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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

December 23, 2013
A Wolfe Island grassland birds habitat conservation project receives Shell grant

A grassland birds habitat conservation research project, under the direction of Frontenac Stewardship Foundation (FSF) member, Wolfe Island’s Dr. Barrie Gilbert, will receive a grant of $25,000 as a winner in the Shell Fuelling Change competition, a program that invited customers to make Shell purchases, collect receipts with voting codes, and vote for identified environmental projects. The Frontenac Stewardship Foundation works with landowners and lake associations to promote good stewardship of land and water toward biodiversity and landscape connections. The Shell FuellingChange grant for the Foundation’s first research project: Research on Habitat Restoration Methodology for the Bobolink, an Endangered Species, using Experimental Management was announced by FSF president Gordon Rogers.
The Grant money will help initiate trials of native grass and wildflowers to create habitat for Bobolinks, other grassland birds as well as wild bee pollinator habitat in a demonstration project of experimental plots, to highlight practical actions that can be developed on private lands for grassland birds using field research to establish best management practices for habitat restoration.
The introduction to the Bobolink project notes that in the Lower Great Lakes-St. Lawrence zone grassland birds have declined by 70% since 1973 with several species at risk of local extinction. “Currently how to enhance habitat quality for Bobolinks is hampered by knowledge gaps leaving us uncertain whether qualifying pastures should be left intact or replaced with native prairie plantings,” according to project director, Dr. Barrie Gilbert. “The risk for the species and for their habitat could be improved with this project, fill knowledge gaps, minimize impacts on species at risk and ensure better recovery.”
The study will be conducted on Bear Point within the Big Sandy Bay Management Area operated by the Township of Frontenac Islands under a Land Use Permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources, according to Gilbert. “The island is known to host the highest density of Bobolinks in Ontario, a unique advantage for the project,” he added.
“What do Bobolinks need for optimal habitat? Biologists have struggled to define habitat comprehensively or to develop a reliable list of features and factors for grassland birds because habitats have been so thoroughly modified or wiped out. Can we reduce, mitigate or eliminate threats to Bobolink habitat by testing and demonstrating an alternative to the current conversion of grazed pastures to row crops? This 3 year project offers many challenges, however the enthusiasm of private landowners provides an opportunity to test ideas for restoration of species at risk and their habitats and to offer practical actions. When the prairie grasses and flowers are established we will monitor bobolink numbers and nest sites,” Gilbert concluded.
It is expected that landowners may also establish their own native grass plantings to attract a variety of birds and pollinators. Students and others will be invited to observe the experimental plots on visits to the Conservation Area .
FYI -Dr. Gilbert has a 25-year research and teaching background, specializing in the behavioural science aspects of birds and mammal management, security aspects of habitat requirements, human-wildlife conflicts and teaching the legal, political and biological aspects of endangered species management. Prior to teaching wildlife science, Dr. Gilbert was a wildlife research biologist with Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division.
Around Town: * Many children were out for the annual Santa Claus parade on Wolfe Island, this year held in the early afternoon followed by hot chocolate at the Fire Hall. Some dandy floats, and many horses.* Nice to see Tom & Family home. *Skating at the rink has begun. No winter schedule as yet. *Wolfe Island plans to run for Hockeyville 2014. For details: Please contact Michelle Joy, member Hockeyville Committee (media relations) michellejoy04@gmail.com613-385-1166

***Each year as Christmas approaches I think of the many Christmas’s that Walter and I have spent in a variety of places and the 24 Christmas’s we have spent on the Wolfe Island. I think of the grandchildren who have been so much a part of the wonder and joy of our island Christmas’s and of our own four children, one of whom (our youngest) was born on Christmas Day. Never deterred by that fact Christine joined in joyfully to all that went on during the Advent Season, lighting the candles of the Advent wreath and the Jesse tree , the singing each night of O Come Emmanuel and the quiet time to think about the empty Christmas crib and who would carry the baby Jesus to that crib while Walter read the Gospel of St. Luke on Christmas morning. For year’s Christine let everyone know that Jesus was born on her Birthday, enthusiastically sang Christmas hymns,(and still does) and so much more. I think of my parents, my mother who lived with us for many years and showered her love on the children, and who every Christmas Eve by the light of the Christmas Tree sang Silent Night (in German) with her incredibly beautiful voice, bringing us to tears. I am grateful for the many year’s of memories. Most recently I have been thinking about a 22 year old granddaughter who, when I asked, did she have plans for Christmas? gave me strange look and replied “Where else would I be for Christmas Grandma than with you and Grandpa. I have never been anywhere else.” We wish Family, Friends and Neighbours, those near and those far away, Peace this Christmas 2013

Posted by M Knott at 08:45 AM
December 12, 2013
Frontenac Islands Township High Lights

The first item on the agenda of the December Frontenac Islands Council meeting was the swearing in of Mrs. Natalie Nossal as a council member (until the 2014 election) filling the position left vacant with the resignation of long time Howe Island politician Pat Norris. Frontenac Islands (Interim) CAO Gordon Burns applied the Oath of Office before the well attended meeting. Nossal was selected by vote from among four candidates from Howe Island including : Joseph Beatty; Heather Lippert and Louise Farrah-Watson. Council was delighted with the response to their call for applicants and welcomed Nossal to the table, (where this year there were Christmas cookies for the occasion from resident Terry Botten)

The meeting included two delegations:1. Frontenac County Planner Joe Gallivan presented a second annotated 2nd draft of the County Official Plan available on the county web site with a staff report explaining some of the revisions (shown in yellow; bold faced is something added ;strike through deleted) in preparation for it presentation to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. The plan with certain deletions will focus primarily on regional strategic county issues. Some details have been moved to the appendix allowing for amendments in the future. Gallivan noted the plan had been well reviewed by county council that is in accord with each township having its own official plan and county plan offering a regional plan. “We are at a stage now where we are getting the ministry more involved,” he said. Potential timeline: Adoption by county council, and township councils, submission to the ministry of a high level plan without too much detail in it submission. “I think I have it pretty clear picture from county council what their expectations are for a plan and my job is to make sure the ministry understands that this is the type of (high level plan, community building) plan Frontenac County wants. We are about two thirds of the way through the process.”

2. Howe Island Fire Chief Quinn outlined what the Fire Marshal is about to undertake with regard to the Township establishing a regulating by-law which sets the parameters for Emergency Fire Services. The original bylaw for Howe was established in 1984. This would be a new consolidated Frontenac Islands wide bylaw establishing Howe and Wolfe Island Fire and determining the services they can provide. Following discussion the Establishing and Regulating bylaw for Frontenac Islands Fire and Rescue Service was read and first and 2nd time. Quinn recommended a formal joint Fire Committee for both islands. (formal minutes to council, all public meeting dates etc.) . Presently only Howe has a formal committee. CAO Burns alleviated Deputy Mayor Jones concerns about increased costs in the amended Fire and Rescue Service regulating bylaw. Any costs for proposed purchases etc. would be submitted through the budget process. Councillors Grant and newest member Councillor Nossal as well as the two Fire Chiefs will serve on joint committee (of council). The mayor is ex officio member of all council committees. Deputy Mayor Jones announced with regret that long time former Howe Island councilman Geoff Hobbs had died after a long illness.

In other business:* Deputy Mayor Jones announced with regret that long time former Howe Island councilman Geoff Hobbs had died after a long illness. * Council supported the township of Seguin’s resolution to the province in opposition to the proposed 2015 OPP costing formula and its impact on municipalities policing costs. There was more but that’s for next week.. Council meets next: Wolfe Island, Jan. 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

Around Town:*1. I doubt there was a dry eye at the WI “Blue” Christmas Ecumenical Advent service which speaks about grief and loss in the context of shared Christian faith, by those mourning at this time of year held at the WI United Church led by Pastor Erin Burns. Together with Rev. Canon Chris Carr and Fr. Raymond de Souza islanders remembered loved ones and heard the names of the 30 island residents who died during 2013. It was good to sing, to pray and to listen to scripture, to write a name, light a candle and acknowledge together the loved ones who have gone before us and the loneliness that often comes this time of year. Percentage wise, to lose thirty persons in one year is not many. But in a small community where you knew, or are related to many of the thirty, it is too many.

*2. The WI Community Medical Clinic opened its doors for the first Specimen Collection Centre operated by Lifelabs welcoming 13 clients the first morning. Clinics are scheduled for the first and third Friday of each month (next Friday Dec. 20th)) Frontenac Islands Mayor Doyle extended “Congratulations and thanks to the Clinic Board for this wonderful new service. A good start I am sure will build as time goes on. It also meant 13 fewer vehicles on the early morning ferry making room for others,” he said.

Coming Events: Next Specimen Collection Centre at the WI Community Medical Clinic : FRIDAY DEC. 20th 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM * No appointment needed. Bring OHIP card and blood test requisition

Posted by M Knott at 08:35 AM
December 05, 2013
Frontenac Islands appoints New Howe Island Councillor from Howe Island

When Howe Island resident Pat Norris, a member of Frontenac Islands Municipal Council resigned his position the township had some decisions to make about filling his position. Should the person next in line from the last election be chosen at this late date? Should there be a by- election? Should members of council ask around in the community for interested individuals? What ever their decision, would citizens step up to the plate to fill the position knowing that if chosen, their term would last only until the next municipal elections to be held in October 2014 , approximately 13 months away? Leaving it vacant would leave the Howe Island Ward with only one direct representative while the Wolfe Island ward has two representatives and the Mayor is elected at large ( by both wards).

As it turned out council declared the position of Councillor from Howe Island vacant on October 15th, posted the vacancy and a request for applications to fill the post no later than Dec. 2nd on the Township’s website (Nov. 7th) and in local papers (Nov. 9th).a request for applications to fill the post no later than Dec. 2nd And within a few days four people did step up to the plate, filing applications and completing the required oath of qualification. The four candidates from Howe Island included : Joseph Beatty; Natalie Nossal; Heather Lippert and Louise Farrah-Watson. Council was delighted with the response.

The vote to fill the council position took place at a Special Meeting of Council held Dec. 4th on Howe Island. Each of the present members of council was with each member entitled to one vote among the four candidates, who were named in alphabetical order on the ballot. The candidate who received the most votes was Natalie Nossal. And in accordance with provincial regulations Council passed a by-law appointing her to the vacant position on council. The candidates were to be notified of the results of the vote the following day. The swearing in of the Councillor Nossal is scheduled to be held at the regular monthly meeting of council Dec. 9th on Howe Island.

2. In other business Council received two reports on its infrastructure. One was combined on all the roads and culverts on Frontenac Islands and the work and costs needed to bring them up to standards as well as maintain them. This was a joint report presented by AECOM’s Guy La Port for AECOM and 4 Roads Management Services. The second report by KPMG included the information about work and costs resulting from the first reports in the “Asset Management Plan” for the township.. An “Asset Management Plan” is required by the province before any possible discussion of funding.
Vicki Leaky, of KMPG, noted both reports are a mass of detail, but concluded in a summary the township would require $55 millions (some $32,000 per resident) to replace the all the township’s assets, including ferries, buildings, and equipment, and this would be in addition to the costs annually of repairing and rehabilitating all the assets over their useful life.
The real pressure is on the 22% of the roads deemed deficient and that some $20.8 millions should be spent to address this infrastructure need, plus annual maintenance. The latter is now at $350,000 but should be closer to $1.8 million a year.
The report is intended to give council a clear picture of what is needed and offered a strategy of 4 points….first to expend funds to protect the current level of capital assets to consider a 5 year capital levy of 2%…explore the use of debt as a funds source….and continue to pursue grant programs from senior levels of government.
Council accepted the reports as they are required by the province, but did not reach any conclusions or decisions as to a future direction or action.
3. Council will continue its contract with Frontenac County for accounting services excluding budgeting and payroll for 6 months.
Items of interest noted by council members: 1. Need to go to tender for planned boat ramp. 2. WI’s Historical Society along with Roly Jensen and his equipment put this year’s very tall Christmas tree in place at the WI Town Hall. 3. Budget discussions will begin week of Jan. 6th. Council meets next Dec, 9th on Howe Island.

Coming events: * Walking program Sacred Heart School, 11:00am - 12:30pm Sunday's * Christmas Story Retold- WI United Church, Dec. 15th, 7 pm Music with Chris Brown and Tammy Repath -Admission: a non perishable food item *Community Euchre St. Margaret’s Hall. Thursday’s 7 p.m. * The Specimen Collection Centre at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, operated by LifeLabs. 8-10 am Next Date: Friday, December 20, Bring OHIP card and blood test requisition.

Posted by M Knott at 08:16 AM
November 28, 2013
A Blue Christmas Advent Service on Wolfe Island

As the 8 days of Chanukah ((Hanukkah), the Jewish Festival of Lights recalling the liberation of the Jewish people draws to a close, Advent, a season of waiting, that precedes and prepares for the celebration Christmas, the birth of Jesus, observed in many Christian churches is about to begin as always four Sundays before Christmas
Wolfe Island residents have been invited to prepare for Christmas at an Ecumenical Advent service held at one ot the other of the three churches on the Island, WI United, Trinity Anglican or Sacred Heart of Mary RC for a number of years. The Advent service offered an evening of hope and longing, a kind of peaceful preparation for Christmas filled with symbols, traditions, candles, scripture lessons and carols, away from the hustle and bustle of the season outside.
“This year’s service however will be different,” according to Rev, Erin Burns Pastor of Wolfe Island United Church announced recently. “Wolfe Island’s Ecumenical Community is hosting what is called a ‘Blue Christmas service, of Remembrance’ for those who mourn at Christmas “ she said. (Blue Christmas services recognize the feeling of “blues” many people experience at this time of year.)

“ This has been a hard year on Wolfe Island. It seems every week our prayer list gets longer, and our prayers have changed from being for comfort and healing, to being for support for families who have lost loved ones. Grief is felt very widely across a small community such as ours,” she said.

“ When it came time to start looking at our annual Ecumenical Service I remembered a service I participated in on my internship in Lakefield, Ontario. There, the local funeral home hosted a Service of Remembrance for the families they had worked with during the previous year. The local clergy were all involved and the very meaningful service met a deep need in the community. I thought we could offer a similar service here and while we are focusing on the grief we feel in the wake of the loss of loved ones, the service also acknowledges that people experience all sorts of loss that can make Christmas difficult, including loss of employment, loss of health and loss of security.”

Continuing Rev. Burns said, “Society, the media, the songs and stories of this time of year tell us we should be happy and joyful, but we need to remember that at this time of year is not always like that. When we are feeling loss, it can be very hard to celebrate. Our Blue Christmas service of quiet and reflection names this, and lets people know they are not alone. It will be held Sunday, Dec. 8th at the Wolfe Island United Church at 11 a.m. A Collection will be taken for The Bereaved Families of Ontario. For additional information please contact Rev. Erin Burns 613-483-0016

Notice to Users of the Wolfe Island Ferry: Changes to the policy regarding the carriage of Dangerous Goods has resulted in MTO policy changes: **Beginning the week of December 9, 2013 dangerous goods trips will be on: Tuesday: 6:15 a.m. from Kingston and 2:30 p.m. from Wolfe Island Thursday: 6:15 a.m. from Kingston and 11 a.m. from Wolfe Island. There will no longer be a Friday dangerous goods trip. No passengers, will be allowed on the 2:30 pm Tuesday or 11:00am Thursday on dangerous goods trips from Wolfe Island. The operators of empty but un-purged mobile units that previously carried dangerous goods will be permitted to make the return trip. On regular trips, small quantities of substances classed as dangerous goods may be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations: refer to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations.

Coming Events:. * The Specimen Collection Centre opens at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, operated by LifeLabs. 8-10 am Friday, December 6, Bring OHIP card and blood test requisition **WI's Christmas Parade, Sun. Dec.8th beginning from the Wolfe Island Fire Hall at 1PM. Hot Dogs & Hot Chocolate at the Fire Hall. For Info/Entries call: Chief Tim Hawkins 385-2829 or Greg Johnson 548-6319 * WI's Ecumenical ‘Blue Christmas’ Advent Service: Sun. Dec. 8th. 11 am WI United Church * Walking program Sacred Heart School, 11:00am - 12:30pm Sunday's * Christmas Story Retold- WI United Church, Dec. 15th, 7 pm Music with Chris Brown and Tami Repath -Admission: a non perishable food item *Community Euchre St. Margaret’s Hall. Thursday’s 7 p.m. *Frontenac Islands Reg. monthly meeting Mon.Dec.9th 6:30 pm Howe Island Municipal Bldg.

Posted by M Knott at 12:14 PM
November 26, 2013
Specimen Collection Service begins at Wolfe Island Clinic

The WI Community Medical Clinic Board continues to look at how the island can provide for the health care needs of island residents without them having to leave the island. Dr. Russell comes weekly first for her patients, followed later the same day by a Walk In clinic open to all island residents. A relationship has been established by the Clinic Board with the Kingston- Frontenac Health Unit, the Kingston Seniors Association and VON to provide certain medical services and health care programs locally. Frontenac County Paramedical Services as well as staffing the island’s ambulance unit offers a Wellness Clinic at the WI Clinic.
This week, the WI Clinic Board in cooperation with Life Labs has announced that a long awaited Specimen Collection Centre will begin operating at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic the first and third Friday morning’s of each month from 8 am to 10 am.
“We reached agreement with Lifelabs, to run a Collection Centre two day’s a month,” Clinic Board member Hugh Cowan said. “Our first session will be on Friday, December 6th from 8:00 to 10:00 am. It will be run by Island resident Rhonda Brown, a Lifelab technician. We are very excited about this new initiative.”

Cowan went on to say that the numbers do not justify a lab, such as Lifelabs setting up a stand alone collection centre on the Island. “Our agreement requires the Clinic to reimburse Lifelabs for their cost of providing the technician to run the collection service (a relatively small cost in the overall scheme of things), and that the Clinic undertake the transportation of the collected samples, (to be prepared and packed for transport by Rhonda) to the Lifelabs' facility in Kingston for laboratory processing and reporting of results to the requisitioning physician in the usual manner, The WI Clinic Board is hopeful that costs to provide the service will be offset through increased charitable donations by those who use it and see its value to the community.

Cowan noted that based on Ministry of Health (2-year) statistics it appears that about 600 individuals with K0H 2Y0 addresses had a total of about 1500 lab tests done per year. “We did not get access as to what specific tests were requisitioned but there are a lot of people who have a number of blood-lab work procedures done each year suggesting things like diabetes, etc. Obviously, not all of those 600 people will use the Collection Centre over here (on the island) but we hope a significant number will, to make it successful,” he said.

“And if and when numbers justify it, there is some flexibility to extend the hours the collection centre will operate. “We believe avoiding having to get into a lab in Kingston for 8am while fasting, will be seen as a major benefit, not to mention an overall reduction in ferry use,” Cowan concluded.

Interesting to note, the Township continues to keep the needs of its isolated seniors (housing , health & social) in mind in its planning and budgetary processes. The WI Clinic Board continues to look for other portable medical services, seeing this approach to Health Care, close to home, as easier on the patient, reducing cars on the ferry, wait times at hospital Emergency and Urgent Care facilities in Kingston, admissions and health care costs. This approach may well be the best way to provide medical and health services in all isolated rural communities in the future.

Frontenac Islands Council News Notes: 1. Contrary to what you may have heard the Township will plough SNOW as required, when required, night or day as always. 2.The Township is considering a resolution to Frontenac County to release ALL the Federal Gas Tax money, both current and past years to the Townships. 3. Council filed a Postal Workers Union letter to the Township promoting banking services in post offices. 4. The MacDonald family wants to dedicate land to the township as a park honouring their parents Don and Mary Frances MacDonald. Frontenac County staff are working with them on this proposal for the future. 5. Councillor Springgay noted in the discussion regarding Simcoe Islands - 9Mile Point Lighthouse with the group hoping to preserve it, that if fundraising is inadequate to maintain it, it will fall to the township. “We have to be prepared.” Mayor Doyle spoke of the project in terms of ‘who does what’ as per the Historical Society and the Township. He requested a copy of the application that was submitted to DFO by the Lighthouse Preservation committee. and requested the application that was submitted to DFO by the Lighthouse preservation group. 6. The township will attempt to comply with terms of accessibility act, establish a township policy, identify a reserve fund and seek assistance from the County. 7. The 3rd reading for the Township’s Sign Bylaw will come up at the next council meeting. * Much activity at the WI rink regarding infrastructure for a roof. Councillor Springgay wonders about public meeting at some point.

Coming Events: ** Commencing Friday, December 6th the Specimen Collection Centre opens for the first time at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, operated by LifeLabs. TIME:* 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (*operating the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month). No appointment needed. Bring OHIP card & the blood test requisition provided by your doctor.** The WI Christmas Parade Sunday Dec. 8th at 1 pm commencing from the Fire Hall, Hot Dogs- Hot Chocolate to follow ** The Christmas Story Retold , WI United Church Dec. 15th 7pm Music ( Non perishable food items. please.)**Walk On program Sunday’s 11am-12:30 pm until end March) Sacred Heart School.12:30 pm** WI Christmas Market Dec. 1st 10 am -3pm WI Community Hall

Posted by M Knott at 02:49 PM
November 17, 2013
Remembrance Day on Wolfe Island

To say it was cold is an understatement . To say it was very, very cold and raining hard is the truth . None the less, shivering and shaking to be sure but no one left the Annual Remembrance Day Observance on Wolfe Island. The familiar front row of dignitaries representing the township and the community including Mayor Doyle and Merchant Marine veteran Vern Yott sat waiting to lay a wreath on this special day. Children from both schools also came to lay wreaths, read poems and to listen as the list of Wolfe Islanders, those who lost their lives, and those who served Canada during war, peace keeping and peace making missions was read. In spite of the weather a crowd lined the Town Square.
A large group of RMC Cadets was present, eager and willing in their military participation and the WI community delights in their coming to this very local event. Trinity Anglican’s Rev. Canon Chris Carr offered a reflection while Rev. Gerry Moore read from the Book of Wisdom , Sacred Heart was represented by Brian Scovil, and Liam Douglas played the Last Post. UC Pastor Erin Burns offered the Closing prayer. The event included a four plane Fly-Past over Wolfe Island
Island resident Col. David Patterson, as he has done in the past brought information about an island airman Frank Payne born in 1920 (son of Austin and Nora Hogan) gleaned after attending military events in Europe, specifically Sicily. Frank Payne gave his life in an air campaign leading up to the 1943 Allied landings known as Operation Husky. His name is recorded as missing on an RAF Memorial in Malta. His remains were never found. “ Frank was one of the 42,00 Canadians who gave their lives in WW2. We would do well to remember that each time our country called Wolfe Island answered,” Patterson said.
Special thanks to Sanford family members Pat, M Cpl Jamie and M Cpl Terry Sanford, organizers of the WI Remembrance Day Observance and reception.

Posted by M Knott at 02:33 PM
Busy Agenda at Islands Council Meeting

An early morning Special meeting of Frontenac Islands council dealt with a number of important issues in very short order. The first very important order of business was to appoint once again an Interim CAO/ Clerk/Treasurer in the person of Gordon Burns. Burns retired Clerk CAO at South Frontenac came first to Frontenac Islands for an interim period of time following the retirement of former long time Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O’Shea. (Burns is already on the job.).
A second order of business was the passage of a by bylaw to provide for the appointment of a councillor for Howe Island. As was recently reported long time member of council from Howe Island Pat Norris resigned some weeks ago, Since the time left before the next municipal elections is short, council determined at a regular meeting of council that rather than hold a by election to replace him it was suggested that interested Howe Islanders submit Written Expressions of Interest (including name, contact information and brief resume including why they feel they should be considered for this appointment) in person to the Clerk or designate at 50 Baseline Road, Howe Island, during regular business hours up to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2nd. Watch for formal published notice. Mayor Doyle commented that a number of citizens have already expressed an interest in serving out the Councillor term. (FYI- The 2014 municipal elections in Ontario, will be held on October 27, 2014. Voters will elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees to a 4 year term of office. Candidate registration opens on January 6, 2014 and ends on September 8th).
Of interest to Wolfe Island residents will be resolutions passed with regard to the WI Arena Roof. At meetings held in September Paul Hogan chair of the WI Community Centre Board spoke of the tenders for the Roof project. It was determined first that there would be negotiations with Custom Forming to find savings to the proposed cost of $73,650 for the concrete framework as recommended by project manager Patrick Thompson. Further, all 5 registered bidders for the Arena’s Structural Steel Roof were to be asked to resend their revised quotations (originally way over budget) based on a revised scope of work in order to bring the price down. The township was also to submit an application for a capital works grant for the roof to Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation and submit a FIT (rooftop solar) Application
So at the November 1st Special meeting Council: 1. accepted the Sydenham Welding bid for the WI Arena Structural Steel Roof in the amount of $444,650.00 plus HST. (Possible completion around end of Feb.) 2. re-submitted the resolution regarding their support for the construction of FIT Projects in the township. The purpose of the resolution is to enable participants in the FIT program to receive priority points only under this program. FIT Program encourages the construction of rooftop solar PV generation “Projects”. 3. Councillor Grant suggested representatives from oil companies meet to see what are best days/times for dangerous goods from their perspective. 4.The HI Baseline Road (unopened road allowance ) Survey was approved. 5, A letter to MP Ted Hsu regarding Transport Canada’s Dangerous Goods ruling. 6.HI Fire Chief Mike Quinn was authorized to sell the 1975 de-commissioned pumper at the best price with funds to HI Fire Capital reserve.
Coming Events: Important Friends of Big Sandy Bay Meeting November 13th, WI Community Medical Clinic 7p.m. * Turkey Supper - St. Margarets Hall Nov. 16th St. Margaret’s Hall Doors Open 4:30 pm… * Foot Care- by appt with VON beginning 9:15 am & a Para medicine Clinic, 1:30 pm, both at WI Medical Clinic Nov. 18th *Wolfe Island's Christmas Market December 1st. WI Community Hall *Community Euchre Thurs.7pm, St. Margaret’s Hall. *Winter Indoor Walking Sacred Heart School Sunday’s 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (till March 30th.)

Posted by M Knott at 02:07 PM
November 13, 2013
A Variety of Issues Face Frontenac Islands Council

Frontenac Island’s Noise By Law was among the first of many items dealt with (not necessarily resolved) at the November meeting of council. WI resident Ken Keyes reminded council that a proposed change to the bylaw ( suggested in October) would limit the sound level to 85(db) decibels emitted 20 metres from source for a continuous period of 5 minutes and is of concern to Annette and Garry Trahan who live next door to the WI Grill where music is an important part of the business.

As it turns out 85 db’s is in the danger zone and requires hearing protection (Ministry of Labour stats) according to Keyes. The Trahan’s are looking for no change to the original by law, or the addition of a section from an Ottawa by law that specifies “times and reasonable decibel levels (45 to 55 db a ). “

On hand was Dr. Paul Carr, (Cornell U) an island land owner, who spoke to the issue on behalf of the Trahan’s, and using decibel metres and a stereo demonstrated the very sensitive sound levels “If you go from 40 decibels to 50, that’s 10 times louder. From 50 to 60 that too is 10 times louder but 100 times louder than 40. Its not arrythmic.” He recommended the Ottawa by law as a model for the township. Casey Fisher owner of the WI Grill said he had begun to make a number of changes within the premises but based on the discussions wonders how it will all work out. At the end of it all there was no firm agreement on what was a reasonable db, or to amend the by law. Council will “take their time to get the right number up or down” and Casey will determine how to get there…

2. WI resident Danielle Hogan came forward to present a request for for a dedication of a potion of Road #95 or the Community Centre or some other means of Honouring the late Timothy O’Shea. O’Shea, the long time Reeve of Wolfe Island (33 years) and Warden of the County was her husband Dan Hogan’s grandfather. During his tenure his accomplishments as a member of Council (1953), and as Reeve included the ferry take over by province, a ferry to Simcoe, a fire hall , a municipal garage, dump, medical clinic, library, and more …Danielle asked Council to consider honouring “Tim O’Shea a wonderful man” for his many accomplishments and for the benefit of future generations and island history. … Many questions arose.. Is there a policy and procedure for this? How about a plaque with some history at the library ?… at the Community Garden ? Medical Clinic? Staff will look at Library and other possible options…
3. Historical Society ‘s Dennis Chercuitte received permission to install the rock and plaque identifying the location of SS School #4.
4. Brian MacDonald , a member of Simcoe Island’s 9 Mile Point Light House Preservation Society came forward with their request that Frontenac Islands Township partner with them to save the historic lighthouse. built in 1833 (fog alarm bldg. etc). They have submitted a business Plan under the provisions of the Heritasge Lighthouse protection Act as required but to have it accepted they need the Township to acknowledge that it willpartner with them as registered owner and insurer of the property and buildings. The Society will assume fund raising and grant searches for operational costs , (maintenance of building and grounds, etc.) and other requirements. They will ask that all environmental issues that may surround the building and property are dealt with and that it meet standards before it is taken over.
During discussion it was pointed out that the township will have to have cost estimates pertaining to everything that relates to the Light House (building, ground maintenance) so that they can begin budgeting for what is required of them now and in the future, in the event of further involvement or complete takeover. Council also requested a copy of the Business Plan submitted as a requirement of the Federal Act. Council wondered aloud whether the Light House should come under the the WI Historical Society’s umbrella? All this to be determined.

FYI- For Your Information: MTO is looking at ways to make things better for the Dangerous Goods ferry situation , that happens on Tuesdays and Friday’s, according to Mayor Doyle . The days may become Tuesday’s and THURSDAY’S instead. Also, the Tuesday return trip to Kingston may become 11 am instead of 2:30 pm. At this time, these are possible options only. As well , it may become possible to allow an established number of vehicles and/or people on the trips back to the city from Wolfe Island.. MTO is working on a procedure with DOT, as to how or if this can be done..
There was more under other business but No room this time.

Coming Events: *Watch for IMPORTANT news from WI Community Medical Clinic next week. * WI’s Christmas Market , WI Community Hall , Dec. 1st, 10-4pm. *WI Community Euchre St. Margaret’

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November 07, 2013
It’s Time to Start Walking

Every time I go to see my busy doctor, she asks the inevitable question. “How much exercise are you getting ? Do you get up and walk away from your computer on a regular basis? Is it a one or two block walk,? How many times a week?”

I think about her questions often and I do get up and walk away from my computer or from wherever I am sitting.. Using my walking sticks I pace around the house. Downtown I push a cart down stores aisles but I know full well that is not enough And walking on the streets of Kingston I have to keep looking down for fear of tripping and falling… there is little pleasure in that.
So it was wonderful to be reminded by Stephanie Sciberras Physical Activity Specialist with KFL&A Public Health that the Winter Indoor Walking Program which originated with KFL&A is available not only in Kingston but also on Wolfe Island, (where I live), on Sunday mornings.
In the fall of 2012 the Wolfe Island Network for a Healthy Community (WIN) approached KFL&A Public Health indicating interest in hosting an indoor winter walking program on the Island.. Potential sites for the program were reviewed and in partnership with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Sacred Heart School was secured as the sixth Walk On program site. A group of five volunteers was trained and the walks officially started in February of 2012.
The Wolfe Island program began its second winter season last week. and is offered every Sunday between November and the end of March from 11 a.m. to 12:30p.m
In Kingston it is available at three venues, the Memorial and INVISTA Centres and LaSalle Secondary School, as well as at Perth Road Public School Inverary, and Napanee District SS , in some cases twice a week, at different times and on days other than Sunday “ all in safe, free, and social walking environments.”
This year to provide additional motivation, walkers are participating in a Walk Across Canada challenge where every step taken counts towards meeting their goal of walking between St. Johns Newfoundland Tofino British Columbia. Walks are free, open to all ages and there is no registration required. For more information, call 613-1232, ext. 1180.

I’ve No excuse now. It is time to start Walking!

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October 31, 2013
End of Era for WI Crime Writer’s Festival

After 13 years the WI Scene of the Crime Writer’s Board of Directors has determined there will be no festival in 2014. This year’s Scene of the Crime Writers Festival inspired by Grant Allen, the patron author of the festival and acknowledged as Canada’s first crime writer was the last . The first was held in Sept. 2002) . Time constraints, fewer volunteers work over loads led to this decision. Members instead will fulfill commitments to out reach programs they established over the years. Most recently the board held a re-dedication event of the newly restored (on their behalf) of the Longueuil Family monument located in the island’s Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery.
Grant Allen, whose father Joseph Allen was the first Minister of of Trinity Anglican was the grandson of the last Baroness de Longueuil. The Baroness and many of his relatives are buried in the cemetery. Trinity Anglican Church itself as well as the land it rests on was a gift from the Baroness de Longueuil.
“The Scene of the Crime Festival has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Wolfe Island community as a whole, and the Trinity Anglican Church in particular,” board president and well known writer Violette Mallan said prior to the rededication event. “As part of our effort to give back to the community which has always been so supportive of us, we commissioned the restoration of the Longueuil monument.”

The well attended event brought out clergy history buffs interested residents, and visitors to the island.. Mayor Doyle and Rev. Canon Chris Carr welcomed all..including restorer Gary Foster Campbell Monument Co. Mayor Doyle and Councillor Grant were in attendance as were many members past and present.

The monument built in the 1800’s of local stone, considered unusual for the time when normally the stone would have come from Europe. Many in attendance took time to visit the Crypt restored a few years ago, before joining guests at a reception held at St. Margaret’s Hall,

The idea for the Wolfe Island Crime Writer’s festival originated with Island natives Therese Greenwood and Maureen Lollar along with crime writer Violette Mallin. Therese felt the island was the perfect place for a crime festival and was even more convinced when the connection was made between Grant Allen and the island’s Longueuil family.. A further distinction for Grant Allen was his friendship with Arthur Conan Doyle.
The guest writers that first year 2002 included Canadian mystery writers Peter Sellers and Mary Jane Maffini, and local writers the late Renee Marshal and of course Captain Brian Johnson. Ken Keyes , Rev. Canon Chris Carr of Trinity Anglican, Denis Mosier, Betty Doyle and many other islanders from the festival’s beginning were enthusiastic volunteers along with many more over the 13 years.. The Grant Allen Award honouring Canada's crime-writing pioneers was established in the 3rd year. Well received in the community, the festival became an important Canadian crime writing event bringing an impressive list of Canada’s top mystery writers to the island It will be missed.
Upcoming Events*WI Historical Society Nov. 6th withJane (Greenwood) Hall, UC Hall 7:30 pm.*Turkey Supper - St. Margarets Hall Doors open 4:30 pm…. * Remembrance Day Nov. 11th Town Hall 10:45 am. *VON Foot Care Clinic at WI Clinic Nov. 18th Call Lisa at VON for appt. (Paramedecine Clinic also same day) “ Frontenac Islands Council meeting, Wolfe Island, Tues. Nov. 12th 6:30 pm. *Wolfe Island's Christmas Market Dec. 1st WI Community Hall 10-3 pm (

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Islanders dislike Dangerous Goods Act changes! Can you blame them?

Islanders dislike Dangerous Goods Act changes! Can you blame them?
- Visitors will always come to Wolfe Island whether it be to travel to the US or to Big Sandy Bay, the Shanti Retreat, to golf at the Riverfront course, to cycle, look at wind towers or visit the Corn Maze. And they will come to enjoy all that Marysville has to offer in the way of art, history, events, entertainment, food and a 1st class skating rink. They will continue to come to the island simply for the ride on the ferry…
At the same time workers, goods and service providers in every area essential to the sustainability of Wolfe Island and its residents .. will also come. And the ferry service is excellent but already lacks capacity for the number of islanders who rely on city services for work, education, health and entertainment to survive and regularly travel off the island.
So the loss of the 2:30 pm ferry trip to Kingston Tuesday’s and Friday’s announced last week, is causing much grief to island residents who would normally take THAT ferry to go to work , keep appointments…. who can no longer do so if there is a truck (full or empty) defined as carrying dangerous goods returning to Kingston. (The 6:15 am ferry from Kingston to the island carries dangerous goods and drivers Only those days.).
This new regulation from Transport Canada while legitimate, strikes islanders as rather surprising since cars, pedestrians, oil and gas trucks empty and full, have been travelling together for years..
To loose two, 55 car trips from Wolfe Island weekly, is a big deal for a ferry service that presently doesn’t meet the needs of the community not just at peak periods, but more and more , all the time.
The island is not self sufficient thus residents have to “go to town.” Increasingly they park and walk or cycle on to the ferry, some may even car pool. But that is not enough to ease the capacity problem. The question is what to do now ?
Is there a way of fitting in an extra ferry run during the day….. ? Could there be an extra ferry on hand? From Glenora perhaps? Maybe a pedestrian only ferry? Can you imagine the wait at the winter dock…?
Watching the boarding process last Tuesday and Friday… for the 2:30 ferry from Wolfe Island, I couldn’t help wondering, “What happens if there is an ambulance call? Who has priority then?” The answer always is the ambulance has priority. Can you imagine the length of the ferry line up for the 4:30 ferry if that should happen.? Will it be past the Land Fill Centre ? At the door of the Metal Craft ? Wherever it is, there will be at least a 2-3 hour wait. Without an ambulance call the 3:30 left many cars behind.
Thank goodness for our own (MTO’s) Lori Minton. She sure has a way of handling unhappy islanders and anyone else for that matter…
At this point it seems the only option is to get used to this new wrinkle in ferry service…… Grin & Bear It ????? What else can we do?

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October 24, 2013
Already Strained Wolfe Island Ferry Service takes a hit…

of the Wolfe Island ferry service were recently advised of changes to the policy regarding the carrying of Dangerous Goods According to the notice issued by MTO, the federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act requires that dangerous goods in bulk quantities may only be transported to and from Wolfe Island on designated Dangerous Goods trips. On these voyages no passengers other than the operators of the mobile units carrying the dangerous goods will be permitted aboard the ferry. So, as of October 25th , MTO’s policy changed
Dangerous Goods Trips take place on Tuesdays and Fridays: From Kingston at 06:15 AM and from Wolfe Island at 2:30 PM. No passengers, will be allowed on the 2:30 pm trip from Wolfe Island on dangerous goods trip days. The operators of empty but un-purged mobile units that previously carried dangerous goods (over to the island) will be permitted to make the return trip.
“We heard a few days ago that MTO is required by Transport Canada to put these regulations in place, Frontenac Islands Mayor Doyle said. “This order comes in the wake of the terrible Lac Megantic train accident in Quebec. MTO was given no choice in the matter.” he said adding that the entire regulation, as it also pertains other substances classed a dangerous goods will be posted on the Township of Frontenac Islands web site, on the ferry and in Marysville.
According to the notice on regular ferry trips, small quantities of substances classed as dangerous goods may be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations:. They include gasoline, medical oxygen and propane , all to be in appropriate regulation containers, in specific amounts, properly secured. (Foot passengers are not allowed to carry gasoline on board). For questions about the policy and other products, please refer to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations prior to contacting the ferry terminal (613 548 7227).
Obviously it will be hard to get one’s head around the regulation and the further loss of capacity on the ferry. According to long time Islanders the ferry has carried dangerous goods and passengers at the same time for years . Considering the wait times during the summer season and all holidays, it is hard to accept even though it is understandable… On a happy note, work continues at the rink, footings are poured for the setting of poles to hold a roof over it. There is excitement in the air after a very successful October Festival and winter is in the air…

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Frontenac Islands accepts Waste Recycling Strategy report

Two items of interest to Howe and Wolfe Islanders were presented at the October meeting of Frontenac Islands Council. One was the Township of Frontenac Islands Waste Recycling Strategy report. The other the Howe Island Transportation study . Both were presented by AECOM Canada’s Guy Laporte.

The Recycling study focuses on the township’s garbage/ recycling services and waste management practices different for the two islands. Wolfe Island has a waste disposal site with an attendant. The site is also a recycling transfer station for selected waste and recyclables. Howe Island has road side collection of waste taken off the island and a recycling transfer station but no attendant. The Waste Strategy is a comprehensive assessment of existing recycling programs operated by the township, initiated this year with the assistance of, and funding through the Waste Diversion Ontario’s Continuous Improvement Fund and the township’s general tax roll and an indication Township’s commitment to maintaining and improving services.

Moving through the report Laporte said that Wolfe Island is doing well diverting 29% of their waste stream (CIF average 21%) and operates a very effective waste transfer site with 85 % of those using the site also recycling.. .” Howe Island is generating waste in excess of CIF’s typical waste generation, and is worse than average at recycling.,” he said Laporte noted other municipalities have a bag limit and charges a fee.. “With no fee, I think you are importing waste.. Howe Island could expand its collection services to include recyclables and consider closing their depot., in bad condition when I saw it,”
Continuing through the report he noted Waste Diversion Ontario has identified 3 successful landfill waste diverting recommendations: user fees; clear bags; service reductions. adding that the “the e latter two are not easy for the islands..”
.Next steps in the process include direct consultation with selected groups of the public; review by council , promotion of the strategy and public education on the importance of recycling including the services offered by the township.

Please Note: that the report was adopted by council, and submitted for review to the CIF. It will be posted on the Township’s of Frontenac Islands web site.
The Howe Island Transportation Study which includes a review of the island’s present ferry service, an assessment of future conditions, and alternatives to fix problems was next on the agenda. However it will have to wait till next time as will the review of the 2012 financial statements by KPMG’s Vicki Leaky.

Council meets Tuesday, Nov. 12th on Wolfe Island at 6:30 pm

Coming Events: 1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall; 2. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon, 3. Remembrance Day Nov. 11th.

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October 17, 2013
Dedicated Councillor Pat Norris Resigns

The first act carried out at the October meeting of Frontenac Islands Council was to accept the resignation of long time politician Councillor Patrick Norris. Norris, who had indicted his intention to Mayor Doyle, submitted his resignation in advance of the meeting. It was with apparent regret that Mayor Doyle made the announcement appropriately on Howe Island. “Paddy spent nearly forty years serving the public and was instrumental in obtaining the amenities on Howe Island we enjoy, such as this municipal office and garage, the fire hall, the larger County ferry and the ball diamond. He also worked very hard at keeping Howe Island property taxes among the lowest of any municipality in Ontario. We accept the resignation of Councillor Norris with sadness , wish him well in his retirement and declare his position now vacant.” he said.
According to the mayor there are two options available to the township in filling the position, through a by-election or by appointment. “Most municipalities we have researched would not go for a by election this late in a term of office. The most practical and cost effective way of doing this is to go for an appointment, in which case the question is how do we do that? Other municipalities would open it up to the public and ask people to indicate their interest in serving,” the mayor said.
“How about we call for nominations for a period of X months and then meet to decide,” Deputy Mayor Jones said. “We’ve got 60 days, two months from tonight. I’m sure there would be a handful of people here who would be interested,” he added. (No hands went up). The township will prepare and issue a public notice asking if there are people from the Howe Island ward interested in finishing the term. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, call the Howe Island Office at 613-544-6348 or email Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Carol Dwyre: (Ontario. municipal elections are October 27, 2014.) The regular council meeting continued with the hearing of delegations and regular council business. *The Noise by law will be dealt with at the November meeting on Wolfe Island.. More council news next time..
Pat Norris served the Howe Island community where he farmed among other things for 40 years, all of his adult life really. During those years he was Warden, Reeve, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor. He had a strong commitment to improving ferry transportation to the island and saw a bridge as a long term solution. In 1993 , his then 25 years of service were recognized by the province, as well as the township. He was the 1st recipient of Howe Island’s Proclamation Day award in 2012. At the same time it was determined that the Howe Island Ball Park on Howe Island Drive be renamed the “Patrick Norris Community Park”. Paddy brought wisdom, experience and honesty to the table, was prudent with the taxpayers dollars and careful in decision making… always trying to balance the needs of the island’s important agricultural community with those of the growing residential community.. Happy retirement… Pat Norris.

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If it’s not one thing on Wolfe Island, it’s another

-Can you believe this… The liquor store on Wolfe Island has closed. With little fanfare a sign was posted on Nile’s main street store that the Liquor Store part of their business is Closed. Take bottles to the city, it says.
There is much significance to that statement. The Recycle Centre’s Mae Etmanski, had developed a wonderful fund raising plan involving bottles. A bin for glass was one thing but a bin for wine, beer and liquor bottles was added. Mae sorted and separated them. She had a list of all ‘not for profit’ island organizations required to fund raise to operate, and determined how funds raised from bottle returns would be distributed monthly to a different non profit organizations . The organization of the month was required to assist in the process of sorting, packing, loading and transporting to the local store for eventual trucking to the city. The idea caught on, and islanders very willingly returned their bottles to the site offering them as a donation to benefit the community. And, of course, the beneficiaries of the largesse such bottles provided for their organization were ecstatic. What happens now…? No one knows at the present time.. Until something does, the store’s closure can only be seen a major loss to the community. In the meantime a big Thank You to Mae. It was wonderful while it lasted.
And if that was not a big enough surprise, how about this- Mosier’s Garage has shut down its gas pumps, (including diesel). “The 30 year life of the tanks have expired and when they are empty today that’s it,” Danny Mosier said to a number of patrons who had stopped by for gas. “ It’s sad but that is way it is.”
Mosier had discussed the situation with MPP John Gerretsen some months ago but there is no simple solution to the problem, nor is there funding available to replace the tanks. “We had an estimate done and replacing the tanks would cost anywhere between $225,000 to $300,00. I cannot do it, and I will not do it. Our proximity to the water could also pose a risk as well,” he added. “ I am sad about it. I have many loyal customers who will find this hard. “ Danny had other concerns about cottagers and residents waiting in the Kingston line up for the ferry with 20-30 gas filled cans to take to the island for their boats and equipment (mowers, generators etc.) “How will MTO handle that…? Will that count as a flammable or dangerous goods trip?” He noted that major customers, Hulton’s and the WI Wind Plant have been notified. “They will do what they have to do. It’s the regulars I’m sorry for..” He had high praise for the government inspector who regularly made sure that the facility remained in compliance with the rules (environmental etc. )
“Measuring gas each day and keeping accurate daily records has been a lot of work for Theresa and I over the last 22 years but it has been good. Maybe now is time to retire,” Danny said.
“The township can start pumping gas,” Danny’s son, garage operator Colin Mosier quipped.. “They have new tanks and maybe more money.” FYI The garage, (car truck, boat) repair and maintenance ) remains OPEN for business. So there you have it folks… What a surprise.
Around Town:* WI Community Euchre, St. Margaret’s Hall, Thursday’s at 7pm. . *Movement for Life Mon.& Thurs at Medical Clinic 1:10 pm
Coming Events: 1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall; 2. Turkey Supper – Craft/ Bake/ tables, WI United Hall, Sat. Oct.26, Opens 4:30 pm; 4. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon:

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October 11, 2013
Howe Island Proclamation Plaque Unveiled

A large bronze plaque, solidly erected in a cement pad, was recently unveiled on Howe Island in Sunset Park near the Island’s foot ferry. The plaque, beautifully crafted, commemorates the date of July 16, 1792 when General John Graves Simcoe (Upper Canada's Lieutenant Governor) named by proclamation the island “Howe” after General Sir William Howe. The plaque was unveiled by Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor David Jones and Jim Mills both from Howe Island. Mayor Denis Doyle was also present for this event..
Jones reminded the audience of occasion at the park in 2009 when he suggested celebrating the island’s history and its proclamation as Howe, calling for volunteers to make it happen. “I was quite moved so many put up their hands to get involved. After a couple of meetings it was recognized little could happen at that time . However the committee reconvened in 2010, Jim Mills stepped up as Chair, and historical research and event planning began in earnest.
Howe Islanders will recall the rousing success of the first Proclamation Day Event held on July 16, 2011 at the grounds of the islands Municipal Building and Fire Hall. At that time a replica of a proposed plaque (to be crafted in bronze) was dedicated. “Who can forget Bruce Burgess as General Howe on that day, hobby horse in tow…” Jones said.
“The rest is history. The event was a smashing success,” he said. “But today is about the plaque and as we dedicate it, it is appropriate to thank those who played a part in getting us here.” The Deputy Mayor went to name and thank all volunteers, far too many to list here. He had high praise for them all and their individual roles, and once again thanked Jim Mills for the important role he played. He spoke of wonderful ticket sales, the many donations at the time and major contributions from Gene Manion, Steve Sorenson, The Harrison and the Murray Families . Jim Pritchard and Brian Humphries were recognized as having much to do with the historical research for the plaque and the words it contains, and Robin Craig “ for the firm base upon which it rests.”
There were exclamations of approval as the brilliant blue plaque, embossed with the words of the proclamation , and a raised replica of Howe Island was unveiled. “Let’s not forget July 16th in perpetuity is Howe Island’s Proclamation date,” Jones concluded. FYI- Councillor Patrick Norris was the recipient of Howe Island’s 1st Proclamation Day Award on that occasion.
A Comment: Last week an article about the death and funeral of Friar Stewart Laverty from Wolfe Island, was not published in the Kingston Heritage, probably due to space, and I should not have been surprised There are just too many funerals for Kingston paper to handle with so much other news. It was Friar Laverty’s his wish to get home to Wolfe Island that struck a cord with me and prompted me to write it. …Living on Wolfe Island is different. It is a ferry dependant, small, very visible community . The truth is everyone knows everyone else at least to say hello, on the ferry, in the ferry line up, in the village, the post office, at local meetings, school and community events or at church. Islanders know if residents are cottagers, or new comers, if they are born and raised on the island. They welcome visitors yet at the same time they are very aware of strangers. And more than anything else they know when Islanders travel by ambulance, are in hospital or die… They know what’s happening, good or bad within minutes and that before the advent of the “social media.” Each illness is of concern. Each death is deeply felt . And the loss of life-long islanders, the holders of the Island’s history, is keenly acknowledged.… So this week I mention the Dr. George Merry Family, and offer the sympathy of the community on the passing of much loved, wife, mother, grandmother and Nurse, Mary Catherine Merry. Our sympathy. Older islanders remember the Medical Clinic trailer located on Merry property and Catherine’s care and concern for many. She will be missed.
Around Town:*Howe Island Councillor Pat Norris has resigned from Frontenac Islands Council effective Sept.30th. Norris, a lifetime resident of Howe Island has served the island, Frontenac County and now Frontenac Islands in one capacity or another for nearly 40 bringing wisdom and experience to the task. “What a shame…” * The relationship of the WI Scene of the Crime Festival to the community is well known as are their efforts to give back to the community. Most recently they commissioned the restoration of the Longueuil monument in the Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery. Grant Allen , patron author of the Festival was the grandson of the last Baroness de Longueuil who is buried there. His father Joseph Allen was Trinity’s first minister. The re-dedication of Grant Allen's family monument will take place on Sunday, October 20th,at 11:00 am, in the Trinity Anglican Church cemetery. * FYI- WI Community Euchre has moved to St. Margaret’s Hall, Thursday’s at 7pm. * Horne’s Ferry season ends Oct. 20th .
Coming Events:1. Lunch Bunch Series Wed, 11:30 am WI United Hall. 2. Turkey Supper – Craft/ Bake/ tables, WI United Hall, Sat. Oct.26, Opens 4:30pm 4. WI Flu Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd 9am-12 noon WI Medical Clinic.

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October 03, 2013
Tweedsmuir Books keep Island history alive

Wolfe Island’s St. Lawrence Women’s Institute formally presented a set of Tweedsmuir History books, to be housed at the Wolfe Island Library, to Librarian Sharon Hogan at an event that celebrated not only the books but was an occasion to honour the work of the late Connie Woodman, the Tweedsmuir Curator.

The St. Lawrence Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir history collection compiled over many years “represents a history of Wolfe Island- community events, historical people and happenings from 1930 to -2012 the most recent books covering the period 1995-2012,” Sec/Treasurer Lynda Hulton said in presenting the books . “And it was Connie Woodman’s labour of love. How pleased we are to have Connie’s husband Elwood and many family members here on this occasion.”
“While most of us remember Connie as the face in the kitchen of Wolfe Island United Church directing so capably the Turkey Suppers, the Fish Fry’s, and other events at the of Wolfe Island United Church we did not know how diligently she worked at home, along with her good friend Doreen Joslin- after taking on the position of Curator in 1991, to put together all of this information. How fitting that the Collection will be housed in this building for the benefit of all Islanders who are welcome to explore the wonderful history of this amazing place Wolfe Island,” Hulton concluded.
Institute member Linda Joy read a letter from Joanne Stanbridge, Librarian Local History and Genealogy Kingston Frontenac Public Library, expressing thanks for the valuable authentic local history the Tweedmuir History Books provide.. and their availability. Linda personally commented that on her arrival on Wolfe Island , the books provided valuable insight into the history of the community that is now her home.
Many guests were in attendance including Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle and Councillor Grant, Women’s Institute Area President Maureen Lollar, and Patricia Enright,, Chief Librarian of the Frontenac Public Library. Refreshments followed the presentation.. Books previously stored at the WI Library by both the St. Lawrence Women’s Institute and the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute date back to the 1930’s. All the books offer a wealth of information to anyone interested in Wolfe Island. The earlier books have been saved on Microfiche and are in the library. Those beginning in 1995 are being saved on disc.

FYI- The idea of Women’s Institute members writing and compiling histories at the local level began in the mid-1920s. An agreement was made with the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) to digitize these Tweedsmuir Collections making them accessible on line. Tweedsmuir books continue to be compiled by all levels of the Women’s Institute’s structure .
Coming Events: * WI Flu Shot Clinic Sat. Nov. 2nd * Check out events at

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September 29, 2013
Frontenac Islands takes up Invitation to borrow from province

At a recent special meeting of Frontenac Islands Council, council dealt with the by-law to authorize the submission of an application to the Ontario Infrastructure and lands Corporation (OILC) requesting financing for certain Frontenac Islands capital works projects, specifically the Wolfe Island arena Roof at an estimated cost of 600,000, (1st and 2nd reading). The application to OILC is seeking long term borrowing through the issue of debentures to OILC and temporary borrowing pending their issuance. The amount of the loan request was $600,000. The resolution received a third reading and was passed. However the actual amount of any loan will be determined at a later date, when the total of donations is known, and the final costs are fixed by contract. A question was asked regarding lump sum payments of such a loan, and also of any prepayment of the loan. The CAO was to obtain such details for council.
Council also passed further resolutions regarding the Wolfe Island rink, as recommended by Project Manager Patrick Thompson, all in an effort to reduce some costs and determine the best bids. For instance they will negotiate with Custom Forming (sole bidder) to determine if savings can be realized to lower the costs of $73,000 for framing (cement) for the rink roof. (discussion is underway with Lafarge). WI Community Centre Board spokesman Paul Hogan was present to speak to the issues, and noted that discussion is underway with Lafarge for a possible lower cement pricing. They will also be re-issuing the tenders for the steel and erection component, with some modifications to the plans in order to bring that pricing lower. There were 5 original bids received. He pointed out that CCB money has already been raised and received through grants (Trillium, CFDC, Hockeyville, Music Fest etc.) Exciting times…..
2. Further to Wolfe Island Grill owner Casey Fisher’s request for a noise exemption, CAO George Luhowy presented a package of material with regard to noise and hearing outlining effects of db levels on hearing as well. It included Ministry of Labour guidelines ( anything above 85 db’s is not acceptable from a work standpoint etc.) and 3 examples of noise bylaws from other townships and different levels based on times of day and days of week. Village spokesman Ken Keyes reminded council that the upcoming planning & zoning commercial-residential designation recommended for Marysville makes it unusual to come up with an answer. Deputy Mayor Jones suggested that possibly an APP for checking db levels might be available when the question arose of how to check on this aspect. A person in the public section checked and showed there was. That lead to laughter when someone else suggested indiviuals wandering up and down with cell phones listening to the music. Fisher noted that The Mansion in Kingston is also in a commercial- residential area and has a 85 db level limit. Ken Keyes and Casey Fisher will continue to work on finding agreement to determine the right db level and time frames for any exemption to the township’s noise bylaw for the next council meeting Oct. 15th on Howe Island.
3. There was some discussion about the recent visit of the By Law Control Officer Ken Gilpin and some concerns that have been raised.
4. Council approved the purchase of a 1997 pumper truck for the Howe Island Fire and Rescue Department at a cost of $25,000. Funds were transferred from the Howe Island Fire Reserves. Council meets next Tues. Oct. 15 , Howe Island -6:30 pm.

Around Town: WI Medical Clinic Speakers Series. Alzeimers Sat. Oct. 5th 1-2pm at the Clinic. *Movement for Life at the Clinic begins Oct. 7th 1pm., * Lunch Bunch Fall series Oct. 2nd WI United Church 11:30 am Annual Flu Shot Clinic Nov. 3rd… The Corn Maze is Open.. Community Euchre Thurs. 7pm WI United Church Check out events at

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September 27, 2013
Funeral held on Wolfe Island for Rev. Stewart Laverty OFM

Franciscan Friar Rev. Stewart (Tod) Laverty OFM (ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR) loved to come home to Wolfe Island. He came when he was needed, for special family occasions, to spend time with friends.. And he was determined to get home one last time to say good bye. He made it, if not to the Island, at least to KGH where he died of the cancer he was battling a few short days later
And Friar Laverty did come home to Wolfe Island where his body lay in state at Sacred Heart of Mary Church where a steady stream of people began arriving to say their final goodbyes that was prior to a Funeral Mass of Christian Burial celebrated by Father Leo P. Byrne,
At the door of the church a tribute to Friar Laverty read : “Remembering our brother. We thank you for your humility, guidance, friendship and compassion.” And story boards filled with pictures of his life and times were in different parts of the church allowing perfect moments to quietly remember. Fr. Stewart’s family, (brother) Patrick and Jacqueline, his niece Kimberley and nephew Kyle and their families, the O’Shea and Lollar family members welcomed the mourners. The son of the late Frank and Doris Laverty, Friar Stewart and his brother , a small family, grew up on the island, surrounded in lifelong friendships within the Parish community and the community at large
Following the Funeral Mass, that included participation by family members (readings, music) and the community, a reception was held at Sacred Heart School where memories along with tears and laughter flowed ..
According his friends, Stewart always wanted to be a Franciscan Friar, loved Franciscan spirituality and lived it, so much so that for more than 18 years he led pilgrimages “in the footsteps of St Francis” with the Franciscan Pilgrimage Program to Rome and Assisi.
Following his solemn profession in 1969, he was ordained to the priesthood on the island in 1972. Over the years he served as a pastor, a counsellor, a teacher, gave retreats, was a spiritual director and more. His health problems began in 2011 . At the time of his death at 69 he was pastor emeritus of St. Aloysius and St. Patrick Parish in Detroit,
Who could resist Father Stewart ”Tod” Laverty, familiar to us in his Franciscan habit , with his engaging smile and bright blue eyes, his sense of humour, enthusiasm for life and genuine love of people? He will be remembered. The Rite of Committal will take place in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan.

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September 20, 2013
Last weeks of Summer Offered Much Activity in Frontenac Islands

A trip away, through a part of Canada I had never seen, opened my eyes to the size of our country. . Travelling from Edmonton to Whitehorse and onto Dawson City, where populations are not measured according to persons per square mile but by how many square miles of land there are per person. That’s the Yukon. Where tourism is as important to the economy as it is to us here on Wolfe Island, and where there is much concerted effort and activity to create welcoming communities that tell the stories, the why and how they came to be. Much to our surprise many of even the smallest of communities had a facility of some sort or another for seniors, had water and even in some areas, sewage, encourage cycling as well as recycling, and are conscious of protecting the environment. I was overwhelmed by the bigness and the beauty on our travel. In our absence however events of interest were missed. Here’s a bit of a catch up.
1. There was: The Sacred Heart Parish Social held following Sunday Mass the week before Labour Day, when many of Wolfe Island’s cottagers leave the island for another year. The annual social, again organized by Leslie, provided the opportunity for the parish family to get together one more time.
2. The Wolfe Island Historical Society held their annual AGM with more than 50 people attending, according to Treasurer Brian MacDonald. “The same four people, Denis Cherquitte, Judy Greenwood–Speers, Brian Johnson and John O’Shea were returned in the same four spots. Hank (Hendry)Connell is President, VP Mike Bromley, Secretary Judy Speers,” he said. A highlight of the evening was the continuation of “Ferry Tales” with Captain Brian Johnson, who with his wealth of information and easy style, always draws a crowd eager to hear the stories of days gone by on the waters of Lake Ontario and the mighty St Lawrence River. (Captain Johnson was a recent guest speaker at the Ontario Genealogical Society Kingston Branch). “Ferry Tales” is the title of his book.
3. And then there was the WI Ploughing Match held at the Henry Posthumus-Janine Handforth Farm, where 33 persons participated along with 6 celebrity ploughmen including Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle, Abby Anghelescu, Councillor Barbara Springgay, Mayor Gary Davison (South Frontenac) , MPP John Gerretsen and ELVIS. The island’s Queen of the Furrow – Morgan Roy attended. There were 5 horse ploughmen this year according to association secretary Wilma Sjonger, “the match was a great success and a number of our own will attend the International Match.”

4. In conversation with Mayor Doyle, I heard that the Frontenac County Official Plan meeting on Howe was well attended providing great feed back for County Planner Joe Gallivan. He added that the September Council meeting on WI included an Open House on the proposed Community Improvement Plan (CIP) brought out about 50 persons, moving it to the Community Hall where he noted acoustics are a problem. Frontenac County’s Peter Young and Anne Marie Young presented the program and received the feedback. According to Mayor Doyle, $70,000 has been allocated out of the Federal Gas Tax funds received by the County to assist in Village of Marysville improvements.
“Several village business owners and residents were present for the discussion, which was all positive,” he said adding that two By-laws were presented. “ The first, which passed, defines the area covered by the CIP from the water front on the north, to the Community Centre grounds on the south, 7th line on the east, to the end of Hillcrest Street on the west. The second, that the council enact the CIP for the redevelopment, and beautification, etc. of Marysville, and received first and second reading allowing time for further public review and comment before the final reading at the October 15th Council meeting,” he said. The CIP can be viewed in detail at the WI Town Hall.

5. Many in attendance had come to support Island Grill owner Casey Fisher’s request for on going exemptions to the recently passed ‘Noise Bylaw’ to allow for music as part of the business and its sustainability (out door live and indoor live (closed doors) at specific hours (days and evenings) dependant upon availability of musicians.
At the same time, according to Mayor Doyle, Marysville resident Key Keyes was there as spokesperson for village residents who had collected over 50 signatures to express concerns about changes to the by-law without some restrictions.
“Both parties had people out to support their position a good open debate took place,” Doyle said. “It was generally agreed that our approach should be to specify the level of decibels (db) that could be allowed at various times of the day in our by-law. Staff will meet with our By-law Enforcement Officer to investigate what db levels are typically used in other jurisdictions, and in other by-laws he is familiar with. It was also agreed that when the proposed changes were received that a meeting would be held with Casey Fisher and Mr. Keyes to discuss the acceptability.”

6. Doyle added that a back of the village east side (Plan 65)lot owner Christi Hayhoe attended the meeting to discuss how a road could be put in to allow access to her lot, get a building permit and build. “We agreed t get a cost estimate for a road and to organize a meeting with all parties including the Plan 65 major property owner.”

7. According to the Mayor, Wednesday October 30, 2013 has been declared “Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day”. “The discussion leading up to the resolution recognized that Child Care Workers are very important to the islands. Without this service a lot of people would have to take their children to the city, using up spaces on the ferry during busy commuter ferry trips.”

Finally Mayor Doyle noted that the rink project is moving along but the awarding of major contracts is still pending. Council meets next Oct. 15th Howe Island, 6:30 pm

Around Town: * Thurs. Sept. 26th the St. Lawrence Women’s Institute will present the 1995-2012 Tweedsmuir Books at a reception from 6-8 pm at WI Public Library honouring late Institute member Mrs. Connie Woodman. * Apple Fest Bruce &Peggy Horne’s Orchard Sat. Sept. 28th 12-4 pm.

Plowing Match SPECIAL TROPHIES 2013
BEST EFFORT –UNDER 18 - Morningsight Farms COLE CHOWN









BEST CROWN - Gateview Farm Equipment WENDY GRANT


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August 22, 2013
Community Improvement and Island Trails Highlight Frontenac Islands Council Meeting

Frontenac County Planner Peter Young attended the Frontenac Islands council meeting, held on Howe Island, to bring council members up to date with regard to the Marysville Community Information Plan, (CIP), and what will be presented for approval at the September Council meeting on Wolfe Island (Sept.9th).
Frontenac Islands and Frontenac County have partnered together to develop a CIP for Marysville, on(Wolfe Island, to encourage economic development and community revitalization through financial incentives. Both are hoping that Maryville business owners, would be business owners, and residents in the focus area described in the draft, will step forward and take advantage of the incentive opportunities it offers to develop projects including heritage and others unique to Wolfe Island.

“It was a good meeting in November last with public input including things people like about Marysville and its future needs, including Main Street revitalization, green space, seniors housing and employment opportunities,” Young said in his presentation. “At the April meeting we outlined proposed programs, and received feedback as to what areas the programs should apply and about the size of the CIP area. The public also offered suggestions for park locations.”Young noted 4 prime areas of interest contained in the draft CIP: -façade improvement -increased commercial space -seniors housing -options for parkland.

“ Façade improvement of commercial property like new paint, windows, signage can really spruce up the Main Street/Road 96, and ferry dock. The CIP proposes a matching grant of up to 50% of the cost of a project with a maximum grant of up to $3000. (a grant could also apply to a Main Street residential property). Mayor Doyle noted that the Township’s 50% comes from already budgeted money at the county, and the township could add additional dollars.
Young went on to describe a potential loan program, community grants for planning and permit fees, commercial space development, required zoning changes . Someone interested in developing seniors housing could receive assistance for planning studies. (Young suggested that next time around would be opportune to look at special community needs, water, sewage lagoon etc.) The draft CIP and Young’s presentation are available on the Township of Frontenac Islands web site.

Trails Development: Anne Marie Young, Frontenac County’s Manager of Economic Sustainability updated council about the KP Trail and County trail development. ” Its amazing how many trails there are nearly half in North Frontenac. Most are crown land trails with owner easement agreements, are off road following rail beds and logging roads. Over a third are hiking trails through natural areas in provincial parks or conservation area,” she said, noting that the KP trail is the main spine to the county‘s trails. She went on to describe what is happening in the rest of the county finally coming to Frontenac Islands, Wolfe Island with it trail to Big Sandy Bay, with its roads designated as bicycle trails and so on…

”So now the connection to Wolfe Island ,” Anne Marie said. “The Mayor provided the Wolfe Island Canal heritage story in our Trail Master Plan since 2009 with its connection to Cape Vincent and to the K&P Trail as it actually barged cars over, The County has a 150th Anniversary coming up. Opening the canal for kayaks and canoes could be a sweet legacy,” she said, adding that the MacDonald family is interested in moving this along should there be any interest.

“Phase one could be a park on the Winter Dock road (people have fished there forever).” Young noted previous canal research and studies and Councillor Grant’s participation at the time. “The material probably only needs updating,” she said. “ The WI Canal is the hook to the K&P trail and we have staff and resources that could be allocated to it.”

“It would be good to see it open,” Councillor Grant said. “Even if just for canoes and kayaks, the water would flow.” Mayor Dole added. While not a formal announcement , Doyle said he was at liberty to say that Mary Lynn MacDonald is prepared to donate two pieces of land “ the 1.5 acres going out to the winter dock road and about 4 acres on the other side. In honour of her dad she would like to see water flow through the canal.” Councillor Springgay wants to move forward with the (MacDonald?) park immediately. “This is exciting news,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Jones had this to say; “ I have respect for trail development but we have major transportation issues. As I have said before, Transportation trumps recreation on Howe Island.”

Howe Island Trail: Howe Island resident Mike Quinn was present to outline land owners concerns with the Howe Island Base Line Road Trail. “ Since the township has upgraded the trail we are looking for an accurate picture if there are going to be next steps,” he said. This isn’t about land claim issues. If the trail goes beyond the present area there are lots of questions about who owns what, that need answers.” Quinn originally supported a trail but the present trail is not what he had expected. “We had no input, “he said. “Can we find an opportunity to meet and talk about it all?” Councillor Norris was not prepared to discuss it because it is a legal matter in the hands of their solicitor. He said “the only decision taken by council is to complete the survey to determine what property belongs to the township. There has been no discussion about the trail going beyond Johnson’s Bay. However should there be any change, input will be sought and there will be public meetings.” More Council news next week..

Around Town: The WI Music Festival was a success. Few complaints. Many thanks to WI volunteers. Good garbage pickup and recycling. Noise levels not too bad. AND, Island businesses thrived. Many residents not happy with MTO. There were No PROMINENT notices to say everyone, including residents, had to have a ticket to board.(Traffic line ups all weekend were awful, but that’s how it has been all summer).
Coming events:* Scene of the Crime Festival Sat. Aug 17th. * WI Historical Society AGM United Church August 28th.7 pm (elections and Capt. Brian Johnson) ;. * Frontenac County Official Plan meetings : Howe Island September 10th , 6:30 p.m.; WI Community Hall, September 17th, 6:30 pm. * WI’S Fibre Fest Sept. 14-15th

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August 08, 2013
Wolfe Island a Busy Place this summer

Half way through the summer season, Wolfe Island is busier than ever. Every hour the Wolfe Islander 111 arrives at the island dock delivering hundreds of people, many walkers, cyclists and motor cyclists, cars, trucks and service vehicles. Within minutes the dock is cleared and the ferry departs Wolfe Island with, you guessed it, a full load of traffic, and oft times, many left behind.
Just yesterday a group of more than 100 cyclists came to Wolfe Island from Cape Vincent aboard Horne’s Ferry. They were members of the STIHL ( chain saws) Tour des Trees, annual (1992), 500 + mile, international fund raising cycling event . The tour launched July 28th from Niagara Falls, with cyclists travelling through upstate New York, then on through southern Ontario to conclude August 3rd at Toronto Island.
This enthusiastic group of all ages and from many different places have a passion for trees and cycling and according to their web site: ”every full-Tour participant commits to raising a minimum of $3,500 for the TREE Fund research and education programs in addition to pedaling 500+ miles in a week, rain or shine. “ “Its all about keeping trees healthy and strong in our urban communities everywhere,” added one cyclist who said that tree plantings/ public awareness events are part of the fund raising tour.
This group was identifiable in their distinctive T-shirts and with their bicycles, as are many other cycling groups who come. Ever wonder where every one else goes when they come to the island?
Of course, cottagers welcomed by the community, double the islands population every summer. Big Sandy Bay is a very popular destination, as is a trip from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent via Horne’s ferry. The WI Wind Farm, the Riverview Golf Course and the Corn Maze are all open well into the fall.
Along with the visiting public, the August long weekend in August, along with the regular visiting public, brings with it family and friends from everywhere for Family Ball Tournament. This event is bigger than Christmas in terms of the number who make the trip. They, along with trailers, vans, and tents, are a welcome sight as families get together.
The Wolfe Island Music Festival will bring hundreds to the island. Most will walk onto the ferry. These folks are generally very identifiable by their enthusiasm. The (Aug.17) Scene of the Crime Festival , plus the WI Fibre Fest and Ploughing Match in September, will also draw great numbers to the island.
It is safe to say that islanders worry about the ferry, the long waits, emergency calls and how to become more self sufficient. They are anxious about getting agricultural crops, animals and everything else off the island as required, in a timely fashion, and in receiving equipment, supplies, parts, etc. to the island, also in a timely fashion.
At the same time… Marysville always WELCOMES visitors to its restaurants, hotel, B&B’s, and businesses , to the Stone Heron Gallery, the Old House Museum, gift shops, and to all the island has to offer. Come. Enjoy. (and maybe walk on?)

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August 01, 2013
Wolfe Island’s Family Ball Tournament includes “Provincial Surprise”

A two hour wait for the Wolfe Island ferry was not uncommon during the August long weekend as family and friends headed home for the island’s 28th Annual Family Ball Tournament.

Twenty-seven family teams, including one new family began playing Friday evening in the A & B Divisions., at the Community Centre ball diamonds and at Sacred Heart school. (The Community Centre is also home to the island’s NHL sized rink.) With that many 15+member teams, with 9 persons (always with 4 women) on the field, means that there were as many as 400 players during the weekend. “play two and barbecue “ was the theme… Hundreds of spectators circled the diamonds during play cheering teams on. A constant stream of people drifted up to the centre during the day, just to check the score board. It was perfect weather for the most part, but heavy rain Friday night brought out many volunteers in the early am to slush out water and prepare the diamonds for Saturday’s day of play according to Amanda Kyle, tournament organizer and member of WI’s Community Centre Board. “Much thanks to our wonderful volunteers. I don’t how we could have finished without their help,” she said. Over 500 people lined the “B” Diamond at the Community Centre as the A and B Championship games took place on Saturday Night. Some watching the game and some visiting, but all having fun! The awards presentation followed immediately with Amanda at the helm.

First Up was a surprise presentation from Mayor Denis Doyle. To the delight and loud cheers of the home crowd, most members of life long island families, the Mayor announced that Frontenac Islands- Wolfe Island ward was successful in its bid for a $75,000 Ontario Trillium Grant to go towards a roof over the rink. “ There have been a number of successful fund raising efforts (Hockeyville, Music Fest, etc.) that raised many thousands of dollars already,” he said. “The $75,000 Trillium grant will go a long way. Councillor Springgay, Councillor Grant and I recently approved going ahead with the roof and having it up by fall hopefully for an extended season through to the end of March.” Doyle read from MPP John Gerretsen’s letter of regret at not being there for the announcement of the provincial grant. “I am aware that putting a roof over the ice pad has received a great deal of attention from islanders. Congratulations to everyone in the community for their dedication and commitment to fund raising. I look forward to attending an event celebrating the opening of the roof hopefully sometime in November,” his letter concluded to more very loud cheers…
Trophys were then presented to the 2013 “A” Division Champs, “The Orr Family Team” and to the “B” Division Champs, “The Brian Hulton Jr. Family”. The Bill Kyle Sportsmanship trophy was presented to the “McKenna –Van Hal Family” by Karen Kyle.
The WI Community Centre Board’s Paul Hogan was honoured with a new award for his long time efforts towards sports generally, and specifically fund raising for the rink its refrigeration and a roof. It was presented by Mark Lollar. Lollar noted the presence of 1962/63 Sacred Heart Pee Wee team members. “There was talk about a roof then and now its happening, “ he said. Extra prizes came from the Casey’s, WI Grill owners “ Thanks to All,” Amanda said as the day concluded. “See you, same time next year “
Some points of interest: Founders of WI the Family Ball Tournament were Jim Kyle, Bernie Fargo, & Elwin McKenna. A larger ball, known as a Melon ball is used. The Early Years program operated a canteen . The ambulance was on hand all day as was a Fire Truck. No garbage was in sight as everyone used the bins provided.
Around Town:* Kristina Walker, participated in the K-town Triathlon placing 1st in her age group of 19 and under at a time of 2:07:340. “This was her first marathon. We are very proud of her,” said all at WI Riverfront Golf Course where Kristina (daughter of Garth & Maryanne) is a summer employee. *Join the Howe Island Ratepayers for presentation by Dale Kristensen, Manager Queen's University Phytotron, (noxious and invasive weeds), Aug. 22nd, 6.30 p.m. St. Philomena's parish hall. * Frontenac County Official Plan meetings : Howe Island Municipal Offices, September 10th , 6:30 p.m.; WI Community Hall, September 17th, 6:30 pm. * WI’S Fibre Fest Sept. 14-15th Free to attend. Pre Register for workshops * Euchre WI United Church, Thurs. 7pm.

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July 25, 2013
Busy Island Mayor Talks About County and Local Issues…

Busy Island Mayor Talks About County and Local Issues…
Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle keeps up a busy pace with meetings at the County, on the Islands, with the city and of course with certain provincial departments and officials.

Howe Island Transportation: In a recent update of activities, Mayor Doyle spoke first about that island’s transportation study in the hands of AECOM. The study’s purpose is to assist the township in Howe Island long term transportation planning. Most recently the mayor and members of council met with AECOM to review the consultant’s findings to date and to prepare for a public meeting on Howe Island to discuss the study outcomes sometime in August…

Wolfe Island Rink: Mayor Doyle spoke hopefully about the $75,000 Trillium Grant applied for by Wolfe Island’s Community Centre Board. “I was asked to sign more papers recently, a positive sign, Maybe,” he said. “We hope to hear if it is approved in early August. IF it is approved it will be a great addition to the money already in the rink roof fund, thanks to all the fund raising efforts and hard work of so many Islanders over the years including Music Fest, Hockeyville organizers and so many others..” Then Mayor Doyle noted that the Project Manager Patrick Thompson continues to prepare for the construction tendering process. “He recently had a design engineer over to the island to finalize the plans and do a site inspection. Councillor Grant, Paul Hogan, Glen Mossier, Steve Fargo, and I also met with Patrick and the engineer July 22nd, and are impressed with how well the project is going.” Mayor Doyle pointed out that Council has agreed that taxes will not be increased for this project to go ahead, and, ”we are still hopeful that final approval will be given for solar panels on the roof, in which case we could make money on the rink operation,” he said.

High Praise for Volunteers- Mayor Doyle was enthusiastic in his praise of the many willing and dedicated volunteers in the township, in this instance those maintaining the flower beds and equipment around the Wolfe Island Information Centre and the Town Hall, as well as the flower containers at the Wolfe Island ferry dock and other community facilities, and on going efforts at the Centre Street Community Garden on Centre Street. He noted made by MTO at the Wolfe Island ferry dock of the new shelter, benches and flower containers. “And last, but not least, a big Thank You on behalf of the Community to the volunteers who run the WI Tourist Centre and the Old House Museum Wolfe Island and to all of Frontenac Islands dedicated volunteers. Our Council feels so fortunate to have so many people willing to pitch in and help. “

What’s Up at Frontenac County: Mayor Doyle had this to say… “Deputy Mayor Jones and I continue to be very active at County Council. We are pushing hard to complete a County Service Delivery and Organization Review important for all taxpayers.” KPMG was selected as the consultant to carry out the review, and Doyle was appointed by county council as Project Manager, the prime day to day contact for KPMG. A kick off meeting for the Project was held July 22nd with project completion expected by mid-December. “At a high level this project is for County Council and by Council, who want to ensure that those who pay for, and use the services that Frontenac County provides, are getting value for their money, the services they want and need, and that activities and programs no longer required are eliminated. My business experience tells me that it is important from time to time that all businesses bring in someone from the outside to determine what efficiencies can be implemented and what best practices can be used to reduce costs and improve services.” Doyle said. Mayor Doyle made the point that Kingston receives (and pays for) approximately 80% of the services provided by Frontenac Paramedic Services, and 60 % of the Fairmount Home services. “ As our biggest customer I have asked the Consultant to include representatives from the city in the one on one interviews they plan to carry out” he concluded.

Around Town: * A recent summer service at Wolfe Island’s Christ Church Anglican (15th line) included a visit by their Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Oulton, who dedicated a new stained glass window for the church created by WI artist Linda Sutherland, and given by the Pearl and Sherman in memory of their son Pernell. *Another summer Anglican Sunday Worship Service was held on Simcoe Island at the home of Duncan and Judy MacDougal on July 21st.

Coming Events: Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH Tickets: Fargo’s * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09,10th * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th For info on all : * Take Note that the 2nd Annual Fibre Fest will be held on Wolfe Island Sept. 14th & 15th Fleece & Fibre, Spinning, Felting, Hooking, Quilting, Demos, Workshops.

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July 18, 2013
So Where was I when I left off about Frontenac Islands?

So Where was I when I left off about Frontenac Islands?
One of the larger events that happens on Wolfe Island aside from the annual 5K-10K Classic Road Race and the Family Ball Tournament, is the Wolfe Island Music Festival. The Music Festival, because it brings so many people to the island , many of whom stay overnight , has many extra requirements to consider. So the visit to council by long time Music Fest Coordinator, Virginia Clark, and partnering with her this year from Wolfe Island, Michelle Joy, was very opportune.
Some of the issues finalized at the July council meeting included a resolution to allow overnight tenting at the Wolfe Island Community Centre Grounds for two nights from August 9th to August 11th. Tenting must be booked in advance ( as far as I can determine from the festival web site), and there are some reminders to campers who will be camped in an area adjacent to full time residents, e. g. no campfires, no loud music or drumming. And, of course, there is the matter of no littering. Recycling bins for the event are on loan from the city of Kingston, and the township provides many refuse cans. A further resolution allows a ‘Vendors Village’ on the grounds for the day of the festival , August 10th.
Liability and policing for the event were raised as a big concerns for the festival organizers. Policing includes on site only, and dock and village patrols. It was concluded after much discussion and clarification that the township’s Wolfe Island ward will cover 50% (fifty per cent) of the cost of policing the 2013 Music Fest providing the cost is not more than the 2012 costs. Township will also make the application to the OPP.
The township’s Noise Bylaw, led council to pass a resolution exempting the Island Grill, the General Wolfe Hotel and St. Margaret’s Hall, (all 3 holding music events on Friday evening Aug.9th) from the 11:00 pm curfew in the bylaw to no later than one a.m. (Aug.10th) and that the Saturday Aug. 10th Community Centre grounds curfew be extended to no later than 11:30 pm.
There was no mention made of how MTO plans to handle the crowd of Music Festival attendees walking on the ferry for the Friday August 9th events on Wolfe Island. However you will remember that last year, passes were issued to persons in cars, on bicycles and walking on, up to the maximum number of persons 300 (including crew members) allowed on each ferry crossing. The approach worked well.
*Increased vandalism, burnt mail boxes and trashed cottages on Wolfe Island came to light at the July council meeting. Council will consult with the OPP on how best to deal with these situations at a forthcoming meeting perhaps in September.
* By Law enforcement will be contacted to ticket people disregarding the “No parking in the ferry line” unless going on the ferry signs, and other no parking regulations in Marysville at this very busy time of year. Marysville welcomes visitors to the island, but the ferry is its lifeline and whatever messes up the ferry, messes up life for islanders….
FYI Fire & Rescue Chief Chesebrough of South Frontenac, where he manages 9 fire stations, not only worked with Wolfe Island’s Fire Chief Tim Hawkins in evolving the Medical Tiered Response Program in coordination with the ambulance services on the island, but he is also coordinating the RFP for a new radio communications system study for all Frontenac township chiefs and road maintenance heads. Once the preparatory work is done, Chief Chesebrough will issue the RFP. County council has agreed to reimburse the various townships for their shares of the cost of the study.
The next Township of Frontenac Islands council meeting will be held Mon. Aug.12, 2013 Howe Island , 6:30 pm.
Around Town: *Islanders have like everyone else been looking for a cool place to go. And of course the library on Wolfe Island has been open for that purpose. Some people may have even dropped in to the Town Hall also air conditioned… * But the heat never deters the ardent golfer, does it, and…. The Wolfe Island Riverfront Golf Course is lovely, and perhaps the coolest golf course around, overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway with its steady breeze … For more information:

Coming events: Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH Tickets: Fargo’s * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09,10th * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th * Euchre 7pm Thursday’s WI United Church For further event information visit:

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July 11, 2013
Frontenac Islands appoints New CAO Clerk – Treasurer

The Township of Frontenac Islands recently announced the appointment of George Luhowy as Chief Administrative Officer Clerk/Treasurer. Luhowy originally from Winnipeg/ St. Boniface began his career with Coopers & Lybrand Chartered Accountants.

“ It was a difficult search but we believe we have found the right person,” Mayor Denis Doyle said following the meeting. “The first task will be to recover the financial services from Frontenac County which were outsourced to them five years ago at a cost to the township.”

Already on the job , George comes to Frontenac Islands from Municipality of Rankin Inlet where he served as Director of Finance. Prior to that he had experience with the Nunavut Territorial Government working in several municipal leadership positions including in Iqaluit. Broadly travelled he has worked with international companies (auditing) and as an experienced accountant, and financial manager in building/development projects.

“At the present time I am attempting to familiarize myself with the many areas the Township is involved in as well as its many areas of concern. Luhowy said. , “ In applying for the job, it seemed to me that Frontenac Islands naturally followed what I have been doing in the past in finance and in development as well. Bringing back financials to the township means we are not relying on other people for information and working more autonomously. “

Aware of certain concerns Luhowy noted that the township relies on the county to provide certain services. ” I think the role between them has to be clear. The county maybe steering one direction and the township steering in another.” he said noting the many township variables, including its different logistics and transportation needs, its changing demographics and opportunities for growth. “ I am looking forward to the many challenges of the job in the days ahead.” Luhowy plans to make his home on Wolfe Island.

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Frontenac Islands Fire Fighters stole the show at the Frontenac Islands July Council meeting

Wolfe Island’s Fire Chief Tim Hawkins along with Howe Islands Chief Mike Quinn and South Frontenac Chief Richard Chesebrough, all spit and polish, were the evenings first delegation at the council meeting on Wolfe Island. They brought forward issues of importance, not only Frontenac Islands Fire and Rescue Services, but to the County Paramedic Services as well.. “The Agreement for Frontenac County Medical Tiered Response Program in your package came from the County’s Paul Charbonneau, and was set up for us by Chief Chesebrough,” Hawkins said. (The intent of a medical aid tiered response program is to promote a faster response to patients with certain types of medical conditions, ( vital signs absent, unconscious patients, absence of breathing and motor vehicle accidents) by partnering with allied emergency service agencies.) “We are interested in helping out the Ambulance Service, not taking over but to be called in certain situations. Right now it is hit and miss because we are not in program, “ Hawkins said. The Fire Service would be called if the ambulance response is greater than 15 minutes and there is a real response time advantage.
“We were more interested in knowing if you think it is fair for you to give your time to this. On Howe Island it’s different. All calls are over 15 minutes,” Mayor Doyle said. Chief Chesebrough said that if council chose to endorse the program Frontenac Islands would be consistent with departments in Frontenac, and Lennox and Addington, “ which makes it super for dispatch and ambulance service, while the program sets out response criteria and how to get started.” The agreement sets out the responsibilities of the township. “We already have 10 guys trained in this,” Hawkins added. Council passed a resolution to endorse the program. ( outlined in part 1 of the agenda posted on the Frontenac Islands website.)
2. Radio Communications Study. In his presentation, Chief Quinn expressed the need for a “Radio Communication Study” to be undertaken on behalf of the 4 lower tier townships in Frontenac County. According to Quinn the current (emergency services) radio systems (tower sites, base and portable radios) are old and do not provide full coverage in each municipality with gaps and glitches in the system. “Municipalities are using a variety of radios and sites with varying rage levels, with dead zones, not compatible with other fire or roads departments. We have very real issues becoming more evident . We are looking for our council’s support for a propagation study.. We believe there are benefits to a (15-20 year) analysis across the county,” he said. “We have to interconnect.” The process Chief Quinn outlined would be that the five Fire Chiefs and the 5 Public Works managers meeting together will develop the criteria for the study, issue the RFP, review all submissions and award the contract for the study, (estimated cost: $25,000). They will ask Frontenac County to fund the study and receive the study’s analysis. Chief Chesebrough spoke of the benefits of a study for all 4 townships funded by the county.
A discussion followed with Councillor Norris noting that the projected cost of the study is minimal but the costs to implement the results ( new equipment, towers etc ) could be very high, “ but as it is four townships, it might be okay.” Councillor Springgay wondered why this issue had suddenly come up. “Why have we not heard this before ? Is this something we can afford?” Mayor Doyle noted that there is Federal Gas Tax money available at the county to pay for a study. Chief Quinn believes the township should enter into the study since gaps in the radio communications system have been identified. “It is an opportunity to partner with the other municipalities to look at what is required across the county to have a sustainable county system.”
Council received the report and request, from the Chiefs and Road Superintendant Leo Greenwood for the study and passed a resolution requesting that Frontenac County fund a Radio Communications study on behalf of the four lower tier townships. All four township councils will receive the same request ‘for support of a Radio Communications study.’
3. Other business:1. Chief Hawkins informed council with the funds set aside for the purchase of a tanker truck, they may be able to place the order in December or January 2014. Estimated cost: $260,000 2. Frontenac County planner Peter Young presented a review of the township’s cash in lieu of parkland policy, with a by law (5% of 2/3rds of the sale value of a waterfront property)as posted on the web site. 3. Planner Joe Gallivan presented first draft of Frontenac County Official Plan. Open Houses to review the plan will be held on Howe Sept. 10th and on Wolfe Sept. 12th. 4. WI Music Festival: Virginia Clark and Michelle Joy were present to clarify their requirements ( policing, waste disposal, insurance, Friday concert venues, stage, vendors village, etc,) Council clarified their requirements and responsibilities as well. (who pays what, who does what, fund raising, site preparation, etc.). Resident Rick Lindgren was also present. 5. An island resident noted the wonderful condition of the landfill site and congratulated Mae and staff for their efforts. 6. Council members had some local concerns. 7. George Houwey, the township’s new CAO joined the meeting, taking his place beside Mayor Doyle. BUT I’m out of space and will do a Council Catch up plus the WI Classic next time. Sorry about that.
Coming events: * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date-July 22nd at the WI Community Medical Clinic. * Taste of Wolfe Island Presents July 27TH * Wolfe Islands Family Ball Tournament, August 2nd * WI Music Festival August 09, For further event information

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July 03, 2013
More Health Care Service on Wolfe Island … Less ferry chaos?

Wolfe is gearing up for the third in a series of relatively new and exciting Paramedicine Wellness Clinics at the WI Community Medical Clinic . The Paramedicine Clinics are a Frontenac County Paramedic Services a pilot program . The program is in
support of islanders efforts to stay in their homes longer, reduce demands on emergency services and hospitals and maybe even reduce health care costs.

The service includes Paramedics taking and recording vital signs as well as answering client questions within their scope of practice, and working with other community health members. The Paramedicine Clinic’s are held on the island every 6 weeks, in conjunction with the regular island foot care clinics initiated by the Seniors Association. The next date is July 22nd 10:30 am-1;30 pm

Paul Charbonneau, Director of Frontenac Paramedic Services announced Wolfe Island as the location for Frontenac County’s first Paramedicine Wellness Clinic at a WI Community Medical Clinic AGM held in May.
“The goal of Paramedicine Wellness Cinics is to reduce 911 calls . That’s what it is all about,” Charbonneau said at the time. “What can we do as part of the health care system to prevent more emergency calls? “Paramedicine can be visiting seniors in their homes, or offer heart rehabilitation programs,” he said citing a program held at a local school gym in Renfrew, (instead of having to travel to Ottawa). “Or a wellness clinic as a place where people can find a comfort level, to have simple things done.. Much like what you are trying to do here so that people do not have to take the ferry off the island for services that could be offered under the watchful eye of the paramedic, We are often called when there is no one else to call, often the first person people see, Some clinics have identified diabetics who didn’t know,’ he said.

Charbonneau noted the program was not eligible for land ambulance grants but is fully county supported at this time “as a proof of concept pilot project, a first foray into health care as a Paramedic Service.” (The possibility of Paramedic led clinics was identified by the WI Clinic Board as a logical initiative for the isolated island community.)

The clinics are free of charge and operate on a walk-in basis. First visits can last up to 25 minutes, less at subsequent check-ups. First time clients receive a Health Booklet to record personal information, and list medications. Vital signs (BP,pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose and body weight) are taken and recorded by the paramedic.The booklet is kept by the client between visits and can be used as a reference at physician appointments..

It should be noted that if a client experiences a medical emergency during a visit, or has a serious health issue that requires immediate attention, paramedics will deal with that situation accordingly - performing on-site care and transfer to the hospital as required.
The first Paramedicine Clinics was well attended and it is anticipated islanders will use the service on a regular basis to avoid a trip on the ferry. Remaining 2013 Paramedicine Clinic dates including July 22nd are August 26, October 7, and November 8. All Wolfe Island residents are welcome. As a member of the clinic board so aptly put it: “Use it or Lose it…”

Around Town :In spite of the weather the island is very busy. Many cyclists, walk on's coming to the island, The Island \grill has opened with a bang.. New bright inviting décor. The WIPP always busy as is |Fargo’s and Niles, the WI Bakery, Terango’s, the General Wolfe, and Cycling Rentals. * A cottage auction was held where many of us didn’t even know a cottage existed. * Work continues at the community garden.* The Old House Museum has opened for the summer. Newly renovated.. looks great…* The Stone Heron Gallery is open. Great place to visit as is The Craft shop…
Coming Events: * Wolfe Island Classic 2013 Sunday July 07, 2013 * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date- July 22nd. For further events *Taste of Wolfe Island Farm to table dinner July 27th Tickets: Fargo’s, TARA Kingston * Euchre 7pm Thursday’s WI United Church * Scene of Crime Festival Saturday August the 17th. Register Scene of Crime

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June 27, 2013
When you have come this far.... you really can't stop!

That certainly seemed to be the consensus at a meeting held to consider the possibility of a roof over Wolfe Island's artificial ice pad presently exposed to the elements. The meeting drew residents from across the island anxious to see possible designs, dream dreams. And of course talk about money, costs to date and costs for moving forward or not…..

Wolfe Island's history includes building rinks, making ice, encouraging and supporting hockey and skating programs dating back a very long time, and raising the money to do it themselves. It dates back to playing hockey on the river The island's NHL sized ice pad and building, housing the ice plant and Zamboni ice surfacer, was made possible through the ongoing fundraising efforts of the WI Community Centre Board, very generous financial donations, in kind (cement, trucking, etc.) donations , CBC-Kraft Hockeyville, support from (Canadian Hydro) Trans Alta and, many budgeted dollars from the Township of Frontenac Islands, and thousands of volunteer hours by island residents and friends to help make it happen..

“One of the driving factors in considering a roof for the ice pad at this time are high electricity costs,” Mayor Doyle said in his opening remarks. We can save

$15 to $20,000 a year if we have a roof to keep off the sun, snow and rain that all cause the compressor to run more often. We would see much less time wasted, shovelling and an extension of the season by two weeks at either end maybe more. It was also suggested to me that a finished ice pad might encourage young families to stay on the island,” Mayor Doyle noted that while there has been much discussion at council about financing the project over and above what has been set aside in reserves as well as many generous donations, there is still a $400,000 shortfall.

“So we really need to get a campaign going to raise maybe $200,000. We talked to Infrastructure Ontario, and with good borrowing rates we could perhaps finance it over a 10 year period.” Roof solar panels are also being considered.

“Our job was to do a thorough research on what we have at the rink facility at this time and what we hope to see in the future to make it last.” Glenn Mosier said, who then named the members of the ad hoc 'Roof Committee of Council', Steve Fargo, Sharon Kane, and Marilyn Hawkins. “Thanks to Paul Hogan (Community Centre Board chair) we had all the information we needed to get to this point. It's a difficult decision to spend that kind of money but when you look at how quickly we put the rink project we already have together, at a quarter of its actual cost certainly makes a roof a worthwhile project and we will advise council to move forward. It will be their decision. What we are looking for here is feedback from the community.” All were encouraged to fill out a questionnaire , offer suggestions, indicate support or not.

Patrick Thomson, of TC Projects (structural engineer/project management) has been involved with the roof project through the management design process made possible through a grant. “What I do for townships is the assembling of project tender documents ,costs, quality assurance etc., so at a project's completion the project is a valued asset.” A design poster of a roof was on display indicating a concrete continuous perimeter foundation, and with posts the roof overhang begins 14 feet from the ground up to the 24 ft height roof. Lighting proposed are 35 high beam LED 's. One resident suggested visualizing the gym ceiling (the gym we were in) as the rink roof dropping down to the height of the basketball hoops (14') from the floor.

FYI:-All of the information boards and roof proposals will be posted on the Frontenac Islands web site. Council will plan a formal question and answer meeting at a later date. For more information , contact Glenn Mosier 613-385-2189 or Around Town: *The Island Grill has finally opened after many months of renovation. *The Stone Heron Gallery is now open at the Wolfe Island Community Hall. * Planning is underway to install location plaques for a village walking tour.

Coming events: FOBSB ANNUAL BOOK SALE At the Old Fire Hall at the Dock begins, June 28th-30th * Wolfe Island Classic 2013 Sunday July 07, 2013 * Frontenac Paramedicine Clinic Date-July 22nd. For further events

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June 13, 2013
All about summer on Wolfe Island... Do Come Visit

-It happens every year right about now… Wolfe Island prepares for the fast event filled rather short summer and equally short tourist season…. It begins it seems when the summer students return to begin the task of regulating ferry traffic for MTO and ends with their departure for fall classes… usually on the 24th of May weekend (that came early this year) followed on its heels by the American Memorial Day weekend. It is that period when boats return to the water, convertible's return to the streets, cottages are opened up for the season, the landfill site is busier than ever, and concern begins to mount about making the ferry once in the line up or finding parking in the village.

Fargo's Store raises the Canadian and American flags … so appropriate if one takes a look at Wolfe Island's history, its proximity to Cape Vincent and the State of New York, the skirmishes surrounding the war of 1812 and so on. At one time just a walk , or sleigh ride across the ice to attend a local dance or a matter of taking the Horne's ferry to visit family living at the Cape. (Now of course with Customs on both sides).

Self reliance is important to islanders. It is a reliance based on its identity first, as an island, and secondly as an isolated rural community with one ferry, a community that must be responsible for itself, in spite of its dependency on Kingston and the province, or perhaps because of it. And as such it has its schools , churches, library, volunteer fire and ambulance service, Community Medical Clinic and a number of independent businesses and services supporting island residents and the agricultural community.

And for its population, as well as for visitors and tourists it offers many opportunities (Cycling, Big Sandy Bay (beach, birds, walking) , Wind Tower visits, Art Gallery (opens June 21st), Historical Museum, stores, restaurant, hotel, bakery, B&B's, restful repose, food , ice cream, entertainment and Horne's ferry to the USA.

So what is coming up during these important summer months 1. 8th ANNUAL BARRETT BAY REGATTA will be held Sunday, June 23rd. Plan to Row sail. paddle or enjoy at the WI Boat Club on Main street in Marysville Further Boat Club events are listed at: 2. The Friends of Big Sandy Bay ANNUAL BOOK SALE will be held at the Old Fire Hall at the Dock on Wolfe Island. June 28-30th 3. Wolfe Island Classic 2013 5-10 km Annual Road Race takes place this year Sunday July 7th beginning at 9:30 am Register on line with the Running Room (Check Out ,Click on WI Classic 4. WOLFE iSLAND'S fAMILY BALL TOURNAMENT will be held weekend of August 2ND and 3rd. at the Community Centre grounds. Interesting to note it is perhaps the only remaining Family Ball Tournament in Ontario. Watch for sign up DATE AT: A Pancake Breakfast is held Saturday am 7:30 am-10:30 am All proceeds to support the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic. 5. Taste of Wolfe Island Presents a Farm to Table Evening 5:30 pm. July 27th at Henderson Farms. Tickets are available at Tara Natural Foods, Aqua Terra, Fargo's, and Niles General Store.

6.The WOLFE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL AUGUST 9 & 10, 2013 Visit the web site Early Bird tickets on sale until June 15th. more information about Wolfe Island visit 14 JUNE to FRIDAY JUNE

www.wolfeisland.comS 7. Scene of the Crime Writers Festival Sat. Aug. 17th For further information and to register visit the Scene of the Crime web site at:*August and September also include Farm Tours, Church Suppers, & the Wolfe Island Ploughing Match. Watch for dates.

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June 06, 2013
Wolfe Island Boat Club looks to future

Who knew then that the first Wolfe Island Barrett Bay Regatta held in 2006, would become a popular annual event and in its wake give birth to the full fledged Wolfe Island Boat Club (WIBC), the long held dream of a number of islanders including Peggy Smith, Bruce Horne, David Clark, Leanne Cunningham and of course Metal Craft Marine's Tom Wroe and other boating enthusiasts. Leanne had a boat and lots of enthusiasm. Tom who works with aluminum loves wooden boats.

That first Regatta was held at The Island Grill Dock on Wolfe Island in 2006. and for the following 6 years and organized by none other than Leanne and Tom. “Have a Regatta and they will come,” was the hope. The notice read that there would be races for boats with sails plus races for everything else (canoes, kayaks, and anything that could float). And they did come. Even from Kingston they came. And there were winners and awards and hopes for the future and lingering dreams of the island surrounded not simply by water but by a boat filled harbour..

Now, sponsored by the Wolfe Island Boat Club (WIBC) this year's 8th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta will be held Sunday, June 23rd at the Boat Club's own site, located beside the Township dock at Victoria Street in Marysville., where many more boats with sails, paddles, and oars are becoming a very familiar site. This season, club member Yveta Tesar is

taking over from Leanne and Tom as the organizer of the 2013 Regatta.

Nicole Clark, treasurer of the WIBC, reminded me that it was Peggy Smith, who in those earlier years promoted the need for a village 'community' dock to the township. There was no community dock. “Peggy successfully bid for a provincial recreational grant that built the dock and supported our early programs like the Boom Learn to Sail camp for Kids. So much has happened since then.,” she said.

(Boat builders and sailors moving to the island, children learning to make paddles and boats, Walter Sepic from the Ryan Centre encouraging canoe trips, raising money by paddling, rowing with Peggy in the bay. There were social events and water based activities to draw members for the small but growing Boat club. Children going to the city to learn to sail and coming home to the island instead for the Boom Sail program. And a memorable day when one little guy in the Boom program shouted across the bay to a watching grandfather. “Grandpa, Grandpa, I'm sailing! “That surely says it all.) “The WIBC was incorporated in 2011 as a 'not for profit' organization with Tom Wroe as Commodore, Dan Creighton volunteer coordinator, Peter Van Vliet membership, and myself and other volunteers including David Clark, Donna Ivimey and Peggy,” Nicole said. “We have a team of boat builders, Paul Fiorello, Jeremy Balint, Michael George, Hugh Taylor, Bruce Horne, David Field, and Carlyle Crothers who repair and maintain

the WIBC fleet that now includes 4 albacores, a 4 person rowing scull, (with 2 more coming) and rack, and a Dragon boat. This last coming to us through donations from Tom, Peggy and a partnership with the Kingston Rowing Club. (Peggy continues to run a rowing program for youth and adults.) An FCFDC grant will provide a safety boat, with its required equipment and including training .” she said. “a major step in creating a strong, safe framework to offer kids sail programs.

Another step forward for the WIBC was its acceptance into the Shells &Sails program, a Trillium supported 4 year Provincial program supporting boat club development through partnerships and community outreach and participation, partnering with the Kingston Rowing Club to host YMCA Nautical Adventures Camp.

“The Shells &Sails Mobile unit will be at the WIBC, Saturday, June 8th hosting a fun, 'Try It' day, when everyone is welcome to come out for a sail or a row. Its also an opportunity to learn more about their Wolfe Island summer camp in July ,” Clark added. (Also the same day, at the same place, Open House and registration for WIBC programs.) “Since that first 2006 Regatta much has transpired. There are more boat moorings in the bay, racks and dollies for the fleet boats, event manuals coming, a Weather Station (courtesy Community Foundation) and many programs/events confirmed for the season and membership is growing. “She noted that much landscaping HCJ EMC-5.15×6.75

has been done by Mel MacDonald and volunteers to provide a safer boat club space behind the club house. “A lot of work by many people .” she said.

“But now we also need a finger dock to launch canoes, kayaks, rowing sculls, and sailboats. To accomplish our goal, we are holding a fund raising blitz in Marysville on Sat. June 22nd Help Sustain our Sailing School for Kids -'Buy a Plank' Fundraiser. Our goal to sell 500 planks at $10.00 each. A kind of “build the dock plank by plank” approach. If we can do that, we will have that new dock for exciting water sport events and activities.”(To make a donation directly to the Boat Club make

cheque payable to Wolfe Island boat Club),mail to: Wolfe Island Boat Club, PO Box 242, Wolfe Island, K0H 2Y0 (Tax receipts are issued for donations over $25.) Join us on Sunday June 23rd for the 8th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta. with three categories: Sailing, Paddling Poker Run (Canoe/Kayak), and Rowing (3 teams of 4 (BC Skulls available) Registration @8:30 am sharp at the WIBC For more info: B_Layout 1 5/21/13 Around Town: * *TWO successful Community Garden projects: Car Wash $452 *WITTY (Youth Theatre) Zombie Chicken $500.The WI Community Garden Committee thanks the community for their support.

Coming events: *SHELLS &SAILS a FREE TRY-IT DAY WI Boat House Sat. June 8th *Frontenac Islands Council Meeting Mon. June 10, 6:30 pm. Howe Island *The Ad Hoc Wolfe Island “Roof for the Rink ” Committee, invites you to “Rink Roof OPEN HOUSE, Thursday June 13th , Sacred Heart School 6:30-8:30 pm. Purpose: community feedback.

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May 30, 2013
Its all about money!

The May meeting of Frontenac Islands council included a number of presentations, outlined in the May 22nd edition of The Heritage. One was with regard to the Wolfe Island Information Centre (now fully the responsibility of the township) included a request that it continue to be open and operational all summer with township funding and through donations

and the hiring of two students. The presentation was supported two business owners, who noted the importance of the Info Centre to the island because of it benefits to business through tourism. The discussion concluded with Mayor Doyle saying plans were underway to keep the Information Centre operating and a grant from Frontenac County through its sustainability funding sector would be requested for that purpose.

At the end of the meeting it came

up again when Mayor Doyle, as he usually does, called for any questions from public. A citizen asked that since residential and business tax rates are the same would it be out of order to ask island businesses if they might be willing to pay a slightly higher tax rate to help pay for the Info Centre and public washroom operation, a s they are the main beneficiaries identified in the presentation. Treasurer Carol Dwyre in response said that any change to the tax rate had to be made

at the county level and all the townships would have to agree. Or, she said, it would have to be a business improvement tax or a special levy, adding that the county had decided to hold the tax rates at the same level in order to encourage new business development. CAO Burns said that, to his knowledge, Frontenac County is the only county in Ontario that has the same rates for both residential and commercial properties.

Made Another point of interest was 613-

with regard to the Noise bylaw proposed for the Township (posted on the township we site) that will receive 3rd reading at the June 10th council meeting on Howe Island. Marysville resident Ken Keyes commended council for its efforts in this regard. One area of concern was that often times bylaws that affect Wolfe Island come up and are presented and passed at meetings on Howe Island and visa versa.

And finally , with little fanfare Council passed the Budget ……. Because the township is waiting for the final charges from Frontenac. County.. but initially for Wolfe (&Simcoe) the increase will be 2.81%, and for Howe ward, 2.02%. Here is some information regarding this year's (2013) use of Wind Power dollars. The year started with $262,000 in the Wind Reserve fund, plus $300,000 already invested. The township will receive a further $645,000 this year giving council a total of $907,000 to manage.

They will invest another $100,000, and set aside $220,000 for future costs that include fire and road department trucks, and a roof for the island's rink. They intend to use $81,000 for administration overheads, and $32,000 on culture & recreation (for instance $10,000 at the community hall, and money for the Historical Society, Early Years, and the Community Medical Clinic), and $270,000 generally to keep the tax rate down. At year end that will leave Wolfe Island with $204,000 in the Wind There's YOUR AD 613.546.3607 To Be in the Classifieds

Reserve fund, and $400,000 invested. Note that the funds set aside this year towards the rink roof and departmental vehicles will not cover their full costs.

FYI In 2012, $1.1 million was spent on roads on Wolfe Island (of which $344,000 was directly assigned from wind power money). This year $ 894,000 is budgeted for WI roads, without wind power $ assigned.

Around town: *Intense reconstruction continues at the Island Grill. (it will be a while yet.) * The Café Tenango , the WIPP, W.I. Bakery and the General Wolfe Hotel are open for the season. * Bicycle rental is available.. * WI welcomes back the summer students who work at keeping the ferry line moving. *The Community Garden is nicely taking shape.

Coming events: May 30 at 7 pm Osteoarthritis (speaker) WI Medical Clinic .*Rummage Sale WI. United Church June 1st 9am-2pm *Shell& Sails WI Boat House Sat. June 8th * WI Barrett Bay Regatta Sun. June 23rd.

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May 10, 2013
Frontenac Islands April meeting leaves issues for May…

Members of Frontenac Islands Council are gearing up for a busy May Council meeting on Wolfe Island. At Last months meeting on Howe Island Interim CAO Gordon Burns brought forward a number of issues calling for resolution, a couple which were set aside to allow council members more time to consider them.
Since then budget deliberations have been completed and council expects to approve the budget perhaps as the first order of business at the May meeting.
Council members have had time to study the noise bylaw used in South Frontenac and will revisit the idea of a noise bylaw for the township, having made up their minds by now, for or against the value of a similar bylaw.
Considering the size of Wolfe Island’s Marysville, with its mixed residential and commercial character, its location as the heart of the community where everything happens, and where almost every event creates noise and every sound beats off the water, it will not an easy task. Do the benefits of the noise generated by the very nature of the community outweigh complaints with regard to noise? Council could extend the 11:00 pm (noise) time for special occasions.
Another wrinkle, as every resident of Wolfe Island will have noted by now, is the island’s landfill site usage area has suddenly become smaller, or at least it looks that way. The 16 times yearly coverage of garbage got caught up, and the size of the site was levelled to its actual footprint. The area fully covered no longer requires further covering. Only that portion of the site that is now in use for garbage must be covered every two weeks during the summer and monthly thereafter.
Having received and accepted a proposal by AECOM to undertake a Waste Recycling strategy under the WDO (Waste Diversion Ontario) funded with a WDO grant of $15,000 to the township, a as well as Small Program Promotion and Reduction fully funded up to $5000. . The township will reapply for funding for collection depot upgrades and compaction bins again, when the opportunity becomes available. It is interesting to note that with the very effective recycling that already goes on, the landfill site will continue to serve Wolfe Island for an unspecified number of years. The initiation of a waste strategy at this time however, can help prepare the way for the conversion of the waste disposal site to the possibility of waste transfer facility, should that time come.
In order that the township remain eligible to receive provincial infrastructure funding the Province requires all municipalities to file an Asset Management plan. At the April meeting, interim CAO Burns advised council that KPMG’s Vicki Leakey, who is working on the Asset Management plan, has concerns that the township’s current ‘Road Needs’ study does not accurately reflect the needs of the plan and must be updated. (AECOM who had done a similar study in the past submitted a new proposal to do the work.) The decision was deferred. Auditor Leakey is to be invited to the May meeting.
Howe Island: *After some discussion the tender ($252,470.00 plus HST) by Millar Paving, to surface treat portions of Howe Island Drive, was accepted. *The infield at the Howe Island Ball Diamond is to be resurfaced. Deputy Mayor Jones has obtained 3 quotes for the job (approximate cost $15,000.) *Mayor Doyle a and Deputy Mayor Jones are to follow up on the Howe Island (ferry) Alert System at Frontenac County. The township will request that it proceed.
Following an In Camera meeting resolutions with regard to additional remuneration for administrative staff; a 2% increase for council, and all staff positions retroactive to Jan. 2013.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will act as a sub-committee to receive and review job applications for the CAO/Clerk-Treasurer position and short list candidates for interviews. They will provide council with a list of the candidates and their qualification. Council meets next Mon. May 13th, Wolfe Island Town Hall, 6:30 pm.
Around Town:*Restoration work has already begun on Wolfe Island’s Old House Museum with the advance of $5000. from the township, requested by the WI Historical Society to carry out the work. *Restoration of the Island Grill continues at a great pace these days. * The Island’s WI Bakery is now open. *Summer students have arrived to work at making life for those waiting in the ferry line up less frustrating. * Horne’s Ferry is back in service (don’t forget pass ports). *The HI Ratepayers and Thousand Islands township thank Howe Islanders who ‘Pitched In’ to keep our island clean. *WITTY stands for Wolfe Island Theatre Training for Youth *Take note of posters on the ferry. A very important event for much loved Deb Knox is coming up… A dance and Silent auction, May 18th 7:30-1pm Sacred Heart School. Tickets at Fargo’s. Check events
* Coming events:*WITTY & the Lake Ontario Playhouse present: ZOMBIE
CHICKEN performed/created by the W.I.T.T.Y., May 16th , 7pm, Sacred Heart
School. * FOBSB Mother's Day Walk starts BSB Gate House Sun. May 12
10:15 am-12:00 pm *Marysville Public School Open House & Kindergarten
Registration May 17, 1:30-2:30 pm *Fish Fry WI United Hall May 18,
doors open 4:30 pm. *WI Horse Assoc. 1st Show Date May 25th 9:30 am
posted *WI Car Wash Community Garden Fund Raiser Gen Wolfe Parking Lot
10am May 26th

Posted by M Knott at 03:49 PM
April 25, 2013
"Village Main Street": New zoning classification proposed for Marysville

A zoning change proposal was the unexpected surprise which Frontenac County Planner Peter Young brought to the second CIP (Community Improvement Plan) meeting held at the Wolfe Island Community Hall in Marysville. The change proposed is that Main Street (in the Village of Marysville) from Road 95 to Rd.#7 be rezoned to “Village Main Street” (a mix of residential/commercial) to allow any current properties to be shifted from being a residence to commercial use,'thus eliminating the current long process of requesting a specific rezoning to commercial. At the present time quite a number of properties on Main Street are zoned commercial while the rest are residential.

At the outset of the meeting, following a welcome by Mayor Doyle, Young reviewed the process reminding the residents and business owners that the Wolfe Island CIP is a project between Frontenac Islands and Frontenac County “The CIP itself is a tool under the Planning Act to stimulate development and allows municipalities to directly fund businesses and property owners to make improvement on their properties,” he said. ” It can also help solve community problems, usually common incentive programs like sidewalks, signage, etc., look at things like heritage ,how you want to see the community grow and develop , and helps residents focus on municipality's projects / issues and clarifies residents concerns to the township.

From the last meeting he outlined some needs expressed were to revitalize the village, create employment opportunities, develop affordable housing, possible senior housing, as well as more parking, parks and green space, for tourists etc. “Looking at it all there are four main areas we have come up with. They are façade improvement, support for more commercial space, seniors housing, and parking,” Young said. He further outlined types of projects (retro fitting, increasing space, etc.), as well as two way grant structures between the residents and the county, along with the possibility of municipal involvement as a third partner.

It was at this point he noted that the township's zoning bylaw is outdated, causing many businesses extra zonings and variances resulting in increased delays in getting approvals. “We are recommending a new zoning bylaw class of 'Village Main Street'. This 'Village Main Street' zone would allow for redevelopment while respecting the character of the existing main street. We also propose within the zone allowing for more residential and commercial uses (art galleries, offices, retail, restaurants. etc.) that fit well into a small community.”

He presented a map, to be made available for viewing at the Town Hall, showing the proposed expanded area of the Village Main Street. “We will be asking what you think about this. We are also proposing site plan control bylaw . We are also proposing some incentives for senior housing, (i.e. waiver of fees, etc. ), possibly retro fittiing.” Young noted the possibility of Township projects. “Because of existing issues, (water sewer) it is premature to do a detailed plan of the village at this time.”

The audience divided into groups to discuss and respond to a series of questions . Present to also participate in the discussion were staff from Municipal Affairs and Housing: Ken Fitzhugh, Andrea Gummo, Susan Krepostman, and from the County: Anne Marie Young and Joe Gallivan. Also present from the Township Councillor Grant, Carol Dwyer and Theresa Quist.

“It was very interesting to listen to the back and forth from the residents”, Peter Young said. “There seems to have been a very good reception to the 'Village Main Street' zone. People appear to be generally okay with it..” Young noted very good feedback from the discussion, adding that he will further discuss the concepts and issues directly with residents and village business owners. “I will bring all the material together in a proposal for presentation to council in the near future..”

Marysville with its commercial activity, pubic facilities, tourist appeal, waterfront made it eligible for the CIP. After all requirements for meetings with the public, stakeholders agencies, and a public workshop are met, to move forward requires a decision by the Township.

Mayor Doyle's County News : The Mayor said that at the most recently County meeting, with regard to the County Budget, the members were given some 500 pages to digest in advance of the meeting- a 6 page agendawith a $40.5 million dollar budget sandwiched inside. He and Councillor Jones said at the meeting it was not possible to give a proper review since this was nearly 6% higher than the previous year. They moved to have a separate meeting, which passed, and is scheduled for May 2nd at 9 a.m. Councillor Jones added ” we have a fiduciary responsibility to fix what we know is broken and passing a budget with so much waste, lack of financial planning and, little social conscience is fundamentally wrong.” He went on to note that “if the matter is so urgent why were no Crisis Budget Meetings convened since March 20th” , and “I wasn't asked to attend any additional meetings but I'm aware other councillors were”. The Mayor noted that he and Councillor Jones will argue for further efficiencies on May 2nd.

Around Town: *Take Note the time of thw WI Community AGM, May 7th has been changed to 6:30 pm. * By the way , a Book Sale is planned for the June 28th weekend

Posted by M Knott at 07:29 PM
April 04, 2013
Captain Brian Johnson revives memories for Wolfe Islanders

- It was a full house for Captain Brian's presentation at the recent meeting of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, a presentation filled with pictures of ferries of one sort or another that have sailed the waters from Kingston to Wolfe Island, Garden Island, and Simcoe over a long history. It was about lives lived and lives lost along the way in the waters of St. Lawrence. In this instance his stories were about those who began ferry services to and from Wolfe Island and the boats they used to the arrival of the Wolfe Islander III in 1976. Brian is a captain on the Wolfe Islander III.

He spoke of George Kinghorn, of the Hitchcock family, of “Polly” and of Archy Hitchcock who built a new ferry dock in the village and called it Port Mary in 1857. “I don't know when the village became known as Marysville perhaps around 1858, “Brian said.. (The picture shown included the wharf. the ferry house and the Hitchcock Hotel.)

He reminded the audience that the canal, (impassable now) “a thorn in the side of everybody” was built by Angus Cameron in the 1830 to provide an open sea port to New York city by way of Kingston. The Pierrepont 1 and the Watertown for instance were specifically built to use the canal. They also built the 'John Counter' ferry named after the Mayor of Kingston, and the railroad was built to Cape Vincent but the railroad in Kingston was too far away and the venture went bankrupt,” he said

And so it went story after story. But perhaps it was the stories he told about island life, when the ferry was in service and when it was not, or got stuck in the ice and islanders walked the ice the rest of the way home, about the wind, the weather, the ice and the loss of lives because of it, and the many ferries including 2 barges, the Upper Canada, the Wolfe Islander to the present Wolfe Islander III including the ferry crises of 1946 that caught the imagination of the audience.

And even more were the stories that had names attached that provided a snapshot of the realities of island life, not so easy, island transportation, names like John Ferguson, RF Fawcett, Buck Mullin, and so many others who came before .

As Brian moved through the years ,times and incidents and events people in the audience were saying “I heard those stories when I was growing up.”

Audrey Mullin wife of the late Buck Mullin delighted with a picture she and Buck and their very young son Daryl (now a Captain on the WI III) in front of the ferry. “So many memories,” she said. “We all have so many memories.”

Denis Cherquitte president of the WI Historical Society thanked Captain Johnson for coming and his informative presentation. People stayed awhile to talk awhile about the “I remember when's……”

(Captain Johnson's book “Fairy Tales” is now complete and waiting for a publishing date. Many of his wonderful stories, written over the years can be found at: www.

Around Town: * The ferry is now operating from the Marysville Dock to Kingston. *The Gen. Wolfe Hotel is now open for the season. Coming events: The Wolfe Island Boat Club Annual OPEN HOUSE Thursday, April 4, 5:30- 8:00 pm at the Club House. * Information re: Scene of the Crime Festival, Music Fest and the WI Classic are posted at

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March 28, 2013
Metal Craft Marine experiencing increased workload at Wolfe Island facility

That Metal Craft Marine- Wolfe Island, could be on the verge of even further growth on the island , came to light at a recent Township of Frontenac Islands Council meeting. Tom Wroe, President of Metal Craft Marine Incorporated, was in attendance , along with members of his crew, family and friends, to bring council up to date on the increasing activity of the company, how that might affect the Wolfe Island shop, future needs there, and the island itself. Tom had a specific request, that the township assist Metal Craft in pressing the Canadian Border and Security Agency (CBSA) to allow reciprocity for commercial goods, and make Wolfe Island a Commercial Port. (The USA Customs and Border Protection now handle commercial shipments into the USA at Horne's Ferry.)

Metal Craft Marine Incorporated is Canada's largest commercial aluminum boat builder presently employing 140 persons (100 in Kingston, 20 Cape Vincent, NY.), expected to increase to over 170 in 2013.

In addressing council, Tom said the Wolfe Island shop had reached a small milestone when their crew reached 20 people on-site. “Metal Craft Wolfe Island accounts for about $2.0M of our annual turnover, which is presently around $20.0M. Tom reminded council that Metal Craft builds boats (Fire, Police, Patrol, Passenger, Search & Rescue) for government and commercial customers, noting that Cape Vincent has had quick growth because of boat orders “that must be built in the USA. The company has had high growth, some of it landing here on the island. ” Tom noted that the Company has in its employ at this time 11 Wolfe Islanders - 7 of whom work at the island shop and is considered one of the largest private sector firms in Frontenac County. “We are building new boats, refitting existing ones, and tricky jobs get sent to us here. Research and Development was to be a major focus at the WI site, but only 25% can be devoted to it this year.”

Joe Calnan, training coordinator of Metal Craft-WI's Aluminum Boat Building apprenticeship program provided a brief description of the program and the curriculum offered on the island. A 'Certificate in Aluminum Boatbuilding' requires 4-5 years of class room , self study and “hands on” skills development to complete. The program, unique in North America is receiving financial support ($80,000 over 2 years) from Community Futures Development Corporation to build the facility, qualify mentors and revise the curriculum.

“So what about the future?” Tom wondered. “- ferry waits, harder to access services, few opportunities for employment, smaller schools, differing opinions - but with remote living lifestyle advantages. There are many things to consider in maintaining the status quo or expanding here, including public opinion. Is Metal Craft a preferred option for the island?” Wroe would like Council to engage more actively with MTO about ferry issues, support ferry alternate options for commuters, push for the dredging of the Barrett Bay channel and, with regard to social issues, tackle lack of affordable housing, sewer and water in the village, and education deficits. “Metal Craft Marine is very happy to be here and prepared to help resolve some of these concerns,” he concluded.

Council thanked Tom for the update and noted Metal Craft's specific request for support to CBSA for a Wolfe Island Commercial Port designation.

So once again, at the heart of the island's future, it is all about transportation, accessibility and growth (for or against)

2. IN OTHER BUSINESS: 1. There was formal passage of a bylaw confirming the appointment of Gordon M. Burns as Interim Chief Administrative Officer for the Township of Frontenac Island, effective Feb. 25,2013 following the retirement of Terry O'Shea from that position.

3. Frontenac Islands Fire Chiefs' HI's Mike Quinn, HI and WI's Tim Hawkins informed council of the “green light program” of signs, being used to advise and educate the public that they must yield to volunteer firefighters travelling to emergencies in their own vehicles and using dash mounted green flashing lights to identify themselves and received approval for their installation at strategic locations on the islands.

4. In 2012 the township dedicated a (WI) Centre St. piece of land for a community garden, when WIN's Youth Youth Advisory Committee received a”Spark” Heart & Stroke grant to develop a garden as part of youth engaging program.

Jennifer Connell and Donna Ivimey provided council with a progress report (art workshop, Garden Fair, community Garden manual) with garden design/ layouts to be finalized at a Garden Open Day in April/. They were looking for letters of support from council for grant applications to TD Bank.Friends of Environment and a further Spark Community Advocacy grant (physical activity/healthy food). They further questioned where the group fits into the township to be it as a sub committee of the Community Centre Board? social development? or, or?

Council meets next: April 8th- Howe Island, 6:30 pm To All, Easter Best wises ….

Frontenac County Catch Up 1. The 2013 County Budget failed 1st reading 6-3. (A request by Mayor Doyle that the Warden Gutowski resign as a result, also failed.) Concern remains with a very small levy reduction according to Mayor Doyle . “Some of us thought that at least $250,000 should go back to the townships out of the infamous $4.5 Working Capital Reserve But No luck on that. Reserves will be a discussed after the budget is passed,” he said. Deputy Mayor Jones added that the Capital reserve fund has no Capital plan nor investment strategy attached to it.

Around Town: * The Wolfe Island Ferry has returned to Marysville,operating from the Summer Dock, much to the joy of business owners. Business wanes during the winter months. Residents are encouraged to Park and Ride with parking available at Sacred Heart Church. Other measures to ease the pressure on the ferry might be cycling, car pooling etc. Visitors to the village of Marysvill are also encouraged to leave their cars behind and walk on.*Easter Best wishes to all.

Coming events: Boat Club Annual OPEN HOUSE, April 4th 5:30- 8:00 pm at the “Boat House”

Posted by M Knott at 11:04 AM
March 14, 2013
Frontenac Islands honours Jubilee Medal recipients

Frontenac Island's Mayor Denis Doyle welcomed family friends and neighbours an evening held to honour four Wolfe Islanders known to have received the Queen Elizabeth 11 Jubilee Medal.

“Known members” of the community, because perhaps there are others who may have received the medals and have said nothing about it. That's how it was, for instance in the case of Perry Chesney, who was presented with a medal at a large event held in Kingston. Perry was nominated and chosen for his long years of service with the Wolfe Island Volunteer Ambulance Service. Since Perry said little about the honour few would have known, except he was listed as a recipient in a news paper article. Another lately identified recipient was Lynn McAllister recognized for years of committed service within the Penal Services Only a mere mention by a family member brought her name to light when told about other island recipients of the medal. Perhaps most known about was Dr. George Merry, one of 30 members of Ducks Unlimited Canada widely chosen, to receive the medal for his work with them nationally and locally. The fourth was Margaret Knott, who was presented with a medal by Mayor Denis Doyle at the townships February meeting held on Howe Island. Knott was nominated for long dedicated service to communities.

In his opening remarks at the evening honouring all four medalists Mayor Doyle commented that per capita Frontenac Islands had more people recognized than any where else in the province. “We are very proud of their achievements,” he said. Also in attendance were Councillors Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant. Along with well wishers, a beautiful cake, and flowers, much picture taking highlighted the evening coordinated by Theresa Quist. Proudly displayed were individual certificates and materials pertaining to the Queen's Jubilee Medal.

2. Council questions why a funding grant denied. At the February, Township Council meeting, staff was asked to enquire why a grant requested for assistance in upgrading Wolfe Island's winter dock road was denied by the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (OMAFRA). The road was originally built, owned and maintained by the Province of Ontario. It was turned over to the township at the time of “The Who Does What? ” by the Province along with Roads 95 & 96, all Provincial Highways at the time, (and a sum of money for upkeep, all used up by now). The road, used during the winter months or until the water level in the village of Marysville is considered high enough for the ferry to operate safely, needs widening, curve build up and cycle paths for island residents who cycle all winter, The road is dangerous at the best of times, but extremely so for cyclists particularly as they travel to work and home again in the dark. The costs for the township to provide everything that is needed are prohibitive. Thus the request to the Infrastructure Initiative for some assistance. One reason stated for the denial of funding was the limitations of the grant money available for projects. But more specifically it was that the township's rationale for why it couldn't pay the amount of money requested itself, was not good enough, as other communities have greater funding needs and fewer resources… Does that mean that whatever extra money we ever have (wind plant) will always end up, for the most part, on the roads of Wolfe Island…. that in spite of having that extra money, inevitably taxes will have to be raised to pay first, the bills continually on the rise, and secondly for whatever the township should have, and does not,. (other than an ongoing roads program) for instance water, sewer, infrastructure, buildings, senior accommodation. etc. etc…?

Frontenac County Update: Mayor Doyle and Deputy Mayor Jones attended the March 8th county budget meeting where it was finally determined that the Fairmount Home Auditorium renovation ( estimated cost $2,175,000) can move forward with the money held in reserves for several years, along with money raised ($200,000). “No new money needs to be raised from the township's in this year's county levy,” Doyle said adding that a resolution was passed to proceed with the project if the City of Kingston, who share the costs of running the facility, agree to approve the funds, and have also set aside funds in reserves over several years. County Staff will seek city approval before tendering the project.

Doyle Noted that Budget discussions will continue at the March 20th County council meeting with 2 significant issues, one that arose under Warden Gutowski's watch, involving the Frontenac Paramedics Service and Fairmount Home staff absentee hours. He said these hours have grown to over 30,000 a year, equal to 15 persons absent on any given day. Staff have been asked to develop strategies to reduce costs, and find ways to handle the work without people working overtime to cover the absences.

The second issue will be county reserve funds, specifically several hundred thousand dollars, levied from the townships and not spent in 2012. “The money was moved to a working fund reserve, to be brought forward to the 2013 budget deliberations, to offset this years operating expenses, thereby lowering the county levies to the townships.” Doyle said.

Commenting on the subject Deputy Mayor Jones said that the county bureaucracy has been allowed to amass a fortune of many millions in Reserves over the years, without approved capital plans or investment strategies. “They certainly don't treat tax dollars like their own. In my view it's unconscionable for the County to levy a tax without need, it's just wrong.” he said.

Around Town:

WI Sailors take note date of the Cape Vincent Charity Cup Sailing Regatta Aug. 23rd-25th

Coming events

The WI Seniors Irish Luncheon at the WI United Church Hall Sat. March 16th beginning at 12 noon… *WI Historical Society meeting with Captain Brian Johnson, Wed. March 20th WI United Church Hall, 7:30 p.m.

Posted by M Knott at 08:20 PM
March 07, 2013
Getting home early makes all the difference

Every once in awhile I have the urge to express an opinion. Most often the urge relates to water levels, health services, water levels, island beautification and the ferry service on Wolfe Island, where I reside.

In this instance I want to express my thanks to the crew of the Wolfe Islander who, for whatever reason, by chance or by design delayed the departure of the 10 pm ferry from Kingston to 10:16 pm. This may (or not) have delayed the 10:40 WI return ferry departure by 5 minutes. The late Kingston departure made “The Tenors” concert we attended, to its very end even better… Why? Because we got to the island at 10:40 pm. If we miss the 10 pm ferry, the next ferry leaves Kingston at 11:20 pm getting us to the island at 11:40 and home after midnight! ….That's the time if islanders risk staying to the end of anything in Kingston, meetings, movies, concerts and even hockey games ( so I'm told). For our first 10-15 years of living on Wolfe Island we would accept the situation , without much thought although falling asleep at the dock can be rather embarrassing. Or coaxing a cab to speed through the city from the bus/train station, or Queens, or from wherever driving too fast to try to get the 10 pm ferry and miss it anyway, just doesn't work very well for us anymore.. So what happens? When we should going out somewhere, to a play, a lecture, a movie, a concert, a meeting ? We don't. We instead join the ranks of the (even further) isolated islanders particularly during the winter months. Not a healthy situation really….. I have not done a survey and I have not questioned those who work shifts, but based on the opinion of fellow concert goers, most of whom had not stayed the extra few minutes to hear the last song sung , (they raced instead from the K Rock Centre to catch the 10 pm ferry to get home at a reasonable hour), a 15minute change to the schedule could make an incredible difference to that scenario…

2. Proposed Federal riding Boundary Changes, while a conundrum for Kingston & The Islands…. changes nothing for Frontenac Islands.

Federal Electoral Boundary changes will still leave Frontenac Islands (Howe & Wolfe) in Frontenac County, but voting with Kingston. We are sitting out there pretty much on our own as the smallest township in Ontario, with Wolfe situated a long way from Howe Island and with very little in common with either South, Central or North Frontenac. Rejected as a partner by Pittsburgh Township during amalgamation discussions, Howe & Wolfe had no place to go… no choices… So while closer by water to the USA, the islands were joined together as one township, one kilometre across water and one hour in apart travel. And yet remain part of Frontenac County! Pittsburgh Township (urban & rural) chose instead to stay together and become part of Kingston.

As an aside Frontenac Islands is most often referred to as an agricultural township and historically that was true but not now, the assessment for both islands is overwhelmingly residential. Wolfe Island collects 92 % of its taxes from residential property, for Howe Island that number is 99%, That's money for the township, schools and the county!

Around Town: * The Simcoe Island ferry has been operating with an on again, off again schedule in tune with the melt/freeze situation so much a part of this winter. * Chilifest was a success in spite of the wetish weather. Sleigh rides and WI Beaver Tails, & skating on the rink . A large well dressed chicken (B.B.) wandering about the grounds and all varieties of chilli.. . This year's winner was once again the 'Hulton Chili' Many thanks for a fun event… * WI Blooming Gardeners will be undertaking planting upgrades around civic buildings in Marysville, the town hall, library, Medical Clinic etc. Rain barrels at these sites would make watering a little easier…… * Please note that the Community Improvement project meeting will be held Wed. March 17th (not the 16th as previously stated) *The WI Boat Club has posted program dates with an Open House scheduled April 4 (5:30-8:30) at the “Boat House” Check : * Fr. DeSouza will be in Rome for a time, commentating for ETWN on a show called “Vatican Daily” as the RC Church awaits a new Shepherd. * And finally, “THE CLOCKS SPRING AHEAD' THIS Saturday… Spring IS coming . Let's hope the water comes back as well.

Coming Events: Frontenac Council Mtg. Monday March 11th, 6:30 PM WI Town Hall. * WI Historical Society Gathers with Capt. Brian Johnson, Wed. March 20th 7:30 pm.. An updated slide presentation of Ferry Service.

Posted by M Knott at 08:17 PM
February 28, 2013
The end of an era for WIBTA, Wolfe Island's Business & Tourism Association

With barely a whimper the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association's many years of operation came to an end at what was the last AGM of the organization. Chairing the meeting was WIBTA president Kathy Rothermel who had assumed the role for a one year period. WIBTA was formally established November 18, 1987 with the passage of a resolution which read simply “that the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association be formed.” WI “s Hank (Hendry) Connell who was instrumental in its original establishment was in attendance for its dissolution.

The current board of directors will remain in place until the end of May 2013 when it is anticipated all details of the dissolution will be concluded.

Following an overview of the year's activities by VP Curtis Ireland, the presentation of 1812 dinner video and financial statements by Treasurer Linda Van Hal, the distribution of assets began. By May's end and a final audit , remaining funds and equipment (tents, etc.) are to be turned over to the township's WI ward. ( will continue.) The township takes over the Information Centre (Washrooms) and at Victoria Street. The Wi Historical Society will assume much responsibility for brochures, bicycle maps etc. with availability at the “Old House Museum as well as the plaque project in Marysville. They will also hold book masters, interviews etc The future of the bicycle rental business has yet to be clarified by the present operator.

The WI Community Medical Clinic president Liz Crothers and the board will take over the annual WI Classic Road Race (July 7, 2013). ( Hank Connell, was the original Race Director (1981-?)

Councillor Springgay looked for clarification on ownership of Victoria Street facilities and other issues. Mayor Denis Doyle thanked WIBTA for their efforts on behalf of the community for so many years and past president Linda Thomas for her long service.

2. Frontenac Islands Budget Meetings Continue

WI Historical Society members Denis Cherquitte and Judy Greenwood Speers described a project the association is undertaking at the WI's ld House Museum. and made a request for $10,000 from the township to make repairs to the house. Speers made a major purchase of wood siding at considerable savings to put over the existing exterior of the building. and the job needs doing. Springgay sees much value to assisting in the project. “We own the building she said. “We have not offered support in the past (insurance only), They have the required bids and selected one.They are prepared to fund raise,” she said. Cherquitte noted possible safety issues ( (bees in the walls ).' Labour has to be done now to be ready for May 2 seasonal opening. ,” he said . “The House beautifully located is gaining in popularity, “..according to Speers “We hope to have memorabilia, material available for self initiated walking tours, as well as other community brochues, books etc. etc. and take over other tourism material. It will All tie in very nicely with a renovated Island Grill.”

Councillor Norris reminded council that at time of purchase of the building and land that it was determined there would be nor more money spent on it by the township. “Howe Island with its Historical Society will be affected by this,” he said. Councillor Springgay on the other hand said, “I can't imagine buying a building and walking away from it. The Medical Clinic has received money and it is supposed to be self sufficient.”

Deputy Mayor Jones encouraged the WI Historical Society approach the County's Anne Marie Young (Sustainability) for assistance ((Community Sustainability Initiatives) “Much of which is presently directed to central Frontenac. Sharbot Lake is a big winner.” He also suggested they look to the Community Improvement Plan project. “Even though you don't get money I think it is appropriate that you ask because I get this perception at the county that you guys never ask, you don't have needs. Put something together and get it before them,” he said. ” We need a share of that money that is in reserves at the county…” (NB- April 16th is the date set for the next Community Improvement Plan meeting (CIP) on Wolfe Island.)

Roads Superintendant Leo Greenwood was on hand to discus further budget allocations to roads which is a never ending situation it seems with so many of them. He commented that during a recent storm one truck made a round trip of all Wolfe Island ( township) roads which added up to 400 km's, a round trip to Ottawa.

FYI- Mayor Denis Doyle has announced that with the retirement of CAO Terry O'Shea, the township has been able to enlist the services of former South Frontenac CAO Clerk Administrator Gord Burns (retired ) in the interim, until a permanent CAO is selected. Mr. Burns is already on the job.

Around town: The Scotties Tournament of Hearts was a special event for Daniel White (13) and family (James & Heather). Daniel, a grade 8 student at Sacred Heart school is a curler at the Kingston Curling Club. He entered an essay contest. The topic , about curling. He won. The prize was to be part of the Opening Ceremonies of the Tournament at the K Rock Centre where he carried the flag for the Yukon and North West Territories. He and the family received tickets for the event. Congratulations… *Islanders take exercise seriously. Great to see Joan and John O'Shea out walking. +Although Mike & Rebecca Kinnie are not quite living on WI yet, (they will be very soon), but they are already involved in the community with WITTY (WI Theatre Training for Youth), Chili at Chilifest and, check out the Wolfe Manor website…. where they will hang their hats along with year old Madeline..

Coming events:1. Drop-in Badminton starts Thursday Feb, 28th (until May 9th). 6:45 - 8:15pm at Sacred Heart Catholic School Gym 2. HOWE ISLAND WINTER TALES FROM THE PAST CENTURY 28 February- St Philomena's Hall, 7:00pm

Posted by M Knott at 10:41 AM
February 21, 2013
Many big issues for small township of Frontenac Islands

Frontenac County Planner Joe Gallivan attended the Frontenac Islands council meeting to review where the township stands with regard to its Official Plan (OP). The draft OP was submitted for approval to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) and returned with 47 plus recommended revisions.

“We went over all of the MMAH changes at a special meeting on January 15th,” Gallivan said. He had provided members with planning opinions on each of the proposed changes. ” You endorsed all of the modifications ,with the exception of the two policies that deal with private roads.. resulting in the submission of an alternative policy. Tonight you have a resolution to consider recommending that you endorse the revised decision with the 2 (roads) exceptions.. Gallivan noted that private roads on Frontenac Islands are not a major issue like those in the County's cottage country in the north. “On the islands the topography is flat, the roads relatively short and straight. There is room for continued private road development.” Council passed the resolution formally required by MMAH . A possible approval is expected by the end of March. ” But will MMAH be back for us to agree with them?,” Mayor Doyle wanted to know.

According to Gallivan MMAH is the final approval authority right now until Frontenac County's own Official Plan is approved( by MMAH) at which time the County will have authority to approve Official Plans. “Until then, when MMAH approves Frontenac Islands Official Plan the township can appeal or stand down, not go to OMB on the private roads issue until the County official plan (expected in 2014) is in place at which time the County would deal with the private roads issue across the Frontenacs,” he concluded. FYI - The OP clearly states that the township has no intention of assuming private roads.

In other business : 1. The WI Community Centre Board's , Paul Hogan brought council up to date on developments regarding the rink and to seek their endorsement. “We were not successful with the Federal grant request” wrong colour tie perhaps.” The CCB is applying for a Trillium grant . Another from Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation, (FCFDC) $50,000 (engineering/planning.) Both applications are for grant money to be directed to the construction of a roof only over the rink. We have 3 quotes for that, ranging from $500,000 to $840,000. Hogan said. The lowest bid would require volunteer participation in the construction.. Paul has been in touch with KEDCO's Geoff Garrah, and Barry Sullivan from Kingston's Construction Association, noting both like to be involved if project goes ahead. Council passed resolutions in support of both applications. The CCB has also applied for a FIT program (solar on the roof). Councillor Springgay reminded council of their resolution supporting the roof and wanted confirmation that it would be on the next Budget Meeting agenda . “It would be a better discussion if we got a grant ,”Mayor Doyle said . “A grant is one thing,” Springgay added. ” But the CCB is looking for a significant amount of money from the township , borrowed or whatever. We have to move forward on this.”

2. Frontenac Islands supported a resolution presented by the township of North Frontenac that Frontenac County automatically provide (the total) Federal Gas Tax it receives to Lower Tier Municipalities, based on assessment (the same way in which the County levy is paid) for infrastructure. The North Frontenac resolution has been circulated to South and Central Frontenac as well. At the present time 50% of the Federal Gas Tax money is kept by the County. according to Mayor Doyle.. “We support the resolution and 100% of the gas tax dollars be distributed, and become a regular part of the budget process.. I will move for that at the County,” he said.

3. Mayor Doyle announced that Wolfe Island's Fire Chief James White had resigned. Deputy Chief Tim Hawkins has been appointed Chief.

4. A 2nd Wolfe Island “Community Improvement Plan” meeting will be held in April. Watch for a date to be confirmed. Councillor Springgay commented that too few people had attended the first meeting . More next time.

Tonight, Feb. 14th by Press Release: Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O'Shea has retired effective Feb. 15, 2013. No further info at this time.)

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February 14, 2013
Wolfe Island's Dr. George Merry receives a " 1st " medal

The Jubilee Medal Presentation followed an Eastern Region Ducks Unlimited-Canada (DUC) Volunteer Workshop and Appreciation Day in Kingston. with a reception at the end of the day held in their honour. The two recipients are among the thirty DUC members from across the country chosen to receive a the Jubilee medal

In his remarks prior to the medal presentation Jamie Fortune, DUC Chief Operating Officer, spoke of DUC's pride at receiving a call from the Governor General's Office suggesting that the organization submit names for the medal. “We are delighted to have George and Rick, two people from the area, chosen to receive the medal, both who share a passion for the outdoors and play key roles in the organization, which obviously means a lot to you.”

Gary Down, DUC-Oshawa, went on to outline the accomplishments of Dr. Merry's 32 year membership with DUC, as a leader in many areas of the organization (leadership, advice, vision, and generous land donor. And those of Rick Robb, a DU worker dedicated to youth programs and the objectives of the organization. “Both humble and generous, both with amazing ability in creating strong interpersonal relationships between staff and volunteers and giving both work and volunteer hours”.

Interesting to note that following the presentation of the medals by Mr. Down, and the pinning of them by Greg Weeks, Robb and George both acknowledged that neither “had ever received a medal before,” noting instead in their 'thank you's the accomplishment of families in the medal category.

Dr. Merry thanked this family for their support, and especially his wife Catherine, for “putting up with smelly dogs, bird feathers mud and more banquet tickets than one can imagine”. Harkening back to his childhood, he remembered telling his mom when he brought in the milk bottles and put them in the fridge, and his Mom saying 'So… you want a medal'. “She would have loved this,” he said. In his gracious thank you, George also acknowledged fellow medal recipient Rick Rob for his tireless years of work for wetland conservation.

Rick Robb, in his thanks to family and friends, acknowledged DU as one big group, one big family, and his ongoing commitment to it. He was obviously overwhelmed at being chosen for the medal.

Speeches over, thanks conveyed, the reception continued, along with picture taking and the cutting of a 75th Anniversary cake. Presentations of the Queen's Diamond (60 year) Jubilee Medals, coinsided with Ducks Unlimited, founded in 1938, celebrating it 75th Anniversary, ” of conserving critical wetlands including marshes and ponds. (6.3 million acres and 9,000 habitat conservation projects .”

Around Town:

Of interest to local history buff the Howe Island Historical Society wants you to know about an event on HOWE ISLAND “WINTER TALES FROM THE PAST CENTURY

Thursday, 28 February 2013 - St Philomena's Parish Hall, 7:00 come out and

share lore and personal experiences related to living through a winter on Howe All Islanders and friends of Howe Island are welcome. The meeting is an an opportunity to recall the impact of the cold and sometimes extraordinary weather conditions on daily life over the past century during the winter months. Bring along photos, news clippings or other artifacts. The Wolfe Island rink is one very busy place, learn to skate, public skating, hockey, broom bal etc. etc. In spite of cold and snow, enthusiasm is overwhelming. * Work is underway at the Island Gril. Exciting time… Wonder how it will look The WI Pub & Pizzaria has been the place to go to see friends and neighbours through these days of winter and no ferry in the village. *And of course , the Simcoe Ferry is NOW out of service. It was an 'on again, off again' situation for awhile.

Coming events:

Wolfe Island's Chilifest 2013 will be held Saturday, February 23rd at the Wolfe Island Community Centre Rink grounds. It will run from 12:30 - 4:00 pmThere will also be public skating, hayrides, hot dogs and of course the ever anticipated Wolf(e) Tails!

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February 07, 2013
Frontenac Islands catch up

Frontenac Islands catch up
In a recent article outlining actions taken at the of Frontenac Islands January Council meeting, there were items omitted , which perhaps even at this late date, may be of interest. For instance, the township's planner (Frontenac County's) Joe Gallivan, who attended the meeting to comment on a land use issue, and outline the results of a County Seniors Housing Community Pilot Project”, was accompanied by South Frontenac Deputy Mayor John McDougall , Frontenac County's representative on the Kingston Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee. He attended the meeting to update council on City and County initiatives, and his township's Community Improvement Program.

With regard to the presentation made on behalf of “year round” cyclists. They outlined their safety issue concerns regarding the WI winter ferry dock and road, as presented by WI resident Debra Krakow. She also provided council with a copy of the Ministry of Transportation draft “Cycling Strategy”. She also reminded council of possible funding opportunities from the Ministry of Sport and Recreation for road work design. The Council determined that Mayor Doyle and Councillor Grant should meet with MTO

Darrell Niles, owner of WI's Septic Solutions (sewage waste hauling), had a Wastewater Treatment Facility feasibility study undertaken by AECOM, with assistance from the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation. (FCFDC Executive Director Anne Pritchard attended the meeting in support of the presentation. Staff was directed to Ii investigate funding opportunities for construction of a lagoon, and to review requirements to amend Development Charges By-Law, to include sewage disposal as a Designated Service.

The annual application for Lottery Licence made by the Wolfe Island Ploughmen's Association was approved.

Councillor Norris wants a resolution prepared for the February meeting requesting that fees on the Howe Island ferries be waived for those vehicles doing business on behalf of the Township of Frontenac Islands.

With regard to the Green Energy Act, there will be an update on the process for compliance with it , also at the next meeting. The Mayor is expected to provide information concerning municipal property assessment payments for energy retrofits.

In their submission to the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) Asset Management Program the Township certified a review of the existing asset management plan, and is committed to the development of a Comprehensive Asset Management as outlined in “Building Together: Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plan” as a priority. Council meets next on Howe Island, Mon. Feb. 11th at 6:30 pm.

Mayor Doyle offers Frontenac County Budget UPDATE: Mayor Doyle said that the Frontenac County budget showed “an increase of well over $300,000, or a nearly four and a half percent increase over last year ” and that council members general agreed it had to be cut (budget meeting Jan. 17th)

Doyle said that activity on the County's Green Energy Task Force and Sustainability Committee had grown so much that staff had requested an additional person to handle the work. He pointed out that in his many years in the business world, “before you add people, you always looked at the work and eliminated low value activities,” and moved to eliminate the Green Energy Task Force, “as it delivered little net tangible benefits to the taxpayers across the county.”

It was also proposed that the Sustainability Committee also be shut down, if necessary, to avoid hiring an additional county personnel. Doyle said that it was decided that some work processes would be changed instead, without an increase in staff. “With these and other reductions over $100,000 was cut, but more work is needed to get down to an acceptable budget,” he said. Both Mayor Doyle and Deputy Mayor Jones represent Frontenac Islands at Frontenac County Council.

Coming Events: * Drop In Program, WI Community Medical Clinic, Friday's 1-3:30 pm. * CPR & AED (defibrillator) Training, on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 at 10am at St Margaret Hall. call Wilma Sjonger at 385 2672. * WI Boat Club AGM is Saturday, February 9th, 6:30pm, at St. Margarets Hall *WI Business & Tourism Association AGM Feb. 12th 7pm , WI United Church Hall *Wolfe Island's Chilifest 2013 Saturday, February 23rd, WI Community Centre Rink grounds. 12:30 - 4:00 pm Public skating

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January 17, 2013
Wolfe Island's George Merry awarded Jubilee Medal

- Wolfe Island's Dr. George Merry is one of just 30 Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) members from across the country awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for their contributions to conservation and their work with DUC. The medal serves to honour contributions and achievements made by Canadians.

Dr. Merry was advised of the award in a letter from DU on behalf of the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada in early December. The letter acknowledged what a privilege it was for the organization to be able to nominate 30 outstanding individuals to receive medals. “You are among these inspiring and remarkable people who DUC is now honouring,”it said.

“I am honoured to have been nominated by Ducks Unlimited and to have been chosen to receive the Jubilee medal,” Dr. Merry said in acknowledging the award.

Anyone who knows George Merry is well aware of his more than 30 year involvement with DUC, Canada's leading wetlands conservation organization. He has been an DU volunteer, a member of many DUC chapters and a fundraiser. Presently he is a member of the Wolfe Island DU Committee and conducts a Sealed Bid auction program. He is also among the first major gift donors to DUC on Wolfe Island where, in 2000 he and his family donated 50 acres of ecologically sensitive land, with 850 ft. of Big Sandy Bay shoreline to the organization (to be upgraded this year). “This land, part of the DU La Salle conservation easement along with 5 other landowner's, is almost a 100 acre wetland,” according to Merry.. “a valuable Great Lakes coastal wetland for years to come.”

Dr. Merry was honoured in 2010 when the DU Collins Creek Project in Kingston was dedicated to him also in recognition of his wetland conservation. George's commitment is evident in the support he receives from his family and the Wolfe Island community. And now Congratulation are in order once again with the awarding of commemorative Jubilee Medal.

- Please take note that the date and location of the award ceremony has yet to be announced.

- The commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. It serves to honour contributions and achievements made by Canadians. Wolfe Island's Perry Chesney, was awarded the Jubilee medal in September 2012 for his dedicated years of service with the WI Ambulance Service.

Around Town

Congratulations to Anthony Broeders , U OF Guelph, winner in a pentathlon event. - Thanks to the WIPP for keeping us all in coffee and pizza and conversation as the winter moves on. - A very active skating schedule is now underway at the WI Community Centre rink.

Coming events: WI Historical Society welcomes Ron Beaupre, Marine historian, Jan. 22nd to the WI United Church Hall at 7:30 pm. Plan now to attend.- Euchre, every Thursday. 7pm WI United Church Hall, All welcome.

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January 03, 2013
Twenty-Three Years on Wolfe Island and Counting

Another year is drawing quickly to a close and, as it does my thoughts turn not just to incidents of the last year but to my childhood, growing up years, marriage, children, grandchildren…. And of course I recall the many places where we, (Walter and I), have lived until we finally settled on Wolfe Island. And it is here we have lived the longest, moving here on a wet November day in 1989.

Walter had not yet retired and lived in Ottawa during the week for a number of years, coming home weekends. So I was on my own, learning about sump pumps and wells and roofs and mice, cutting grass and what the previous owner and builder of our home new had done before us.

Much of that first winter was an experience for me, meeting neighbours, driving into Marysville, picking up the mail, going to church, getting used to the ferry, searching out a doctor in the city, trying to meet people and find something I could be involved in.

The wonder of a small community I was soon to discover is that if you are willing to step out the community will welcome you. Caring neighbours, church suppers, school council, church choir, CWL, island events, coffee at Ernie's and a chat at Fargo's, kept one up on the news. If you had a question, you had only to ask. And as for the history and stories of the island…they were there for the taking.. Every one is a neighbour on the island. Everyone is there to help when needed. (e.g.. Ice storm. ) And because the community is small every accident, illness or death is felt with sadness and every wedding, birth, occasion and event is noted with joy.

But perhaps it was at the Town Hall and at council meetings I began to understand what island living really is all about,as one study after another happened with regard to ferry service. There was the long haul over amalgamation, the download of Roads #95 & 96, and the winter dock road with not enough money to maintain them, the big issues around wind towers, Big Sandy Bay, the Land Fill site, the bridge debate, the casino debate, the fares on the ferry debate, a larger ferry, two ferries, official plans, sustainability, etc. etc. And of course there is the ongoing challenge of the new skating rink and how to roof it….

The water has been too high, too low,. Its has been too dry, too wet, not enough snow. Tourism, cyclists, new businesses become more and more important to island. All the while more houses are being built on the island, which means traffic on the ferry is heavier and heavier…

What I have learned over the time, and it has been my privilege to write about it, is that maintaining roads and community services and issues around the MTO ferry service (the same one and no bigger) and water levels, are among the island's greatest issues. Coming up not necessarily in 3rd or 4th place, is how to provide medical services and senior facilities for people so that they remain on the island, maybe not necessarily alone in their homes but within Marysville, where they can walk, be near friends and the services that are there. A lot to think about in 2013.

Happy New Year and Good Health, to Family, Friends and Neighbours…… Thanks to you All… Walter & Margaret Knott

Around Town: The Bath Road Rangers association of the Church Athletic League will be hosting the Bath Road Rangers Winter Classic at 1pm on Jan. 6, 2013 at Wolfe Island's NHL size outdoor rink. Four Ranger teams will compete against invited house league hockey opponents. Opponents include: Kamha Worriors (novice), Loyalist Twp (Atom), KAMHA Public Health (PeeWee), North Frontenac Bantam (Bantam). The games are planned to begin at 1PM sharp with the last game to conclude at 5PM on that date. Bleachers (baseball-type) will be set up alongside the rink. However there is no cover around the bleachers, so dress warmly. It is important to remember that the ferry lands at the winter dock on Wolfe Island when coming from Kingston. *CONTACT PERSON:* Jim Sutherland 613-634-3348 (hm) 613-545-5309 (cell) For Further information:

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