 while on armed reconnaissance over the Mediterranean Sea.

Poems of Remembrance were recited by the school children, Island writer Renie Marshall and Officer Cadet Rebecca Wilkinson who read ‘In Flanders Fields.’ Musician Robert Graham played the Last Post and the Reveille and led the singing of O Canada.
United Church Pastor Terry Wood offered the Act of Remembrance and wreaths were laid.
Service in the Military in to-days troubled times was addressed by Major Billy Allen.
Archbishop Francis Spence closed the ecumenical event with prayer and a final blessing. A reception followed in the community hall.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:35 AM
November 07, 2003
Transportation Remains Greatest Concern for Wolfe Island

More than 130 Islanders turned out for an All Candidates Meeting to hear the five candidates running for the two Frontenac Islands Council seats in the Wolfe Island Ward.
Also present were three candidates running for the Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic School Board Bill Cawlishaw, Kimberly Riddell and Terry Shea who briefly outlined their platforms.

Following introductory remarks by Mayor Vanden Hoek, the moderator, Peter Millar introduced the candidates, incumbents Wayne Grant and Chris Mattson and Jim Calvin, Dan Hogan and Lori Minton.
Candidates responded to a series of prepared questions regarding Transportation, Big Sandy Bay, sewage disposal, the Community Centre, re-opening the Wolfe Island Canal, waste re-cycling and village parking.

In summary: Chris Mattson: *against paying for any improvements to the ferry service. “Its up to the province. We have to convince the government it is an essential service and we have to get the best deal;” *indicated that the future of the island can be sustained without drastic changes to the cultural heritage (hunting \ fishing) of the island; *Big Sandy Bay should be open to all. No public money should be spent unless promises to hunters are kept and ATV trails are put in place. *Community Centre needs more help. * Waste disposal needs close study; get compactor * noted the canal project was originally to improve the fish habitat (LOK) but the Council Canal committee brought in the idea of small motorized craft and “I’m against it.”

Wayne Grant: *any improvement to ferry service will require that we offer some financial support. We have asked for improvements but it is MTO’s ferry. That’s the way I want to keep it. *Big Sandy Bay going on for years. Committee has worked hard. MNR will partner with Frontenac Islands. “While there are things that need review I believe we are going in the right direction towards opening It.” *need more education about recycling. *favours opening of canal for better water flow. * Re sewage disposal, Council should help some one get started in the business (truck, lagoon) but not be in the business themselves. * Noted the community centre has received funding from council and will receive more annually. Anxious to see all projects completed.

Lori Minton: * The ferry cannot be an essential service. It has to be exempt from labour disputes. * Community Centre with hockey arena for the kids “is my priority” to keep kids at home * Big Sandy Bay should be open but hunters and fishers have rights, should stand behind promises; *Canal opening good for water flow, fish. Motorized craft not a good idea. * We need to get something going for our sewage problem and create employment. *Better recycling.

Dan Hogan: * Transportation biggest issue. Have to do something to get better service or young families won’t come. Council should do whatever it takes; *Big Sandy Bay an important part of the economy, we should look after our own first but need to deal with transportation first; *doing well with re-cycling but could do better, maybe a bag limit, * need to act immediately on waste disposal issue, *need to support Community Centre board, make centre safer, maybe covered ice. * Supports opening of canal also opening it for small craft. * Need extra parking in the village and more government funding for road upkeep and safety of residents using the roads.

Jim Calvin: * encouraged we have provincial minister in the event of labour dispute to speak on our behalf: * no magic potion for transportation, the best way forward is the community and council speaking with one voice; hard choices, shorter route from Dawson to Vimy, need Kingston, Federal and Provincial governments on side and continue building partnerships with MTO; * wants to see canal open with small craft access or we are loosing a business opportunity. Fish, waterfowl and boats have to find ways share it; * In the past only way to access Big Sandy Bay was to trespass, islanders couldn’t get there without a boat. No supervision, ecological damage. Now we have controlled access. Increased ferry traffic yes; find ways to accommodate hunters-yes but more importantly have to find ways of making it cash positive, work out warts and take care of everyone’s needs and complete project in 3years * Council must support Community Centre Board, offer financial planning, search for other funding. Come up with a 10-year plan for multi-use facility. * Recommends user friendly landfill site with covered steel sided building to make sorting easier in bad weather and begin planning for a new site. * a long-term plan for road equipment replacement is essential. * need to solve sewage issue but council should not be in sewage business.

Lori Minton provided some humour in what could have been a too serious debate even suggesting the island become a reserve.

All candidates said council should support the school boards on issues of concern to the community. They support a village parking by law and enforcement; the need for improved road equipment ploughs etc.; better communication between council, governments and the community and a rapid solution to sewage problem. Wayne Grant would like to see a retirement home on the island.

To a final question about transportation the candidates agreed it is the single most urgent issue facing the island.

Dan Hogan: “Transportation should be addressed before anything else.

Jim Calvin: “Transportation is a long term project. We must have one voice, know what we want and work methodically to get it. When we find Kingston and Provincial (government) partners they will know what we want. No mixed signals, Wolfe Island wants this, a plan clear to all levels of government. I can’t promise I can fix the problem in 3 years other than to clarify what Wolfe Island wants.”
Ontario Municipal Elections take place Monday, Nov. 10th

No All Candidates Meeting was held on Howe Island. The candidates running for the two Howe Island Ward seats are incumbent Pat Norris, Carl Lippert and Geoff Hobbs

Candidates running in the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic School Board unable to attend the meeting were Wilf Garrah, Ray Doyle and Jack Coleman

Special thanks to Tom Wroe and Peter Millar for organizing the well attended meeting.

Around Town: Vincent Mosier has received approval for the opening of an LCBO at Mosier’s Grocery & Convenience Store. Grand Opening soon.

Coming Events:
1. Remembrance Day ceremony Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003 at 10:45 a.m. Wolfe Island Town Hall Square

2. Trinity Anglican's Turkey Supper Nov. 15, 4:30-7:00 p.m. St. Margaret's Hall Doors Open 3:30 p.m.

3. Free Flu Shot Clinic at the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic Monday, Nov. 17th from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. If unable to get to the Clinic call Mildred at 385-2461

4. Christmas Festival at the Factory, Hwy 96E, Saturday, Nov. 29th 10-5 p.m. Call Pat at 385-1585

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October 20, 2003
OSTAR Projects Update to be Repeated on Wolfe Island

Frontenac Islands Special Projects Coordinator Linda Van Hal was present to update Council on the progress of the original OSTAR funded special projects which Wolfe Island has undertaken and include Big Sandy Bay, the Wolfe Island Canal, the Community Centre and Sewage.
Other sources of funding include the W.I. Community Enhancement Fund, Provincial ministry contributions, donations of dollars, property, material, time and expertise.
The W.I. Business & Tourism Association has also undertaken certain projects including web site update/marketing materials/special events/ village beautification and is fund raising.

With regard to Big Sandy Bay the first phase of the trail into the site is complete, as well as a parking lot, fencing and the 1st phase of signage. Next steps include visit by the Nature Conservancy, creation of a committee for Friends of Big Sandy Bay, phase 2 of trail, a foot bridge, gate house etc. with the eventual opening to the public if all things fall into place as they should.
Regarding the Canal project, the Council committee has revised their original project, are now waiting for certain reports (biologist), will create a draft budget, reconstitute the committee, hold stakeholders meeting and further revise the project as necessary.

The Community Centre Board (a committee of council) negotiated with the Limestone Board to build a new playground, drafted a site plan, attempted to find water, and will prepare a budget for lights to present to council, also hold meetings re site plan.

Little progress regarding the Waste Water Management project.
The dollars and cents of all these projects will be presented again at the next Council meeting, Wolfe Island Town Hall, Monday, Nov. 3rd at 6:30 p.m. as requested by Councillor Chris Mattson.

In further business: MTO’s Heather Roebuck and Don Drackley from the IBI Group gave an overview of the Environmental Assessment and Traffic Analysis of Improvements to the Howe Island County Ferry reiterating the preferred alternative is a new vessel because no dry dock or replacement vessel would be required.
A new vessel will provide vehicle and weight capacity and meet existing and forecast traffic crossing needs. A Public Open House was held on Oct.16th. If there is no “bump-up” appeal, design and construction will begin with a possible launch in early summer 2004. Mayor Vanden Hoek noted that it has been a pleasure to work on this project “in such quick time.” This project in no way affects the on-going Howe Island Environmental Bridge assessment.
Recognizing that they must assist in providing adequate health care for the residents of Frontenac Islands Council supported the request of the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic to have the Township designated as an “Under Serviced Area.” Wolfe Island’s Medical Clinic is without a doctor and is closed.
Carl and Heather Lippert inquired about the status of a building permit on Howe Island and were advised that it is the Building Inspector who issues permits not council.
Wages of $125. per day worked were set for set for Deputy Returning Officers and Polling Clerks for the Municipal Election.
Aaron Koloseike will be hired as a Part Time Simcoe Island ferry operator ($12.50 per hour) upon receipt of certification documents from Transport Canada Marine.
An application made to sever two new cottage lots on Howe Island on property designated as agricultural in the Official plan has been deferred until the Township receives a report from Clark Consulting.

Council accepted the prices quoted by Cochrane Fuels to provide all fuel supplies for Frontenac Islands; approved livestock damage payouts; supported a resolution by the Village of Point Edward that the Province of Ontario increase funding for the Trillium Foundation to One Hundred and Fifty Million dollars; declared Nov. 5th “Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day” in the township. Next meeting Nov. 3rd Wolfe Island 6:30 p.m.

The Wolfe Island Fox Hunters Association is pleased with the out come of the Fox Trials held recently.. Visitors were hosted with Island hospitality and treated with wonderful weather for an event which brings hundred of dollars into the community. According to Chris Leeman , President of the WI Wildlife Association, $500. was placed in- trust for the children of the late Pernell Niles following the event .

Terry Fox Run: Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools held their combined Terry Fox run for Cancer research recently. Marysville raised $1,379 and Sacred Heart $715.75. Marysville Principal Mrs. Seaton was impressed to see so many parents running walking and helping to cook. Congratulations.
And speaking of the schools, intra mural soccer is going on during the lunch hour grades 3-8 with Tim Sheffiels..More News: New play equipment at the W.I. Ernie Allen Playground is an initiative of the Limestone District School Board, the WI Community Centre Board and Marysville Public School.. Sara McDermott, donated $500.from the proceeds of the Summer Music Festival and also planted 5-6 trees at the site.

The Pumpkin Weigh In and Social organized by the W.I. Pumpkin Fest Committee has become a welcomed event with people of every age participating . In spite of the rain, events included poetry writing, pie and scare crow making, There were people involved as prize donors, wagon drivers with their horses, entertainers, this year Marionettes, judges, displays, decorators, volunteers and last but most important pumpkin carvers and growers. The List of winners in all events-biggest, smallest, best colour, shape, t decorated, carved, best pies and poetry will be posted at Fargo’s The Festival Committee has donated $350. to the Community Centre for trees and lights.

WIBTA’s Used Book Sale held Thanks Giving weekend was another success story and raised $1,430.

Around Town: Campaigning for Council has begun.. No “All Candidate Meeting” is planned (so far). Candidates Howe Island: Pat Norris, Paul Beseau, Carl Lippert, Geoff Hobbs. Wolfe Island: Wayne Grant, Chris Mattson, Lori Minton, Jim Calvin , Danny Hogan.

Coming Events:
1. Howe Island holds 3rd Annual Scare Crow Contest. Grand prize $100. Home Depot gift certificate for Best Entry. Prizes for scariest, funniest, most original. Judging Oct. 25th. For info: Pam Hughes 531-8631. Best viewing the week before Halloween so why not come over to the island.
2. Open House Reception celebrating the official opening of Gaia Power Inc.’s new office at 574 Princess Street, Suite 205 Kingston, Thursday, November 6th, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. R.S.V.P. by October 31st or 530-2100 ext 3
3. October 25th Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors open at 4:30 p.m

Please Note: While the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic is closed at the moment, the Clinic's Board of Directors continues its search for a DOCTOR and is following up on all leads. In the meantime watch for a Notice of a Flu Shot Clinic to be held on the island some time in November. M.K.

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October 03, 2003
Congratulations to MPP John Gerretsen

Congratulations to John Gerretsen from Frontenac Islands
It certainly will be interesting to have an MPP on the government side. Interesting how our electoral system works. Slightly more than half the eligible voters and "with first past the post" system, it meant that 25% of eligible voters elected over 70 % of the Liberal Party. What is sad is that only 55% of all eligible voters voted at all.

Municipal Elections Not Far Behind
Municipal elections take place Monday, November 10, 2003. An Advance Poll will be held Sat. Nov. 8th at both the Wolfe & Howe Island Town Hall’s.

Running for a seat on council for Wolfe Island are Jim Calvin, Wayne Grant, Danny Hogan, Chris Mattson, Lori Minton. On Howe Island, Paul Beseau, Geoff Hobbs, Carl Lippert and Pat Norris. Jim Vanden Hoek with no opposition is acclaimed as Mayor of Frontenac Islands. I wonder what his platform would have been.

Mayor VandenHoekTalks About Frontenac Islands

Recently Mayor Vanden Hoek talked with me about Frontenac Islands. 1. What do you think of Kingston’s inclusion of a 3rd crossing across the Cataraqui River in its transportation plan? “There has been talk about bridges across the Cat and bridges to Wolfe Island with not much difference in how the debate has progressed. So it is good news that the city is considering this again, however our community has to continue its efforts for increased (transportation) capacity in conjunction with but not exclusive of the city’s efforts for a 3rd crossing.” 2. Provincial Relations? “The Township has had a a fair degree of success with the province in the last 3 years. We prepared a discussion paper with objectives and recommendations (which the province has not lost sight of and which will form part of a longer term solution). Wolfe Island got back the 2 a.m. trip increasing our capacity by 6%. We negotiated the Simcoe, Howe County and Howe Township ferry improvements. Once Howe Island decided to take advantage of the 5 year maintenance opportunity, they came to the table prepared and we had a signed MOU with MTO within 30 days. They didn’t pay anymore than they could afford to pay with no change in fares.” 3. Wolfe Island Ferry Service? “I’m hopeful that once the Wolfe Island transportation issue comes to the table and we bring our objectives, changes can be made that will be supported by the majority of the community. I believe we have to be flexible. Anyone who comes to the table and says I won’t accept anything but a relocated ferry; OR the village will die if the ferry is moved out of the village, OR we only want a lengthened boat OR we want no change at all is selling themselves short. I think we need to come to the table with an open mind, well prepared and with certain principles that we won’t compromise.” There is more of the Vanden Hoek interview held over for next time.

Need for Handicapped Parking Spaces Quickly Met
Recently two parking spaces along side the Wolfe Island ferry mainland dock in Kingston have been designated handicapped spots. While there are such allotted spaces at both Dawson Point and in Marysville such was not the case in Kingston.
At height of the tourist season Mr. John Gifford of Kingston planned to go to the island. However the ferry was full and to walk on required that he park close to the ferry. ”The student on duty found a place for me but I felt I should pursue the issue and wrote a letter to the Minister of Transportation, Frank Klees. “I received a hand written response from Minister Klees stating that it would be looked into.,” Gifford said. “Shortly thereafter I heard from MTO in Kingston notifying me that as of Sept. 5th a handicapped space had been set aside.” Gifford received a further letter of confirmation from the minister.
A Correction… The WIBTA BBQ held at Hornes point mentioned in my last column was attended by representatives of US Senator Charles Shumer and United States Congressman John McHugh, not by the Senator or the Congressman themselves as suggested.

Correction… In a recent article about the funeral of Fr. Eugene O’Reilly on Wolfe Island , I forgot to name brother in law Clifton Fargo, husband of Theresa , Fr. O’Reilly’s sister as being in attendance. My apology for any hurt this has caused.

Around Town: * A calendar featuring historical ferry pictures will be on sale in late October. The calendar results from work and research done by Norma O’Shea. * And speaking of Norma O’Shea., she has announced the closure of Hi-Lo Hickory Campgrounds at the end of this season.. Norma cites high improvement costs * Winners of the WIBTA Eagle are Tom Dickie and Sue Barker of Ottawa.* WIBTA Spring Bulb Sale now underway.* The Tourist Bureau remains open weekends, and also from10-3 pm weekdays until and including Thanksgiving and for special events..* Sacred Heart School Council has announced that it will hold its 2nd annual social in February.* Fifty people sent in 188 photos for the 3rd annual Photo Contest. Judging by The Whig’s Jack Chiang.* The Wolfe Island Early Years Drop In Centre at Sacred Heart School is open again week day mornings for Children age 0 - 6 and their parents. The Centre has an excellent new Coordinator, Erin White already on the job. Come see what the centre is all about. * WIBTA is holding its second book sale Thanksgiving weekend with hundreds of books at amazing prices at the Old Fire Hall Friday, Oct. 10th , 3 to 6 pm, and 10am-5 pm or until sold out. If you have books call Linda Thomas for pick up. *The WI Early Years Centre is looking for recipes for a fund raising cook book. Drop off recipes to Fargo’s or Ernie’s .* There is much concern over the lowering water levels. Wonder who takes it all?
Coming Events:
1. 2.WIBTA Used Book Sale Thanksgiving Weekend (11-13) at the Old Fire Hall. Book donations accepted at The Factory ( old cheese plant).
3.Winners of WIBTA’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest in conjunction with Camera Kingston will be announced at the Wolfe Island Community Hall Sat. Oct. 18th beginning at 10:30 a.m.
4. Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Oct. 25th. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

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September 26, 2003
Terry Fox Brings Out Best

Unbreakable Spirit- Terry Fox Brings Out Best
Eight year old Andrew Easton of Wolfe Island was determined to roller blade the 36 km from the head of Wolfe Island to Marysville as his way of participating in the Terry Fox Movement and, he did it. “I wanted to do this because I just love Terry Fox and what he did,” he said.

Like so many children he saw the Terry Fox story on video and wanted to become involved. Andrew raised $1,933.04 which will be turned over to the National Cancer Institute of Canada. “Some people even came out onto the road as I rolled by and handed me money.”

Andrew wearing his Terry Fox shirt which sports the words “Unbreakable Spirit “ started his run by dipping his blades into the St. Lawrence and ended it the same way in Marysville at the Wolfe Island Ferry Dock where he was greeted by family and friends.
A Wolfe Island Fire Truck driven by Tim Hawkins travelled ahead of Andrew for the last 2 km. heralding his success. Andrew had practised for a number of weeks before undertaking the run and has bruises on his legs to prove it. “I just knew I could do it,” he said. Andrew is the son of Pam and Mike Easton.
Wolfe Island’s Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools held their combined Terry Fox Run Monday, Sept.29th.

Four Year Old Youngest Plowman at Wolfe Island Match

Very dry conditions greeted participants to Wolfe Island’s 47th Plowing Match held at Broederdale Farm. Judges for the event were Ross MacGillvary and Berry Timbers. Eugene Hulton judged the Best Dressed/Best Plow Team.

The youngest Plowman at the event was 4 year old Hunter Chown riding a tractor in the Novelty Class. The tractor was built by his grandfather Dennis Mosier, well known ploughing match judge. Farm machinery was on display including an antique corn sheller owned by Frank Van Hal. Awards were presented on site following the match. Organizers extend thanks to the ladies in the canteen, to Paul Lollar for supplying a meal for all participants and to Tri-Heat Anglin for supplying fuel.

Wolfe Island Match Results (For complete results contact W.I. Plowmen’s Association)

Class #1 HORSES- Jointer Plows
Marwin Antoine, (St. Lawrence Vet Services Trophy)

Class #2 Juniors Tractors (boys/girls under 14)
Joleen Stinson, Richmond, Ont., (Kingston Farm & Garden Trophy)

Class #3 Junior’s Tractors under 18
Allison Posthumus, W.I., Wolfe Island Farmers Trophy

Class #4 Tractor- Two Furrow Plows (Island residents)
Brian Hulton (Township of Frontenac Islands Trophy)

Class #5 Two furrow Plows- Open Class -
Ron Stinson-Richmond, Ont. (KIMCO Trophy)

Class #6 3-Furrow Plows-
Garry Posthumus (George Pyke & Family, Pykeview Meadows Trophy)

Class #7 4 or more Furrows- 14” or more
Tom Woodman; (Woodman Machines) Trophy

Class #8 Ladies Open Class & Furrow Queen Contestants
Joyce Buckley; (Pyke Farms Landscaping)

Class #9 Antique Tractors & Equipment (14 entries)
Howard Chant; (Mosier's Service Centre, Mosier’s Grocery, Ernie’s Café)

Class # 10 Novelty
Hunter Chown

Special Awards:
Best Dressed Team: Elswood Gamble
Best Plow Team: Marwin Antoine
Youngest Plowman: Harvey Hawkey Memorial Trophy: Hunter Chown
Oldest Plowman- Wolfe Island Plowmen’s Special: Lyle Streight
Champion Land- Lorne Hulton Memorial Trophy: Ron Stinson
Best Finish (Horses) Hulton Construction Trophy: Kaye Fawcett
Best Finish (Tractors) Hitchcock House Trophy: Dennis Mosier
Best Crown- Hartington Equipment Trophy: Ron Stinson
Best Individula Effort- Morning Sight Farms:Raymond Shannon

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September 12, 2003
Wolfe Island Mourns Loss of Dedicated Pastor

Wolfe Island Mourns Loss Of Dedicated Pastor

It is with a heavy heart I tell you that Wolfe Island’s dearly loved Pastor Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, CSB died on September 9th. We knew Father had not been feeling well for some time. He had been admitted to hospital for tests, the results of which were not the greatest. But to lose him so quickly came as a shock to every one.

Father O’Reilly, a priest of the Order of St. Basil was born and raised on Wolfe Island and maintained a life long love for the island, the place of his family, his youth, his friends. He left the island to study, began teaching in 1952, was ordained to the priesthood in 1957 returning to Kingston in 1991 after a long teaching career that had taken him to many places in Canada to become Chaplain at Queen’s University and the St. Thomas More Community. He also ministered to the Religious sisters in Kingston. In 1999 Fr. Gene returned to the island as pastor of Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart of Mary Parish when we needed him most.

Father Gene brought home his committed priesthood, love, humour, stability, intelligence, a strong sense of family, of friendship and of community along with an incredible spirit of ecumenism. We will miss his gentle touch, his sense of church and sacrament.

Friends were received by his family, his sister Theresa Fargo and brother- in- law Clifton, sister Rose Coffey, brother Francis and sister-in-law Noreen, his many, many, nieces and nephews at Sacred Heart Church.

A Mass celebrating the life of this gentle priest was celebrated by Most Rev. Anthony Meagher, Archbishop of the Kingston Archdiocese. The Most Rev. Francis Spence, Archbishop retired of Kingston, presented the homily, a moving tribute to Fr. O’Reilly, a friend and fellow priest. Rev.Hod Marshall, CSB from Toronto represented the Basilian Fathers. Many, many priests, religious, relatives, students young and old, children from Sacred Heart School , ecumenical friends Rev. Canon Chris Carr, Rev. Rudy Meier, Canon Alex Wakeling, and Rev. Anne MacDermaid were all there.

The Mass of Christian Burial was held in Toronto with the Rite of Committal at the Basilian Plot at Holy Cross Cemetery among his Basilian brothers. To know Fr. O’Reilly was to love him.

WIBTA Barbecue Celebrates Good Friends, Good Relations……..
Remember the Horne’s Ferry Scare last Spring when proposed new customs/immigration requirements might have closed down the privately operated ferry service from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent, N.Y.?
The Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association recently hosted a BBQ on the Horne property ,(just behind the island’s Canada Customs building) to acknowledge Wolfe Island’s long time connection with Cape Vincent and upper New York.

The BBQ was held to celebrate the past, the presentand the future excellent relations between the citizens of Wolfe Island and those of Cape Vincent and upper New York State. The two have been connected by ferry, family and common interests for over 150 years. More recently the relationship was further strengthened on both sides of the St. Lawrence with the current resolution of customs issues facing the Horne’s Ferry Service.

The event attended by more than 120 persons included from the US Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine of the State of New York, representatives of United States Senator Charles Shumer and United States Congressman John McHugh, Cape Vincent’s Deputy Mayor Tim Maloney also representatives from the office of the Honourable Peter Milliken, MP for Kingston and the Islands. Also present was MPP John Gerretsen, PC candidate Hans Westenberg and Kingston’ Deputy Mayor George Beavis.

Following introductions by WIBA President Jim Calvin, Mayor Vanden Hoek of Frontenac Islands, and John Defrancesco, Cape Vincent Village Trustee addressed the guests, both acknowleding the close ties between the two communities.

Good food, good fun, good weather was the order of the day with lots of good talk and socialization. A beautiful cake showing Wolfe Islands’s unique location between the US and Kingston said it all. The organizing committee included Jarda Zborovsky, Elise Huffman, Walter Knott and many WIBTA members.
While the barbeque was held to remember the Horne’s Ferry issue and Cape Vincent’s facility dilemma, the Business & Tourism Association is considering making this an annual event to celebrate the windup of their mutual tourist seasons and their close ties as communities.

For Your InformationWolfe Island Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek Seeks Re-election True to his promise Mayor called to let me know that he will seek re-election as Mayor of Frontenac Islands in the forthcoming Municipal elections in November. ” There are a number of issues that I wish to see to completion, “ he said in announcing his candidacy.
At this time no other candidates have indicated whether they will seek re-election for Frontenac Islands (Howe & Wolfe Islands )nor am I aware of any one interested in the job. Personally I find it exasperating that we are left wondering . But I suppose our present council members have their reasons for waiting.

Local resident Keith Walton will receive on Sept 24th the Ontario Volunteer Award for his outstanding contribution to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture over 25 years.

Our 2nd Wolfe Island Golf Course, Alston Mooor Golf Links had a preview opening last weekend in advance of the Grand Opening May 2004. For information call 385-2461 or 2462.

Council Highlights: At their Sept. 8th regular meeting Council decided to make a request to Frontenac County for an exemption for truck restrictions on the county ferry while Miller Paving are hauling material to Howe Island for the resurfacing of the roads.

Council also decided to hold a special council meeting on Howe Island for the roads issue and they referred the two Applications for Consent for severances on Howe Island to Bob Clark of Clark Consulting Services.

Council approved the Wolfe Island Roads Superintendent to implement the purchase of a recycling compactor with a maximum expenditure of $25,000. The intent is to have the compactor installed by December 31, which should reduce the number of trips of recycled material and haulage fees.

Around Town: Things are quieter but the ferry continues to be over full peak hours leaving and coming home to the island.* Water level watching has begun in Marysville.*The tourist bureau remains open weekends.

Coming Events;
1. Great Pumpkin Weigh- In Oct 4th. More Next time. Size, colour, shape, weight, etc. You know the drill.
Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Oct. 25th

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August 29, 2003
Islanders Respond to Power Shortage

Islanders Respond to Power Shortages

Within minutes of knowing that the August Power blackout might be a major one, islanders reached for their Ice Storm survival kits and their Ice Storm savvy to keep the community operational. Coming home to the island, (and we could come home because power from the ferry itself was used to operate the electrically operated ferry boarding ramp), emergency supplies were on sale at the local stores, generators could be heard operating in the Marysville, and no doubt all over the island and planning was already underway at the Emergency Services Building ( ambulance/fire), the island’s command post, to deal with what could have been a long power outage.
Town Talk turned to power conservation, generating alternative power sources and to wind power as one source. Wolfe Island is considered an optimum location for wind farms.

And, Speaking About Wind Power

Gaia Power Inc.’s Stephen Sottile, Project Officer for The Greater Kingston Trade Winds Project and Rev. Brian Hart, founder and chairperson for Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative were on Wolfe Island recently to discuss Cooperative ownership of the Tradewinds wind project, the benefits from local natural resources and owning asset shares of an island wind farm.
In his presentation Sottile said that Gaia Power is developing a model tying wind power production and demand side management. He reviewed the Trade Winds Project to determine where Kingston can make energy savings ( natural gas, hydro, carbon base line study. A portion of those savings will purchase wind power from a 36 mega watt wind farm (24 turbines) on Wolfe Island. “People who purchase wind power will have a hedge against energy price increases and stable costs for 20 years,” he said
Sottile said the wind study on Wolfe Island has been completed, a preliminary avian study is underway, 1200 acres of land has been optioned, a detailed project design including costs is also complete, an anemometer has been erected on the Base Line Road by Hulton Construction, and a market and Hydro impact study has been done.

What are the challenges? Rate cap till 2006, changing regulatory environment and lack of transmission capacity which increases project costs. Best case scenario: wind turbines constructed in 2004. Worst case: waiting until Ontario energy market stabilizes in 2006.
Following a Q&A period Fr. Brian Harttold a story that concluded with people coming together as a community, “and the cooperative model is the best way I have found to do that,” he said “Cooperatives help people to democratically make decisions for the benefit of all.” He outlined Hearthmakers’ seven principles of cooperative activity (any cooperative) and the values of subsidiarity, solidarity, and the integrity of the web of life. “It is people working cooperatively with people that is the winning idea behind Hearthmakers.
Regarding an island wind power cooperative (share purchases), he noted revenue from energy sales would come back to the shareholders and stay in the community. Hearthmakers is looking for new members and as much participation as possible in the Wind Power Cooperative.
Among other things Hearthmakers is involved in a new Federal Home Energy Incentive rebate program of EnerGuide evaluations of houses.
For more information about TradeWinds and membership in Hearthmakers call 547-8122;

Crime Writer’s Festival
The second annual Wolfe Island Scene of the Crime Writers Festival inspired by Grant Allen, the first Canadian crime writer, brought an impressive list of Canada’s top mystery writers our way.. Lou Allin, Jake Doherty, Rick Mofina, Peter Sellers, Merilyn Simmonds, David Skene-Melvin, Wayne Grady and Therese Greenwood along with W.I. Captain Brian Johnson were all invited to read their Wolfe Island inspired creations. Also reading were islanders Marjorie Bousfield and Renee Marshall and myself.
Lorraine Buck, winner of the short story contest for her story “Hannibal” travelled from PEI to accept her award from Ken Keyes, emcee for the Crime Writers Dinner . Ken of course, had many tales of his own to tell including a recent one about the crypt in the Anglican Cemetery. Ask him about it.
At the dinner were MP for Kingston & the Islands Peter Milliken, MPP John Gerretsen and Mrs Gerretsen, and Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek.
One item that caused a stir at the Silent Auction held during the evening was a box created by Ken Keyes for use as an urn.
Last year’s event focussed on the Crime Writer’s dinner. This year the festival included a writer’s workshop conducted by Violette Malan held at Woodman House, a panel discussion about crime writing in Canada and an in depth lecture about Grant Allen and his body of work presented by David Skene-Melvin at Trinity Anglican Church as well as the dinner.
The success of the event was due in large part to our own Maureen Lollar, Therese Greenwood, Violette Malan and its many sponsors.

A reception sponsored by Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association was held on the beautiful grounds of Wolfe Manor for the many authors converging on the island.
The national media coverage (print, radio, TV) leading up to this prestigious event identified Wolfe Island as a place to stay, with things to do, and properties to buy. The Crime Writers Festival is outlined on the WIBTA’s web site .

Around Town: *Congratulations to Dennis Mosier the Head Judge for the World Championship Plowing Match held in Gueph where he was also the Canadian Flag bearer. Dennis is a recognized judge in Canada, the US and abroad. * Alston Moore Links hopes for some golf in September with the official opening in the spring of 2004. Driving Range operates daily. *Dr. Perry Meir gave a computer to the Early Years Centre and Marysville Public School. *The 1st WI Fire Dept. Tournament at the Riverfront Golf Course was a great success. * Noticed the Corn Maze Craze? Well, the W.I. Corn Maze rates among the first and very best.* Woodman House has been sold.* Canada World Youth needs 2 island host families. Willing? Contact Wayne Greenway at 541-5010, ext. 4666. * Tickets are on sale for the Eagle in front of Mosier’s Service Centre * The Pumpkin Weigh- In is coming. * Incredible view of Mars here on the island. *Will you run in Municipal elections?

Coming Events:
Sept. 13th The Wolfe Island Plowing Match Broederdale Farm 4 kms. South of Marysville, Corner of Con. 7 & Reeds Bay Rd. Registration 9 am Early Bird Class 9:30
Sept. 13th “motor the Island” mini-cooper car club meet.

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August 15, 2003
Frontenac Islands Council Opposes Proposed Kingston Zoning By-Law Amendment

Frontenac Islands Council has opposed the application for a zoning by-law amendment made by 1178308 Ontario Limited to permit a 5-storey, 80 guest room hotel at 1 Queen Street until a detailed traffic assessment is completed. 1 Queen Street known as the Queen Street Dock is adjacent to the Wolfe Island ferry terminal in Kingston. Noting that the area is subject to severe traffic congestion council wants the traffic assessment to include the future growth of Wolfe Island bound and departing traffic as well as the increased traffic that could result from this re-zoning proposal.

At the present time a Wolfe Island Ferry Service Traffic Survey is underway by the Ministry of Transportation. (Traffic congestion at the Wolfe Island Ferry Terminal is on the increase, often strung out to Queen Street where increased city traffic from all directions attempts to access the Causeway to the old and new sub-divisions which have spring up in Pittsburg .

Sadly Kingston has yet to include a bridge across the Cataraqui River to ease congestion in its 10 year plan. A Public Private partnership proposal presented to the City of Kingston for a bridge and sewage pipe across the river was rejected a few years ago. )

Congratulations: Gananoque Mayor Thomas and Fire Chief Bennett presented a plaque from the Town of Gananoque to Howe Island’s Fire Chief Mike Quinn and members of the Volunteer Fire Department who had gathered in full uniform at the Howe Town Hall prior to the regular meeting of council.

The plaque acknowledges the 25th Anniversary of the Howe Island Service. “We have a great relationship of working together. You demonstrate the meaning of great friends,” Mayor Thomas said. She commended the Fire Department for their dedication and co-operation with the Town of Gananoque Fire Department. Chief Bennett also expressed his congratulations. In accepting the plaque Chief Mike Quinn acknowledged their reciprocal relationship. “Thank you for the recognition,” he said. Mayor Vanden Hoek noted the Township’s appreciation for the volunteer Fire Service.

Zoning By-Law: Bob Clark of Clark’s Consulting services presented an overview of the proposed Comprehensive Zoning By-Law at a Public meeting held prior to the regular meeting. A group of Howe islanders were present to seek clarification in a number of areas. (Differences between RR,RS1 & RS2 zones, aggregate and mineral resources zones, rural and agricultural zones etc.) After 6 years of official plan work etc. council hopes to pass the Zoning By-Law in September. Copies of the proposed by-law are available at township libraries.

In other Business:
Howe Island Road Restrictions: Council confirmed that they will have an amended version of the by-law available for public review by Aug.20th
Recycling: Frontenac Islands will issue a request for quotes for the purchase, installation and all other costs of a recycling compactor for a 40 yard container.

Livestock Damage: Payments for the loss of animals, 2 lambs, 2 ewes and 11 beef calves were approved for payment. Council meets next on Wolfe Island Sept. 8th at 7:30 p.m.

Around Town:* Many wonderful events have taken place on Wolfe Island recently. One was a Silent Art Auction / Wine & Cheese held at Wolfe Manor, a beautifully restored historic building, now one of the island’s premier B&B’s . Martha Rixten and Rod McDonald offered “The Manor” for the event organized to raise funds for Wolfe Island’s Early Years Centre.

The work of 22 local artists ( 19 from Wolfe Island) was placed around the grounds for viewing. Early Years board members catered and served at the event which raised $4,900. Rod offered tours of the Manor’s main floor.
Words heard: “Let’s do it again, incredible art, spectacular venue, beautiful, elegant”.

*Another successful event was the Bizarre Bazaar featuring handmade goods by Equadorian Artisans at The Factory (former cheese plant)

* The Eclectic Art Exhibition and Sale was another wonderful place to be. So much talent…

*Results of the Wolfe Island Family Ball (27 family teams played) Tournament: A Division Champions: The White Family. B Division Champions: The Hulton Junior Family. Bill Kyle Memorial Trophy: The Kay Greenwood Family (most sportsman like). Next year will be the tournament’s 20th year.

* The winner of the 1st Scene of the Crime short mystery story contest is Lorraine Buck "Hannibal." from Charlottetown, PEI. Buck plans to attend the Crime Writer’s Festival. Other winners both from Kingston are Nicole P. Florent “Shadows on the Wall," in second place; and Terence Cottrell, "The Seduction of Jasper Levir," in third place. The contest -- part of the Scene of the Crime Writers Festival attracted entries from across Canada.

* The annual Acacia Gold Doggy Reunion is always a sight to behold. All that gold in one place… wow. *Is anyone thinking about throwing their hat in the ring for the next municipal election. Mayor Vanden Hoek commented that there are only 3 more council meetings before the election. Time goes so quickly.*

Thanks to the Township for the extended hours at the Land Fill Site. It seems to make life so much better for cottagers and the community as a whole.*Nice to see MTO’s Terry McRae back on the job after a bout of illness..

*And speaking of illness, prayers and only good and positive thoughts go out to our own dear Fr. O’Reilly who is ill. Since visiting is limited we want him to know how much he means to the whole community and how much we miss him. God Bless You Father.

Coming Events:
1. Aug. 20,21,22 Summer Dance Camp, girls & boys, ages 4 & up (dancing, crafts, swimming, fun) Wolfe Island Community Hall 9- 4 p.m. $25 per day (6 days/$125.) Contact Jill 385-2452
2. Aug. 21st Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative Ownership Workshop, W.I. Community Hall 7-9:30 p.m. Are you interested in supporting Hearthmakers and owning asset shares of an island wind farm. For info contact Fr. Hart 547-8122 (
3. Aug. 23rd Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. events all day. Dinner St. Margaret’s Hall 6 p.m. For details:
4. Aug. 23rd W.I. Fire Dept. Golf Tournament @ W.I. Riverfront Golf Course. Dance following. Contact: Joe Taggart 385-2233
5. The Corn Maze on Wolfe Island (right off the ferry on Hwy. 95 - 3.2km) is open till October. The corn is as high as….. Great fun for all ages. Adults $ 7.00 Children $5.00 For more information call(613) 385-1998

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July 27, 2003
More About July Council Meeting

More About the July Frontenac Islands Council Meeting

Along with passing the 2003 budget (The Heritage July 30th) Frontenac Islands Council at their July meeting authorized the Memorandum of Understanding with the Province of Ontario and Frontenac County for a new Howe Island ferry subject to provincial approval and with certain conditions. A primary condition, the continued Provincial County Ferry funding commitment as in the past as well as all costs associated with maintenance, repair, capital replacement parts, etc.
Since then, while it seemed that Kingston City Council would not vote for a “bump–up” request for a detailed environmental assessment for the proposed bridge to serve Howe Island in the long term, IT HAS which came as no surprise to Deputy Mayor Pat Norris. (The Ministry of the Enviroment had withdrawn its bump–up request.)

Zoning By-Law: A request for a zoning bylaw amendment to rebuild a boathouse on Howe Island and add a second storey returned to council for a decision. Paul Beseau, a resident continues to object the approval of the application. “The By-law should restrict the square footage of the dwelling and require a registration of the Site Plan Agreement,” he said. Mr. Michael Hickey representing the Murray’s stated he had no problem with the latter two requirements. Council amended the By-law to include a square footage restriction and the registration of a site plan.

Road Restrictions: Howe Island residents were present to speak in opposition to a By-law (read a first and second time) to impose load limits on certain Howe Island roads. They were Wm. Gravely, Mrs. H. Lippert, C. Lippert, Mr. & Mrs. F. Huebel, J. Kaljian and Ms. K. Samuels. Council received letters of objection from Pauline and Clifford Snyder, Norm & Jane Vincent, Peter and Richard Cliffe and G. Hobbs. It is their view that restricting road use to two axle vehicles will prevent farm equipment and service vehicles from using the roads and they oppose year round load restrictions. There was much discussion regarding seasonal and full use roads, the historical use of the road as a farm road, road maintenance etc. Council agreed to review the by-law and to have an amended version available for public review by August 20th . Residents feel they are ill informed about such issues and want better communication with council.

Manco Recycling: Barry Weaver presented the first results of the recycling audit performed by Manco Recycling. He noted that much more could be done on the islands noting a community awareness program could increase recycling. Composting should be considered as well as the implementation of a voluntary blue box system.

Emergency Medical Services: Frontenac County Deputy Clerk Catherine Erikson and Shawn Carby Frontenac County Director of Emergency Services made a presentation concerning GIS Mapping and GEO Smart Funding. Council passed a resolution supporting both EMS requirements, GIS information sharing and a central GIS system to house the information as well as the Frontenac County GeoSmart application for a strategic plan. Council meets next on Howe Island Aug. 11th.

Around Town: *Work proceeds at the Big Sandy Bay Conservation area. A 50-car fenced parking lot is complete. The 3rd line has been extended by a few 650 feet. A walk through gate is in place. Signs, no trespassing, etc, are next. Two staff and volunteers are on site. * The W.I. Music Festival Aug. 9th will be held at the Community Centre Grounds up from the General Wolfe Dock. Music ( The Rheostatics, By Divine Right; Matt Barber & the Union Dues; Beef; Buck Jones; R.W.J. Band; The Buzz) begins at 5 p.m..*The W.I. Medical Clinic is temporality closed until another doctor is found. A very trying time for Islanders who rely on the clinic, particularly many seniors. *A very successful Golf Clinic for Kids &Teens was held at the Alston Moor Links in conjunction with Riverfront Golf Course. Its amazing to see the numbers of golfers boarding the ferry for the island. Where are you Bud? * Congratulations to Dawn Wallace whose digital film about the effects of prolonged sitting is going into production. Volunteers needed. * W.I. Fire Chief James White, announced that Morgan Merotta was the 50/50 draw winner and gave back half of her winnings to the Fire Dept. The $750 went toward the cost of the new breathing apparatus. Regarding the Golf Tournament and dinner Chief White encourages those who do not play golf to come for the dance ($15.00 per person). Contact Joe Taggart, 385-2233. *Busy Days, Busy Weekends, lots of events, full ferry, many ambulance calls. * Frontenac County passed a resolution supporting the on-going effort to bring wind power to Wolfe Island.*I’ve always said the Wolfe Island ferry is one of Kingston’s greatest tourist attractions. Last Saturday The Whig’s Greg Berliuk said it too adding, “and it’s free to boot”. While we want tourists, we certainly need improved transportation. Let’s hope the recent survey proves it.*Can’t help wondering how the debate between Frontenac County and Kingston will work out. More importantly what would a re-negotiation of the arrangement mean for us financially? More about that next time. * Congratulations to the island’s emergency services, ambulance and fire, the OPP and all those who in a concerted effort found and assisted the 3 young women lost on the island.

Coming Events
1. Aug. 7 Artisans Silent Auction /Wine & Cheese 7-10 p.m. at Wolfe Manor. In support of Early Years Centre Call: 385-1589
2. Aug 9 Howe Island’s Summer Steak Fry Dinner Contact Carol Dwyre 542-3217
3. Aug. 9 W.I. Music Festival at the Community Centre Grounds Advance Tickets: $7 At the gate $10:00 Music begins at 5 pm. Contact Sara 385-1562 Tickets: Fargo’s, Mosier’s also at Zap Records, The Grad Club in Kingston.
4. Aug.13,14,15 & 20,21,22 Summer Dance Camp, girls & boys, ages 4 & up (dancing, crafts, swimming, fun) Wolfe Island Community Hall 9- 4 p.m. $25 per day (6 days/$125.) Contact Jill 385-2452
5. Aug. 16th The Wolfe Island Horse Association “Family Western Horse Show” at the Community Centre Grounds 9:30 a.m. Contact Kevin Hulton 385-2480
6. Aug. 16th W.I. United Church Pork Barbecue. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
7. Aug. 23rd Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. events all day. Dinner St. Margaret’s Hall 6 p.m. For details: www.
8. Aug. 23rd W.I. Fire Dept. Golf Tournament @ W.I. Riverfront Golf Course. Dance following. Contact: Joe Taggart 385-2233

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July 22, 2003
Frontenac Islands Passes 2003 Budget

Frontenac Islands Council approved the 2003 By-law to levy taxes at their July regular meeting. For Wolfe Island the total taxes to be raised is $1,465,683 million ($1,303,000 in 2002) residential/ commercial/industrial/farmlands of which $530,000 is area rated to Wolfe (roads, Simcoe ferry, fire), $133,707 is the Frontenac Islands levy for joint services (e.g. police/administration). The payment to Frontenac County is $370,551 and to the province for education $431,239.

For Howe the figures are $744,157 ($616,000 in 2002) residential/commercial/farmlands split $170,775 local, $86,856 joint services, $240,710 for Frontenac County and $245,817 for education. Wolfe Island has reduced its draw on the remainder of the road reserve from $200,000 in previous years to $100,000 this year leaving $692,000 in the fund, which means a smaller tax decrease than Howe Island. At that rate the fund could last 6 plus more years. Howe Island will spend $60,000 more on roads for paving.

However the effect of the budget on individual properties (waterfront/inland) will be quite different. The mill rates as a result of the budget and assessment charges have changed. For Howe the rate is down 5.3% and for Wolfe 5.1%. This means that if your property assessment dropped or remained the same, your tax bill will be lower. However for the many who have seen property assessment increases (especially waterfront) this will not be the case, and your tax bill will be larger.

Howe Island residents will continue to pay a $90.00 per household special levy for garbage. The special $40.00 per assessment for community development and transportation enhancement continues on Wolfe Island not including Simcoe Island. An area rated $200. Per household levy for a Simcoe Island Ferry pass has been put in place. Howe Island residents continue to purchase annual passes/tickets for the County Ferry and the Township ferry.
Next time much more about the July Council meeting.

Wolfe Island Host Families Needed For Canada World Youth Exchange Program
Canada World Youth is looking for Wolfe Island families to host 4 youth from Canada, Mozambique and South Africa from September 2nd to December 5th in a CWY exchange. CWY is a national, non-governmental organization, which has coordinated international educational exchanges for youth since 1971.

In Kingston as the host community nine Canadian youth, 17 -21 will join nine young people from Mozambique and South Africa. Paired, they will live in host families and volunteer three days a week in work placements. On Wolfe Island the students will fulfill job placements at Marysville Public School and at the Outdoor Education Program- Sacred Heart School.

" We need Wolfe Island host families because it is important for the youth working on the island to live on the island with local residents,” according to Wayne Greenway, CWY project supervisor. " This is important for both the participants and their hosts,” he said.

Greenway noted that if the 12-week period is too long for host families, the time could be cut to 6 weeks with other families picking up the last 6 weeks with the students. "What 's important," he said, "is that youth are not considered guests but are integrated into the family assuming every day tasks in an environment where everyone gains. We need two or four Island families willing to welcome them into their homes."

Following their time in the Kingston-Wolfe Island area, the eighteen member team will travel to Mozambique where they will contribute an equivalent 5000 hours of volunteer work during a further three month period. Willing to Host? Contact Canada World Youth Project Supervisor Wayne Greenway at 541-5010, ext. 4666. It’s Urgent

The Wolfe Island Classic:
The Wolfe Island Classic at 22years is the Kingston area’s oldest running race, a 5k run or walk/ 10 k run. This year the race increased in numbers by 56 per cent from last year, to a new high of 420 participants. The Wolfe Island ferry was filled to near capacity with the runners boarding the 8:30 a.m. ferry trip from Kingston for the race. Doug Knowles organizer of the first race in 1981 was this year’s official starter. He also ran the 10 k course finishing best in his age category.

A major sponsor, The Running Room had experienced and new runners registered for the race. Sportstats recorded the official results. The W.I. Ambulance and the OPP were on hand.

The course follows a challenging route along the north Shore of Wolfe Island overlooking Kingston ending at the home of Pat Downing and Tom St. Laurent. There, water, drinks, fruit, and bagels were offered to the participants, many of who cooled off by jumping into the lake. The Acacia Gold new puppies were a source of delight for the runners waiting for the presentation of prizes. It was a hot day. It is a tough course. Great people. Volunteers came out in droves to assist Race Coordinators Sandy Hunter and Barb Theman. All proceeds will be used to promote tourism on Wolfe Island.
Congratulations to Mayor Jim for running the 10k and losing by only 3 minutes to his challenger Stella Couban. Not too bad for, dare I say, an old guy.

High School Graduates. Recently I named one graduating student, who in spite of adversity had accomplished much. I named no others. Every year I do acknowledge the recipient of the Baker Award (a made on Wolfe Island Award) presented to a Regiopolis Notre Dame High School graduating student. The double cohort meant Sara White graduating from Grade 12 and Brad Quist, an OAC graduate both received the award. Other Regi grade 12 graduating students included Kerri Lynn McAllister, Jenn Ogilvie, Kaitlin Woodman, and OAC students Alex McLaren and Katie McDonald. KCVI graduates include Erica Posthumus, Andrew Vanden Hoek, Matt Kane, Michael De Ruiter, and Megan Van Noten. Many were the recipients of very significant awards and scholarships. Most are going on to University or College. Congratulations to All. And to the students who crammed 5 years into 4, you are this year’s heroes. Have I missed anyone?

Coming Events
1. Aug. 2-3 Eclectic Palette Art Show, W.I. Community Hall 10-5p.m.
2. Aug.2, 3,4 Bizarre Bazaar 9-5p.m. W.I. Business Centre Hwy. 96
3. Aug. 2nd Trinity Anglican Bake Sale 11 –1p.m.
4. Aug. 7 Artisans Silent Auction /Wine & Cheese 7-10 p.m. Wolfe Manor
5. Aug 9 Howe Island’s Summer Steak Fry Dinner Contact Carol Dwyre 542-3217
6. Aug. 9 W.I. Music Festival Contact Sara 385-1562

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July 15, 2003
Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

More than 100 Howe Islanders gathered to hear the options proposed for the County ferry which had been outlined to Frontenac Islands council at their regular June meeting. Mayor Vanden Hoek reminded them that they had asked council to look at ways of improving the County ferry service.
“We referred the request to the County who in turn asked MTO to come up with options and they did. The ferry service is 80% supported by the province. The remaining 20% is through fares and passes,” he said. (The province also covers fuel costs and ferry maintenance.) “We need to hear from the people and make a decision now before the ferry’s 5-year maintenance in September. This whole issue is on a fast track."

Two ferries currently serve Howe Island, the County ferry and the Township owned & operated single cable ferry at the east end of Howe presently out of service for repairs. A Howe Island Bridge EA has been filed but major challenges still exist.

Kam Technology engineer, Kevin Yik presented a detailed outline of the options. The first to lengthen the ferry to 15 cars (32 tons truck load capacity) estimated at $385,000 or a ferry conversion to 15 cars but with a 45 tons truckload capacity estimated at $535,000. And, thirdly a new 15-car cable ferry, estimated at $1,518,000 if built in Ontario suitable for a 45-tons truckload with a gross tonnage of about 128. The projected life span of extending the current 25-year-old ferry is 25 years. The lifespan of a new ferry would be 50 years. Frustration was expressed because residents didn’t have the information in hand before the meeting.

Frontenac County CEO Elizabeth Fulton summarized the Allan& Partners Inc. report outlining possible combinations of service improvements and impacts on residential taxpayers.- costs were annualized at 6% over 20 years.—and the taxes were based on assessment data not on population or number of properties. The report also addresses fare increases. Mayor Vanden Hoek fielded questions relating to costs, fare increases, property assessment and taxes noting that both reports were available at the Township Office.

And speaking of Ferries: Marine Surveyor Jonathon Watson was there to present a further update on the Township ferry. “You never know what to expect with an old ferry. We have encountered some problems. The old plating just won’t take a weld and must be replaced.” He estimated that the ferry would be delayed a further 4 weeks.

A Major Council Decision On June 25th Council met again to decide what was the right option for improved ferry service to Howe Island based on public comment and the reports they had received. It was noted that the population (496 permanent residents 2001 census) of the island has grown 300% since the installation of the present service in 1974 causing long line-ups with low water conditions causing truck-loading restrictions. In their resolution Council requested Frontenac County to initiate a vessel replacement program with the Province for a new 15 car ferry (noted as option 3 in the report commissioned by MTO). Howe Island Ward is prepared to commit $570,000 based on continued global provincial funding (2003 dollars) adjusted annually. They will meet the commitment through a combination of tax adjustments and subsidy transfer from the Township Ferry to the County ferry.
So there you have it. Quite a decision.
Council next meets on Wolfe Island July 14th 7:30 p.m. to adopt the 2003 budget.

Around Town: * Sunday Mass Sacred Heart Church 9 am for the summer *Open Houses both from 4-8 p.m. Sacred Heart School July 8th, Howe Parish Hall. July 10th to review draft of the new Zoning By-law and implement the Official Plan * Congratulations to Howe Island Fire & Rescue 25th Anniversary. * How sad Howe Island lost the historic Nokomis Lodge to fire.* WI Land Fill site open Sunday’s, July & August.*Amazing response to the golf course on Wolfe Island. The breeze off the river keeps it cool, the view makes it beautiful. * Our Man about Town Ken Keyes once again is out seeing to the hanging flower baskets, also decorated with flags for Canada Day and is not too proud to pick up the trash others leave behind. As always, Thanks Ken. * The Island’s wonderful strawberry season is in full swing. *Congratulations to our W.I. graduating High School students. * Special congratulations to Miriam, 18, daughter of Abeda & Gilliani Ghiacy who has been accepted into Queens (Commerce). She is the recipient of many awards. The family fled Afghanistan 5 years ago and became Canadian Citizens in 2001.

*A recent editorial in The Whig suggested if golf and tourism generally take off on the island, Islanders will have to decide whether they really want change and if they do what about transportation?
Islanders know that unless Kingston gets its transportation act together particularly regarding a bridge over the Cataraqui River and there is a change in attitude by the former Pittsburg Township about a bridge from Wolfe Island or a ferry running into their former township, improved Island transportation doesn’t stand a chance. The shorter ferry route option into Kingston with the ferry operating on demand from the winter dock does not have the full support of either Islanders or down town Kingston for that matter since the ferry at its present location is a free Kingston tourist attraction during peak seasons. As it stands, the Howe Island Ward of Frontenac Islands made a decision about their long-term transportation needs (a bridge) and about their immediate needs, (a new ferry). As we faces long line-ups, an overfull ferry beyond the peak seasons, steady new construction and population increases, and new tourism opportunities, isn’t it time for Wolfe Island to do the same? With an election coming, is it time to put the question?

Coming Events:
1. Aug. 2-3 Eclectic Palette Art Show ,W.I. Community Hall 10-5p.m.
2. Aug.2, 3,4 Bizarre Bazaar 9-5p.m. W.I. Business Centre Hwy. 96
3. Aug. 2nd Trinity Anglican Bake Sale 11 –1p.m.
4. Aug. 7 Artisans Silent Auction /Wine & Cheese 7-10 p.m. Wolfe Manor in support of Early Years Program
5. Aug 9 Howe Island St. Philomena Parish Council Summer Steak Fry. Dinner 6-8 p.m. Tickets Parish Council members. Contact Carol Dwyre 542-3217
6. Aug. 9 Music Festival General Wolfe Hotel Dock. Contact Sara 385-1562

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June 13, 2003
Howe Island Councillors Favour Bridge over Ferry

The Howe Island County cable ferry was the topic of discussion at the Frontenac Islands Council meeting. The County ferry owned by the ministry of Transportation and operated by Frontenac County is due its 5- year maintenance in September. Ms. Elizabeth Fulton Frontenac County CEO and MTO’s Marine Supervisor Roger Harrison were present to outline different options, financing, and technical issues that could be considered at the same time. Fulton presented a report titled “Howe Island Ferry Project prepared by Allan & Partners Inc. The study reviewed Howe Island’s current level of ferry service and the sources of revenue supporting it, determining if any revenues might be redirected to improve the ferry or replace it, provide funding options and a preferred course of action for its improvement or replacement. .The options presented range from doing nothing (except regular maintenance) to lengthening the present ferry to accommodate 15 cars or building a new 15-car ferry. Based on a study prepared by KAM Technology Harrison provided council with specifications and estimated costs including upgrades, lengthening it or constructing a new ferry. For the latter option MTO would apply the 5-year maintenance funds and borrow the balance from the Province at a low interest rate.
Neither Deputy Mayor Pat Norris nor Councillor Mike Garrah expressed any enthusiasm for any of the options. They are committed to a Bridge at the Narrows and the EA presently in progress in support of a bridge. Council plan to hold a public meeting June 24th , 7:30 pm on Howe at the Parish Hall to outline the options and following that, meet with MTO on June 26th.
And speaking of Ferries: Marine Engineer Jonathon Watson reported on Howe’s Township Ferry refit. Work is progressing well. The ferry returns to the water ready to sail June 24th. Council will expend extra funds to have the deck sandblasted and painted, items not included in the original estimate. The ferry will be launched in Kingston, then towed to Howe Island.
Zoning Bylaw amendment: The Murray’s with property adjacent to the Howe Island County ferry are seeking a zoning bylaw amendment to rebuild a boathouse and add a second story for residential use as a parental flat. The Mayor declared open a public meeting to consider the proposed amendment. The current bylaw calls for residences to be 30 metres from the shore. A citizen, Paul Besseau opposed the amendment noting the old boathouse did not have living quarters and the new building would be larger. The proponent said a second residence is allowed on agricultural property. Bob Clark of Clark Consulting pointed out that if the amendment were approved it could be appealed to the OMB. Council will request opinions from various agencies particularly the Coast Guard,
The Greater Kingston Trade Winds project. Rev. Brian Hart of Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative, and Samit Sharma Gaia Power along with Frontenac County Economic Development Officer Brian Ritchie presented Council with an update on the progress of the Greater Kingston Tradewinds Project and the proposed Wind Farm Cooperative for Wolfe Island. Hearthmakers expects to complete the feasibility study for the project by the end of August, then further update Council. The main hurdle is the connection to Kingston. ( 2 Kingston PUC and 2Hydro One connection points available). An application has been made to an Independent Market Operator for a license to supply power. A study is underway on the use of power in Kingston’s public buildings. An anemometer will be erected on Wolfe Island to measure the winds. Mayor Vanden Hoek wondered about the benefits to the island beyond some property taxes. Fr. Hart said that with a cooperative residents and /or the municipality could own shares and benefit from the sale of wind power noting that the Township could use its influence to have Government properties purchase windpower generated electricity.
Community Foundation: Glynis Elliot was present to further discuss her desire for a Howe Island Community Foundation noting receipt of information from the Township’s legal council. She had also discussed an option with the Greater Kingston Community Foundation which could take donations specified for particular purposes on Howe Island, invest the monies and pay out the interest earned less a small administrative fee. (Wolfe Island receives some funds through the Kingston Foundation for specified uses.) Mayor Vanden Hoek encouraged Ms. Elliot to proceed in that direction for Howe Island.
In other business: A letter of intent will be sent to Bell Canada 911 Emergency Services to confirm Frontenac Islands intent to establish a 911 Public Emergency Reporting Service (PERS), an enhanced 911 locating system.
Frontenac Islands will express concerns over low water levels on the St. Lawrence and its effects on ferry operations to the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control.
W.I. Roads Department full time employees (not including the Road Superintendent and Foreman) will receive a 50 cent per hour wage increase in addition to the previously awarded 1% increase for 2003.
Discussion arose about a possible bylaw specifically for Howe Island regarding load limits but which could be applied elsewhere. The idea being to restrict the number of axles for specific roads to prevent major damage when the roads are soft.
Council reviewed a letter regarding the W.I. ferry service (washrooms, line-up’s, signage, etc) .Mayor Vanden Hoek noted that the island’s traffic problems are under consideration. The township is researching a bylaw which would make it illegal to leave a vehicle unattended during ferry loading. Once drafted it will be referred to the township lawyer. Council meets July 14th on Wolfe Island
Around Town: *The Broadway Musical “42nd street comes to Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart School July 3rd with performances at 2 pm and 8 pm. Musical Director Robert Graham notes that since the original performances at the Grand the musical is now “on tour”. Tickets are available at Ernie’s and Mosier’s. Call Robert at 385-1868 *Congratulations to the McCready’s, Sandy, Eldon and Ward on the opening of the Wolfe Island Riverfront Golf course. We have watched in admiration. * Watch for Liz & Cindy’s 2nd “Bizarre Bazaar” coming up in August.
Coming Events:
1. June 24th Sacred Heart School Grade 8 Graduation
2. June 25th Youth Baseball begins. Call Kim Hulton 385-2517
3. June 28th W.I Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Bass Derby
4. June 29th Strawberry Social at St. Margaret’s Hall 11:30-1 pm Call Pearl Niles 385-2254

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