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Wolfe Island Fishing

The waters surrounding Wolfe Island abound with game fish of all types and sizes. Lying at the mouth of the St Lawrence Seaway the Island provides anglers with access to both Lake Ontario species and the ones that frequent the seaway itself. Beginning in early May, anglers can fish for Walleye in the waters surrounding Wolfe Island. In June, Small Mouth Bass come into season and provide a worthy fight to the individual who hooks one. In fact Wolfe Island hosts a family Smallmouth Bass Tournament sponsored by the Volunteer Fire Department in late June on the first weekend of the season that provides fun and prizes for the whole family.

Great Northern Pike patrol the shoals and weed beds surrounding Wolfe Island year-round. In the fall they are joined by large Muskellunge, which migrate from the deep waters in lake Ontario to the shallower St Lawrence Seaway for the winter months. These elusive predators are perhaps the pinnacle of the fish food chain. It takes many hours trolling the waters before a lucky angler ever gets a strike from a Muskie.

Wolfe Island has very few areas where one can fish from shore, as most waterfront is privately owned. However occasionally bullheads can be caught in the marshy area on the 2nd line road near Little Sandy Bay and also near the canal on Highway 96 at the turnoff to the winter ferry dock at Dawson’s Point.

Lake Trout, Brown trout, Rainbows, and even Salmon can be caught in the deeper waters of Lake Ontario. Normally boats equipped with the proper trolling equipment are required. Since Lake Ontario can turn very rough in a short time it is only recommended that anglers with considerable boating experience fish in this manner.

All anglers coming to Wolfe Island to fish must be in possession of a current fishing license issued by the Province of Ontario. These can be purchased on Wolfe Island at a number of establishments.There is a courtesy boat-loading ramp located at the summer ferry terminal in the Village of Marysville. There are several guide services available on the island for those who wish a charter experience.
Your fishing experience on Wolfe Island can be as long or short as you wish. The Island boasts several quality Inns that specialize in accommodations for fishing groups. There are also several comfortable and secluded Bed & Breakfast services available to meet your needs.
Come to the Island and experience quality Canadian Fishing at reasonable prices.



Smallmouth Bass
Wolfe Island is a haven for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

A seasoned angler proudly holds a good sized Muskie caught in the waters between Wolfe Island and Gananoque

Northern Pike are a favorite with local anglers

Bullheads (or Catfish) are one of the fish that can be caught from shore on Wolfe Island