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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

December 30, 2004
Frontenac Islands in 2004

Did anything happen during the year 2004 of any real significance to the people of Wolfe and Howe Islands? In fact there were a number.

Howe Island has a new ferry. While there are some technical difficulties which need to be dealt with the ferry is a tremendous asset to the island cutting waiting times and making island living much easier for the residents. But in spite of a new ferry Deputy Mayor Pat Norris insists that the island’s plans for a bridge at the Narrows will continue as the only permanent solution for Howe Island transportation.

On Wolfe Island a natural treasure, Big Sandy Bay, was officially opened by Municipal Council for islanders and the public as a conservation area. Big Sandy Bay is a 404 hectare beach/ dune environmentally sensitive area with a coastal ecology rare in Ontario with many unusual birds trees and rare plants.

The sand beach/dune complex ( as it is described) can now be reached by paying a fee and walking a 1.3km long trail into the magnificent site. The province bought the property in 1967 and it was managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources since 1975.

A further 57 hectares was added in 2000 through the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture Program with a number of agencies including MNR which gave over the management of the entire area to the Township of Frontenac Islands in 2003.

The township has many plans for the area including making it more accessible for ambulance services.

Also on Wolfe Island much has been done at the Landfill Site to lengthen its lifespan. Recycling of all kinds of materials (glass, plastic, paper) is happening with compacting of plastic and cardboard as a further space and money saver. Many more islanders are participating.

The relationship between the Ministry of Transportation, Frontenac County and Frontenac Islands is at a new high with communication and co-operation the order of the day. Simcoe Island has rebuilt ferry. Howe Island has a new ferry.

MTO Regional Director Kathie Moore recently acknowledged Mayor Vanden Hoek’s letter proposing short and long-term solutions regarding Wolfe Island’s ferry service. She indicated consideration had been given to a passenger boat while the Frontenac II was in service but instead MTO established a 5 am run which certainly alleviated some of the early morning commuter crunch. One can only have high praise for the crews who worked diligently to get the full complement of cars on the Frontenac, (The Wolfe Islander returned in time for Christmas).

Ms Moore noted with respect to long term ferry service capacity that MTO has completed a Ferry Service Traffic Study and plans are moving forward to assess the feasibility of lengthening the existing ferry.

She goes on to say that the information from both those studies will greatly assist in making decisions with respect to undertaking a full environmental assessment study regarding capacity improvement to the Wolfe Island ferry service.

What that probably means, although I don’t know for certain, is that MTO will determine whether lengthening the Wolfe Islander and making all the changes required for the ferry to dock (Marshalling, road changes, traffic lights, waiting room, land acquisition etc. etc.) in Marysville are possible before doing a full capacity improvement EA which might include other options.

Wind Power was big news on Wolfe Island throughout 2004 as CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) and GAIA Power went about acquiring more land options and zoning approvals and continued with environmental screening requirements. Both companies submitted bids in the province’s first round to purchase alternative energy but did not make the cut.

In a recent message from CREC, Ian Baines notes that while their bid was not a winner a second RFP is anticipated as early as January. “Our proposal though technically and financially complete suffered the disadvantage of a high cost underwater connection to the mainland and the final decision on what will be built was based on cost. CREC has spent more than $1 million to date on the Wolfe Island development and will continue its island focus and try to find ways to offset the transmission disadvantage.” Baines said. GAIA Power has also indicated their intention to re-bid their project.

Historic Hitchcock House and Woodman House have been sold to American families. Hi-Low Hickory campground closed, due to among other things, the costs involved in the new very stringent water regulations. A number of new homes and cottage conversions happened on the islands.

Frontenac Islands was the scene of many successful events and festivals including “The Scene of the Crime” which brings well known mystery authors to the island for readings and workshops and island hospitality; an Art in the Garden Tour; the annual Music Festival; the annual 5k-10k Run (400 runners this year); the Bizarre Bazaar; Plowing Match; Horse Shows; Santa Clause Parade, church suppers, pumpkin weigh-in’s among others..

The Stone Heron Art Gallery opened for the summer in the Wolfe Island Community Hall next door to the Summer Dock Studio.

Some 10,000 visitors passed through the doors of Wolfe Island’s Information Centre. Many others passed through on their way to the US via Horne’s Ferry. The island populations doubled as cottagers returned. The Island Grill has become a very popular place. The Wolfe Island Business Centre continues to look for tenants.

So What’s Coming Up You Ask?

Why not celebrate winter at the annual Wolfe Island CHILI Fest on Saturday, February 5th.
The Chili contest runs from 1 to 5 PM. with fun for the whole family. Bring skates (weather permitting). Sleigh rides, maybe some hockey and other fun activities are all part of the event.

According to the Chili Fest committee, “the goal is to make a little chili, taste a little chili, and have a whole lot of fun regardless of how chilly it might be outside.”

Chefs from across the island vie for the title of best chili cook. Recipes include fire-engine hot to wild-game, vegetarian and bison chili. There are hot dogs for the less adventurous and the ever popular wolfe-tails (deep-fried sugary goodness). All proceeds go to provide funds for recreation facilities on the island.

Coming Events:
1. Weekly Euchre begins at St. Margaret’s Hall Mon. Jan. 10th at 7 p.m.
2. Community Euchre continues at the U.C. Hall Thursdays at 8 p.m.
3. Wolfe Island’s Chili Fest Sat. Feb. 5th begins at 1p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:08 AM
December 19, 2004
Wolfe Island has Great Weather to Greet Santa

Beautiful weather was the order of the day for Wolfe Island’s annual Santa Clause parade sponsored by the Wolfe Island Volunteer Fire Department.

More than a dozen floats, (many horse drawn) including vintage cars and farm vehicles decorated by Island businesses, services and families wended their way from the Wolfe Island Fire Hall through Marysville and back to the hall where hot dogs and hot chocolate were available to all in attendance.

The W.I Dancing group, Marysville Public School and Pyke Farms llamas were also part of the parade as were the Fire Department vehicles and the ambulance.

The parade was led by the ROC Pipe Band, kilts, bare knees and all. Of course Santa ended the parade, waving, greeting and HO HO HO’ing to a large, happy crowd of spectators and excited children who eagerly gathered up the candy thrown to them from the passing parade members.

An added feature of this year’s parade was the collection of toys for needy children by Frontenac County Paramedic Services, (a volunteer service on Wolfe Island) who along with other paramedic services in the county are supporting the CHUM Radio Christmas toys for kids program.

Wolfe Island's Santa Clause parade is a real example of small community closeness and just keeps getting better from year to year.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:25 AM
December 16, 2004
Wind Farm Not a Windfall for Township

Frontenac Islands is continuing its overview of the wind farm projects in the planning stages by CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) and GAIA Power, their advantages and disadvantages to the township. Bob Clark of Clark Consulting Services was present at the December council meeting to review the Wind Farm Economic Impact analysis.

Clark found that the CREC estimates of tax revenue were excessively high This was due to CREC using full value assessment values while provincial restrictions have capped assessment at $40,000 per megawatt for wind towers and, Clark also noted an error in their calculations.

CREC estimated some $18,000 tax revenue (1.8MW) per turbine while the township figures are $485 per turbine. Clark said that the Township’s calculations are correct. Thus based on 80 turbines the actual tax revenue would be some $40,000 rather than the CREC calculation of $1.5million.

He also noted that there are many schools of thought as to whether wind farms are a net gain to a community or if health, environmental and social impacts exceed the benefits of wind turbines.

“What we have are two applications, you can defer, turn them down or proceed with the applications. Council needs to meet and have a discussion with the applicants in order to address certain concerns related to the process,” he said.

He recommends that all concerned agencies, ministries and the public review the development proposals and applications for a 30 day period and that council convene a public information meeting.

There followed a discussion about revenue streams, possible land value increases where turbines are located, the island’s low industrial tax and assessment rates and the official plan amendment process.

Good Financial Statements for 2003: Brent J. Burns CA presented his review of the accounts of the Township of Frontenac Islands commending staff and council that, as in 2002, the township ended 2003 in a healthy financial position with operating expenditures well within budget and total revenues exceeding budget.

Burns encouraged council to develop a long term capital plan which would project capital expenditures and proposed financing for at least the next 5-years. He also suggested the establishment of a treasury account as well as an investment policy and noted that tax arrears which remain high should be dealt with. Burns noted that tax receivables were up, with accounts receivable much the same as in 2002. He also noted that the estimated closure costs for the landfill site are up. Other major expenses included new tile drain, ferry hull repair and Big Sandy Bay much of which was offset by grants. Any area rated surpluses went into reserves to cover any area rated department deficits in the future.

Fire Hall for Howe Island: Fire Chief Mike Quinn is not happy with the process that has unfolded regarding a new fire hall infrastructure funding application noting that the Fire Service committee made a presentation to council on July 12th. “We celebrated that council viewed it as a high priority project and would proceed with an application and passed a resolution to go forward.”

Quinn said that after that however the application process did not do forward as a result of direction from a ministry. Quinn believes that based on the work of the volunteer committee they should have been formally notified that the process was taking a different direction.

Mayor Vanden Hoek in accepting the criticism noted that in the future council should not meet with groups “until the information comes in and the rules are out” but also said there has been no attempt by council to block the application but a telephone call following the AMO conference indicated the application would go no where based on the COMRIF criteria.

Chief Quinn is anxious to work cooperatively with the township but insists there needs to be better communication. Later in the meeting mayor said that the COMRIF criteria now lists Health & Safety and he is prepared to ask if that could mean revisiting Howe Island Fire Hall request.

In Other Business: After some discussion and some fine tuning, Council passed a By-Law to adopt a hiring policy.
Frontenac Islands will enter into an agreement with Frontenac County to lease space to the Frontenac Paramedic Services in Wolfe Island Emergency Services building.
Council adopted 2005 Howe Island ferry fees. ( Pass $280.One way trip $2.00) with a 10% discount for those 65 years and older. Complete cost schedule available.
Council wants the County to provide council with the results of periodic fare collection audits to eliminate fare shrinkage and to ensure fare collection on the County ferry.
An MOU with the county will address the distribution and collection of 2005 fares.
Another MOU with the township, the county and MTO will see the Howe Township ferry out of service for 3 months commencing Jan. 1-March 31,2005.
Mayor Vanden Hoek agreed with Councillors’ Norris and Hobbs that if the county does not meet its budgeted ferry revenues and shrinkage occurs it could be a problem for the township.
Council will ask MTO to allow delivery of diesel and furnace oil on regular Howe Island ferry trips including those carrying vehicles.
A $50. Christmas bonus approved for permanent staff and $25. for part time employees.

In other business: Councillor Grant noted need for step at Simcoe Island ferry. He also spoke of insecurity of landowners regarding canal project at this time.
Council supported resolutions from other municipalities related to gas tax revenues; a deposit system for all metal, glass,plastic beverage containers; and dairy herd improvement funding.

Around Town: *Sacred Heart School Senior Boys (all of them) Volley Ball team won the B division championship in the Algonquin& Lakeshore Catholic District School Board *It was a beautiful day for a wonderful Chrismas Parade (check * CREC has installed 6 anemometers on the CKWS tower to further measure wind.

Coming Events:
1. Sacred Heart of Mary Church Services Christmas Eve 5:00 p.m., Christmas Day 10:00 a.m.; New Year’s Eve 5:00 p.m. New Year’s Day 10:00 a.m.
2. No Sunday Service at the Wolfe Island United Church on Sunday Dec. 26th
3. New Year’s Eve at The Island Grill Tickets $40 ea (incl. taxes and gratuity) Smoke free dining till 10 pm. Call 385-2157 email to reserve. Ask about Party to follow.
4. Wolfe Island’s CHILIFEST will be held Saturday Feb.5th. A Wonderful Community Celebration.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:01 AM
December 02, 2004
Wolfe Island Eliminated from First Round

Although Wolfe Island was touted as the ideal location for wind farms when the words, “clean renewable energy” began to be heard across the province, it was not one of the 10 locations given the go-ahead to provide power in the Ontario Government’s FIRST Request for Proposals. (RFP)

The government issued its request to provide 300 megawatts of renewable energy in June of 2003 to be available no later than 2007. Neither Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) nor GAIA Power received a thumbs-up for their proposed Wolfe Island wind farm projects in this first round.

GAIA Power’s Samit Sharma said that the cost of a transmission line which would increase the cost of per kilowatt energy was probably the reason for Wolfe Island being left out. “Ours was a good project,” he said. “We had completed all the permits, and so on but in an RFP process the lowest price is the winner. But Wolfe Island is still a good site. It has a connection to the Gardner Station in Kingston and we will bid again in the next round of RFP.

Sharma noted that when one looks at the transmission lines and all the infra structure costs required the project cost was more than what was in the RFP as compared with other successful wind projects close to transmission stations. “So a project on Wolfe Island is not competing with other Wolfe Island projects but with projects elsewhere in Ontario and we want to make sure we are price comparative to be successful,” he said.

While Sharma is disappointed he said, “that is the nature of things. We hope for the next RFP we are better prepared. Both CREC and GAIA Power have spent a lot of money on the projects so this first round definitely impacts both of us.”

According to Sharma the way the process was directed it prevented both companies from working together because of an anti collusion clause but he hopes that in the next round there will be relaxation in the rules in terms of the proponents working together since there are interconnection costs and certain common problems that could be shared. “We are hoping to secure a contract with either the Ontario Government or large users of electricity but there are elements (transmission lines, logistics) unique to the island projects. Projects on the mainland are able to put a better price forward but one way or another we will work hard to have an island project in place.”

It is anticipated that that there will be a second RFP early in the new year. The province received 41 proposals this round for 1100 mega watts and approved 10, five of which are wind farms. There are presently no wind farms on Lake Ontario.

Frontenac Islands Mayor Vanden Hoek when contacted noted that the proposed island wind farm projects have different problems primarily the transmission lines across the water which increase overall costs and the price per kilowatt. However he expects based on the work already done, the proponents will continue in their efforts.

Opposition to Big Sandy Bay Development: Frontenac Islands is in receipt of a formal letter addressed to Mayor Vanden Hoek and signed by island resident Claire Muller which cites concerns regarding the Big Sandy Bay development process.

Muller claims that the development of the Bay goes against the stated objectives of the Ministry of Natural Resources. She raises concerns about increasing disturbance to wild-life, litter, collection of fees, etc and about the stress on the ferry because of the traffic coming to Big Sandy Bay resulting in long line ups and excessive waiting times.

Muller is calling upon the township to listen to the concerns of islanders and to present the public assessments from the Big Sandy Bay Development partners naming Ducks Unlimited, MNR, Nature Conservancy and the Canadian Wildlife Service. The letter will come up at the December meeting of Council.

New WIBTA Executive: The Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association Executive includes: Pres. Cindy Day; Vice President David Colburn; Secretary Cecelia Ellis; Treasurer Linda Thomas; Directors: Linda Van Hal, Liz Crothers, Cathie Heroun.
The association wants people to be engaged in it and is holding future planning meetings to meet community needs.

Christmas Initiative: Nine year old Katie Norris, daughter of Clair& Paul Norris, Howe Island, heard about the 96.3JoeFM “Clothes for Kids Campaign and took it upon herself to do something on her own. She made, painted, and sold Christmas ornaments sending out her own ad about the ornaments to relatives, friends, neighbours etc. and in the process raised $335. Katie was able to purchase seven snow suits (sizes 6 months to 12).to be distributed to those in need. Congratulations Katie.

Around Town: * A joyful Ecumenical Advent Service was held at the W.I. United Church bringing together members of the 3 island congregations. *It seems as if the 5am ferry has indeed alleviated some of the stress for early morning commuters to Kingston. * MTO Wolfe Island Ferry crew member Janet Gaylord is at KGH with injuries resulting from being struck by a car in Gananoque. Janet, a very lovely lady, is the mother of three and offers her time as a girl guide leader and member of the volunteer ambulance service. We wish her well.*Attendance was down for the Christmas in the Factory exhibition and sale which can be attributed to the difficulty of coming to Wolfe Island on the small ferry. The event brought together the islands many talented artists and crafts people. Beautiful work beautifully displayed. Perhaps the event could be repeated when the Wolfe Islander returns. *The Island Grill just celebrated its 1st Anniversary and continues its Friday live entertainment nights. New winter hours posted. * St. Margaret’s Guild extends thanks, appreciation and God’s blessing to all the volunteers who helped them make Trinity Anglican’s Turkey Supper such a success, a time of good food and good fellowship.

Coming Events:
1.Note changes in Service Times at Sacred Heart of Mary Church Christmas Eve 5:00 p.m., Christmas Day 10:00 a.m.; New Year’s Eve 5:00 p.m. New Year’s Day 10:00 a.m.
2.Watch for Date of Chili Fest in the New Year. Watch for Euchre Dates
3.WIBTA”s “Planning the Future” meeting (with Pizza) 5:30 p.m. Tue. Dec. 14th followed by regular WIBTA meeting (7p.m.) at the Wolfe Island United Church Hall

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:45 AM
November 18, 2004
An Extra Ferry Run Ö. Small Part of the Solution

With the Frontenac II operating from the winter dock, the difficulties arising for Wolfe Island commuters are immense. The bad news is that the Wolfe Islander III will be out of service until well into December (possible date Dec. 20th). Snow is on the way, the parking at Dawson Point is inadequate, parking along the roadside where there is a ditch is treacherous and now travellers have even begun parking out of the way on the ferry line-up side.

It is good to know that Mayor Vanden Hoek had what he termed a good meeting with MPP John Gerretsen to look for a solution suggesting the use of a private passenger boat operating from Marysville to Kingston during peak periods mornings and evenings.

At the same time many residents have begun to question why there can be no bus service at least on a trial basis at peak periods to Dawson Point.

According to the mayor, the township is in touch with MTO on a regular basis, which accounts for the step taken to ease the early morning problem by establishing a 5 a.m. ferry run on a trial basis while still maintaining the regular ferry schedule.

While the township has dealt with Howe Island and Simcoe Island ferry service improvements, the Wolfe Island ferry service remains as the greatest single issue facing the island as more and more residents work off the island. In fact the economic future of the island depends on improved transportation. But are we ready; is the province ready to find a solution that takes into consideration not just issues of capacity but time as well? Bridge, shorter route, passenger ferries, lengthened boat, the where, how and who pays???

And Speaking of Ferries: Mayor Vanden Hoek was the MC at an event to mark the arrival of the new ferry at Howe Island. Dignitaries included from the Minister of Transportation’s Office, P.A. Lalonde; MPP John Gerretsen; Kingston’s Mayor Harvey Rosen and members of Frontenac Islands Council including Pat Norris and Geoff Hobbs from the Howe Island Ward.

W.I.’s Remembrance Day Service: organized by Maureen Lawlor once again paid tribute to islanders who served in the Great Wars, Korea and in Peacekeeping and those presently serving Canada in the military.

Island clergy, Lt. Col. David Patterson, Major Bill Allen, as well as RMC cadets, children from both schools and Robert Graham offered prayer, stories, poems, music and song to the event hosted by CEO Terry O’Shea.

Frontenac Islands Council Information: Councillor Jim Calvin presented a briefing note on the requirement for a Safety Vehicle for the Big Sandy Bay Management area.

The BSB committee believes a better system of evacuation of medical casualties needs to be developed. It notes that while safety protocols meet the basic requirements of the BSB area it has shortfalls which pose challenges to the Volunteer Ambulance Service and suggests potential solutions (trail improvement; appropriate evacuation vehicle) recommending that the Township attempt to resolve the safety issues before the 2005 season by supporting the acquisition of a vehicle or vehicle /trailer combination, seek funding support from the Frontenac County Land Management Committee and share in the cost if an agreement can be reached for the vehicle’s use for routine duties at the BSB site.

Fuel Supplies: Tri Heat Anglin will supply all fuel supplies for the township beginning Dec. 1, 2004 to Nov. 30, 2005.

Wolfe Island Community Hall: Rental has been established at $35.00 plus a $50. Returnable cleaning deposit for community service/non profit groups and $100. rental + $50. For private functions/ users.

MTO Letter: Council discussed the letter from Peter Ginn, Operational Services Manager outlining the scope of the added work required for the Wolfe Islander (to the hull, navigation lighting system, wiring etc.) and its delayed Dec. 20th date of return to Wolfe Island.

Mayor Vanden Hoek re-iterated a positive meeting with MPP Gerretsen to alert him to the traffic problems that have arisen on the island.

Wind Farm Economic Impact Analysis: There was some discussion regarding the Clark Consulting Services Wind Farm draft report outlining minimal tax gains for the Township based on the tax relief offered by the Province of Ontario. The township’s role is to deal with Official Plan amendments with the mayor urging a slow and steady approach. The report and options will be further discussed with the consultant at their December meeting.

Road Work: A request from Howe Island for median line painting on Howe Island Drive will not happen this year but will be reviewed in the 2005 budget discussions.(Councillor Hobbs noted that quite a number of people have complained) Also Council will not waive the penalty charges for a Howe Island resident on outstanding tax bills. Next Meeting Dec. 13th Howe Island 6:30 p.m.

Around Town: Ms Cindy Day, owner of The Factory, was elected President of the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association. At the annual General meeting. * W.I. Fire Chief James White wishes to thank all those who participated in the Volunteer Fire Dept. annual golf tournament, which raised $7,000 that will be used to upgrade vehicle equipment. Chief White is also looking for you opinion on whether next year’s parade should be held in the evening since he has had inquiries. * W.I.’s Christmas Elves have been decorating Marysville. Great Job! * Congratulations to St. Lawrence View Nurseries celebrating its 10th anniversary Nov. 27th & 28 th. Wouldn’t it be great if Tom Wroe could bring his business Metal Craft to Wolfe Island. Boat Building on the island seems like a natural somehow. *Have you noticed the stone benches outside the W.I. library as promised by Shirley Gibson-Lagille?

Coming Events:
1.“Christmas at the Factory” a one day event, Saturday, Nov. 27th 10 a.m.-3p.m. features Arts& Crafts, Hockey Table, & Early Years fund raisers, etc.
2.Standard First Aid &Basic Rescuer CPR on Wolfe Island Tues., Thurs., Nov.23, 25 6-9 p.m. & Sun. Nov. 28th 9 a.m.- 4p.m.Call Perry-385-2972 or Peter 385-2428 for info & to book space.
3.Annual Ecumenical Advent Service Sun. Nov. 29th 4 pm W.I. United Church. Homilist: Fr. René Labelle.
4.W.I.’s Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Santa Clause Parade, with ROC Pipe Band Sunday Dec. 5th leaving from the Fire Hall @ 1:15 pm. A wonderful family event. Hot chocolate, hot dogs to follow..
5.Frontenac for All Seasons Photo Contest deadline Dec. 1st

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:33 AM
November 04, 2004
Flowers Make Beautiful

“Garden Buds”, an organization of women dedicated to making Howe Island beautiful was not idle while they waited for the new Frontenac Howe Islander ferry to arrive.

Instead the group began the process of creating 2 new flowerbeds on both sides of the Howe Island ferry dock planting evergreens, day lilies and roses. With the assistance of the home owner they also landscaped along the long fence up from the ferry with hydrangeas, roses, evergreens, and bushes as well as mulching in hundreds of spring bulbs all under the direction of their Special Projects co-ordinator Faye Mueller who designed it all.

An automatic watering system was installed by David Higgs, son of Assistant Director Dorothy Higgs. Dorothy noted there is still work to do there with plans underway as well for a Howe Island welcome sign and gardening work at the small ferry.

The Garden Buds with some 30 members meet monthly to share gardens and gardening information and hear guest speakers. Their Director is Shirley Burgess. A highlight was the visit of the head gardener from Kingston’s Bellevue House who arrived in period costume.

But that is not all they do according to Higgs. To carry out their projects the Garden Buds must fund raise. A Lawn Garage Sale &Bake Sale raised $1300 and bulb sales raised $1100.

The group extends a “big thank you” for all the personal donations ($1300 so far) towards the Special Ferry project. Frontenac Islands Township also donated $500. For Information call Dorothy at 548-8378.

And More About Howe Island: Members of the Howe Island Fire & Rescue Auxiliary Services are anxious for the community to be aware of their role in assisting Howe Island Fire & Rescue.

The auxiliary was established in 2001 and is an organized group of 25 plus volunteers. Under the direction of Fire Chief Mike Quinn, they assist in supporting basic health and safety needs of firefighters and the community during a larger scale emergency.

The Auxiliary has been meeting and training with the fire service on a regular basis since their establishment. Kristie French is President. For further information visit the Howe Island Fire & Rescue website at or email them at with questions or concerns.

Wolfe Island’s 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Weigh: In was another successful event in spite of the rain. First prize winners in all categories included for Biggest Pumpkin: Dave Woodman 77 ½”; Heaviest John Posthumus ~ 137 lbs; Best Colour Taylor Kyle; Best Shape Keith Jeffrey; Smallest Heather Posthumus; Best Decorated Sarah Posthumus; Best Carved Kristine & Blake Mosier; Best Scarecrow Heather & John Posthumus; Poetry Kelly Buckholtz; Pies Pumpkin Ann Taggart; Apple: Theresa Fargo. Second and Third plus Honourable mention prizes were also awarded.

Special thanks are extended to the volunteers, judges, prize donors and the many participants for making it another great event.

*The W.I. Medical Clinic: The clinic closed due to the illness of Dr. Westenberg has re-opened now that he is well again. Clinic hours are Thursday’s 2:30-5:30 p.m.

The Clinic has undertaken a survey to determine if there are enough blood donors to offer islanders access to a blood donor clinic. The Canadian Blood Services mobile clinic needs some assurance that there would be enough donors to warrant providing the service.

If you are interested call Keith or Mildred at 385-2461. And a reminder that a Flu shot clinic will be held at the Clinic Nov. 20th 9am-11: 30 am.

Paddle for Aids: Trinity Anglican Parish congratulates and thanks all those who attended a recent Pot Luck luncheon hosted by the group who canoed around the island this summer. The luncheon raised
the ‘fine amount’ of $412 to contribute towards the work of those dealing in many different ways with the AIDS pandemic.

WIBTA Volunteers: Browns Bay Inn was the scene of the annual volunteer appreciation event sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association honouring the many citizens who served as volunteers at the Information centre.

In his words of appreciation outgoing WIBTA president Jim Calvin spoke of their dedicated effort in welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to the island. He singled out Beth Caldwell, volunteer coordinator; Chris & Sophie Angenent, Kiosk fixer upper’s; Steve Roy, cabinet maker; D. Morton for cleaning and Elise Huffman the Information Centre’s coordinator thanking them for their service to the community.

Photo Contest: The Kingston Heritage, Frontenac Gazette newspapers and Frontenac County are the originators of a multi category “My Frontenac for All Seasons “ prints and digital Photo contest which runs until Dec. 1st. With Wolfe Island’s own photo contest experience there could be some winners.

Contest rules can be found on the County website. FYI contact Cara Hunter at 548-9400 ext. 331

Gas Tax Money & Bus Service on Wolfe Island. The recent announcement that municipalities will receive a portion of the gas tax for public transit (any municipality with a plan for public transit may apply) compels me to talk again about the need for an island commuter bus service.

It is apparent that the use of the winter dock for up to 6 months a year is becoming a regular feature of living on Wolfe Island. But Dawson Point is a cold and miserable place in winter with few amenities and a parking lot that is too small for the increasing number of vehicles.

Suburbs elsewhere offer free parking and increased commuter bus service to accommodate the working public at peak hours and citizens without transportation. We do not have such a service. We should have. But we do have adequate parking in Marysville, our prime business location and at Sacred Heart Church that could serve as a bus turn around location. So what about it Council? Why not?

Coming Events:
1.Thurs., Nov. 11th Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, Wolfe Island Town Hall Square at 10:45 am
2.Sat. Nov. 13 at 12 noon C.W.L. Christmas Bake Sale & Basket Raffle at Sacred Heart School
3.Flu Shot Clinic Nov. 20th 9am-11: 30 am at the WI Medical Clinic.
4.Trinity Anglican Turkey Supper, Sat. Nov. 20th, St Margaret’s Hall. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
5. “Christmas at the Factory” a one day event, Saturday, Nov. 27th 10 a.m.-3p.m. features Arts& Crafts, Hockey Table, & Early Years fund raisers, etc.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:22 AM
October 21, 2004
NewFrontenac/Howe Islander Ferry Now in Service

As Wolfe Islanders attempt to adjust to the much smaller Frontenac II ferry while the Wolfe Islander III undergoes its 5-year re-fit, Howe Islanders are delighting in their new ferry, the Frontenac/Howe Islander.

The $1.5 million ferry built by Heddle Marine Service in Hamilton arrived at Howe Island on October 12th with MTO and Coast Guard officials present and it is now operating for the public. The 15 car ferry (six more spaces than the old ferry) has two smaller engines and can carry a 45 ton truck as opposed to a 30 ton and in low water as little as 24 tons. The Ministry of Transportation, Frontenac County and Frontenac Islands Township-Howe Island Ward split the costs of the ferry with Howe Island contributing over $350,000. There was no official christening of the boat but there will be an event of some kind in the future according to Mayor Vanden Hoek.

“You have to give credit to the province, the county, the ward members and the residents of Howe Island,” the mayor said. “Negotiations for a new ferry only began in 2003 and Howe Island came up with something like 40% of the capital costs. The county also provided much of the expertise and background work regarding funding. On Wolfe Island we think we are the only ones with divisive issues but that’s not the case. Everyone including Howe Islanders have differing opinions about where the ferry should run, if there should be a shorter route, a bridge etc. but as a community Howe Island managed to get through all that, put the money in place, make an agreement and deliver the boat in less than 2 years. I feel a certain amount of pride for the ward folks and the residents of Howe Island. As far as I am concerned it is one of the most successful projects I’ve been involved in.”

Interesting to note however that the new ferry has not ended Howe Island’s efforts for a bridge which hit a snag with Kingston’s call for a detailed environmental assessment (bump up). When planning for the new ferry began Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor Pat Norris said, “ the new ferry is needed now but a bridge will be needed in the near future.”

Wind Farm Review:
Bob Clark and Ms. Jennifer Current of Clark Consulting Services presented a review of the CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) and GAIA Power proposals for wind farm development on Wolfe Island at the October meeting of council. Both have made application for Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments.

“Now the Ministry of Finance has given us this what I call tax template to work from or to set the ground rules for tax revenue from wind farms,” according to Mayor Vanden Hoek.,”and we have given Bob Clark direction to go back and look at the financial impacts to the municipality both in terms of tax revenue coming in and the other issues that a wind farm may bring in terms of financial trade offs before he goes any further with the official plan amendments.”

According to the mayor the template is not very attractive. ”This is something of a moving target. Every time you think you have it figured out it changes. The ministry said in August they would cap the assessment on wind towers at $40,000 and we have heard from a variety of sources that maybe that there are other bits and pieces of the infra structure that may be assessable (access roads, underground cable) but any time we have gone to see if there is tax revenue to be had we haven’t been successful so we have also added this to the Clark Consulting list of things to do regarding the proposals.”

Both companies had to initiate the process for Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments before they could present their Wind Farm bids to the province.

Organizational Review: Council received the Organizational Review report prepared by Bob Foulds of Harvan Consulting to stream line the township’s operations. “We had to do something,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Let me put it this way the reporting criteria that the province expects of municipalities is no different for Frontenac Islands than it is for South Frontenac or any other township. The fact that we happen to be the smallest township doesn’t get us away from all the paper work required. On top of that we have the situation where we have a staff person on each island and the residents expect a fairly high level of service. We have these two senior staff folks buried in work.” Continuing the mayor said, “no other municipality is running with the skeleton staff we do. It is only because that they have extensive local knowledge they have been able to keep it running.. If we lost either one it would take 3 people to replace them.”

Council members will digest the Foulds report and make decisions for change in the new year.

Big Sandy Report: Councillor Calvin, Chairman of the Big Sandy Bay Stewardship Committee presented council with a report of the first season of operation of the Big Sandy Bay Management area. The final report will be shared at a public meeting later in the year. Most comments received about Big Sandy Bay thus far have been favourable in spite of unfavourable weather. Next Council meeting Wolfe Island, Nov. 8th, 7:30 pm.

About This and That:* Council designated October 27, 2004 as “Child Care Workers & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day in Frontenac Islands Township,* Road surfacing has been completed on Reeds Bay Road * Watch for a public meeting about the W.I. wetland corridor (canal).* Sacred Heart’s pastor Fr. Lebelle has announced that he must reduce his work schedule on the island due to health issues.* There is much muttering about this year’s municipal tax bills with ever increasing assessments and a higher mil rate. More to follow.*The W.I. Medical Clinic is closed due to the illness of Dr. Westenberg. *Place orders for Old Fashioned Plum Puddings($6-$8) with Connie at 385-2648. Available at the Anglican Turkey Supper Nov. 20th.

Coming Events:
1. Oct. 30th, Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
2. Bizarre Bazaar, (hand crafted imports) at The Factory, Wolfe Island Oct. 30 & 31st 10am-5pm
3. Flu Shot Clinic Nov. 20th 9am-11:30 am at the WI Medical Clinic.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:51 AM
October 07, 2004
Amherst Islandís Frontenac II at Wolfe Island

With the departure of the Wolfe Islander III to Hamilton for its 5-year refit, the Frontenac is now operating at Wolfe Island from the winter dock at Dawson Point. The M.V. Quinte Loyalist equipped with a new passenger shelter is in service at Amherst Island. It is expected that the Wolfe Islander will be away from 6-8 weeks. It has given 5 years of uninterrupted service, with very few exceptions.

The Frontenac draws more water which accounts for the move from Marysville. While local businesses are frustrated with this early move to the winter dock, there is concern by MTO that if the Frontenac is damaged in some way due to lower water there is no back-up ferry and islanders would be left stranded.

Dawson Point looks like a Park& Ride facility with cars filling the lot and lined up daily well past the Whitmarsh gate. At this time there is no talk of a passenger ferry into Marysville until ice-in nor is there any known plan for a commuter bus to pick up islanders (the majority of whom work off the island or those without vehicles) in Marysville for transport to and from Dawson Point.. With ample parking in the village, (Sacred Heart) both options (passenger ferry or bus transport) are viable options for the Township to consider.
Frontenac Islands Submits Letters of Intent: Not to be left at the starting gate Frontenac Islands Council was to submit letters of intent for two fire related projects to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure fund.

One project is a generator and water line to the Fire Hall for the Wolfe Island District. However based on certain new criteria the second project, a new Fire Hall for the Howe Island district has been set aside for the time being. The decision to submit the letter was made at a special meeting of council held on Aug. 26th.

In attendance at the same meeting was Bob Foulds of Harvan Consulting who presented a “first draft of an Organizational Review” for Frontenac Islands undertaken to determine ways of stream lining the township’s operations.

Frontenac Islands is perhaps the only township with two districts Howe and Wolfe Islands, separated by two ferry rides and many highway miles between. The final draft of the Fould’s report will be presented at the November meeting of council.

In light of the news that the 15 Community Futures Development Corporations in Eastern Ontario will share $10 million through the Eastern Ontario Economic Renewal Fund, Council will submit applications through this initiative (CFDC’S).

The applications include a request to do a study to review the economic and operating viability of establishing a Wolfe Island lagoon and local sewage hauler and… if economically viable to prepare a business case. (Wolfe Island’s lagoon and local hauler ceased operation two years ago.)

Special Projects Coordinator Van Hal was authorized to submit a request for an extension of the OSTAR Program in 2005. Based on that extension council will apply for $26,500. to cover associated administration and clerical costs.

Council will also support an application by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association for a Wolfe Island Marketing Plan and Advertising Campaign.

An application made by Donald and Carol Doyle (first heard/deferred in November 2003) was presented again with one change to the original plan was not approved by Council. Mrs. Ruth Bryson spoke in opposition saying that there are actually four new lots proposed not two and all are too small to comply to the zoning by-law. Neil Bryson said approval would set a precedent for non conforming lots. A written decision will be delivered at the October meeting.

The Township will engage a road engineer to evaluate the upgrading of Fuller Road on Howe Island for a Limited Service Access Road and will use a consultant to determine the cost allocation between the Township and Graveleys/Lipperts for the road improvements.

Pumpkin Weigh-In: The wonderful 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Weigh-In and Autumn Social takes place on Wolfe Island on Sat. Oct. 16th at the Town Square at 1 p.m. Many categories from biggest, smallest, best colour, shape, decorated, carved. Make a Scare Crow, a pie or write a poem. A Looney for every entry. Registration 11-12. Come for lunch, wagon rides, bake tables. David Smith’s Marionettes perform at 11:30 a.m. followed by Robert Graham’s Musical Entertainment.

PADDLE FOR AIDS: A number of Wolfe and Simcoe Islanders paddled around Wolfe Island in an effort to heighten awareness for AIDS and to raise funds to help fight this devastating disease.

Some of the paddlers are hosting A POT-LUCK LUNCHEON Oct. 24th at 11:30 a.m. at St. Margaret’s Hall. Fellowship and presentations include a word from the paddlers and a video by Stephen Lewis on Aids in Africa. Beverages, dishes, cutlery napkins supplied Donations large or small to support the work against AIDS are welcome. The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund of the Anglican Church of Canada – Income tax receipts available.

About This and That:*.Why not check out W.I.’s Alston Moore Golf Links 2005 special membership offer. Call:613 385-2461. * Take a look at the wonderful photos is Fargo’s & Mosier’s windows, winners as judged by Jack Chiang, in this year’s photo contest. *Congratulations to Acacia Gold Golden Retriever breeders Pat Downing and Tom St Laurent who were guests of Film Maker Bruce Weber at the Toronto Film Festival where one of their dogs is the star in a film entitled A Letter to True.. *. Wind & Water an art exhibit by W.I.’s Kim Woodman continues at Queen’s University’s Duncan McArthur Hall, West Campus Tuesday –Thursday 11:30 - 1p.m. until Oct. 22, 2004. * Frontenac County has issued its first Quarterly Review , a newsletter for all local elected and appointed officials, staff and interested individuals. The first addition talked about the new Howe Island Ferry, Fairmont Home, local services realignment etc. and announced a new director of Emergency Services Paul Charbonneau for Frontenac Paramedic Services replacing Shawn Carby.

Coming Events:
1, Oct .16 The Great Pumpkin Weigh-In Wolfe Island Contact Doug/Rose Corrigan 385-2760
2. Oct. 30th Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
3. Oct. 16th 17th Scene of the Crime on TV Ontario’s (TVO) Imprint at 3:30 p.m.
4. Oct. 24th A POT-LUCK LUNCHEON, 11:30am St. Margaret’s Hall Contact Chris Carr, 385-2648

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:28 PM
September 23, 2004
Frontenac Islands Submits Letters of Intent

Not to be left at the starting gate Frontenac Islands Council has submitted a letter of intent for two fire related projects to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure fund.

The project is a new Fire Hall for the Howe Island district, the second, a generator and water line to the Fire Hall for the Wolfe Island District. The decision to submit the letter was made at a special meeting of council held on Aug. 26th.

In attendance at that meeting was Bob Foulds of Harvan Consulting who presented a “first draft of an Organizational Review” for Frontenac Islands undertaken to determine ways of stream linning the township’s operations. Frontenac Islands is perhaps the only township with two districts Howe and Wolfe Islands, separated by two ferry rides and many highway miles between. The final draft of the Fould’s report will be presented at the November meeting of council.

In light of the news that the 15 Community Futures Development Corporations in Eastern Ontario will share $10 million through the Eastern Ontario Economic Renewal Fund, Council prepared to submit applications through this initiative (CFDC’S) at a special meeting held Sept. 8th also attended by Linda VanHal, Special Projects Coordinator.

The applications include first a request to do a study to review the economic and operating viability of establishing a Wolfe Island lagoon and local sewage hauler and… if economically viable to prepare a business case. (Wolfe Island’s lagoon and local hauler ceased operation two years ago.)

Another application related to the OSTAR program. Special Projects Coordinator Van Hal was authorized to request an extension of the OSTAR Program in 2005 and based on that extension council will apply for $26,500. to cover administration and clerical costs associated.

Council will also support an application by thw Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association for a Wolfe Island Marketing Plan and Advertising Campaign.

Some of the regular meeting of council held Sept. 13th was taken up with an application made by Donald and Carol Doyle (first heard in November 2003 and deferred)with one change to the original plan. Mrs. Ruth Bryson spoke in opposition saying that there are actually four new lots proposed not two and and all are too small to comply to the zoning by-law. Neil Bryson said approval would set a precedent for non conforming lots. Council did not approve the application and will deliver a written decision at the October meeting.

The Township will engage a road engineer to evaluate the upgrading of Fuller Road on Howe Island for a Limited Service Access Road and will use a consultant to determine the cost allocation between the Township and Graveleys/Lipperts for the road improvements.

Pumpkin Weigh-In: The wonderful 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Weigh-In and Autumn Social takes place on Wolfe Island on Sat. Oct. 16th at the Town Square at 1 p.m. Many categories from biggest, smallest, best colour, shape, decorated, carved. Make a Scare Crow, a pie or write a poem. A Looney for every entry. Registration 11-12. Come for lunch, wagon rides, bake tables. David Smith’s Marionettes perform at 11:30 a.m. followed by our own Robert Graham’s Musical Entertainment.

About This and That:1. While the Frontenac II is in service at Wolfe Island the M.V. Quinte Loyalist equipped with a new passenger shelter will be put in service at Amherst Island. 2.Why not check out W.I.’s Alston Moore Golf Links 2005 special membership offer. Call:613 385-2461. 3. Be in touch with Barbara (WALL) LaRoque with family stories, anecdotes or histories of W.I. buildings to help complete an unpublished history of the Island at 4.Congratulations to Acacia Gold Golden Retreiver breeders Pat Downing and Tom St Laurent who were guests of Film Maker Bruce Weber at the Toronto Film Festival. Where one of their dogs is the star in a film entitled A Letter to True. True was purchased from Acacia Gold by Weber. Check out or 5. Wind & Water an art exhibit by W.I.’s Kim Woodman is being held at Queen’s University’s Duncan McArthur Hall, West Campus Tuesday –Thursday 11:30 - 1p.m. until Oct. 22, 2004. 4. Frontenac County has issued its first Quarterly Review , a newsletter for all elected and appointed officials at the local level, staff and to others interested in the County’s activities. The first addition talked about the soon to come Howe Island Ferry, Fairmont Home, local services realignment etc. It announced a new director of Emergency Services Paul Charbonneau for Frontenac Paramedic Services replacing Shawn Carby.

UP, UP & AWAY: An interesting renovation of a 100 plus year old house is underway on Wolfe Island. The land and the trailer on another part of the Marysville main street property was purchased by Don Chisholm originally from British Columbia now working in Toronto. Chisholm resides in the trailer home. The house was considered just a throw in to the land and trailer purchase but the new owner determined it was worth salvaging and renovating. This route does perhaps avoid some of the fees etc. required for new construction. Dolly Hogan, a long time employee at the General Wolfe Hotel in the ‘50’s lived in the house for many years. Island residents and visitors to Wolfe Island have been watching with interest as the two storey house was raised some 8 feet into the air with steel beams embedded into the bed rock to hold it up The poured floor and cinder blocks to the ground level, insulation and construction of a walk out main floor basement has begun. The renovation of the two floors (the original house) above will follow. Visually it has been quite a picture and has offered a different consideration to a tear down, start over concept.

On a personal note: My thanks to the Community of Wolfe Island and the many friends and associates in Kingston/Frontenac County for their support through the long and serious illness of my husband Walter Knott. My family, (children and grandchildren) and I will be forever grateful for the prayers, love, continuing concern and the many unbelievable kindnesses shown to us during this long 9 weeks. It is not over yet but we continue with hope for Walter’s recovery, forever cherishing your support.

Coming Events:
Oct. 9th-10th WIBTA BOOK SALE at the Old Fire Hall 10:00am-5:30 pm Early Bird’s Friday Oct. 8th 3-6pm
Oct .16 The Great Pumpkin Weigh-In Wolfe Island Contact Doug/Rose Corrigan 385-2760
Oct. 30th Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:57 AM
September 12, 2004
Mayor Vanden Hoek Confirms Small Wind Power Tax Benefit

Frontenac Islands has been seeking answers and firm direction from the Province regarding what tax revenues the township can derive from commercial wind farms on Wolfe Island.

In June a letter was sent to MPP John Gerretsen to make sure he was aware of the concerns as to what the tax revenues would be which he passed on to the Ministry of Finance since this really is an MPAC issue . In August the township did receive some information indicating what the Minister of Finance had in mind for assessment. “First of all they have called wind towers industrial and they have capped the assessment at $40,000 per mega watt of power,” according to Mayor VandenHoek. “So you have to go to the tax table to determine what that is but when you are looking at taxes there are two others who get there hands on the money, the province the education portion, the county gets piece and the municipality gets what’s left that is the area rated portion that comes in plus a small administrative component so it is not a lot of money,” he said. “If you look these turbines which are either 1.5 or 2 mega watts depending upon which developer you are talking to the tax revenue is maybe four or five hundred dollars per tower into the municipality. The actual tax the developer pays is much more than that, but the net benefit to the municipality is very low.”

The township has sent a letter to the Minister of Finance Greg Sorbera requesting a meeting. “However,” according to the Mayor, “we have heard that some of the infrastructure (underground cable, sub stations etc) that support these towers are all taxable but we don’t know what that is and it will take a long time to thrash out. While the tax benefit per tower is minimal we will have to reserve judgement on the projects until we have the whole picture. We have to be realistic. These projects have a long way to go. even environmental assessment work which Wolfe Island is certainly familiar with in terms of timing. But it is not just benefit to the township that we have here. It is lease agreements with property owners, and a broader perspective on alternative energy. However the most important part for council is the industrial tax assessment that comes in.”

In the other business the mayor said that he attended a meeting organized by the Wolfe Island Wild Life Association where they brought forward areas of concern as part of their agenda. ”It was an opportunity for a candid discussion on those areas and to make sure the township was aware of them.”

The Canal Project: “I don’t think there is any consensus in the community about what they want to do and we don’t control that agenda,” the mayor said. “The property owners will dictate the project. There are a number of factors that will have to be dealt with. Any project that goes forward will have to have some highway improvement, culvert or whatever and that is the only capital portion that the township is responsible for. We can bring forward issues with regard to the benefits of water flow, wildlife, benefits or lack of benefits depending on your position regarding boat traffic but strictly speaking we are responsible for its 80 feet. That’s it,” he said.

A Fire Engine Arrives at the Foot of Wolfe Island
A 1968 Ford with a Thibault pumper and a 1000 gallon tank has arrived on Wolfe Island courtesy of Roly Jansen and Cathie Harroun. Roly purchased the truck “in near perfect condition” in ’Otonabee Township near Peterborough from a gentleman whose wife was anxious for it ’to be out of the front yard.’

“This is not just a boy hood dream,” Roly said. “ We are 25 miles from the village down here and there are a lot of big homes here. By the time the Fire Department is alerted about a fire and the volunteers get on their way, a lot of time has gone by and of course everything is going to be lost. So I decided for a little protection we would have a fire truck down here ready to go. I have let the township know that they are welcome to use it. Volunteers living down here could get here pretty quickly. I’ll store it indoors in a heated shop and it will be full of water and ready to go.”

Roly is hoping for some help in equipping the truck with input and out put hoses, helmets, rain coats, ladders etc. since it came with no accessories not even a ladder. “I am sure the W.I. Fire Dept. will help us with some hoses,” Roly said. “If you can get this truck to the river and run hoses from it, it is capable of pumping 650 gals per minute. My shop is 400 feet from the shore for instance. I’m hoping our fire insurance rates will come down a little down here once it is recognized as a REAL fire truck.”

(There are also plans afoot to purchase a defibrillator for that end of the island. More about that later). If anyone out there has equipment to offer for the fire truck call Roly at 385-2041.

The Corn Maze: The W.I. Corn Maze on Hwy 95, 3.2 km is in full operation. It is a thrilling experience and a walking challenge with its trails that change direction many times, dead ends, oasis rest stop for snacks and refreshments and so much more. For more information call (613) 385-1998.

Wolfe Island history project: Barbara La Rocque, daughter of Charles Wall is completing a history of Wolfe Island, a project started by her father, 25 years ago. For information Barbara LaRocque’s webpage,

Coming Events:
1. Sept. 25th WIBTA PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS EVENT at the W.I. Community Hall
2. Oct. 9th-10th WIBTA BOOK SALE at the Old Fire Hall 10:00am-5:30 pm Early Bird’s Friday Oct.7th 3-6pm

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:47 AM
August 26, 2004
Wolfe Island a Busy Place This Summer

Busy days on Wolfe Island with a raft of events, places to go and things to see. Among them the Scene of the Crime; the Music Fest; Molly Brant, a musical; the Bizarre Bazaar; the Stone Heron Gallery as well as the Summer Dock Studio and more recently the Fairy Lane Gallery. Church suppers have begun again. Pictures are being taken taking for the photo contest. The opening of Big Sandy Bay has seen an influx of people to the island as has the opening of the two island golf courses.

Wolfe Island is in the news as well these days as Wind Farms on the island become a distinct possibility and as such another tourist destination.. Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) and GAIA Power have both submitted bids to the government of Ontario to supply energy to the province’s grid.

GAIA-Hearthmakers has also received support from the City of Kingston for their bid to install a single wind turbine at Lake Ontario Park to supply St. Lawrence College and another facility at a price per kilowatt hour.

And speaking of wind power, following presentations to Frontenac Island’s Council recently by GAIA Power’s Samit Sharma, Citizen Energy’s Ted Hynes and Benoit Fortier of Skypower Corporation , the Council passed a resolution indicating their continuing support for the development of alternative energy conditional to due process including the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments required and pending Environmental assessments and other studies related to data and issues that are brought forward to guide council.

Council’s support is based on the express interest of landowners to have wind turbines on their property and because the commercial assessment associated with the turbines may be beneficial to the municipality as well as the fact the township demonstrated support for wind energy through a Federation of Canadian Municipalities funding application.

At the same meeting council supported an expenditure of up to $500. to landscape the township property at the County operated ferry landing (Howe Island) using remaining monies from the boat launch fund first.

The township also passed a by-law to appoint a committee of adjustment; and …Charles Cooper who sustained damage to his car through an accident on the Howe Island ferry will be reimbursed by the township up to $641.24.

WETLAND CORRIDOR: Interesting to note that according to the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper news, Waterkeeper will soon release a preliminary report on opportunities for restoring what they call the Wolfe Island wetland corridor, known to most of us a the Wolfe Island canal.

According to their newsletter LOW has been working with the W.I. Wildlife Association, council and local residents to explore opportunities for improving fish habitat. More recently they hired a marine biologist to pursue their cause. The Wetland Corridor as well as improving the marshes, would restore free-flowing water between bays on either side of the island, improve water quality and would provide spawning and nursery areas for fish species, habitat for other aquatic creatures and for migratory birds.

Waterkeeper will release the report for public comment and host an open house on Wolfe Island this fall.

The W.I. Township Canal Committee has also been working toward opening the W.I. Canal for the express purpose of improving water quality and fish habitat etc. Much of the discussion has centered on what size culvert would best serve the purpose and access by small water craft. Presently only fishers access the canal by boat at either end. The Township had been considering submitting the Canal project for an infrastructure grant.

MOLLY BRANT: It was a full house at St. Margaret’s Hall for the musical narrative based on the life of 18th Century Loyalist Mohawk Clan Matron Molly Brant presented by the T.W.O. (Three Women Opera) written by Augusta Cecconi Bates and sponsored by the Anglican Parishes of Wolfe Island.
Musicians included Rhona Gale as Molly Brant. Carrie Wyatt, flutist and Augusta Bates at the key board. Narrators were Rose Bagi, Laura Douglas, Christopher Harris, Erica Orr, Jeff Robichaud and Laura Staley. Re-enactors included Garry Martin, Chris and Stephanie Harris and Robert Wyatt. A group of local youngsters performed the tribal dances. All were wearing appropriate period costumes.
And yes indeed Don Cherry was the Master of Ceremonies entering early in the play as ”the bewigged and uniformed Town Crier.”

(Don Cherry owns a cottage on Wolfe Island and when he is on the island he is known to participate in the activities of the community. He attends Trinity Anglican Parish.

While the outfit for the occasion was very different from what one sees when Cherry assumes his role on Hockey Night in Canada, it somehow seemed appropriate). Cherry assumed his role with typical enthusiasm.

A visitor to the island noted with satisfaction how pleasant it was to attend a function with people of all ages, babies, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents. But for the record, that’s typical on Wolfe Island.

Earlier in the day a parade which include horse drawn wagon’s, Llamas, fire trucks and the like was held in Marysville announcing the Molly Brant Production.

the Wolfe Islander III will be out of service from Oct. 4th to November 19th replaced by the Frontenac II during that period. Whether the Frontenac II operates from Marysville or the Winter Dock is dependant upon water levels which at the present time remain high but one can never tell what they will be like in October.

PADDLE FOR AIDS: For information regarding this project contact: Yelda Miedema, Simcoe Island, 385 2470 for more information.

PHOTO CONTEST: It is time to submit those photos of Wolfe Island that you have been taking for the Annual Beauty of Wolfe Island Photo Contest. Photographs may be taken using film or digital processes. Digital photos may not be altered or enhanced..Photos must have been taken during the 12 months prior to September 7, 2004. Entry fees: $2.00 per photo Entries close September 7, 2004 at 5 PM. Submit to the W. I. Tourist Bureau.

Coming Events:
1.Sept. 11th Wolfe Island Plowing Match
2.Sept 11th , A MINI Rally, “60 MINIs’ Scavenger Hunt across the Island.
3.Sept. 25th Beauty of Wolfe Island Photo Contest Exhibition & prizes-10 AM at the Wolfe Island Community Hall.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:33 AM
August 13, 2004
Wolfe Islander III 5-Year Inspection Slated for October

The Ministry of Transportation in accordance with Ministry of Transport regulations will take the Wolfe Islander III , the ferry operating between Kingston and Wolfe Island ,out of service for it’s five-year inspection on Oct. 4th. The ferry will be dry docked from that date and “barring unforeseen circumstances” will return to service at Wolfe Island no later than November 19th.

Frontenac Islands council received this information from MTO director of Operational Services Peter Ginn well in advance to ensure that ferry users and others in the community have as much advance notice as possible so that they can put in place alternate travelling plans ie park and ride, bussing etc.

As in the past during this period the Frontenac II which operates at Amherst Island will be put into service for Wolfe Island. A difficult period for Islanders on both Wolfe Island and Amherst islands.

Tax Implications of Wind Farms: At the request of Frontenac Islands council Carol Dwyre the township financial officer prepared a run down of the tax implications related to the development of windmills on Wolfe Island using the figure of $727,000 which is the current value assessment for the CKWS tower on the island. Fifty windmills would see $36,350,000 in what is assumed would be commercial assessment.

In a two case scenario (which factored in the tax rate for Frontenac County by adding the same assessments), residential and farm tax rates on Wolfe Island in the first case scenario would see a reduction of 11.47%; the Howe Island District a 2.27%;Commercial rate –4.76% (WI), -.78% (HI); Industrial tax Rate: -4.50% (WI), -0.73 %(HI).

In the second case scenario adding the $36,350,000 commercial assessment to Wolfe Island and using Huron County’s commercial and education rates saw more substantial decreases in the same 3 areas..

Some effort will be made to petition for the lowering of the commercial and industrial education rates in Frontenac County . which because of the possible increase in commercial assessment from wind farms on Wolfe Island, would benefit all of the Frontenacs.

There has been some discussion about the disadvantages of the high education tax rate in Frontenac County with the county’s Development Officer Karen Fischer . According to Ms Fischer the rates were frozen two years ago and the government has left them there with no indication of a change anytime soon. The higher education rates have fallen on eastern Ontario and Frontenac County.

According to the Mayor, “ we need to bring those disparities forward to MPP John Gerretsen so that there can be a level playing field,” “If there is a disadvantage to us through the education tax, let’s make sure that the government is aware of it.”

GAIA Power Meets Business & Tourism: GAIA Power’s Samit Sharma presented an update about their planned wind farm for Wolfe Island. He was accompanied by Benoit Fortin, Vice President Infrastructure for Skypower Corporation.

In his presentation Sharma noted that the project has been in the planning stages since 2002 with Hearthmakers Co-Op and the City of Kingston. Originally the idea was to have the Federation of Municipalities as well as Wolfe Island engaged to raise some part of the finances for the project.

Because wind power has come of age there is less interest by traditional Canadian Municipalities and Federal agencies to be engaged because wind power is now seen as a business initiative.

The Ontario Government as issued a request for proposals for 300 megawatts of renewable energy with significant financial and structural constraints for the RFP. Projects can be no larger than 100 megawatts ,require a $50,000 bond per megawatt and experienced teams of professionals to run the project.

According to Sharma it was important to find a strategic partner whose values were in line with GAIA’s. “In consultation with our partners Hearthmakers we entered into a joint venture agreement with Sky Power Corporation along with Citizen Energy, a US based company run by the Kennedy Family.”

GAIA will bid for a 36 megawatt and a 100 megawatt project, and is optimistic about the smaller one. Land has been optioned and they are looking for more. Sharma said their competition is not on the island but in south western Ontario where there is much agricultural land and a good transmission system.

One of Wolfe Island’s issues is the transmission line to the Gardner sub station. GAIA has spent much on he project’s connectivity. Sharma who believes the projects will be selected based on price and when the province reaches 300 megawatts they will stop. “We believe we are in a favourable situation”, he said. The RFP due date is Aug. 25th.

Sky Power’s Benoit Fortin said that Sky Power has an aggressive mandate to have 5000 megawatts of wind power in the ground by 2009 and outlined why they entered into a joint venture agreement with GAIA Power. “The first generation of wind came out of sheer dedication, out of belief and commitment by engineers like Sharma.

The 2nd generation also came out of belief but is viewed as a financial mechanism,” he said. “When analyzing projects we looked for advanced projects to partner with and found GAIA’s to be the most advanced. Given that the criteria were there and that on Wolfe Island GAIA has the first slot in the IMO for interconnection it made logical sense.” GAIA’s

Samit Sharma and Sky Power’s Benoit Fortin were also on the agenda of the most recent meting Frontenac Islands council.

PADDLE FOR AIDS: A number of Wolfe and Simcoe Islanders plan to paddle around Wolfe Island in an effort to heighten awareness for AIDS and to raise funds to help fight this devastating disease. Experienced kayakers and canoeists are welcome to join in this worthwhile activity. Please call Yelda Miedema, Simcoe Island, 385 2470 for more information.

Coming Events:
1. Aug. 20th Molly Brant, a musical St. Margaret’s Hall 8 p.m. Parade 3:30 pm
2. Aug. 21st W.I. United Church Pork Barbecue Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
3. Alston Moor & Island Belle Boat Cruise and Golf Day Aug. 20 & 27th. Call 385-2461
4. Sept. 11th Wolfe Island Plowing Match
5. Sept 11th , A MINI Rally, “60 MINIs’ Scavenger Hunt across the Island.
6. Sept. 25th Beauty of Wolfe Island Photo Contest Exhibition & prizes-10 AM, Community Hall.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:06 PM
July 29, 2004
CREC UPDATES Frontenac Islands Council

Frontenac Islands Council received an up date on the Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) proposal to construct a wind power project on Wolfe Island. CREC’s President Ian Baines said that there have been no objections from Wolfe Island residents to the project which would see 55, 2 mega watt wind turbines located across the western half of the island, 1/2 kilometres apart at the closest.

CREC is seeking an Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendment for the turbines and a transmission station at the 5th Line and Reeds Bay Road. Baines noted that the Township had been proactive in their Official Plan but the province had amended it. To get it back to what was the Township’s original intent requires the amendments.

”Whether we win or don’t win this first round (RFP) will have no impact on our long term strategy. We have applied to the independent market operator controlling the grid, to Hydro One and have received their approval, we have laid out the turbine farms, transmission line and the sound pressure measurements, and are in the process of obtaining rights of way. We will be here for the long run.” Baines said.

He noted that as technology improves CREC will reduce the number of turbines and the impact on the land but right now the number is 55 for this first go around. There is also the requirement for the under water cable to connect the island to the mainland. “What we are proposing is a win win situation driving Wolfe Island in an environmental direction with a potential for echo tourism.”

Council has advised Clark Consulting Service to prepare a pre-development agreement with CREC to ensure that the municipality’s costs associated with the review and processing of the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendment applications will be covered by CREC and that the estimates of costs and work schedule are approved.

Mayor Vanden Hoek reiterated council’s concerns regarding fees and assessments. “We need direction from the Province with clear policy and assessment criteria regarding fees, permits and taxation for wind farms. We don’t have any clear understanding of what unit or template is used for taxing making it difficult for us to do our due diligence if the province has not been forthcoming,” he said. “Maybe there is information out there because there are a few wind towers, but they are probably on crown land making them exempt so this is going to be a challenge for the municipality.”

(The concern with the use of private land for wind farms is that if there is special tax status available, it should come out of general revenue from the Province and full tax revenue should come into the municipality.) ”I don’t want to harm the process,” Vanden Hoek said, “but we need to be clearer on what we do. We have asked the treasurer Carol Dwyre to determine what kind of assessed revenue we would receive from 50 radio towers on Wolfe Island as an example.”

In other business: The 2004 budget and by law to levy taxes for the Township of Frontenac Islands was passed. Overall tax rates for Wolfe Island are up 1.39% over last year and down 8.2% on Howe. Assessment values increased on Wolfe 12.7%, 11.46% on Howe. Some of the budget highlights include approval for the hiring of administrative staff (1/2 year); a 3% wage increase for permanent staff (2004,5,6,); Council honorariums increased by $200. per year; policing estimates up $10,00; $2,100 each island for Fire Dept. audit. On Wolfe Island, a new grader (over 5 years); - reduction of $30,000 transferred from Hwy Reserve Fund; $2500 transferred to Fire capital reserve for truck; - $10,000 increase for fill at dump; Community Centre - $2500 for water line. The Library loan will be paid this year.

On Howe Island garbage is no longer a special charge and is included in tax rate; $3000 for demolition of ferry house (township); $67,550 transfer to roads capital reserve fund for surface treatment; $30,000 transfer to fire department capital reserve fund.

Chief Mike Quinn of the Howe Island Volunteer Fire Department presented a proposal for a new Fire Hall .. “We have identified our present and long term needs and our deficiencies and are finding our present facility inadequate for our purposes. We have put together a floor plan that includes space for ( vehicle, other) storage, training, administration etc .and looked at potential for Emergency First Response and perhaps a clinic,” the Chief said.

Councillor Norris and Councillor Hobbs believe this project should be moved forward. They met MP Peter Milliken on the island at which time he said he would get on side in whatever way he can .

Chief Quinn asked council to consider their request as a high priority through the infra structure program. “We need council to look at this sooner than later as more and more changes confront us.”

According to Councillor Hobbs realistically the cost would be $450,000. “I am usually fiscally responsible but if there is an opportunity with infrastructure grants and the government is willing to look at two projects, we need to give our fire fighters a building.”

Council has been considering an infrastructure grant proposal for the Canal Project. “The Canal project is moving on. Councillor Grant is not discouraged,” the Mayor said. Council agreed to wait until there has been some discussion and a positive response from one canal property owner to move forward with the canal application. If there is urgency for infrastructure grant submissions members will be polled or will meet about the applications for the Canal Project and the Fire Hall or just the Fire Hall as determined by the land owner’s decision.

Coming Events:
1. W.I.’s Corn Maze Opens Soon. For Info. Call 385-1998
2. Wolfe Island Artisans' 2nd annual Auction & Wine and Cheese Early Year’s fundraiser, August 5th, 6:30-10pm at Wolfe Manor B&B Tickets:$10 Call 385-1488 or 385-1920.
3. August 7th, W.I. Music Festival, Community Centre begins 4 p.m Tickets at gate: $15.
4. August 14th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. Events all day. For details: (613) 385-2540
5. Aug. 20th Molly Brant, a musical St. Margaret’s Hall 8 p.m. Parade 3:30 pm
Aug. 21st W.I. United Church Pork Barbecue Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:15 AM
July 15, 2004
What Was & What is Yet to Come

The secret’s out! Wolfe Island is a beautiful place to visit if you know where to look! The 1st Annual Wolfe Island Art in the Garden Tour sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association, which brought together island artists and gardeners prepared to share the beauty of their work with the public was proof.

More than 300 persons wanting to see the island registered for the June 27th event. Because of its size different areas will be toured each year. This year’s tour comprised the area west of Marysville and Simcoe Island.

What a day it was as guests arrived from Kingston via the ferry, and began boarding buses at the Information Centre to visit 7 gardens on Wolfe Island and 4 on Simcoe Island. This latter included walking onto the Simcoe Island ferry causing some delays. “Well worth the wait” was the common refrain however.

The gardens included the DeRuiter’s, Wallace Cottage, Pyke’s, Wolfe Manor, DeVette’s family garden, Crother's and Rixten’s. On Simcoe, guests’ viewed “La Hacienda” property of Nancy Nowell and Mac Voisin, Goodfellow’s, Judy Reid & Duncan McDougall’s and Eves’ stone bordered array.

Displayed was the work of island artists Justin Simard, Melanie Reid, Patricia Sanford, Bruce Mellon, Nancy Steele, Jim Argo, John Muikow, John Eves, Linda Sutherland, Katherine Crothers, Cecilia Ellis, Christine Miller, Barb Halliday and 7-year-old Mary Ellen Goodfellow who loves to draw. Based on this year’s success the organizing committee is already planning next year’s Art in the Garden tour.

And if that was not enough the 24th Annual Wolfe Island Classic 5K 10K July 4th brought more than 400 runners to Wolfe Island. The event was a huge success with 390 participants finishing.

Race Director Sandy Hunter noted with thanks the support of the many sponsors including KRock 105 and the assistance of the Running Room in Kingston. Local volunteers were everywhere assisting with the many jobs required to make the event a success. The Ambulance Service was also on hand.
Once again Tom St. Laurent and Pat Downing shared their waterside property for the closing events and prize giving. Full results are available at:

And One More Success -The Stone Heron Gallery a collection of Frontenac Islands Artists (water colour, acrylic, carving, photography) opened July 1st at the Wolfe Island Community Hall with some 20 artists displaying their work.

Pat Sanford, gallery owner is delighted with the response of the community and the many off island visitors. W.I. Crafts Shop is also located in the building. The Summer Dock Studio (ceramics and contemporary art) is next door. Turn right off the ferry for all three.

So What’s Coming Next? MEET TOP MYSTERY WRITERS at Wolfe Island’s Scene of the Crime Mystery Festival Saturday Aug. 14th This annual event celebrates the Island's heritage as the birthplace of Canadian crime writing.

The full-day event includes lunch, a lecture on footprints by Canada's top forensic expert, a panel discussion, author interviews and readings and the presentation of the Grant Allen Award to Howard Engel. All that and a supper to meet writers Howard Engel, Alison Gordon, James Powell, H. Mel Malton, Barbara Fradkin, Wayne Grady, and Peter Sellers. Short story contest winners will be announced. Visitors can take the ferry from Kingston and walk to all events from the Island dock. For information visit For tickets and details call Maureen Lollar at 613-385-2540.

Guess Who’s Coming to Wolfe Island! Molly Brant, a one act musical narrative portrayal of the 18th Century Mohawk clan Matron, composed by Augusta Ceconi-Bates of Cape Vincent N.Y. will be presented at St. Margaret’s Hall on Friday, 20 August 2004 at 8:00 p.m.

Molly Brant was an aboriginal leader, a Loyalist and a prominent Kingston resident in the 18th Century. Trinity Anglican Parish sponsors the event in co-operation with T.W.O., Three Women Opera Productions.

Rhona Gale who portrays Molly Brant narrates her life in speech and in song as a clan matron, as wife, as a leader of the Iroquois, and in Cape Vincent and Kingston… She is accompanied by Carrie Wyatt, flute and Augusta Ceconni-Bates, piano.

Local youth will be readers, perform the minuet and a tribal dance. Local adults will be re-enactors. According to Ms. Bates representatives of the Brant family as well as Quinte Mohawk Dancers might attend.

A parade of the participants in costume will be held mid-afternoon August 20th beginning at the Community Centre to St. Margaret’s Hall and will include Royal Yorkers and members of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment Pipe Band.

Island antique car owners are invited to join the parade. For further information/tickets contact: Barbara Ilivall 385-8564 Tickets $5 ($2 for children 12 and under) also available from Fargo’s and Mosier's Convenience Store. Revenues will be shared with Trinity Anglican (their share going to the settlement fund for the residential school judgement).

Just One More: Wolfe Island Musicfest, at the Community Centre on Aug.7th beginning at 4p.m. features: The Rheostatics, Joel Plaskett, The Sadies, Andy Stochansky, Jill Barber, Jay Harris, Riff Raff, R.W.I. Band Tickets are $12.00 advance (Sarah McDermott 385-1562) or $15.00 at the gate Proceeds to Wolfe Island Community Centre

Around Town: CREC environmental screening open house for W.I. Wind project, Sacred Heart School 4pm-8pm July 20th * Business owners begin letter writing to province regarding new water regulations. *St. Philomena’s (Howe Island) Summer Steak Fry Sat. Aug. 7th at the Parish Hall. Tickets (Adults $12.00 Children 12 & under $6.00. Purchase tickets in advance from Parish Council members or at Howe’s Township Office. Commencing Aug.1st W.I. United Church Sunday Service Time changed. to 9:30 a.m.

Coming Events:
July 31st - Trinity Anglican Craft & Bake Sale, St. Margaret’s Hall 11 am– 1pm.
July 31st, Aug. 1st, Bizarre Bazaar 9 - 5 p.m,. at the W.I. Business Centre Inc. featuring Ecuadorian artisans Call Cindy Day 385-1902
July 30th,31st, Family Baseball Tournament, WI Community Centre Grounds
Aug. 6th - W.I. Artisans Silent Auction & Wine & Cheese 7:00 - 10pm, Wolfe Manor.Proceeds to Early Years. Call: 385-1589.
Aug. 7th Howe Island’s St. Philomena’s Summer Steak Fry
August 7th Summer Music Festival, W.I.Community Centre For tickets call: 385-1562
August 14th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. events all day. Call Maureen at (613) 385-2540
Aug. 14th All Western Horse Show, Community Centre Grounds 9.30 a.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:02 PM
July 09, 2004
Frontenac Islands Mayor Vanden Hoek Seeks Wind Farm Tax Answers

Wolfe Island: Frontenac Islands is seeking answers and firm direction from the Province regarding what tax revenues the township can derive from commercial wind farms on Wolfe Island.

In a letter to Minister of Municipal Affairs and MPP for Kingston and the Islands John Gerretsen, Mayor Vanden Hoek notes that agricultural land, managed forests, and wet lands all receive special tax status on the island which results in diminished revenue.

“We can ill afford another special status being established for wind farms,” he says. “We need direction from the Province with clear policy and assessment criteria regarding fees, permits and taxation. This is an important issue.”

Vanden Hoek reminded the minister that Wolfe Island has attracted the interest of wind energy developers (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC)and Gaia Power Inc. (Gaia)/ Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative(HEC) who presently have six anemometers on the island and who will respond to the RFP (request for price) issued by the province due at the end of July.

“This is an urgent issue,” he said in a recent interview. “ My concern is that the province may grant some special status to alternative energy from a tax stand point. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as that special status is funded by all the residents of the province of Ontario. If they expect just the rural municipalities where these alternative energy sources are located to support that, then I am really not happy because I think it (alternative energy) is a desire and objective for all the people of Ontario not just for the folks in Wolfe Island or Quinte or Kincardine.

If there is special tax status going to be available, then that should come out of general revenue from the Province and we should still have a full tax revenue coming into these rural municipalities,” according to the mayor.

Wolfe Island will continue to work on the basis that there would be the traditional application of fees/permits and established commercial and industrial rates relative to the development of green power (wind farms) but there is the underlying fear that unless there is clear direction from the Province the developers may be working at a disadvantage.

Wolfe Island Classic Road Race … 24 Years and Growing
In spite of an ambulance call which delayed the arrival of the ferry bringing runners from Kingston, the 24th annual 5& 10 K run on Wolfe Island was a huge success.

The weather was perfect and the lake very inviting for at least some of the 390 participants who completed the course and jumped in to cool off. More than 400 were registered for this year's event.

Twenty year-old Deng Kuol of Kingston won the 10k in this years with the best time, 32:34, since Steve Boyd of Toronto ran the course in 30:37 in 1999.

Randy Bratten, who drove the lead motorcycle for the 24th annual “Classic” was amazed at the ease with which Kuol ran the course, “if he had a competitor to push him he could easily have take another 2 minutes off his time” said Bratten.

In the women's 5k Christine Coulter came back to the Island to reclaim her title in 19:12, beating last year’s winner Suzette Taggart by 40 seconds. Coulter won the 2002 edition in 18:58.

Race Results:

Men 10k
1. Deng Kuol 32:34 Kingston
2. Travis Cummings 34:36 Kingston
3. Derrick Spafford 36:49 Yarker

Women 10k
1. Kim Hall 43:56 Kingston
2. Teresa Kauffman 44:41 Wilmington, Delaware
3. Marcy Witherington 45:02 Clayton, New York

Men 5k
1. Kevin Dunbar 16:47 Kingston
2. Bruce Pardy 17:29 Kingston
3. Micheal Joyce 17:35 Kingston

Women 5k
1. Christine Coulter 19:12 Kingston
2. Suzette Taggart 19:52 Kingston
3. Margarita Sviajina 20:17 Kingston

Full results are available at: Sports Stats.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:38 AM
July 01, 2004
Frontenac Islands Budget Reaches Final Stages

A Budget meeting held prior to the regular June meeting of Frontenac Island Council suggests a decrease in the mill rate for Howe Island ward and a slight increase for Wolfe Island. However not all figures for the township’s budget had been finalized specifically those for the Community Centre Board.

Mayor Vanden Hoek said that in 2003 there was a change in the partnership with the CCB. “ We made a number of commitments to the Community Centre Board. We would no longer use their fund raising money for operating. We will honour our 2003 commitment from the community enhancement fund for ball diamond lights, which will have no effect on the mill rate.”

Further to budget talks it was noted that comparisons of fees, taxes etc. are comparable across all 4 townships but slight changes are needed for Frontenac Islands. These will be dealt with at the July meeting at which time the budget will be presented.

The regular meeting saw the passage of a number of variances, approval for a chip wagon on Howe Island, the acceptance of quotes for roadside mowing on Wolfe Island by Frank Van Hal, W. Sjonger, Tom Berry and D. Woodman and a verbal quote from Ron Goldfield on Howe Island.

Brian MacDonald was present on behalf of Mrs. K. Kyle, President of Kyleview Farms Inc. to request that council grant an easement to Mr & Mrs. K. Miller to accommodate an existing shore well and water line constructed in error on Township property instead of leased Kyleview property many years ago.

The mistake came to light because the property was being surveyed for sale. A lengthy discussion ensued but finally the Miller’s were granted a 20’ easement for that purpose provided all costs are borne by Kyleview Farms Inc.

Councillor Calvin expressed concern with what happens in the future with this sort of easement, the loss of waterfront property, road closures etc.” Hypothetically would we be having this discussion if this happened 3 months ago instead of 20 years ago, would we just give an easement because someone made a mistake or would we say, you should have done better and move it?” Calvin asks. “We would say move it,” the mayor assured him.

The township will not reimburse Mark Freeman for repairs for damage to his vehicle because of a rough road Howe Island. The lease for use of Sacred Heart Church parking lot was passed.

In other business: *Councillor Calvin said the Big Sandy Bay Open House was a great success. There is some concern about the vehicular speed on Reeds Bay Road. *The mayor commented on the new County ferry visit to Hamilton (expected Aug. 28th delivery date). An official said it was a great accomplishment and was happening because Howe Islanders came to the table with money which is unusual for the islands. *Thanks to Garden Buds group for signs and flower planting on Howe. *Councillor Norris stated that MP Peter Milliken had said on Howe Island that it was in order to file two infrastructure applications. Next Regular Meeting: July12th 7:30 p.m. Wolfe Island.

Disgruntled Wolfe Island Busness Owners Hear New Water Regulation: Frontenac County Community Development Officer Karen Fischer introduced Jim Mahoney, MOE Drinking Water Inspection program Supervisor to a group of small business owners on Wolfe Island.

He gave an overview of regulatory requirements for non-municipal, public, designated large and small non residential etc. systems outlining treatment requirements ( Ground water disinfection, surface water chemically assisted filtration, point of entry) and deadlines, sampling and operational requirements, posting notices, treatment and trained person operation, Section 8 exemptions,engineering evaluation reports, sampling requirements, annual reports and so much more.

Bill Vander Wilp from MacLellan Water Technology Ltd. Outlined costs for site inspection, sampling, equipment etc.

“ It’s ridiculous. We might as well close our doors,” Sandy McCready , owner and operator of McCready cottages said. “The financial burden will be too heavy. We have been drinking the water forever and testing it. Is the government going to help support us?” (Sampling by the Health Unit can only be done for home owners). All other business sampling must be done by testing labs (2 in Kingston) at very high costs.

It was noted that with higher insurance, property tax and assessment small businesses will have to close if they pass water costs on to customers.

Jim Mahoney said now was the time to make the case to the government since the regulation has just been promulgated. Something has to appear on the the Environmental Bill of Rights before the end of September.

“This has not been a transparent process. We hear what we have to do,” Ms. Fischer said. “Now is the time to formulate our position through the County. We can’t afford to loose small businesses because of these new water regulations We need to take a stand and get our ideas and solutions to the ministry. We have a small window of opportunity to respond.”

Jan Hasselaar said that a submission from the County would be very important noting we are not alone with this problem and the costs involved, and with no help.

Ms. Fischer as well as Cindy Day, WIBTA Vice President, indicated their willingness to work on the project and to call a further meeting .

Around Town: Mrs. Theresa Broeders was awarded 2nd prize for a “Historical Picture Tour of My Community” Wolfe Island at the FWIO (Federated women's institute of Ontario) 2004 provincial conference at Durham College in Oshawa . *Chris MacDonald, graduating student at Regiopolis Notre Dame was this year’s recipient of the Baker award.*Leaving for high school in September are eight, Grade 8 graduates at Sacred Heart School. Valedictorians were Jason Pyke (Marysville) & Matt Broeders (Sacred Heart) *Congratulations to Cathie Herroun who recently became a Canadian citizen. * I simply do not have enough space to tell you about the incredible 1st Art in the Garden Tour which took place on Wolfe Island attended by close to 300 people from Kingston, Toronto, Cape Vincent, Bloomfield and many other places.

Coming Event
1. July 1st - Stone Heron Gallery Opens at the Community Hall
2. July 4th—WIBTA’s Wolfe Island Classic 5km-10km check
3. July 16th - Toronto’s Triumph Car Club Tours Wolfe Island
4. July17th & Aug. 7th Western Horse Show dates 9:30 a.m. at W.I. Community Centre Grounds
6. Aug. 7th Howe Island’s St. Philomena’s Summer Steak Fry Purchase tickets in advance.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:26 AM
June 15, 2004
Wolfe Island Canal Debate Heats Up

Frontenac Islands Council received the report of the Wolfe Island Canal Committee at a special meeting recently. The Canal Committee has been working on a plan for the replacement of the existing Highway 96 crossing of the canal and the possible reopening of the original dug portion.

Committee Chair Councillor Wayne Grant said that since the committee did not reach a consensus on whether watercraft should be able to traverse the culvert the committee is recommending that Council proceed one of the alternatives outlined in Option I or Option 2 .

With this recommendation of alternatives the committee is looking to council to determine a course of action with input to the committee on the next steps. Grant added that since the report was finalized two further meetings were held with landowners.

Mayor Vanden Hoek noted some urgency in determining a project and preparing a “letter of intent’ to the new Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF).

Special Projects Coordinator Linda Van Hal outlined the progress of the canal(identified in 2001 as a key project) to the presentation of the report. Council retained Totten Simms Hubicki Assoc. to propose a plan to replace culverts etc.; applied for OSTAR Eco-Tourism grant including canal re-opening, received funding (56%) for a Fisheries Assessment, Soils Investigation, Preliminary Design, Design Detail but no funding for culvert replacement. Council supported Lake Ontario Keepers ‘Restoring Fish Habitat’ report.

“A Canal Committee was formed to review the canal re-opening concept and to make a detailed recommendation to council which included types and costs of culverts, scope and cost of dredging, biological impacts, required work permits, canal ownership, concerns of adjacent landowners, hunters, fishers etc.

The committee met with stakeholders, held Fisheries and Oceans site visits and industry (culverts, concrete, ecological services) consultations,” Van Hal said. “The committee was reconstituted in February. Further industry, Coast Guard site visits and stakeholder meetings were held bringing us to tonight’s Committee report and recommendation,” she concluded

Committee member Greg Caldwell in outlining the canal re-opening options noted three goals: improving water flow into Barrett’s Bay resulting in better water quality for residents; improving fish habitat; potential canal access to small watercraft.

“We put our effort into these,” Caldwell said. “The report describes 5 options (Heritage June 6th). We do not have a consensus about watercraft and were constrained by certain road elevation restrictions and are seeking further direction on option 1 or 2.”

Option One and Option Two both include dredging to the centre of the canal and the installation of a 10’ or 12’ culvert. Both open the waterway, improve the fish habitat and the Township controls the process. Option One costs in the $200,000 range and allows small watercraft. Option Two prohibits watercraft resulting in added costs and policing.

(Option 3 calls for a major bridge construction project with potential for large water craft, much higher costs. Option 4 involves LOK and Option 5 do nothing.) Mayor Vanden Hoek invited comments from the many residents in attendance.

Chris Mattson representing LOK said option 4 should not be included. “ LOK is concerned with improving fish habitat, not taking over the canal project. I’m against power boats but there is no opposition to canoes and kayaks.”

Beth Caldwell questioned his opposition to controlled boat traffic and later asked if boating would be curtailed during the (waterfowl) hunting season. “The concern is for fish and waterfowl habitat destruction by opening the canal to power boats,” Mattson said.

Lorne Kane expressed landowners concerns about liability and wildlife habitat. Ian Milne supports option 1 but would prefer a larger bridge allowing larger boats to help island economy and tourism.

Dan Hulton representing the W.I. Wildlife Association opposes option one and intends to prevent the opening of the canal to boat traffic. “Hunters were taken advantage of with Big Sandy Bay. Our traditional rights (ATV use) were taken away. We won’t be burned again,” he said.

Barry Woodman is concerned about power boats and canal policing costs. Paul Kane has liability/ environmental/boat traffic concerns. “There is more money from hunting that boats. “Open it up all the way to boats (option 3) or not at all (option 2),” he said.

Councillor Calvin wonders about spending taxpayers money, whether going with option 1 will satisfy the whole community and whether boating and environmental responsibility are mutually exclusive. Caldwell said the Dept. Fisheries and Oceans indicate ‘no conflict’ between fish habitat and responsible boating (controlled, policed). Calvin also wants information on larger “culvert.

Regarding the ‘letter of intent’ the Canal Project may seem right for the Wolfe Island Ward, but the Howe Island Ward has other concerns. Councillor Hobbs said, “not to deny Wolfe Island, but we have fire hall issues.” Councillor Norris noted Wolfe Island has 3 votes. “We have two.” Councillor Grant worried that if the canal land owners reject the project will Howe loose an opportunity to apply.

Finally council passed a resolution (with a short time frame) directing the Canal Committee to develop a conceptual plan (with costs), containing 1 or 2 concrete culverts, 6.5 feet of waterline to culvert roof clearance, allowing appropriate water flow for review by adjoining property owners and the public. If there is property owner agreement, legal text outlining transient traffic restrictions and regulations, (eg. no personal watercraft (seadoos), no boat traffic between Sept. 6 to June15th with barriers at Road 96 and East end of the canal) will be drafted.
Mayor Vanden Hoek thanked the committee for an excellent report. ( available at the W.I. Town Hall.)

Other business: Dan Hulton and Scott Hulton proposed a 2004 budget for the Community Centre Board including base ball diamond poles/ lighting and a plan for a water line to the community centre building and eventually to the fire hall.

Around Town: 210 Wolfe/Simcoe Islanders visited Big Sandy Bay, some for first time.*Councillor Calvin (Colonel retd.) receives Queen’s Jubilee medal .* Sacred Heart Principal Mr. Harry Murphy retires. Environmental screening begins for Greater Trade Winds Wolfe Island Wind sites.

Coming Events:
1. Grade 8 Graduation June 23rd at Sacred Heart School
2. June 26th W.I .Fire Dept. Bass Derby Contact James White
3. Art in the Garden Tour Sunday June 27th For tickets: 385-9917
4. July 4th W.I. Classic 5k 10k Road Race Contact Sandy 385-1507
5. Stone Heron Gallery opens at the Community Hall June 30th.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:38 PM
June 01, 2004
Frontenac Stewardship Council Welcomed to Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island’s Friends of Big Sandy Bay and the BSB Stewardship committee welcomed members of Frontenac Stewardship Council to the island recently.

The Frontenac Stewardship Council assists and supports conservation initiatives (workshops, fisheries habitat, conservation etc.) concerned with the protection of the rural environment throughout Frontenac County.

They were invited to Wolfe Island by Special Projects Coordinator and a Stewardship Council member Linda Van Hal to combine their regular meeting with a visit (accompanied by BSB Stewardship committee members) to the Big Sandy Bay Management area now officially open to the pubic.

The area boasts staff, toll gate, limited parking , public washrooms, visitor fee structure and a walking trail to the site.The Ministry of Natural Resources has entrusted the day to day management of the provincially owned area to Frontenac Islands Township.

Ms. Lois Deacon District Manager Peterborough Region MNR attended the gathering and site visit.

Following the tour, supper was provided at the Community Hall at which time Mayor Vanden Hoek welcomed the guests noting that each year new improvements and management of the Big Sandy Bay Area has brought about significant changes in attitude regarding the site, its protection and conservation. Everett Hogan spoke on behalf of the BSB Stewardship Committee. Gerry Mulder, MNR Kingston area superintendant also noted the positive changes that have taken place at the Big Sandy Bay and praised the initiatives of the community in bringing the formal opening of the site to fruition.

Wolfe Island Open for Business: Victoria Day weekend saw renewed enthusiasm in Marysville as cottagers returned to the island. Business was booming in the local stores and bakery. WIBTA’s Information Office opened. Local restaurants, B&B’s, Brown’s Bay Inn, General Wolfe and the Riverfront Golf course geared up to receive visitors.

The Big Sandy Bay Management Area and a 2nd golf course Alston Moore Links officially opened. Students were back directing traffic. And, in spite of the weather, cyclists, fishers, bird watchers and walk-on visitors boarded the ferry, many on their way to the USA via Horne’s ferry.
That’s Wolfe Island in the spring.

Pastor Named for Sacred Heart of Mary Church: The Archdiocese of Kingston has announced that effective July 7th Fr. Rene Labelle will become the pastor of Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart of Mary Parish. Fr. Labelle, a native of Brockville is at present the pastor of St. Anthony Parish in Centreville and chaplain at Holy Cross High School.

Council To Hear Canal Report: Frontenac Islands Council special meeting June 7th on Wolfe Island will have an added agenda item other than the budget when council hears the report of the Wolfe Island Canal committee.

The committee chaired by Councillor Wayne Grant will present a series of options for council’s consideration. A “snap shot” overview of the options includes: No.1: Costing in the range of $200,000 with the Township controlling the process, to dredge to the center of the canal, install a 10/12 foot culvert at the road crossing to open the waterway, improve fish habitats and allow use by some small watercraft.

No. 2: Same as option One but with all watercraft prohibited resulting in some added costs and policing required. The other objectives (fish habitat, waterway) would be achieved.

No. 3: Dredge the full width of the canal and build a major bridge project at the road crossing at a probable cost of $2 million resulting in potential for larger watercraft. This option may require dredging/clearing at the bay entrances.

No. 4: Turn the project over to Lake Ontario Keepers. This option offers no plans and timelines for completion; funding sources are unknown with uncertain authority for implementation. The cost to the township would be minimal with their role and liability unclear.

No. 5: Do Nothing .

The committee will recommend Option 1 or 2. The decision remains with council.

Council will also consider submitting a “letter of intent” to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) for a project yet to be decided.

Ontario will partner with the Federal government in this program to fund rural infrastructure and Frontenac Islands will consider its options in this regard.

Also on the agenda, the establishment of a new land fill site fee structure and other miscellaneous fees.

Frontenac Council’s regular meeting Howe Island Tues. June 15th at 7:30 p.m.
Councillors Pat Norris and Geoff Hobbs will accompany Mayor Vanden Hoek and members of MTO to the Hamilton Ship Yard June 14th to view the progress of the new Howe Island County ferry.

Vandalism Cindy Day, owner of the “The Factory” (former Kraft plant) is considering calling for police patrols to protect the property from further vandalism. The building has been entered after hours on a number of occasions with obvious drinking involved, and the premises left in disgusting condition. Private locked areas have also been broken into and items stolen.

“The Factory” is undergoing major renovation in preparation for its use as a business centre. To remove large used equipment a section of the building was opened and is boarded up at the end of each day. This area appears to be where intruders gain access.

Ms Day wonders if the vandalism is the work of local young people, ( if it is, she would like it to stop before someone is seriously hurt, caught and charged) or non-islanders. She has been advised to call police to deal with the matter and will do so.

Around Town: *With the retirement of Harry Murphy, Miss Nadia Luciuk has been appointed principal of Sacred Heart (with St.Paul School).. *The Wolfe Island Day Camp for children 5 to 12 begins June 28th. Call Loyola learning Centre 544-3361 or email *The Howe Island Garden Buds community yard sale along with local garden plants and baked goods is Saturday June 5th 9 am-5 pm St Philomena Church Hall. Proceeds for Howe Island beautification projects. *How goes getting ready for the WI Classic road race July 4th? Register on line * Have you planted your pumpkin seeds for the Great Weigh-in?

Coming Events:

1. Parish Festival Trinity Anglican Sunday June 6th begins at 9:15 a.m.
2. Wed. June 23rd Sacred Heart School Grade 8 Graduation
3. June 26th W.I. Volunteer Fire Department Annual Bass Derby.
4. ART IN THE GARDEN TOUR Sunday June 27th , 10am-5p.m For tickets Diane Kerbel 385-9917
5. Stone Heron Art Gallery opens at the Community Hall June 30th

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:04 PM
May 19, 2004
New Parking and Traffic Regulations By-Law for Frontenac Islands

Frontenac Islands Council has passed a parking and traffic regulations by-law for the township. The by-law will become effective once signs are in place and citizens have received a flyer from the township outlining important sections of the by-law.

Much of the by-law is generic. However there are sections dealing with the Marysville and Dawson Point ferry lines, village parking etc. and fines, illegal parking and other bylaw offences, for instance a $300 fine for parking in a handicap spot without a permit. Enforcement officer Ken Gilpin will be hired to enforce the by-law.

The township must make a formal request to Provincial Offences to authorize the collection of standard funds. Until approval is received, payments are voluntary.

The lease agreement for parking at the Sacred Heart Church parking lot has not yet been finalized.

Water Line: Representatives from the W.I’s Community Centre Board and W.I. Outdoor Education Group, Bill Joy, Dan Hulton and George McAllister asked the municipality to install a 2 inch water line up from Victoria Street to the Community Centre Grounds (at an estimated cost of $10,000) in conjunction with residents who are already involved in a water line project on Victoria Street.

Councillor Grant noted this would be the opportune time to do it while the street is already being torn up. Mayor Vanden Hoek suggested it might be a two phase project, one to get water up the hill now and later the pipe from there to the grounds.

The municipality will install a line in the Victoria Street trench and participate in its cost to as far as the most southerly participating home owner. Council will debate the issue at ongoing budget talks.

Deer Tags: W.I. Wildlife Association’s Scott McClaren requested a revisit of the deer tag program to cull the herd and public safety. Council will ask the Ministry of Natural Resources to issue a minimum of 50 site specific anterless archery tags for the Wolfe Island (Div. 69A3) for a period of three years and to implement a yearly monitoring and evaluation program.

Howe Island County Ferry: A letter from Howe Island resident Gary Hall expressing concerns about the County Ferry has been forwarded to Frontenac County CAO Liz Fulton for a response to council.

Other Business: Mayor Vanden Hoek restated that all items for council agenda must be received on the Wednesday prior to the meeting (unless an emergency issue) allowing councillors time to consider issues in advance.

Following a pros and cons discussion (new, repair, trade, lease) Council authorized the purchase of a new road grader with a maximum expenditure of $221,600. plus taxes

Council will consider written complaints about noise making devices used to scare cormorants, etc on Black Ant Island.

Another discussion took place regarding the proposal for Mini Parks on Wolfe Island, with sites and washrooms major concerns. More information requested from WIBTA for July meeting.

Councillor Calvin brought council up to date on the opening of the Big Sandy Bay Management Area (May 22nd) and the flyer to be distributed to all residents.

Budget meeting dates, also a meeting for Township Water Regulation guidance were set.

Next Regular Meeting Howe Island TUESDAY June 15th 7:30 p.m.

For your information prior to the regular Council meeting Mayor Vanden Hoek responded to a question about that the OMB appeal initiated by the township which has recently been dropped with the City of Kingston agreeing to a number of initiatives. The OMB appeal was related to the possible effects on parking and other transportation issues resulting from the proposed hotel on the dock beside the W.I. Ferry dock.

“The city is studying the timing sequence of the lights on Ontario Street for possible time improvements and has agreed to having someone sit on an Environmental Assessment committee for a Wolfe Island EA for transportation enhancement, once one is initiated by MTO,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Some people may think our appeal was ‘frivolous’ but transportation is the greatest single issue facing Wolfe Island and must be taken seriously. It is an issue that Kingston needs not only be reminded of but to understand and acknowledge. Whatever happens in downtown Kingston has an effect on the citizens of Wolfe Island and what happens to the ferry service,” Vanden Hoek said.

With regard to Kingston’s large venue entertainment centre initiative (LVEC) the mayor noted general support for the concept. “There is an opportunity for the city in the downtown location and it is a good location from the island’s perspective. But more importantly those types of facilities do have an impact on economic development. Economic development being the driver of the tax base. Our experience generally is that residents expect you to move forward. They understand the relationship between economic development and opportunity. Local opposition is a given,” he concluded.

Around Town: Local author Renie Marshal had a story about a St. Lawrence River hero read on the BBC recently.* Much happening at the W.I. Information Office in preparation for tourist season.* Horne’s ferry to the USA is back in service.* Not an eagle but a metal rooster, crafted by local artist Bruce Mellon that is the prize in the upcoming “Wonder Bird” WIBTA raffle.* New sound system at Sacred Heart Church.*Compactor at the W.I. landfill site closer to being in use.* Keith Walton was interviewed for CTV regarding wind farms and power planned for the island. * MOE information regarding water regulations was provided to local churches and the township.* Wolfe Island well represented by residents at grand opening of Frontenec Community Futures Development Corporation *Rather scary stuff with under cover police, attack dogs, agents and helicopters searching the ferry, cars and the islands looking for an escaped KP prisoner.

Coming Events:
1. Summer Sunday Services at Christ Church (15th Concession) 9:15 a.m., June 13th, July 11, August 8th & September 12th . Services at Trinity are at 9:15 a.m.
2. May 22nd Trinity Anglican’s Bake Sale, St. Margaret’s Hall 11 a.m. –1 p.m.
3. May 22 Fish Fry, Wolfe Island United Church Hall Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
4. W.I.Tourist Information Bureau Opens May 22nd
5. May 29th and May 30th WIBTA’s (1st of the season) Used Book Sale at the Old Fire Hall 10 a.m. 5:30 pm Early Bird Friday May 28th 3-6 p.m. ( to donate books call Linda 385-1947)
6. June 6th Trinity Anglican Parish Festival

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:09 PM
May 04, 2004
Trees for Peace


Some 70 Grade 6 & 7 students accompanied by their teachers from Kingston’s Ecole Cathedrale descended on Hank Connell’s Sugar Woods location on Wolfe Island for a hands on “Trees for Peace” planting experience.

Prior to planting the 2000 (white pine, white spruce, red osier dogwood & nannyberry) seedlings which were purchased by Mr. Connell ($0.50ea), the students had participated in a classroom presentation focusing on the importance of trees in the ecosystem, the creation of wildlife habitat, water quality, erosion control and a discussion about reducing prejudice which encourages the students to link respect for the environment to respect for fellow human beings.

Joining the students were Field Supervisor Kevin Hansen who demonstrated the tree hole digging method for the students, Susan Moore and Bret Coleman coordinator of the Frontenac Stewarship Council. Armed with shovels the students and teachers spread out over the property to the sites designated for planting (including 2 wetland areas) and with enthusiasm and energy got down to business completing the work.In pairs the students dug the holes and planted the seedlings in rows, much to Hank’s delight.

The Trees for Peace program began in 1998 when Irish and Canadian youth traveled together across Canada planting over 600,000 trees helps implement an environmental stewardship prgram for local school boards whic stresses sustainable natural environments, youths working together etc.

From April 26 to May 21, 2004, over a thousand Grade 6, 7 & 8 students from area schools will plant 30,000 seedling trees on 18 sites nearest to their schools in Lennox & Addington and Frontenac Counties. Since its inception, local students have planted 80,000 trees on 60 sites in the region.

Trees for Peace is a partnership of non-profit community groups working together to build a healthier environment including the Lennox & Addington and Frontenac Stewardship Councils, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, Children of Ireland Foundation (Canada) and both the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic and Limestone District school boards. Local landowners can apply to have trees planted.

Pastor Wood Installed as Minister of Wolfe Island United Church
Rev. Terry Wood, who has been serving the Wolfe Island United Church congregation for some months was formerly installed as its pastor at a recent celebration. The new ministry is a covenant between the Wolfe Island Pastoral Charge, Pastor Terry Wood, the Kingston Presbytery and the Bay of Quinte Conference.

Presiding over the ceremony was Mary McColl, Chair of the Kingston Presbytery who in her opening remarks noted the presence of members of the Sacred Heart Catholic and Trinity Anglican parishes and remarked on the strong ecumenical nature of the Wolfe Island community.

Search Committee member Keith Walton presented Pastor Wood. “Terry has been called to a ministry of the Word, Sacrament and Pastoral care in the Wolfe Island Pastoral Charge,” he said. “We believe he is qualified and has been prayerfully and lawfully selected.”

Many parish community members were involved in the service of signs and symbols, the renewal of baptismal promises and a statement of new ministry. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Elaine Smith. The Wolfe Island Ecumenical choir with Geneva Keyes at the organ provided the music.

Garden Tour
Plans for Wolfe Islands 1st Art in the Garden Tour sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association are well underway. Buses have been hired. Tour guides are getting ready. Tickets are selling fast. Sponsors have come forward. And the many multi-talented artists and gardeners from Wolfe & Simcoe islands are preparing for this unique event to be held Sunday, June 27th, 10 am-5pm, rain or shine when guests will be transported from garden to garden, from one artist to another while tour guides describe the history and lore of the island.

Visit the WIBTA web site at:, follow the links for more information and ongoing updates. For further information contact Diane Kerbel (613) 385-9917, e-mail:

Around Town:* The Horne’s ferry to Cape Vincent, NY is back in service. WIBTA’s Tourist Kiosk May 24th holiday weekend as does Big Sandy Bay * In advance of the WIBTA Infornation Kiosk*Note on your events calendar that the annual W.I. Summer Music Festival takes place August 7th. *Big things happening at the Island Grill. *The Summer Dock Studio is now open weekends. *Lots of questions about new water regulations beginning to surface. *Ballads, Folk music with the Troubador at the General Wolfe May 14& 15th. *There is a call for new and returning volunteers for the WIBTA Tourist Information Centre. . A n “after dinner” volunteer information/training evening will be held at the community Hall, Tues. May 11th at 7 p.m.For info contact Elise Huffman 385-1486

Coming Events:
1. Trinity Anglican Parish announces Special summer Services at Christ Church (15th Concession) at 9:15 a.m., Sunday’s, May 9th , June 13th, July 11, August 8th & September 12th .
2. May 22nd Trinity Anglican’s Bake Sale at St. Margaret’s Hall 11 a.m. –1 p.m.
3. May 22 Annual Fish Fry, Wolfe Island United Church Hall Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
4. May 29th and 30th WIBTA’s (1st of the season) Used Book Sale at the Old Fire Hall 10 a.m. 5:30 pm Early Bird Friday May 28th 3-6 p.m. ( to donate books call Linda 385-1907)
5. Hulton Construction Slow Pitch League (18 years)
For Info call R. Rixton385-1277, Scott Hulton 385-2444

Posted by Margaret Knott at 03:59 PM
April 20, 2004
Garden Buds, Mini Parks, Garden Tours & Big Sandy Bay

Spring was certainly in the air as Frontenac Islands Council was presented with a requests for tourist signs on Howe Island, assistance with an “Art in the Garden” Tour and for partnering in a scheme for mini parks on Wolfe Island, as well as an update of the 2004 operating budget for Big Sandy Bay.

But the passage of the Comprehensive parking by-law has been deferred until budget talks take place between now and the next regular meeting and further documentation is received from the township’s solicitor regarding the bylaw.

Garden Buds: Ms. Marilyn McCauley representing “Howe Island Garden Buds” presented updated information regarding the size, design (computer generated) and costs of the 2 (2’x3’) Howe Island Road map signs to be located at or near the Howe Island ferry docks with the total cost estimated at $1,275.00.

“It’s up to Howe Island councillors to decide as a matter of policy if and how to do this,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Are 2×3’ signs big enough? Should it be a RFP project?”

He noted that signs at the 3 Wolfe Island ferry sites were designed and painted by local artists who received compensation for materials only. Howe Island District Council members and treasurer Carol Dwyre will work with Ms. McCauley on designs, costing and donations for presentation at the June meeting.

Garden Tour: Representing Wolfe Island Business & Tourism’s (WIBTA) Tour Committee, Liz Crothers advised council of a 1st Art in the Garden Tour to be held on Sunday, June 27th from 10a.m. to 5p.m. and asked council to ensure that roads travelled by the tour be graded; that the allowable number of passengers on the Simcoe Island ferry be increased and fares waived that day.

It is expected that all roadwork will complete by then but maybe grass cutting contracts could begin a week earlier on tour roads. However capacity on the ferry is a Transport Canada Marine decision and cannot be varied and out of respect for Simcoe residents the fee will not be waived.

Mini Parks: Ms Cindy Day, WIBTA’s Vice President said the association wants to include mini parks in their strategic plan “WIBTA is able to do a lot of work towards developing and maintaining these parks but some of the issues are outside our capacity so we need to have some kind of working relationship with the township.

First it might be in identifying with the township where appropriate sites might be, (township property, line road ends, etc).” she said. “We want to develop a prototype park (small roof structure, environmentally suitable toilet, fire pit, small boat launch depending on location with waste container, picnic table, bench, signs describing habitat all outlined in her written presentation), and if successful with a first park, construct one park each year.”

She said that partnering with the municipality makes it possible for WIBTA to access other funds and resources for capital costs. After some discussion Mayor Vanden Hoek, said that council members need to review the project and get comfortable with the township’s responsibilities in it.” Ms Day will do some further work on the proposal for the May council meeting.

In other Business: While more could be done to increase the longevity of Wolfe Islands Waste Disposal site, Totten Sims Hubicki’s Doug Prisen presented a favourable 2003 operations report.

In 1993 remaining site capacity was extended by 10 years to 2007. For this report based on usage and recycling, the lifespan has been estimated at 13 years to 2017. Ground water samplings indicate improved conditions. Water samples collected from the neighbouring residence area show no impact from the site.

An agreement for additional monitoring will provide early indication of problems to the neighbour’s domestic water supply. The report also calls for increased cover. TSH will forward copies of the report to the Ministry of the Environment, Ms. Theresa James and Wilf Ruland.

Council approved a request by Joe Montgomery and Jan Hasselaar on behalf of Victoria Street property owners for the installation of water lines along the municipal right of way from the St. Lawrence River.

All property owners must be notified that this is a one-time approval and respond in writing if they will or will not participate. Before the project can begin, the township must have a written agreement that all costs and obtaining of permits (with copies to the township) will be borne by the participating land owners, that all excavation of township property, water line locations and restoration of the property will be done under the direction of the Township Road Superintendent and that there be an individual line for each residence. All to be confirmed in writing to the municipality by each property owner.

Councillor Jim Calvin presented an update on 2004 Big Sandy Bay operating budget. Two changes have been made to meet the revenue neutral expectation. Buses to BSB will only operate from the village on weekends (June 26-Sept.6) and there will be a fee for parking vehicles at the BSB parking lot.

Calvin spoke of fee structure, passes and the need for 2 village parking spaces for buses. The BSB Stewardship committee is authorized to set up a bank account and was allocated $5000 – working capital (to be returned at year end) to handle day to day running of the BSB management area.

At the request of Councillor Hobbs, a Howe Island Recreation and Culture committee will be reactivated consisting of one council member and at least 5 members from the community to run recreational, social and cultural events and advise on park matters. The initial committee will draft terms of reference for council approval.

Councillor Hobbs noted an increase in administrative work and the many non-recompensed work hours of the volunteer Fire Chiefs. Council will examine fire service delivery requirements. Hobbs wants a thorough discussion of Howe transportation, and repair of Township ferry building. Norris states need for porta- toilet at County dock. Next Meeting May 10th, 6:30 p.m. Wolfe Island.

Coming Events:
1. April 24th Trinity Anglican Ham Supper, St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 p.m.
2. Now Collecting Used Books for the WIBTA May 29-30th Book Sale For pickup call Linda @ 385-1947 or drop off at The Factory 385-9994.
3. WI Early Years Centre’s used “children’s stuff” sale, April 24th Community Hall 10am
4. Dr. Westenberg at the Clinic 2-8 pm Thursdays.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:02 PM
April 08, 2004
Wind Power on Wolfe Island

CREC (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) President Ian Baines said at a recent meeting in late March that CREC had the financial backing of an UNNAMED Alberta company for the 150 turbine, 300 mega watt, wind farm on Wolfe Island. Well, now we know Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. of Calgary is the financial backer for the $400-million project.

We already knew that the Provincial Government is looking for 1350 mega watts of electricity from renewable power sources and that CREC hopes to win a bid once the province issues a request for proposals.

At that same meeting Baines noted the possibility of many jobs coming to the island as well as new business interest.

CREC has applied for a 350 mega-watt underwater transmission cable from the island to Kingston and with Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. financial support and a successful bid to the province, CREC will move to construction of the cable ($13-million+++) and the turbines on the 4 previously announced areas of the island (central and highland plains, W.I.’s Bateau Channel and the Big Sandy Bay area). It’s a waiting game.

According to an article in a local paper along with Gaia Power, Vector Wind Energy Inc of Ottawa is a 3rd company considering a Wolfe Island wind farm.

Listen to the Whispers, an evening organized by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute to raise awareness about ovarian and cervical cancer brought together over 60 women, many from Kingston ready to LISTEN. The program is part of the Rose Health Program, an initiative of the Ontario Federated Women’s Institutes.

A video produced by the National Ovarian Cancer Society outlining signs, symptoms and tests and including the stories of women who had suffered from Ovarian cancer was shown.

The video led to a question and answer period with Dr. Peter Bryson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Gynaecologic Oncology, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen’s University. Dr. Bryson responded to questions related to Trans Vaginal Ultra Sound, bimanual recto-vaginal exams and the Ca 125 blood test used to detect the disease. He noted no parallel test exists for ovarian cancer like the Pap test for cervical cancer however he said the ultra sound is a good detection tool because the probe allows for a closer look.

“Let your family doctor know if you have symptoms. Ask for a referral to a specialist if symptoms persist and if you have no family doctor go to an Urgent Care Clinic,” he said.

Islander Dan Hogan, RN, shared his experiences as a Primary Nurse Oncology working at the Kingston Regional Cancer Centre which serves South Eastern Ontario including Peterborough.

A wealth of information was provided for the taking by the Canadian Cancer Society, the Ontario Cervical Screening Program along with a medical display from Rose Mary Corrigan RN.

Those who contributed to the evening’s success included Institute organizers Maureen Lollar, Linda Van Hal, Theresa Broeders, Ellie Devette and Joan O’Shea. Thanks to Jan Fitch, Bruce Mellon, Linda Sutherland, who provided door prizes, and also to Hulton Bus Line, John Muikow (audio system), and Rose Mary Corrigan.
The organizers have since received many calls forthis important information from those unable to attend.

Evensong held recently at Trinity Anglican Church on Wolfe Island brought not only parishioners to this beautiful service but also members of the wider island Christian community.

At the invitation of Rev. Canon Chris Carr, Canon Bill Clarke, rector of St. Luke’s, Kingston led the service and gave the homily. St. Lukes Choir and organist Ms. Kathy Kelly provided the music and led the singing.

A touching moment in the service was the presentation by Rev. Wayne Varley rector of St. Mark’s Barriefield of a processional cross from the now closed St. James Church in Pittsburg to the Trinity Anglican Parish (which was without one) for continued use and safekeeping.

Water Regulations: FYI Frontenac County met with a representative from the Ministry of the Environment to discuss Water Regulation 170/03. The regulation refers to all facilities open to the public which fall under the regulation ”small municipal non-residential systems.”

A public facility is defined as any place where the general public has access to a washroom, drinking fountains, showers, or food preparation. Municipalities must undertake an evaluation of “public facilities.”

Further information regarding new drinking water system regulations for all categories is available: or Public Information Centre 1-888-565-4923.

Around Town: * WIBTA member Liz Crothers was on hand to present Todd Sorfleet, from the Island Grill with a cheque for $1,572.50. He is the winner of the 50/50 “Guess the Van sinking (date/time) in the ice” draw. (it sank April 1st at 1:47 pm. winning ticket said 1:52 pm.) Todd is saving for a back-packing tour of Europe in 2006 and will add the cheque to the cause. * When Fire Chief James White informs council that there should be no obstruction on the side streets and expresses concern about parking in front of the Old Fire Hall, can the Comprehensive parking by-law be far behind? Pat Sanford (Stone Heron Gallery) says 12 island artists thus far will be displaying their work at the Community Hall this summer. Work has begun to prepare the building for its gala opening in June. Pat would welcome other Island artists and fine craftsmen to the Gallery co-op. * The WI Early Years Centre’s is looking for Donations (clean, good condition) children’s used clothing, books, toys for sale at the Community Hall April 24th , 9am. Call Paula: 385-1488. Work goes on for the opening of Big Sandy Bay. *Spring is surely here (in spite of this extended April Fool’s day joke)with both our local golf courses advertising * Welcome Fr. Stewart Laverty OFM, home for Easter * W.I.’s Scene of the Crime announces Howard Engel, author of Benny Cooperman series as the winner of the 1st Grant Allen award honouring crime writing pioneers.*Words to remember: “There will no tolls on Hwy. 69 because there is no alternate route.” Minister of Northern Affairs.

Coming Events:
1. Ecumenical ‘Good Friday’ Service Sacred Heart Church, 3 p.m. April 9th
2. Easter Egg Hunt begins promptly at 1pm. Community Centre Grounds, Sat. April 10th (ages 4-10)
3. April 24th Trinity Anglican’s Ham Supper St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 p.m.
4. Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools annual Community Cleanup Thurs. April 22 at 10 a.m..
5. Euchre continues Thursday evenings at the United Church Hall

Posted by Margaret Knott at 05:23 PM
March 29, 2004
Frontenac Islands wants Volunteer Ambulance Service Recognized

A request has gone to both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance requesting a policy change that recognizes the value of the volunteer component of the Wolfe Island land ambulance service and further that that value be redirected back to Wolfe Island in the 2004 budget year through the Community Reinvestment Program.

The Island’s Ambulance Service has a 30 year history and is held in high regard by the community. It is the only volunteer service and contributes savings to the county in excess of $500,000 annually compared to a fully paid service.

Some time back concern was expressed about upper tier assessments to Frontenac Islands. Land ambulance appears to be one area where the relationship between the islands and the county was different and required investigation. “On this issue particularly we feel there needs to be some recognition that the volunteer effort does go back to the home community,” Mayor Vanden Hoek noted.

In other business OPP Sergeant Ed Hickey presented the Leeds County Detachment 2004 Business Plan.
Hickey said that calls, break and enters, mischief incidents and false alarms were up. The fire at Howe Island’s Nakomis Lodge is being investigated as arson. Deer incidents are down. A case of home improvement fraud against an elderly person on Wolfe Island was investigated.

He advised that residents, particularly seniors should be cautious when signing contracts with some home repair companies and encourages neighbours and family members to be vigilant. The OPP issued a press release to that effect.

Hearthmakers: Fr. Brian Hart and Samit Sharma, Gaia Power provided an update of the Wolfe Island Wind Power Development Feasibility Study and Business Plan. They noted significant hurdles for the proposed 36 mega watt wind farm co-operative. Specifically the Kingston connection and the high cost per kilowatt of 10 ½ cents.

Hearthmakers believes a provincial RFP (request for Proposal) for power will happen soon and it would be to their advantage if the municipality partners with the co-operative, leading the province to buy their premium priced power.

Fr. Hart said they will talk to the other island wind power development businesses to see if there is a way to partner but what they are asking of the Township is that the township access low interest loan funds through FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) to purchase shares in the co-op and work to sell the power.

Mayor Vanden Hoek asked Frontenac County’s EDO (Economic Development Officer) Karen Fisher who was in attendance to study Hearthmakers business proposal, tax benefits etc. “We have supported wind power development all along but because of the way this has been presented we have to be sure we do not trip on our own feet either with CREC or OPG. which is why we need some time and information,” he said.

Appointments to the Big Sandy Bay Management Area Stewardship Committee include Chair Jim Calvin, Nadine Greenwood, Everett Hogan, Duncan Pyke, Craig Hulton, Dan Hogan, Craig Hulton George McAllister, Friend of Big Sandy Bay Rep. Maggie Crothers and MNR Rep. Terry Eccles.

Island resident Patricia Sanford, (Stone Heron Gallery)has entered into an agreement with the Township to rent the W.I. Community Hall for an art gallery operation from June 25th to Sept.8th, 2004 for a fee of $500.

The rental is conditional on security and insurance indemnification, renovations and a cost review by the CAO. Sanford pointed out that such a location is needed to display the work of the many artists and craftsmen from Wolfe, Simcoe and Howe Islands and would create another tourist destination with the gallery open daily for July and August, and staffed by two local part- time employees.

She said she would assume costs for improved building security, lighting and insurance as well as making the facility handicap accessible and hold 3 receptions showcasing artists accompanied by local entertainment. Sanford’s request was supported with letters from other artists.

Council will enter into a lease agreement for use of a part of the Sacred Heart Church parking lot for a period of one year, purchase the required curbs and make arrangements for line painting and signs. A comprehensive parking by-law for the Township is under discussion.

Council approved Terms of Reference for the Wolfe Island Canal Committee. It also agreed to a proposal by Bell Canada to provide a 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service.

Daniel Lee has been hired as Howe Island’s Recycling Operator Sat. 9:45 a.m.-12 noon, and from May 31st to Sept.30th, Thursdays 5:45p.m. to 8 p.m.
A new Howe Island ferry work schedule has been drawn up for 2 full time and 4 part time employees. One position was declared redundant.

Letters from island Fire Chiefs, Mike Quinn and James White express concern regarding the immediate extra work involved in the Mandatory Fire Protection Information Survey ( required of all municipalities) but moved up for Frontenac Islands by the Fire Marshall’s Office because of a concern expressed on radio by a Howe Island resident. Council will monitor.

The Township must provide a public slip at Simcoe Island. Next Regular Council Meeting Howe Island Tues. April 13th 6:30 p.m.

Around Town: * WIBTA announces June, “Art in the Garden Tour.” * New water regulations causing much concern. * Much activity at Big Sandy Bay with building construction, Gate House ready and trail upgrades planned. A pass system, signs, toilets etc. in the works says Councillor Calvin. * Slow Down signs erected at both Wolfe Island schools. The Seniors Lunch hosted by the CWL had many volunteers helping to make it a success. * Try the Island Grill’s Open Mike Friday evenings if you want to sing, play. *What a sight watching Winfield Woodman sail the river in his (hand crafted) ice boat. * Dr. Hans Westenberg will see patients every Thursday 2:30-8 p.m. at the Clinic Evensong is the 28th not the 24th as listed in event Calendar.

Coming Events:

1. Last Euchre March 29th.St. Margaret’s Hall but continues Thursday’s, 7 p.m.,United Church Hall
2. Don’t forget “Listen to the Whispers,” at Sacred Heart School, March 25th, 6- 8:30 p.m.
3. “Evensong” at Trinity Anglican Sunday March 28th at 4 p.m Guest Choir
4. W.I. Early Years “Beach Party” Dance, March 27th, 9 pm – 1 am at W.I. Community Hall Tickets $6.00. At the door $7.00
5. Ecumenical ‘Good Friday’ Service Sacred Heart Church 3 p.m. April 9th

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:01 AM
March 24, 2004
So What was in the Transportation Discussion Paper?

The Township of Frontenac Islands is calling upon the Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Harinder Takar, to direct MTO to address the need for ferry capacity enhancements for Wolfe Island.

When Mayor Vanden Hoek put forward the resolution requesting an MTO initiated Environmental Assessment of the ferry service, and a feasibility study of a passenger service between Marysville and the downtown area of Kingston, he reminded council of the discussion paper regarding transportation needs which has been in the hands of the ministry since July 2001.

Maybe it’s time to be reminded about what was in the discussion paper. Its introduction outlines a brief history of ferry service on Wolfe Island until the 1960’s, when it was taken over 100% by the province, to the 1994 IBI Study which defined ferry capacity deficiencies that were confirmed in the 1999-2000 Phase 1&2 municipally commissioned environmental assessment.

The discussion paper says enhanced ferry service is the only cost effective option for the foreseeable future. It also says that the capital costs associated with a bridge cannot be justified. The matter of ferry capacity was left unresolved as no agreement could be reached on options or cost sharing between the user and the province.

The paper describes what improved ferry capacity will do for the community (development for one, improved competitiveness etc.) pointing out that while the province may look for “fiscal neutrality”, the island’s economic conditions may make that impossible, however it says that it is reasonable for the user to make a contribution to better service.

The township’s objectives and proposed action plan included the reinstatement of 1 trip by MTO (done); negotiating key service elements with MTO; the acknowledgement that better service is unlikely unless some contribution comes from the user; that should a transportation agreement with MTO happen, that monies from the annual Community Development fund ( started in 2001) could be used for planning and development, using Howe Island’s pass charge as a guide for setting rates; develop with MTO a plan to derive money from transient traffic to be dedicated 100% for service enhancements; identifying the Dawson-Vimy corridor option in its Official Plan (done) and that the Kingston transportation plan reflect the same. If MTO agrees to begin the process Wolfe Islanders have much to consider … .

Wind Power Meeting with CREC

photo: Margaret Knott

When CREC’s (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation) president and Chief Operating Officer Ian Baines comes to talk about wind power for Wolfe Island, every one listens.

This time about the proposed 200 mega watt wind farm project worth $400 million dollars with a substantial economic benefit for the island and possible lease payment to landowners of approximately $900,000.

What’s new is that landowners have optioned 3000 acres to CREC and CREC is now looking for 3000 more at the head of the island. CREC plans to erect further anemometers ( two 60 metre) for more accurate wind data and to lay out the first optioned 3000 acres for the 80-100 metre high windmills spaced 1/2 kilometre apart with a sound level of 40 dba’s set back 200 metre’s from every home.

photo: Margaret Knott

A major challenge has been the inadequate underwater connection to the Kingston grid, and other problems which they believe have been resolved. CREC has applied for a high voltage underwater connection to the grid (230 kilovolt, 300 megawatt), a $30 million transmission line, which is a key point for the 3000 more acres and at least 100 windmills needed to justify the connection. According to Baines, Hydro One wants to see a 230 kilovolt connection to Wolfe Island.

CREC is completing the engineering plans for the transmission system, island infrastructure and the actual wind farm. They will have spent by June of this year $ 500,000. “We are serious about moving forward,” Baines said. “Our goal is to justify having this connection to the mainland.”

He went on to explain that they have a commitment for more investment and have brought in a 50/50 partner, a major Alberta public energy corporation whom they cannot name until officially announced. CREC will be the constructor but the Alberta company will share half the risk, funding and considerable experience in what it takes to build a wind farm.

Between March and August, they plan to acquire water access on both sides, bring equipment across by barge, apply for zoning amendments with the Township, plan road improvements at CREC’s cost, do wind farm layout, talk to landowners, make sound level determinations, complete detailed transmission line engineering plans, wiring and hydro poles, prepare formal lease agreements, seek municipal input.

“ We have to prove what we do. If all goes well, the construction of the first “Vestas” windmill will begin in late 2004. The Liberal government has said they will buy the power. We will bid it, win it. The Wolfe Island project is our highest priority,” Baines said.

The presentation was followed by an informative question and answer period. For further information and first come-first serve land optioning, contact Fred Siemonsen at CREC in Kingston at 548-3256.

Around Town: Trinty Anglican’s Lasagne Dinner March 20 th cancelled.* Scene of the Crime 2004 short story contest deadline for unpublished mystery/ crime genre writers is May 15th. Check:* Flying with Greg over Wolfe Island Larissa saw the words “Will you marry me,” in bright red carved out in the snow on the Rose’s W.I. lawn “I hope that’s for me from you”, she said. And of course it was . She said YES.Only 20 W.I. ferry calendars left at Fargo’s. *Simcoe and Howe’s Township ferry’s are back in service. *So when will that van sink?

Coming Events:
1. Howe Island, Pot Luck Supper March 21st. Social hour 5p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m.
2. W.I.’s Annual Seniors Luncheon St. March 13th at Sacred Heart School at 12 noon.
3. Trinity Anglican’s “Evensong” 4 p.m. at the church March 28th
4. Euchre Monday’s 8 p.m. St. Margaret’s Hall & Thursday’s, 7 p.m. W.I. United Church Hall
5. “Listen to the Whispers,” a health happening to create awareness about ovarian cancer sponsored by the W.I. Women’s Institute, Sacred Heart School, March 25th, 6- 8:30 p.m. (sandwich supper)
6. W.I. Early Years “Beach Party” Dance, March 27th, 9 pm – 1 am, RWI Band, Cash Bar at W.I. Community Hall Tickets $6.00 each available from Linda Vanstrien, Danielle Hogan, Ernie’s and Mosier’s Grocery. At the door $7.00

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February 23, 2004
Frontenac Islands calls on MTO to Initiate Transportation EA

Frontenac Islands Council passed a resolution calling on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the proponent in any action with regard to the Wolfe Island ferry service, to initiate an Environmental Assessment (EA) to select and implement a preferred transportation option.

photo: Margaret Knott

Mayor Vanden Hoek who drafted the resolution for presentation, reminded council that a discussion paper requesting ferry service enhancements which included a commitment to a financial contribution from Wolfe Island, has been on file with MTO since 2001. He said that island transportation is a major concern and the need for increased vehicular capacity continues while pedestrian traffic is also on the rise.

“Recently council met with MTO locally for an update, had a chat with the County regarding the Howe Island experience and heard a presentation by Tom Wroe (Metal Craft) about another transportation alternative. All this at the beginning of a term,” he said. “I have thrown everything we have talked about into the resolution. If we are serious about moving the issue forward for Wolfe Island then council has to take the steps now.”

Much of the above is contained in the where-as part of the resolution plus a reminder that the ferry service is a major component of the region, and that significant funding has gone to both the township initiated Howe Island Bridge EA and the Wolfe Island Transportation study providing important information which should be considered for an MTO EA. The mayor also noted that the ferry situation has stopped island growth and new business development.

photo: Margaret Knott

Council is looking to MTO to provide solid long term strategic and fiscal planning of ferry operations and fixed link alternatives.

Along with a request that MTO initiate an EA, council also wants MTO to facilitate a stand alone feasibility study of a passenger service between Marysville and Kingston.

“It’s in our ball park to move forward,” Councillor Grant said. Councillor Calvin commented that if MTO agrees to move forward, “we must be prepared for media scrutiny. The public debate will take place there and there will be public debate.”

In other business:
W.I. Canal Committee (considered an exciting initiative) members are: Councillor Wayne Grant; Cindy Day, WIBTA; Barry Woodman, Hunting Clubs; Mark Mattson (alternate C. Mattson), Lake Ontario Keepers; Greg Caldwell, Ken Keyes, Eldon McCready, Walter Knott, Dr. James Day.

Council supported a Sarnia resolution requesting that the provincial government review the current assessment system as well as the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation’s roles and responsibilities.

Parking in Marysville has been deferred to next month. Also deferred were the citizens concerns as presented by Councillor Calvin. All councillors were invited to present citizen concerns in March.

A fee structure to access Big Sandy Bay was approved. Councillor Calvin noted the need for a business plan to determine break-even revenues, completion of capital works projects, staff monitoring of the environmentally sensitive management area and the kind of draw it will bring. “ Revenue neutral? I’m not sure. It would be my wish to keep costs to islanders down.”

Howe islanders are looking to council to have their township ferry running. It is presently out of service due to ice. Mayor Vanden Hoek said,” there is a cost to getting it running, and without care, there is limited life left in that hull. If you want to ram it through, it’s a judgement call, a ward issue.” Deputy Mayor Norris noted difficulty getting financing to rebuild the boat and doubts they could again. Hobbs believes it is an operational issue (division between council policy and staff administration).

The Howe councillors will discuss the options with the ferry operators and decide. (Howe Islanders angry with County ferry delays, non-operational township ferry and want a bridge)

Norris mentioned need for a shelter ( Kingston County ferry dock), for persons dropped off in inclement weather, particularly for one person using an Access bus. The mayor will discuss this with the County.

The Mayor spoke of a need for extra staffing. “We are a small municipality, but our obligations are as onerous as say South Frontenac. (ie. 911 matching, for example 825 phone calls on Wolfe Island; procurement policy development by 2005 etc. ) We have come to grips with hiring a person or part of a person.” Councillor Calvin wondered about fee for service. Extra staffing requirements will be spelled out by staff for a council decision.

A request for island map signs presented by M. McCauley from Howe Island Garden Buds will be reviewed next time when the club has more detail (size, cost etc.).

Budget meetings begin March/April.

Issues pertaining to OMB hearings were discussed ‘in camera.’

Next Regular Meeting Monday March 8th Wolfe Island 6:30 p.m.

photo: Margaret Knott

Around Town: * Howe Island Fire & Rescue has announced a competitive pumpkin growing contest of Howe Island grown pumpkins with a $5.00 entry fee. Judging in October with profits to the island’s Fire and Rescue.and prizes* Chilifest was once again a great success in spite of the ferry problems and a cold blustery wind. The Chili was wonderful. Sleigh rides a great treat and the ‘Wolfe Tails’ were heavenly. WIBTA’s “Take the Plunge” tickets, (You guess when the old van will break through the ice, date & hour) are on sale from members and at Marysville businesses. The Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) hosting a presentation of interest to Frontenac Islands on employment programs available to businesses to encourage hiring of full-time and summer positions at 1:30 pm, March 4th CFDC office, 4917 Highway 38, Harrowsmith. To register, call 372-1414 or email

Coming Events:
1. Euchre Monday’s 8 p.m., St. Margaret’s Hall; Euchre Thursday’s 7 p.m., W.I. United Church Hall
2. W.I. United Church Sunday School “Beat The Winter Blues” garage and bake sale at the Church Hall Sat. Feb. 21st, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Donations welcomed. Call 385-1995 for item pick-up.
3. A Valentine Dance Sat. Feb. 21st Sacred Heart School Tickets ($6.00 each) Adults only
4. Howe Island, St. Philomena’s Hall Pot Luck Suppers Feb. 22 & March 21st. Bring a favourite (main, side, desert) dish, cutlery, dishes, beverage other than tea, coffee, water. Social hour 5p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m.
5. W.I. United Church Pancake Supper Feb. 24th at the church hall Doors Open at 4:30 p.m.
6.Feb. 25th Ash Wednesday Services Sacred Heart of Mary Church 7:30 p.m.; Trinity Anglican, 8:00 p.m.

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February 03, 2004
Frontenac Islands' Mayor Had More To Say

In early January transportation as always was the major topic of an interview with Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek. But he spoke of other things as well.

With regard to Big Sandy Bay he said, “It's important that we develop Big Sandy Bay as an asset which can be used by local residents and enhance businesses in our community.”

photo: Margaret Knott

“We know it will be an asset for downtown Kingston. City hotels that cater to international travellers will have another destination to offer. We have to remember that it is Kingston and the Islands and keep in perspective that we are part of a regional economy.”

The mayor pointed out that changing council committee chairpersons (Big Sandy Bay - Councillor Jim Calvin; Canal Committee - Councillor Wayne Grant) was done for a reason. “Each of these projects is at a critical point.”

“Sandy Bay is strategically complete with approvals in place but we are entering a tough administrative phase- staffing, by-laws, training, issues between partners and inevitably new issues requiring a strong managerial type of person especially in the first year to bring the project to fruition.”

“If you take a look at the demands of the canal project, which is probably 3 or 4 years away, it will go through a fairly long strategic process. Councillor Grant in his work with Big Sandy Bay has demonstrated administrative ability but also an ability to deal with the strategic component of bringing a project forward,” the mayor said noting that Councillor Calvin in his work with the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association and in his past career achievements is an outstanding administrator. “I thought by placing them in these roles for the next year that council and the community would achieve the best results.”

Mayor Vanden Hoek spoke of the changing face of Wolfe Island, which he said is becoming a residential community with tax revenue coming from the residential property owners.

The island is expanding by 6 to 12 homes a year. Agriculture now only contributes 4% to 5% of tax revenue. “That’s not to say that that’s 4% to 5% of our class base but that 2.5 ratio (farm tax credit) on farm property cuts that revenue stream by 75%. Commercial is less than that. I wouldn’t suggest we are a tourist community but rather a residential community and tourism offers an opportunity but we are still in our infancy in that regard.”

Continuing the mayor said, “We are a community of commuters and we always come back to the same issue - the ferry service. We need to not only think about a larger ferry or a relocated ferry but about other different strategies to get people back and forth in a timely manner. We don’t have a lot of leverage when it comes ferry service options. Make no mistake about it when you are representing 1500 people you don’t carry much weight against the interest of the city or of the province. It's frustrating,” he said, “when constituents suggest you go to Toronto to get a bridge, or to move the ferry. Those are monumental tasks for cities the size of Kingston let alone Frontenac Islands. That’s not to say we aren’t trying and will continue to put everything into the task. I think MTO understands how challenging it will be for Wolfe Island to take the next step, to clean up the ‘ASK’, (our asking for change) and to clarify our position. I’ll be asking council to do that.”

photo: Margaret Knott

Speaking as Frontenac County Warden Vanden Hoek said, “If I could do one thing in this year it would be to have all of the political folks in all the politically competing communities get past our political turf wars and recognize and reflect on a regional economy, a regional tax base.”

“Municipal politicians and the people need to recognize that the catchment basin is bigger than Frontenac Islands, the city of Kingston, North, South and Central Frontenac. Together we are in a very privileged position. Many companies and municipalities would like to have our Thousand Islands brand. There is an opportunity here. We need to capitalize on the opportunities as a region,” Vanden Hoek concluded.

Around Town: *The W.I. Business & Tourism Association’s competition to choose a logo to represent the organization is underway. Entries from Wolfe Island residents are to be mailed to Patricia Sanford by Feb. 15th. * The area around the winter dock and up the road at Dawson’s Point looks like a Park & Ride facility. * Thick ice for the ferry to navigate these days. * Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) is a newly created, community based, non-profit organization serving Frontenac Islands, South, Central and North Frontenac townships. Its mission is to stimulate community and economic development through business counselling, small business financing and community partnerships. *Our farmers are finding new ways to provide water for their livestock since the waterways are off limits but Kingston continues to dump ever-increasing amounts of untreated sewage into the rivers and Lake Ontario. Residents from Kingston to Howe Island find sewage on their shorelines, a situation brought to the attention of our council recently. Makes one wonder about drinking water, eating fish, even air quality in areas most affected and how about swimming?

Coming Events:
1. Euchre Every Monday 8 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Hall
2. Chilifest, Sat. Feb. 7th Marysville 12 noon till 5 p.m. Good food, good fun for all, skating in the bay, sleigh rides and more. Everyone welcome.
3. Trinity Anglican's Pancake Brunch St. Margaret’s Hall Sunday, Feb. 8th 11:00 a.m.- 1p.m.
4. A Valentine Dance Sat. Feb. 21st Sacred Heart School Tickets ($6.00 each) Parent Council members, Mosier’s Service Centre, Fargo’s, Mosier’s Convenience. Adults only.
5. Howe Island, St. Philomena’s Hall Pot Luck Suppers Feb. 22 & March 21st. Bring a favourite (main, side, desert) dish, cutlery, dishes, beverage other than tea, coffee, water. Social hour 5p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m.
6. Wolfe Island United Church Annual Pancake Supper Feb. 24th at the church hall. Doors Open at 4:30 p.m.
7. The CFDC is seeking your input as to where to focus their efforts and resources this year. A Community Session will be held Wolfe Island Town Hall, Thurs. Feb. 12th, 6 - 8 p.m.
WIBTA regular meeting Tuesday, February 17, 2004 at 7 p.m. United Church Hall

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:24 AM
January 16, 2004
Easy Lane Residents Have Issues

In a letter to Frontenac Islands Council the Easy Lane Association asked for consideration regarding a number of issues.

The first is a gate blocking access to Wolfe Island’s 2nd Line Road erected by Long Point owner John Weatherall to protect his property. The residents understand his reasons but dispute the location of the gate they believe should return to its original location behind the 2nd Line Road. The road provides them access to the water.

The second a condemned house on Easy Lane has become dangerous to residents particularly children, because of large pieces of steel roofing flying off and landing on the roadway.

Finally regarding Big Sandy Bay development, residents want trees and brush on the 3rd Concession cleared back to create a line of sight for traffic on both roads; a large sign erected at the corner of Easy Lane and the 3rd Concession directing people to Big Sandy Bay; a STOP sign for exiting 3rd Concession Road traffic.

Mayor Vanden Hoek left his chair to Deputy Mayor Norris for the discussion citing certain conflicts of interest.

In the first instance a letter will go to the property owner requesting that the gate be moved off Township property. Councillor Grant said he thought there were two gates, “but I haven’t been there for awhile because I was kicked out last time.” Councillor Hobbs also visited the site.

The Building Inspector will revisit the condemned property, communicate with the owner and in this case a demolition order may be issued. The issues relating to Big Sandy Bay will be referred to the Big Sandy Bay Stewardship Committee.

Simcoe Island:
C. Leonard of Simcoe Island requested township snow ploughing on Nine Mile Point Road to the Light House property where she now lives permanently.

“We have not provided maintenance to this 2 1/2 km of unimproved seasonal road in the past or authorized ploughing and there are no records of payment,” according to Mayor Vanden Hoek

photo: Maragret Knott

“If council decides it wants to provide service, the road will not carry the Township’s equipment and to do so comes at significant cost. We recommended to Ms. Leonard that she hire Sydney Eves to plough but she is not happy with that solution.” The Coast Guard leaves in early December and the road is ploughed up to a cluster of homes.

Both Councillor Hobbs and Norris noted that there are problems with existing seasonal roads on Howe Island as well and that a policy should be established. Councillor Calvin noted that the property owner has to share responsibility. Council will seek legal advice on roads as a whole and seasonal unapproved roads specifically and past practices.

In the meantime the decision for “no ploughing” stands.

Financial Statements:
Mr. Brent J. Burns, C.A. was present to review the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Township for the year ending 2002 which indicate Frontenac Islands was in good financial shape at that time.

Burns offered suggestions and recommendations including the development of an investment policy to safe guard Township assets providing a guide for the Treasurer with regard to the investments council would endorse.
He encouraged the regular monitoring of delinquent accounts.

He noted that with amalgamation, the downloading of services, changes in provincial financial reporting requirements, etc. Township staff are required to provide increasing amounts of information making it difficult to maintain records on a timely basis and recommended that the Township review staff requirements with a view to adding a part time person to assist the Treasurer and CAO.

He further recommended that the Township begin now to develop a Procurement Policy(good& services) as required by the Ontario Muncipal Act by 2005.

Based on the auditor’s recommendation the township has prudently put surplus funds into area rated reserves for future year uses.

In other business:
Minor variance applications approved for D. Mullin, K.White and the Incorporated Diocese of Ontario dependant upon 20 day appeal period. The S. Christ application was again deferred.

The Frank Cowan Company municipal insurance bid ($49,309.00) was accepted for 2004.
Council also accepted the Reed’s Bay Municipal Drain report.

Councillor Calvin’s report about citizen’s concerns expressed during his election campaign, ( road conditions, Hwy.96 line painting, sewage, contaminated shore wells, etc.) was accepted for discussion at the next meeting.

Council has accepted the Provincial Community Reinvestment fund for the benefit of taxpayers according to the terms set out by the Ministry of Finance.

RFP’s for Howe’s new County ferry will close soon. The Mayor noted if no objections the project will move forward with a possible July delivery.

Sydney Eves 2003- 04 snow blowing quote ($35.per hour) for portions of Township roads on Simcoe Island was accepted.

Council meets with MTO Jan. 20th to go through and review the process for an Environmental Assessment and technical issues required for whatever changes/enhancements will happen regarding the Wolfe Island ferry service. “Its next in the queue,” the mayor said.

There will be a councillor orientation meeting with Township solicitor Tim Wilkin, and the Hon. Peter Milliken, MP, has arranged a day for Frontenac Islands Council members to meet with different Federal Ministers in Ottawa, March 5th.

Council next meets Feb. 9th, 6:30 p.m. Howe Island.

owl _tree.jpg
photo: Maragret Knott

Around Town: *Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association is holding a “New Logo Contest” which will run for one month, open to all Wolfe Island residents for the development of a LOGO which will permanently identify the association (publications, website etc). The prize is a Digital camera. Watch for release of dates, rules & regulations. * Simcoe Island ferry out of service ‘till spring. Permanent residents now walk, use air boats and snow mobiles for travel. *Snowny & Short Eared Owls have arrived.*Marysville Public grade 5/6 classes received a grant from the Limestone Learning Foundation for their Boat Building Project.

Coming Events:

1. Euchre Every Monday 8 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Hall
2. Chillifest, Sat. Feb. 7th Marysville 12 noon till 5 p.m. Good food, good fun for all, skating in the bay, sleigh rides and more.
3. A Valentine Dance Sat. Feb. 21st Sacred Heart School Tickets from Parent Council members.
4. Howe Island, St. Philomena’s Hall Pot Luck Suppers Jan. 18th, Feb. 22 & March 21st. Bring a favourite (main, side, desert) dish, cutlery, dishes, beverage other than tea, coffee, water. Social hour 5p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:02 AM
January 06, 2004
Mayor Vanden Hoek Clarifies Position on OMB Appeal

Frontenac Islands Council has launched an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board against a proposed development of a five storey hotel on the pier behind the Tim Hortons on Ontario Street next to the Wolfe Island ferry dock.

The original plan for the site was for a smaller hotel and a restaurant.
The township followed the provincial notification and appeal process originally submitting comments regarding the new proposal to the City of Kingston.

Canadian Flag flying off the stern of the Wolfe Islander III
Photo: Margaret Knott

Mayor Vanden Hoek attended a Kingston planning committee meeting where no acknowledgement was made of Wolfe Islands concerns. The zoning by law change was approved by the committee and subsequently by council. This triggered a scheduled process whereby the city had to give Wolfe Island notice and for the island to appeal.

“Wolfe Islanders and people travelling to the island need to be sure that any development that happens in downtown Kinston does not compromise their ability to get on and off the ferry and that is what this is all about,” Mayor Vanden Hoek said in a year end interview. ”If we missed the opportunity to appeal there is no other avenue to deal with our concerns. We have an obligation to protect the interests of ferry travellers. If the streets are further congested we are obliged to have a discussion with the city about the complications on the Ontario, Barrack Street corridor and how they can be mitigated.

“I share Mayor Rosen’s view that we can solve the issue but we must continue the discussion. This is a very legitimate exercise to go through.” (The township did not have any discussion with MTO prior to assessing the situation and filing the appeal.)

“Why no appeal with the original application for a hotel and restaurant a number of years ago? I can’t recall but perhaps now Frontenac Islands is more engaged in the Township’s transportation issues.”

“If you take a look at the line ups here on Wolfe Island in the morning and getting back to the island, its pretty clear that while MTO operates an excellent service there isn’t enough service,” he said. “Something has to happen to serve Wolfe Island’s commuting public. “

We need more spaces or we need to turn the boat around faster.” Vanden Hoek noted that of all the ferry services in Eastern Ontario, the Wolfe Island ferry service is the only service where 1995 IBI study recommendations have not been implemented. At the time the City of Kingston supported the IBI recommendation for a larger ferry.

Council needs flexibility to make choices in how it proceeds with the Wolfe Island ferry service according to Vanden Hoek, “We have been down this road before. The options are few. When council has all the information there is a good chance that the only option we can implement is the lengthened ferry. But, Council may decide a shorter route is best for a number of reasons,” he said. “And without support from Kingston, we can’t go forward. No matter which option we choose Kingston has a large voice.

“In the discussion that has to take place, does the city still support the lengthened boat resolution or doesn’t it because we are competing for space on Barrack and Ontario Streets. My understanding of the process is that when recommendations do come forward, the city staff looks at them in a very technical manner and will make a determination for or against based on the additional traffic etc.”

“Given the history of this service a relocated ferry is going to be a challenge. We are going to end up with the same dynamics in 2004 we had 30 years ago, those islanders opposed to relocation and no support from the Kingston, KEDCO or down town businesses.”

“Wolfe Island, a small municipality with fragmented support pursuing a controversial project which in the eyes of our large municipal neighbour will have a very large impact on their community. So the question I would ask is what is the likelihood of success?”

“In 2001 we issued a discussion paper to MTO indicating readiness to go forward even on controversial issues such as user contributions,” he said. “The city has been engaged in island transportation issues. We commented on Kingston’s transportation plan. City staff should be acutely aware of the capacity problems of both islands (Howe/Wolfe) and reflect on that in their planning process.”

Photo: Margaret Knott

In 2004 Wolfe Island is going to come to grips with what the real options are and what their decision should be. We are there, ready to go forward.

“I understand the frustration the city and the developer may have but this has been in the works a long time. A million passenger trips a year come into the city. Do they want the ferry there?. Do they want to relocate commercial traffic? I don’t think they can be mute on the issue. Where do they stand today.”

“I’ll support a relocated ferry or a lengthened ferry for more capacity but what can be accomplished? The city says the ferry is integral part of the downtown area. Wolfe Island can make either option work.”

“Relocation demands village tourist attraction development. The lengthened boat may be more of a challenge. Both come with a price to islanders.”

“MTO does an outstanding job,” he said. “But there is no silver bullet to solve the issue. Understanding where the city stands is really important because when all is said and done after we plan and consult with the public we may very well default back to where we were in 94/95.”

Further into the interview Mayor Vanden Hoek spoke of the progress regarding the Big Sandy Bay Development , the canal project, improvements to the community Centre Grounds on Wolfe Island and the successes achieved with regard to ferry services including the plan for the Howe Island County ferry.

Around Town:*Many white swans and snow geese seen on Wolfe Island. *A beautiful Christmas tree appeared in front of Wolfe Islands Town Hall as well as a Creche put there by Craig Pitts a skilled religious art artist in honour of his grandmother, the late Mrs. Kay Greenwood * The only sign of snow are the snowmen decorating many spots in Marysville.*with no ice in the bay, the ferry continues to operate from the village.*To all a Happy New Year 2004.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 02:01 PM