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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

December 18, 2014
Getting Ready for Christmas-Advent on Wolfe Island

An Ecumenical Service of Advent Lessons and Carols has been part of the island’s Christmas preparation for many years.This year’s service held at Sacred Heart of Mary Church included the Kingston Community Strings, a volunteer activity and project of the Kingston Symphony. The orchestra members, instruments at the ready were seated just below the sanctuary. Included in their numbers was Rev. Canon Chris Carr, pastor of the island’s Anglican parish. The ey were led by conductor Wayne Tisdale. During the service the orchestra offered musical interludes which included a Catalan traditional carol, El Noi de La Mere; Wake ,Wake for Night is Flying and Come Thou Redeemer ( both by J.S. Bach) and the Chorus from Judas Maccabeus (J. F. Handel). They also accompanied the Ecumenical Choir led by WI United Church organist Geneva Keyes in the singing of traditional Advent and seasonal hymns.
Fr. Raymond deSouza , Pastor at Sacred Heart Welcomed all who had come, introduced Wolfe Island United Church Pastor Rev. Mike Bohler and Rev. Gerry Moore deacon at the Anglican Parish pointing out as well where Rev. Carr was seated.
The readings, 1st and 2nd from Isaiah and the 3rd from Zechariah were read by Margaret Pyke WI United, Jon de Tombe WI Anglican and Daniel White, Sacred Heart , the 4th from Luke was by Rev. Bohler, with Matthew’s Gospel read by Rev. Moore. Fr. de Souza delivered the homily. He also offered the closing prayer and blessing.
It was a wonderful evening. The beautiful church with its marvellous acoustics was filled with exciting sound of the orchestra and the choir. Fr. De Souza in his thanks to all who participated, noting that the choir also comes together to sing at funerals. Appropriate in a community the size of ours.
A sense of peace was evident in the church and people left renewed through the Advent readings , prayers, music and song, looking forward to the joy that comes with Christmas.

2. *Two days later there followed a ”Christmas Evening Service” at the Wolfe Island United Church
And what an exciting evening it was as the Sunday School Children of the UC Parish presented: “A Christmas to Believe In.” The evening included music and song rendered by island musicians Christopher Brown at the piano ,Tami Repath, violin and vocalist Vanessa Grant, along with the participation of an enthusiastic audience. Pastor Mike Bohler welcomed them all.
Marianne Walker (Sunday School coordinator) introduced the story. She had worked many hours with the children , getting them ready for this presentation done in 3 parts, 1. Elizabeth and Zechariah; 2. Mary and Joseph ; 3. The Star and the Wise Men. The children warmed to their parts and to the occasion. As it turned out it was one young boy’s (Skylar Bowers) task to tell the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus to one young girl (Emily Wroe) , “ who did not believe in Christmas and in the telling hopefully change her mind. A natural Skylar with humour, a quick repartee , and great timing along with an excellent cast of participants, dressed for their parts, acting out the story along with him, he did just that and Emily, equally well prepared now “Believes in Christmas.”
It is easy to say the children were the the Highlight of the evening but so was the music which included Joy to the World and Lo How a Rose R’er Blooming played by Chris and Tami and enthusiastically sung by all. During the 1st part of the Story, Elizabeth & Zachariah, Vanessa joined by her husband Phil Street and accompanied by Chris sang, In the Bleak Midwinter. During the 2nd part Mary & Joseph, the congregational song was Mary had a Baby Boy. Vanessa with her thrilling voice sang O Holy Night during the last part of the Story, The Star and the Wise Men. Following the offering , Christmas Prayer and Benediction by Rev. Bohler the evening ended with the singing by all of Silent Night, Holy Night. Special Thanks to Marianne Walker for her work with the children A reception followed in the church hall.
FYI Chris Brown is a Canadian musician, living on the Island. Tami regularly plays with local groups. Vanessa Grant, lawyer is freelance opera singer. Family spends as much time as possible at their island home.

Around Town: *Frontenac Island’s Mayor Doyle was elected to serve as warden of Frontenac County Council for 2015. He had been serving as warden since September following death of North Frontenac Mayor Bud Clayton. More about that next time. ** In the meantime to all our friends, neighbours and island residents, Walter and I wish you All, A Blessed and Joyful Christmas and a Happy 2015.

by Margaret Knott \
Heritage- An Ecumenical Service of Advent Lessons and Carols has been part of the island’s Christmas preparation for many years.This year’s service held at Sacred Heart of Mary Church included the Kingston Community Strings, a volunteer activity and project of the Kingston Symphony. The orchestra members, instruments at the ready were seated just below the sanctuary. Included in their numbers was Rev. Canon Chris Carr, pastor of the island’s Anglican parish. The ey were led by conductor Wayne Tisdale. During the service the orchestra offered musical interludes which included a Catalan traditional carol, El Noi de La Mere; Wake ,Wake for Night is Flying and Come Thou Redeemer ( both by J.S. Bach) and the Chorus from Judas Maccabeus (J. F. Handel). They also accompanied the Ecumenical Choir led by WI United Church organist Geneva Keyes in the singing of traditional Advent and seasonal hymns.
Fr. Raymond deSouza , Pastor at Sacred Heart Welcomed all who had come, introduced Wolfe Island United Church Pastor Rev. Mike Bohler and Rev. Gerry Moore deacon at the Anglican Parish pointing out as well where Rev. Carr was seated.
The readings, 1st and 2nd from Isaiah and the 3rd from Zechariah were read by Margaret Pyke WI United, Jon de Tombe WI Anglican and Daniel White, Sacred Heart , the 4th from Luke was by Rev. Bohler, with Matthew’s Gospel read by Rev. Moore. Fr. de Souza delivered the homily. He also offered the closing prayer and blessing.
It was a wonderful evening. The beautiful church with its marvellous acoustics was filled with exciting sound of the orchestra and the choir. Fr. De Souza in his thanks to all who participated, noting that the choir also comes together to sing at funerals. Appropriate in a community the size of ours.
A sense of peace was evident in the church and people left renewed through the Advent readings , prayers, music and song, looking forward to the joy that comes with Christmas.

2. *Two days later there followed a ”Christmas Evening Service” at the Wolfe Island United Church
And what an exciting evening it was as the Sunday School Children of the UC Parish presented: “A Christmas to Believe In.” The evening included music and song rendered by island musicians Christopher Brown at the piano ,Tami Repath, violin and vocalist Vanessa Grant, along with the participation of an enthusiastic audience. Pastor Mike Bohler welcomed them all.
Marianne Walker (Sunday School coordinator) introduced the story. She had worked many hours with the children , getting them ready for this presentation done in 3 parts, 1. Elizabeth and Zechariah; 2. Mary and Joseph ; 3. The Star and the Wise Men. The children warmed to their parts and to the occasion. As it turned out it was one young boy’s (Skylar Bowers) task to tell the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus to one young girl (Emily Wroe) , “ who did not believe in Christmas and in the telling hopefully change her mind. A natural Skylar with humour, a quick repartee , and great timing along with an excellent cast of participants, dressed for their parts, acting out the story along with him, he did just that and Emily, equally well prepared now “Believes in Christmas.”
It is easy to say the children were the the Highlight of the evening but so was the music which included Joy to the World and Lo How a Rose R’er Blooming played by Chris and Tami and enthusiastically sung by all. During the 1st part of the Story, Elizabeth & Zachariah, Vanessa joined by her husband Phil Street and accompanied by Chris sang, In the Bleak Midwinter. During the 2nd part Mary & Joseph, the congregational song was Mary had a Baby Boy. Vanessa with her thrilling voice sang O Holy Night during the last part of the Story, The Star and the Wise Men. Following the offering , Christmas Prayer and Benediction by Rev. Bohler the evening ended with the singing by all of Silent Night, Holy Night. Special Thanks to Marianne Walker for her work with the children A reception followed in the church hall.
FYI Chris Brown is a Canadian musician, living on the Island. Tami regularly plays with local groups. Vanessa Grant, lawyer is freelance opera singer. Family spends as much time as possible at their island home.

Around Town: *Frontenac Island’s Mayor Doyle was elected to serve as warden of Frontenac County Council for 2015. He had been serving as warden since September following death of North Frontenac Mayor Bud Clayton. More about that next time. ** In the meantime to all our friends, neighbours and island residents, Walter and I wish you All, A Blessed and Joyful Christmas and a Happy 2015.

Posted by M Knott at 08:18 AM
December 13, 2014
Whatís Next for Frontenac Islands Council?

Many Municipal Councils have already been sworn in, their members intent on moving their communities forward. Those of the Frontenac Islands council will do the same Dec. 8th at their regular meeting. All of them including Mayor Dennis Doyle worked hard to be returned to serve the people of Howe, Wolfe and Simcoe Islands. Their efforts of all the candidates, those returned and those new to campaigning was impressive. It was apparent all were intent on improving life and living on the island for all residents in one way or another.
Among them was Howe Island candidate Natalie Nossal who having served an appointed term of office campaigned to be elected . She replaced Councillor Pat Norris when he resigned. Rather than a promotional package of what she proposed to do if elected she carried a post card sized announcement of who she was, where she could be reached and outlining on one side what she hoped to accomplish. On the other side was the picture of a (the) Howe Island the quilt, put together by a group of Howe Island women and auctioned off at the island’s Terry Fox run one year.
“In using the quilt as a campaign logo I wanted to show that although the responsibilities of council are more profound and far-reaching than constructing a quilt there are analogies to be made in the work of council,” she said. As the swearing date looms Councillor Nossal’s comments about that quilt made at an all candidates meeting are worth remembering. . “ In making it we met often over many months to plan what we wanted to do and how we would do it and with a vision of what we wanted to achieve at the end of our efforts,” she said. “We researched, gathered information, discussed amongst ourselves and with others what should be included in the quilt. We also practiced constant cooperative problem-solving ¬ not only in choosing the content for the scenes for the panels but also how they should be constructed, working together towards a common goal,” she added. “Looking at the Howe Island quilt suggests not only the physical beauty of the island(s) but also the power of working together to achieve the goals that serve the community,” she concluded. Councillor Nossal will serve as Deputy Mayor of Frontenac Islands and join Mayor Denis Doyle at Frontenac County where he is presently serving as Warden .
Winter has arrived… How do I know?
Winter has begun in earnest now that MTO is moving “the boat’’ from “town” to the winter dock at Dawson Point some 3 miles from Marysville as of Dec. 6th. This is important to know since it can be a long cold walk from there to the village, if you are unaware or missed the sign that Dawson Point is where the ferry lands. There is no bus service. The location offers improved lighting and a warm trailer to wait in and a telephone. MTO cameras track city and island (ferry) traffic..
For many residents who go to work in the city the ferry move changes little, It continues being a “Park & Ride” or “Drop Off-Pick up” or cycling for the very hardy just as it always is. Coming from the foot of the island however makes for a shorter run. For Marysville residents who generally walk to the ferry and are without a vehicle the move to Dawson creates problems. Fortunately the ingenuity of people sees them getting to the ferry one way or another.
For visitors and friends to the island, Please don’t let the ferry location stop you. We have the very best covered rink in the region…. There are winter events , fun activities, birds, wildlife not to be missed, and best of all great people to meet. The WI Pub &Pizzeria and Fargo’s are there to welcome you. Why Not Come On By…..
Around Town: *The response to WI Community Medical Clinic survey provided positive, useful ideas, and several more volunteers according to clinic board member Hugh Cowan. He noted 1st anniversary of Specimen Collection Centres, steady numbers (10-14),and contributions covering most clinic costs involved. Collected specimens are transported to LifeLabs Kingston by 3 WICMC volunteers (Liz Crothers, Wlima Sjonger, Hugh) who have obtained the required Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification . WICMC hopes to add 1-2 more to that number. “Rhonda Brown has been a real trooper in performing the phlebotomist role every two weeks over the past year !” * The WI Community Rink lighting is fabulous and the winter programs along with family skates with music and a raft of other stuff began in earnest Dec. 6th with more to follow during the Christmas season. 88 The WI Womens Institute has Cook Books for sale; contact Theresa at 385-2729 or Martine : 385:2507. Great Christmas gift. ** Don’t forget Sarah Greenwood’s Coat & Boot Drive for Homeless Shelters Call her at 385-2105. **VON prepared to offer a ’Falls Prevention Program” on the island IF 10-12 islanders register. call:634-0131 ext.2499
Coming events: ** “Trees Ontario” management workshop. Dec. 10th 7 pm, WI United **Advent Lessons & Carols Dec. 12th Sacred Heart Church at 7:15 pm (not 7:30) **WI United Church Christmas Pageant Dec 14th at 7PM. All Welcome ** Holiday Skating. Check Rink schedule

Posted by M Knott at 11:59 AM
December 12, 2014
Frontenac Islands Inaugural Meeting held on Howe Island

Heritage-At the well attended inaugural meeting of the new Frontenac Islands Council held on Howe Island, the four members councillors Natalie Nossal, Barbara Springgay, Wayne Grant and Mayor Denis Doyle in a spirit of togetherness, read their swear-in oath. Individually they thanked family, friends and voters for supporting them, expressed commitment to their role and outlined certain issues that are priorities for them.

Mayor Doyle in his remarks also offered “heartfelt thanks” to township staff for conducting “a historical first electronic voting.” He acknowledged a number of critical priorities to be defined during a strategic planning process in early January. “Transportation continues to be the top priority by far from residents and includes planning for the replacement and/ or enhancement of the Howe Foot and Simcoe ferries, and the Howe County ferry bubbler system,” he said. “The biggest concern is any delay in enhancing/ increasing capacity of the Wolfe service, primarily the second 75 car ferry. We must lobby for a summer ferry like they do at Glenora,” he said , adding that the “Howe Island ferry service has more capacity than Wolfe Island’s.”

Mayor Doyle also referred to need for other short term/ safety/dangerous goods /and transportation and demand management improvements. While he hopes to keep tax increases to the rate of inflation he noted that OPP costs have tripled, and township asset “mostly roads” replacement costs are high. The mayor spoke positively about seniors housing, public communications (website,IT ) improvements, waste management in both wards, support for volunteer groups and respect for staff and the public.
Councillor Natalie Nossal’s position as Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor was formalized at the meeting. She expressed thanks for strong community support and is looking forward to working with the community in the ongoing business of the township, but is also looking to moving forward on some new initiatives for Howe Island. She sees strategic planning as important. “ I hope to work with the council and the public to establish strategic goals that can be brought to fruition within the next 4 years with council committees and constituents in areas of recreation, transportation, communications, waste management.. Feel free to contact me.” she said.

Councillor Springgay thanked staff for their assistance with special thanks to Councillor Grant for helping her in those early days following her first election. She sees transportation and a close liaison with MTO as essential to gains improvements. The budgeting processes, careful staffing and communications are important areas for here. “We have to be out there.”
Councillor Wayne Grant thanked WI voters for their support and staff for their efforts. He spoke of the many issues that he heard about on the campaign trail. “And there is no money coming from the province. But I believe that council working with staff can keep taxes down and WI a great place to live.”

South Frontenac Deputy Mayor John MacDougal, and Frontenac County delegate, was there to congratulate the new council. “If this many people attended our meetings, we would know we had done something wrong,” he said. Frontenac County CAO Kelly Pender, who was also was in attendance added to his congratulations, “Your priorities are our priorities,” he said. Mayor Doyle is the current Warden of Frontenac County. He and Deputy Mayor Nossal will serve on County Council for the 4 year period.

Briefly in other business: * A by-election (electronic voting) will be held on Howe Island, as soon as possible to fill the councillor position left vacant by the resignation of David Jones. 2. Council received as information input regarding the website up-grades from Curtis Ireland; Information re: On Serv IT services/ training from Davis Lesueur (I Compass meetings and agendas, links to websites, etc.) 3. The HI Ratepayer Association’s ferry service survey results were presented by Bruce Mills.
*Further, a bylaw to prohibit the discharge of guns or other firearms in a portion of the Wolfe Island district failed. *Christmas bonuses were approved for permanent and part time staff. * Strategic planning by council coming up in early January. Concern was raised about danger to cyclists coming off the ferry first in the dark at Dawson and the need to hold them back until the ferry is unloaded, with request to post this on MTO screen. * Concern also about money spent by Community Centre board before council approval.. “There should have been a special council meeting for that expenditure, “Doyle said. * Thanks extended for the donation of a Community Christmas Tree in Marysville.
Before closing Mayor Doyle always asks if there are questions from the public. In this instance, Walter Knott asked: “How many accounts does the township have ?” and was informed that there were at least 10 accounts. “We are in the process of consolidation,” Mayor Doyle added. Council meets next Wolfe Island : Mon. Jan. 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm.
Around Town: *The Christmas Skating schedule at the rink is posted:; CCB face book; WI Network face book .*Great rink line painting * Winterfest /Chillifest March 1st . * WI Womens Institute Cook Books contact Theresa 385-2729, Martine : 385:2507. **VON will offer a ’Falls Prevention Program” locally IF 10-12 islanders register. call:634-0131 ext.2499 “It certainly looks a lot like Christmas!”
Coming Events:Specimen Collection Dec. 19th, Wellness & Specimen Jan. 2nd .

Posted by M Knott at 08:05 AM
December 08, 2014
Refurbished Bubbler System in place for Howe Island

There has been much discussion about the Ministry of Transportation (MTO’s) bubbler systems located along the paths of Frontenac Islands ferries but particularly Howe Island. Last winter Howe Islanders were unhappy with the system, convinced that it was not working right. The severe winter led to ferry delays, long line up’s, a shut down or two or three of the Frontenac Howe Island ferry and frustrated residents. Their frustration was even greater when they learned from MTO with the assistance of divers, that the bubbler system was not working at all.
The bubbler system is a network of pipe that lays on the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, aligned with the path of the ferry. Compressors on the mainland pump air into the pipes, which is released as air bubbles into the water, preventing the formation of ice and keeping the docks and ferry route clear.

Last week representatives from Frontenac County, the Township of Frontenac Islands, and the Ministry along with many interested citizens gathered at the Howe Island , Frontenac Howe Island ferry dock to watch the restored system bubble away.

Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle was delighted “The ferry and the bubbler system are in excellent shape for the winter, better than ever with enhanced bubblers at the good deep docks to keep them from clogging. None the less we must also remember high winds and severe weather can cause disruptions to ferry service that we have no control over”, he added.

Early in 2014, a group of Howe Island residents spearheaded efforts to get the bubbler system repaired leading to collaboration among island residents, County Council and staff, and then Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray,and MTO staff. There followed several public meetings, with the community providing feedback to keep the project on track.

MTO completed the repairs including pipe replacement, inspecting the four compressors, changing oil, filters, seals and conducting Megger testing during the summer and finally last weeks public testing of the system over a number of days.

Presently MTO is researching innovative system designs for keeping the water clear of ice in severe winters and the township is looking at Howe Island foot ferry improvements to ensure an even more reliable backup if for some reason the Frontenac-Howe Islander ferry service is disrupted. The County has established an electronic notification system to alert ferry users of outages.

Why all the fuss about the Bubbler? For islanders, shutting down the ferry is like shutting down Highway #401 but in their case having no other alternative.

Around Town:*I suspect we will know soon if and when the Wolfe Islander III will move to the winter dock. Maybe we will also hear how MTO will deal with the ferry’s(overdue) 5-year refit, what will replace her, when she will be gone… for how long etc. ** It is an interesting survey the WI Medical Clinic is asking residents to complete. Wellness clinics offer opportunities for all of us to keep track of our own health and alert us to possible problems as they occur.** What a dilemma for Bee Keepers and Grain Farmers. Bee Keepers must find ways to protect their bee hives. Grain farmers must protect their crops. Governments must find ways of maintaining jobs and the economy. Hard to think about what comes next as we watch loads of hay, corn , soybeans being trucked off the island. **Members of the Kingston Community Strings,an amateur string orchestra will be part of the Ecumenical Advent service of Lessons & Carols Dec, 12th at Sacred Heart Church at 7:30 pm. They come at the invitation of Rev, Canon Chris Carr whom we see very often walking up the hill off the WI ferry, with violin case in hand. **Sarah Greenwood is looking for Men’s , Women’s, Kids “Coats & Boots for Homeless Shelters.” until Dec. 10th Call her at: 613-385-2105 Check the poster at A tough winter looms for those without a warm coat or boots.** The swearing in of members of Frontenac Islands Council for the next four year term of office takes place at the regular meeting of Council on Dec. 8th , 6:30 pm at the Howe Island Municipal Offices. And speaking of Council meetings, one of the highlights (for me) comes near the end of each meeting when the Mayor asks each member of council if they have concerns of one sort or another. And it is at this point council members frequently bring forward the local concerns they have heard from constituents. It could be anything from noisy dogs, speeding in the village, thoughts about the canal, road line painting, illegal hunting, noise,etc., ** One of the loveliest Christmas memories I have of the island is that of an Outdoor Christmas Pageant held outside at the WI United Church on a very cold, star lit night where the children sang like angels, as the wondrous tale was presented. This years Christmas Pageant will be held once again : Sunday Dec 14th at 7PM at the WI United Church. Everyone welcome.
Coming events: Wellness Clinic Dec. 5th at WI Medical Clinic; **Christmas Fair, Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm.. ** WI Christmas Parade from Fire Hall, 1pm Dec. 6th ; . *** “Trees Ontario” workshop. Dec. 10th 7 pm, WI United ***Advent Lessons & Carols Dec. 12th Sacred Heart Church 7:30 pm ** Check out www.**

Posted by M Knott at 07:34 AM
November 21, 2014
Simcoe Islanders have unique issues

With the sudden appearance of winter Simcoe Islanders must be wondering how soon they will be stranded on one side or the other of the Boat Channel either because of low water levels causing ferry ramp problems, or the weather. They wonder if and when it happens when will the ice be thick enough to walk across or use to other means to get back and forth; will Don Eves will be able to plow and keep the roads open to the dock or will the weather ease up and the ferry stay in service all winter?
Much of this was brought to the attention of Frontenac Islands council at their November meeting when Simcoe’s Don Eves outlined last year’s winter difficulties in fulfilling his snow plowing contract due to the ice, snow, heavy drifting, size of the roads and the resulting equipment difficulties he encountered.
Eves said that a larger blower and tractor are needed but if he was to purchase something bigger he would require a long term contract commitment from the township.
Mayor Doyle agreed. “Maybe the township should get a larger tractor with blower/plough ( for use during t winter contract with Eves and grass cutter for township use on Simcoe in the summer,” he suggested. After some discussion township staff was directed to provide a costing for an 80-100 hp. tractor and a double auger eight foot wide snow blower. They will search out auctions etc, for used equipment
It was noted that the provisions of ‘ice eaters’ might keep the ferry open through the winter. With regard to ramp difficulties the township will seek the advice of MTO before undertaking the work that needs to be done.

2. MTO to Assures Howe Islanders a Better than Ever Bubble System
The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has announced that the bubble system for The Frontenac-Howe Islander ferry is being fully tested Wed. Nov 26 from 830 am to 930 am. During the testing period MTO will have staff available to answer any questions interested residents and the public may have about the system. The fifteen-car ferry operates on demand, 24 hours a day, from the mainland to Howe Island including the winter months. Difficulties that arose with the ferry throughout last winter with a non functioning bubble system and a bad winter resulted in ferry trip cancellations, long line ups, frustrated and angry residents, concerned not only about transportation issues but the effect transportation issues might have on property values.
“While we had an issue in January 2014,” Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle said, “MTO, the Township, the Province and the Frontenac County Ferry Operations group have worked diligently to restore the bubbler system to better than new. It is important to spread the word that last winter’s issues with the bubbler system are behind us and MTO’s very public testing of the system on the 26th should restore confidence in the system’s reliability.”
Scott Marshall Past President of Spithead Association acknowledged the importance of the bubbler system testing on Nov. 26th as positive news as well. “It is one way a way for residents to know the system is fixed and working.We can expect normalferry service this winter. If anyone can be at the bubbler testing on the 26th, that would show our
satisfaction the system is fixed,” he said. The date: Nov. 26th, the time:8:30-9:30 am, Frontenac Howe Islander Ferry dock.(Howe Island)

3. Grow your Forest Workshop on Wolfe Island
Join Trees Ontario and its partners at a free landowner ‘grow your own forest’ workshop on December 10 on Wolfe Island The workshop will offer advice on forest management, tree planting subsidies – including the 50 Million Tree Program - and other financial incentives for establishing and managing a forest. All that’s required is idle land and trees to plant.
Tim Gray will lead the workshops. Tim Gray who has spent many years with the Ministry of Natural Resources providing forest management and tree planting advice to landowners will lead the workshop. He is currently a Trees
Ontario Field Advisor.
According to the information, Trees Ontario administers the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program by 2025 designed to significantly reduce the costs to landowners of large-scale tree planting; in most cases, 75 percent (or more) of the costs will be borne by the program. Landowners with a productive area of one hectare or larger may be eligible. Wolfe Island has many trees planted on vacant land under this program and others. This workshop offers an opportunity for more.
Local program agents will be there. The workshop is on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 (7:00 to 9:00 pm) at the Wolfe Island United Church. Pre-registration is encouraged; please visit For more information, contact Shelley McKay, Trees Ontario at or 416-646-1193, ext. 232.

Around Town: **Lights are up and working at the WI Community Rink. Watch for the rink’s official opening, rink schedule and bookings ,Winter programming will start in the new year. Hockey sign up sheets in stores mid December. Make sure to sign up.*** The WI United Church will hold their Christmas Pageant . Watch for date…
Coming events: ** Lunch Bunch -11:30 am WI United Church Hall **Wellness Clinic Dec. 5th at WI Medical Clinic; **Christmas Fair, Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm.. ** WI Christmas Parade from Fire Hall, 1pm Dec. 6th ; ***Advent Lessons & Carols Dec. 12th Sacred Heart Church 7:30 pm, . *** “Trees Ontario” workshop. Dec. 10th 7 pm, WI United **Check www.

Posted by M Knott at 11:45 AM
November 15, 2014
Howe Island Councillor says he's done!

Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor David Jones publicly offered a series of unusual apologies to constituents, particularly Howe Islanders whom he represents, and to fellow members of council at the end of their November meeting. Jones is noted for his aggressive and outspoken approach to dealing with issues and demanding answers.
At the outset of his presentation it was obvious council members were taken aback but said nothing as Jones concluded his apologies and said, he would not to return to Council for his next term.
He referenced many areas in his apologies, local Howe Island issues, Frontenac County services (council-ferry- paramedic) as well as things personal.
The recent municipal election and all that surrounded it, including the all candidates meeting, campaigning in the community, specific references to the Frontenac County Paramedic Services, and including certain accusations that he said were made against him personally, apparently brought him to this moment where he was driven to sarcasm in his rhetoric.. The Howe Island election voting results found him in a second place finish for council resulting in his loss of the position as Deputy Mayor of Frontenac Islands as well as a place at the Frontenac County Council table with Mayor Denis Doyle for the next term.
As a member of council Jones was a force for improved financial management and information, up grading staffing levels and a focus on Federal Gas Tax monies as well as a on ferry services to Howe Island.
Members of council were quiet as Deputy Mayor Jones shook hands around the table before he rushed off to catch the ferry as the meeting ended. What was there to say to someone who is angry with a situation, and has made up his mind to step away. Perhaps a simple Thank You for your service was all that could be said.
Remembrance Day on Wolfe Island
by Margaret Knott

Heritage- This years’ Remembrance Day Observance on Wolfe Island saw an ever increasing number of residents, friends and visitors in attendance amid the sea of brilliant red uniforms worn by a large contingent of young men and women from Kingston’s Royal Military College who come annually to participate with us.
The formal Wolfe Island observance of Remembrance Day on Wolfe Island began in 1994 when a plaque proposed by resident (then Deputy Reeve) John O’Shea to recognize Islanders who had served Canada in the military was put in place by the Township. Every year since then a Remembrance Day Service has been held, in front of the Wolfe Island Town Hall, this year organized once again by Pat Sanford.
The quiet crowd including the Marysville Public and Sacred Heart school children along with the little ones from the Early Years program were welcomed by Ken Keyes followed by ‘In Flanders Fields’ by OCdt. Lauren Van Veen. offered a prayer Rev. Gerry Moore (Trinity Anglican) offered a prayer. Walter Knott ( Sacred Heart) read from the Book of Wisdom. The Reflection was offered by Rev. Mike Bohler (WI United).
Island residents Hugh Cowan and Ed Kirk presented the list of known islanders who lost their lives and those who had served Canada and our allies during war, Peace Keeping and peacemaking missions, many of whom were present wearing their decorations. The Act of Remembrance was offered by Lt. Col. (Retd) Billy Allan. Poems and readings were presented on this occasion by students Brady Fawcett (Marysville) and Will Mullin (Sacred Heart school), and island resident Chad Hulton. A Canadian Moment was read by Liz Crothers. Musician Nancy Mabee played the Last Post and the Reveille.
For the second year a Fly Past of four single engine small planes from the Kingston Flying Club piloted by Avery Wagg, Gord Lendrum and Dave Barton and islander Tony Tiefenbach flew overhead.
Wreaths were presented by Merchant Navy Veteran Vern Yott; Peace Keeping, Peace Making Veteran Col.(Retd) Jim Calvin and Canadian Forces member Sgt. Jamie Sanford as well by Mayor Denis Doyle, and members of the community representing community organizations and services. Perhaps the most touching presentation was that of the Early Years children coming forward with their wreath accompanied by RMC escorts. Rev. Canon Chris Carr closed the event with prayer and a final blessing. A community reception followed in the WI community Hall where Music was provided by Jen Varga and Nancy Maybee.
Around Town: **Call Claire 385-1552 to include your bird feeder birds in the December 14th (WI) bird census **The ‘swearing in’ Frontenac Islands Council meeting . Mon. Dec.8th , Howe Island at 6:30 pm. .. **WI’s Christmas Elves have been busy decorating around Marysville.
Coming events: Coming ** Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays -11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm*** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. **Wellness Clinic Dec. 5th at WI Medical Clinic; Christmas Fair at Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm. Vendors invited. contact ** WI Christmas Parade beginning from Fire Hall, 1pm Dec. 6th ; Advent Lessons & Carols Friday, Dec. 12th Sacred Heart Church at 7:30 pm Free will offering to Food Bank. **WI Bird Count Sun. Dec. 14th.

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November 07, 2014
Will the Ferry Move or Not ?

Will the Ferry Move or Not ?
Can you believe it ! After what seemed to be a very short summer, winter is upon us. We have arrived at that time of year when a waiting game begins on Wolfe Island. Will the ferry be moving to the winter dock any time soon? Or will it stay in Marysville? Will the water remain high enough to keep it there? Coming into Marysville, whether from the head or foot each day, islanders wonder if the sign will be up that directs them to the fact that: “The Wolfe Islander III is now operating from the Winter Dock at Dawson Point.” As I write the ferry remains in the village.
And while we wait for what ever is to happen, happens, some village businesses have closed for the season, the bakery, the coffee shop, The Grill, Vinnie’s. Horne’s Ferry season ended last week. The boats at the Boat Club are put away and stored. At the same time the harvest continues with giant trucks taking away the fruits of the island’s agricultural community’s labour. And it is Fargo’s, The WIPP and the General Wolfe that stay open and Islanders take time to gather after a busy spring, summer and fall.
Personally I find this a difficult time of year. Perhaps it is the return to regular time from Day Light Saving. I get up in the dark and it seems that until winter really arrives there are far too few days with lots of light and sunshine. Although I love the beauty and sounds of winter when it comes, and delight in the birds that return to our feeders, the ice boats that skim by on occasion, the colours of winter, I experience some anxiety none the less. Will we manage all that winter entails? Will we stay healthy? Will the services we might need be available? Will the ferry be operational? And I can’t help wondering if other Islanders at times have similar concerns..
With the many services offered through the WI Medical Clinic, the Frontenac County Paramedicine Wellness Clinics, and the possible broadening of that service, the Paramedic Service itself , WI Emergency Services & people visiting people, as well as the social opportunities offered by the churches and community organizations, the Community Centre Board, there is little need to worry. But enough of that. As my dear grandson would say, “Its all good, grandma.”
Around Town: **Wanted: If you have a Bird Feeder, please call Claire Muller at 385-1552 . The WI Christmas Bird Count is coming and she would like to include” feeder birds” in the census to be held Sunday, December 14th at “first light.”(KFN). ** Frontenac Paramedic Services Wellness Clinics held at the WI Medical Centre on the first Friday of every month are back on track (after shutting down for a time) through to the end of 2015. Paramedics perform basic assessments, checking vital signs such as: blood pressure, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose levels and body weight assisting physicians in ongoing care of patients. **The ‘swearing in’ of the members of council takes place at the Frontenac Islands Council meeting . Mon. Dec.8th , Howe Island at 6:30 pm. Regular Council meetings are the second Monday of every month and alternate between islands.
Coming events: Coming ** Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays -11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** WI’s Remembrance Day Service at WI Town Square Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.** Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm*** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. Vendor space call Linda: 613-385-1947. Wellness Clinic Dec. 5th at WI Medical Clinic; Christmas Fair at Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm. Vendors invited. contact ** WI Christmas Parade beginning from Fire Hall, 1pm Dec. 6th ; Advent Lessons & Carols Friday, Dec. 12th Sacred Heart Church at 7:30 pm (sponsored by 3 island churches) Free will offering to Food Bank. **WI Bird Count Sun. Dec. 14th.

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October 28, 2014
Been there! Done that ! So, Whatís up?

Been there! Done that ! So, What’s up?
A recent public meeting of the Frontenac County Seniors Housing task force, was held on Wolfe Island with Ken Foulds and Ed Starr, the SHS consultants looking to complete the development plan for a Senior Housing project on the island. The village of Marysville has been selected as the location for the first of four county projects
Present at the meeting were Task Force committee members Chair Mayor of Frontenac Islands and County Warden Denis Doyle, County Councillors John McDougall and John Purdon, and Frontenac Islands representative Councillor Wayne Grant.
Senior Housing was chosen as a priority by Wolfe Islanders a number a number of years ago. It has been discussed on many occasions and has remained an important issue and a priority for the island.
You will remember that there have been public meetings held throughout the county to determine the need for senior housing. And Marysville was chosen for this first seniors housing project under the auspices of Frontenac County. It will be followed by a seniors housing project in each of the other three county townships, north, south and central, using a similar model or plan. The county has dedicated over $300,000 for each of the four projects.
Prior to these decision Task Force members and the consultants visited a variety of seniors accommodation in Sharbot Lake. Issues such as subsidized rental versus market rental, availability of water and septic, building new or using existing building, costs, green initiatives, other options, etc. are part of the study. All buildings suggested for use on Wolfe Island were also looked at as well as other vacant island lands. All of this information plus further input gleaned from the October public meeting on Wolfe Island will result in a Business Plan for the Marysville Seniors facility. It was noted there is land in the village, it has water and there is room for expansion.
A survey a number of years ago indicated a sufficient number of interested islanders ready to fill one. However following the October task force meeting a number of those same islanders in attendance see the project going backward instead of forward, looking at things they are not looking for. They suggest the concept of an affordable five (5) unit seniors facility in the village, operated locally, and offering safety, independence, socialization and the opportunity to remain on the island, is getting lost. Perhaps another survey to prove the need would move the process foreward?
It was a worthwhile meeting on Howe but the Election is over.
A well attended All Candidates meeting on HOWE Island sponsored by HIRA brought together the 2 Frontenac islands mayoral candidates from Wolfe Island, incumbent Denis Doyle and Mike Bromley, and from Howe Island seeking a seat on council, were incumbents David Jones and Natalie Nossal and candidate Randy Pilszak also vying for one of the two Howe Island seats. It was important meeting for the community. There were many questions and concerns raised all to be made available to the members of council. So as you read this, the race is now over . The votes have been cast and tallied and the winners declared. Good Luck to the Mayor and Councillors who will represent Frontenac Islands during this new 4 year term of Office. Thanks to all those who let their names stand.

Around Town: ** Mayor Doyle responded to a request about council minutes missing on the Frontenac Islands website. “All minutes to date are now up. However the minutes of the October meeting will not be posted until they are approved at the November meeting and November’s minutes in December, and so on,” he said.

Coming Events: ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays 11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st WI Medical Clinic 9am 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** WI’s Remembrance Day Service at WI Town Square Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.** WI’s Anglican Parish Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm*** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. Vendor space call Linda: 613-385-1947. Christmas Fair at Marysville Public School , Dec. 6th. 11am-3pm. Vendors invited. contact ** The Wolfe Island Christmas Parade 1pm Dec. 6th. ** And there is Euchre Thursdays St. Margaret’s Hall 7pm

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October 27, 2014
2014 Election Results: Frontenac Islands

Here are the unofficial final results for the 2014 Frontenac Islands Municipal Election

BROMLEY, Mike: 262
DOYLE, Dennis: 1184

JONES, David:257
NOSSAL, Natalie: 354
PILSZAK, Randy:106

FRANKS, Doug: 70
GRANT, Wayne: 527
HULTON, Chad: 403
SPRINGGAY, Barbara: 515
ZBOROVSKY, Jarda: 377

Limestone District School Board
BIDINOST, Pam: 259
CRAWFORD, Elaine M.: 397

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
COSGROVE, Gavin: 292
PAGE, Patricia: 96
REINELT, Lindsay: 183
ROMANY, Kirk: 49
SHEA, Terry: 258
SUMMERS, Catharina: 157
TURKINGTON, Kathy: 174

Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario
LAFOREST, Rachel: 4
MAJOR, Claudia: 2

Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Voter turnout was 1,467 out of 2,201 eligible voters (66.7% turnout)

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October 22, 2014
OPP explain 2015 Billing Policy at Frontenac Islands Council Meeting

You might expect things to slow down for township councils this late into the election period but that was not the case at the busy though shorter October Frontenac Islands council meeting that also welcomed a roomful of interested citizens to Howe Island.
Considering the new procedure and hefty increase for financing OPP police services in communities, council also welcomed OPP Inspector BJ MacDonald and Staff Sgt. Cary Churchill what it all might mean for the municipality since , as they say, the new policing formula is a done deal.
Inspector Mac Donald explained that sixty percent of the costs are fixed. Forty percent of the costs are based call for service. This year already there have 148 calls for Frontenac Islands, that is about one per day. The overall cost is increasing from $70.00 per household to $110.00 in 2015 and over the next 4 years will increase to $257.00 per household. Keeping in mind that this cost includes the 40%, based on calls for service, this is somewhat controllable within the township. In other words how much we use them is how much we pay for that 40% portion. “We can reduce some of that by having a tranquil community,” Inspector MacDonald said. “It is your break-ins, robberies, accidents, etc. that raise costs. All calls are weighted, primary, secondary.”
In response to CAO Plumley’s question about what the municipality will get from the 60%, MacDonald said, “We don’t have more people. We have to be strategic about what we do with our resources, when and where we put them. You will have to ask and it will fall to us in our planning. You will also need to establish a Crime Prevention plan just as you have Emergency preparedness Plan,” he said.
The OPP are doing more analysis of needs according to the Inspector. Their intention to be proactive. They will consider within the base program more seatbelt checks, the Ride Program, speed checks , etc. with more good things coming. Mayor Doyle noted that even the presence of an OPP vehicle on the islands make a difference in the community.
A couple of things to note. For public and officer safety there are usually two officers per call. The OPP are also moving to a “Closest to Call” system meaning regardless of territory, the closest vehicle will respond to the call. They will also be encouraging self reporting of incidents in their move to improve service. Much of this to be underway in the new year.
2. In further business Council supported a motion to decrease the speed limit 790 Howe Island Drive to the Lower Side Road on Howe Island to 60 km/hour.
Deputy Mayor Jones requested that the scope of work regarding the Howe Island foot ferry be clarified to include its replacement. He also thanked CAO Plumley for her questioning of the OPP regarding their new plan. “you drilled right into it. Do take them up on the ‘what can you do for us sooner than later.
In the same vein, Councillos Nossal noted that with the increasing policing costs, it would be good to have figures on the costs of comparable police forces for budgeting purposes. Mayor Doyle suggested it is time to look to prepare a crime prevention plan, perhaps with county support since all townships will have to one.
Councillor Grant noted that Frontenac Islands will receive $33,000 annually for 4 years from Ontario Rural Affairs, Agriculture and Food. Further details will be coming as to possible uses of these dollars from the province. He asked on behalf of the WI Fire Hall if they can sell a fire truck no longer in use. Council supported a resolution declaring the fire truck surplus, decommissioned and posted for sale.
Howe Island Chief Mike Quinn informed council that as of October 15th, Ontario has made carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in every all homes and residential buildings. Chief Quinn said that both Island Fire Departments will announce a blitz in the very near future to inform and assist residents .
Council meets next: Mon. Nov.10th 6:30 pm, Wolfe Island.
Coming Events: Turkey Supper & bake sale, Sat. Oct. 25 2014 WI United Church Hall Doors open 4:30 ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays 11:30 am WI United Church Hall ** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st at The WI Community Medical Clinic 9am 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday& Thursday Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 ** WI’s Remembrance Day Service at WI Town Square Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.** WI’s Anglican Parish Turkey Supper , St. Margaret’s Hall, Nov.22nd Doors open 4:30pm** WI’s Christmas Market Nov. 23rd WI Community Hall. To book a vendor space call Linda: 613-385-1947

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October 16, 2014
Wolfe Islanders turn out to hear candidates

An All-Candidates meeting attended by more than 150 people was held on Wolfe Island, the Township of Frontenac Island’s Ward 1. Frontenac Islands made up Wolfe and Howe Island (Ward 2) separated by water, a stretch of highway and 2 ferry rides holds the record as being one of Ontario’s smallest townships. And what better than such a meeting for communities to meet the candidates and to hear what they have to say where ferry transportation is the single most pressing issue.
The meeting, moderated by Wolfe Island resident Denis Chercuitte, brought together seasoned politician Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle seeking re-election and mayoral candidate entrepreneur-business man Mike Bromley, a 20 year island resident, the two incumbent WI councillors Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant and the three candidates vying to fill those two positions, Jarda Zborovsky, Chad Hulton and Don Franks. Every candidate had an opportunity to speak about themselves, their candidacy and their primary objective in running and to answer every question posed from the floor.

1. Councillor Springgay spoke of accomplished road work, new vehicles, her ongoing support for the new rink . Transportation was her No.1 priority working with MTO for an improved ferry service and towards the promised second ferry, referencing particularly the important tourist season (May-Sept) vital for the survival of island businesses and community life. She supports a 5 unit Seniors apartment , “tastefully constructed.”
2. Yarda Zoborovsky owns/operates a computer business. Priorities Improved ferry service , Seniors housing perhaps, improved home health care with nurses at the clinic/home visits.. He supports maintaining the Simcoe Island Lighthouse with township support. Township transparency a must.
3. Mayoral candidate Bromley spoke of his arrival on WI and expressed dissatisfaction with the large amounts of money it will cost the township in the future as dentified in the Asset Management review report but offered no solution.
4. Don Franks, 13 year resident sees township public park develop as important ( little Sandy Bay/ Winter dock). Also any that which have become inaccessible should be opened or sold. Sees importance of a fire truck at the foot of the island, Favours a bridge over a ferry “but I’ll take a ferry ,” he said.
5. Denis Doyle grew up on Wolfe Island worked away (35 years) returning 12 years ago. He announced township goals/ accomplishments are outlined in his brochure/newsletter, Transportation is a major priority .He has been working with MTO regarding a 2nd ferry. In the meantime finding ways to reduce ferry vehicular traffic (park & Ride)will be ongoing.” Careful spending of money in the township will continue, also at the county.”
6. Wayne Grant is a lifelong WI resident. Road maintenance is a priority for safe travel as is improved ferry service for Wolfe/Simcoe islands through MTO. Sees a need for gas station ‘ It would help reduce ferry traffic He will work to keep to a minimum any tax related to the land fill site change over to recycling and transfer station. Values participation with Community Centre Board
7. Chad Hulton 28. was born, raised, works and owns a home on the island, His concerns relate to transportation and tourism. Using the word ‘think’: improve transportation-tourism; Health-home care including seniors; improvements-ideas; needs-networking and keeping the community together. To encourage tourism sees a WI Info Centre in Kingston to promote the island, park and ride.
Throughout the Q&A that followed, candidates responses were consistent with their opening concerns:
The 1st question came from Tom Wroe: How to protect the village from a slow death if the proposed new ferry can only operate from the winter dock due to depth of hull. A common thread included a bus service running to the village, perhaps private enterprise and township supported (Bromley); two ferry’s during summer (Doyle); tourist info centre in Kingston promoting tourism (Hulton). Keep pressure on MTO about village in their deliberations. (Grant); May-Sept walk on ferry in the village (Franks-Zborovsky); Summer ferry in the village (Springgay).

Responding to the question, Are you ready to be mayor? directed to candidate Bromley by Deputy Mayor Jones Bromley said: “I present myself as a commonsense person. Campaigning I am learning a lot about the issues, about the job.. Do I have the experience. No, but I think I can pick it up pretty quickly with support from council and the qualified staff to guide.
A question re lack of information & home care by Nurses drew positive response from all candidates. Use of information technology a must. Improvements are /will happen at township, and through public participation, but no specifics offered. Support by all for Seniors facility, need for Nurses on site at clinic, home visiting.

A question re why no school board reps were present: What was identified was that both schools have low enrolment. Many island children attend specialized programs in Kingston. The general consensus of the majority suggested merging schools and local specialized program development. There was some unsureness about rights.
Further questions revolved around the ferry.. the “what if’s” when it is taken out of service for refit, its move to winter dock, village survival. There were also questions about the landfill site, financial management, sewage, motorcycle boarding and “What is development?”

Coming events: **Movie night Series WI Medical Clinic, The Mystery of Lyme Disease with David Suzuki Fri. Oct.17th 7-7:45 pm **Specimen Clinic Oct.17th WI Clinic 8:30-10 AM *Turkey Supper & bake sale, Sat. Oct. 25 2014 WI United Church Hall Doors open 4:30 Adults $14:00 Children under 6 $7:00 Ferry leaves Kingston on the hour. ** The Lunch Bunch Series Wednesdays -11:30 am WI United Church Hall Oct. 22nd It is |Budapest
** Flu Shot Sat. Nov. 1st at The WI Community Medical Clinic 9am- 12noon Bring OHIP card Call Liz 613-385-2601 ** Athletic Therapy WIMC Tuesday: 8 am - 2 pm Thursday: 2 pm - 7 pm Contact Colleen at 613-888-3080 or email at

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October 08, 2014
Campaigning has begun in Frontenac Islands

Way Back in 2010, 60 % of Frontenac Island voters cast a ballot for the election of a Mayor and council members to represent Howe Island and Wolfe Island, including Simcoe Island, the islands that make up the township. Dare I say, the smallest township in Ontario based on population . And it was in December of 2010 that Wolfe Island’s Denis Doyle assumed his role as Mayor of the township, together with Councillors Pat Norris and David Jones from Howe and Barbara Springgay and Wayne Grant from Wolfe. At that first meeting , a member of the public sought clarification regarding the appointment of Deputy Mayor, which, according to the amalgamation agreement specifies that the candidate from the island in which the mayor does not reside, receiving the most votes, becomes Deputy Mayor and represents the Mayor with the same authority under certain conditions. David Jones was named Deputy Mayor at the time and as such would join the mayor as the 2nd representative to Frontenac County Council for the 4-year term.
And it has been a busy four years. Frontenac Islands representation at the Frontenac County level has led to major changes in the township’s relationship with the county and its recognition of the vast differences between the isolated (by water) island communities and the rest of the county. A ‘one size fits all’ county solution does not work for Frontenac Islands in every situation. We must always find our own way.
The Township Of Frontenac Islands began its (2011-2014) 4 year mandate with improving “ Ferry Transportation’ and road maintenance headlining its priority list, both issues of major and ongoing island concern. And these past four years have been filled with many local concerns, changes, events and situations for the island communities sometimes good and bad, turbulent and sad, frustrating, sometimes joyous and satisfying . The present council has worked hard. Much has been accomplished. Some things have not. Some issues are pending. Many things are wished for. Others, like the promised new ferry from MTO are longed for. What ever the election results, no doubt similar situations and events will occur during the new 4 year mandate. Will we see the promised new 75 car ferry by the end of it? I wonder.
Campaigning has begun in earnest for the (2015-2018) Frontenac Islands Municipal Election.
For Mayor: Incumbents Mayor Denis Doyle is seeking re-election. Mike Bromley is running for Mayor
Councillors - Wolfe Island Ward— Seeking re-election: Councillor Wayne Grant and Councillor Barbara Springgay. Candidates for Council: Doug Franks, Chad Hulton, Jarda Zborovsky
Councillors - Howe Island Ward— Seeking re-election: Councillor David Jones,
Candidates for Council: Natalie Nossal, Randy Pilszak
A few signs are up. Letters and brochures are arriving with the mail. Door to door campaigning is under way An ‘All Candidates’ meeting on Howe Island will be held Oct. 16th. A Wolfe Island Candidates meeting was held Oct. 7th at the W.I. Community Hall.
If Sixty percent of the island voters came out for the last election, with the new approach using a pin number, extended voting days and electronic voting, hopefully numbers should really increase. For all those islanders who have in the past used proxy voting to cast a ballot now they can do it themselves by phone. Just wait for that pin number to come!
Around Town: *Congratulations to islanders Kaitlyn Woodman and Duncan Pyke, who along with Tony Hamilton of WI Ferry staff, were recently awarded awarded St. John’s Ambulance Loyalist Branch Silver award plaques. These were given by Gord Hunter, branch manager, at a Kingston Council meeting, for saving the life of WI’s Gus Brown who suffered a near fatal heart attack on the ferry . *With summer holidays over ferry traffic is diminished somewhat but remains consistently overcrowded at peak periods - mornings and evenings pretty much every day. With this burst of summer like weather, cyclists in droves are enjoying the island..
Coming Events: *Due to Thanksgiving Holiday Frontenac Islands Council will meet on: Tuesday, October 14th, 6:30 pm Howe Island . ** Flu Shot Clinic 9-12 pm, Sat. Nov. 1st for Wolfe Island- Simcoe residents. Bring OHIP card. For transportation call Liz 613-385-2121 *Frontenac Paramedecine “WELLNESS” Clinic First Friday of each month 8:30 - 12:30 pm also at the WI Medical Clinic. ***Lunch Bunch Wed. at 11:30 am weekly till Dec. 3rd WI United Chuch Hall **Movement for Life Exercise with Judith Kinghorn Mon. &Thurs. Session 1 begins Oct. 16-Nov. 6th; 2nd Session: Nov. 10-Dec. 4th 1:10 pm to 2:10 pm WI Community Medical Clinic- Register with Seniors Centre : 613 - 548-4710

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October 03, 2014
Time to Eradicate European Water Chestnut on Wolfe Island

The Heritage news- Invasive European Water Chestnut has been identified on Wolfe Island in Bayfield Bay and Button Bay, posing a threat to local wetland habitat and also to Ontario’s bio-diversity. That was the news brought to islanders by Justin White, Conservation Technician with Ducks Unlimited Canada at an information meeting on Wolfe Island. Justin is DUC’s European Water Chestnut Coordinator who with support from the Invasive Species Centre, the Ont. Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, has been monitoring the European Water Chestnut on Wolfe Island .
“The European Water Chestnut is so new to Ontario, so new to the island most people don’t know what it looks like,” Justin said. “And it is important to know what you are looking for and why it has to be observed, removed and destroyed.” He went on to describe the aquatic plant as an aggressive annual that quickly form dense floating mats on the water, becoming dense decaying mats that cut the amount light penetrating the water impacting native plant growth, causing a lack of oxygen and stagnant water leading to fish kills and no food for them, waterfowl and wildlife.
Brought to North America in the 1800’s as an ornamental plant, it rapidly spread through parts of the USA and has reached the south shore of Lake Ontario.
“As of 2014 it has been found along the Ottawa River at Voyageur Park, here at Wolfe Island’s’ Button and Bayfield Bays,” Justin said. “It is a plant like no other with large green floating sharp-toothed leaves, producing up to seven rosettes per plant that appear in May or June, flowering in June with four white small petals. The plants spread wide and thick , killing off everything around and under, and produce seeds that are very sharp with four barbed spines. They mix in with the water lilies,” he continued.. “Their hard nutlike black spiked seeds are free floating and can cause injury. They are a danger to people, pets and other animals. Plants appear when water temperature stays at 10*C, in nutrient rich areas, in sheltered lake bays, ponds and rivers (less than 7 feet). The European Water Chestnut is like a virus. A true invasive species. But there is hope.”
White went on to describe what he and 3 summer students had been doing to help control and eradicate the outbreak. “The Wolfe Island outbreak is relatively small so it is possible to control it hopefully before it can spread into Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence system,” he said. “ Since early June to the end of August DUC and the supporting agencies have been monitoring Island’s outbreak of the species. “With boats first and finally 3 canoes, students and myself have been working our way through the 1700 acres where we have been physically pulling each plant from the water along with its roots, all by hand, with a goal of preventing the plants from producing seeds that can be dormant for years. We brought in loads each day, bagged and composted it away from the water. We need to keep looking. We need to continue our control efforts, Public Education and engagement. We need to develop a volunteer-led eradication group, 15-20 people, BYOB (Bring your own boat) White introduced Eric Fargo, one of the summer students who had arrived during the meeting expressing thanks for his hard work. For more information on European Water Chestnut and volunteering opportunities contact DUC in Kingston Call toll free 1-866-389-0418
White also directed the audience to EDD Maps Ontario and their EDD (Early detection& distribution) mapping system online or with a mobile device, (See it.-Map it). at or call 1-800-563-7711 for information or to report a species sighting “With your help we can eradicate this invasive species and keep Wolfe Island’s wetlands clean and healthy,White concluded. Justin White can be reached at:613-389-0418 ext,31 or Email

2. Frontenac Island Municipal Elections:: Things are beginning to warm up as “Vote for Me “ literature begins arriving in the mail. A Candidates meeting will be held at the WI Community Hall Tuesday, Oct.7th at 6:45 pm. Watch for Posters . Candidates for Mayor: Mike Bromley , Denis Doyle . Councillors Wolfe Island only: Doug Franks, Wayne Grant, Chad Hulton , Barbara Springgay, Jarda Zborovsky.

Around Town: *The Frontenac Paramedic Wellness Clinics held on the first Friday of every month will resume at the WI Medical Clinic on Friday, Oct.3rd The Wellness Clinics are held in conjunction with the first (of two monthly) Life LAB Specimen Collection Centres, and run from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm. A wonderful opportunity to have Vital Signs and weight checked regularly. If you have your record book, bring it. If you have never attended but are interested please come. ** A further note about the WI Community Medical Clinic. Certified Athletic Therapist Colleen Kane has rented space and will offer an Athletic Therapy Clinic, Tuesday’s, 8am - 2pm and Thursday’s, 2pm- 7pm Beginning Oct.2nd on a three-month trial basis to see if there is sufficient need for such a service on the island to justify carrying it on into 2015. Colleen presently runs a practice in Kingston. Watch for posters.

Coming Events: Lunch Bunch Wed. Oct. 8th Habitat Honduras Trip with Liz Crothers. WI United.* Fall Harvest Day, Sunday, Oct. 5th, 11:00am, WI Community Garden. ** Lots of Good Stuff happening at Shanti Retreat, Check it out.

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September 21, 2014
Howe Island's Terry Fox Run

Howe Islanders have participated in their own “ Howe Island” Terry Fox Run for the last nine years And in that time they have raised more than $62,000 for cancer research. Quite a feat for a small community.

“This year despite cold, windy weather we had a large gathering of participants of all ages,” Terry Fox Run organizer Natalie Nossal said. “They walked, ran, rode bikes or road horses on the 5.5 km route around the Spithead Road on Howe Island.
And at the opening ceremony prior to the event 15 year old Howe Islander Ashley Wood-Quinn had her long, beautiful hair cut as a donation to the ‘Angel Hair for Kids.’ Before the run our Chief Mike Quinn delivered safety instructions to all the participants. And of course , Natalie added, “the safety of all participants was ensured as well by the presence of the Howe Island Fire and Rescue personnel.”
Co-chairs of the Howe Island Terry Fox Run are Shelagh McDonald and Frontenac Islands Councillor Natalie Nossal.
Aileen Wilson was the hair cutter.
Ashley with short hair.

(Angel Hair for Kids is a program of A Child’s Voice Foundation™ that provides wigs to financially disadvantaged children in Canada using hair donated to the program.)

Coming Events:**Calling All WI residents Learn about Invasive European Water Chestnut on the Island at Wed. Sept. 24th 7 pm at the WI Community Hall behind the Town Hall Find out what to do from DU. *Fall Harvest Day Sun., Oct.5th, at 11:00am WI Community Garden, Centre St. Marysville *Annual WI Applefest Fundraiser Sat. Oct. 4 at 12:00pm, 2041 Hwy 96, Peggy and Bruce Horne's Orchard.; Lunch Bunch Travel begins Wed. Oct. 1st, 11:30 am WI United Church Hall with South America. Pack a sandwich. & enjoy.

Posted by M Knott at 12:07 PM
September 20, 2014
Wolfe Islandís Plowing Match Windy and Wet

The Wolfe Island Plowing match was an event that caught my fancy following our arrival on Wolfe Island years 25 years ago. And over the years there are few matches I have missed(although this last was one). It is a select event These plough(ers) women, men and youth train for it in the same way other competitors train through hard work. It may be part of many competitors life’s work and is something they do because they love horses, ploughs, competition,camaraderie and the land, all part of a ploughing match. Weather wise one never knows what to expect,fog, rain,snow,sleet or perhaps a beautiful fall day filled with light winds, blue sky, sunshine and just right ploughing conditions.
This year according to WI’s Ploughing Match coordinator Wilma Sjonger’s, “there was a strong wind blowing from the east in the morning and by 3pm it had turned, and a wild wind was blowing from the west. It rained all day,” she said. But that did not deter the 30 people who had come to plough, nor the judges Barry & Greg Timbers .
The Early Years group was there as were members of the WI Historical Society offering food and information. But the weather was so bad no other vendors came. Most competitors and friends stayed to the end although they were anxious to get home,to get warm and dry after a day of slogging in the mud,” Wilma added
Plowing Special Trophies were awarded for: Best Effort Under 18- (Morningsight Farm) Hunter Chown; Best Plough Team (WIPP) Dave Gamble; Best Dressed Horse (George McAllister) Dave Gamble; Oldest Plough Person (Fargo’s) John Posthumus; Youngest (Harvey Hawkey Award) Leon Eberhard; Safest Plough Person (Farm Safety Assoc.) Terry Phillips; Queen of Furrow (Grant Family) Morgan Roy; Best Finish –Horse (Hulton Construction) David Reid; Best Finsh Tractor (Woodman Machine Products) Ken Carkner; Best Crown (Gateview Farm Equip.) Dave Gamble; Champion Land (Lorne Hulton Trophy) Robert Tinney. Queen of the Furrow Morgan Roy was to compete at the IPM in
The Plowing match offered Scene of the Crime executive membersBetty Doyle, Chris Carr and Ken Keyes the opportunity to present a promised $1500 cheque (remaining Scene of Crime funds) to WI Early Years Program’s Tara Broeders and Shauna Johnson to continue their good work. IMG_20140913_090233204scene.gif

Posted by M Knott at 10:52 AM
September 17, 2014
Frontenac County Warden Bud Clayton Remembered by Frontenac Islands

A touching moment of silence to remember “Bud” Clayton” the Mayor of North Frontenac and Warden of Frontenac County took place at the outset of the September meeting of Frontenac Islands Council. Mayor Denis Doyle
described Warden Clayton who recently died, as a gentle man and a tireless worker. “He will be greatly missed.”

Council deferred a number of agenda items including regulations related to privately owned out door swimming pool fences and gates; regulations for buildings (construction, demolition, change of use, etc.) to post election. Reviewing minutes, Councillor Springgay reiterated her opposition to the concept and costs of water rescue by the Howe Fire & Rescue simply because of boat donation. Councillor Nossal reminded council it was presented was information only.
1.Frontenac County Planning Consultant Peter Young outlined Frontenac Islands Zoning Bylaw amendments being considered (mapping, technical corrections, setbacks from water, wetlands, spelling, typos, etc). Young noted that this was the first stage of the bylaw update “No major issues have been identified, MNR mapping will be reviewed and setbacks changed from 15 to 30 metres,” he said. FYI: If no speaks to amendment or submits a comment before bylaw adoption there is no right of appeal to OMB. WI citizen Barry Gilbert questioned variance when shoreline is established. HI citizen Heather Lippert seeks shoreline review only, not across fields. A concern that word changes could change original meaning was raised. The township will receive written comments until October 1st . . .

2.Ferguson Point Park: Doug Franks presented information about unopened parkland he said is township owned and has been encroached upon through a dock enlargement. “Wolfe Island has 100 miles of shoreline but no place to enter the water unless you own the property. Either this one should be opened up as a park or sold,” he said. “Maybe the township should expropriate or buy land at the winter dock and open up little Sandy Bay.” “Good ideas”, Mayor Doyle said noting water access at the 14th,18th,Victoria Street and Big Sandy Bay. Councillor Springgay, referring to the Ferguson property, said it is on a private road and that work is underway to determine Ferguson Lane ownership and obligations, if any, the township may have. “But there has never been any discussion about selling the parkland.”

3.Howe Island Speed Limit: The 3rd and Final reading of a bylaw to lower the speed limit from 790 Howe Island Drive to Lower Side Road has been deferred to Tuesday, October 14th meeting.

4.Actions Pending report was received. *Councillor Springgay reaffirmed her request that the first two WI ferry line up spaces at the Main Street be ‘no parking’ spaces to improve line of sight for cars coming off ferry particularly turning left.. Also that signs indicate brush is accepted same days as landfill site is open. *Deputy Mayor Jones questioned the December time frame for structuring the Howe Island Foot Ferry Improvement Project. “It is a priority and should be reintroduced as such,” he said.

5.In order to develop a consistent policy since the issue of ‘Private Lane’ maintenance comes up often, the township is looking to County Planner Joe Gallivan to provide a report outlining how similar municipalities deal with Private Road maintenance, following receipt of request from Kevin MacDonald President of the Holiday Point Road.

6. No financial Ice Storm assistance has resulted in staff looking for ways to defer certain 2014 planned budget expenses to 2015 and will transfer funds from reserves (to be repaid over 5 years) to cover the cost overruns.

7. WI Arena: The quote of ($66,720.29) by George Whitmarsh Electric for the installation of LED lights at the WI Arena has been accepted based on the arena budget.

8.Horne’s Ferry Owner/Operator George Horne requested priority boarding for Canadian Customs Officers only on 8:30 or 9:30 pm Sunday or Holiday Monday WI ferry. Council is not considering the request at this time.

9.Administrative Assistant Theresa Quist has been given additional responsibilities adding Health and Safety Coordinator to her position .

In other Business: 1.Councillor Grant questioned why popular Wolfe Island Wellness Clinic program has shutdown and money not renewed. 2. Deputy Mayor Jones wants his concerns re quality of Howe Island line painting revisited. 3.Councillor Nossal has concerns re winter servicing of Leeds and Thousand Islands road to the Howe Island foot ferry. Creating awareness of, and caution near seasonal agricultural vehicles is another of her concerns.

4.Council received comments the public. **Kenny Godin ( L. De Bruin Farm) is anxious to place 64 gal. bio digester tanks at the WI waste site. He will provide proposal to council, following consultation with AECOM’s Guy Laporte and CAO Plumley. The report will also be available to waste site management for comment. ** If township does consider opening road allowance access to the water, how about nature trails B. Gilbert asks. **H. Lippert has questions about un assured road liability. ** W. Knott said caution is required when considering lane take overs as there are many island lanes.
Due to Thanksgiving Council meets next: Tues. Oct. 13th 6:30 pm. Howe Island.

A bright new ‘Yellow’ Township Truck has arrived.. Look for It!

Coming events: DU Unlimited Invasive Species Information Evening, Sept. 24th Wolfe Island Community Hall 6:30 pm.* WI Applefest Sat. Oct 4th, 12 pm Hwy 96, Peggy Smith and Bruce Horne's Orchard

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September 11, 2014
Wolfe Historical Society Guest Don Cherry Needed No Introduction

It was billed as the Scottish Settlement with Don Cherry. But the hockey icon, in his customary high collared shirt and tie and rather subdued jacket , indicated that would not be the case when he arrived and was welcomed Society president
Hendry Connell

Don at the Wolfe Island United Church Hall with Hank

” You all know more than I do,” Cherry said. Instead Don spoke of the first time his mother brought him to Wolfe Island to pick strawberries and his eventual establishment of a home on the island. He recalled how amazed islander Duggin Collins was when he bought land at Oak Point from Jack Campbell. He remembered the tour boat waking him the first night he and (his late wife) Rose stayed on the island,. “ I swear I heard Led Zepplin, ”and later another boat landing at his dock “ looked like the Titanic ,” saving a dog from a fly infested garbage ditch, and the threat of a bridge where? “You guessed it, at Oak Point,” he said.
Hockey stories were next “I was with the Boston Bruins, and Jerry Cheevers, a Hall of Famer was my goal tender. He never bothered about the score as long as you won,” Don said. “We lost a game. Cheever’s response Roses are red violets are blue, they got 7 we got 2. Another time we won 18 in a row and I said to Cheevers, when you win 18 in a row, no one ever listens to you. His reply, “ What.” How about Wayne Cashman in jail. He got one call. Instead of calling me, there was a delivery of Chinese food for Cashman.”
There was a story about his much loved dog Blue, more about the teams he played, the trouble he managed to get into on the ice , with the press etc. “I had a pretty tough team and I got a lot of fines,” he said “One time a reporter from the Boston Courier came along following an incident of one player biting another and saying to me , what do you think of that behavior and I said. ‘That’s what I like - hungry hockey players’. I was fined another $2000. I was fired by Boston , by Colorado. I was going for a hat trick.” Along with the hiring’s and firing’s he was named Coach of the Year in 1972 . He reiterated that a good coach has to be honest. “ Players on their own since age 16 know.”
Next came CBC Hockey Night in Canada in 1980, Coaches Corner stories and now Sports Net stories. “Apparently you will be able to see every Montreal Canadians games with Sports Net. “You like the Montreal Canadians ?” he asked.
Cherry managed 30 years on the CBC Coaches Corner, delivered in his own unique style, “then I did colour and I got in trouble, threatened with firing a number of times. But I’m still there!” he said.
He noted that the great hockey players are Sydney Crosby and Jonathon Taves. “But there is nobody like Bobby Orr …46 goals, 89 assists plus 123 Bobby at 28 went to Team Canada, He was a shooting star, done in as a result of a shady deal he knew nothing about.” Don had nothing good to say about Eagelston.
Don expressed a strong opinion about concussions and blames much of it on the hard plastic padding players use , as compared to the softer padding , of years ago. “The worst I’ve seen was Eric Lindros and we will see more. It has a lot to do with the rules and a lot to do with the weapon like equipment. It’s sad but it’s the way it is. “
The worst rule put in was the instigator rule, according to Cherry “If you start a fight you’re thrown out of the game for misconduct. Not this regime, but the owners that got together didn’t want big guys picking on stars. Makes sense right, but the result was the exact opposite. The stars were protected by those guys. Gretsky all the time he was in Edmonton, he never got hit. There was a rule never hit him or you were dead,” he said. “The only time he got hurt was with team Canada when he got hit, and was never the same after. Nobody could protect him. It’s the same with Crosby. There is nobody to protect him. Now no one protects the stars but will they get rid of the instigator rule? People who don’t understand the game, just don’t get it.”
A final question put to Cherry was ‘when do you think the Maple Leafs might make the finals and win’. “See that little kid there (pointing out in the back)… when he is 90, maybe,” he responded to much laughter. Speaking of the Maple Leafs Don, owns Harold Ballard’s Lincoln.
It was time to end a fun evening. Don was tired having travelled from Mississauga to get to the island and was facing an immediate return trip with his daughter Cindy. “I just want to say Wolfe Island has a way of life I just love, when I go to Danny and Theresa’s and see the guys there, and at Fargo’s, and in the village. No one tells anyone where I live. A different life. When I see you folks and we get to talk, it is so good. I always look forward to coming.”

Around Town:* Marysville resident Denis Chercuitte has submitted his name for election as councillor. Nomination day is Sept. 12th. Coming Events;* Euchre , Thurs. 7 pm St. Margaret’s Hall ** WI Plowing Match Sept. 13th All day at Pyke’s Farm. Free vendor space available.

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August 28, 2014
Long time Howe Island Politician Honoured

It was a happy occasion at the newly refurbished Howe Island Ball Park, and base ball diamond,, where Islanders gathered to honour life long resident, and longest serving ( 38 years), Howe Island politician Patrick Norris. They were there because the park was to be renamed and rededicated in his name. On this special evening the kids were playing ball the barbecue was operating there was plenty of food.
In his opening remarks, Frontenac Islands Deputy Mayor David Jones described the decision made in 2011 with Howe Island’s 1st Proclamation Day which was to honour an outstanding resident “who gave something back to this fabulous rock we call home”. Council agreed that this individual would be doubly honoured to have this park dedicated with his name” and it came as no surprise that Pat Norris was named the first winner for this award,” he said. A statement which Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle confirmed on this occasion. But it was Bruce Higgs who outlined Norris’s years of service (1975-2013) and dedication to the community. (Higgs served 13 years on council with Pat)
”Pat Norris always had the best interests for all Howe islanders at heart when he made decisions,” Higgs said. “ Our taxes were kept low, roads were maintained, rebuilt and hard surfaced. He was instrumental in obtaining many of the amenities we now enjoy when serving as Howe Island reeve and as councillor, as Frontenac Country warden (1993), and as Frontenac Islands councillor and deputy mayor.
Among the Norris achievements over the years, Higgs noted land acquisitions for the park /diamond and for building township buildings, a new fire hall, library, new county ferry, and parks Sunset and Lighthouse . He favoured the Wind Farm on Wolfe Island, 3 cars on Township ferry, the first zoning bylaw… and so much more. “We honour Pat for his many years of service to Howe Island and name this ball diamond The Patrick Norris Community Park,” he declared.
That Pat was deeply moved was obvious. “I accept this honour with humility and thank all who played a part in it,“ he said. “Seeing the Norris name attached to this park on property owned by family members before my time is gratifying. As a kid I watched my father play on the Howe Island hardball team. Their home games were played here. There was a hay storage barn on the site. Its side wall was the backstop. There was no infield or perimeter fencing. I believe the grass cutting was done by the dairy herd who shared the site,” he said.
Pat with family members
“My goal was always to leave something meaningful for the kids , young, and old so the development of this park and Sunset park has helped us achieve that goal. I will cherish this to the end of my time on Howe Island. “
Mike Hart, long time Ball Park volunteer, was also acknowledged for his many years of faithful service by Deputy Mayor Jones during his opening remarks.

FYI- Howe Island Councillor Natalie Nossal , who replaced Patrick Norris on council following his resignation has submitted her name for election to Frontenac Islands Township Council in October. Jones is seeking re-election. Thus far no furthers names from Howe Island have been submitted.
On Wolfe Island , Denis Doyle is seeking re-election as Mayor. Wolfe Island resident Mike Bromley is registered as a candidate for Mayor. Barbara Springgay is seeking re-election as councillor. Nomination Day is Friday September 12, 2014 .

Around Town: *WI’s Scene of the Crime Board of Directors, in terminating their affairs has decided to “gift” the Wolfe Island Early Years Program and the Wolfe Island Historical Society with the remaining funds of the organization , that is $1,500 for each program. * My apologies to Sandra (O’Shea) Greenwood for calling her Marion in the recent article about her father Tim O’Shea. I obviously was thinking about Sandra’s mother. I saw her so often over the years welcoming children and grandchildren… who were frequent visitors to her door.
Coming events: **The WI Historical meeting with Don Cherry's –‘Scotch Settlement’ Wed. Sept. 3rd, 7 PM, WI United Church ** WI Ploughing Match Sept. 13th, Pyke’s Farm 8-9th line. Free Space for Vendors

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August 24, 2014
Meeting with MTO sounds good for Wolfe Island

Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle received positive news at the AMO Conference he was attending from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. MPP Kathryn McGarry - Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca, informed Mayor Doyle that the next step in the process of improving ferry service to Wolfe Island could proceed.

“We were very pleased with the news that the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the work outlined in the 2011 Planning Study Report can begin,” the mayor said in a brief telephone conversation. “We knew all along that this would be the next step to a new 75 car ferry as recommended in the study. The question was would it, could it, proceed at this time” .

The meeting with Ministy officials had been arranged in advance with the hope of moving the process, presently at a standstill, forward. “Lending us her support Kingston and the Islands MPP Sophie Kiwala drove up just for the meeting ,” he added.

Mayor Doyle noted the presence of MTO’s Regional Director Kathy Moore at the meeting. “We were pleased to hear that the EA is to start shortly and are looking forward to meeting in early September with Director Moore and the MTO staff who will lead the EA process.” My hope, of course, is that we can get to the RFP stage for a new 75 car boat as quickly as possible. In the meantime we will continue to help MTO in finding ways of coping with our present over capacity ferry issues, hopefully with the new boat in operation by 2017.”

Islanders might view all this with some scepticism as they have been there before. Not too many weeks ago another minister said it was time to look at bridges! Others may say investing in infrastructure is the way to go…. Now, it’s a wait and see game…….

Posted by M Knott at 12:33 PM
August 22, 2014
Frontenac slands summer catch up

Frontenac County Planner Joe Gallivan presented a draft bylaw for unopened road allowances, and a draft updating or creating of a new site control bylaw to help with redevelopment in certain parts of the township particularly Marysville, at the August meeting of Frontenac Islands council. The road allowances draft included two proposed bylaws, one for policies and criteria for a potential sale of an unopened road allowance, the other for their private use. A map was attached. “There is a set of criteria included to help council make those decisions,” Gallivan said. He noted some guidance in the township’s official plan in terms of public access to the water . “The general policy is not to close those road allowances or to sell them. Applications are dealt with individually, on merit, and certain criteria.” Council to establish public meeting dates where unopened road allowance bylaws are presented.. “We had no reference guide before. Better late than never,” Mayor Doyle commented..
2. Wolfe Island’s Ferguson Point Road resident Doug Franks presented a case for the Township to take over Ferguson Point Road and its maintenance (currently paid for by residents), based on material he has put together. That suggested Ferguson Point is a subdivision that was turned over to the township and where the township supposedly owns lots. If the township is not prepared to take over the road, Franks urged it to share the cost of road maintenance and snow clearing. Planner Gallivan will seek legal advice and work with the township on this file for the October meeting.

3.Howe Island Ferry: HIRA ‘s Brian Humphries thanked council for its on going efforts to improve Howe Island Ferry service. “ HIRA had offered ideas in a letter to council on how to increase revenues , ferry efficiencies and operation initiatives,” Humphries said . Jim Mills noted these initiatives were developed based on a community survey .” We want continue to keep things moving.” Dep. Mayor Jones said, “moving forward is based on timing, cost, and practicality” and
Councillor Nossal agreed. She hopes to meet farm community about their ferry needs. Mayor Doyle will respond to HIRA”s letter.

4. Five year Energy ‘ Conservation and Demand Management Plan’ prepared by Admin.. Asst. T. Quist, and adopted by council, will be uploaded on the townships website. The plan is based on electricity use, not on fuel use. “But it can be added to and changed,” Quist said. The plan purpose is to improve the energy efficiency of township facilities and processes, to reduce costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The plan is reviewed yearly.
5. Enforcement of Trailer bylaw: “This has more to do with people who buy a lot, put a trailer on it and use it as a cottage forever,” Mayor Doyle said. Councillor Springgay on the other hand said enforcement was not so much about licensing a trailer but about trailers being parked for which no taxes are paid .” I am sure we sought legal advice about it years ago. There is a file about it somewhere,” she said. Staff was directed to develop a bylaw that states the parameters and placement of trailers. Resident Terry Botten reminded council that at amalgamation Howe Island’s trailer bylaw was accepted for Frontenac Islands since Wolfe Island did not have one.
6. Line painting: A lively discussion took place around disappearing line painting on island roads and questions about why it happens, and what to do about it. 7. Payment Voucher was approved including 2 costly livestock losses for payment.
9. In other business Councillor Nossal announced that she and David Jones had been approached by Howe Islands Chief Quinn about a Marine proposal. HI Fire and Rescue has been called on to attend marine accidents or people on the water. They have been offered through private donation a 21ft boat that may be suitable for marine rescue. They will develop a cost analysis for setting up medical emergency boat and return to council. Chief Quinn said if the idea is too costly the boat could be raffled off with Fire& Recue benefitting.
Deputy Mayor Jones spoke to his continuing discontent with the issue of sick time at Frontenac County and will continue to members informed. Councillor Springgay had concerns about gate closure in area where brush is left. Also spoke of danger at ferry unloading times. What can we do? Councillor Grant asks what to do with round bale plastic? Who checks the municipal drain? What about our budget with no provincial money for ice storm damage? Mayor Doyle: questioned timing for 8th line RFP. A citizen asked: where else in urban Ontario does anyone have to wait to 3 to 4 hours to travel a distance of 5 kilometers? Ferry traffic nearly impossible! Good question. Council meets next: Mon. Sept. 8th Wolfe Island- 6:30 pm.
Coming Events: **Renaming Howe Island Ball Park- The Patrick Norris Community Park , Wed. Aug. 27 6:30 pm**WI Historical Soc. AGM Speaker Scotch Settlement WI United Hall . Aug. 27th 7 pm ***WI Plowing Match Sept. 13th Pyke Farm.

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August 18, 2014
Honouring a Wolfe Island Reeve

Frontenac Islands Township Council was approached in November of last year with a request on behalf of the O’Shea family that the consider honouring in some way the late Timothy O’Shea, long associated with the life and politics of Wolfe Island, He held positions as warden of Frontenac County, as a councillor and as reeve of Wolfe Island for 33 years and was well known in provincial politics throughout his years of service. On Saturday August 9th the request was honoured when the Wolfe Island Library was dedicated to Timothy O’Shea in the presence of his children and grandchildren, family and friends gathered outside the Wolfe Island Library
“We are here today to honour Tim O’Shea the longest serving - reeve in Ontario ,Mayor Denis Doyle said when he presented a granite engraved plaque outlining their father’s very notable career to Mr. O’Shea’s children, Sharon (Owen) Hogan, Marion (Leo) Greenwood and Terry (Barb Fargo) O’Shea “His accomplishments included the ferry take over by the province, a ferry to Simcoe, a fire hall , a municipal garage, dump, a medical clinic, ambulance service and a library “This plaque offers us and future generations a way to remember,” Doyle said.
A large framed picture of Reeve Tim O’Shea wearing the Frontenac County Warden’s Chain of Office held b y Owen Hogan during the event was a gift to the family from Gordon Burns who was serving as Frontenac Island's interim CAO when the process for O’Shea’s recognition began. He worked with the family on the plaque’s content.. Burn’s spoke fondly of his relationship with ‘Tim’ whom he had met years before and worked with at OMB committees and also as a counterpart with O’Shea’s son Terry. Burns presented a smaller copy of the framed picture to Sharon, Marion and Terry.
A special moment came when local resident Dr. George Merry (retired) spoke of his longstanding friendship with O’Shea . “Tim was not only a great hunter and fisherman,” he said. “He showed me how. He coached me.He was a man who fought for all the things that are good on the island, the medical clinic, the ambulance, the fire hall. He was a great friend and I miss him.”
A reception was held in the library following the dedication where posters of Reeve O’Shea’s life and times were displayed for the public along with pictures and awards. Sharon Hogan is branch librarian. The library is a stone’s throw away from the former home of the late Reeve Timmie and his beloved wife Marion. 30

Was it REALLY a Shark?
EMC news-Four guys from Bell Media turned up at Wolfe Island’s Town Hall recently to meet with Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle. Their purpose to determine how the mayor and islanders felt about a shark in Lake Ontario and a sighting of one off the shores of Wolfe Island.

This is where it all started,” Teddy Wilson one of the team said. ”It was just a bit of fun to launch Discovery Channel’s Shark series.“ Teddy Wilson, as it turns out, is the host of In Search of Canada's Rogue Shark.
“I was very suspicious, Mayor Doyle responded “but it did look quite real on the tv footage.. Islanders thought it might be a Bull shark or a Sturgeon. ‘ A couple were reluctant to let kids swim for a day or so, but why would a shark end up here, and realized very quickly it wouldn’t,” Doyle said.
“Well said Wilson, “ the shark in the video was not real . We are here to thank you and Wolfe Islanders for being such good sports and to present you with Sharky, the rubber Shark,” he said as he handed over the shark to the mayor.

Accompanying Wilson to the island: Mike McKenna, Associate Director, Bell Media Original Video;Travis Wood, Producer, Bell Media Original Video; Cosimo Prochilo, Manager, Bell Media Brand Partnerships. The video of the life-like prosthetic model shark “spotted” in Lake Ontario was in fact, the first step of a multi-level marketing campaign for the Nissan Rogue, the sponsor of SHARK WEEK on Discovery Canada. The widely circulated TV news video of the shark sighting certainly was a topic for discussion at the WIPP, a popular local island restaurant for a number of days and confirms that islanders like most Canadians can become quite excited about sharks. “Sparky” is available for viewing at the WI Town Hall.

Coming Events: The WI Corn Maze on Wolfe Island is Open daily from 10:00am until dusk. Closed Tuesdays.Flashlight nightscan be held any evening but must be booked in advance.Call: 613-385-1998 or email: **WI Historical Society AGM Wed. Aug. 27th, 7:00 pm. After short Business meeting, Guest Speaker's Series continues with:”The Scotch Settlement” ** Check out Shanti Retreat’s great fall line up.** Barrett Bay Regatta, Su.Aug.24th, To register visit:** WI Ploughing Match:Sat., Sept. 13th, at Pyke’s between 8th & 9th Line at Windmill.

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August 10, 2014
Wolfe Island Ball Tournament all about Family

The Wolfe Island Annual Ball Tournament , this year celebrating its 29th anniversary was held the August long weekend. Sponsored by the WI Community Centre Board, the weekend brought family members from far and wide home because the ball tournament IS all about family. Parents, grandparents uncles aunts cousin and friends living on the island wait for their loved ones from away to come home on this particular weekend. And as in past years family members and friends arrived off the ferry, no telling how long they waited to get on it, from all over Canada and the US as well as places beyond. They came by car , by van, by truck, many pulling boats. And there were trailers large and small too numerous to count. Heavy traffic, long line-up’s and a full parking lot, saw people carrying their gear, scramble to get on the ferry to meet their game schedule.
I’ve been told the Ball tournament is a bigger occasion than Christmas for islanders perhaps because it is easier to get here than in the winter. Or maybe it is because coming in the summer refreshes wonderful childhood memories of island life. Wolfe Island is one of the few remaining communities where a tournament is held. The tournament was founded in 1985 by Jim Kyle, Bernie Fargo, and Elwin McKenna and the township continues to recognizes its importance to the community.
In nearly perfect weather a record number of twenty-eight (extended) family teams began playing on three diamonds in the A & B Divisions Friday evening and throughout Saturday cheered on by family, friends and hundreds of spectators. primarily at WI’s Community Centre. There were more than 400 people actually playing the game. Teams consist of 9 members each plus back-up. Four women must be in the field at one time. A larger (Melon) ball is used for play. The event concluded with the awards presentation on Saturday evening.
Community Centre Board president Lesley Mosier announced the trophy's: “A” Division winners, the Hulton family team. “B” Division winners, the Orr Family Team. The Joe Reitzel Memorial Trophy for Oldest Average Team was presented to the Hulton Team.
The awards presentation was not without tears. The Steve Hogan Family Team made up of Hogan’s, O’Shea, Greenwood’s and more, all wore a small insignia on their team shirts, and played in memory of their recently deceased beloved family member Debra (Greenwood) Knox The team was awarded the Bill Kyle Memorial Trophy for Sportsmanship . This was followed by the presentation of the first annual Debbie Knox Memorial Trophy awarded by the Knox family to the Kyle ‘s, “the team with most dedication and persistence.” As evening descended families and friends wended their way home to enjoy time together through the remainder of the weekend.

FYI About the Community Centre grounds: The Township of Wolfe Island (then) had the foresight to set aside land in the centre of Marysville as community centre. A Community Centre committee (now officially a Community Centre Board) was established, and over the years the community centre grounds saw the development of two ball diamonds with lights, a small community building, a tennis court ( now displaced by the rink), a children’s playground, and an area for horse club events. Community Fund raising , community effort and physical energy by islanders is continuous. The annual WI Music Festival is held on the grounds. And YES there is a rink. And it is the rink perhaps that is the community’s greatest achievement again through fund raising, community and township effort. Like most Canadian small towns, particularly isolated communities hockey has been played locally on any kind of ice for generations and Wolfe Island is no exception. With the new NHL sized rink, artificial ice plant and now a roof over it , the rink has become a 1st class community asset.

Around Town:* Did you notice the Township’s announcement of Public meetings at Howe Island Thursday August 21st at 5:30 pm , St. Philomena’s and Wolfe Island Thursday Aug. 14th Sacred Heart School at 6:30 pm. The agenda includes Zoning By-law update, waste recycling strategy; changes at WI’s Waste site. A date for the closure of the site has been identified as April 2015. * The Book sale at the WIBC was successful.
Coming events:**Barrett Bay Regatta, Sun. Aug. 24th. “ **WI Ploughing Match , Sept. 13th. Watch for posters. ( for more events go to

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August 01, 2014
NEW Truck for Frontenac Islands and other news

1.A new truck is coming to Frontenac Islands. The township accepted the bid from Tallman Truck Centre in the amount of $203,096. plus taxes for a new International 7600 SFA, at a special meeting of council. It is understood that the truck will arrive in August. The need arose as a result of an accident in 2013 when the original truck, a 1999 Sterling, was written off by the insurance company. During budget deliberations it was agreed that it was time for a new truck. In the meantime the municipality was forced to rent a vehicle or contract out services. ($250,000 was dedicated for a truck and plow equipment in the 2014 budget.) Through the bid process, three tenders were received by the July 16th closing date. One in fact was $4000 less, but was unable to accommodate an early delivery date. ‘ It would take six months for delivery resulting in the need to rent a vehicle or contract out services,” CAO Darlene Plumley said. “With these extra costs the price would exceed that of the International.” It was noted that having the International available sooner allows employees to become familiar with it before winter. The township will also negotiate training and education time about its operation and maintenance with Tallman’s.

2. 8th LINE ROAD UPGRADE: Road work (ditches) on Wolfe Island’s 8th Line Road has come to a halt until such time as an engineer’s report about the road, and how to proceed, is received. During the process of replacing a culverts workers discovered organic matter, logs, tree branches every place they were digging and in the road bed (corduroy road) and little or no roadside ditching. “We put $200,000 in the budget for 2 roads, the 8th Line and Carpenter’s Point,” Mayor Doyle commented,” but we will be over that amount on this one (8th) alone.” Only after starting culvert repairs was the extent of the problem recognized at which time the township sought Jewell Engineering advice on how to proceed, and will seek further engineering advice on work done to date, cost to continue, project readiness, or postponement, and assist in writing an RFP. The ditching work involving Trans Alta underground wiring will be completed . “What we have learned from this is that we must be proactive and budget more money for roads, as I suspect we will find similar problems with other roads and ditches ,” CAO Plumley said.

3. AMO CONFERENCE-Minister Meeting requests: The annual AMO Conference offers opportunities for municipal delegations to meet with ministers. A township delegation, Mayor Doyle , Councillor Springgay and CAO Clerk Plumley, will meet the Deputy Minister of Transportation on Aug. 7th to provide an update regarding Island transportation services, and the urgent need for increased service to Wolfe Island as recommended in the most recent MTO study. That study recommended a new 75 car ferry operating between Kingston and Dawson Point , and a 2nd ferry for the summer months operating from Marysville until a more permanent solution is delivered. County planner Joe Gallivan is assisting in the preparation of the briefing paper outlining the rationale for immediate ferry service improvement. The delegation expects to meet with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca to determine a solution. “We will thank them for the work already done on the Howe Island bubbler system, and its anticipated rebuild to be completed before winter,” Mayor Doyle said. “But it is the WI ferry service that’s the big one. The province has been dragging its heels for the last 3 years pleading hard financial times but we do know $6 billions has been allocated for transportation, half for Toronto, so the rest of us will be bargaining for a share of the balance, for us maybe $30 million for a new boat.” The discussion was lively. The township has also requested a meeting with Ontario Power Authority to obtain approval for the FIT project of solar panels on the new rink roof, to help offset costs.

4. MUSIC FEST: Council reviewed what has been agreed to between the township and the Music Fest Committee. Mayor Doyle suggested that a generic ‘who does what’ form (check list), be developed for all events/ activities using township property/ facilities including the rink.

5. SHARK IN WI WATERS: Mayor Doyle reminded council that Wolfe Islanders bore the brunt of the ‘Shark’ sighting gag by Bell Media’s Discovery Chanel, some with anger, fear, doubt and humour. Discovery representatives will be on WI to acknowledge the gag and to present Mayor Doyle with the synthetic SHARK at the heart of it on Thurs. Aug 7th.

Council meets next Howe Island Aug. 11th 6:30 pm.

Around Town: *The WI Rink was officially opened by Mayor Doyle prior to Ambush Concert, its first public function. He thanked many individuals and the community, offering reminders of the journey leading to the event.

Coming Events: **WI Music Fest Aug. 8-9th Exciting Time ** Fish Fry, Aug. 8th St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 pm ** WI Library Dedication to T. O’Shea, Aug. 9, 10 am **Barrett Bay Regatta, Sun. Aug. 24th. ( for more events go to

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July 28, 2014
Frontenac Islands confirms Community Meeting dates for Township

Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle made the point at the July council meeting that “it is good to set meeting dates with the community when summer residents are here on the islands.” And two community meetings ARE planned with Frontenac County Community Planner Peter Young, to discuss the Townships Zoning ByLaw Update and Mapping along with other issues relevant to each of Howe and Wolfe islands According to Planner Young, the Township is proposing to amend its Zoning By-law to improve the mapping in the by-law, make technical corrections to the by-law, and to implement Official Plan setbacks from water bodies and wetlands. “The Township will also be asking residents how it can improve the by-law in the future, and follow up with a formal public report at the September Council Meeting,” he said.
Meeting dates regarding the Township’s Zoning By Law Update and Mapping along with other issues relevant to each of Howe and Wolfe islands have been confirmed.
The Howe Island community meeting will be held Thursday August 21st at 5:30 pm , and will precede the Howe Island Ratepayers AGM. The Wolfe Island meeting date is Thursday Aug. 14th Sacred Heart School at 6:30 pm. AECOM’s Guy Laporte will also join Planner Young to bring the community up to date about WI’s Landfill site and its future.

Auditor’s Report:
The auditor’s for the township reported on the 2013 year financial results. Vicki Leakey, CPA, CA, of the firm KPMG stated that they were able to provide a ‘clean’ audit report, meaning there were no major issues, and all information requested was provided to them. She noted that the taxes receivable at year end of $415,000 had increased by 10% from the prior year. Since the township issues tax bills for some $3.2 million, but remits nearly $2 millions to the county and school boards, it means that this amount was a cash shortfall on the township taxes. Thus the township has to use reserve funds to make up the difference. In the notes to the statements she identified the reserves set aside for specific purposes totalling $3.2 millions for such as dollars for the closing of the waste disposal site, the funds committed to the arena roof, roads, ferries, recreation, and wind investment, etc. She reported that the repair and replacement of the capital assets of the township, mostly roads and equipment, is a concern as the amortization (depreciation) exceeded the additions made last year. This apparently is common throughout the province. Auditor Leakie extended thanks to staff for their good work and cooperation throughout the process.

By-Law Deferrals: A by-law prescribing regulations for fences and gates around privately outdoor pools and another by-law respecting construction, demolition, change of use, permits and inspection were deferred to the September meeting of council.

Motorcycles: Frontenac Islands has submitted a request to MTO that four spaces be designated at the front of the ferry line up for motorcycles, and that the first four park there, and all others line up with the cars. The township is further requesting that the motorcycles be loaded first and parked in each corner below the stairs, in space not useful for cars. MTO made changes to how motorcycles are now being loaded, causing consternation to islanders who have chosen bicycles and motorcycles as their mode of travel to make space available for automobiles, but with the new line up procedure behind cars, they are often left behind and the space not used.

Under other business the question of enforcing Municipal By-law’s/Trailers was on the agenda. However the lateness of the evening allowed little time for discussion and members need time to refresh memory’s and to determine whether they have been lax about it.

Township newsletter: A newsletter will be included with the next tax bill in August. Council meets next: Howe Island, Mon. Aug. 11th.

Around Town: *Handicap washroom in place at WI Information Centre. ** Are YOU on the Voters List? Did you know that our council authorized the use of Internet and Telephone in conjunction with paper ballot for 2014 Municipal Elections. Visit the township website: Once there look for 2014 Elections. **MPP Sophie Kiwala, will be the guest at the HI Ratepayers Association AGM meeting on August 21st.. ** Come play the lovely WI Riverfront Golf Course. It wintered well and is enjoying a good season.. ** The WI Historical Society has issued its annual journal. Great stories/ pictures. ** The WI Ploughing Match is Sept.13th. Free Space is available for Vendor Market Place. Great opportunity for group fund raising Contact Wilma. ** WI Specimen Collection 8-10am & Wellness Clinics 8:30 - 12:30 pm Friday Aug.1st. ** The dedication of the WI Library to the late Timothy O’Shea. takes place: Sat. August 9th at 10 am. ( Looking for me? If not The Heritage try the Frontenac Gazette)

Coming Events: From the city?? Consider leaving car behind for village events. Walk on ferry.** WI Family Ball Aug. 1. -2nd C at the Community Centre.** Book Sale at WI Boat Club Sat.-Sun. Aug. 2-3. Volunteers needed. **Wolfe Island Music Fest Aug. 8-9th Exciting Time *** Anglican Parish Fish (by M. Mundell) Fry Fund Raiser . St. Margaret’s Hall 4:30-7 pm Take outs ** Barrett Bay Regatta, Sun. Aug. 24th. Check Out events at:

Wolfe Island Ball Tournament all about Family

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July 24, 2014
County Guests & 9 Mile Point Lighthouse Highlight Wolfe Island meeting

Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle welcomed the visit of Frontenac County Warden Bud Clayton to Wolfe Island, where he formally introduced new Frontenac County CAO Kelly Pender to council. Mr. Pender acknowledged the warm welcome he has received since assuming the position. “ I look forward to working with you all,” he said.
Deputy Mayor Jones posed two questions to him concerning county issues (prominent in the news) related to high taxation, excessive reserve funds without capital plans or investment strategies, and absenteeism within Frontenac Paramedic Service and Fairmont Home. Jones asked, “what assurances, goals and plan can you offer constituents that these issues will be corrected under your administration,”
In response CAO Pender said, “The first steps have been long term financial planning. In September we will be looking at our asset management plan currently underfunded by $850,000. Part of that discussion is going to be how much county council is going to borrow going forward and establishing parameters around that. With more debt tolerance, the lower your reserves need to be, Having said that, you still need reserves for operating purposes but those decisions county council will make this fall, and as we finalize our long range, debt tolerance, and cash flow balancing, and in that comes lease-buy decision financial planning. As we deal with changes like the province downloading more to us, we will build a model that allows you to see the effects of tax rate changes. Our auditor has recommended that we complete our long range strategic plan as soon as possible.”
“ Regarding absenteeism, since May there has been reporting monthly. What’s reported gets managed. What gets measured, gets managed. While not as much as I , or council, would like to see, we have begun to see a downward trend. That is not to say that legitimate illness is part of the equation .We have made it very clear to management and union that we expect absenteeism will be within ranges that are reasonable within the health industry,” Pender said. “Obviously working in a long term care home there will be a higher absenteeism rate than in an office where one is not in touch with the flu virus for instance.”purdy,-bud-clayton.gif
Frontenac County CAO Pender & Warden Bud Clayton

The Simcoe Island Lighthouse: Dave Scott, representing the Nine Mile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, (NMPLPS)was present to ask again that the township acquire the lighthouse in partnership with the NMPLPS who would raise funds to preserve and maintain the site. “DFO is waiting for council’s response, one way or another, to take ownership. The Society has petitioned for a historic designation for the lighthouse, has incorporated as a not for profit organization to raise funds, and will apply for charitable status”. They submitted a business case before the June 13, 2013 date, with the Township listed as the Acquiring Organization, hoping it would be forthcoming.
Scott called upon council to support a resolution confirming its willingness to acquire the Simcoe Island Lighthouse property from Fisheries and Oceans Canada if satisfactory terms of transfer can be negotiated.
“We need your commitment to move forward,” he said. “And time is of the essence.”
A discussion followed among council members, NMPLPS and members of the public who value the lighthouse, and its preservation. Council received the NMPLPS presentation as information, but was not prepared at this time to indicate their willingness to acquire the Nine Mile Point Lighthouse until certain legal contractual and liability obligations plus environmental issues are answered to their satisfaction. There was obvious frustration and some anger among lighthouse supporters with this delay.
A 2nd presentation regarding the Nine Mild Point Lighthouse was made by Mary Miskell, a Simcoe Island summer resident since the late 1970’s. She and her husband purchased the land surrounding the lighthouse from the Crown in 1991. They have a positive relationship with the Coast Guard in maintaining the property and keeping them aware of any difficulties with the structure itself The Miskell’s submitted a Business Plan to DFO in December 2012. and were advised DFO would work with them to develop a more comprehensive plan if there proposal was accepted as more viable. DFO requires proof of funds that show ability to sustain their plan to maintain the lighthouse and property, provide access to the Canadian coast guard, respect the tranquility of Simcoe Island and accommodate public access to the lighthouse. Miskell’s concerns relate to the ferry and policing. Council received the presentation as information.
#Frontenac Islands CAO Darlene Plumley will ask the Federal Government for the availability of a sample (existing) contract for taking over historic sites before seeking legal advice, if required. The CAO will also seek an environmental engineer’s opinion regarding a past report about the site and possible risks going forward. In conversation with Mayor Doyle about the Lighthouse, he noted the fiduciary responsibility council has to understand the issues before proceeding in taking on something that could burden taxpayers and property owners. “It would be irresponsible for us as a Council to make a decision without knowing, and fully understanding what we are getting into.” A case in point the Tourist Centre used to be run by WIBTA (not for profit)group in partnership with the Township. With WIBTA shut down, the Township assumed full responsibility for its costs of operation.
Lots more for next time…

Frontenac Islands announces: Public meetings dates re: Zoning by-law Up Dates & New Mapping

** August 14, 6:30 pm Wolfe Island - Sacred Heart School (to be confirmed) The Wolfe Island meeting includes a 2nd agenda item : a discussion with Guy Laporte regarding the future of the WI Waste Disposal Site.
** August 21, 5:30 pm Howe Island - St. Philomena’s Parish Hall

Event: *Wolfe Island Wind 5th Anniversary event at WI Community Centre 1-5 pm. July 27th.

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July 17, 2014
A weekend on Wolfe Island

*** The 2014 Opening of the Stone Heron Gallery for the summer season at the Wolfe Island Community Hall brought together local artisans including Kim Woodman, Jan Fitch, Linda Sutherland, Debra Krakow and Pat Sanford owner/operator the Gallery, among many others, displaying watercolour, oil and acrylic painting, wood carving, fine metal work, glass and more.

gallery.gif gallery-2.gif

**Book Signing Authors at the WI Gallery Opening:
Author, Jennifer DeBruin UE signing “Shadows in the Trees”
Author, Tudor Robins signing her Wolfe Island inspired “Appaloosa Summer,” a book for young adults.



**The Wolfe Island Classic Road Race saw more than 300 participants of every age come out to Run or Walk in the 5k- 10k race to raise funds in support of the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic . The Clinic operates through donations, fund raising and with some assistance from the township. The Clinic important to the island.


**The 2-day Wolfe Island Round Up an exciting cowboy competition was held at the WI Community Centre grounds. A round up involves two riders, sorting a handful of cattle. Many teams were on hand Sounds easy? Teamwork is what it’s all about. Have a look at: Facebook @ Wolfe Island Round Up.


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July 09, 2014
Wolfe Islandís Big Sandy Bay- a conservationistís delightÖ..

Wolfe Island has a lot of things going for it. One of them is Big Sandy Bay, a 404 –hectare day-use Management Area with its environmentally sensitive, rare coastal ecology identified as an area of Natural and Scientific Interest. Many people know it only as having a beautiful and secluded sand beach. However BSB is also all about conservation, a place where provincial and regionally significant birds, rare trees and rare plant species flourish at the beach/dune complex reached by way of 1.3 km walking trail through wetlands and woodlands..
This year the Kingston Field Naturalists held their 16th annual BioBlitz at (BSB) Big Sandy Bay where with its variety of habitats, provides living space for a diversity of plants and animals. And sixty-six field observers including 6 children spread over the BSB property from 2:00 pm Friday, June 13 to 2:00 pm Saturday, June 14 collecting information and identifying plants, butterflies, frogs, birds, moths, dragon flies, reptiles, amphibians and fish.
The idea for the BioBlitz, (described as an biodiversity inventory of as many living things as can be identified within a 24 hour period) came originally from the Canadian Biodiversity Institute. This BSB event was open to the general public.
Among the participants was Wolfe Island’s own Wildlife Ecologist Dr. Barrie Gilbert a member of the BSB Stewardship Committee. Dr.Gilbert lobbied with the Kingston Field Naturalists to hold their 16th BioBlitz on the island at Big Sandy Bay having received permission from the Township of Frontenac Islands.
“ On the day of the BioBlitz at Big Sandy Bay I was also allowed use of the BSB Kawasaki “Mule” to ferry people out to Bear Point and to carry my canoe and launch it for folks going around Black Lake.” he said. Barrie also noted that a fish biologist attending the event said she had seined and released 5 species of fish: sticklebacks, yellow perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, killifish and Northern pike. “A few people saw and photographed a Least Bittern in the cattails, a species listed by MNR as ‘Threatened’. There were bank swallow nests and birds; a Blanding's Turtle on road, travelling to a nest site perhaps (this turtle takes 25years to mature and may live to 75 years in the wild); and a rare Upland Sandpiper, all recorded,” he concluded.

Interesting to note that BSB habitats include wetlands (including the bog on Black Lake), woodlands and open areas (including the dunes, beach and grasslands on Bear Point). The BSB event included marsh monitoring, moth baiting, bat observations, owl calling along with some sky gazing as well as fishing were part of the BSB event. Night time activities allowed the addition of those species more active after dark. Special permission was granted for overnight camping at the Base area.

Guided walks were available to the participants on a variety of natural history themes throughout the event for those wishing to participate and learn about the ecology of the area, according to Anne Robertson, coordinator of this year’s BioBlitz. Topics included bird identification and snake hunting as well as moth, butterfly and dragonfly listing. Specially adapted beach plants were also discussed. Anne noted several other special sightings of species including the Least Bittern Bobolink and the Southern Arrow-wood and High-bush Blueberry , found growing.
“The best dragonfly was judged to be the Painted Skimmer and the best butterfly the Arctic Skipper. The masses of Ground beetles found in the pitfall traps were astounding. Tree frogs were the dominant sounding frog in the evening together with the Willow Flycatcher and Swamp sparrow in the wet areas,” she said.
“We had very good attendance, good weather, an interesting location and lots of fun while collecting information for this twenty four hour record of the biodiversity of the area.” A BBQ was held at noon on Saturday and prizes were presented for answering quiz questions.
All observed species were noted from the very common and invasive to those on endangered species lists. Plants varying in size from trees and shrubs to grasses, sedges and other flowering herbaceous species were added to the tally. Altogether, it is estimated that between 400 and 500 species were recorded for this one day inventory of the Big Sandy Bay property. For further information Kingston Field Naturalists Contact Anne Robertson 613 389 6742 or Visit Big Sandy Bay:
Around the Township:* Township wood chipping is now completed. * Road work under way with dust control happening. *WI’s Stone Heron Gallery a wonderful place to visit as is Craft &Gift Shop . Both at WI Community Hall.*Plans underway to honour the late, long time WI Reeve Tim O’Shea. Dedication Ceremony of the WI Library at 10 am Aug. 9th. **Until Sept. 9th the Dangerous Goods schedule reduced to one run Tuesday’s at 11 am (then back to 2 per week). *WI Tourist Info. Centre Open 9-5 pm daily to Labour Day.
Coming events:** Ambush Concert and Fund Raiser , WI Community Centre July 18th, 8 pm. Check WI Community Centre on Face Book **Date for Barrett Bay Regatta, Sun. Aug.24th To register:… **The 3rd Annual Wolfe Island Fibre Fest! September 13 & 14, 2014

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June 27, 2014
Minister and Mayor Prepared to Dive for Howe Island

Newly elected MPP for Kingston and the Islands Sophie Kiwala and Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle, both licensed divers, declared their willingness to assist the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in their search for a second pipe missing thus far from the county Howe Islander ferry’s troubled ‘bubbler system.’
MPP Kiwala attended a public meeting on Howe Island to discuss the issues that arose due to the island’s bubbler system failure during the last winter, and to hear what progress has been made to solve those problems and make repairs before next winter.
The bubbler system did not work properly during the severe winter causing ferry delays, long line ups, ferry shut downs and frustrated residents; all of which placed a heavy load on the foot ferry at the east end of the island. Prior to the present examination and repairing of this year’s problems, the bubbler system had not been inspected for more than ten years.
It should be noted that MTO is restricted to repairing the present layout of the bubbler system including the existence of a possible second line. Any work beyond that, such as expansion would require an environmental assessment, consultation and approvals and could not be completed before winter 2014.
Mayor Doyle welcomed MPP Kiwala and her partner Chris Van Der Vyer to a full house of islanders, & introduced Frontenac County CAO Kelly Pender; Frontenac Islands CAO Darlene Plumley; Director of Emergency and Transportation Services Paul Charbonneau and Gale Chevalier, Deputy Chief . Also in attendance Deputy Mayor David Jones and HI Councillor Natalie Nossal.
Mayor Doyle also announced that (for a second time) no MTO representative was in attendance to present the ministry’s findings, leaving it to Director Paul Charbonneau to present the update. According to the MTO report staff reviewed the system ( pipes, compressors, air lines, valves, etc.) Video footage and a diver investigation of the system happened in May 27th indicating a number of problems. Condition of the island side pipes is poor, less so on the mainland. The areas around the docks will be the focus of pipe replacement. In the short term (2014) the focus will be on maintaining and supplementing the existing system . Divers replaced supply pipe sections to the downstream grid. Next steps will determine pipe pattern and placement around docks. A third dive to focus on dock pipes is anticipated. Any planning for replacement or expansion would start later in 2014.
Charbonneau noted that as of April this year Frontenac County (not MTO) is responsible for the operation of the bubbler system. “We are preparing procedures covering the turning off and on of the system; ice clearing voyages , he said. MTO is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep costs of the ferry.
It was a quiet audience , few questions mostly based on why did it take so long to get to it, what are the costs involved, need for regular systematic public updates; why an extra layer of bureaucracy between the township , the county and MTO; a need for dock repairs, and a reference to the HIRA survey.
Deputy Mayor Jones confirmed that a resolution was passed to replace the foot ferry. Considerable reserve funds have been aside and CAO Plumley has begun the process required to move forward.
Before Mayor Doyle closed the meeting, he thanked Ms Kiwala for coming. She in turn said,
It has been great to be here and to hear what you have to say. It is early days for me and I am learning as I go. I know the Mayor has a diving licence as do I. We have made a commitment to go down there if we have to. Failing that I will be more than happy to liaise with MTO and do whatever I can to push things along. It certainly is a pretty critical issue here. MPP Kiwala is Parliamentary assistant to The Honourable Michael Coteau, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Minister responsible for Pan/Para Pan American Games.

Frontenac County Senior Housing: Frontenac County is requesting proposals to provide the county with a Business Plan for the development of Seniors Housing in Marysville. Wolfe Island has been this route before but we have never come this far. Mayor Denis Doyle, Chairman of the Frontenac County- Seniors Housing Task Force-, alerted me to the newspaper ad regarding the possibility of a Wolfe Island senior housing project and the Business Plan proposal request. Consult Frontenac County or 613-548-9400 x 313
“At our last County Council meeting we passed a resolution to spend up to $25K on this study, and $5K more to update the base report for the other 3 townships when we get to that stage,” Mayor Doyle said. “In addition to those millions ‘liberated’ from Township Tax Payers over the past 15 years, we agreed to put $1.5 Million in a reserve to build a seniors’ facility in each of the townships. If my math is correct that would be $375K for us. While not enough to complete the build, I can now see us going forward with a 5 unit project on Wolfe.”
Addressing the existing gap in Seniors Affordable Housing stock by leveraging and/or funding the construction of a project in each of the four Frontenac townships - is one of the three “Wildly Important Goals” (WIGs) adopted by County Council to be accomplished by the end of the 2015-18 term of County Council.
Coming events: The Annual Classic 5K-10K Road Race sponsored by the WI Community Medical Clinic: Sunday, July 6th at 9:30 am Info at Kingston Running Room events * Community Euchre, St. Margaret’s Hall 7 pm Thursdays

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June 12, 2014
Howe Island Meeting Interesting, Informative and Hopeful

Howe Island Meeting Interesting, Informative and Hopeful An important resolution related to transportation, specifically the Howe Island ferry service was passed at the Regular Frontenac Islands June Council meeting. But then the most important issue facing Frontenac Islands is always about transportation. Couldn’t help but think that after years of writing about Ferry Services to Howe and Wolfe islands and in spite of many improvements that have come about, ever decreasing ferry capacity due to ever increasing demand is leading to ever increasing wait times with no real solution determined, except on paper.
But this resolution pertaining to Howe Island is different in that it authorizes township staff to investigate the process necessary to consider how to refurbish or to replace the Howe Island Township Ferry. And further that all this leads eventually to a proposal for a work plan based on information from the 2013 AECOM Howe Island Trasportation Study report “to accommodate the financial and operational commitments necessary to manage Howe Island ferry service demands.”
Deputy Mayor Jones reminded council that very soon based on figures presented it was clear that long lineups were inevitable sooner than later.”This resolution is really to ask staff to put the process in place, not necessarily to do the work but to find the solution for us.” He noted transportation management within the process is also important in this process in particular in the way commutes are managed, types of vehicle on the ferry etc. . “I am sure the CAO (Darlene Plumley) and her staff will bring a report to council that will engage not only the bureaucracy but the community as well.”

HIRA member Brian Humphrys thanked council but suggested that council also look at short and long term improvements to our existing structure and look at what to do without getting into big dollars. HIRA will outline certain initiatives that could be taken in a letter. He also asked for news about the Frontenac Howe Island County ferry bubble system problems Mayor Doyle said that there is information about the bubble system pipes that will be made available at a Howe Island community meeting with council tentatively set for June 26th.

**Howe Island is looking to improve their waste diversion program at their recycling transfer station.. and (eventually) eliminate disposal of recyclable material during curb side pickup. AECOM provided a Waste Recycling Strategy report which indicated Howe is poor at recycling. They are looking to improve their system in ways similar to those on Wolfe Island . Township staff will investigate options.
* CAO Darlene Plumley has been delegated by Council to submit and confirm the accuracy of costs claimed for submissions related to the Ontario Ice Storm Assistance Program. ($99K) Hopefully all contractors are urged to get their bills in early. Pictures of damage done by storm would be welcomed by the CAO.
*In April the Township adopted a by-law authorizing the use of alternative voting - the Telephone/Internet Voting method in conjunction with the paper ballot, and also entered into an agreement Intelivote Systems Inc. for the Telephone/Internet Voting service for the 2014 Municipal Elections. The Townshp received information and procedures for the method from CAO Plumley (Returning Officer)
* Staff can issue Lottery Licences properly documented prior to their presentation at a council meetings.
*The WI MacDonald Park proposal, a community park with water access, is alive as envisioned by Mary Lynn MacDonald. She is looking for the establishment of a MacDonald Park Committee of Council and a letter of understanding (including legal) with the township to proceed. The park includes a fragment of land owned by Mary Lynn in conjunction with the township road allowance at the canal entry on Road 7051 (winter dock road). Both Councillor Grant and Councillor Springgay volunteered to serve on the Park Committee. A notice for further committee members will be posted by the township.
* The disruption of traffic on Main Street in Marysville during the Kiddie Kilometre, a component of the 5k-10k WI Classic Road Race sponsored by the WI Community Medical Clinic , was a point of concern/discussion. The Main Street (Road #96) is closed from the General Wolfe Hotel to the Town Hall while the Kiddie race goes on, this year between 9-9:10 am, requiring cars to detour around the area during that time to access Road 96. The Classic attracts participants from Kingston, Cape Vincent,NY and beyond.
Frontenac County Planner Peter Young presented the applications during the Committee of Adjustment, lot additions;, new lot/right of way.. All approved. * WI Boat launch small craft facility/day parking for trailers at 18th Line now open. Councillor Springgay noted she had received requests for a launch site at the west of the island. Next meeting July on Wolfe Island
Around Town: *Now until Sept. 9th the Dangerous Goods schedule has been reduced to one run on Tuesdays at 11 am from Wolfe Island. * The WI landfill site is open Sundays: 9 am-5 pm June-15-Sept.14th. *WI Library dedication honouring the late Tim O’Shea is Aug. 9th. *Fine article about Chris Brown. We proudly claim him.
*Coming Events: *Ambush Concert “Under the Roof” July 18th. Many more listed at

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June 06, 2014
The Summer Calendar of Wolfe Island Events fills quickly !

In advance of a short getaway, it seemed the right time for a reminder of some of the events coming up on Wolfe Island during this summer season. First among them is the Re-Opening of the Stone Heron Gallery by owner Pat Sanford at the Wolfe Island Community Hall situated behind the Wolfe Island Town Hall and beside the Tourist Information Centre. Sanford has operated the Gallery from there for seven years. This year’s Official Opening is June 27th ( her preparations begin prior to that of course). When the doors open each year the Gallery is always breathtaking in its professional presentation of the works of the island’s many skilled artists and artisans. Pat also has done much to create a wonderful atmosphere in the rather plain building. Over time she was responsible for building the ramp entrance, interior painting, floor finishing as well as adding window security.
This years opening will include along with beautiful things to see, a Book Launch for Ottawa author Tudor Robins on the publication of her second, Young Adult novel - Appaloosa Summer . Tudor has a link to the island. She and her family spend much summer time at the Caldwell’s (her parents) family cottage. The book Appaloosa Summer is about Meg Traherne (16) who has never known loss until the beautiful, talented horse she trained, drops dead underneath her in the show ring.) Tudor’s first YA novel was Objects in Mirror.
Also at the Gallery author Jennifer DeBruin, will be on the island to sign her historical fiction novel, Shadows in the Tree, (concerning the American Revolution, UEL’s, Quebec. and Maria Catrina Eamer, alone in safeguarding her children ) The Island is so fortunate to have the Stone Heron Gallery open here from June 27 till Labour Day.
** The Wolfe Island Music Festival this year being held August 8th and 9th, 2014 once again has an exciting line-up: K-OS, SHAD, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Pup, Young Galaxy, Wilderness of Manitoba, Kopecky Family Band, Harlan Pepper, Bry Webb and The Providers, Zerbin, Thrush, Owls, The Luyas, Grey Lands Luther Wright and many others. Quite a mixture of music. Something there to please every genre the advertising. The WI Community Centre benefits from this event. For Information on tickets /passes; schedule, camping, accommodation etc., check out the web site: You can Get Tickets: Online, then at Brian’s Record Option/ The Grad Club / Windmills (Kingston) Fargo’s and The Island Grill (Wolfe Island) after June 15th,
This year Festival organizers are offering a Festival Express Boat for the festival. The cost of boat rides is included in the price of tickets for which the attendees to the Festival MUST show proof of purchase. Great solution for a difficult problem, which in the past has created great frustration for Wolfe Island residents trying to get home on the WI Ferry.
**The Wolfe Island Boat Club prepares for a new season, each year offering something new and exciting. Drop by on Saturday, June 21st at the Club’s Annual Open House & Try It Day. Check out the Spring Race Series on Wednesday nights beginning June 25th including Rowing, Dragon Boat and Sail. The Boom Kids (8-14) Learn to Sail happens August 11th - 15th. 9am - 4pm. Each year the rigs! For registration & info please email: Visit the web site: Take note that the date for the annual Barrett Bay Regatta has been changed from June to Sunday, August 24th

And of course there is the annual 5k-10k road Race scheduled for Sunday July 6th held now on behalf of the Wolfe Island Community Health Clinic. It’s a beautiful run along the river. Register now for this important event through the “Running Room.” Also visit FYI- The Clinic is wholly supported through donations and some assistance from the Township. The Clinic Board is working hard to gain access to further health services for the island community, presently only available in the city.

And finally watch for the dates of the Family Ball Tournament, Horse Club activities, Fibre Fest, the WI Ploughing Match, Old House Museum days, Church and Community activities/dinners etc., special music at the Island’s restaurants and events slated for under “The Roof”, as they come up.. Rent a Bike, visit the Corn Maze, take Horne’s Ferry to Cape Vincent..
And, there still is time to Register for Kingston Field Naturalists 16th annual BioBlitz to count plant and animal species June 13 to14 at Big Sandy Bay Friday (2:00 pm to 2:00 pm) Contact: Anne Robertson, coordinator, 613-389 6742, Additional information at: And June 14th, Marysville Public School Celebrates its 60th Anniversary 1-3 pm Come and share stories, reminisce about the “old days”, tour the site. The Information Centre is staffed weekends and during the week.

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May 29, 2014
Senior Housing remains Priority on Wolfe Islands Agenda

Senior Housing remains Priority on Wolfe Islands Agenda The Frontenac County Seniors Housing Task Force met on Wolfe Island to further discuss the possibility of a seniors housing pilot project for Frontenac Islands and to seek approval from County Council for the development and funding of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Business Plan to develop Senior Housing.( on Wolfe Island)

The county has chosen to address Senior Affordable Housing by being involved (leveraging/funding) in the construction of a project in each of the county’s four townships by the end of the 2015-18 term of County Council as one of 3 priorities.

The island meeting followed on the heels of a site visit made by the Senior Housing Task Force to an existing Seniors Project at Sharbot Lake . Frontenac County Councillors John McDougall, chairman of the Task Force, and Councillor John Purdon attended the Wolfe Island meeting chaired by Mayor Doyle. Both Doyle and Councillor Grant serve as alternates at Task Force meetings held in Frontenac Islands. (FYI- the 3 other townships are similarly represented and only attend Task Force meetings where housing in their own community is being considered.) Also in attendance were Frontenac County’s new Chief Administrative Officer Kelly Pender and County Planner Joe Gallivan

Mayor Doyle described the five unit Sharbot Lake facility at Sharbot Lake as somewhat similar to what the township has had in mind for Wolfe Island where Senior housing has continually made the list as an island priority. “A five unit facility in the village of Marysville close to services,” he said.
Councillor Grant noted a number of things he would see as important for an island project such as an inside corridor from the individual units to a common room and certain other services. Grant also included land acquisition, location, water and financing as requiring more research for a pilot project. Grant has championed Senior Housing for the isolated community for years.
Moving on to the reason for the Wolfe Island meeting, CAO Pender said the Senior Housing project must be “shovel ready” and listed some of the many components for the Business Plan including among many, size, scope, scale, community and council input, identifying target market, site locations options, site servicing/planning considerations, delivery options, funding and grant options, engagement with City of Kingston, etc. etc . Planner Gallivan supports the need for a plan and the RFP
It is expected that the RFP for a Business Plan to develop Senior Housing will be focussed on Wolfe Island but could be adopted for the other townships (kind of a generic business plan that can be altered to meet the circumstance…) The approximate time lines are: RFP council approval in June, issued and responded to during summer, acceptance and a plan drafted in the fall delivered to county council.
During the discussion it was also determined that in order to have local control of who resides in the facility it would be better to have a local “Not for Profit” association to operate the facility… preferably for Frontenac Islands, a new, non-profit association.
Ongoing work on Wolfe Island would include , as well as setting up a Not for Profit, looking at water sources, (well, from lake), soil testing, more than one site location , land donations, funding sources, grants, donations, as part of the “shovel ready” aspect. “ The important thing here is to have a plan ready,” County CAO Pender reiterated.
Around Town: +Following a presentation about Lyme Disease at the WI Medical Clinic AGM, everyone was advised to take extra precautions as Ticks are everywhere and skyrocketing. As we take advantage of the weather to get out into gardens, or to bird watch or simply to walk it is recommended that we wear long sleeved shirts, closed shoes, tuck pant legs into socks and to use bug repellent that includes Deet. Always check for ticks,(groin,scalp, arm pits)According to the presentation 23% of all ticks carry bacteria for Lyme disease (If bitten remove tick with pointed tweezers. . ) A circular rash referred to as a “bull’s-eye” rash could be one of the earliest symptoms of an infection. If you develop a “bull’s-eye” rash, fever, chills or extreme fatigue or feel like you have the flu, see your health care provider, present to walk in clinic,. For further info check KFLA Health Unit web site. *Slowly but surely businesses on Wolfe Island are opening for the summer season. *The Tourist Info. Centre is now open daily. * The Dream Catcher is open for the season. The “For Sale” sign for this lovely central spot on the island remains posted..

Coming events; Council meets next Howe Island 6:30 pm June 9th * Rummage Sale, Saturday June 7, 9am to 2pm Wolfe Island United Church… Kingston Field Naturalists’ BioBlitz at Big Sandy Bay June 13 & 14. *Time to register for WI Boat Club summer sessions. Annual Open House & Try It Day at the Club June 21st. Check events:

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May 22, 2014
Once again it is all about the Wolfe Island Ferry

There is something about being on the Wolfe Island ferry on your way to Kingston when, without much information, you suddenly are on your way back to Wolfe Island, from wherever you were on the route. The reason, of course, is an AMBULANCE call on the island, for which TIME may be of the essence. However many times, once back at the dock in Marysville, it may be any where from 5 minutes to one hour of sitting in your vehicle on the ferry before the ambulance arrives for immediate boarding and departure… OR as is often the case, (for a number of reasons), there is no need for the patient to go to hospital but the ferry has not been notified and finally the ferry you boarded, (e.g. the 10 am). to get to the city departs once again from the island at anywhere from noon to 1pm or later. It often disrupts the schedule for the rest of the day, a frustration for the Captain, the crew, and of course the public. This particular policy has been in place for some 25 years. You can imagine the backup of vehicles in line this can create on both sides of the river and the resulting frustration of the people waiting…..
Recently a review of the process was undertaken by Frontenac Islands, Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Canada Coast Guard Prescott, Marine Communications and Traffic Service (MCTS) and Kingston Central Ambulance Communication Centre (KCACC). During the study period 2011 to 2013 data was collected and analysed to understand the volume of Wolfe Island ambulance requests, the time factors (Time intervals) and distances involved. Frontenac County Council accepted the report prepared by Chief Paul J. Charbonneau Director of Paramedic Services and have initiated a 6-month pilot project so beginning June 1st when a request is made on Wolfe Island for an ambulance, the Frontenac Paramedic Services (FPS) supervisor is to be notified by dispatch, and it is the supervisor who will initiate direct contact with the Captain of the Wolfe Islander III to determine and coordinate ferry movement. If the Wolfe Islander III is on its way to Kingston and has passed the Point Fredrick Buoy (KH2, just off RMC,) the ferry will continue to Kingston, unload, then load cars and waiting passengers and return to WI’s Marysville dock (35 minutes) According to the report Calculations for the timeframe of an ambulance call total an average of 43:54 minutes.
“This new approach will avoid the ferry returning from Kingston before unloading cars in the event of an Ambulance call on Wolfe Island,” Mayor Doyle commented. “And there are other benefits such as better communications directly between the Captain and the Paramedics, instead of going through the Coast Guard in Prescott to relay information.” Presently when an emergency call is received, the ferry very often returns to Marysville regardless of where it is on its journey.
** And with regard to another MTO situation Mayor Doyle added that MTO has no problem with council’s request that MTO reduce the number of Dangerous Goods trips specifically the Thursday 2:30 pm run from Wolfe Island ( between Victoria Day –Labour Day). “But they wanted to give the fuel companies time to change any Thursday appointments. MTO is also reviewing the time of the return trip on Tuesday's with the fuel suppliers to see if they would like it changed. Hopefully discussions will be completed in time to implement changes by early June,” he added. ** With regard to Howe Island, Doyle noted that Scuba Divers will be checking pipes there during the regular maintenance shut
down May 26th. “Hopefully then it will not take MTO long to finalize their plan to deal with the problems as they have been working on it for several months. Council will then organize a public meeting to present what MTO plans to do.” It really is all about transportation isn’t it?

FYI: The Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic held its AGM. More next time about it, and the Lyme Disease presentation. The WI Classic 5k-10k road race is now a Clinic Fund Raiser. Have you registered with the Running Room? Also take Note that Para Medicine “Wellness Clinics” will now be held 8:30am-12:30pm regularly the 1st Friday of every month beginning June 6th.** ( Blood & Specimen) Next Collection Date: Friday June 6th.
Around Town:* Flower boxes at the WI ferry dock… Just lovely. Thanks. * Busy Bicycle Rentals already * Have you registered your child for sailing at the WI Boat Club? **The Simcoe Island ferry out of service from June 3rd for maintenance. With favourable weather and clearance from Transport Canada, regular service will resume Friday June 6th. * Slowly but surely final work on the WI rink roof continues.

Coming events: * Rummage Sale ,June 7th 9am to 2pm WI United Church, **Kingston Field Naturalists’ BioBlitz at Big Sandy Bay Friday June 13, 2pm to Sat. June 14 beginning at 2pm. For details visit or call Anne 613-389-6743 AN EXCITING INVITATION ** Marysville Public School is proud to announce its 60th anniversary! Join the celebration on June 14, 1-3pm, with a formal welcome at 2pm from the principal and a guest speaker **Euchre St. Margaret’s hall Thursdays 7pm

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May 14, 2014
We Do Celebrate Our First RespondersÖ

Moving to Wolfe Island twenty five years ago, required much thought on our part. It was a decision we did not take lightly. (We were much younger then. Invincible—we believed.) We knew at the outset that the WI Ferry Service was to become most important to our lives, our life line to healthy living, a fact of life we had to accept or we could not live on the island. We knew Wolfe Island had a Volunteer Ambulance Service (since 1974) as well as a Volunteer Fire Service which offered a measure of comfort.
We knew not purchase a home on a property too large for us to care for as we grew older, or too far away from a town line, or the ferry or those emergency services. (No defibrillators around then). We instinctively knew that TIME was of the essence and would become the most important word in our lives. We also knew that Wolfe Island was a Community with an incredible history and Walter and I dove in, head first, to become part of it.
All that to say the Emergency Services on the islands Howe and Wolfe are important to me. (Some may remember my getting stuck in the mud chasing an island fire early on.) I experience a sense of pride in the women and men who train, volunteer and proudly wear the uniform of Paramedic or of Fire Fighter, ( Our Emergency first Responders). I delight in the efforts of the WI Medical Clinic Board to integrate their skills into every day health care and safety of residents.
So it was not surprising that the sight of the bright red fire trucks and distinctively painted ambulances, ALL sitting out on the tarmac at the WI Emergency Services Building drew us to see what was up.
It was EMS Supervisor Sally Kane who explained that what was happening was a “Touch the Trucks “ event (United way Success by 6 Week), that had received very little publicity . At the same time she said that the Emergency First Responder well equipped Fire Service vehicle now accompanies the ambulance on calls. “ I think it is wonderful,” and so are they,” she said. Sally who is the heart of the service on the island, was delighted to see parents and little ones coming to touch the trucks, blow the sirens and climb into the vehicles..

Mayor Doyle who was there with family noted that even without much promotion the turnout was good. “Chief Hawkins plans to have another such event to show off the new truck later in the summer. This one was to celebrate First Responders,” he said, “The province passed Bill 15 declaring May 1st as First Responders Day providing an opportunity to recognize their contributions to the community and to thank them for their efforts. We are inclined to take their services for granted, assuming that in an emergency they will show up.”
Mayor Doyle stated that Fire Fighters on both Howe and Wolfe are part of the first responder team and support the Paramedics on serious calls and all accidents. “Given we do not have an ambulance station on Howe Island our
Fire Fighters are always first on the scene and formally trained to stabilize the patient.” Doyle also acknowledged the township road crews on stand by to clear plugged winter roads in the event of 911 emergencies.
To acknowledge the May 1st, First Responders Day Howe Island Chief Mike Quinn was at the HI early morning ferry departures to hand out material about Howe Island Fire & Rescue first responders, their training and capabilities.
Around Town: A thanks goes out to all the WI residents who informally pitched in to pick up along road routes to the west and to the east where they have picked up in the past… looks great. \*The WI Medical Clinic board continues to look into ways of providing more services into the community. Their AGM is Wed. May 21 at the Clinic. Guest to speak re: Lyme disease. Tax receipts are issued for welcomed donations. The WI Classic 5K/10K is their fundraiser. *The WI Bakery is now open for the season. * Much activity at Fargo’s these days. Amazing.. *The WI Boat Cub is looking for registrations for Kids Sailing program.. *The Info Centre will open with volunteers and one student in charge for the summer season beginning May long weekend.* Big Sandy Bay NOW open on weekends only until early June when it will open full time till Labour Day. Check out Shanti Retreat for exciting list of events…*Interesting to note that Frontenac County was recently awarded gold for Best Public mapping & GIS used for Frontenac Paramedic Services, planning, economic development etc. and Township planning, public works,etc.
Coming Events: WI United Church Fish Fry May 17th Doors Open 4:30 pm. United Church Rummage Sale 9am-2pm June 7th * Kingston Field Naturalists Great Canadian BioBlitz Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area Friday June 13, 2pm to Sat. June 14th 2pm. Purpose birds/animals identification numbers. For Info. Call Anne 613-389-6742 A fun, free event. Marysville Public School 6oth Anniversary June 21st 1-3 pm. *WI Boat Club AGM June 21st 3p.m - *Barretts Bay Regatta - New Date Aug. 24th * WIBC begins new Season: Register at:

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May 01, 2014
There really is Something about a Lighthouse!

Prince Edward County’s Marc Seguin , a founding member of the Organization “Save our Lighthouses” has had a life long interest in Canadian history and has a passion for Canada's built heritage. “ Thank you for the opportunity to speak about the fascinating past, but the uncertain future of lighthouses in this area of Lake Ontario,” he said at a gathering of the Wolfe Island Historical Society. The Township of Frontenac Islands- Simcoe Island is home to the Nine Mile Point Lighthouse.
In his presentation Marc said the Main Duck Island Lighthouse, built in 1914 was the last of 40 built on Lake Ontario. “This was perhaps the greatest concentration of lighthouses constructed anywhere in the world, and each of them has a story to tell in our history, about who we are and where we have been,” he said. “Now there are only seven and many of these are threatened.” He pointed out architectural differences, and types of construction, (height, octagonal, number of lamps, cement, wood, steel plate etc.) of the lighthouses built in the 1800- 1900’s as well as the many variables and dangers to the navigation of Lake Ontario including a lack of charts, and magnetic compass problems.
Seguin noted that these lighthouses played a key role in the history of Canada at a time when transportation by water was vital for the economy, long term growth and survival of the country. Now, however, with modern equipment and modern navigation technology, “lighthouses have been relegated to a back up position at best,” he said.
He presented a fascinating history of the many lighthouses that stretched from Kingston Harbour to Presqu'ile Point, why they were built, about the perils of ships guided by them, and why their lights were so important to Canada then, to what they have been replaced with now.
In the final period of his presentation, Seguin focused on the last lighthouses, those declared surplus, or of heritage value and Simcoe Island’s 40 foot, Nile Mile Point Light House (built in 1833), and their preservation. “Parks Canada has no intention of acquiring anymore lighthouses,” he quoted from them. With regard to Nine Mile Point, he said it is the oldest longest continuously active lighthouse in the Great Lakes, “a national treasure” that should be preserved. “It is doable,” he said.
It was suggested the township had rejected a request for assistance in preserving the lighthouse made by the Preservation of the Nine Mile Point Lighthouse committee. As the Q&A began, Mayor Doyle, who was in the audience, clarified the townships position. “We never refused to assist the group,” he said. “ What came to council was a report from our (then acting) CAO commenting on the group’s business plan and recommending that we take a serious look at it because, in his opinion it would cost the township $20,000 a year to keep the lighthouse going, and possible environmental issues. While I doubt it would be that much, that’s where it stands now. We have not heard from them but the discussion is still OPEN. We now have a new CAO ,” he said.
Simcoe Island’s Yelda Miedema, from the Preservation committee, said he is aware of the May 2015 deadline when decisions will be made on preservation of selected lighthouses noting two business plans for the lighthouse.” Ours was not considered satisfactory by the Heritage committee because it does not state that the township would be the principal owner,” he said. “We are incorporating as a charitable organization so we can raise funds. We would love to have the township involved, but if not, we hope to move ahead.”
Marc was very encouraging that the committee is moving fast. He also suggested a petition to the Federal Government through the local MP (but not for money) for preservation of history. He is writing a history of Eastern Ontario Light Houses.
2. Frontenac Islands council has completed deliberations with regard to the preparation of the township’s 2014 budget. A by-law to adopt the budget will be passed at the regular monthly meeting of council, on Wolfe Island, Monday, May 12, 2014 at 6:30 pm . The agenda will be posted on the website.

3. Camino Santiago: Deputy Mayor David Jones and his wife Wendy have been on a Walking Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. A progress report from them indicates they had walked with their team 750kms from St Jean Pied au Port in the south of France to Melide, Spain, and were 50kms from their ultimate goal…Santiago de Compostela, Spain, expecting to enter the city on Tuesday, Apr 29th.

Around Town: * The Howe Island Rate Payers and the Township, wish to thank the volunteers who participated in the island Pitch-In campaign, this past weekend. A special thanks to those who pick up, as part of their daily walk. * Marysville Public School is proud to announce its 60th anniversary! Keep this date Open June 14, 1-3pm, with a formal welcome at 2pm. More to follow.

Coming Events: *WI United Church Fish Fry, Sat. May 17th Adults $13.50 and Children $6.50.Doors open at 4:30 pm *Register for the July 6th WI Classic ON LINE at the Running Room. * WI Community Garden Open House May 9th WI Community Hall 5:30-7:30 pm.

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April 27, 2014
Life Saved on MS Wolfe Islander III, the Islandís Lifeline !

An early morning gathering was held at Kingston’s Wolfe Island Ferry Terminal recently bringing together Ministry of Transportation staff, Marine division employees, engineers, captains, mates, and crews, to acknowledge on the one hand the good work of those who worked so hard to keep the ferry service operational throughout a very difficult winter. And, on the other, to honour a crew of the Ferry Wolfe Islander III who utilized their emergency skills and saved the life of a Wolfe Islander. The team honoured was: Captain Robert Woodman and crew members: Aaron Koloseike, Arthur Emtage, Tony Hamilton, Brandon Greenwood, Reg Eves, and Kendall Niles. It was a private internal MTO event.
But as every one knows the Wolfe Island Ferry and everything about her, is that she is Wolfe Island’s Life Line, our bridge, our only route off the island and our route home again. We trust our lives to the ship and its crews . And this crew is credited with saving the life of Gus Brown , an islander who was on his way home, accompanied by family members following a visit to his wife Darlene who was in hospital at the time, when his heart stopped.
It is important to note here that MTO’s Eastern Ontario Region, recognized the importance of AED’s (automated external defibrillators) and initiated their installation on their ferries. The portable devices can check heart rhythm, and in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, (SCA), where the heart suddenly stops beating, They are used to try and restore a normal heart rhythm by sending an electric shock to the heart. Minutes count in the event of a SCA, causing death if not treated quickly. And In order to guarantee that someone “trained in how to use an AED” is on the ferry at all times, Ferry Supervisor Kevin O’Shea insisted that ALL crew members learn how to use the device and take the training course.
And it was a team effort where everything fell into place from the beginning that saved Gus who apparently suffered an SCA in his car. CPR was initiated by a family member. 911/ EMS services were alerted to the situation and Captain Woodman immediately turned back to Kingston. At the same time crew members moved quickly to bring out the ferry’s AED. Once hooked up, the AED assessed Gus’s condition and (2) electric shocks were administered and thankfully his heart rhythm was restored. Brown was transported to hospital in the waiting ambulance with a paramedic team ready to board the ferry as it arrived. It was like clock work, I’m told.
Following a stay in hospital Gus and his wife Darlene are now home. Their family continues to “express deep gratitude for the quick and positive response of the ferry crew of the Wolfe Islander.” Islanders too thank MTO and the crew of the Wolfe Islander … for saving a Life!

2. Ice Storm Clean Up : Islanders living by or near township roads on Howe, Simcoe and Wolfe Islands are taking full advantage of the Frontenac Islands Township’s brush clean up and chipping service. The township faced significant damage due to the December ice storm and hopes to have the clean up completed before roadside grass cutting begins.
Residents are expected to place their brush, cut and piled appropriately for one person to handle for pick up at township road shoulders by township trucks. And residents have been doing just that. It is amazing pile after pile of neatly arranged brush line the many public roads including #95 and #96. And each day as the township’s chipper is put to use the mountain of chipped wood rises to new heights, and is made available for residential use. Thanks…
The only complaint I’ve heard about the ‘welcomed cleanup’ comes from residents living on private roads who asked to take their brush to the nearest public roadside for pick up.

3. Pitch In 2014- Howe Island is holding a very well organized Pitch In Day cleaning up island roadsides with gloves and bags provided. The event is sponsored by the township and the Howe Island Ratepayers Association.
There was no formal set up for Pitch In week on Wolfe Island but Islanders much to their credit continue cleaning up sections of road they have done in the past, when they have the time. Take note that there are bags available for this purpose at the Township Roads Department building on Road #96

Around Town:*Horne’s Ferry is scheduled to begin service May 1st. * Slowly but surely Marysville is getting ready for the Tourist Season. Bike Rentals are already a “GO”.. *Fr. de Souza is in Rome. * Birds and more birds returning to the island. Swans in our bay . *The Blooming Gardeners, an association, is looking for additional members. Interested? Call Linda 385-1947

Coming Events:*WI Historical Society Speakers Series with Marc Seguin, ”For Safety of Navigation April 30th, 7:30 pm United Church Hall. * Foot Care & Para medicine Clinics May 5th * WI Community multi family yard sale! UNDER THE ROOF, on the ice pad at the WI Community Centre, May 3, 2014 from 8am - 1pm.*Euchre Thursday’s 7pm St. Margaret’s Hall.

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April 21, 2014
Choosing 3 Goals instead of 30 may prove Doable!!

As a result of a study KPMG study undertaken for Frontenac County Council and in response to one of its recommendations County Council, chose to begin developing a strategic plan of its own that was selective in terms of its priorities and in the number of priorities it might accomplish.
Working with the KPMG study, their county budget deliberations and upon a further priority goal setting exercise, County Council determined it was time to present the results in each of the county’s townships.
“We decided to present the three important county directions we had selected out of many, one being housing and transportation for seniors, another around financials/economic growth and the third to address long term waste management issues (post land fill closures).” Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle commented recently. Doyle is the County’s Deputy Warden.
“I am confident that some version of these three ideas will be passed by the county, perhaps some time in May, after getting township and public support,” Mayor Doyle said before the Frontenac Islands Special meeting held on Howe Island . It was held to review what has been dubbed Frontenac County’s Wildly Important Goals, and the priority process used to arrive at those three.\
The presentation was led by Todd MacDonald, from Performance Concepts. MacDonald stressed that limiting the number of goals, as opposed to ‘too’ many, makes those chosen achievable. He noted that county council in its priority choosing had “honed in on three fundamental challenges/ problems with a common theme, identified as a capacity gap in the county to find solutions on their own. “Political capital and focus will be required beyond the individual townships, and perhaps beyond the county for instance in the case of solid waste management,” a problem facing many communities in Ontario,” he said.
With regard to the goals:#1 Seniors Housing in each of 4 townships and Seniors Transportation to medical appointments etc. is to be accomplished by the end of the 2014-2018 term of County Council. A recently formed Seniors Task Force is already investigating seniors affordable housing and transportation issues.
#2 Solid Waste Management ( post land fill closures) in the County. The Eastern Ontario Wardens caucus will be informed of the extent of problem; The C County Council aims to coordinate a “made in Frontenac County “ position and financial plan on how to manage waste with municipalities, before the end of this term . #3 The burden of taxes calls for County and Township financial planning and stability. County council agrees to support economic development objectives and offer county services, (grants searches, finance, planning, etc.)
It seems the evolving strategy for Frontenac Council will be to coordinate and collaborate with the townships as required and ensure wise spending of taxpayers dollars for core services, Fairmont Home, Emergency Services and Transportation and other flow through funding to townships.
As the Q&A period began, Councillor Grant noted that seniors issues (specifically housing, health, transportation) are priorities for Frontenac Islands. The WI community Clinic built through community fund raising is very important for seniors health care on the island. “Howe Island in relation to the Seniors component of the strategic plan could benefit from Seniors Transportation component. ” Mayor Doyle said.
And as always, island ferry transportation was noted as Frontenac Islands greatest issue… regardless of the other 3…
Islanders are encouraged to watch for date and venue for County wide Public Meeting.

Around Town: Birds and More Birds returning to the Islands.. It wonderful. *Buds are daring to pop up through the cold, Most ice is gone from major bays although it keeps drifting by from who knows where. * Had a very large Otter wander down our road. Quite a surprise. Kelly was out in his boat yesterday, No doubt setting his commercial fishing nets. * Take Note that the Bloomin” Gardeners Group needs more members. Please Consider joining. Call Linda at 613-385-1947 *Rink under the Roof is being booked already for summer events.

Coming Events:* WI Historical Society Speakers event Wed. April 20 at 7 pm. Marc Seguin will ‎speak about the lighthouses between Kingston and Trenton on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario. *.Join us for year 2 of our massive multi family Wolfe Island yard sale! Wolfe Island Community Centre on the ice pad under the newly constructed roof! May 3 from 8-1!!! * Take note of a WI Round UP July 5&6 at the Rink… *And Ambush is coming WI Rink Dance July 18th… Watch for details of these events.

Posted by M Knott at 10:35 AM
April 06, 2014
Time to Consider benefits of the Wolfe Islandís CIP

Frontenac County’s Manager of Economic Development, Anne Marie Young, was on Wolfe Island this week to meet with Frontenac Islands CAO Darlene Lumley. Anne Marie, who is committed to promoting responsible and sustainable projects actions and development, took a few moments to talk about the Wolfe Island’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP). Frontenac Islands endorsed the proposal from Frontenac County for a CIP in Marysville in July 2012, with the planning process for the CIP beginning in late 2012 with many public meetings, and its final approval by Frontenac Islands Council on October 2013, a first for a small isolated rural community. With spring in the air, it was the right time to ask about the status of the CIP..
A CIP is a planning tool, to help communities address economic development and planning challenges in restoring lands, buildings and infrastructure. Encouraging community improvement, a CIP allows municipalities to provide financial assistance, incentives (grants, loans), to private sector property owners, as well as to undertake infrastructure (buildings) and public space (parks) improvements of its own. Frontenac County’s Sustainability Plan (Directions for our Future/ Sustainable Actions) has 13 focus areas and led to an initial CIP pilot project.

“Frontenac County Planners, Joe Galivan Peter Young and myself went around Marysville, meeting with business owners, introducing the CIP concept early on, and then again later in the process reminding them of its goals, objectives and financing. But it is time for us to go back to basics maybe, do a good refresher, she said noting that many changes had occurred at both the township and county that had perhaps put the CIP out of mind.” “If the island businesses are not behind the CIP objectives, you do not get the true buy- in that is possible, although there seems to be a lot going in Marysville. Perhaps we need to distribute a brochure that tells the story, what is available , how to define a project, apply for funding and maybe talk ideas. Often fresh eyes can see what maybe they cannot . We need to spend some time pounding the pavement, and work with staff to determine application eligibility. And this is the perfect time if façade improvement is going in Marysville, and township projects get underway and people see something is happening, others will want to get on board . If people have questions they should call me”, Young concluded.
FYI- Incentive grant programs defined in the CIP include:1. Façade Improvement, specifically targeting (appearance) of commercial/ residential buildings /property improvements in Marysville and Rd. #96 in CIP area. 2. Commercial space conversion funding to help new businesses looking to locate in the village core or in existing residential properties in CIP area, and financial assistance for projects creating new commercial/employment opportunities in existing buildings or additions. 3. A CIP Loan Program exists for eligible projects. 4. Also a Municipal Fees Grant Program. 5. The CIP also includes a Seniors Housing Incentive for costs of studies to consider new affordable seniors housing in Marysville. (Mayor Denis Doyle chairs Frontenac County’s Seniors Housing Committee, with Vice Chair Councillor John McDougall (South Frontenac). The Marysville CIP reflects the vision of council and the community providing a tool to encourage private investment. For more information contact: Anne Marie Young, Manager of Economic Development: 613-548-9400(330) Ayoung@FRONTENACCOUNTY.CA

2.Frontenac Islands announces Special Council Meeting
The Service Delivery and Organizational Review for Frontenac County included a recommendation that a strategic plan was needed. A consultant worked with county council to develop 3 high level directions. One is housing and transportation for seniors, the second focused on financials and economic development, and the third to address long term waste management issues. Special meetings are being held in each township to review these before being accepted by county council. The Frontenac Islands session will be held April 14 on Howe Island at April 3pm, before the regular township meeting at 6:30 pm..

Around Town: *Its wonderful knowing that when a medical crisis occurs on the ferry going home, the ferry will turn on route and immediately go back to the city. Even more comforting is knowing that crew are trained to operate the vessel’s Defibrillator and provide CPR. Thank you to those (crew and passengers) who acted quickly during a recent medical emergency. on the ferry. * The Herons and the Osprey are back. * The top of the WI rink is now covered, The skirt around it remains to be completed. Very Impressive. * Watch for Cyclists * The channel to Simcoe Island is now free of ice and the ferry is in service once again.
Coming Events.* The WI Historical Society announces a “Spring Break Up Concert, Performing Live on Wolfe Island-Lee Murdock , interpreter of Songs of the Great Lakes; Sat. April 12th at 7pm St. Margaret’s Hall . Tickets $12.00 at Mosier’s Store. For more information call 613.985.9583 or email:

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March 27, 2014
Fire & Rescue Services on Frontenac Islandsí Agenda

Frontenac Islands Council passed a standard bylaw to regulate the Township’s Fire and Rescue Services at the March regular meeting. Not unusual, but a first for the township. What is unusual is the make up of the of the Township itself, comprised of two islands, Howe and Wolfe, and their populations of 400 and 1400 respectively, separated by two ferries and over twenty kilometres of highway. Each has a Fire Station. Each has a service, fire on Wolfe and fire and rescue on Howe. The Howe Island Service established in 1977, is also classified as a Certified Emergency Response Team under the authority of the Ontario Ministry of Health, and is able to provide rapid response and offer some medical assistance. (Howe Island does not have a Volunteer Para Medic Service locally, as does Wolfe Island.)
The regulating bylaw, as passed is a consolidated Frontenac Islands bylaw setting parameters for the emergency services they can provide. Councillors Natalie Nossal and Councillor Wayne Grant, Fire Chiefs Mike Quinn (Howe) and Tim Hawkins (Wolfe), both in attendance at the meeting, will serve on a joint Committee of Council.
Regarding the Fire Chiefs’ report on radio frequency, presented to council, the question was “Is the issue of radio frequency critical?” To which Chief Quinn replied that present equipment was now programmed with frequency authorized by former Pittsburgh Township to Howe, initially for use to alert firefighters over that frequency, then broadened to include Wolfe Island. “Originally we alerted firefighters by phone or by siren on the WI Fire Hall. Pagers, mobile radios were programmed with the frequency.” Quinn said that with amalgamation the frequency was absorbed by Kingston but the licensing agreement was not renewed. Realizing the problem, chiefs Quinn& Hawkins have been working with Industry Canada to obtain a frequency of its own for the township, as noted in a report to council.
Industry Canada authorized the Fire Services to continue with business as usual, in the short term, and as of January 2014 they have been granted a new frequency. The issue now is to bring back a technician to test the present equipment, to determine what is programmable or not, digital versus crystal, replacement costs, yearly (frequency) licensing costs and if approved by council, be ready when Industry Canada says it is time to immediately move over to the new frequency. “This is really about Frontenac Islands here and now, how we go forward, how we communicate in the future, ” Quinn said. “This is not about the frightening county wide communications discussion. We looked at the county project as an opportunity, but if it doesn’t fly we have to deal with our own problems.”
Chief Quinn and Chief Hawkins were authorized to further participate in information sessions offered by the Fire Chiefs, Joint Fire Committee etc., regarding the Frontenac county Communications Study.
Frontenac Islands is in the midst of budget deliberations, so many of the questions following the discussion referred to costs, equipment longevity, further infrastructure requests , value etc.
AECOM’s Guy Laporte presented his 20th annual Wolfe Island Waste Disposal site report, commenting that he had presented his first in 1994. Laporte noted that many changes had taken place particularly over the last few years, adding that “it is such a good dump I built a house on the island,” he said. He did say that there had been problems with covering the site often enough but that too has improved, looking better than it ever did. Mayor Doyle said, “with the time left, we can make up for past sins.”
Twenty thousand five hundred vehicles visited the site in 2013, averaging 25 visits per household and those using the recycling facility remained as in 2012 at 89%. Based on capacity the waste site it will close in six years (2020), at $155,000 (estimated) and a $8,500 yearly post closure monitoring cost.
Golder Associates Caitlin presented their report on the groundwater and surface water monitoring program, recommending a continuation of it into 2014. There were some difficulties, and negotiations are on going for bit of extra land. “The site is doing okay right now,” she said. We will continue working with AECOM to resolve any difficulties. The question becomes what do we do in six years? Truck it Off? If so, where to?
Around Town: *WI’s Blooming Gardeners are thinking Spring. REALLY!. They love to garden, come with all levels of knowledge , and are willing to learn from each other. You will have noticed their handiwork around the island, the Library; with pots and plantings at the Post Office, and Mosier’s Garage. The Gardeners will to take on areas at the Town Hall, Information Centre, and Community Hall. Another ..the Old House Museum… Interested in JOINING Blooming Gardeners ? They would love to have you. Call Linda at 613-385-1947. Your commitment can match the time you have to give. *Hundreds (no exaggeration) of deer roaming the island. * Ice boaters enjoying most recent weather. *But it is still slip, sliding away weather. Watch where you walk.! * Mosier’s Store has re-opened. * Euchre St. Margaret’s Hall Thursdays 7 pm.

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March 20, 2014
Winter Tough for Howe Island Ferry Riders

Howe Islanders turned out to hear from Frontenac Islands Township council, Frontenac County representatives, and members of their own Howe Island Ratepayers Association (HIRA), about the island’s ferry system and its future. This winter has been tough on the system and tough for travellers. It has been a winter of heavy winds, extremely cold temperatures, thick ice and a non functional bubbler system, all of which resulted in the Frontenac Howe Island ferry experiencing shutdowns and delays, causing much frustration and concern for Howe Island residents . HIRA called for the meeting particularly in light of Mayor Denis Doyle’s recent meeting with the Ontario Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray, to talk about island transportation,(Howe and Wolfe) and to present the results of a HIRA transportation survey. There to meet the public from the county: Acting CAO Marian VanBruinessen, Transportation Services Paul Charbonneau; Frontenac Islands Mayor Doyle, Deputy Mayor David Jones, Councillor Natalie Nossal, CAO Darlene Lumley, and HIRA’s Ed Besseau, Brian Humphries, and Jim Mills.
Mayor Doyle brought Islanders up to date regarding events that led to the ferry shut down crisis. “ Safety however is always been our main concern and thanks to Chief Quinn and Chief Charbonneau we had contingency plans in place for ambulance service,” he said. “We also have a township emergency plan (recently rehearsed) we were prepared to activate in a moments notice.”
The bubbler system that worked originally, failed in the extreme weather conditions that finally led to a shut down of the for a few days. MTO is monitoring the system’s performance, and repairs will be made before next winter and/or alternative technology will be considered..
Early on, Mayor Doyle and Councillor Jones met with MTO officials, and MPP John Gerretsen, about the problems. Later, Doyle, along with Marian VanBruinessen, met with Transportation Minister Glen Murray who wants to see action on the ferry file and a plan to solve immediate and long term issues facing Howe and Wolfe Islands. The Mayor and CAO Darlene Lumley also met MTO’s Kathy Moore and staff officials about the issues including repairs to the bubbler system. “Technicalities prevent the latter happening immediately but an excavator will remain in place to move ice at Howe Island. A long range plan will follow,” Doyle said.
Deputy Mayor Jones said many residents had expressed their appreciation for the great efforts made by the County, the Township and the ferry operators, as well as volunteers “who saw the situation with the ferry as crisis and stepped up to help.”
Chief Charbonneau acknowledged and thanked ferry staff for their efforts to keep to keep the Frontenac Howe Island ferry operating. “But lost to Mother Nature.” Explaining the relationship between MTO, the County and the township, he said, ” MTO owns it all., docks, assets, bubble system, and all costs. Local staff monitor the system. We deal with the issues we can; forward those we cannot to MTO They shut down the bubbler system,” he said. “ County responsibilities include staffing the ferry, providing for their health and safety, to collect fees and fares for the township, and look after the safe operation of the vessel “. Charbonneau acknowledged HIRA’s suggestions for more communication with the public regarding the ferry service, alerts, etc., noting twitter and email accounts., ( accessed by 550 residents) where county and township formation about the ferry system is posted. “Our role is to operate to the best of our ability for staff and residents. We will shut it down if we have to,” he said. Wearing his other hat Chief Charbonneau noted Howe Island has the finest First Response team in Ontario, adding that they and Chief Quinn are working with ‘Ornge’ and OPP Search and Rescue preparing now for what might be a difficult spring breakup.
CAO Lumley invited the public to present input and ideas for a contingency plan in the event of an emergency. Jim Mills, following up on the Dec. 2013 Howe Island Ferry Service survey, noted general satisfaction with the county and township ferry services and ‘great’ satisfaction with the staff operators of the vessels. Survey returns represent 120 residents. While certain frustrations with the service still exist, since the last survey in 2007, the ferry now makes 4 trips an hour and the foot ferry now operates all year round.
A lively Q&A period followed. Nearly every comment was prefaced with great satisfaction for ferry staff, no matter the statement, question or concern expressed . All were noted and will be considered. by the County.

Around Town: *Roof on the WI rink continues to progress. * WI Artist Debra Krakow Art Show at Studio 22, March 22-April 27th. *Shanti Retreat announces spring programs. * 2014 WI Fiber Fest date announced: Sept. 13/14th
FYI- Last weeks column was in the Frontenac Gazette (papers can be found on line)

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March 14, 2014
Much Sadness in Island Community

Visibly moved, Fr. Ray de Souza pastor of Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart of Mary Church, celebrated the Funeral Mass for young wife and mother, Debra Anne (Greenwood) Knox (37) . Perhaps it was the sight of Debra’s large extended family, mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, her in-laws, and her many cousins seeking comfort through their faith at the church where Debra was baptized, that bought that lump to his voice. Or was it the sight of Debra Anne’s husband Shane , tears freely flowing, holding their children Caleb and Jocelyn in his arms?
The church was filled to capacity with so many friends, neighbours and saddened islanders. All had come to be healed of their raw immediate grief, to hear a message of hope, to draw comfort from the Liturgy of the Mass, the words of Scripture, the music, and shared prayer and to support the family as they carried the body of their beloved daughter, wife ,mother and sister to the cemetery.
In his homily, Fr. de Souza drew from the scripture reading of Saint Paul to Timothy, read at the Mass, which says “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.” He reminded us that when you enter a race you enter to win and to finish it. “Debra won her race but finished the race too soon.” Father de Souza spoke too of the prayer group that got together to pray for the sick and the positive impact of their prayers on the community, and especially for families of the sick.
Fr. Granger from Kingston and Rev. Canon Chris Carr from WI’s Trinity Anglican were also in the sanctuary.
Any one who knew Debra Anne loved her enthusiasm for life. Anyone who frequented her beauty shop heard only good things. And every story told about her speaks of her faith, her kindness, generous nature, love of family, sense of humour and pure heart. Her happiness revolved around husband and children, her large, extended island family of Greenwood’s and O’Shea’s, and Wolfe Island’s closely knit community. She will be missed. She will be remembered. But as one island resident put it, “We have had so many deaths and funerals this last while but, this one is going to take a long time to get over.”

Loss of Gas Pumps on Wolfe Island a problem
Following the removal of the gas pumps at Mosier’s Garage on Wolfe Island due to their age, cost of replacement and environmental concerns, problems arose for gas and diesel users. Farmers, the Township, WI Wind Farm, Hulton’s, Roly’s and a number of individuals now have key lock tanks on their properties. The biggest losers are those who regularly bought gas at Mosier’s, and summer residents who want to fill up or buy gas for their equipment (lawn, tractors equipment, generators, etc.) and for their boats.. A community meeting was organized by FCFDC with guest speaker Ross Christenson who brought ideas about solving the problem through the CO-OP approach, key lock options, commercial enterprise etc. etc.
“ This is an opportunity for a community to solve its own problems but you have to make sure the economics of moving forward makes sense, (capital, investment,), and there is enough long term interest” A committee was formed to further examine possibilities.
The Committee (Jarda Zborobsky, Denis Chercuitte, Dave Woodman, absent Liz Crothers) reported to the community at a second meeting directed by Anne Pritchard. Jarda presented the results of a survey of 500 people which indicated that 57% bought gas where convenient spending $50.-$200, per month, then outlined certain options who have their own systems. Options included : * A full CO-OP with a convenience store; full CO-OP with attendant; a card-lock system, all with significant costs. Issues such as funding , EA’s, safety, insurance, municipal code make even the latter option difficult to consider. Another suggestion was to mix a gas outlet with other small enterprises. The Township was also suggested as best suited to sell gas to the public . Mayor Doyle said no other Ontario municipality does this; there are different environmental laws. He added that consideration might be given to use of township land but no involvement in distribution.
After much discussion, a new committee will gather to further study options to bring gas for the public back to the island.

Around town: Shore birds ,small birds and even swans are suffering in this cold weather . Raptors venture to feeding outlets to pluck up a small bird now and again. * The WI ferry is keeping well to its regular schedule in spite of heavy ice and ambulance calls. * Thanks to the WIPP for staying Open all winter. * The rink schedule continues. * Spring Will Come! * And once again we say good bye, and Thank You to Gordon Burns who filled in as CAO for Frontenac Islands these last few months. Its been a pleasure..

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Wolfe Island Rink Roof Project Moves Forward

“In 2009 Wolfe Island had the opportunity to build an outdoor skating rink. The entire community pitched in and the project was completed in 13 days. BUT that was just the beginning! “ That is what it says on the WI Community Centre Face Book site where many, many pictures of the evolving rink from its beginning to now are posted. Even images envisioning what it will look like when it reopens for its 2014/2015 are there to excite your imagination. Take a peek, to see how the project has developed since the excitement of the early days which the site suggests.
Just last week, during Spring Break, in the midst of what has been a very active rink schedule the steel framing for the roof arrived. The roof is going to happen. Perhaps later than what was hoped for, or anticipated, or for that matter what might have been rumoured.
But none of that matters… It was on its way up like a well planned “ Make Dreams Come True” Meccano Set” with cherry pickers and cranes on site, and qualified workers set to take on the task of setting the steel frame in place on the completed cement base around the rink. All in preparation for the trusses and steel roof and skirting expected to arrive next week that will (as weather permits) complete the project. The rink, for those who have not seen it, is situated in front of the building that houses the artificial ice machine.
And you can be sure Project Manager Patrick Thompson and Paul Hogan , chair of the WI Community Centre Board, were on hand at the rink to cheer and watch this newest phase of construction.
At meetings held in September 2013 with Frontenac Islands council Hogan spoke of the need to find savings: to the proposed cost of $73,650 for the concrete framework, and the request to bidders for the arena’s structural steel roof to submit revised quotations based on a revised scope of work, also to reduce costs. (The township submitted an application for a capital works grant for the roof to Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation as well as a FIT (rooftop solar) Application). At its November 1st Special meeting Council accepted the Sydenham Welding bid for the WI arena structural steel roof in the amount of $444,650.00 plus HST..
“It’s hard to believe this is really happening,” Hogan said at the site where a few people had come to watch as the framing was completed. “ Such an exciting time for the community.”
2. March Frontenac Islands Council Meeting Mayor Denis Doyle introduced the Township’s new CAO Darlene Lumley to the public at the meeting of council. Bringing more than 20 years experience to the task CAO Lumley expressed thanks for the opportunity. “I look forward to working with you all. I have a number of ideas and suggestions regarding rules and procedures to share with you,” she said.
3. Sarah Greenwood representing the Wolfe Island Early Years Centre (WIEYC), a non profit, non government funded organization for children 0-6 years, their parents and caregivers, in a request for funding from the township spoke of the good things the program accomplishes for the isolated island community. “We are having the highest attendance on record . It is up over 39 percent with between seven and 10 children every day. Eleven children are leaving but eleven are coming in,” she said. “And I believe you are providing one of them! ” Mayor Doyle said.
Which of course drew a laugh from Sarah (because it is true) who went on to say that Early years offers an opportunity for housebound parents and caregivers to get out, to meet others in the community, to discuss and share issues and provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to meet, play and learn. Sarah pointed out that the WIEYC board and friends hold many fund raisers through out the year to support the one, hired coordinator and the many costs, (snacks, supplies, toys, educational games, etc.) around the program offered 5 days a week, Mon.-Friday from 9 am -12pm. at no cost.. “But it is not enough. We need money to continue,” she said. The request for $10,000 will be added for consideration in township budget deliberations.
There are Early Years centres and programs throughout KFL&A . Having Early Years on the island means, no ferry ride to the city, greater ease of participation, and opportunities to meet friends and neighbours and for the children, a program geared to their needs offering play, arts and crafts, story time, physical activities and educational sessions for parents. We are very lucky.
Around Town: WI Artist and Architect Debra Krakow has announced her Solo Art Show in Acrylic and Mixed Media at Studio 22, March 22-April 27th. Debra has charmed us all over the years as she continues to hone and expand and surprise us with her incredible skill and talent as an artist. Visit her website: It is wonderful. *Lots of activity at Vinnie’s property on Main Street in the village. Exciting!. * Changes happening at Fargo’s as well. It must mean, Spring will Come!

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March 10, 2014
Its Always about the Ferry Isnít it ?

With Easter here, I will keep this rant short. But with Easter, comes spring, comes summer, comes BUSY, Busy, Busy Wolfe Island. It will be welcomed by businesses, event planners and tourism operators, and families all over the island, and specifically in Marysville.

Just in the last week with temperatures up, our own island cyclists, walkers and runners are already being joined by cyclists and walking visitors from Kingston. As well, the inevitable spring time increase in the number of cars and business vehicles coming to the island also has started. And while all this is welcomed by most, the reality is that the ferry Wolfe Islander III needs company to handle the traffic and provide the required extra capacity to accommodate the ever increasing influx of visitors and tourists. A new 75 car ferry for Wolfe Island was recommended in the most recent ferry services study undertaken by the MTO.

When Mayor Doyle met with the Minister of Transportation Glen Murray, and later with MTO’s Kathy Moore, his request on behalf of Frontenac Islands, specifically Wolfe Island, was for increased ferry capacity in the form of a 2nd ferry. But we all know the likelihood of a 2nd ferry, old or new, to join the Wolfe Islander at this time is very remote. Used fresh-water car ferries are hard to come by, and planning for a new one is just an idea at this time.
Minister Murray urged MTO to look at the situation. On the other hand, he couldn’t understand why the bridge option has been put off so often, and now again.
Yet here we are, with the ice just barely out of the bay, already seeing a steady increase in traffic. And with seasonal business and tourism so important to Wolfe Island, Islanders are sprucing up the village, getting tourist areas ready for visitors, activities announced and events posted. They will also be looking for ways to reduce their own (vehicular) ferry trips to the city.
But what to do about long ferry waits, long line ups, diminishing ferry capacity aggravated even more with the new dangerous goods regulations? Islanders are committed ferry riders. On the one hand , they love the isolation it brings. They wait patiently for it, are ardent readers on it, and delight in meeting friends and neighbours. On the other hand they know tourism is important to the economic development of the island. They are concerned about the ferry’s diminishing capacity, the long line ups, the increased wait times, growing need for more toilet facilities etc. They wonder about ways to organize regular transport for visitors to Big Sandy Bay? For Metal Craft workers? To the Community Centre grounds? All to reduce the number of vehicles on the ferry! What can MTO do to help.

Is MTO able to provide more Wolfe Island ‘Park and Ride’ parking in Kingston? Could MTO summer students take on the task of encouraging visitors going only to Marysville, to walk on the ferry? Is it possible for MTO to organize with the City of Kingston transport for visitors to Big Sandy Bay?
While Kingston sees it as another Kingston tourists’ attraction, the Wolfe Islander 111 is a lifeline for islanders first and foremost . I wonder if MTO could, or would, engage and financially support (that’s the key) the services of one of Kingston’s Tour Boat operators to have a ‘ Passenger Only’ vessel travel from Kingston to Wolfe Island at peak summer hours to accommodate the tourist aspirations of both Kingston and Wolfe Island?

Around Town: The Township has encouraged Islanders to get Ice storm tree, brush debris to the edge of Township roads for pickup by township. *Visit Community Centre on Facebook to see progress of Rink Roof. CC Spring Programs are posted. *Register on line for WI Classic Road Race (Running Room) Check

Coming Events: No Specimen Collection Good Friday. Next date May 2nd. *Easter Egg Hunt April 19th Community Centre 11 am. Babes to 12 years. * Easter Vigil Sat. 8:30 pm Sacred Heart of Mary Sun. 9:30 am.

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March 05, 2014
Mayor Meets Ministers at ROMA/OGRA conference

For the third year in a row, Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle met with the Ontario Minister of Transportation to discuss transportation to the islands and the urgent need for an increase in ferry capacity. The first time in 2012 he and former Howe Island councillor Pat Norris met with the then Minister Bob Chiarelli at the ROMA/OGRA conference in Ottawa. “His message was that if we wanted a new ferry we best find $30 million or so ourselves,” Mayor Doyle said at the time. The second and third year meetings have been with the present Minister of Transportation Glen Murray.

Following the 2013 meeting, Mayor Doyle returned home pretty happy. He felt Minister Murray had come to the meeting well briefed on the islands transportation file including the 2011 Wolfe Island Ferry study which recommended a 2nd, new 75 car vessel maybe within 4 years if all else, (EA’s ,dock design boat design, contracts, construction etc.) was completed to join the Wolfe Islander III. There was no mention of an immediate, (temporary fix ) at the time such as finding another ferry somewhere. Mayor Doyle said it was obvious that Minister Murray wanted to do something. He questioned why the bridge option identified as the best long term solution was dropped in favour of the 75 car ferry option. (The answer rests with what comes of Kingston’s 3rd Crossing agenda.)
The Minister directed his staff to look at all options including the bridge option and MTO’s Eastern region to reactivate the discussion around both Howe and Wolfe Island’s transportation issues to make something happen. Between then and now of course budget and financial issues in Ontario stalled provincial decisions regarding infrastructure.

So what about the 2014 meeting with Minister Murray? Mayor Doyle said it was a good meeting with the minister. “I also had opportunities to talk with him further on a number of occasions throughout the conference and he has directed his staff to work with Frontenac Islands and MTO locally. MTO’s Eastern Regional Director Kathy Moore also had some comments to make about on our request for a second ferry on Wolfe Island for this coming summer, a service they have at Glenora in recognition of tourism,. She said it is very difficult to find a “fresh water” ferry to fill the need but the looking continues… Salt water ferries rust away….. ( It’s 1 ferry in the off season- 2 in summer at Glenora)

Regarding the Frontenac Howe Island ferry, Doyle noted the bubbler system can be repaired if using the same footprint. “However if there was to be a major change like laying a new pipe, making it wider etc., it would require approval from fisheries and oceans, environment, and natural resources and, of course a lot money and time to get it done.

Doyle said Kingston’s Mayor Mark Gerretsen also had a meeting with Transportation Minister Murray looking for 3rd crossing support. “It seems all Glen Murray wanted to talk about was bridges to the islands and suggested that Mayor Gerretsen get together with the local MTO office and US to develop a regional plan. The Minister strongly supports the importance of planning, maintaining and building new infrastructure.. not just for solving problems but for the economy generally, commenting that Infrastructure spending is down from 5% of GDP in the past to 2%,” Mayor Doyle said, According to Doyle, in a speech Minister Murray touted Sir John A. MacDonald as an example of one who went ahead with the railroad at a time when there was no money and no Canada..

2. In January Frontenac Islands council supported a resolution requesting the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) to petition the Province of Ontario to recognize the December 2013 ice storm as an emergency and provide special funding to municipalities affected to offset some of the costs incurred. “ It may not help but there is no harm in asking,” Mayor Doyle said at the time. And he was right! At the ROMA/OGRA conference he and Mrs. Doyle met Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing MPP Linda Jeffrey, MPP at a casual event where in conversation she said there would be some funding available for clean-up as a result of the storm. A press release on Feb. 26th confirmed her comments. It states that Ontario is helping municipalities affected by the December 2013 ice storm by working with the federal government to fund 100 per cent of their eligible recovery costs through a one-time Ice Storm Assistance Program with eligible costs as much as $190 million based on estimates from municipalities related to immediate emergency response and the subsequent cleanup of debris. “ Frontenac Islands is one of the 30 municipalities listed thus far requesting assistance. It is nice to see our request did not fall on deaf ears and we now have a chance to get some money to help with the cleanup,” Mayor Doyle concluded.

3. Island Heroes: The township was made aware of the many island winter heroes who helped others with the snow and drifting in January from a resident who names in particular Allen Hulton “ who kept the 9th line , Carpenter Point open, sometimes Baseline, often in time for me to make the 5:45 boat. Allan was not the only person helping neighbours but rather he was probably typical,” he said. Mayor Doyle (who sent me the note) had this to say: “We as a community have a lot of unsung heroes out there that have pitched in to help neighbours during the worst winter in recent history. You have Kelly Fawcett down your way, go further east we have Dave Woodman, and Donald Eves and others on Simcoe. I am sure the same happens on Howe Island, “Neighbours helping Neighbours”. My “Thanks” to you all and especially to the Roads crew who have been working around the clock these past months.”

4. The new Chief Administrative Office/Clerk/Treasurer Darlene Plumley assumes her position for the Township effective March 3, 2014. Council Meeting March 10th Wolfe Island
Coming Events: Euchre Thursdays 7 pm ST. Margaret’s Hall. * WI Medical Clinic -Specimen Collection March 7 & 21st *

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February 21, 2014
New CAO for Frontenac Islands

New CAO for Frontenac Islands 1. Mayor Denis Doyle formally introduced Frontenac Islands newly hired Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk/Treasurer (CAO), Darlene Plumley, at a special budget meeting of council on Howe Island.
Plumley, formerly the CAO at Stone Hills Township located in Lennox and Addington County, assumes her new position effective March 3, 2014.
“She brings with her 20 years experience in the municipal field and the skills necessary to meet the challenges faced by our Township in the coming years,” Mayor Doyle said following the meeting. Plumley attended the meeting to meet council members and staff and to get a sense of Frontenac Islands, the issues the township deals with, and its financial situation. Mayor Doyle invites Frontenac Islands ratepayers “to give CAO Plumley a warm welcome as she begins her new career of service with the Township of Frontenac Islands

2. You have heard it before but it bears repeating - Mayor Doyle offered his comments on what has been a very challenging winter with ferry services seriously impacted by the weather. “The Simcoe Ferry closed completely, the Howe Foot Ferry experienced trouble, but kept going most of the time thanks to a dedicated crew, volunteers, and MTO who provided an excavator to keep the dock on the Gananoque side clear of ice. Even the Wolfe Islander was not able to maintain its schedule on the coldest days, but kept going, and to ensure the track doesn’t freeze over during the 2:00 am to 5:45 am shutdown the crew keeps the vessel moving back and forth. We were not so fortunate with the County Howe Island ferry,” he said. “There the track filled with ice that got pushed into the slips as the vessel approached the dock making it impossible to get close enough to lower the ramps.”
According to Doyle, MTO brought in large excavators, scooped out the ice in the slips and across the Howe channel, over several days during which time NO vehicles including ambulances and fuel trucks could be transported. “This became a serious concern. However the Howe Island Fire Fighters marked a safe path across the ice at the east end of the island working with the Paramedic Service to meet at a designated place on the mainland so in the event of a medical emergency a person could be transported across by snowmobile and sled. Had the crisis continued an emergency would have been declared to establish a means of getting fuel oil to Howe Island .”

Following meetings with MTO, and County staff tentative plans to prevent such a crisis from happening again were worked out for the Howe Island ferry. They determined that the bubbler system, installed in the 70’s has deteriorated and is ineffective, was the main cause of Howe Island’s problems, further aggravated when the island’s 9 car ferry was replaced with a wider 15 car ferry in 2004 and the track cleared by the bubbler system was no longer wide enough. As well the ferry’s cable drive system on one side only, does not track in a straight line across the water causing ice to break off. “MTO will come up with a design for a wider path, free of ice, for installation this spring or summer,” according to the Mayor “so that we do not experience this same crisis again. It was counterproductive to spend energy on pointing fingers so we worked hard instead to ensure the root cause of issues are fixed as quickly as possible.” He noted however, that during the crisis rumours were spread that ferry operators allowed the County Ferry to sit at the dock, freezing to the slip while they took long breaks.

Following a full review by Frontenac County Ferry Operations, the township has been assured that it was not true and that the Frontenac Howe ferry makes a crossing every half hour during the night whether cars are waiting or not. “We owe thanks to Township, MTO and County staff for their hard work and dedication to making the best out of a bad situation,” Mayor Doyle concluded. Islanders now wait to hear the outcome of Mayor Doyle’s meeting with Minister of Transportation Glenn Murray regarding ferry services.

3. The Frontenac County budget recently approved increases Frontenac Islands levy slightly by $10,593, or 1.3% over last year's levy of $801,684. All of the 2014 Federal gas tax will be distributed to the townships. ( Nearly $80,000 to Frontenac Islands) In previous years (most of) this money was retained at the County for Sustainability projects.
4. NB- The 2014 Frontenac Islands budget deliberations will continue over the next few weeks. Watch for dates.

Around Town:* WI’s Fire Chief Tim Hawkins extends thanks for the contributions made on behalf of WI’s Fire Service that made it possible to pave the driveways and property around the Emergency Services Buildings and our Fire Hall. Special thanks to the Wolfe Island Ambulance Volunteers of Old who contributed the largest share, Frontenac County Paramedic Services, Cruickshank Construction Ltd. Steve…and many others. Once again- Thank You. * Congratulations to Marysville Public School named among the winners in the 4th annual “Recycle My Cell Student Challenge, Canada’s national recycling program inviting them to collect as many old wireless devices as possible, cell phones, smart phones, batteries. etc. More than 140 Canadian schools participated. Marysville was the Ontario winner. ($500.) Congratulations. How exciting is that! * Does anyone remember the girl who won the Best Sailor trophy at the WI Boat Club’s very first regatta? Violet Stafford (granddaughter) has made it to the Canadian Sailing Team. We are so proud of her efforts. * For events visit

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February 13, 2014
Ferry Not in Service, Bad Weather delays, No driving on the Ice !

It has been quite a winter for Frontenac Islanders living on Howe and Wolfe Islands especially during the recent severe weather and it is not over yet. The weather actually led to a complete shut down of the MTO owned, Frontenac County operated Howe Island ferry for nearly a week due to high winds and specifically to ice broken off the east side of the narrow channel that is kept open by a bubble system that presently is in need of certain repairs. Fortunately the township’s foot ferry continued to operate during those days
The Wolfe Islander while not shut down, has also experienced slow downs due to heavy winds, high waves and thick ice in the channel . The bubble system has been a problem for Wolfe Island as well and had the ferry route been shut down, there is no alternate route. If the ferry was damaged and out of service there is no second ferry. Resilient Islanders who in days gone by would have ventured across the ice by car or horse and buggy are forbidden to do so. Ice boats ?
Concern of course always remains with the weather and the “what to do” in the event of a medical emergency if the ferry or the route are out of service…The bubble system was installed to keep the Kingston dock, the Howe Island dock and WI’s (winter) docking at Dawson Point and a channel from Kingston free of ice all the way to it, if required). However the Wolfe Islander continues to operate from Marysville to Kingston.

In a communiqué issued to Howe Islanders about the initiatives the Township has undertaken to help remedy the situation in the first instance on Howe Island , it was noted that Mayor Denis Doyle, Deputy Mayor Jones, Frontenac County’s Paul Charbonneau (Transportation Services), MTO’s Stuart Jones had spent a considerable amount of time deliberating the service delivery challenges pertaining to the Howe Island County Ferry, and the bubbler system maintained by MTO. They also met with MPP John Gerretsen.

The communiqué also assures the County and Township that an annual inspection and load testing of the compressors is completed each year by MTO with the bubbler system working well when started December 18th but after that point was unable to manage with the excessive cold and westerly winds. Not much can be done about that at this point but MTO continues to monitor the bubble system’s performance for the remainder of this winter and going forward, with required repairs and widening of the bubbler operation done for Howe Island well before next winter. However the addition of an extra drive on the Howe Island County ferry to lower wind effect is not possible due to dockage constraints limiting the width of the vessel.

Regarding the Wolfe Island service, where the WOLFE islander III continues to operate from Marysville rather than the winter dock at Dawson Point, MTO feels that with the higher powered engines on the ferry that the bubbler across the channel to the usual winter dock at Dawson Point is no longer required, but should be maintained around its docks where pipes were replaced and the system is working well. At this time there is no channel to Dawson Point. MTO however has excavator equipment available to remove ice build up at the Marysville and Kingston docks as needed.

Two resolutions were passed at Frontenac Islands February Council meeting in advance of a meeting arranged to take place with Minister of Transportation Glenn Murray, Mayor Doyle and Deputy Mayor Jones on Sunday Feb. 23rd in Toronto to discuss ferry services, operation and capacity, (not for the first time.)

“While the Wolfe ferry has had some delays this winter we will not have much time with Minister Murray so we will focus on the two resolutions passed at the recent council meeting,” Mayor Doyle said. “One to deal with improving the Howe bubbler system and the reliability of the ferry service there now and in the future; the other lobbying for a second ferry for Wolfe Island, at least for the summer months. We hope MTO will be able to find a used ferry until they get the go ahead on a long term Wolfe Island solution,” he said.
The Howe Island resolution also requests that “MTO review the design and mechanics of the County Ferry service with the prospect of enhancements to decrease the effect of severe weather conditions on its year round operation in the future.” The Wolfe Island resolution notes the public was advised nearly three years ago that the MTO study completed in 2011 recommended a second 85 car ferry running from Dawson Point to Kingston and requests that until a permanent solution is decided upon, and implemented that MTO provide a second ferry (preferably by spring 2014) running on the proposed Dawson Point route. It points out that traffic on Wolfe Island has increased due to the 86 tower wind farm; cycling; Big Sandy Bay; Metal Craft Marine Boat Company; and the international link between Kingston and New York State, etc., resulting in a several hours delay in getting on the ferry. * Interesting to note that at a meeting with Minister Murray in August 2013 he directed (his) staff to look into a bridge option to provide a more permanent and cost effective solution. What do you think? Will it happen? Maybe This Time ?? For events check out

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January 28, 2014
Remembering Ď Tim OShea Ď- Long time Reeve of Wolfe Island

Family members of the late Timothy O’Shea (1996) returned to the Township of Frontenac Islands January council meeting, to hear the outcome of a request that the long time (33 years) Reeve of Wolfe Island be honoured in some way by the township. Present was Mr. O’Shea’s daughter, Sharon Hogan, his grandson Dan Hogan, and Dan’s wife Danielle. It was Danielle who in November came forward to present the original request to council that the township “recognize Timothy O’Shea’s life long contributions and dedication to the Wolfe Island community by publically recognizing his many years of service and accomplishments.” She suggested a way to do that might be to dedicate a portion of Highway 95 , that part in front of the O’Shea home near Sacred Heart the Church they attended, the library erected during his time in office, or perhaps another location or facility like the Community Centre.
At the time, Danielle presented a strong case for council to recognize “Timothy O’Shea.” T he central theme of her comments certainly confirmed the idea that O’Shea (born July 5, 1919) was a family man, a loving husband of 51 years to his wife Marion (Greenwood), loving father to his children Sandra, Sharon and Terry, their spouses Leo, Owen and Barbara and his grandchildren, as well as an exceptional politician and Reeve of Wolfe Island for 33 uninterrupted years, and Frontenac Warden in 1967. She acknowledged that she had not met Reeve O’Shea personally but had come to know him through the pictures, stories and traditions she had seen and heard. “He was a man of impeccable character, great integrity and family values. A loyal, dependable man, Timmy O’Shea was the first one to step up to help someone in need- and if he couldn’t do it alone he would gather a group of fellow islanders and they would do it together. Mr. O’Shea was instrumental in numerous community projects,” she continued. “ Instrumental in convincing the province to take over the Wolfe Island Ferry and worked with the Ministry of Transportation to convince the Province of Ontario to build the Wolfe Islander III. He encouraged islanders to get off the ice and onto the ferry. The dump property was purchased and the first municipal dump was opened. The volunteer fire department was formed, the first fire truck was purchased and the first fire hall was built. The first township roads garage was built. The Simcoe Island Ferry was built and a ferry service to Simcoe Island was inaugurated. The Community Hall was purchased. The Library was built. He was responsible for establishing a medical clinic and the first volunteer ambulance service on Wolfe Island along with the help and support of Dr. George Merry. Mr. O’Shea was well respected at the Federal and Provincial Government levels,” she concluded.
Mayor Doyle commented that the late Reeve O’Shea was very important to the community.” Every election year when I was living away from Wolfe Island, my mother would call me to come home and Vote for TIM,” he said.
CAO Gordon Burns In his report to council regarding the naming of Streets and Buildings after distinguished residents noted such a policy had advantages as a means of recognition of persons, and disadvantages such as precedent setting, determining eligibility, getting agreement, limited number of facilities etc. but “the request to honour former Reeve Tim O’Shea should be considered” the report said, and naming the WI library after him was suggested.
Council agreed with the suggestion and working with the CAO, the family will assist with the late Reeve O’Shea’s history including pictures for a plaque to be placed at the island’s library soon to be identified and dedicated as “The Timothy O’Shea Memorial Library.” A formal event will take place at a later date. .
Around Town:* A meeting has been initiated to talk about gas & diesel on Wolfe Island since the closure of Danny’s gas pumps (not the garage)..* Para medicine services at the WI Community Medical Clinic have been a success and the possibility of increasing those services is being studied.. * Noted the bubble system is not operating… * Simcoe ferry out of service of course. * Apologies to Councillor Nossal, her first name is Natalie, (not Kim) as stated last week. * Watch out for frost bite during this very cold weather. * Check out Medical Clinic dates,,,at *Have you written your letter to Kraft Hockeyville 2014 Bring it Home.?.? Check out : *In spite of cold the WI rink is always busy after school, evenings , weekends and with many “coming over.”

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January 18, 2014
Frontenac Islands Noise By-Law Passes

After many months of deliberation, a noise bylaw for Frontenac Islands received third and final reading, passed and entered into the township’s by-law book. The by-law regulates noise within the township by Time, Place and Days of Operation ; prohibits the use of certain construction and compacting equipment, the operation of a pit or quarry or certain powered or non powered domestic tools. It also prohibits yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing or amplified sound , with noise levels not to exceed 65(dB) decibels from 20 meters and 75 dB’s from source over a 1 minute continuous period. The by-law also outlines certain exemptions such as emergency vehicles.
“ I think this has been a good process,” Mayor Doyle said. “We took our time on this one . We had quite a number of meetings and I think we now have something we can all live with.” When questioned, Doyle noted that “amplified music” was changed to amplified sound to counter the possibility of other noise, for instance, loud singing.
With the passage of the bylaw, Interim CAO Gordon Burns reminded council of the need to acquire and cost ($300.) of a decibel meter to measure sound and the training requirement for the bylaw enforcement officer on its operation and use. “The main reason being if the bylaw is ever challenged in municipal court , it would be the same as a breathalyser, the judge will determine if the person was properly qualified to utilize that instrument.”
Councillor Springgay noted that essentially, “ the bylaw came about as a direct result of the Wolfe Island Grill renovations, but the bylaw could also impact those living around the community centre and the rink if, for instance there are more events or functions when the rink is closed in. I think it is a good thing for the community and not so focussed on one family,” she said. The By-Law will be posted on the Township’s web site
In other business:*Mayor Doyle welcomed new Councillor from Howe Island Natalie Nossal to the table, introducing her to the public present at the meeting.
Following receipt of CAO Burns report on the naming of a building or road after a deserving individual, (advantages , disadvantages, precedent setting for future requests), Council resolved to honour a long time Reeve of Wolfe Island, and will name the WI Library the Tim O’Shea Memorial Library.
* In the absence of both Mayor Doyle and Deputy Mayor David Jones, Councillor Wayne Grant was appointed as Acting Mayor for the period Jan. 17-24,2014. Grant has also been appointed to represent Frontenac Islands on the Frontenac County Seniors Housing Task force, a long held issue of importance to him.
*Council received the staff report regarding the Simcoe Island Nine Mile Point Lighthouse. It recommends that the township NOT support the acquisition of the Light House from the Federal Government because of the financial obligation it would involve. The Federal Government requires that whoever owns the site, whether private or public, must maintain it and allow for public use.
*A township’s resolution(copied to MPP John Gerretsen, Frontenac County, & Premier Wynn) submitted through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, petitions the Province of Ontario to recognize the December ice storm as an emergency and to provide special funding to municipalities (like Frontenac Islands) affected by the storm to off set some of the resulting costs. “Thanks to Hydro and our Fire Chiefs, I think we were ahead of the storm, ”Mayor Doyle said. “We had our emergency management meeting and determined first steps but there are costs” The question was, if successful for funding , how would it be distributed ? “Let’s hope we are faced with that,” the mayor added. The resolution will be distributed to MPP John Gerretsen, City of Kingston, Frontenac County and Ontario Premier Wynn.
* Interim CAO Burns offered some insights about the damaged Wolfe Island snow plough (truck). Repair or Replace? The discussion veered toward repairing it, through insurance etc. “Taking a cash settlement leaves us without a vehicle, or for $5000. (deductible) we could have it back on the road.” Mayor Doyle suggested “ look for a cash settlement, bite the bullet and get another truck.”Staff will further study the issue, costs, truck availability etc. to determine the best way forward.
* The Township supports Wolfe Island’s bid to become Hockeyville 2014 and encourages all residents to “get behind this community initiative.” *From a member of the public came the suggestion that council petition Frontenac County for the “Gas Tax” monies presently held in reserves that is owed to the township for road maintenance. Council meets next on Howe Island: Feb. 10th at 6:30 pm
Around Town:* Fr. Raymond deSouza, Pastor at WI’s Sacred Heart Church invited to join the official delegation travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his first diplomatic visit to Israel. Fr. deSouza’s name was suggested because of his ongoing cooperation and collaboration with Canadian Jewish community. He asks for prayers that the visit advance the cause of peace, justice, liberty and security. *Bring it Home- Support WI’s bid to be Kraft Hockeyville 2014, Submit a story about Wolfe Island’s Community Spirit and Passion for Hockey”(up to 4,000 characters including spaces) They must be received in full via the Website no later than Feb. 9, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET Letters judged 1/3 Originality, 1/3 Community Spirit, 1/3 Passion for Hockey.You may attach photos with your story. FYI: The rules are changed with more prize money, For a letter being selected your community wins $25,000 (8 letters are to be selected from Eastern Canada & 8 from the West).
Coming event: A Gas COOP on Wolfe Island?? Jan. 23rd, WI United Church, 6:30 pm (FCFDC sponsored)

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January 15, 2014
Itís Really Tough Work in the Cold

Coming home on the Wolfe Island Ferry recently from a necessary visit to the city on what was one of winter’s coldest days thus far, I was struck by the fatigue I saw registered in the faces of MTO’s ferry staff members. You know them, the many men, who board us safely on and off the ferry, Lori, our lone female, the captains and mates in the ferry’s upper deck who steer the ship and those many who work below who are crucial to ferry’s safe operation, every hour in all kinds of weather, spring and summer, fall and winter and those on shore who see to its repair. We take their tasks for granted I suppose because …… Well I don’t really know why. Perhaps it is because they are always there. Its there job. Why wouldn’t they do it well. The fact that they do was written all over their faces as they chopped ice, sanded and salted the deck guided vehicles into place and struggled with the ramp. If we were cold you can imagine how cold they were. So to them, a vote of thanks for all they do to keep the ferry running and on schedule in spite of the weather. Thanks!
Of Interest to Wolfe Islanders: There was a community meeting called at the request of WI resident Kathy Horton to talk about community housing with specific reference to co-op type housing summed up as “people working together to decide what they want to create as housing.”
As a member of a ‘CO’ Housing committee , not yet incorporated, she met with Mayor Doyle and Councillor Grant in September , also with Frontenac County’s Joe Gallivan and Peter Young to talk about housing possibilities. She also met with WI property owner John Weatheral who she said was interested in the ‘CO’ Housing concept.
Invited to the present gathering were John McDougall, a South Frontenac and Frontenac County councillor. Councillor McDougall represents Frontenac County at the City of Kingston’s Housing and Homelessness Committee. ( Kingston provides this service to the County in the same way the County provides Ambulance Service for Kingston. ) Also present , Mayor Denis Doyle, Councillor Wayne Grant, Frontenac Islands Interim CAO Gord Burns, island residents Betty Doyle, Clara Lovatt , Walter Knott and Frontenac County’s Joe Gallivan and Peter Young. Gallivan recently completed the Frontenac County Official Plan. Young is presently involved with a CIP (Community Improvement Plan) for Wolfe Island.
The discussion moved through a series of concepts, ownership, rental, condominium, side by side units with common area, possibly municipal involvement etc. Mayor Doyle spoke of prefab design and fabrication with some flexibility.
Councillor Doyle noted that Wolfe Island has been this route before. “Our community was looking for a seniors residence ,” he said. Councillor McDougall identified a similar need in South Frontenac. In either case nothing developed.
The meeting shifted to a consideration of senior rental housing in Marysville. Councillor McDougall reminded the group that Kingston is our service provider for social housing.
“We should not forget that,” he said. . “Twenty percent of the area population is from Frontenac County… we must keep the city involved in what we do.”
What was cocleded, after much discussion, was that Wolfe Island needs what it said it needed a few years ago. Affordable rental units for seniors in the village. A committee will move forward to look at the options, possible partners, funding, support from the city/county, all directed towards the development of a business plan. No guarantees at this point and no immediate expectations….

Around Town: Wolfe Island’s Hockeyville 2014 Committee Chair person Michelle Joy is waiting to hear that Kraft Hockeyville has Wolfe Island registered. Once that is confirmed, the letter writing phase begins. The email links to Kraft Hockeyville will be posted at that time. * And speaking about the wonderful rink on Wolfe Island, in spite of the cold it was in full use all day long last Sunday when the Bath Road Rangers Association of the Church Athletic League held their 2nd annual Hockey Classic . It went on all afternoon and into the evening. , game after game.* And Further info about the rink Check out Wolfe Island Community Centre on Facebook. Up comes quite a nice site with lots of information and some wonderful pictures. * Bad time at the WIPP when the furnace died during the very cold weather. * It is that time of year. Islanders are wondering when or if the ferry will be moving to the winter dock now that there is so much ice for the ferry to deal with and water levels are down. If it is going to happen it is just a matter of time. The question is are we ready? * Glad to hear that the docks at Amherst Island will be rebuilt to accommodate the Frontenac II’s ”roll on-roll off” features. It has been a back up ferry for Wolfe Island, so we know it well.

SOS—It’s official. Wolfe Island is registered for Kraft Hockeyville 2014. Submit a short story about Island’s “Community Spirit and Passion for Hockey” (up to 4,000 characters including spaces in full) via the Website no later than February 9, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET (Judged 1/3 each Originality, Community Spirit, Passion for Hockey) You may attach photos.

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January 03, 2014
It is Winter on Wolfe Island

The good news is that the winter schedule for the Wolfe Island rink has been announced and the facility is also booked for quite a number of hockey events. The basic work for the roof planned to cover it is completed but the winter weather has slowed the process and it is unclear when it will happen. Registration for particular programs such as learn to skate, etc. began Jan. 3rd and sign up sheets for Hockey are available Fargo’s. During the Christmas holiday period the rink had a very active “free skating interspersed with hockey” schedule.
The island churches prepared well for Christmas with parishioners welcoming home family and friends to their services and events. Sacred Heart Church was filled throughout the joyous days.
The village of Marysville was quiet as islanders hunkered down, happy to be home together again, reminiscing about the good days, the bad days and the sad days they experienced through the year. So many no longer with us this Christmas were remembered.
The WIPP offered a place to go and Fargo’s was open throughout much of the holiday period as was the Landfill site with extra OPEN days. The ferry continues to operate from the village at this time.
The bad news of course was the ice storm with its severe and fluctuating power outages, crashing trees, and broken branches all over the island with some areas without power and isolated much longer than others. Winds were relentless with heavy snow followed by rain followed by more snow mixed with rain. Trees that survived the ’98 Ice Storm did not make it this time. Their newer fragile branches cracking under the strain and crashing to the ground.
Of course the community pulled together to help each other. Checking on one another. Visiting those alone. Ploughing and shovelling , generator swapping , sharing food and kitchens were all were part of the good neighbourliness islanders are accustomed to. And we survived. Thanks to Hydro who worked hard on our behalf.
The bad news right now of course is the bitterly cold weather. More like the Manitoba weather my husband and I left behind when we moved to Toronto and later to the island. In Manitoba it was not uncommon to have temperatures dip from 15 to 35 plus degrees below zero during the winter, where wearing layer upon layer of clothing is common (and required for that matter) and looking ridiculous doesn’t matter as long as you keep warm. Every car has a block heater or a Light bulb hanging over the engine providing for the most part the little extra smidge of heat required to make the engine turn over that magical once and keep going.
I’ve been told that reminiscing is a sign of age. But as I see it reminiscing offers an invitation to story tell. So let me tell you this winter reminds me of those wonderful years in Manitoba and surprisingly of our first Christmas on Wolfe Island . It was December 1989 and was also bitterly cold then as it is now.
McConnell Bay had frozen quickly without snow, rain instead a few days before the temperature dropped, leaving a clear sheet of glass-like-ice thick and deep for us to see out our front window. It was so incredibly beautiful glistening in the sunlight and I was eager to see it up close. Three of our four children, their spouses and Celina our 15 month old grandchild arrived all curious to discover this place Wolfe Island. So for our first island Christmas we numbered nine.
Part of our time together included running out of furnace oil and waking up to a very cold house. But we were lucky. An open fireplace provided some warmth along with candles burning until the Oil Man saved the day and all was well.
And its about the “all was well” that I remember. During that first island Christmas we ventured out, onto the sparkling crystal clear ice in the bay, with Celina in a sleigh. As I looked down and through the ice I saw all manor of small fish suspended in the water. It was a magical moment for me and for the family too I suspect, one of many hundreds of magical moments that have been ours since coming to Wolfe Island, a place we chose to become part of.
So to All, Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2014 filled with magical moments, good health and happiness.

Around Town: Take Note of Walking, Exercise Programs; Lifelabs Clinic’s 1st & 3rd Fridays;WI Rink Schedule; Paramedic & Foot Care Clinics, all listed at Euchre Thursday’s 7pm, St. Margaret’s Hall; Frontenac Island Council meeting Mon. Feb. 13th (Wolfe Island) 6:30 pm

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